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    FAQ/Walkthrough by me frog

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                           M       11 `MMM'
                    M     0MMM    MMMM
      ,MMMMMM      MMM    MMMMM0  MMMM MMMM    MMMM0
      `MM   MMM MM     MM MMM       M MMMMM MMM   MMMMM  `MMMMM
       MMMMMM   MM     MM.           MMMMM  MMMMMMMMMM                .
        M1'                        MMMM'     MMMMM0                 MMMMM
                M0MMM   MMMM1     M              MMMMMMMMMM           MMM      .
                  MMMM.  OMM MM      MMM MMMM MMM          MMMMMMMMMMM  MMM MMMM.
                  MMMMM              MM MMMMMMMMMM           0MMMMMM0       `MMMMMMM
    ASCII art by: shoecream
    |                         ~~~~~~~FAQ/Walkthrough~~~~~~~                      |
    |                                 o----------o                               |
    |                                 |by me frog|                               |
    |cskull@frogdesign.com | Created on: April 03, 2004  |VersionFinal|NINTENDO64|
    |RATED E (FOR EVERYONE)| Last update: Jan. 02, 2005  |  AIM: NOW CLOSED      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%   Table of Contents  %%%%%|                     |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
     |(01)| VERSION HISTORY | VER. | I'll describe the updates here |     N/A       |
     |(02)| INTRODUCTION    | INTR |My introduction to Banjo-Kazooie| Complete 100% |
     |(03)| GAME BASICS     | GBAS | The game basics/overview of B-K| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Jigsaw Pieces   | JIGY | The description of Jiggies     | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Musical Notes   | MNOT |The description of musical notes| Complete 100% |
     | -- |Hollow Honeycombs| HONY |The description of hollow honey.| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Eggs            | EGGS | The description of eggs        | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Red Feathers    | RFEA | The description of red feathers| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Gold Feathers   | GFEA |The description of gold feathers| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Mumbo Tokens    | MUMB | The description of the tokens  | Complete 100% |
     | -- |Health/Honeycombs| HHHH | How the HP in this game works  | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Oxygen          | OOOO | How the underwater HP works    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Jinjos          | JINJ | The description of the Jinjos  | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Witch Switchs   | WITC |The description of Witch Switchs| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Enemies         | ENEM | What enemies are like in B-K   | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Bosses          | BOSS | What bosses are like in B-K    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Mini-Games      | MINI | What mini-games are like in B-K| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Controls        | CONT |The basic button controls in B-K| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Special Moves   | SPMO | The moves learned in Spiral MT | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Advanced Moves  | ADMO | The moves learned in the lair  | Complete 100% |
     |(04)| WALKTHROUGH     | WALK | The walkthrough for B-K        | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Sprial Mountain | SP01 | The guide for Spiral Mountain  | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 1 | GL01 | How to get to Mumbo's Mountain | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Mumo's Mountain | MM01 | The guide for Mumbo's Mountain | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 2 | GL02 | Getting to Treasure Trove Cove | Complete 100% |
     | -- |TreasureTroveCove| TTC1 | Guide for Treasure Trove Cove  | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 3 | GL03 | Getting to Clanker's Cavern    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Clanker's Cavern| CC01 | Guide for Clanker's Cavern     | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 4 | GL04 | Getting to Bubblegloop Swamp   | Complete 100% |
     | -- |Bubblegloop Swamp| BG01 | Guide for Bubblegloop Swamp    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 5 | GL05 | Getting to Freezy Peak         | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Freezy Peak     | FP01 | Guide for Freezy Peak          | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 6 | GL06 | Getting to Gobi's Valley       | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Gobi's Valley   | GV01 | Guide for Gobi's Valley        | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 7 | GL07 | Getting another Lair Jiggy     | Complete 100% |
     | -- |Bubblegloop return BG02 | Returning to Bubblegloop Swamp | Complete 100% |
     | -- |Freezy Peak return FP02 | Returning to Freezy Peak       | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 8 | GL08 | Getting to Mad Monster Mansion | Complete 100% |
     | -- |MadMonsterMansion| MMM1 | Guide for Mad Monster Mansion  | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 9 | GL09 | Water switch and Cheato 1 guide| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Treasure Trove 2| TTC2 | Return to Treasure Trove Cove  | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 10| GL10 |Getting to Rusty Bay and Cheato2| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Treasure Trove 3| TTC3 | Treasure Trove Cove once again | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 11| GL11 | Opening Rusty Bucket Bay       | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Rusty Bucket Bay| RBB1 | Guide for Rusty Bucket Bay     | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 12| GL12 | Getting to Click Clock Wood    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Click Clock Wodd| CCW1 | Guide for Click Clock Wood     | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 13| GL13 | Getting to Grunty's Furnace Fun| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Furnace Fun     | GFF1 | Guide for Grunty's Furnace Fun | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Final Fight     | FF01 | The last part of Grunty's Lair | Complete 100% |
     | -- | The Lair Roof   | LR01 | The guide for the final battle | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Ending of Game  | ED01 | The description of the ending  | Complete 100% |
     |(05)|THE EGGS AND KEY | HFEK |The guide on finding the egg/key| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 1 | GL.1 | Getting to Treasure Trove Cove | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Treasure Trove  | TTCE |Entering the cheats and Egg One | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 2 | GL.2 | Getting to Freezy Peak         | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Freezy Peak     | FPGK | Getting the Ice Key from Wozza | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 3 | GL.3 | Getting to Gobi's Valley       | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Gobi's Valley   | GVE2 | Getting Egg Two                | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 4 | GL.4 | Getting to Mad Monster Mansion | Complete 100% |
     | -- |MadMonsterMansion| MMME | Getting Eggs Three/Four in MMM | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunyys' Lair 5 | GL.5 | Getting to Rusty Bucket Bay    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Rusty Bucket Bay| RBBE |Getting Egg Five in Rusty Bucket| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Grunty's Lair 6 | GL.6 | Getting to Click Clock Wood    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Click Clock Wood| CCWE | Getting Egg Six in Click Clock | Complete 100% |
     |(06)|MUMBO TOKEN GUIDE| MUJU | Locations of every token in B-K| Complete 100% |
     | -- | Mumbo's Mountain| MMMT | Tokens for Mumbo's Mountain    | Complete 100% |
     | -- |TreasureTroveCove| TTCT | Tokens for Treasure Trove Cove | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Clanker's Cavern| CCMT | Tokens for Clanker's Cavern    | Complete 100% |
     | -- |Bubblegloop Swamp| BGMT | Tokens for Bubblegloop Swamp   | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Freezy Peak     | FPMT | Tokens for Freezy Peak         | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Gobi's Valley   | GVMT | Tokens for Gobi's Valley       | Complete 100% |
     | -- |MadMonsterMansion| MMT. | Tokens for Mad Monster Mansion | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Rusty Bucket Bay| RBBT | Tokens for Rusty Bucket Bay    | Complete 100% |
     | -- | Click Clock Wood| CCWT | Tokens for Click Clock Wood    | Complete 100% |
     |(07)| CODES/SECRETS   | CODE | Different secrets in B-K       | Complete 100% |
     |(18)| LEGAL INFO      | LIFO | Legal information on this guide| Complete 100% |
     |(19)| CONTACT INFO    | CIFO | Information on contacting me   | Complete 100% |
     |(10)| CREDITS/CLOSING | CRCL |Credits and end-of-FAQ statement| Complete 100% |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%    Version History   %%%%%|           VER.      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    VersionFinal| Jan. 2, 2005  | The final update that I am making to this FAQ.
    |Version1.0x| May 19, 2004  | I'm in a state of sadness here. One of the best
    +-----------+---------------| FAQ writers, Chris MacDonald, has passed away.
                                | I'd like to dedicate this guide, along with my
                                | other two Banjo-Kazooie guides, to him. The whole
                                | dedication can be found in the Credits/Closing.
    |Version 1.0| April 9, 2004 | Yes, the WHOLE walkthrough is done. The layout is
    +-----------+---------------| all made and neatly contstructed, the search
                                | feature has been put in, and the following chapters
                                | have been added: Version History, Introduction,
                                | Game Basics, Mumbo Token
                                | Guide, Codes/Secrets, Legal Info,
                                | Contact Info, and the Credits/Closing. I really
                                | can't think of anything else to put in this guide,
                                | so I doubt there will be many more updates. If
                                | there are, then I'll add them in, but otherwise,
                                | there will probably be only very small updates now.
    |Version 0.9| April 8, 2004 | Well, I said I wouldn't be able to get to Grunty's
    +-----------+---------------| Furnace until Friday but I lied, okay? So anyway,
                                | the MAIN walkthrough is 100% complete, and rests at
                                | 151 KB. I was also able to get chapter five done,
                                | which is "The Hunt for the Eggs and the Key." It's
                                | a nice little "sub-walkthrough" seeing as how it's
                                | written just like the main walkthrough is. Anyway,
                                | nothing else has been complete still; again, I
                                | haven't done as much more as the layout. But don't
                                | worry, since I can probably finish everything
                                | tomorrow, since I have the whole day off.
    |Version 0.8| April 4, 2004 | Like promised, I completed Mad Monster Mansion.
    +-----------+---------------| I also got some more of it done, all the way up
                                | to Grunty's Furnace Fun. I haven't started Furnace
                                | Fun yet; I won't get to that untill Friday
                                | unfortunately. But all 100 Jiggies, 900 notes, and
                                | 24 honeycombs are in the walkthrough, so I'm very,
                                | very closoe to completing the walkthrough. Again,
                                | I haven't gotten a chance to start anything else,
                                | but I promise you that it'll happen on Friday or
                                | Saturday. I'll probably have the WHOLE FAQ
                                | complete on Saturday.
    |Version 0.6| April 3, 2004 | I've decided to start a guide for one of my
    +-----------+---------------| favorite games, which happens to be Banjo-Kazooie.
                                | Yeah, shocking. Anyway, I got a great deal done
                                | today. I finished the walkthrough up to Mad
                                | Monster. This means EVERYTHING up to Mad Monster
                                | Mansion. Jiggies, notes, and honeycombs. Now, MMM
                                | hasn't actually been started yet, but it will be
                                | tomorrow. I haven't added ANYTHING else yet, not
                                | even the layout, but I won't get to that until
                                | next week.
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%     Introduction     %%%%%|           INTR      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    Six years ago, in 1998, Rare released a game which I thought to be, after a rental,
    the worst game ever. Well, four days later, my friend got me up that stupid hill
    near the very beginning of the lair and I started to like the game. A lot. And it
    has now become one of my very favorites, seeing as how I've played it through at
    least six times. Rareware has created yet another masterpiece, even though it was
    made a while ago. Banjo-Kazooie has a concept where there are two friends, a bear
    and a bird (Banjo and Kazooie) out to save Banjo's sister, Tooty, from an evil witch
    named Gruntilda. Why the hell would they live in an area where a which's lair is
    anyway? Ah well. Anyway, this guide will tell you how to get simply EVERYTHING in
    the game.
    The GAME BASICS chapter lists the basic things in the game. I'm talking about the
    controls, the special moves, the enemies, the items, etc. The WAKLTHROUGH section
    does just what it suggest: it tells you how to beat the game, start to finish, with
    100% items. The HUNT FOR THE EGGS AND THE KEY chapter explains a side-quest that was
    discovered two or three years after the game came out. Yeah, it was hidden for quite
    sometime. Then there's the MUMBO TOKEN GUIDE. This lists how to get every Mumbo
    Token that's found in the game. About half are listed in the main walkthrough, but
    every token is listed in the Mumbo Token Guide. The CODES AND SECRETS part of the
    walkthrough reveal the many codes and secrets in the game (there's a LOT of them).
    Those are all the chapters that are in this walkthrough.
    Now about me, your wonderful author. My name is Colin Scully, a.k.a. "me frog" on
    the internet. Don't ask how I chose that name. Please. This is my twenty-second FAQ
    for GameFAQs, and then my first Nintendo 64 FAQ. I have done all Nintendo FAQs, and
    I'll probably just stick to doing all Nintendo FAQs for quite a while. I mostly do
    FAQ/Walktkhroughs, but I did a few in-depth FAQs in my early years of FAQing. Go me.
    The reason I'm writing this walkthrough is because I love Banjo-Kazooie. It's one of
    my favorites, right up there with Final Fantasy VII, Super Mario 64, Orcarina of
    Time, and Metroid Prime. FAQing, I think, makes games more fun to play, so this was
    a very enjoyable experience for me. I hope you like this FAQ!
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%      Game Basics     %%%%%|           GBAS      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    I decided not to have crap like characters, story, etc. in here. That's what an
    instruction booklet is for. But it's pretty hard to find an instruction booklet for
    this game now that I think about it... well then... uh... use someone else's FAQ
    that has that data. This will just have the items, the SPECIAL characters (that are
    required for some of the Jiggies), the health list, how bosses and mini-games work,
    the controls, and the special moves. Sounds like a lot and it really uh.. is.
    |                            Jigsaw Pieces                          JIGY      |
    Jigsaw pieces are the Stars and the Shines of Banjo-Kazooie. These can also be known
    as "Jiggies," which is how I'll refer to them throughout the walkthrough. There are
    a total of 100 Jigggies in the game. There are ten Jiggies in each of the nine
    worlds, and then another ten Jiggies in Gruntilda's Lair. Some can be very easy to
    find (like they're WAY out in the open), and some can be pretty tough to locate.
    Other Jiggies can only be gotten by completing mini-games, and you have to fight
    some bosses for the rest of the Jiggies. Also, you'll get a Jiggy when your rescue
    all the Jinjos in th world (I'll explain more about the Jinjos later). At first, you
    can find a Jiggy in the most common area in the easiest location. But as you get to
    later levels, you'll have to complete difficult tasks to get Jiggies.
    Whenever you get a Jiggy in a world, a number will pop up. This number tells you how
    many Jiggies that you have gotten in that world, so that you can keep track of them.
    Also, you can pause the game and go to "View Totals." Here, you can view the amount
    of Jiggies that you have collected in each world, and then the amount of Jiggies
    that you have collected overall. Now you may be asking yourself, "What the hell are
    Jiggies for?" Well, they're for the puzzles. Puzzles are like the Star Doors of
    Banjo-Kazooie, because they open up new worlds for you. There are eleven puzzles in
    the game, and the first few are very easy, requring few Jiggies each. They get
    harder and harder, until you have to have collected almost all Jiggies in the game
    to open them.
    Oddly enough, the very last puzzle is the second-easiest one in the game. Anyway, if
    you don't have enough Jiggies, then you can't place them in the puzzle and you
    therefore can't open the world. Don't worry, you don't have to actually solve the
    puzzle on your own; just press A and you'll place one of your pieces into the
    puzzle. If you want to take a piece out, then press B. If you want to put all of the
    pieces in at once, then press Z. Press Z during the later puzzles, when you have to
    put lots of Jiggies in. You can't take a puzzle piece out of the puzzle after it's
    complete, but you shouldn't have to take a piece out at all, so that shouldn't be
    much of a bother.
    |                            Musical Notes                          MNOT      |
    Musical Notes are the Coins of Banjo-Kazooie. You'll notice that I'm comparing this
    game to Super Mario 64. Well, it's somewhat similar in many ways :) Anyway, there
    are a total of 900 notes that can be found in the game. Each of the nine worlds has
    100 notes in it. Most of the notes are out in the open, but some can be in hard to
    reach places. Notes can be guarded by traps as well, so don't always rush toward
    them automatically. Anyway, whenever you get notes, a counter in the upper-right
    hand corner will pop out. This tells you how many notes you've gotten in that world
    so far. BE VERY CAREFUL! If you die, you'll lose all the notes and you have to
    collect them all over again. You lose all notes when you exit a level, but your high
    score remains.
    High scores are the things that really matter though. And yes, you HAVE to have high
    scores in order to progress. You'll always want your high score to be 100. Why? Well
    there are twelve note doors in Grunty's lair. They go from a requirement of 50 to
    887 (why they chose that number, I do not know). The first eight are required, and
    you'll have to have a minimum of 810 notes to beat the game. The final four are
    optional, but they lead to nice rewards. If you don't have the amount of notes
    that's stated on the door, then you can't get through the door and therefore you
    can't progress through the lair.
    |                          Hollow Honeycombs                        HONY      |
    Hollow Honeycombs are the uh... well... I'll think of it later. Anyway, they extend
    your life energy. To extend it, you'll have to collect six of the hollow honeycombs
    to get an extra honeycomb for your life. There are six hollow honeycombs located in
    Spiral Mountain, which is where Banjo's home is. Then there are two honeycombs
    located in each of the nine worlds. There is no indication of how many honeycombs
    you have collected in the current world that you're in. But it's pretty easy to
    tell, since there's only two. You can always look at the amount on the "View Totals"
    screen. There is a total of twenty-four honeycombs in the game. However, when you
    collect your last six honeycombs, you don't get an extra piece of honey for your
    You can get up to sixteen pieces of honey, but you can only get eight honeycombs by
    means of the hollow honeycombs. However, the final puzzle is a picture of a
    honeycomb, and that doubles your life energy. Useful, isn't it? Yeah.
    |                               Eggs                                EGGS      |
    After you learn the EGG move from Bottles, you can use eggs as weapons. It's
    extremely useful in some situations, and you'll find yourself using eggs
    persistently. You can learn the egg spitting move in Mumbo's Mountain. Once you ahve
    that, you'll start seeing blue eggs EVERYWHERE. They are in very common locations,
    and you should have no trouble finding some if you run out. You can carry up to 100
    eggs in total, but if you find Cheato the Spellbook he can give you a cheat that
    allows you to carry up to 200 eggs at once. Very useful.
    |                           Red Feathers                            RFEA      |
    Red Feathers are the things you'll use to fly. You get the flying move from Bottles
    at Treasure Trove Cove. Once you have the move, you can locate flying pads (I'll
    tell more about those later) to fly to different locations. When you're simply
    moving around in the air, then you won't lose any feathers. However, by tapping A,
    you can fly a little bit higher. This uses up one red feather. You'll have to fly
    high a lot, so you'll probably use 5-10 red feathers for every average trip. You
    also use red feathers for the Beak Bomb, which you learn from Bottles at Freezy Peak
    .When you use the Beak Bomb, one feather is used up. You should rarely use the Beak
    Bomb on flights, so you don't have to worry about wasting too many feathers. You can
    carry up to fifty red feathers.
