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"This game bites!!!"

This is an OK snowboarding game personally I think it bites. The stunt course is pretty cool though. This game could have been better, easier, and funner. This was not the type of game I thought I was getting. All you really do in this game is go down hill on a snowboard. I don’t think that’s very exciting. The game has pretty good graphics and looks good. The game is a major wreck. It’s very hard and boring. I personally don’t like this title. In this game you pick your track, player, and board then all you do is snowboard down the hill. The sounds in this game are pretty good although when you hit something it makes a clunk and it kinda sounds unrealistic. The music in this game is very good and I like the theme. The game has some great music that sounds great. The graphics are sharp and the levels are very neat looking especially the backgrounds.


It’s hard to move your player to turn. It’s very difficult to pull of some stunts like the 1080. I did not think that this game had great game play at all!! If you’re looking for a snowboarding game with great game play don’t get this game. Most of the stunts were very easy to do and some of them require quite some skill to accomplish. When you try to move your player it seems to lack in the control of that. Most of the stunts require some kind of combo on the control pad but theres a nifty little thing on the top left side of the screen that shows you how to do the stunt which makes it a lot easier to pull of the trick.


The sound was OK It had music but that’s all nothing else. A little squeak if the ran into some thing but that’s it nothing else. The music of the game is fairly descent but isn’t the best. The sounds in the game seem fake and not like the real thing. The music in this game was pretty good. The music was wisely chosen and sounded pretty good. Most of the music makes you want to jump up and party. The voices in this game are pretty good sounding and are smooth.


The game had great graphics. Every thing was designed great. The people were designed well. This was the best part of the game beside level design. The graphics were smooth and never hesitated. The levels were designed brilliantly. There are shortcuts you can take of you have to jump over fallen trees. The are all kinds of levels. Stunt, Race are the main ones there are like 5 race tracks and 2 or 3 stunt tracks. They were designed great and look great. The level backgrounds are very neat looking.


This game is OK to play through maybe a couple times but not many. This may be a one-time use game. It has a great practice course to play. The only thing that’s fun about this game is going through the tracks to see what they look like. The game is simply boring. Snowboarding on this game sucks. This game needs some major work. The game has some very nice levels and the stunt course it cool but its not enough to keep this game up and alive.


This game is fairly hard. The first few people are pretty easy to beat but once you progress through the game it gets so hard you just want to throw the game out the window, bust your controller in half and go crazy. This game is like impossible to beat. The computer players hardly ever make mistakes and it really makes you mad.


Rent it and I don't think you'll have to worry about buying it. Read the review you be the judge. Personally I wouldn’t do either.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/21/00, Updated 08/14/02

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