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    Prima Guide Error FAQ by LoneSoldier

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    Aidyn Chronicles 64 - The First Mage
    Prima-Guide Error FAQ
    Version 1.02 (last update 08-21-02)
    E-mail: lonesoldier1@lycos.com
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction/Dedication
    2. Spoiler Warning
    3. Known Errors
     A. Cities, Towns & Other Maps
     B. Missing Shops
     C. Spells, Armor, Weapons & other Items
       C.1 Wrong Names
       C.2 Stuff that does NOT exist
       C.3 Stuff they missed
     D. Enemies
     E. Other Mistakes
    4. Legal
    5. Credits
    6. Version History
    7. The Last Word.
    1. Introduction/Dedication
    Hi, welcome to my latest FAQ for Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage.
    This one's dedicated to everyone who purchased the Prima-Guide and
    noticed a few things were missing...
    I myself purchased the guide after getting a bit lost in the woods
    while walking from Gwernia to Erromon. Since then I've found quite a
    few discrepancies between the guide & the actual game. I will attempt
    to list them all in this work.
    If you want to e-mail me about something I missed; by all means please
    do so & I'll give you credit for the addition. If you want to send me
    hate-mail, Please don't bother... (I'd just respond in kind & then add
    your address to my spam filter, so there isn't really much point)
    By the way, if you want to get to a particular section in a hurry;
    just type the section name into you're "search" command 
    (Alt-E-F in most cases) Cut & paste it from the Table of Contents
    (Just be sure to include the Section number/letter code as well)
    Well, I guess I should get down to business...
    2. Spoiler Warning
    This should be pretty obvious, but just in case...
    This FAQ Contains SPOILERS for Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage (N64)
    Location of caves, secret areas, item lists etc...
    3. Known Errors
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     A. Cities, Towns & Other Maps
    Page 32, Map 2-3 Goblin Caves (Interior)
       Next to the "Gwernian Banner" marker, there should be a notation
       that late in the game the Helm of Tempests can be found in the same
    Page 36, Map 2-4 Road from Erromon/Gwernia to Talewok's north entrance
       On the ridge shown on the right side of this map, just north of the
       chest marked #7, there is a small alcove shown in the outer edge of
       the map. There is a cave here that contains a Mirror Scroll, Boots
       of Adamant, some Gorgons & other enemies.
    Page 37, Map 2-5 City of Talewok
       Not the biggest mistake, but Shops E & F are labeled backwards on
       the map.
    Page 39, Map 2-6 Talewok Wizard School (Interior)
       They forgot to mark everything in this map...
       There's a Portal in the middle of the basement floor;
       There's a professor in the main room of the first floor (Prof. #1)
       There's a professor in the small lower right room on the first
       floor (Prof. #2) & another professor in the lower right room on the
       Second floor (Prof. #3).
       Ardra's room is the upper right room on the second floor & it's
       Guarded by a man standing between her door & the stairs to the third
    Page 43, Map 3-1 Road to Port Saiid from Talewok & Southern area
       1. In the water south-east of the chest marked #25 there is a large
          rock with a man on it. He'll give you the Lighthouse Key if you 
          make the beach safe for him...
       2. In the water west of the chest marked #21 there is a submerged
          chest containing a Teleportation Scroll
    Page 49, Map 3-3 Chaos Island
       This is kind of funny (not really)
       they forgot to include a map of the INSIDE of the Temple...
       (I'll include one when I get some more free time...)
    Page 51, Map 3-4 Cradawgh's Island (Interior)
        They forgot to mention that the gate unlocks once you "rescue"
        Cradawgh; don't leave the Island until you go there because you
        can't return by boat later...
        Behind the Gate you'll find 2 Portals (only one works) & a chest
        containing a Brilliance Scroll & a Charming Scroll.
    Page 54, Map 4-1 Road from Talewok to Darkling Bog & Terminor
       1. Just east of the chest marked #10; there's a cave (the river's
          source) inside you'll find some enemies & gemstones
       2. East of chest #17 there's a (kind of) heart shaped hill shown;
          there's a cave just east of the top of the heart
          (I'm pretty sure it's empty, but they still didn't show it)
    Page 56, Map 4-2 City of Terminor
       1. Due West (left) of the Inn there's a grassy area. In this area
          At certain times in the game there will be a woman who will give
          you an item called "Rabisat's Asp"
       2. There is a shop that's only open at night (Shop F) directly
          across from Shop B.
    Page 59, Map 4-3, Darkling Bog & surrounding area
       Where to begin...
       1. the 2 caves mentioned for page 54 aren't in this map either.