    However, if you find Cheat the Spellbook he can give you a cheat that allows you to
    carry up to 100 feathers at once. Bottles will give you twenty-five red feathers
    when you first learn the move, which is enough to do most requirements. In places
    where you need feathers (like in battles), you'll always find some around the arena,
    so don't worry if you run out. Be VERY CAREFUL when flying without too many
    feathers. If you run out, then you won't be able to fly any higher and that might
    put you in a tricky situation (like you're over the edge of a cliff and you can't
    fly up to the top of it).
    |                           Gold Feathers                           GFEA      |
    Gold Feathers are the things you'll use to become invulnerable. You get the
    invulnerability move from Bottles at Clanker's Cavern. Once you have that move, you
    can use the golden feathers. These feathers are a lot rarer than eggs and red
    feathers, and you'll only find ten to fifteen per world (in the first two worlds,
    you'll find none at all). Sometimes you need to become invulnerable to complete a
    certain task. By activating the move, you'll use up one gold feather. Then, every
    second (I think), another gold feather is used up. However, you're completely
    invincible during this time. You can't atttack, but no enemy will be able to hurt
    you. At first, you can only carry ten golden feathers with you. Bottles gives you
    You should have found some golden feathers beforehand as well, so when you first
    learn the move, you should end up with ten feathers. Ten feathers is really all you
    need to solve all the puzzles where invulnerability is required. However, there are
    certain points in the game where golden feathers are EXTREMEMLY helpful, and you
    might not have enough feathers to use. That's why you need to find Cheato the
    Spellbook, who will give you one last spell. This spell doubles your feather
    capacity, so you can now carry twenty golden feathers. It makes things a lot easier
    during the later course of the game.
    |                           Mumbo Tokens                            MUMB      |
    Mumbo tokens are vital for completion of the game, and they are shaped like gray
    skulls. You can find about six or seven per world, and you need to have collect a
    total of seventy-five mumbo tokens in order to get everything in the game. In five
    different worlds (Mumbo's Mountain, Bubblegloop Swamp, Freezy Peak, Mad Monster
    Mansion, and Click Clock Woods), you'll find a skull hut. This is home to Mumbo, who
    has the power to transform Banjo and Kazooie into different animals. However, he
    requires Mumbo Tokens for his services. There is not tally kept of the amount of
    Mumbo Tokens that you have in a world, since it's not as important as the
    Jiggies/Notes/Hollow Honeycombs. But they are still very important, and you'll need
    to keep track of how many you have.
    You're not actually required to undergo any of the transformations except for a few.
    You can get a few Jiggies as an animald, and you can also get a few notes/honeycombs
    that were previously unacessable. The transformation in Mumbo's Mountain is a
    termite. You can crawl up any surface, no matter how steep, and you won't be
    attacked by other termites. Also, you don't suffer any damage if you fall. The
    transformation in Bubblegloop Swamp is an alligator. Alligators aren't hurt by the
    swamp water, and they can fit into tight areas that were unacessable to Banjo and
    Kazooie. Also, the alligator is the only transformation that can attack. By pressing
    B, you'll chomp on whatever's in front of you. The transformation in Freezy Peak is
    a walrus.
    You won't be affected by the cold water, and you can befriend Wozza, who lets you
    enter his cave (something that Banjo and Kazooie previously couldn't do). The
    transformation in Mad Monster Mansion is (bear with me here) a pumpkin. Pumpkins are
    tiny, so you can head into VERY tight areas. You can also travel on thorny areas
    without fear of damage. The transformation in Click Clock Wood is a bee. This seems
    like a bad transformation, but it is actually the best. Bees can fly super high in
    no time at all if you rapidly press A. It can also head into small areas that you
    couldn't reach otherwise. The Man-Eating Flowers don't try to kill you if you stand
    on them either, so you can collect their goodies without having to use a golden
    |                             Witch Switch                          WITC      |
    There are nine Witch Switchs in the game, and you have to stomp on at least four of
    them in order to clear the game. There is one Witch Switch in each of the nine
    worlds. They are just like a regular switch, with Grunty's face on the top. Use a
    Beak Buster on the switch to activate a certain even in Grunty's Lair. These events
    either open paths up to Jiggies or make new paths that lead to Jiggies. It's the
    only way to get nine of the ten Jiggies in Gruntilda's Lair. For the most part,
    these are in areas where you normally wouldn't have to go to, but you should be able
    to see them from the majority of places in the game. If you do, head over to one and
    stomp on it. Remember you might not be able to get the Jiggy that it leads to right
    You might have to use Mumbo's transformation to get it, or you might have to get new
    upgrades or go through a new area first.
    |                           Health/Honeycombs                       HHHH      |
    This is an action game, and pretty much all action games have health meters in them.
    Your health meter is made up of honeycombs. You start the game with four honeycombs,
    but you can get more and more as you progress through (see the Hollow Honeycomb
    section for information on how to do this). Whenever you get hit by an enemy, you'll
    lose one honeycomb. Your life meter will appear (it doesn't stay on the screen the
    whole time unless you're at low health) and one of the honeycomb slots will empty,
    leaving simply a clear octagon in its place. If you look at Banjo and Kazooie's
    heads next to the health meter, you can see their expression gets worse and worse as
    you lose more and more health. When you lose all health, Banjo will fly back and
    you'll lose a life.
    You also lose all the notes that you've collected so far in that world, which is the
    most annoying thing that can ever happen (especially in difficult levels like Rusty
    Bucket Bay and Click Clock Wood). However, there are ways to recover your
    honeycombs. Whenever you defeat an enemy, it'll drop one, two, or three honeycombs
    (depending on what type of enemy it is and what move you use to defeat it). Pick
    these up to recover a single honeycomb from your life. If you are at full health,
    don't pick the honeycombs up; they won't disappear until you actually leave the
    world, so save them for later. As you kill more and more enemies, honeycombs become
    less and less frequent, and that becomes a huge problem in the later levels in the
    So it's always good to have a few backups lying around, wouldn't you say? Enemies
    will ALWAYS drop honeycombs, unless they're TNT (which is only found in Rusty Bucket
    |                              Oxygen                               OOOO      |
    When you dive underwater, a new meter appears below the Banjo-Kazooie head. This is
    a blue health meter, and it's your oxygen. It's made up of six honeycombs, and it
    stays like that for the whole game. Six honeycombs is enough to complete any puzzle
    in the game, but sometimes you'll have JUST enough and won't be able to waste a
    second. It takes quite a while for you to lose one piece of oxygen (I think it's ten
    seconds, but I'm not sure). Once you run out of oxygen, you'll drown, no matter how
    much life you have. There are certain areas in the game that make this especially
    difficult. In Rusty Bucket Bay, the water is what makes the place hell. It's all
    oily, so you'll lose oxygen on the surface of the water. If you dive under, you lose
    oxyen twice as fast.
    In Click Clock Wood, there's a portion during winter where you are standing near an
    icy lake. When you dive under, you also lose oxygen twice as fast. Yes, I know it
    sucks, but we have to face it.
    |                             Enemies                               ENEM      |
    The enemies in this game have all somewhat non-intelligent AI. Also, there's not as
    many enemies in the worlds as there is in most adventure games, but it doesn't
    matter. If an enemy sees you, it'll charge at you, but a simple attack or two can
    take it out instantly. Living bad guys aren't the REAL enemies; it's the
    environment. You'll find yourself dying 99% of the time due to an obstacle in the
    game, or by drowning, or by falling. For example, in Rusty Bucket Bay, there are
    propellers near the back of the boat that kill you instantly if you get near them.
    Yet there's a Jiggy behind them. So you'll have to risk going past them if you want
    to survive. Also, in Click Clock Wood, you climb a HUGE tree, taking you higher than
    you've ever been in the game.
    Falling from the top makes you suffer a loss of four honeycombs. There are other
    things too; messing up on a mini-game can cause you to lose a honeycomb, jumping
    into swampy or icy water may cause you to lose a few honeycombs, and if you Beak
    Bomb straight into a wall, you'll lose honeycombs. Like I said before, those are
    your REAL enemies. The others are just an excuse to give you a way to get your
    energy back :)
    |                              Bosses                               BOSS      |
    The game features an abscene of bosses really. In some levels there are bosses, and
    in some there aren't. For example, one might classify Conga as the boss of Mumbo's
    Mountain, since he's an enemy you have to defeat for a Jiggy. Also, Boss Boom Box in
    Rusty Buckekt bay is a huge collection of boxes, and fighting this mass enemy nets
    you a Jiggy. You don't get any indication when fighting a boss, although the music
    may sometimes change. There's always one boss in a level, and nothing more.
    Sometimes, the boss of a level challenges you to a tough mini-game, where you have
    to beat it in a limited time or you'll lose energy or your whole life. I guess the
    only REAL boss you can consider in this game is Gruntilda, since there's many phases
    to fighting her and she has some hint of difficulty :)
    |                            Mini-Games                             MINI      |
    Mini-Games are common in Banjo-Kazooie. Like bosses, there's no realy indecation to
    when you're doing a mini-game, although you should be able to tell. Most mini-games
    are timed challenges where you have to complete a certain objective before dying.
    Some mini-games are dangerous as well. For example, in the TipTup Chior mini-game,
    you have to repeat the song the turtles sing. If you get a wrong note, you'll lose a
    honeycomb. You'll lose energy in most mini-games if you do something wrong, or if
    you run out of time. But the reward is almost always a Jiggy, and if it isn't, then
    it unlocks a path to a Jiggy.
    |                              Controls                             CONT      |
                                 Control Stick
                               ~~~Move Banjo~~~
    The control stick is used to maneuver, like all games... almost. You can move in any
    direction within 360 degrees (duh). If you rotate the control stick around with your
    thumb, Banjo will do a little slide. This is just a warning, so don't play around
    near and edge or you'll slide off :) Anyway, if you hold it very slightly in any
    direction, Banjo will start to tiptoe. Running doesn't alert enemies any more than
    tiptoing does, so it's perfectly find to run. However, you'll sometimes have to go
    across very narrow areas, and that's where tiptoing comes in handy big time. Anyway,
    if you hold the control stick about halfway, you can walk. That's somewhat handy
    during those tight bridges. Push it all the way forward and Banjo will then begin to
    You never get tired, so you can run all you want without fear of slowing down when
    outrunning an enemy. You can outrun most enemies, but if you can't, then just fight
    them. When you jump in the water, you can also move around within 360 degrees on the
    surface. You don't swim very fast in water, but you can swim as long as you want to
    on the surface. When underwater, it becomes a lot harder to move. The control stick
    is only used for positioning where you want to swim. If you hold up, you aim at the
    surface, you use left and right to turn, and you dive down by holding down on the
    control stick. Sometimes, in icy areas, the terrain becomes slippery. Tread
    carefully here. There is always a chance of you slipping too far and flying into an
    enemy/off a cliff/etc.
    The best way to maneuver on icy terrain is the Talon Trot (more on that later).
                                   A Button
    The A button is used for, like most action games, jumping. If you tap the A button,
    you'll slightly rise in the air. Holding the A button allows you to jump pretty
    high, and you should always hold the A button when you jump. Jumping is used to
    reach ledges that are a little higher up. You can reach most ledges easily by
    jumping, but some ledges can't be reached even when you jump. Also, some moves can
    only be performed by jumping up first. Aside from moving around with the control
    stick, the jump is the move you'll use most in the game. You'll always have to jump
    to places in order to progress, and you might have to jump across gaps many times as
    well. When you get on a Flying Pad, you can press the A button to launch up into the
    While flying, press A to fly higher (remember, you use up a feather each time). When
    you get onto a Shock Pad, press and hold A to leap up high into the air. When
    underwater, if you hold A, Banjo will slowly paddle. This is a very uneffeicient (is
    that a word?) way to swim, so I suggest sticking to the B button. When on the
    surface of the water, you can jump as well (how do you jump up when swimming in very
    deep water?), although not as high.
                                   B Button
                          ~~~Claw Swipe/Swim/Beak Bomb~~~
    While standing still (you HAVE to be still), you can do the claw swip. Banjo will
    swip his claws three times, damaging whatever is in front of him. It is EXTREMELY
    useless, since pretty much every other move in the game works better. By doing the
    claw swipe, you risk being hit by an enemy, and then there's the fact that it's the
    weakest move in the game. Avoid it at all costs. The most useful technique with the
    B button is the swimming technique. Underwater, hold B. Kazooie will use her wings
    to propel you forward through the water. This is the fastest way to get around
    underwater, although it isn't as quick as running. Remember, you don't have to tap
    the B button when swimming; just holding it will be okay. The final thing you can do
    with the B button is the Beak Bomb.
    While flying in the air, press B (you must have learned this from Bottles) to charge
    forward. I'll describe the Beak Bomb more in-depth later.
                                  C Buttons
                               ~~~Camera Mode~~~
    When you're running around the playing field, you may have to adjust the semi-decent
    camera. To do this, you use the C Buttons. Tap the left C button to rotate the
    camera left a little. Tap it a few times and you'll do a complete circle. The same
    applies to the right C button, except you'll be going to your right instead of to
    your left. By pressing down, you can adjust how close up you'll be to Banjo. Press
    it a few times to get a close up view. I find this the least efficient, but it's
    your choice. Press down once more to get a view that's a little further back. This
    is a lot more efficient than the close-up, but there's one more. Tap it again to get
    a view far away from Banjo. This is useful, since you can see most of your
    Some people might find different views that appeal to them, so try them all out to
    see which one you like best. Tapping the up C button gives you a First-Person view
    of your surroundings. While in First-Person mode, you cannot move around, but you
    can look around by using the control stick. This is somewhat helpful in certain
    situations, but you won't find yourself using it that much. Okay, like all camera
    systems, there are many flaws. For once, you sometimes can't shift the camera left
    or right when you're behind an object, and those are the times where you NEED to
    shift the camera. Also, the camera can sometimes get stuck at a bad angle when
    you're creeping across a ledge. This has to be the most annoying thing that could
    ever happen.
    You should get used to the camera system after a little bit, but you'll never fully
    be comfortable.
                                   R Button
                               ~~~Back View~~~
    Hold the R button to activate another part of the camera system. The camera will
    turn until it's centered behind Banjo. When you turn around suddenly, the camera
    doesn't shift back, so you'll have to hold R in order to see. You can still move
    around and perform moves while shifting the camera, so don't worry if you have to
    get out of an area quickly. Aside from shifting, the R button has no other use
    |                          Special Moves                            SPMO      |
    These are the moves that you learn in Spiral Mountain. They all require some sort of
    button combination, which is why they get their own section.
    You have to double tap A in order to perform the Flutter. This is EXTREMELY helpful
    in Click Clock Wood, and in all other places it can be used to make things a lot
    easier for you. Jump and while in the air, press A. Kazooie will appear and flap her
    wings a little, allowing you to float. This can be used to get across gaps that you
    normally couldn't get across. If you let go of A while floating, you'll drop. Be
    careful not to do that, because you might be up high, and dropping will cause you to
    die (beautiful, beautiful rhyme there). As you flutter, you'll slowly fall back to
    the ground, but you should have enough time to do somewhat of a long jump, as I like
    to call it. If you hold A for too long, Kazooie will get tired and stop flapping her
    You should rarely have to flutter for that long anyway, but it's just a word of
    warning. With the flutter, you can also stop high falls. If you are falling from a
    high place, just use the flutter about halfway down and you should float safely. If
    you're still up high, then use the Beak Buster (more on that later).
    You'll almost always use this move as your main attacking move, since it can take
    out pretty much any enemy in one hit (even the ones that require you to be hit two
    or three times with other moves). To use it, jump up in the air. While in the air,
    press and hold B. Kazooie will pop out and peck her beak. You hover a bit while
    you're doing this, so it could also be used as a way of getting across gaps that are
    too far. The most useful enemies to use this on are the monsters located in
    Clanker's Cavern, Mad Monster Mansion, Rusty Bucket Bay, and Click Clock Wood. In
    those levels, there are places where monsters always pop out of the wall. If you're
    running somewhere, you can continue running and just use the Rat-a-Tat-Rap to take
    out any enemy in your way.
    But it should also be used on all enemies, like I said earlier. You'll grow to love
    this move, trust me.
                                  Beak Barge
    A useful, but rare move that you'll use is the Beak Barge. To use it, hold the Z
    button to crouch low. Then press B. Kazooie will come out, and charge forward with
    her beak. This can be used to defeat most enemies (like the Rat-a-Tat-Rap), but it's
    main use is destroying doors and windows that block you. For example, in Rusty
    Bucket Bay, there's a door in one of the funnels. The only way to get in is to break
    it, but the Rat-a-Tat-Rap won't work. So you can crouch and do a Beak Barge to
    shatter the door. You can also shatter some boulders with this move, like the ones
    in Spiral Mountain. Other than that, there is no real use for the Beak Barge.
                                  High Jump
    This is a very useful technqiue, and you'll find yourself using it a lot. Your
    regular jump won't be able to reach a lot of ledges, so you'll have to use the high
    jump. To do this, hold Z to crouch. Now press A. Banjo will do a backlfip and
    Kazooie will use her wings to shoot up high. You can move slightly in all
    directions, which should always be enough to get up onto the platform that you're
    trying to reach. Remember that when you run and hold Z, you'll slide. So if you want
    to do the high jump, make sure you're standing still or you might jump to a place
    where you don't want to be. There is no real way to hover when using the high jump,
    but you shouldn't nened to. Also, keep in mind that the high jump should NOT be used
    to get across gaps.
    You gain almost no distance when jumping, so trying to jump across a large gap with
    it guarantees failure.
    Useless really. While running, press B to roll forward. You can take out a few
    enemies with this, but it's as weak as the claw swipe. Just avoid it at all costs.
    |                          Advanced Moves                           ADMO      |
    These are moves that you'll find throughout the first six worlds of Grunty's Lair.
    There are nine total moves to be learned, and you'll need them all in order to
    complete the game.
                                   Egg Spit
    The Egg Spit is probably the first move that you'll end up learning. By performing
    this move, you can shoot eggs out of Kazooies mouth and out from behind her. Eggs
    can be used for pretty much anything. Patches, food, weapons, seeds, etc. You won't
    find yourself using eggs very much for attacking, but rather for completing required
    tasks in levels. To use the eggs, hold Z to crouch and then press up C to shoot one
    forward. If you press up C three times in succession, Kazooie will quickly fire
    three eggs out, one right after the other. If you want to spit eggs out from behind,
    then press down C while crouching. Again, press down C three times in succession to
    spit out three eggs rapidly. While crouching, you can use the control stick to aim
    your shot.
    Eggs do moderate damage to enemies. You'll probably only use them five or six times
    as weapons. But somewhere in every world, you'll need to use them if you want to get
    one of the world's Jiggies. If you spit an egg out from behind, it'll bounce around
    a little. If you know it's going to miss your target, you can quickly collect it
    again. If you wait too long though, it'll break.
                                  Talon Trot
    VERY efficient in many different ways. You'll learn the Talon Trot at Mumbo's
    Mountain and you'll find yourself using it consistentily throughout the lair and the
    worlds. To use the Talon Trot, hold the Z button down and then press the left C
    button. You can release the C button now. As long as you hold Z, you'll continue to
    Talon Trot. You move a lot faster with the Talon Trot, and you won't slip when
    you're on snowy or icy areas. The Talon Trot is not used for any type of attack, so
    don't bother trying. Probably the best feature of the Talon Trot is the ability to
    get up steep hills. If you climb a hill and slide right back down, then use the
    Talon Trot and you can get up with ease. There are VERY FEW hills where you can't
    get up, even with the Talon Trot.
    The final use for the Talon Trot is the jump. You can jump a lot farther with the
    Talon Trot, useful for running fast and jumping across gaps at the same time.
                                  Beak Buster
    This is a pretty painful move for Kazooie, but it's required to progress. Think of
    the ground pound from Super Mario 64 and you've got the Beak Buster. Hell, even the
    controls for the two moves are the same: jump up into the air and press Z. You'll
    stop in the air, do a flip, and Kazooie will slam her beak into the ground. This is
    a very powerful move, and you can destroy all enemies (except for that stupid Black
    Crab in Treasure Trove Cove) with one hit. It can also be used to activate the many
    switches found throughout the worlds, as well as smashing things into the ground.
