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"Not a bad game at all."

1080 Snowboarding set the standard for snowboarding games on the
Nintendo 64. The game is the first snowboarding game for Nintendo 64 and
it's not a bad one either.

Gameplay=> This game is surprisingly a lot funner than I thought it
would be. You can do trick attack in which you do tricks in a timed course to
gain points, time attack in which you try and beat the courses in the fastest
time possible, two player where you race your friends, and single player in
which you race rivals to win a cup (and you also can gain access to more
difficult tracks). I love going on the half pipe in trick attack. You get points
for doing tricks off the half pipe and when you do more than one move you
get a combo bonus. For just a regular move you get around 100 to 400 but if
you do four in a row you get a combo bonus of around 4000 or 5000 points!
A neat feature is you get your choice of boarder and snowboard, all which
very in speed, control, trick skill, tricks, etc. The moves take a while to learn
and when you go off a jump you have to land it perfectly or you hit the snow
hard. But in the practice track you can practice all your moves and landings
and it even tells you the button combos to do the moves.

Audio/Video=> The sound is good. There is an announcer that says
the kind of trick you do in trick attack and that also says game over when you
lose. There is unique music for each track too. When you are selecting your
boarder, board and the track there is this catchy little toon that I always sing
along with (I don't know why). The graphics are great. Dazzling tracks
and backgrounds, not to mention the characters. The detail of the
characters clothing style always tells you who player one and/or player 2 is.
In the halfpipe level they actually have people in the background cheering and
talking pictures of you while you do tricks off the pipe. It's pretty cool!

Replayability=> This game definitely has a good replay value. In
one player mode the tracks get more challenging every time you go up
a track and the snowboarders you go against also get harder. As always
playing with your friends is a blast and the secret tracks are pretty challenging
and fun. I like the game, so if you don't have it I would suggest renting it and
seeing how you like the game.

Overall=> Overall this game gets a nine because of the variety of
the game and because of the replayability and fun. Future snowboarding games for the Nintendo 64 (if there are any) will have to do just as well and better to compete with this game. Great game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/19/00, Updated 03/19/00

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