       2. Find Shamsuk's Tower & Elshiva's Tomb in the bog map; now, take
          a ruler & draw a line (not really, but line the ruler up)
          starting at the tower, going through the tomb & to the edge of
          the map. OK, along that line, halfway between the tower & the
          tomb, the "Wild Man of the Bog" (short dude) will be walking
          around & on the other side of the tomb, just across the river
          (North edge of the lake) You'll find the Lizard King.
       3. East of Terminor but just west of chest #8, you'll see a sandy
          area. (Guess what, they missed two more caves!)
          The first is on the north tip of the sandy area, it's empty, but
          will let you access the ledge outside & get a Chaos Sword
          (on the ledge)
          The second cave is down at the southern tip (in the cliffs, by
          the sea) Inside that one you'll find some Trolls & Gold
       4. (This one's REALLY annoying) See that gray patch at the bottom?
          Look Due north of where the Jundar Gate is, see that little "arm"
          where chest #35 is? No you don't, it doesn't exist (neither does 
          the chest)
       5. find chest #28 (in the southern gray area) now draw a line due
          east to the edge of the map, there's a cave there. Inside, you'll
          find an underground city (with no map in the guide, I'll include
          one later) besides enemies, you'll find a Wand of Banishing in
          this city.
    Page 61, Map 4-4 Shamsuk's Tower (interior)
       1. The first thing I noticed is that the 8th floor is missing in
          this map... that's the unfinished floor that you actually start
          on. (I'll map it out if/when I get time...)
       2. Stairway A actually runs from the 7th floor to the small round
          room on the 3rd floor that's on the other side of 2 secret doors
          from the large hex-shaped room.
       3. Locate Chest #4, you'll find a Control Elemental Scroll in the
          same room.
       4. Stairway's H & K are one-way only (H is actually a secret door
          & K's more like a portal <but not quite>)
    Page 66, Map 5-1 Jundar Desert & Ugarit
       1. (get out your ruler) find chest #9 & draw a line due east.
          Find chest #5 & shield #2 & draw a second line from #5 through
          #2 (shield not chest) & continue till you cross the first line.
          After completing the Barrow Quest, You can find Sholeh where
          those two lines cross.
       2. Find Chest #7, see that bridge next to it? after the Barrow quest
          You'll find a Jundar wandering around, talk to him if you'd like.
       3. Bottom west corner of the map, see that dark yellow sand patch?
          you'll find the Hellhound Cave there (& a Belt of Teleport
          inside the cave)
    Page 68, Map 5-2 Ugarit City
       Once again, lots of fun with this map...
       There are 3 shops that are not marked on this map (F,G & H) & two
       shops that are mislabeled (C & D)
       Middle Level;
          From Shop B going clockwise around the level we have;
          Stairs to Upper Level, Shop C, Shop H, Shop D, Library, Shop F,
          Stairs to Lower Level & Shop G
       (at least they only messed up on one floor)
    Page 72, Map 5-3 Maxxen
       I found the lack of walls in this map to be rather amusing...
       there should be a large central chamber with a narrow hallway that
       goes completely around it (forgive my poor ASCII art...)
                            | |
                            | |
                    ________| |_______     = locked door
                    | _____...____ |    ... = Lodin's Key Door
                    | |          | |
                    | |          | |
                    | |          | |
                    | |   ____   | |
                    | |   |  |   | |
                    | |      | |
                    |  |
           They did manage to place all the chests correctly though.
    Page 73, Map 5-4 The Barrow (inside)
        In the top right hand corner of the second floor (north side) there
        is a Cheat Death Scroll.
        It would have been nice if they showed the entrance to the room
        With the horn inside. (a hallway opens up in the top left corner
        of the Horn's room after Lugash has been dealt with.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     B. Missing Shops
      Erromon (not really any "missing" shops here but...)
       Page 29, Shop B (bottom right corner of page)
            they forgot to mention that the Female shopkeeper can train you
            in the following spells; Air Shield(5), Remove Poison(5) &
       Page 31, Cavern Shop (bottom left corner of page)
            Again they forgot to mention that the Female Shopkeeper can
            train you spells; Dispel Elemental(8), Fireball(8),
            Strength(8) & Vs. Elemental(8)
     Talewok Wizard School (the 3 professors)
           <they don't open shop until after you've seen Ardra>
       Prof.#1 Skills; Alchemist(8), Merchant(5), Wizard(8)
               Spells; Vs. Elemental(8), Vs. Naming(8), Vs. Necromancy(8),
                       Vs. Star(8), Mirror(8)
       Prof.#2 Skills; Healer(8), Merchant(5), Wizard(8)
               Spells; Brilliance(8), Stupidity(8), Teleportation(8),
                       Endurance(8), Weakness(8)
       Prof.#3 Skills; Loremaster(8), Merchant(5), Wizard(8)
               Spells; Immolation(10), Dragon Flames(10), Earth Smite(10),
                       Lightning(10, Wind(10)
     Port Saiid (no that's not a typo)
       Shop A (page 45, bottom right)
        They didn't mention that Shop A has 2 floors... the lady's on the
        main floor & the man's in the basement (there's a ladder in the
        corner of the main floor by some crates)
       Shop B; (page 46, bottom left)
        What no spells again???
        add Brilliance(3), Stupidity(3), Endurance(3), Weakness(3)
        to the list for this shop.