    You'll rarely use this for an attack; the main usage is activating switches. The
    Beak Buster is also an efficient way to save yourself from suffering pain when
    you're falling.
    If you're falling from a great height and have already used the Flutter, then you
    should be near the ground. However, some heights are REAL high up. In that case, you
    can use the Beak Buster after you use the flutter and you should save yourself about
    a honeycomb of damage or so. You'll want to fall a little closer to the ground after
    the Flutter before you do the Beak Buster, or the thing will be a waste. Be careful
    though; if you fall too far, Banjo will go out of control and you won't be able to
    use any moves then.
    This is the first of the two moves that are learned in Treasure Trove Cove. Flying
    is needed to get to high places, and it can also serve as a major shortcut if you
    want to get around quickly. You have to have some feathers with you, and you'll need
    a flying pad if you want to fly. Once you've found a flying pad (you'll recognize
    them, trust me), stand on it and press A. You'll fly straight up. You can now move
    around with the control stick. As you fly, you'll slowly fall to the ground. To get
    up higher, press A. You'll use one feather, but you'll fly up a little higher. Try
    to use as few feaethers as possible on a trip. So when you think you're really low,
    use one or two and then wait until you get really low again before using feathers
    once more.
    You are a hard target to hit while in the air for enemies that can throw stuff at
    you. If you hold down while flying, you'll slowly descend. The best way to get out
    of a flight is to just press Z; you'll use the Beak Buster and slam down onto the
    ground. Remember, if you're too high up when you use the Beak Buster, you might
    suffer damage.
                                  Shock Jump
    The second move you learn in Treasure Trove Cove is the Shock Jump. This also
    requires a certain pad, but you'll find them all over the place in worlds two
    through nine. When you find one, press and hold A. Kazooie will use her legs to
    spring up into a super high jump. You can fly forward easily with this jump, unlike
    the regular high jump. This is used to get to places that are inaccessable any other
    way, or used as shortcuts to reach areas that are otherwise hard to get to. Be
    careful if you're on a Shock Pad platform if you don't intend to use the Shock Pad;
    if you jump on it, you might accidentally jump onto the pad, which could seriously
    mess you up.
    This is the only move that you learn in Clanker's Cavern (how Bottles made a
    molehill inside Clanker underwater when there's no way in is beyond me). To perform
    the Wondering, hold Z to crouch and press the right C button. You can release the C
    button now, but continue to hold Z if you want to keep using the Wonderwing. The
    Wonderwing is an invulnerability move that makes you completely invincible to any
    attack that comes at you, as well as any type of obstacle that might hurt you
    (inculding swamp water/quicksand/etc.). However, there's a catch; you need golden
    feathers to use the Wonderwing, and golden feathers are few and far away from each
    other in the worlds. You can carry up to ten golden featehers at first, although
    that number can increase.
    You use the feathers rapidly as you do this move. But enemies instantly die if they
    touch you, so this can be VERY useful for boss fights where you have to fight a
    bunch of enemies at once.
                                Wading Boots
    This is the only move that you'll learn in Bubblegloop Swamp. This allows you to
    wade through swamp water, quicksand, icy water, thorns, and poisonouse water without
    fear of getting hurt. You'll find Wading Boots scattered about. They look like a
    green pair of rubber boots. Touch them and Kazooie will automatically put them on.
    You now have a limited time to wade through dangerous areas, collecting the items
    there. The time limit is different for each pair of boots depending on where you
    are. You'll hear a ticking clock when your time is just about to run out. If you
    want to stop using them, just press B to take them off. You can jump while in Wading
    Boots, but you can't attack. Also, make sure not to suddenly stomp in the middle of
    a dangerous area.
    That should go without saying, but I had to point out that that would result in a
    major honeycomb loss.
                                 Beak Bomb
    You learn this move in Freezy Peak, and it is the only move that Kazooie can do
    while she's flying. To do it, you HAVE to be in the air. Press either B or Z and
    Kazooie will position herself like a missle and charge forward. This uses up one red
    feather. Be careful, you'll charge with such force that ramming into a wall can do
    damage. But this can also be used to activate different things or break things or
    take out those stupid snowmen. If you charge for a little without hitting anything,
    you'll stop eventually and fall down a little bit. This attack can't be used without
    red feathers.
                                Running Shoes
    The final move in the game is learned at Gobi's Valley, and it's how to use the
    running shoes. In some locations (they're rare, you won't find many places with
    running shoes), you'll see a pair of white sneakers. Once you learn how to use the
    running shoes, you can put these sneakers on. This puts you into a Turbo Talon Trot,
    where you can run twice as fast as usual. This is always used to get to something
    before a timer runs out, and the timer is usually so short that you can't beat the
    timer without the shoes. You can jump while in the shoes as well, and you'll do the
    regular Talon Trot jump. Like the Wading Boots, a timer will tick when you are
    almost out of time. In some situations, you have infinite time until you complete
    the task.
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%      Walkthrough     %%%%%|           WALK      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                           Spiral Mountain                         SM01      |
    The story starts as a huge tower with the face of a witch is shown. There is an
    actual witch standing before the cauldron. As the cauldron tell the witch, know as
    Gruntilda, that she's the prettiest girl of ever, but the cauldron tells her there's
    another girl named Tooty. As Gruntilda runs out with her evil broomstick, we see
    Tooty running towards her house, and out pops Bottles the mole. After they talk a
    little bit, we see Banjo still sleeping in his bed, with Kazooie telling Banjo to
    get off his lazy ass. As Gruntilda flies out, Tooty starts sharking. The comotion is
    heard while you're looking at Kazooie trying to figure out what's going on. As Banjo
    finally wakes, you'll head outside and get in control... finally.
    Run forward and out will pop Bottles the mole. He'll introduce himself, then explain
    that Tooty was kidnapped. At this point, press A and Bottles will tell you to locate
    his molehills spread everywhere. By doing this, you can learn all the basic moves
    and get an additional honeycomb added to your life energy, which is always useful
    considering you're going to be facing some pretty tough enemies. You have no moves
    except for jumping at the moment, so head forward and talk to bottles, who will
    explain the camera system. Use the C-Buttons to move the camera around Banjo, to the
    side or in front. If you hold the R button, the camera will wander back to behind
    Banjo and Kazooie.
    Yes, this game actually has an exceptional camera systems. What a shock. Also, if
    you ever want to switch into First-Person mode, you can press the Up C-Button.
    Anyway, continue west. Head down the little path when you see it and you'll find
    another mole hill. Talk to Bottles, who will teach you about jumping. Press A to
    jump, and if you hold A, you'll be able to jump a little higher. After trying a
    jump, you can press A, then tap A in the air, and Kazooie will spread her wings and
    you'll hover in the air for a second. The next jump is the high jump. Hold Z to get
    into a crouching position and press A to do a high backflip jump. Now Bottles will
    retreat back into his molehill. The next thing you'll want to do is head forward,
    past the hill.
    At the southern end, you should find a large tree stump with a holly honeycomb. Use
    the high jump (remember - Z+A) to get to the stump. Grab the honeycomb and you'll be
    told that if you collect six of those hollow honeycombs, you can get an extra
    honeycomb added to your life meter. Now continue north. Another mole hill is here,
    and Bottles will teach you how to swim under water. Use the control stick to swim on
    the surface. To go underwater, press B to dive. You can try it in the pool right
    next to you. Head in and swim around, then press B to dive under the water. You can
    move around with the control stick and press B to push yourself forward. Near the
    waterfall, there is a little cave underater. Inside is a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (2). Grab
    it and return to the surface.
    Make sure you don't spend TOO much time underwater, since you can run out of air and
    die. Now climb back out of the water. Head north, stick to the west wall. You should
    see a small platform sticking out of the wall above the water. Use the double-tap
    jump to float to it, then continue to jump across some more platforms. You'll find a
    HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (3) at the end. You should see a small statue behind the waterfall
    here. Do one more jump to it and grab it. This is an EXTRA LIFE. Everyone knows what
    those are, right? Anyway, jump into the water and swim out, then go right across the
    bridge. Continue down the path and talk to Bottles once you reach the molehill.
    He'll tell you about climbing trees. Jump up to the nearest tree and you'll grab on.
    Climb it to the top.
    Now head back across the bridge and clmib the tree in the patch of flowers. When you
    get to the top, jump and you'll grab a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (4). Cross the bridge once
    more. From here, make your way to waht looks like a big, open, field that's all
    brown. Talk to Bottles here and you'll teach you how to do the Beak Bardge, a useful
    tactic that you'll be using a lot. Hold Z and press B, and Kazooie will charge
    forward with her beak. Now destroy all the Quarries here (they look like rocks with
    eyes) using the Beak Barge. When you destroy the last one, a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (5)
    will pop out. Grab it and then leave the big field. Now continue right, and then up
    the steep hill. Talk to Bottles here and he'll teach you three moves. The first move
    you learn is simple.
    The first move is the slash. While standing still, press B and Banjo will use his
    paws to slash at enemies. Try it on the Topper (the innocent looking carrot) that's
    bouncing around. If you touch him, you won't be damaged (however, after enemies
    appear on Spiral Mountain, they'll be able to damage you). Just destroy him with
    your Slash and another Topper will pop out. Defeat it and Bottles will teach you the
    forward roll. While running, press B and you'll roll... well, forward. Try it on the
    two Bawls that appear and then Bottles will teach you one last move. The Rat-A-Tat-
    Rap can be performed by pressing B while in the air. Try it out a few times, then
    approach the Collywobble and perform a Rat-A-Tat-Tap on it to defeat it. There's one
    more after that.
    Once you defeat the Collywobble, it'll reveal a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (6). You now have
    six hollow honeycombs, so you'll net yourself an extra piece of energy! You have
    five now. Okay, you've mastered everything, so head down the hill. Backtrack a
    little and cross a wooden bridge leading to the spiral mountain. Climb it and
    Bottles will appear at the top. He's fixed the bridge, so you're all set to enter
    Gruntilda's Lair. So you know what? We're gonna do just that. Head across the bridge
    and into the Lair.
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL01      |
    You'll see a sceen where Gruntilad and Totty are in a machine which will switch the
    looks of Tooty and Gruntilda (note how Gruntilda can't fit... heh). Klungo,
    Guruntilda's servant, will push a button that begins the power. Hurry! Not much time
    left. Head forward and left and then jump up onto all the rocks. At the top is a
    golden jigsaw piece. Grab it and you'll find your first JIGGY (1)! Yahoo! Now go
    right, into an area where the environment changes. Go right here and you'll find a
    picture with a piece missing. Step on the jigsaw piece and Bottles will explain how
    to place Jiggys into puzzles. You only have one now, so just press A to place it.
    The locked door will open and the path to Mumbo's Mountain will appear! So head into
    the mountain to begin your first level.
    |                          Mumbo's Mountain                         MM01      |
    At first, you'll want to head south and right. You'll find an enemy, as well as a
    little guy calling for help. Defeat the enemy and do the high jump to reach the pink
    guy. Grab him! He's your first JINJO (1) on this world. There are five in each
    world, and rescuing all five means a Jiggy! Drop down behind the platform for a
    MUMBO TOKEN. Use these to pay Mumbo, the spellcaster, so he can transform you into
    animals. Now go left, and you should see a bridge crossing water. Collect all the
    Musical Notes (7) on it. There are 100 musical notes per world. Try to get them all,
    since musical notes are a requirement for beating the game. To the right of the
    bridge is a platform. Jump to it and rescue the JINJO (2). Now jump into the water.
    Down here are two caves.
    Collect the Musical Notes (13) inside of them. Now continue across to the area with
    the bull. This guy can't be defeated, but he can be temporarily stunned. Ignore him
    for now and look at the strange pillar bouncing up and down. This is a beehive.
    Break it open and it will reveal three honeycombs. Use these whenever you run low on
    energy, but don't waste them! Head past the beehive and go left. Conga, one of the
    evil dudes here, is waiting for you. He throws oranges, which can damage you. Step
    on one of the three orange switchs here and wait until Conga throws an orange at
    you. Quickly move and it'll land on the switch, making it disappear. Make all three
    switches vanish and then the first JIGGY (1) for this world will appear. Very, very
    There are ten Jiggies per world, and ten in Gruntilda's lair. All but two of the
    jiggies can be used for something. Once you have the Jiggy, head to the tree which
    Conga stands on. Climb it and grab one of the oranges. Now head to the little monkey
    standing on the stump. Give him the orange and he'll raise the platform and give you
    a JIGGY (2). You're on a roll! Now use the high jump to reach the upper area, the
    one with the blue eggs. There's a molehill here. Talk to Bottles and you'll learn
    how to spit eggs out! Simply crouch with Z and press the top C button to shoot and
    egg. If you press the bottom C button, you can shoot them out from behind. With that
    in mind, head right and across the narrow path, and stand on the tree stump, facing
    Spit and egg out at him. He'll scream and throw an orange at you. Dodge it and spit
    a second egg out at him. He'll throw two oranges. Spit one last egg out and he'll
    admit defeat, and give you his prized possesion, which is none other than a JIGGY
    (3)! Now go back to the left of bottles. Jump across the platforms, collecting the
    eggs and the MUMBO TOKEN as you go. You should see a Witch Switch here; there's one
    in every world, but we can't activate it yet. For now, return to the area that had
    the beehive. Follow the golden path and climb the stairs, collecting the Musical
    Notes (22). Now head forward and go left and climb the second set of stairs,
    grabbing the four Musical Notes (26) here. In the open area, head forward and jump
    on the platform.
    Grab the JIGGY (4) in plain sight. Now go to the molehill here to learn the Talon
    Trot. Press and hold Z, then tap the left C button to walk on Kazooie's legs. This
    allows you to climb steep hills. Now, using the tilted pillars as ramps, climb to
    the top of the structure (you'll have to jump several times to get up the pillars).
    Grab all the Musical Notes (40) and then the JINJO (3) at the end. You can go behind
    the large structure, and there's a MUMBO TOKEN behind one of the pillars. Now go
    down the hill and continue north. Defeat the termites and climb the slight hill to
    find a spinning totem pole and some notes on top of huts. The first thing you'll
    want to do is jump up to the platform with the totem pole. Spit an egg into its
    mouth when it comes near you.
    The totem pole will lower and begin to spin faster. Spit another egg in, and then do
    that once more. When there's one more left, jump onto it and do a high jump to grab
    a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB. Shoot an egg into the final mouth (it gets faster each time) and
    a JIGGY (5) will appear. Now grab all the notes on the huts (46). Behind one of the
    huts is one of Bottle's molehills. Get Bottle's attention and he'll teach you the
    Beak Buster. Jump up and press Z, and Kazooie will slam her beak into the ground.
    Jump up onto the hut behind Bottles and use the Beak Buster. You'll push the hut
    down and reveal notes (51). The hut after that has some eggs. The next hut contains
    and enemy... oops, wrong hut. The next hut (when you slam it down) has a JINJO (4).
    The final hut has a JIGGY (6).
    Now you should see Mumbo's hut. Below the ramp leading to his hut, there's a MUMBO
    TOKEN. Grab it and then walk up and stop in front of the door. Do a high jump up to
    Mumbo's left eye (to YOUR right), and grab the JIGGY (7) there. You only have three
    more Jiggys left in this world! Now switch to the Talon Trot and head down the hill
    by means of going south. Head down to the first platform, which has a JIGGY (8). Now
    Talon Trot around the platforms, collecting all the notes that are there (69). Once
    you have everything, return to the area where you first learned the Talon Trot (it
    was near the fourth Jiggy). Get into the Talon Trot position and climb down the left
    hill. Collect all the musical notes here (90), and then get the final JINJO (5).
    Once you have the Jingo, he'll thank you and give you a JIGGY (9).
    One left! Now head back to Conga's area. Jump up onto the platform where you first
    got the eggs and climb the left platforms. We're back at that Witch Switch now. With
    the Beak Buster, you can activate it. So press it down and you'll see the outside of
    Spiral Mountain, where a Jiggy will appear on the top. We'll get that later. For
    now, return to Mumbo's House, near the area where you fought the totem pole. In
    Mumbo's Hut, collect the notes (94). You'll find that you need one more Mumbo Token
    to be able to participate in Mumbo's magic. So head back to the big mountain area
    (where all the termites rest). Find the entrance and go in. Defeat the termite in
    here, then Talon Trot up to the fifth MUMBO TOKEN. With five tokens, head back to
    Mumbo's place.
    Stand on the skull and press B. Mumbo will turn you into a termite. Yay! Now head to
    the are where you got the fifth Mumbo Token. Climb the steep slopes here (some
    require tricky jumps). When you get to the grassy area, grab the final musical notes
    (100). Congragulations! You have all 100 notes! Now continue climbing the big
    mountain until you reach the top. Here, carefully make your way over to the extra
    life, and then take the final few steps to the very top. Get the final JIGGY (10) of
    this world! Yahoo! Now jump off the side of the mountain (you won't be hurt, because
    a Termite can survive any fall). Jump off the side of the fence here that's near the
    little pool. On this mountain side, there's an alcove with a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (2).
    You now have everything there is to offer on Mumbo's Mountain!
    Excellent! Now exit the world by means of the teleport pad (make sure you're still a
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL02      |
    You DID hit the Witch Switch in this area, right? I know you did, because you've
    been following this guide. Anyway, if you didn't, go back and do so. As a Termite,
    climb the mountain (it proves to be almost difficult enough so the Termite can't
    handle it, but you'll make it to the top). When you get to the top of the mountain,
    you'll find a JIGGY (2) that was revealed thanks to the Witch Switch. Once you have
    that, turn to the main part of the lair. As you go, Mumbo will warn you that the
    magic is weakening, and you'll become a bear and bird again if you stray too far.
    Ignore this warning and continue. You'll transform back into Banjo and Kazooie.
    Doesn't matter, we need them for the next part anyway :) Head to the steep hill past
    Gruntilda's picture.
    Gruntilda will warn you that enemies escape the worlds when you open world doors.
    Oooh, one termite got out of Mumbo's Mountain, how terrible. Anyway, use the Talon
    Trot to climb up the steep hill. At the top, you'll find Bottle's molehill, a
    beehive, and your first Note Door. Head forward and Bottles will pop out. He'll
    explain that Note Doors must be opened only by, well, notes. You need fifty for the
    first door, but the number increases as you get farther into the lair. You should
    have 100 notes, so you have more than enough. Approach the door and it'll disappear.
    Grunty will warn you that the later Note Doors are going to be much tougher to get
    through. In this area, there's a lot for you to do, but you can't do it all just
    Start by heading left and go down the spiral staircase. You'll find a red cauldron.
    Cauldrons are scattered throughout the lair. If you find two the same color, you can
    create a shortcut (you jump into one and you'll appear out of the second). Now head
    back up the stairs and go over to the picture of Treasure Trove Cove. Stand on the
    Jiggy and put in two jigsaw pieces to open the treasure chest that leads into the
    next area. Now climb up the hill and into the sewage area. Drop off the ledge here
    and into the water. Get out and head into the door and you'll be in the Treasure
    Cove area. There's nothing for you to do here at the moment, other than going
    forward and entering Treasure Trove Cove.
    |                       Treasure Trove Cove                         TTC1      |
    Bottles will tell you (in a bad imitation of a pirate), that there's two new moves
    for you to learn here, and they both involve two of the special pads that are placed
    throughout the game. At the start, collect the four notes in the corners (4). Now
    head down the ramp. Below you, there's a Jinjo trapped in the water, but be careful!
