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"Incredible Game??? Incredibly Short!!!"

Snowboarding is actually not my sport, but the money I had a few years ago was burning a hole in my pocket, so... You know! Anyway, This game is'nt really that bad it just has a flaw of being too short and actually too easy...

Gameplay: 6
The gameplay is'nt terrible, but it is'nt that good either. I had the game for a very few days and I immediately started to feel a deterioration of my love for the game. Soon I put it back in the box after I beat it about five or six times and I just got it back out for this review... I give Gameplay 6/10, or ''Significantly Fair'' rating.

Controls: 4
The controls are sickening and makes one want to puke, I actually want to see someone pull of a 1080 on their snowboard, because I surely cant do it. Anyway, the controls are quite frustrating though basic tricks are easy... I give Controls 4/10, or ''Very Poor'' rating.

Story: 8
I had to give it a somewhat high rating, since sports games rarely have a story... I give Story 8/10, or ''Particularly Great'' rating.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are very clear and crisp, the surrounding atmosphere makes interaction very nice. 1080 Snowboarding has fair graphics if nothing else... I give Graphics 8/10, or ''Particularly Great'' rating.

Play Time: 1
This is one of the shortest games I've personally ever played in my entire life. There are very few courses and are easy to beat. The average gamer could complete this game in about 3 days, the hardcore gamer in about a day. I've owned this game for a long time and I can beat it in about thirty minutes... I give Play Time 1/10, or ''Totally Abysmal'' rating.

Music/Sound: 10
One of the great upsides of this game is that it has foot stamping music and great sound effects. The sounds aren't distorted either, in fact they are extremely clear and perfect at that... I give Music/Sound 10/10, or ''Amazingly Perfect'' rating.

Challenge: 1
There is no challenge to this game, and lasts a very short time. This is one of those games that you'll beat once and never want to play again, so as a final warning only get this game if you want an easy challenge... I give Challenge 1/10, or ''Totally Abysmal'' rating.

Replay Value: 2
This is not something one would want to play again unless they are a hardcore snowboard fan. I know i'm not a fan but it's all a matter of opinion. Play it once, then sell it, thats my advise to the reader... I give Replay Value 2/10, or ''Positively Terrible'' rating.

Buy...? Rent...?:
This game is one to definately rent. Spend those few dollars to try it out but I would'nt buy it unless you are a collector, or just love snowboarding...

Overall Rating: 5
I give 1080 Snowboarding 5/10, or ''Merely Mediocre'' rating.

This game is definately not for everyone and only really good if you are a snowboarding fan, other than that I advise that you leave this one alone... Play on, gamers!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/24/02, Updated 12/24/02

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