     Terminor (Map 4-2 on page 56)
       Shop F (missing from guide)<located across from shop B>
          ONLY OPEN AT NIGHT (empty during the day)
            Sells; Battle Axe, Chaos Sword, Dart of Distance, Great Axe,
                   Enchanted Blade, Javelin, Longsword, Maul, Morningstar,
                   Pike, Scythe, Helm of Defense.
            Trains; Merchant(6), Warrior(8), Missile(6), Sword(10)
     Ugarit (Map 5-2 on page 68) (see previous section for locations)
       Shop F (Missing from guide)<only open at night>
           Sells; Darkness Scroll, Haste Scroll, Wind Scroll, 
                 Leather Cloak, Belt of Teleport, Chaos Robes,
                 Sapphire Gem.
           Skills; Mechanic(8), Merchant(10)
       Shop G (Missing from Guide)<only open at night>
           Sells; Acid Flask, Defense Potion, Dexterity Potion, Fire Flask,
                 Inferno Flask, Sleep Gas Flask, Strength Potion
           Skills; Alchemist(10), Merchant(7)
       Shop H (missing from Guide)<only open at night>
           Sells; Charming Scroll, Dexterity Scroll, Teleportation Scroll,
                 Bardic Gloves.
           Skills; Loremaster(8), Merchant(6), Troubadour(10)
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     C. Spells, Armor, Weapons & other Items
      C.1 Wrong Names;
        Page 83 & 84 (appendix A: Skills & Spells)
        under skills you'll see "Mechanician" listed, it should say
        Under Spells...
         Change "Control Elementals" to "Control Elem."
         "Neutralize Poison" to "Remove Poison"
         "Banishing Elementals" to "Banishing" &
         "Aura of Solar Wrath" to "Solar Wrath"
      Appendix B; Items, Potions, Armor & Weapons
       Page 85 (Items)
          Change "Amaranth Root" to "Amaranth".
          The "Banner of Gwernia" is also called "Ramsay's Banner"
          Change "Darmath's Key" to "Lodin's Key"
          "Mandrake" should be "Magedrake Ring"
       Page 88 (weapons)
          Under Weapons: Sword,
           Change "Darmath's Sword" to "Lodin's Sword"
          Under Weapons: Thrown,
           Change "Manticore Spikes" to "Spikes"
    -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
      C.2 Stuff that does NOT exist (or you can't get it...)
        Page 85 (Items)
          The following items are not in the game;
            Belt of Escape
            Boots of Striding
            Lunar Ring
        The following is in the game, but you can't pick it up;
            Letter to Kitarak (you can read it though)
        Page 86 (Shields)
            Sheridan's Shield 
            (it might exist, but you can't get it, he won't give it up)
        Page 87 (Armor)
            Pome Scale
            Sheridan's Armor
            (same as his shield)
                (Weapons: Hafted)
            The following do not exist;
            Chaos Scythe
            Cyclops Club
        Page 88 (Weapons: Pole)
            Chaos Staff
                (Weapons: Sword)
            Dagger of Night
    -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
       C.3 Stuff they missed (try not to laugh)
       Beast Hide, Darkenbat Hide, Chitin Plate, Enchanted Hide &
       Hellhound Hide ; Used to make Armor & Shields
       Gemstone, Herb & Spice; used to cast spells & make potions
       Map2 & Map7 ; fill in a portion of the world map
       Oriana's Letter; gives directions to Gotzone & Zurene's house
                       (in Erromon)
       Sapphire Gem; Rare & Expensive gem (doesn't do anything)
       Harp of Igone; Troubadour+3, Min. INT 20
       Reflection Belt; Protection+1, Resist Magic 25%, Mirror spell
       Dragon Key; unlocks way to the Dragon's Lair
        They missed;
       Dryad Shield; +10 protection & Spell Battery +30
       Spirit Shield; +5 protection, +7 Defense, -4 DX
       Terminor Mail; +7 protection, -1 DX, -5 Stealth
        Hunter's Bow; Min PS 16, Base Hit 35, Damage 3
        Heartseeker Bow; Min PS 10, Base Hit 50, Damage 5
        Trahern's Sword; Min PS 15, Base Hit 55, Damage 3
        Stealthblade; Min PS 5, Base Hit 55, Damage 2
        Throwing Knife; Min PS 7, Base Hit 35, Damage 2
     (laughing yet?)
     they also missed 2 lists completely...