    Snacker the shark likes to swim in these waters and if you enter water, he'll
    approach you and take bites out of you, emptying your honeycomb energy. Quickly swim
    down and grab the blue JINJO (1) and then head back up. Climb the trees on both the
    left and right sides. On top of them are FEATHERS. These help Kazooie fly after she
    learns how (and she will in this level). Now proceed left, under the bridge, to the
    giant crab that is near the side of the beach.
    Twenty seconds in and you're already at your first boss in the area. The crab's name
    is Nipper, and if Kazooie didn't insult him, he may have helped you. Anyway, eggs
    don't work on Nipper. Approach him and he'll try to clip at you with his claws. Back
    away and when he stops clicking, quickly run up to him and perform a Rat-A-Tat-Tap
    on his face. He'll get angry and start snipping faster. This time, he'll snip at you
    twice before you can rush up to his face and damage him. He'll snip at you three
    times after that. When he's done snipping, quickly rush in (he starts it up soon
    after) and do one final attack. Nipper will scream and retreat into his shell. At
    this point, go behind his shell and in shallow water there is a MUMBO TOKEN
    (although Mumbo isn't in this world).
    Now enter Nipper's shell. Collect the musical notes (10) as you go through it. At
    the core of the shell, defeat the two crabs. They take two hits to defeat regularly,
    but if you use the Beak Buster you can kill 'em in one AND they'll release two
    honeycombs instead of the usual one. Once they're both gone, grab your JIGGY (1).
    Now exit the shell. Look to the right of the shell once you're outside and you
    should see a green, brick wall. You're not gonna like this next part, but too bad.
    Jump into the water and quickly swim to that green wall. In the corner, underwater,
    is a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (1). During this time, Snacker will be trying to eat you.
    You'll probably be biten once, but if you keep jumping out of the water as you head
    back to shore, you should make it there alive.
    Now go north, under the second bridge, to find a boat in shallow water. You'll hear
    someone crying. Head up onto the boat (you'll have to use the Talon Trot) and talk
    to the captain, Blubber. He's lost his gold, but he can't swim. Now climb up the
    ropes, collecting the musical notes (16). Bottle's molehill is here. Collect the
    feathers, then contact Bottles. It's time to learn how to fly! Stand on a flying pad
    whenever you see one and press A. You'll be launched into the air. You can now move
    around with the control stick, and press A to fly higher. You slowly lose feathers
    as you fly, and if you have no feathers, then you can't fly anymore, so make sure to
    collect as many as possible! Now climb the pole here and at the very top is another
    JINJO (2).
    Now head down the set of ropes that you haven't touched (yeah, we're not flying just
    yet). Collect all the musical notes (21), and then head back onto the boat. You
    should find a small part of the floor that's a little lower than the rest. Use a
    Beak Buster move on it and you'll destroy it and drop into an area below the sunken
    ship. Drop down and head into the pool of water here. Collect the musical notes
    (25), the MUMBO TOKEN, and the GOLD BARS. You have another set of gold bars to find,
    so don't relax just yet. Get onto the crate and high jump out of the area. Now jump
    into the water on the side of the ship and swim through the little hole. You're back
    under the ship, on the other side of the fence. There's only two things in this
    They are some musical notes (29) and the second set of GOLD BARS. Once you have both
    sets, return to the ship and throw the bars to Blubber. He'll be overjoyed and give
    you a JIGGY (2), and then he'll run off. Okay two Jiggies so far, eight to go. Now
    jump onto the beach and climb both trees. Grab the four musical notes that are on
    each tree (37). Once you have those, return to the ship and climb the ropes to the
    area where Bottles taught you how to fly. Get on the fly pad and press A. Fly
    forward, and then enter the little cave on your right [be sure to grab the single
    musical note (38) as well]. Run to the left, and continue running, until you see a
    tree on your right with a Jinjo. You have to be careful as you jump to this tree.
    If you miss it and fall, you'll lose like four honeycombs. Anyway, once you have the
    JINJO (3), continue left until you see a rising hill. Jump on it and travel up,
    collect all the musical notes (42) as you head up. When you reach the top, go behind
    the lighthouse and do a Beak Buster on the Witch Switch. The cannon outside Treasure
    Trove Cove will shoot a Jiggy out. Now break the lighthouse door with an egg and
    then collect the MUMBO TOKEN. You can enter the lighthouse, so do so and get all the
    musical notes there (46). There's a Jiggy on the top of the house, but we can't get
    it just yet. For now, simply head down the spiral mountain and into the main area of
    Tereasure Trove Cove. Jump into the water and, avoiding Snacker, quickly swim onto
    the beach.
    Once again, return to the ship. Head to the flying pad, and fly once more towards
    the area with the cave you just went in. Except this time, head left instead of
    going towards the cave. There's a Man Eating Treasure Chest of Death here, so try to
    land next to it. When it opens its mouth, quickly high jump inside and collect the
    JIGGY (3). Now exit the chest by means of a high jump and return to the shore. Here,
    head up to the ship AGAIN and then locate the crates near it. Climb them and you'll
    see the molehill. Talk to bottles and instantly all the Shock Pads will become
    active. Bottles will teach you the Shock Jump. Try the Shock Jump on the pad right
    next to you. You'll spring up and grab a MUMBO TOKEN. You should have five Mumbo
    Tokens now.
    Now, ONCE AGAIN, return to the ship and the flying pad. Get on the pad and fly to
    the little cove where we went before. When you're in the next area, make your way to
    the very top of the lighthouse again. Thanks to the Shock Jump, we can use the pad
    and reach the JIGGY (4). Once you have the Jiggy, exit the cove. Back out in the
    main part, jump down into the water. Quickly swim to the other side and jump on the
    crate with the MUMBO TOKEN. Once you have the token, return to shore and head to the
    area where Bottles taught you the Shock Jump. Head to the first Shock Pad of the
    many Shock Pads in this area. Use it to jump to the pad on your left. Here, jump
    straight up in the air to collect some musical notes (49). From there, jump to the
    pad ahead of you, and then to the one with the feathers.
    Jump straight up to collect all the feathers, and then jump to the platform on your
    left. Use the series of pads to get to the final platform that has a JIGGY (5)
    resting on it. Now return to the first Shock Pad. From here, take the left path,
    over to the JINJO (4). On the Jinjo pad, jump up to the large area on your right.
    Defeat the crab and collect all the musical notes (55). From there, jump to the tiny
    island with the single crab. Defeat it. From there, swim behind the structure you
    were just on and grab the MUMBO TOKEN. From the Mumbo Token, continue northeast,
    into the sea. Avoiding Snacker, jump onto the crate and grab the HOLLOW HONEYCOMB
    (2). Quickly return to the shore. From there, return to the area where Bottles
    taught you about the Shock Pads.
    This time, go right. Collect the musical notes (58) along the narrow path leading to
    the flying pad. Turn around once you have them and take the other path, collecting
    the musical notes (61). When you reach a junction, take the left path and grab the
    notes (64) and then take the right path and grab the notes (67). Backtrack a little
    until you're near the first Shock Pad. There's a platform sticking out on the right
    here; drop down and you'll find Leaky. He'd empty the water for you, but he has a
    hole. Spit out two eggs from Kazooie's back into Leaky. As thanks, he'll empty the
    water. Jump to the top of the sand castle and collect the five musical notes (72)
    that are here. Then drop down and locate the entrance to the sand castle, then go
    First thing you'll want to do here is collect the four notes (76) in the water. Then
    approach the floor with all the letters. The crab will tell you that if you can
    solve his puzzle, you'll win a prize. The puzzle is simple: Spell "Banjo-Kazooie"
    out by using the letters. When you Beak Bust the B, the timer will start. You have
    100 seconds to spell out the rest. If you don't know how to spell it, it's written
    up on the wall. Once you finish spelling it, the gate will open and the crab will
    walk out. Perform two Beak Busts on him to defeat him. Then run through the gate and
    collect your hard-earned JIGGY (6). Before you go, let me tell you that this area is
    the place where you enter all the important cheats for the game, which I'll explain
    in the secrets section.
    Exit the castle now, and then head up out of the pit by heading right. Continue
    right, past all the pillars, until you get to an area with two Man Eating Treasure
    Chests of Death. Jump into the first chest and get the muiscal notes (81) that are
    inside. If you want some feathers, you can jump in the second treasure chest. Defeat
    the clam and then cross the thin bridge. Collect the musical notes (85) across the
    platforms as you carefully make your way up to the top of the tower. Here, you'll
    find a giant X. Beak Bust it and an arrow will appear. One of those Man Eating
    Chests will tell you to follow the clues if you want gold. And yes, we do want gold.
    So use the flying pad and head north, over a good chunk of the level, until the next
    tower comes into sight.
    Follow the rest of the towers (there's a lot). You'll fly across what is basically
    the whole level before you come to one final X. You've been here before, and that X
    wasn't there. Stomp on it an a "?" will appear instead of an arrow. Simply jump to
    the island before to find a huge X. Stomp on this and break open the treasure chest
    to reveal a JIGGY (7). Yes, it's time to return to that ship again, one last time.
    Head there and get up to the flying pad. Here, fly across all the water and onto the
    big area on your left. Land and instead of climbing the steps, head to the back. In
    the northeast area, there's a THIN walkway. Go across carefully, and then jump
    across the crates. Jump across lots of platforms next, collecting the eggs if you
    At the end, there's a JIGGY (8). Note that if you fall during any of this, you'll
    end up in water where there are no safe areas closeby so be extremely careful. Hey,
    guess what? Now we get to make the trip back! Oh boy! Carefully make your way to the
    stairs again and climb them. Climb two sets here, using the Talon Trot to collect
    the notes (93) on both sets of stairs. Jump into the Man Eating Chest here and grab
    the two MUMBO TOKENS (two? Nice) inside. Now climb the third set of stairs,
    collecting the musical notes (97) on the edge. You should see a pool with a mine.
    Carefully avoid the mine and dive into the pool. Grab the JIGGY (9) that's at the
    bottom. Get out of the pool and you should see a ledge sticking out that gets
    thinner and thinner.
    Make your way to the end (be careful) and rescue the final JINJO (5) in this area.
    He'll give you a JIGGY (10). You now have all ten Jiggys, but we aren't done yet!
    Drop down to the next area and you should see a small pool with a crab on your left.
    In it are the final musical notes (100). NOW you should have everything that
    Treasure Trove Cove has to offer. Nice. Exit this area that's hardly worthy of a
    vacation spot (might be a good place to shoot another Jaws movie, though).
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL03      |
    Head to the ship opposite you and jump onto the cannon sticking out. Do a high jump
    to the actual ship, and make your way to the second platform. If you activated the
    Witch Switch, like I said, a JIGGY (3) will be here. Grab it and then head out of
    this part of the lair. Back in the sewage area, climb the vine and head out of this
    part of the lair by means of the door on the right. Defeat the Minion roaming this
    next part of the lair. Locate the Shock Pad and jump up to find another puzzle.
    Stand on the switch and as you start putting the pieces in, Bottles will tell you
    that you can simply insert all your pieces in at once by pressing Z. So press Z to
    place the remaining pieces and a sewer hole will open up somewhere else, revealing
    Clanker's Cavern.
    Now return to the sewage area, and enter the large gray pipe. Inside, follow it to
    the end. It's a dead end, but there's a hole in the right side that you can use to
    enter another area. Here, head forward and defeat the Minion, then activate the
    cauldron. There's also a MUMBO TOKEN on top of a pipe on your right. Now exit the
    pipe and head back into the main sewage area. Get on top of the pipe you were just
    in. Use the high jump to get to another sewage pipe. Enter this one. Go right and
    drop down onto a switch. Activate it and two pipes will rise. Cross the pipes and
    use the beehive if you wish. Otherwise, enter Clanker's Cavern.
    |                          Clanker's Cavern                         CC01      |
    Drop down into the water and defeat the crab. On the left side here, there's a dark
    pipe that's hidden. Locate it and climb it, then jump onto the pipe to the left of
    you. Head forward. Whenever you see a black hole, it means that a monster can come
    out. Approach it and you'll hear a roar. Get back a little and wait for it to
    retreat before going across. There's two such monsters here, as well as some musical
    notes (4). At the end is a red feather. Jump to the next pipe to get a GOLD FEATHER.
    These are valuable feathers that make you invulnerable when you use them. Now jump
    up on top of the starting pipe and grab the MUMBO TOKEN. Jump to the next gold
    feather, and from there, make your way across the pipes again, avoidng the green
    Be sure to collect the musical notes (8) as well. When you get to the end, go left.
    Get some energy from the beehive if you need to, but make sure to resuce the JINJO
    (1) here as well. Now jump into the water below you. Swim into the pipe, and make
    sure you collect all the notes (14) as you swim to the other side. It can be hard to
    do, but make sure that you collect them all. At the end, you'll meet Clanker,
    Gruntilda's gargabe grinder. He dislikes all the garbage in the sewer, and he wants
    some fresh air. We'll give him some, but not just yet. Dive down into the water and
    head to the bottom. Enter the pipe on your right and swim through, collecting all
    the musical notes (21). When you emerge, head up to the surface, because you're
    bound to need fresh air.
    Now swim up to the front of Clanker. Dive down and head left, into the pipe. Collect
    the MUMBO TOKEN and swim out. Now enter the second pipe on your left. Swim through,
    grab the JINJO (2), and continue swimming until you emerge in the main area once
    more. Swim to the right of Clanker and dive down. Locate a pipe that's in the right
    wall. Swim up for air, dive down, and as fast as you can make your way to the end of
    the pipe, which has a JIGGY (1). Quickly swim back to the main area and go up for
    air. After you have air, swim left. You should see an upside down pipe going into
    the water. Swim down to the bottom of the pipe and enter it to find a HOLLOW
    HONEYCOMB (1). Now swim to the left side and locate a beehive in front of a monster
    Jump up to that platform and climb the pipe. Use the Shock Pad to rocket up to a
    little ledge with a single note (22). Now float to all the little alcoves on your
    left, collecting eggs, feathers, gold feathers, and another note (23). When you have
    all that, drop back down into the water. Now head to Clanker's tail, which is moving
    left and right out of the water. Carefully make your way up to the top of his tail.
    When it reaches the left side, jump to the pipe sticking out of the wall. Here grab
    all of the notes (33), as well as the MUMBO TOKEN that's being guarded by the
    monster. Once you have all that, we can finally move on. Head to the back of the
    cavern and dive down to see a pipe in the middle of the back wall. Enter the pipe
    and swim through and you'll be in a small cave.
    This is somewhat of a mini-boss. There are four mutant crabs here, and if you do a
    Beak Bust on all four they'll die easily (and they'll spit out two honeycombs each).
    Once all four are defeated, they'll give you their prize. Jump on one of the pipes
    and make your way to the center structure that has a JIGGY (2). Before you go,
    collect all the musical notes (41). Now return to the main cavern. Take a DEEEEEEP
    breath and then dive down to the bottom. In the center, there's a chain which leads
    to an ever deeper area. First thing, grab the JINJO (3) that's screaming for help.
    Second, you should notice a fish swimming around in this area. His name is Glooper,
    and he spits out air bubbles. If you're low on air, touch a bubble to restore two of
    your oxygen honeycombs.
    Now, you see that giant key? Well, you have to swim through it three times. Each
    time you swim through it, it'll turn. As you swim here, watch your energy, and
    collect an air bubble from Glooper if you have to (never get below three oxygen
    honeycombs). Once you swim through three times, Clanker will rise up into the fresh
    air. We aren't done here just yet. You have to swim around and collect all the notes
    (49) in this area, while getting air. Once you have the notes, head straight up to
    the surface. Whew, that was pretty tough. Well, now that Clanker has risen up to the
    surface, the fun begins. When Clanker's body lowers, jump up on top of it. Collect
    the musical notes (59) here, and then collect the JIGGY (3). Clanker will then tell
    Banjo and Kazooie that he has a toothache from eating too much garbage.
    Now, while you were collecting the notes, you might have noticed a screw that kept
    shooting up into the air. This is Clanker's "blowhole" so to speak. Stand on the
    screw and when it shoots up, quickly get off. Carefully make your way across the
    thin pipe, collecting the notes (63). Grab the JIGGY (4) at the end. Now return to
    Clanker's body. Head to the back and climb up the tail. At the top, jump to the
    platform with all the feathers. Collect the feathers and then shoot three eggs at
    the gate blocking the Jiggy. The gate will open after three shots, allowing you to
    collect the JIGGY (5) that is inside. Now return to the blowhole. When the screw
    shoots up, drop down into Clanker's body. Yeah, there's a lot of crap we can get in
    When you land, turn around and activate the Witch Switch that's right behind you.
    The eyes of Gruntilda will raise (it's in the area where you opened Teasure Trove
    and Clanker's Cavern). Now run forward, through the blades. If you get hit, keep
    running; there's no real way to ignore them. Make sure to collect all the musical
    notes (69) as you go. At the end, grab the wonderful JIGGY (6) that waits for you.
    Enter the next part of Clanker. Here, drop into the water and swim through the pipe
    that's behind you. In this area, defeat all the crabs, then use the Talon Trot to
    grab all the musical notes (77). Head back through the pipe. Here, locate the pipe
    that's in the left wall. Swim through, collecting all of the musical notes (82). At
    the end, you'll exit Clanker.
    Return to the top of Clanker and drop down through the blowhole again. Make your way
    through the spinning blades once more. In the next room with the flying pad, fly
    across to the other side and land on the platform. Enter the room here. You'll see a
    bunch of spinning blades going at a rapid speed. Wanna try to get through one of
    those? =P Anyway, Bottles's molehill is here as well. Walk up and press B and he'll
    teach you the oh-so-wonderful invulnerability move. Hold Z and press the right C
    button and Kazooie will use her wings as a shield. This uses gold feathers, and you
    can only carry ten of them, so use this move wisely. So, it's time to use your new
    move! Charge through, collecting all the musical notes (88). At the end, collect all
    the gold feathers and the JIGGY (7).
    Now head back across the gates using the same move and exit this area. Drop down to
    the pool here once again. Are you ready for a tough mini-game? Well, locate the
    green ring and jump through. Right after, another blue ring will turn green. Each
    time you go through a green ring, another ring somewhere else in the room turns
    green. Go through all the green rings in order (you have fifty seconds; that's what
    makes this difficult) and when you make all of them disappear the water level will
    rise. Wait until it hits the top and then go and collect the JIGGY (8) as your
    reward. Now that the water level has risen, we can access one cave that wasn't
    possible to access before. Locate it and head through, collecting the notes (91) and
    defeating the beehive at the end.
    Now, in this tiny pool, swim straight down and rescue the JINJO (4). Now exit
    Clanker and head to the front. On the left and right sides of Clanker are two
    platforms. Jump on one of them and you should see a gold tooth. Shoot three eggs at
    it and that will clear part of Clanker's toothache. Do the same thing on the other
    side and Clanker's toothache will be gone for good. He swallowed the reward, so
    enter through the left hole in his teeth. Grab the JIGGY (9) that rests here. Exit
    and enter through the right hole to find a MUMBO TOKEN. Exit Clanker once again.
    Head to his right fin. When it rises, use it to jump to the platform with the
    monster hole and the Shock Pad. Quickly get out of the way of the monster, and kill
    it with eggs.
    When it's gone, use the Shock Pad to jump to the right, onto the pipe. From here,
    grab onto the pole and climb up, collect the musical notes (95). At the end, jump to
    the grate and collect the eggs, then jump into the little alcove and collect the
    MUMBO TOKEN. Now return to the Shock Pad platform. This time, jump to the left, and
    you'll grab onto a pole. Climb it to the top and jump to the platform. Do a Beak
    Buster on the grate and you'll fall into a little hole. The final JINJO (5) is here.
    Grab your JIGGY (10). You have all ten Jiggies, but there are two more things that
    we have to do. First, jump out of the hole and Talon Trot down the small hill,
    collecting the final notes (100). Just the Holly Honeycomb now. Jump to the little
    pipe sticking out of the wall and use a Beak Buster on the grate.
    You'll break it all fall through a hole, grabbing a HOLLY HONEYCOMB (2). You should
    now have six honeycombs, increasing your life energy to seven honeycombs! Yay!
    There's still more honeycombs we can get. You now have everything in Clanker's
    Cavern, so head back to the exit and go back into Gruntilda's Lair!
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL04      |
    In here, head right and you should notice a switch. Press it down to have a pipe
    raise across the water. So hop across the pipes and then get onto the pipe that you
    just raised. Use a high jump to get onto the big pipe. Head forward, past the
    monster. Talk to Brentilda (Gruntilda's nicer sister) if you wish, but then continue
    right. At the end is another switch. Press it down to open a grate blocking a pipe.
    Dive into the pool and head through the pipe that has now become available. When you
    emerge, you'll be in a wide area. Climb up by means of the left or right hill and
    you should find your next picture. Stand on the puzzle piece and press Z to place
    all required pieces in. You'll now open Bubblegloop Swamp, which is the fourth
    Now that you have the next world open, head back to the sewers. Exit by means of the
    pipe and you'll be back in the main part of the lair. Here, head through the door on
    your left. You're back in the room with the giant Gruntilda picture on the floor.
    Her eyes should now be raised, assuming that you hit the Witch Switch in Clanker's
    Cavern. Use a Beak Bust on both her eyes and a JIGGY (4) will appear in the center
    of the picture. Grab it, then return to the previous area. Here, head across the
    water and Talon Trot up the steep hill to find a Note Door, with a requirement of
    180 notes. You have 300 notes, so that shouldn't be much of a problem, should it?
    After the door opens, head on through. You're now in an area with a giant Gruntilda
    Head left and Talon Trot up the steep hill. Enter the wooden hole to be in the
    Bubblegloop Swamp area. Ignore the holes on your left and right for now; just cross
    the path to the hut. If you need energy, there's a beehive behind the hut.
    Otherwise, just proceed forward into the swamp.
    |                         Bubblegloop Swamp                         BG01      |
    There's one new move for you to learn here, and you can learn it instantly if you
    wish. Turn around at the start and defeat the frog. You should see Bottles's
    molehill. Talk to him and he'll tell you about the Wading Boots. If you see a pair
    of boots, you can put them on and wade through dangeorus swamp areas for a limited
    time. It's a huge requirement for this level. Now head back and to your left, you
    should see a golden crocodile. It's mouth keeps opening and shutting. When it's
    open, shoot an egg and it'll disappear. Another golden crodile will appear and he'll
    say that he wants an egg as well. Head forward, past the Wading Boots, and cross the
    brdige, collecting the musical notes (5). Make sure to jump to the platform on your
    It has the first JINJO (1). Now return to the pair of Wading Boots that you passed.
    Put them on and head into the swamp. Behind the pillar that had the jinjo is a MUMBO
    TOKEN. Grab it and head to the other side. Here, simply wait until the boots' timer
    runs out. Head across the log with the musical notes (8). On the next platform,
    there's a jigsaw switch. Push it down and a Jiggy will appear far away. You have a
    limited amount of time to make it to the Jiggy. Quickly switch to a Talon Trot
    position, and charge up the hill. Talon Trot the whole way, since it's fast and
    efficient. Ignore any musical notes that you miss by accident; well get those in a
    sec. When you reach the end of the narrow platforms, the JIGGY (1) will be there,
    assuming you haven't run out of time.
    After you have the Jiggy, backtrack down the path, collecting all the musical notes
    (28) that are there. Also on this path is a beehive, a golden alligator that needs
    you to feed him an egg, a MUMBO TOKEN, and then a JINJO (2). Now head back to the
    area with the jiggy switch. Jump onto the floating lillypad, and use that to get to
    the platform with all the tree stumps. A frog, known as a Flibbet, will appear.
    Suddenly, the Flibbets will start to appear. I find the most efficient way to beat a
    Flibbet is by using the Rat-A-Tat-Tap. No matter what move you use (even the Beak
    Buster), it'll take two hits to defeat a Flibbet. Once you defeat all of the
    Flibbets, they'll give up and give you a JIGGY (2). Now jump to the log leading to
    the turtle.
    Collect the notes on the log (31). The turtle will tell you that his feet are numb
    and cold. First, grab the musical notes that are on all of his feet (35). Now, on
    whatever foor you want, do a Beak Buster. It'll retreat into the turtle's shell. Do
    the same for the next three feet and the turtle will thank you in two ways: first,
    he'll open his mouth, allowing you to enter. Secondly, he'll give you a JIGGY (3).
    So take his Jiggy, and then enter his mouth. Go left, collecting all of the musical
    notes (38). You'll encounter a turtle, who is conducting a turtle chior. listen to
    their song and then go behind the turtle and get the MUMBO TOKEN. Continue left,
    grabbing more musical notes (41). Now return to the conductor of the chior and talk
    to him.
    He'll show you the musical once more. Now you have to repeat it. Just do Beak
    Busters on the turtles in the correct order. The conductor will then give you lesson
    two. This one is a little more difficult, and you may have to see it again, but
    you'll get it. Lesson three is tough. You may have to write this one down, or see it
    quite a few times. Once you have lesson three down, the conductor will give you a
    JIGGY (4). Beware, if you mess up when you're trying to recite a chior piece, you'll
    lose a honeycomb, and there aren't many sources of honeycombs in this area. Okay,
    once you have the Jiggy, get on TipTup's desk. Use a high jump to reach the HOLLOW
    HONEYCOMB (1) that rests there. Once you have the honeycomb, leave the turtle. Jump
    onto the turtles head, and then grab the Wading Boots from atop the shell.
    Inside the swamp, rescue the orange JINGO (3) that is near a corner. Now return to
    the area where you fought the Flibbets. Turn right and corss the log, collecting the
    musical notes (44). Now jump to the platform with the Shock Pad. Jump up to the
    first hut. Beak Bust it to reveal another Shock Pad. Jump up to aonther hut. You'll
    keep encounter huts with Shock Pads, but you'll eventually reach a hut that reveals
    a Witch Switch and musical notes (49). After collecting the notes, hit the Witch
    Switch. The hat of the Grunty statue you saw earlier will shatter, revealing an
    opening. Now climb the hill and bust the hut, then continue jumping up all of the
    pillars. Eventually, you'll reach a golden alligator (assuming you fed the first two
    Use the Shock Pad to jump to the platform with the alligator (while collecting a
    MUMBO TOKEN in the process). After shooting an egg in the alligator's mouth, return
    to the previous platform. Use the Shock Pad to get to the final pillar. Bust the hut
    for a JIGGY (5). Now return to the place with the first Shock Pad. Jump to the
    little circular ledge surrounding the first pillar. Jump from ledge to ledge there
    until you get to a ledge with Wading Boots. Put them on and wade to the back of the
    swamp. Collect the notes (49) there. We can't get everything under the pillars just
    yet; we'll do that soon though. Now head back to the Flibbet battle area, and jump
    onto the log facing the alligator. Collect the notes (52) here, and then jump to the
    place with the alligator.
    Jump up on top of the alligator, collecting all the notes (57). At the top is a pair
    of Wading Boots. Put them on and QUICKLY rush forward, into the swamp. Rush to the
    back, and when you reach the back wall, quickly gather all the notes (62). Your time
    should JUST finish as you get the last few notes. If you don't get all the notes,
    you could still wade into the swamp by using your golden feathers, so do that if you
    must. Otherwise, climb the pole here and rescue the JINJO (4). From here, jump to
    the next pole. Climb it and collect the muiscal notes (65) it has at the top. Now
    you can return to the area with the alligator and climb the path on the left. Get
    energy from the beehive and the wasp if you wish, but then continue right. You
    should pass some Wading Boots.
    Put the Wading Boots on and quickly make your way through the path, collecting all
    the notes (70). At the end, you'll be at about the halfway point and a patch of land
    with more Wading Boots will be waiting for you. Put the Wading Boots on and continue
    through the maze. When you get to the end, you should have collected some more
    musical notes (74). Here, you can either hit the Jiggy switch or continue through
    the maze. Let's hit the switch first, shall we? Once you hit the switch, you have
    ten seconds to get across an EXTREMELY narrow platform. The trick here is not to go
    fast, but to take your time the first part of the path. Walk slowly, so you don't
    fall (if you do, you'll get a few bites from the pirhanas before you can make it to
    safe areas; and you'll have to do the maze all over again).
    When the wide part of the platform is in sight, quickly jump to it and grab the
    JIGGY (6). You should reach it with one or two seconds to spare. Yeah. Now you can
    carefully make your way across, to the other side. Here, grab the third pair of
    Wading Boots and quickly head through the final part of the maze, collecting the
    notes (77). At the end is Mumbo's Hut. FINALLY. You should have ninteen Mumbo
    Tokens, and this only requires ten. Step on the skull and press B and you'll be
    transformed into a little aligator! Cool! You know what the best thing about being
    an aligator is? It's the fact that you can now wade through swamp water quickly and
    efficiently without fear of being damaged by the evil pirhanas of death. Exit
    Mumbo's hut.
    Out here, you can crawl through a little hole which saves you the trouble of going
    through the maze. Head up to the front of the alligator and enter the little hole on
    the left or right side. When you enter, collect the musical notes in BOTH holes (83)
    and grab the MUMBO TOKEN. Now proceed forward. Talk to Vile the Crocodile and he'll
    ask if you want to play his mini-game. Yes, you do. The rules of the game are
    simple, but the challenge can be extremely difficult. There are three games you have
    to play. The first is the easiest, but is still difficult. Simply eat more red
    munchies than Vile. Press B to eat a munchy as it pops out. You should get around
    25, but Vile is literally a machine and can eat a ton. Also note that if you tie,
    you lose.
    And if you lose, Vile will come at you at take off two honeycombs. Ouch. The second
    game is a lot more difficult: eat more red munchies than Vile, but you have to avoid
    the yellow munchies. Vile eats a LOT in this game and he always knows where the
    mucnhies pop out, while you can't see the whole are, so it's partially luck. The
    third game is VERY difficult. You have to eat the color munchy of whatever is shown
    at the top of the screen. Vile can tear you apart here, so you're going to have to
    work fast. If you can't be Vile, come back when you have the running shoes from a
    later world. With them on, you can win this game easily. When you FINALLY win,
    you'll get a JIGGY (7). Now return to the area with all the pillars (you remember
    this area, don't you?).
    You can head under the pillars and collect all the goodies. So get what's there:
    some musical notes (87), a few eggs, two MUMBO TOKENS, gold feathers, red feathers,
    and the last JINJO (5). You'll get the Jinjo JIGGY (8) now. Yahoo. Once you have all
    that, head back to Mumbo's Hut. You don't remember how to get there, it's through
    the little hole that's near the alligator area. Now make your way through the maze,
    and then back to the area with the first Jiggy switch (near the very start of the
    level). Now jump across the log that you haven't go over yet and collect the notes
    (90). Defeat both frogs on the other side and collect the eggs. Now use the spinning
    lillypad to reach the pole in the center of the swamp. Climb it and grab the MUMBO
    Now fly to the platform with the giant pink egg. Here, hit the Shock Pad behind the
    egg to jump to the top. Here, you'll want to smash the X by using a Beak Buster.
    You'll shatter the first shell. Now drop down and do a Rat-a-Tat-Tap on the second
    X. Do a third Beak Buster, then charge at the egg with Kazooie's beak (on the X),
    and then a final Beak Buster to reveal a JIGGY (9). Now use golden feathers to
    collect the five notes (95) in the swamp are behind you. After you get them, take
    the path back to the area with the alligator. Behind the alligator is a platform
    with a golden alligator. Shoot an egg in its mouth and the final gator will appear.
    Head to an island behind the turtle and shoot one last egg into the alligators mouth
    to get a JIGGY (10).
    That's all ten! But we still have to get five more notes and locate that last Hollow
    Honeycomb! Head back to Mumbo's hut. Go behind the hut to find a MUMBO TOKEN. Inside
    it, you can find another MUMBO TOKEN behind Mumbo's chair. Also, jump onto the
    pillar with no flame, and use it to reach the upper platform. Jump to the center to
    get the second HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (2). Now transform into an alligator. In certain
    areas of just the swamp, there are random musical notes spread about. Collect the
    remaining five (100) and you'll have everything in Bubblegloop Swamp. Whew, that was
    DEFINITELY the hardest level so far. Okay, now that you have everything, exit AS AN
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL05      |
    Back in the lair, head out behind the swamp entrance and you should see a pipe on
    the left side. Head through and you'll suddenly be in a very cold area. (If you're
    cuirous to know why you had to stay an alligator, the pipe is covered in swamp
    water.) Here, head forward and step on the jigsaw switch. Place all the puzzle
    pieces in and you'll open Freezy Peak, the next level. Head back to the Bubblegloop
    area and cross the bridge. When you get across, the magic will fail and you'll
    become Banjo and Kazooie again. Exit through the pipe in front of you. Here, fall
    down the step hill and jump across to the other side. Cross all of these platforms
    (there's a lot), and use the Shock Pad when you need to. There's a Note Door at the
    The requirement is 260, but we have 400 now, right? So open the door and head
    through. You're in Gobi's area, but we aren't going to Gobi's area for a while. On
    the left side, break all the bricks with eggs. Head through the passage and defeat
    the blue Minion, then press the switch down to reveal a Shock Pad outside. Head back
    and stand on the Shock Pad, then jump into the giant urn. Assuming you hit the Witch
    Switch in Bubblegloop Swamp, you should fall through the Gruntilda statue and grab
    the JIGGY (5) that's here. The gate will automatically open as you get the Jiggy.
    Now head back through the note door and into the urn room. Behind the mummy case is
    a MUMBO TOKEN. Now head up the stairs that are almost as big as Banjo himself =P In
    this area, there are spider webs blocking the floor and walls.
    Three eggs from the back will destroy the spider web on the floor, and spitting
    three eggs at the one on the side will get rid of it. The one on the side has a
    cauldron. Activate it to create a shortcut between the start of the lair and here.
    If you missed anything back there, you could probably get it now with your new
    upgrades. Anyway, after both webs are destroyed, locate the cave with ice forming.
    Head through and go into Frreezy Peak.
    |                             Freezy Peak                           FP01      |
    The moment you enter, you'll see an igloo. Enter it to find the sons of Boggy the
    Bear. Boggy went to get the kids their presents, but he never came back, so the kids
    are all upset at not having their presents (yeah, they don't care a bit about their
    dad...=P). Exit the 'gloo and then head down the hill in Talon Trot mode, collecting
    the notes (5). You'll see Boggy hear, the kids' dad. He's upset because he ate
    something and now it's killing his stomach. You can't do anything to help him at the
    moment, so continue down the next hill, collecting the notes there (9). Now go left,
    and you should see a giant Christmas Tree with a bridge. Do a Beak Bust on the
    present box, and some lights will pop out. They'll tell you that they can make it to
    the other side only if all the Munchies are stopped.
    Otherwise, the lights will be eaten. So anyway, as you start, take out the first
    munchy with a Rat-a-Tat-Tap. From there on, it's a process of always taking out the
    munchies in this order: first, second, third. Wait about two seconds in between
    taking out each munchy. If you do that, you might be able to let two lights get by
    before the munchies emerge from their holes again. You have sixty seconds to get ten
    lights to safety. If you keep taking out the first, second, and third while pausing
    in between each, you should get it on your first couple of tries. It's not THAT
    difficult, but it's certainly not easy. Once you've gotten the lights up, you'd
    think your reward would be a Jiggy, right? Nope, all you get is a stupid switch that
    Head around to the back of the tree and first collect the notes (14). Then shoot
    three eggs at the switch that appears and it'll press in. This will light up the
    tree. Apparently, electricity doesn't last long in these cold areas, because you
    only have sixty seconds before the lights go out. Quickly run forward, past the
    bridge, and turn left. Here, continue up the sharp, tiny ramp (Talon Trot) and leap
    to the flying pad. Jump on it and fly towards the tree's star. You have to fly
    through the star three times before the next event will occur. If you didn't
    hesitate to get to the flying pad, you should have plenty of time. Let's just hope
    you have the red feathers required (you SHOULD have fifty; you haven't been flying
    much lately).
    Once you fly through the star three times, a block of ice inside the tree will be
    shattered. Fly down and land near the bridge at the foot of the tree. Jump into the
    giant pot holding the tree and collect the MUMBO TOKEN, then climb the pole up.
    Ignore everything as you climb the pole to the very top. Jump onto the platform
    here, and then high jump up to the highest point in the middle. You'll FINALLY
    collect your first JIGGY (1). Now drop down to the platform with all the musical
    notes. Collect them all (26) and hop down to the lowest level. Grab the PRESENT (1).
    Collect three of these and give them to Bobby's kids later. Now exit the tree and
    return to the flying pad. Behind the pile of presents is Bottles's molehill. Time to
    learn a new move!
    Talk to him to learn the Beak Bomb. While flying, press B and Kazooie will shoot
    through the air like a missle. If you hit a wall while doing this, you'll both fall
    and lose honeycombs. However, if you practice your accuracy, it can be a quick and
    efficient way to dispose of annoying enemies. For example, THE DAMN EVIL SNOWMEN WHO
    KEEP THROWING THEIR STUPID SNOWBALLS AT YOU! Get onto the flying pad and locate the
    two nearest snowmen (they are real close). When you get in a good position, aim for
    their hat (it has an X) and use the Beak Bomb. Hitting their hat destroys them for
    good (well, until you die or leave the level). Destroy both snowmen. Once of them
    has a MUMBO TOKEN under it. The other has the Witch Switch. Stomp on it and you'll
    be shown a cut-scene.
    The wall above Freezy Peak will reveal a hole with a Jiggy and a flying pad. We'll
    get this much later. For now, return to the flying pad. Jump onto the ledge on your
    right and collect the notes (30) as well as the JINJO (1). Now head back to the
    platform which the snowman that held the Mumbo Token was on. Collect the notes (34)
    around the platform. Now jump to the platform in the middle of the water (let me
    warn you; as long as you are Banjo and Kazooie, the icy water here can do some
    serious damage). From there, lead to the big platform in the middle, the one with
    the HUGE snowman. Run around both its legs, collecting the two MUMBO TOKENS and all
    of the notes (44). Once you have all of that, jump to the platform that has the
    steep slope.