     (I'll just cut & paste them from my other FAQ)
       Name               Learn/Cast            Min. Wizard
      Acid Bolt          Acid Bolt                4
      Air Shield         Air Shield               1
      Aura of Death      Aura of Death            4
      Banishing          Banishing                4
      Brilliance         Brilliance               2
      Charming           Charming                 3
      Cheat Death        Cheat Death              6
      Control Elem       Control Elem             4
      Ctrl. Zombie       Control Zombie           3
      Darkness           Darkness                 2
      Debilitation       Debilitation             2
      Dexterity          Dexterity                2
      Dispel Elem        Dispel Elemental (magic) 2
      Dispel Naming      Dispel Naming (magic)    2
      Earth Smite        Earth Smite              4
      Endurance          Endurance                2
      Exhaustion         Exhaustion               2
      Fireball           Fireball                 5
      Frozen Doom        Frozen Doom              6
      Haste              Haste                    4
      Lighthouse Scroll  *                        0
      Mirror             Mirror                   6
      Oriana's Scroll    Strength                 2
      Remove Poison      Remove Poison            2
      Sense Aura         Sense Aura               3
      Solar Wrath        Solar Wrath              4
      Spirit Shield      Spirit Shield            3
      Stamina            Stamina                  2
      Stellar Grav       Stellar Gravity          2
      Stupidity          Stupidity                2
      Teleportation      Teleportation            8
      vs. Elemental      vs. Elemental (magic)    1
      vs. Necromancy     vs. Necromancy           1
      Wall of Bones      Wall of Bones            5
      Weakness           Weakness                 2
      Web of Starlight   Web of Starlight         3
      Whitefire          Whitefire                6
      Wind               Wind                     2
      * used to re-light the lamp in Port Saiid's lighthouse.
     All wands have a maximum of 10 charges.
     They will normally re-charge if equipped while camping.
      Name             Casts          Min. Int.   Other Effects
      Acid             Acid Bolt         15
      Banishing        Banishing         20
      Crushing Death   Crushing Death    25
      Fireball         Fireball          20
      Frozen Doom      Frozen Doom       20
      Immolation       Immolation        10
      Light            Light             10
      Lightning        Lightning         10
      Persuasion       Charming          25
      Revival          Cheat Death       15
      Shielding        Starlight Shield  10
      Starfire         Whitefire         25
      Tap Stamina      Tap Stamina       15
      vs. Naming       vs. Naming        10       Resist Naming 25%
      vs. Star         vs. Star          10       Resist Star 25%
      Wall of Bones    Wall of Bones     20
      Web of Starlight Web of Starlight  20
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     D. Enemies (just a small change needs to be made...)
    Change the Lizard Man stats to;
      Level 14, Solar aspect, Elemental School, Poleaxe, no spells,
        no resistance, 79 HP & 975 XP
    Now Add the following;
      Lizard Man Boss; Level 20, Solar, Lizard King's Axe, Vs. Elemental &
         Fireball, Resist Physical(25) & Magic(25), 140 HP & 4207 XP
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     E. Other Errors
       I haven't actually found any other's...
       ...yet  (-)
    4. Legal
    This FAQ was created by LoneSoldier, you may not copy, edit, link to,
    or post this document in whole or in part, without my permission 
    (& even then you MUST give me FULL credit). The ONLY web-site that
    is authorized to post this FAQ is:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    If you see this guide posted on any other sites, please inform me so
    that an appropriate action may be taken.
    If you own or operate a web-site & would like to post this, don't 
    bother asking for permission, because I'm not going to give it to you.
    5. Credits
    CJayC; for allowing me to post this on GameFAQs.
    Prima; For publishing a guide that's 100% complete (95%-rounded up)
           without which this would be a bunch of nonsense.
    Triaxx2; For reminding me about some hard to find armor. 
             (& being nice about it)
    reiken; For reminding me about some other stuff.
    Everyone who contributed to my main FAQ; No doubt you helped with this
           one as well.
    My friends on GameFAQs; for helping me stay at least partially sane in
           an insane world.
    6. Version History
    1.00  Aug. 13, 2002 File created. Typed out most of the "World Map"
          Errors & Finished sections 1,2,4,5 & 7. I'll post it later...
    1.01  Aug. 18, 2002 finished the Map Errors, typed out the Shops,
          Typed out the items etc. section, & worked on the Enemies.
          I'll post it now.
    1.02  Aug. 21, 2002 fixed a few mistakes thanks to my friends on
          GameFAQs. (uploaded same day)
    7. The Last Word (small joke)

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