    Here, turn right and you should spot an island with a present. Jump and grab the
    PRESENT, and collect the eggs if you wish. Return to the previous platform you were
    just on. Use the Talon Trot to get up the slope. Now, begin the long, long treck up
    the scarf, which includes lots of feathers and musical notes (59). When you reach
    the top, defeat the beehive if you wish, and then go around the snowman, collecting
    more feathers and notes (63). Now, listen and you should hear a Jinjo calling for
    help. Go around in a circle until you spot the Jinjo on a giant sled that is stuck
    on top of a pole. Jump to it and rescue the JINJO. Now head to the Shock Pad near
    the sled (make sure you don't actually get on the sled, though). Use the Shock Pad
    to jump to the logs on your left.
    Carefully walk across the long log, and then drop down into the little hole to
    collect a JIGGY (2). Now head to the logs on the right and use the Shock Pad to
    reach a higher area of the snowman. Collect the final PRESENT (3) and then use the
    fly pad to fly to the very top of the snowman's hat. Defeat the ice block (I find
    the Rat-a-Tat-Tap is the best method to use against that enemy) and then head around
    the tip of the snowman's hat, collecting all the notes (71). Now drop down to the
    bottom of the hat and drop down the little hole here to be back on the snowman's
    nose. Return to the sled that you saw when you were near your first Shock Pad. Ride
    the sled down. Funny how fast Banjo's going actually. You'll automtically collect a
    MUMBO TOKEN as you ride.
    Just Boggy's luck, you land right on his stomach. Ouch. He'll stand up and then
    cough up the object he swollowed which is *holds suspese*......... a Jiggy. Wow,
    didn't see that one coming. After thanking you, Boggy will run off. Collect the
    JIGGY (3) that's on the hill, and then return to the igloo. With all three presents,
    you can make the kids happy. Inside the igloo, toss the presents to the kids and
    they'll give you a JIGGY (4). You can also collect a MUMBO TOKEN that's here. Now
    return to the flying pad near the first Jinjo and the area with Bottles. Fly up to
    the three giant buttons on the snowman. Use a Beak Bomb on all three (you can get
    right up in front of them, so it's quite easy to do) and a Jiggy will appear at the
    bottom of the snowman.
    So fly down to the middle island and get the JIGGY (5). Return to the flying pad. To
    make your life easier, we're gonna take out the rest of those ****ing snowmen.
    Spring up and fly right, and you should see your first snowman. Aim and Beak Bomb.
    This guy reveals a MUMBO TOKEN. There's a second snowman right behind the first.
    After destroying him, he'll leave behind a valuable HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (1). Now turn
    left and head straight to see the final snowman. Defeat him and he'll leave behind a
    golden feather. Hey, a Jiggy appears at the top of the snowman as well. Forgot about
    that. So fly all the way up to the top of the snowman's hat and grab the JIGGY (6)
    that rests there. With the snowmen gone, the rest of the level should be pretty
    Return to the flying pad, and fly right, all the way across the icy lake, and to
    Mumbo's hut. Enter the hut. Here, you can be transformed into a Walrus for fifteen
    Mumbo Tokens. You should have twenty-four tokens. First, jump onto the pillar
    without a flame and then jump up onto the upper area. Go around, collecting the
    notes (77) and the JINJO (3). Now step on the pad and press B to be transformed into
    a walrus. Head outside and into the icy lake, which can no longer damage you. Wander
    in this lake, and around the village. On the houses and in the lake are a bunch of
    musical notes (92). Once you have the notes in the lake and on the houses, head near
    a house with some feathers. Behind it is a JINJO (4). Now head over to the steep
    hill to the left of the snowman you destroyed earlier.
    Climb it and you'll find Boggy. Ignore him for now and collect the musical notes
    (96). Now jump on the sled and you'll start a race with Boggy. It's realtively
    simple: you have to go thorugh all the flags and beat him to the end. You can steer
    the sled with the control stick and jump with A. You'll head through the village,
    where you need to take a few sharp turns and jump over a house. The rest of the
    course is pretty easy. Just make sure you don't fall too far behind or the race will
    end auotmatically. Also make sure you don't miss any flags. Anyway, when you win,
    you'll get a JIGGY (7). Now head back to the village, ignoring all musical notes on
    the way there. As you descend down the hill, the big walrus will stop you. He'll
    give you his JIGGY (8) because... well, he just will.
    That's a cool walrus. Collect the musical notes on the side (100). Nice you have all
    100 notes! Now follow the walrus into his cave. He'll welcome you gladly. Locate an
    icy puddle, and head through the small opening that's available. Here, you'll find a
    HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (2) on a platform.  Grab the extra life and then retreat back into
    the saftey of the walrus's main cavern. Head out of his cave and return to Mumbo's
    hut. Time to change back into Banjo and Kazooie! (Too bad... I like Mr. Walrus.) Now
    head back into Wozza's cave. He'll let you take the Jinjo if you leave him alone. So
    rescue the final JINJO (5) and collect the JIGGY (9) as your reward. Now look
    through the glass in First-Person mode. There's the legendary ice key... we'll come
    back to it when you finish the game.
    Ina surprising twist of fate, we aren't gonna go for the tenth Jiggy now. You need
    the running shoes to get it, but those aren't found until the next world. So for
    now, exit. We'll return later.
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL06      |
    Dammit, an evil snowman has escaped from Freezy Peak. Typical. Anyway, we can't get
    the Jiggy that we revealed by means of the Witch Switch just yet; we need the
    running shoes. For now, just exit this cave and head up into Gruntilda's mouth. The
    Note Door here requires 350 notes, but we have 500, right? RIGHT? Enter and then
    follow the path right (be careful, if you fall, it's an instant death) to a puzzle.
    Stand on the jigsaw piece and press Z to place every piece in. You'll open Gobi's
    Desert, the next level. Head back out through the door and then return to the area
    with the giant urn (go through one of the doors in this area). Here, break down the
    wall next to the giant set of stairs (not the ones you just came through) using
    Head in to find some Wading Boots. Put them on and quickly head out and jump up the
    stairs. Head forward, across the deadly quicksand, and over to the entrance to
    Gobi's Valley.
    |                           Gobi's Valley                           GL04      |
    At the start, turn around and you'll find your first JINJO (1). Approach it and make
    sure you don't fall in the quicksand. Head forward, past carrot top boy, and use the
    Talon Trot to climb the hill, collecting notes (5) on the way. When you get to the
    top, jump onto the two paws of the giant Sphnyx and get the notes (11). From the
    left paw, fly to the platform with eggs. From there, make your way up a few
    platforms. There's a flying pad here; fly up and over the statue's head (grab the
    MUMBO TOKEN). Land on the left platform. The statue will tell you that its nose is
    all stuffed up. Shoot a single egg into the right nostril, and then jump to the
    platform on your left. Shoot another egg into the left nostril. The statue will
    sneeze and he'll open the door as thanks.
    Jump down to the bottom and go through the door; don't linger, since an evil hand
    will come up and try to kill you. In this area, go north all the way and you'll find
    a MUMBO TOKEN that's being guarded by a hand. Avoid the hand and grab the token. In
    each of the four corners, there is a single music note. Grab the notes (15) and then
    return to the start, near the magic carpet. Jump up onto the carpet and grab the
    note (16). Then look at the small statue. Shoot an egg into its mouth and it'll make
    the carpet rise. Jump to the carpet with the JINJO (2). The first carpet should've
    lowered by now. Drop back down and shoot an egg to make the carpet rise into the air
    once more. This time, jump to the opposite carpet. Grab the note (17) and shoot and
    egg into the mouth of the statue.
    Jump to a third carpet with a note (18). Shoot a final egg into the final statue,
    and jump to the last carpet, which has a JIGGY (1). Drop down to the floor and exit
    this area. Outside, head back to the platform with the flying pad. But this time,
    drop off the back of the statue. You'll land near some Wading Boots. Put them on and
    head left. Start grabbing all the notes (26) and the MUMBO TOKEN as you follow the
    wall. You should have just enough time to get everything and get onto safe land
    before the boots run out of time. Now return to the flying pad. Fly up and look
    around for a giant Kazooie statue with a target. Beak Bomb the target to open a
    pyramid door and start a timer. You have twenty seconds to get into the door, which
    is plenty of time.
    Once through, collect all the notes (34) in the alcoves, as well as grabbing the
    MUMBO TOKEN. Now talk to the man, who will tell you that there is treasure in the
    room. Standing on the basket, spit eggs out from behind into the smaller basket that
    is spinning. Shoot five eggs into the basket (it spins faster and faster as you go),
    and then a snake will rise up real high. Climb it up to the top, and use a high jump
    to grab the JIGGY (2). Now exit this pyramid. Head down the hills and return once
    again to the flying pad. Head up into the air and you should see a statue with an
    otagon on top of its head. Fly through the Octagon and it'll disappear and relocate
    itself somewhere close by. Find it, and it'll hide itself in the sands near the
    large statue.
    Head through once more, and it'll switch to a different part of the sand. Fly
    through and it'll appear between the two cactus platforms. Fly through one final
    time and the statues will give you a JIGGY (3). And they said that you would beat
    the witch... dammit. Now use the flying pad ONCE AGAIN (you're gonna be using it a
    lot... get used to it). Fly to the northeast area, with another pyramid. On top of
    it is a sun switch. Press it down and you'll have ten seconds to enter the pyramid.
    Slide down, collecting all the notes (38), and head through the door. In here,
    defeat the mummy by using the golden feathers (only way, since the mummey is
    classified as undead). Once it's gone, collect the notes in the corners (42). Now do
    a Beak Bust on any panel you wish and then a timer for one-hundred seconds will
    This is a simple matching game. Match two of the panels up in a row and they'll
    remain faced up. Get a mis-match, and the panels will flip back over. It sounds
    difficult, but you should beat it on your first try easily. Once you have beaten it,
    you'll get a JIGGY (4). Be sure to collect the MUMBO TOKEN and then exit the
    pyramid. Go around the pyramid by means of the LEFT side. Carefully jump across the
    platforms and collect the notes (44). Fly into the little alcove in the back of the
    pyramid and rescue the JINJO (3), and then stomp on the honeycomb switch. A
    honeycomb will appear inside a cactus ring. You know what that means? It's time to
    make your way back to that flying switch! Take the right path this time as you get
    to the front of the pyramid (safer, but not notes).
    As you head to the maini statue, you should see a beetle flying in the air. To the
    left of it are some huge stairs, and on the rails there are notes. Collect the notes
    (48) on both sides, and then continue to the flying pad. Now locate a huge square
    pyramid, and land near the bottom. Locate the start, which is near a switch. Step on
    the switch; you can't make it to the door in time, but it's a good idea to collect
    all the notes (52) while we're here. Okay, once you have the notes, return to the
    bottom of the pyramid, where the switch is. Talon Trot down the steep slope. Now
    head left, along this entire edge. Beware, if you fall, you die. Collect all the
    muiscal notes here, and when you get to the stairs and railings, get the two notes
    on each railing.
    Then continue forward, getting the notes. At the end your note total should be (65).
    What a shock, I now want you to return to the flying pad. There, fly up and into the
    little alcove to the left of the Kazooie pyramid. Collect the notes (70) in front of
    the closed door here. Once you have the notes, wait for the magic carpet to arrive,
    and use it to get out of this area safely. Let it fly you to one of the statue's
    paws. Just head up to the flying pad from here again :) Fly to the northeast corner,
    to the left of the pyramid with the matching game. There's a platform here
    surrounded by quicksand. Gobi the Camel is chained to a rock. Break the rock with a
    Beak Buster and Gobi will reward you with a JIGGY (5) then run off to find some
    Use the magic carpet to get to safety. Wow, we don't have to head to the flying pad
    instantly for once. Just head north, past the cactus and the square pyramid, and
    Talon Trot up a steep hill in the corner. Grab the two notes (72) here. Now head to
    the back of the square pyramid and grab the Wading Boots. Quickly continue forward
    and down the steep hill, then head into the sand and get all the notes (83) before
    the Wading Boots' time runs out. Now Talon Trot up the steep hill. Return to the
    very start, where Trunker (the carrot tree) was. You'll find Gobi facing Trunker.
    Jump on Gobi's back and do the Beak Buster, and he'll spit water out into Trunker.
    After Gobi runs off, Trunker will thank you be revealing a Jiggy. Climb a tree and
    use it to fly to Trunker's top.
    Grab the JIGGY (6) here. Now it's time to learn a new move. We could've learned this
    much earlier, but I thought it best that you just got all the jiggies that didn't
    need the shoes first. Talon Trot up to the top of the Kazooie pyramid. From there,
    locate a tree with a molehill behind it (it's closeby). Contact Bottles by means of
    the molehill. This is the last move in the game, the running shoes. They are a pair
    of regular white sneakers, but if Kazooie touches them, she can run really, really
    fast. Yahoo. Once Bottles retreats, head back to the small hill in the corner where
    you found those two notes (you hit 72 then). There's a pair of running shoes here.
    Put them on and quickly run south, behind the square pyramid, past the Wading Boots,
    down the steep hill, and onto the platform with the hand.
    The hand is holding a Jiggy, but you can't get it without the shoes. Quickly rush up
    into the hand and jump into it to grab the JIGGY (7). Once you have it, get to the
    top of the hill by means of the Talon Trot. Return to the Running Shoes. Put them on
    once more and quickly rush to the start of the square pyramid. Push the button. With
    the shoes, you can now reach the top and fall through the door in time (you'll still
    have like, one second or less to spare though). When you fall through, you'll be in
    a room filled with water. Dive down and collect the JIGGY (8) to open the gate. All
    the water will fill out, into the big chasm, making the quicksand disappear. Now
    that it's drained, defeat the three mummies by using your golden feathers and then
    collect the notes (87).
    Now exit the pyramid. Grab the MUMBO TOKEN and slide down the hill, into the water.
    Dive down to the bottom, where you can find a MUMBO TOKEN, some notes (93), and a
    JINJO (4). Now locate the pillar near the statue. As soon as you get on the pillar,
    the statue will start moving back and forth. Spit three eggs into it and a tiny part
    of a pyramid will rise. Another statue will appear somewhere. Do this again and a
    second part of the pyramid will rise. Repeat once more and the whole pyramid will
    show. Now head up to it and enter. Kind Sandybutt (I'm not kidding, that's his name)
    will warn you to turn back or face great danger. He's not joking, but we'll continue
    anyway. Head forward, collecting the notes (96). The moment you enter the maze, a
    timer will start.
    Quickly get into Tallon Trot mode and move left. The moment you have a path
    available, move right. It's pretty easy from there on, but if you delay or run into
    lots of dead ends, you're in trouble. If you run out of time (which is sixty
    seconds, by the way), then spikes will close on you and you'll die. That means
    you'll lose your four Jinjos and your 96 notes. Anyway, when you reach the end, head
    forward collecting the final notes (100). A coffin will open up revealing a JIGGY
    (9). Now jump into one of the urns to find the final JINJO (5). Get the last JIGGY
    (10) here. There's two more things to do: the Witch Switch and the last Hollow
    Honeycomb. To get the Witch Switch, head back into the maze. Quickly make your way
    thorugh to the switch, which is really close to where you just were.
    When you find it, push it down and a coffin near the urn in Grunty's lair will open.
    Quickly head back to the end of the maze, and proceed out of it. When you are out
    return (for the last time) to the flying pad. Fly to the alcove on your left where
    the five notes were. You'll find Gobi here. Do a Beak Bust on his back and he'll
    spit out the 'comb. Afterwords, he'll leave to find "peace and quiet" (don't worry,
    you'll see him again in Banjo-Tooie). Grab the last HOLLY HONEYCOMB (2). You should
    now have six Hollow Honeycombs, which should grant you another piece of life energy!
    So now you have eight pieces, great. NOW it's time to leave. Return to the start and
    exit this godforsaken desert.
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL07      |
    Use the Wading Boots to get across the quicksand, and then defeat the two mummies
    with golden feathers. To get the Jiggy revealed from the Witch Switch in Gobi's
    Desert, use the Shock Pad and leap forward as you begin the jump, then move forward
    some more so you can grab the JIGGY (6) in the crypt.
    |                       Return to Bubblegloop                       BG02      |
    NOTE: If you have not beaten Mr. Vile's game yet, you should be able to now with the
    running shoes. It's still hard; really hard; but you should have an easier time
    doing it. If you have beaten his game, then head to Freezy Peak.
    |                       Return to Freezy Peak                       FP02      |
    Back in Freezy Peak, it's time to get that final Jiggy. Rush down the hill, and head
    up the hill to your right using the Talon Trot. Boggy is here again, and he wants to
    race you. However, you're on foot. If you didn't have the running shoes, this
    wouldn't be possible, but with the running shoes it's very easy. There's a pair
    right in front of you when you start, so grab them and then rush forward. It's the
    same obstacle course as before, so you should know the layout. The shoes should last
    you the whole race, and time out just at the end. When you beat Boggy, you'll get
    the final JIGGY (10). Great, you now have everything there is to offer in Freezy
    Peak. Now head out into the Lair again.
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL08      |
    Head left and use a high jump to reach the Shock Pad. Using the pad, jump up to the
    next level. Here, go left and pass the Shock Pad here. At the end, there's a switch
    and a pair of running shoes. Stomp on the switch, then quickly grab the running
    shoes and rush out to where the flying pad appeared. Quickly get onto the flying pad
    before it shatters and launch into the air. Now fly through the Freezy Peak entrance
    cave, and back in the Freezy Peak area, fly up high to a plank sticking out in the
    wall. Land and take the JIGGY (7) that's there. Okay, now use the flying pad to
    safely make it to the ground. Head out of the cave and turn left, and you'll start
    to go up a sloping hill. Climb this hill to the top and then head forward, past the
    note door.
    At the end is a spider web on the floor. Spit out three eggs from behind to break it
    and activate the blue cauldron. Now return to the note door, which has a requirement
    of, I think, 450 (but we have 600). Enter it and jump into the pool. Dive down and
    swim through the pipe into the next area. Here, there's another pipe which you
    should swim all the way through. Keep swimming and you'll get to an area with an
    alcove on your right (it has a torch on it). Get on that alcove, and then jump left
    to the second alcove. Jump up two more alcoves and you'll be at a picture. Stand on
    the jigsaw piece and insert tweleve puzzle pieces to be given access to Mad Monster
    Mansion. Yay! From here, backtrack through all of the water and into the area with
    the two note doors.
    Drop down to the bottom here and enter the area accessed by Gruntilda's mouth.
    Carefully make your way across the first bridge. You have to make your way across a
    second bridge, but travel only when the cave has lightened up; otherwise, you could
    fall into the lava. Once you cross the second bridge, enter the next area. Here,
    head north, but huge the left wall. When you reach a gate, spit two eggs out at it
    to open it. We won't go here now, but it'll be useful later. Turn right and enter
    Mad Monster Mansion.
    |                        Mad Monster Mansion                        MMM1      |
    Head forward and collect the notes (4) in front of the actual mansion. Now climb the
    pipe to your left or right. Collect the notes (8) around the four corners of the
    pipes and then climb up the hill. Smash the window on the right side and enter.
    There's a toilet, named Loggo, who you'll use later. For now, collect the MUMBO
    TOKEN and exit. Now smash the window on the left side of the mansion. You can't get
    anything here yet, but you'll need to have smashed it. On the back side of the
    mansion, there is a Shock Pad. Use it to reach the tiny ledge in front of the large
    window. Smash the window and enter. Collect the notes (12) here, and then defeat the
    ghost with a gold feather. The pirate painting has a Shock Pad in front of it, but
    there's a monster.
    Defeat the undead monster with a gold feather when it pops out, then use the Shock
    Pad to reach the upper area of the bed, where a JINJO (1) is being held. Now you can
    exit this room. Jump to the tiny pipe area on the third floor (to your left).
    Collect the notes (16) around these four cornerrs, then return to the area where the
    green JINJO (2) was being held. After rescuing him, head to the other side of the
    roof, where there's a Shock Pad. Use it to reach the top of the chimney. Do a high
    jump and you'll fall through the chimney and into the fireplace. There's a Jiggy on
    the table, but if you make nosie on the floor, the ghost will wake up. So use the
    chairs to jump to the table, and run forward [collecting the notes (18)] and get the
    JIGGY (1).
    The ghost will run off in fear. Now you can collect all of the musical notes (24) on
    the chairs (musical chairs... heh). Drop down to the floor and bust open the door to
    get out. Head right, north (take out the gate with a Rat-a-Tat-Tap) and then left.
    You're at the entrance to the wine cellar. Smash the door blocking your way and drop
    down. Smash all of the cellar doors with a Rat-a-Tat-Tap to get eggs, a gold
    feather, a MUMBO TOKEN, a JINJO (3) and a JIGGY (2). You should also collect the
    notes (28) in the back. Now exit the cellar. Head to the back, past the gate that
    you broke open earlier. In the grass, there's a little alcove with three notes (31).
    Now head north, into an area with a shed. Defeat the undead skeletons with golden
    feathers if you wish.
    On one side of the house, there's a Shock Pad. Use it to jump to the roof of the
    house (NOT to the top of the hedge). Quickly get into Talon Trot mode so that you
    can stay on the house roof. If you touch the thorns, you'll lose energy, so avoid
    them at all costs. Collect the notes (35) on the roof, then drop off. Use a Rat-a-
    Tat-Tap to break the shed door, and then enter. Talk to the bucket and it'll tell
    you to solve the puzzle and you'll get the Jiggy. Jump onto the bucket. A ghost will
    appear and start to circle the room and a timer will start to count down. You can
    move around on the bucket, and you have to run over the letters to spell "Banjo-
    Kazooie" within the time limit. If you get hit by the ghost, you'll lose energy and
    be knocked off.
    You could also lose energy if you run over a witch panel. Simply locate the correct
    letters and rush over them. If you get low on energy, jump off the bucket and exit.
    When you spell out "Banjo-Kazooie," the timer will disappear, as well as the ghost
    and the bucket. Collect the JIGGY (3) and exit the shed. There's nothing more for
    you to do in this area (you can collect a MUMBO TOKEN in a south alcove if you wish
    though), so head out and through the gate that you broke down earlier. You're in a
    big area, facing the main mansion. There is a graveyard, as well as a bunch of
    flower pots here. The first flower pot is in front of you. Spit and egg out from
    behind into it and it'll thank you by... doing nothing. You have to track down four
    more flower pots and spit eggs into them as well.
    The last pot is near the very back, in a darkened area. Once you give all the pots
    eggs, they'll give you a JIGGY (4). Beware of the gravestones; some come alive and
    try to attack you. Two Rat-a-Tat-Taps will do them in. In one of the windows of the
    mansion, there is a picture of Banjo and Kazooie. You can jump through that window
    to be in a big area with lots of feathers, eggs, and gold feathers if you need them
    (there's an extra life as well). Once you have all that, exit by means of the same
    window. Return to the door of this mansion. Next to the first flower pot is a
    gravestone. Jump on it, and use it to get to the roof above the door. Get into Talon
    Trot mode and collect the note (39). Now jump up here and collect all of the notes
    (49) on this level.
    Now jump to the clocktower and carefully go around. Collect the MUMBO TOKEN and then
    enter the clocktower. You'll emerge at the top of the mansion. Get the notes (53)
    here, and then use the Shock Pad to jump to the pole. Climb the pole and jump up one
    last time to collect a JIGGY (5). Now drop down to the bottom of the mansion. Head
    out of this area and return to the cellar entrance. Climb the pipe near here and
    then creep across the small walkway to get on top of the hedge of the hedgemaze
    (don't worry, not thorns here). Creep across the top of the hedge and head to the
    northwest corner. There's a lost JINJO (4) here. Now go through the maze, collecting
    all the notes (59). When you have the notes, exit through the south way. From there,
    make your way to the start of the area.
    Head left and south; near here is another part of the world that has a foutain.
    Defeat the two skeletons with gold feathers, and then use the Shock Pad to reach the
    JINJO (5). This will net you another JIGGY (6). Now collect the notes (63) around
    the foutain. Near the fountain, there's some stairs. Climb them to find running
    shoes and a switch. Hit the switch and grab the running shoes, then very quickly run
    to the front of the mansion. Head through the now open door (if you take too much
    time, the door will close). You're now in the mansion, which is a church. For now,
    just head forward. If you need honeycombs, there are two beehives (with bees) on
    both sides of the organ. Otherwise, jump up onto the small platforms with the notes
    (65), and leap onto the chair with the Shock Pad.
    Collect the MUMBO TOKEN, then use the Shock Pad to get to the top of the organ.
    Here, use the Talon Trot to reach the music book, where the hand will ask if you can
    play his organ. He'll start to play a tune. After he hits a note, hit it yourself
    with the Beak Buster. Beware, he does sharps and flats as well, to trick you. If you
    get a wrong note, you lose a honeycomb, so be careful! After playing two easy tunes,
    the hand will leave and surrender his Jiggy. To get it, climb to the music, and high
    jump to get to the top of the music book. Do another high jump, then start to climb
    the organ pipes. Collect the JIGGY (7) here. Climb down the other set of pipes. Make
    sure you've collected all the notes (69). Kill the skeleton if you wish. Now locate
    the flying pad on the left side of the pipes.
    Get onto it and fly up to the rafters at the top. There's the Witch Switch here.
    Smash it to reveal a Jiggy in the witch's eye near where one of the Note Doors was.
    If you creep across the shutters, you can find two gold feathers, a MUMBO TOKEN, and
    a HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (1). Be very careful going across the thin shutters. If you fall,
    you'll lose a LOT of health, AND you'll have to get back up here again. Anyway, once
    you've activated the switch and have the honeycomb, return to the chairs below. Take
    out the two ghosts and get the musical note (73) on each of the chairs. Now exit the
    church. Here, locate the top of Mumbo's hut. You can get there by jumping over a
    thorn bush, but you have to be quick so you aren't damaged and killed. After
    jumpinig over, enter the hut.
    Twenty tokens is the price this time; you should have a little more than enough.
    Stand on the pad and press B to be transformed into a pumpkin. Collect the notes
    here (75). Now head to the top of the clocktower (not the very top, don't actually
    enter it). Go around to the back, so that you're facing the hedgemaze. Look around
    to your left and you should see a ramp leading up to the hedges. Jump into that area
    and climb the ramp, then go left and left once more to reach the house. Jump into
    the first window you see. Here, drop down and head under the floor. Grab the HOLLOW
    HONEYCOMB (2) here. Head out and go around to the other window on this floor. This
    one has Lubbo the toilet. Jump in and he'll flush you down. Head forward when you
    Avoid the monsters (be extra carefuly if you're trying to get the gold feathers) and
    tentacles, and run forward and collect the JIGGY (8). Now head out of this filthy
    area. Back outside, head into the small pipe on your left. You'll drop down and pick
    up another JIGGY (9). Also, be sure to collect the musical notes here (80). Now exit
    through the small hole. You have one last Jiggy left, and it's a rather simple on to
    get. Head into the area that had the shed. Go north and then east and follow the
    path. When you reach a junction, turn left. First, go around the swamp and collect
    all the notes (84). Now head up the ramp and drop into the well. You can jump into
    the bucket here for a JIGGY (10). We still have to get all of the musical notes, so
    don't start celebrating yet!
    VERY CAREFULLY make your way around the well and collect all the notes in this area
    (91). Once you have them, head back out. Return to Mumbo and transform back into
    Banjo and Kazooie. Now head to the house near the beginning. Climb up to the top
    floor (you have to use a schock pad). There's a window here that you haven't broken
    yet (opposite the one that you have broken). So smash it and head through, and then
    collect the final notes (100). Okay, you now have all 100 notes! Return to Mumbo and
    get transformed into a pumpkin once more. Now exit Mad Monster Mansion as a pumpkin.
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL09      |
    Some of the gravestones now come to life. As a pumpkin it's possible, but difficult,
    to outrun them. When you exit head left, past the evil gravestone. Remember that
    gate you took down? Well, now we're going through it. Head down the path, up the
    stairs, and in to the little room. Mumbo is here, sleeping as usual. Run up and
    transform in Banjo and Kazooie once more. Then go to the coffin and do a Beak Buster
    on it. This will reveal a switch. Push it in to raise the water level in a different
    part of the lair. Head back to Mumbo and transform into the pumpkin once more, then
    exit this area. Back at the mansion entrance head south, past any dedealy
    gravestones, and exit. In the next area, you'll find a very thin path that you
    should cross.
    Unless you're on a fairly straight part of the path, travel only when the area
    lightens up. When you get to the other side, head through the small hole. You'll
    find a book that flaps around here. Cheato the Spellbook is what the book is called.
    He'll give you a magic code as a reward for finding him. Once he's told you, return
    to Treasure Trove Code by means of the warp cauldrons.
    |                      Return to Terasure Trove                     TTC1      |
    Head to the sandcastle where you spelled out "Banjo-Kazooie" for a Jiggy (you'll
    have to patch Leaky up with eggs again). After killing the crab, enter "REDFEATHERS"
    into the floor. This is the cheat Cheato gave you. Now you can carry up to 100 Red
    Feathers! There are two more codes Cheato can give you. Since I believe in working
    for rewards, we're not gonna enter the other two cheats until we find Cheato. I
    don't even think you can enter the cheats until then anyway...
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL10      |
    Make your way back to the red cauldron and warp. When you get out of the warp,
    return to the Freezy Peak cave. Using the Shock Pads, make your way up to the switch
    and the shoes again. Use the swtich and shoes to make it to the flying pad, then
    launch up into the air. You see Grunty's left eye? If you hit the Witch Switch in
    Mad Monster Mansion, it should have a Jiggy. Use a carefully aimed Beak Bomb to dive
    at the glass and shatter it. Then fly into the JIGGY (8). We're having very good
    progress in this game so far, aren't we? 700 notes, 78 Jiggies, and 20 Hollow
    Honeycombs. But there's still 200 notes, 22 Jiggies, and 4 Hollow Honeycombs yet, so
    don't start slacking! Anyway, head up the ramp near the Freezy Peak cave. Enter the
    door that was previously a Note Door.
    You'll come out immersed in water, since we raised the water level earlier. Avoid
    the mine and swim into the next pipe. In this area, swim up to the surface and jump
    to the platforms near the huge boat. Climb the stairs, head north (avoid the
    monster), and then jump over a bunch of crates left of you. At the end, leap to a
    Rareware box. Smash it with a Beak Buster to reveal another water level switch.
    Stomp it to raise the Water Level to the second floor. Now enter the water, dive
    down, and head into the previous area. Go up to the surface and you should see a
    platform with a grate blocking a pipe. Use a Rat-a-Tat-Tap to destroy the grate and
    head up the long pipe. When you emerge, you'll be in front of another water level
    Press it to raise the water level once more. This will start a timer. Quickly dive
    into the water and head through the pipe. Swim up to the surface here and then turn
    around. You should see a ledge. Jump to it and climb the stairs. If you take too
    long, the water level will lower and you won't be able to reach the ledge. Anyway,
    Cheato is up here, once again. He has another cheat for you, and believe me, you'll
    want this one. So yes, head back all the way to Treasure Trove Code.
    |                       Treasure Trove... Again                     TTC3      |
    Back here, go to the sandcastle once more. Empty it and defeat the crab, then enter
    the following code: "GOLDFEATHERS" Now, twenty gold feathers is the max instead of
    ten! Yes, Cheato gave you this code, and it is VERY useful. Now return to Grunty's
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL11      |
    Head all the way back to the ship, where you raised the water level a second time.
    Swim to the right of the boat and enter the cave there. Head forward and when you
    see a beehive, perform a Rat-a-Tat-Tap on the right wall (if you kept going, you
    would've encountered a dead end). Head through and stand on the jigsaw piece. Place
    tweleve Jiggies into the puzzle to open Rare's great idea of a cruel joke, Rusty
    Bucket Bay. Return to the boat and swim down into the entrance.
    |                          Rusty Bucket Bay                         RBB1      |
    Hardest. Level. Ever. You'll probably die many times, forcing you to collect the
    notes again and again. You'll be glad I told you to get those Gold Feathers doubled;
    real glad. Head forward at the start, collecting the musical notes (5). Head left
    and you should see a small pipe sticking out of the wall. Jump into it. Here, take
    out the TNT boxes with eggs, and then make your way across the planks, destroying
    the monsters. Collect the notes (10) here and then exit. Now jump onto the pipe and
    you'll be on a higher floor. Head up the bridge on your left, collecting the notes
    (14). Go around the big pipe on the other side, and take out the killer lifeboat
    with a Rat-a-Tat-Tap. Do a high jump up to the front of the boat. Get the note (15)
    and continue forward. You should see three switches.
    Beak Bust them in this order: 3, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1. A JIGGY (1) will spit out of the
    middle horn. This is about as easy as they come (and if you didn't know which
    butttons to press, it would be hard, trust me). Now grab the note (16) and then drop
    down. Climb the ladder up to the platform. Here, walk around and head across the
    briddge, grabbing notes (20) Head around the next pipe and climb the ladder. Next,
    head left. Defeat the monster and use the Shock Pad to reach a MUMBO TOKEN. Drop
    down, and continue forward, grabbing notes (24). Climb the final ladder and grab the
    JIGGY (2) in the middle of the pipe. Now it's time to get a few hard Jiggies, just
    so we can get them out of the way. Drop down to the bottom of the ship and head to
    the start of the ship.
    From here, go right, past the killer lifeboat. Climb all of the boxes when you see
    them, and then you should see a giant TNT box suspended by a rope. Climb the rope to
    get to the top of a crane. From here, you should see the Witch Switch in front of
    you. If you jump and float with Kazooie, you should JUST make it onto the platform.
    Stomp on the switch and a Jiggy will appear outside of the platform. Now drop down
    and head to the very back of the ship (just continue forward). Collect all the notes
    (30) around the edge of the ship and grab the MUMBO TOKEN from the lifeboat. Now
    jump into the right pipe (the left one will try to eat you). Here, defeat the sailor
    minion, and then collect the notes (34). Stomp on the switch and you'll see some
    propellors slowing down.
    We need to have them slowed down in order to get the Jiggy that they guard. Climb
    out of this pipe now. Now climb the ladder to the left of the Man-Eating Pipe. Head
    forward until you see the first large, round pipe on the boat. On one side (you
    should be looking at that side) is a tiny door. Use a Beak Barge to break it open
    and head on through. Climb the ladder down to the bottom. If you need energy,
    there's a beehive, but bees guard it so beware. Stand in front of the entrance to
    the big room and do a high jump. You should enter a tiny tunnel with a HOLLOW
    HONEYCOMB (1) inside. Yipee. Now head into the mechancial room. Be prepared for a
    difficult task. Very difficult task. Head forward and STOP in front of the oddly
    shaped bridge.
    Wait until it turns, and then head forward, jump the gap, and continue onto safe
    ground. Don't worry about the token, it's better that you just survive this room.
    Now you have to jump on three mechanical gears. Don't hesitate, just jump there as
    fast as you can. Take out the sailor and then stop. Look to your left and you should
    see a rotating bridge. Wait until it stops spinning, then quickly run over it. It'll
    start to spin before you get to the other side, but you should be able to cross it
    in time. Grab the notes (38) that are here. Now head back across the bridge and wait
    for the bridge on the right to slow down. When it does, quickly make your way
    across. Get the notes (42) that rest here. Cross the bridge once more, using the
    same method.
    This part can be pretty difficult. Head forward, and stop in front of the propeller.
    Wait until it slows down, then quickly run in between the gaps of the propeller. If
    done right, you'll make it safely across. Grab the notes (46) that are here, and
    then head forward, across the small bridge, and get the JIGGY (3). When you have
    those notes and the Jiggy, carefully make your way across the propeller again. Now
    go to the left and cross the bridge when it stops moving. Here, wait unitl the
    bridge stops spinning, and then head forward, jumping the gap. You'll be at a
    propellor switch. Stomp on it and the propellors in the back of the steamboat will
    slow. Now you have two options: you can take a risky shortcut, by heading through
    two propellors; you'll arrive at your next destination much more quickly.
    Or you can take the longer, recommended path. Simply backtrack to the centerpiece,
    and take the other spinning bridge. Then take the second bridge here when it stops.
    To take this bridge, quickly head forward, high jump, and then drop down. If you
    want the extra life, make sure to grab it BEFORE you hit the propeller switch. When
    you're ready, hit the switch. The propellers outside the steamboat will stop
    completely. You have sixty seconds to rush out of this room, climb the ladder, exit
    this area, charge to the back of the boat, dive into the water, swim down, grab the
    JIGGY (4), and get away from the propellors all in sixty-five seconds. Sounds
    difficult? It is, it's REAL difficult. But this is like, the hardest Jiggy, so at
    least the worst is over. Be VERY careful when swimming near the propellors.
    If you touch them, it's instant death, so if you don't have very much time left when
    you swim towards the Jiggy, you might get trapped. Once you finally make it out,
    quickly swim to the nearest crate. Since the water is so oily, you'll lose oxygen
    just by swimming, and lose oxygen twice as fast when underwater. You're gonna spend
    lots of time underwater, so if it gets REALLY tough, you could always enter the
    infinite oxygen code (see Secrets section) but then you're a loser and a cheater :)
    Okay, so you're on the crate now. Make sure it's the left crate. Now look down at
    the left wall. Perfectly normal right? Take a DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP breath, and
    jump into the water.
    Dive down into the oil as VERY QUICKLY rush through the hole in the wall. Turn left
    and rescue the pink JINJO (1). Now quickly turn around and head back out through the
    wall. SURFACE the moment you can, so you can breath a little easier. Turn to the
    left and swim towards the crate that rests there. Jump onto it (you should have
    like, one oxygen left) and wait until your oxygen refills. Whew, that was what is
    probably the toughest Jinjo, glad we got it out of the way (just don't die or you'll
    have to get it again). From the crate, jump to the platform in front of you. Collect
    the notes (50) in this area. If you're low on energy (chances are you have at least
    one honeycomb lost), then bust open the beehive. Head up the crate on your right
    (take out the TNT with eggs while keeping a distance) and climb the shaft by means
    of the Talon Trot.
    Hey, you're back at the start. Continue forward, past the exit, and you should see a
    hole with a sign above it: Toll 2. Shoot two eggs (that's the toll) into the hole
    and a bridge will pop out. Head across, taking care of the monster. On the other
    side, Talon Trot up and down the shaft, then jump into the water. Hey! Check it out,
    it's Snacker! Avoid him as you swim to the buoy to get a JINJO (2). Now you see the
    hole in the fence? Swim through to get away from Snaker's territory. From there,
    swim around the boat so you're back at the starting point (you know how to get
    there, right? And yes, you can make it with the oxygen you have). Head to the toll
    again. Feed it four more eggs and another part of the bridge will extend. You can
    now collect the gold feathers and the MUMBO TOKEN.
    Talon Trot up the first part of the shed, but perform a Beak Buster on the glass
    window when you get to the second part. You'll fall through. Turn around on the
    plank and jump up some boxes, then grab a JIGGY (5). Halfway done, great. Now head
    to the other side by jumping from the planks to the platforms (don't fall in the
    water or you won't be able to reach the platform) and high jumping to the highest
    platform. Defeat the monster and grab the notes (54). Now return to the plank you
    first fell on and jump onto the box behind it. From there, jump to the platform that
    has the Shock Pad. Defeat the monster and then use the Shock Pad to reach the next
    platform. Defeat the monster here and grab the extra life (in this level, you'll
    need as many lives as possible).
    Now jump into the water, avoiding the evil pirhana fish. Swim down and out of this
    area. You'll hear a dolphin scraming in pain. He'll tell you that he's trapped under
    the anchor. We'll help him in a second, your priority at the moment is to get some
    oxygen! Quickly swim up to the surface and head forward, aiming for the ladder
    attatched to the wall. Climb it to restore your oxygen. Now cross the toll bridge
    once more and Talon Trot up and down the shed, but DON'T fall into the water with
    Snacker. Carefully make your way across the fence, collecting all the notes (59).
    When you get to the other side, Talon Trot over the shaft. Now you're in some kind
    of toxic waste dump.
    Carefully cross over by means of the barrels. Collect the notes (61) and then the
    JINJO (3). Now make your way back across the shaft. Dive into the water and swim
    down to the area near the dolphin. Swim up through the hole in the boat where the
    anchor comes from (if you take too long finding the hole, swim to the ladder,
    restore your air, and try again). Once you swim up the hole, surface and head
    forward. Jump onto the dry land. Head forward, defeating the four monsters. Drop
    down at the end and kill the sailors, then collect the notes (66). Now push the
    switch in. The anchor will rise (although you should notice that the hook goes
    through the dolphin, but Rare couldn't have dead dolphins in this game, now could
    The dolphin will swim off and give you a Jiggy as thanks. So head out of the anchor
    room and grab the JIGGY (6). Now swim to the ladder. Climb it and head all the way
    to the toxic waste area (where the green Jinjo was). Continue along this thin path.
    Destroy the TNT with three eggs. Ignore the Shock Pad for now and continue forward,
    past the big crane. There's a hole with a toll of four eggs, so shoot them in to
    make a bridge appear. Cross the bridge and enter the giant blue structure. No Jiggy
    or honeycomb in here. Just jump around the whole room and collect all the notes (74)
    as well as the MUMBO TOKEN. Now exit the area. Continue forward, past the next blue
    crate. However, you can enter the third one. Your main priorty is the notes (78) to
    your right, but defeating all TNTs nets you an extra life if you want one.
    Continue forward. You'll be halted by the fact that the toll hole is on the other
    side. Instead, climb the crates near the blue boxes. Jump to the second crate and
    fall through the hole. There's a few sailors in here, and a lot of red feathers, but
    there's also a JINJO (4) behind one of the holes. Grab it, and then exit the crate.
    Now return to the Shock Pad across the bridge that you ignored earlier. Use it to
    jump to a grate that serves as a platform. You'll want to get the notes (81) around
    it, then jump to the two switches. Do a Beak Barge on the switch sticking out and
    then quickly climb the ladder. You have about fifteen seconds to reach the Jiggy
    before a cage closes on it. At the top of the crane, Talon Trot to the end and drop
    (don't climb; drop) down to the bototm.
    You'll lose two honeycombs, so make sure you have the energy. At the bottom, quickly
    rush forward and grab the JIGGY (7). You're at the front of the ship. At the very
    front is a MUMBO TOKEN. Also, one of the pipes here (to the left of you if you are
    facing the back of the ship) allows you to go inside (the other is Man-Eating).
    Defeat the two sailors here. You're in the kitchen now; walk around and grab all the
    notes (86). The eggs are guarded by a monster. The only way to get the eggs is to
    equip a golden feather, then jump up to the monster so it autmatically dies. Only do
    this if you're low on eggs or if you have lots of gold feathers (we want to save at
    least thireteen). If you want the MUMBO TOKEN, you'll have to equip a gold feather
    before heading into the oven (or you'll lose energy).
    Once you have everything you want, leave. Head down the left corridor, and stop when
    you pass the second window on your left. If you notice, the resolution is a little
    sharper than the other windows. Perform a Rat-a-Tat-Tap on the window to shatter it,
    and jump in. Defeat the sailor here and grab the notes (89) and gold feathers. Break
    the cabinet door with a Rat-a-Tat-Tap. Equip a gold feather and enter. The monster
    will charge out, but die instantly due to the feather. Now you can safely jump up
    and grab the JIGGY (8). Exit this room. Continue down the corridor, and drop down to
    a lower level. Keep going, past the Man-Eating Pipe. Next to the pipe is another
    window with sharp resolution, so shatter it. Jump in. You're now in the sailor's
    Take out the two sailors in here and collect the notes (93) and red feathers.
    There's nothing else here, so exit. Outside, head to the area near the entrance to
    the mechanical room. Climb up all the boxes and jump onto the rope that suspends the
    TNT box. Climb it to the top. Head all the way to the back of the crane. Collect the
    gold feather, then climb down the ladder to your right. Here, get the notes (96) and
    then drop down below the grate (make sure you don't fall into the water). On the
    left side, there's a toll of six. Pay it to connect this part to an earlier part of
    the level. On the right side, there's a toll of eight. You'll love the bridge that
    comes out: a thing, zig-zagging bridge with two monsters at the end. Carefully make
    your way across, and defeat the two monsters.
    Head forward some more and fight one more monster, then rescue the final JINJO (5).
    You'll get a JIGGY (9) for your troubles. Not head back across the zig-zagging
    bridge. You should see a Shock Pad. Use it to get back up to the grate. Jump up to
    the actual crane and Beak Barge the switch that hasn't been touched. You'll release
    the TNT box, resulting in the total destruction of the Cargo Bay. Yeah. Now climb
    the ladder and head back across the crane. Drop down to the ship and then fall
    through the huge hole created by the explosion. Down here, head forward and the box
    will close on the Jiggy. I thought we'd save the boss fight for last, since it's
    prety quick. If you have at least ten gold feathers, just equip them and stand in
    the center of the box.
    As it cracks and breaks, it'll split into smaller boxes. When the last box is gone,
    a JIGGY (10) will be revealed. We aren't done yet though; only four more notes and
    another hollow honeycomb, and THEN we can escape this hellhole. Collect the eggs
    here if you wish, but when you're ready, climb the ladder and get the hell outta
    there. Head all the way to the front of the ship. Here, go right, past the Man-
    Eating Pipe. The first window has poor resolution, but if you Rat-a-Tat-Tap it,
    it'll shatter. You're now in the control room. Defeat the sailors, grab the MUMBO
    TOKEN, and get the final four notes (100). Yahoo! I remember my first save file four
    years ago I was missing only one note in the entrie game and it was in the control
    room :)
    Okay, we could've gotten this Hollow Honeycomb a lot earlier, but it's dangerous to
    get so I thought it'd be better to get the Jinjos and the notes so we wouldn't have
    to collect them all again if you were to die. Head all the way back to the area
    where the yellow Jinjo was (it was near the very beginning; head up and over the
    shaft and jump into the Snacker pool). Stand on the buoy. Now look at the house that
    doesn't have a broken window. Look down, and you should see a hole (it's hard). Jump
    into the water, and dive down to the bottom, then swim through the hole. Wala,
    you're in another room now. Swim to the surface and get to the land behind you.
    Defeat the Jumbo-Lifeboat and then use the flying pad to fly to the other side of
    the room.
    Defeat the second Jumbo-Lifeboat that's guarding the honeycomb switch. Now push the
    honeycomb switch down. Swim to the other side and use the flying pad once more to
    grab the HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (2) suspended in midair. Okay, you now have everything it
    what is arguably the most annoying level in the game! At this took me four hours to
    write! Yeah! Okay, now exit Rusty Bucket Bay for GOOD.
    |                           Grunty's Lair                           GL12      |
    Out in here, we have to do something I forgot to tell you to do earlier. Swim up to
    the surface and go right. Jump onto the small patch of land and activate the
    cauldron here. You have now created a shortcut between the two blue cauldrons.
    Anyway, swim down below the water and head through the pipe. In this area, head up
    to the surface and go forward. Jump up onto the platform. If you hit the Witch
    Switch in Rusty Bucket Bay, a JIGGY (9) will be right in front of you. Grab it and
    head back into the water. To the left of you are some pillars. Climb them to the
    top, where there is another note door. 640 is the requirement, but we have 800,
    don't we? Head through the note door. This next area is filled with tentacles. Equip
    a gold feather and charge through to make it across safely.
    You're out in a big, grassy area with a bull. Head into the grass and go right. You
    should see two large leaves. Jump up using the high jump maneuver and you'll be in
    front of a note door. You could go through, but we don't need to until we complete
    the final world. Go right all the way, past all the paths, until you get to a jigsaw
    switch. Hit it and a jigsaw piece will pop up in front of the puzzle to the next
    world. But where is that puzzle, you ask? Well, drop down to the bottom and head
    left. You'll go down into a hidden passage. Halfway through this passage is a pink
    cauldron. Activate it and you'll have activated your third shortcut. We have to take
    that shortcut right now, so jump into the cauldron. We're WAYYYYYY back into the
    sewage areas.
    Swim down and drop into the small pool, then dive down below. There's a pipe here
    that you can swim through. Go through it and you'll be at the puzzle. Stand on the
    jigsaw piece and insert fifteen pieces into the puzzle and you'll open the last
    world: Click Clock Wood. So head out of this area (before you do, grab the MUMBO
    TOKEN to the left of the picture) and back to the pink cauldron. Warp to the Click
    Clock Wood area, and head up the steep hill using the Talon Trot. Enter Click Clock
    |                         Click Clock Woood                         CCW1      |
    This world possesses something very unique: it's technically four smaller worlds
    combined into one big one. You see, you can travel into four different seasons (the
    basic, spring, summer, fall, and winter). You're in the same area, but depending on
    the season, some paths are opened, some closed, new enemies are shown, and new
    events can occur. At the start, you can only enter spring. Locate the Spring Switch
    near the Fall entrance. Push it into the ground to open up Spring. Before you go in,
    collect the musical notes (4).
    At the start, head forward and defeat the enemy. There's a Man-Eating Flower
    guarding a MUMBO TOKEN, but you have to use a gold feather if you want to venture
    into the flower. I suggest using your feather, since you need lots of Mumbo Tokens
    for the next transformation. Now head right, into the water. Start swiming, and you
    should see a beaver. Swim down and talk to him, and you'll learn that because of the
    stupid boulder, he can't get into his house. You can't do anything for him during
    spring, so continue swimming. Swim forward across the entire length of the lake.
    Near the end, you can get a MUMBO TOKEN from a Man-Eating Flower by using a feather.
    Anyway, oustide of the lake, you should see a bull and a garden. Collect the notes
    (8) inside the garden before you do anything else. Head to the center of the garden
    and crouch.
    Spit eggs out from behind (five of them) and a flower will grow. We can't do
    anything else about the flower in spring, so turn around. To the left of the lake is
    a hill, so start to climb it. You'll pass a hole as you head forward. A bird pops
    out of the hole, similar to the green monsters that roamed the previous worlds. Get
    rid of them with a Rat-a-Tat-Tap. Kill this bird and follow the path over the lake,
    grabbing the notes (11). Head forward and take out the bird here. Now go left.
    You'll find a gap, but when you try to jump over it, a bird pops out. Jump and use
    the Rat-a-Tat-Tap so you'll kill the bird as you cross gap (hey, I made a cool
    rhyme!). Continue forward, defeating the next bird. Keep going until you can head
    Do so and grab the notes (14). If you want the gold feather, you'll have to kill a
    bird. Get back on the main path and continue forward. Keep going. When you get to a
    gap, you should notice a bird hole right at the landing point. Jump over the gap and
    try to float with Kazooie so you'll jump over the bird as well. Ignore the path to
    Mumbo's hut and continue forward. When you get to a bridge, head forward and grab
    the notes (17). Continue left, taking out the birds. When you get to another bridge,
    grab the notes (20) on it. Now backtrack until you get to the bird right next to the
    gap you jumped. Take the path to the left and then jump to the tree stump. You can't
    survive for long in the thorn field, unless you have the Wading Boots. There's a
    pair right in front of you.
    Grab them and proceed toward Mumbo's hut. You'll need twenty-five tokens for the
    next transformation, and chances are you probably only have about twenty. So it's
    time to go Mumbo Token hunting! There's a token in the thorn bush (use the Wading
    Boots). Then take the path that you were previously on. When you get to the first
    bridge, you should notice a ramp leading upward. Take it up, and defeat the bird.
    Now use the Talon Trot to climb the steep, wooden path. When you get to the top, go
    left. Behind the Man-Eating Flower, you should see another MUMBO TOKEN. Grab it and
    then continue climbing this huge tree. Take out the birds as you go along, and you
    should reach a beehive at the end. Carefully make your way to the edge, where
    another MUMBO TOKEN rests.
    Those are all the tokens you can get for now, but you're probably still a little
    short. Your only choice is to exit the level and look around Grunty's Lair for more.
    When you have enough, head to Mumbo's hut. If you become desparate, or if you're too
    lazy, you could always enter the 99 Mumbo Token code (see Secrets section). Anyway,
    Mumbo will transform you into a lovely Bee. How lovely. This is the last, and
    coolest, transformation. Head outside and fly up as high as you can go (that's real
    high, by the way). Here, circle the HUGE center tree. Eventually, you'll come to a
    ME-Flower (Man-Eating Flower). With the Bee, you can enter these guys without fear
    of being damaged. So grab the JIGGY (1) that's inside of this flower. Now fly down
    to the beehive that you were in as Banjo.
    Enter it (you can fit since you're the bee now). You can't get the Jiggy now, but
    you can rescue the JINJO (1) that rests here. Now exit the beehive. Follow the path
    that you would have to travel if you were Banjo and Kazooie. Don't let the path out
    of your sight, or you'll get lost. Eventually, you'll reach a ME-Flower guarding a
    JINJO (2). After rescuing the Jinjo, perform a dive bomb (those are so fun) toward
    Mumbo's hut. Transform back into Banjo and Kazooie. Now return to the beehive (you
    know how to get there, right?). Jump forward and then quickly float to the little
    tree alcove on your left. Do that once more to reach a Shock Pad. Head up and
    continue to jump from alcove to alcove. Be careful; you have a long ways to go if
    you fall, so that means loss of a lot of lots of honeycombs.
    Also, you'll have to treck all the way up to the stupid beehive again. Anyawy, once
    you get to the top, head forward and drop down onto a wooden plank with a beehive.
    For the first time in a long time, the beehive has no bees. So you can get some
    energy here if you're low. Anyway, jump onto the small, floating platform. Make your
    way across several more platforms, and then you'll reach a narrow plank. Head to the
    top, where you'll find a switch with a sun on it. Stomp it to open the door to the
    Summer World. You can enter Nabut's house, but there's nothing of interest there at
    the moment. So continue on. Jump over the gaps (if you fall on a gap, you'll slide
    down to the bottom of the tree). When you get across, head left into a huge nest
    with a huge egg, like the one in Bubblegloop Swamp.
    At the back of the nest is a Shock Pad. Use it to reach the top of the egg. Perform
    a Beak Buster to reveal a HUGE baby eagle named Eyrie. He'll go to sleep, but we'll
    need him in later seasons. For now, you have to jump up a bunch of wooden planks. Be
    EXTREMELY careful here. They're narrow and it's a long fall. When you get to the
    top, break open the door with a Rat-a-Tat-Tap. You're now in the heart of the tree.
    Head around the tentacles and grab the JIGGY (2). Well, eight paragraphs for two
    Jiggies? That shows you how big this world is. Anyway, exit and then jump off the
    platform (WHEEEEEEEEEEE!) and into the water below. If you miss the water, you lose
    four honeycombs. Joy. From here, make your way out of the spring entrance.
    In this area, head towards the summer door. If you need honeycombs, you can get six
    from the two beehives. When you're at max energy, enter the Summer door.
    The moment you enter, you'll see Eyrie. He's really hungry, and wants five
    caterpillars. We'll get them as we go along. At the start, head left all the way
    into the corner (for the first time, we see bees without a beehive anywhere). There
    is a JINJO (3) here. He can be hard to spot, because he blends in with the golden
    grass, but you should be able to see the tip of his head. Now return to the starting
    point and head north. Grab the CATERPILLAR (1) here. One down, four to go. Do high
    jumps on the leaves and collect the notes (22) that are on them. Then drop down and
    head left, into the area where the lake is now dried up. Behind the giant tree stump
    is another CATERPILLAR (2). Now head over to Gwanty. Do a Beak Bust move on the
    boulder blocking his house.
    He'll tell you to follow him inside and he'll give you a reward. Only problem is,
    the entrance is too steep for you to go in, even with the Talon Trot. Oh well, we'll
    get our Jiggy later. For now, just follow him and collect the feathers and notes
    (24). Follow the lake to the corner, where the Fall Switch is being guarded by a
    bird. Destroy the bird and push the Fall Switch in to open the door to the Fall
    World. We aren't going there for a while though. Now go south, behind the tree
    stump, and you should see a long ramp. Go up and defeat the bird, then head left.
    Keep heading left, defeating the enemies. When you have the opportunity to turn
    right, do so. Follow the path (kill the bird) down to the area with the bull and the
    Hey look, it's our old friend Gobi! He isn't that pleased to see you (even though
    you rescued him from the stupid rock), but we need to pick on him some more. Do a
    Beak Buster on his back and he'll spit out water onto the flower, which will grow
    even bigger. Now go near the edge of the lake and jump to the ledge with the ME-
    Flower and the CATERPILLAR (3). Jump back to the area with the flower and go north.
    Head past the two sets of bees and do a high jump to reach the fourth CATERPILLAR
    (4). Now go left and defeat the bird, and continue forward. Jump over the gap and
    kill the bird again, the jump to the stump that's in front of Mumbo's hut. Instead
    of Wading Boots, there's a Shock Pad. We don't need to use it though. Get into Talon
    Trot mode and jump to the ramp leading to Mumbo.
    Here, take the CATERPILLAR (5). If you go into Mumbo's hut, he'll tell you that it's
    much too hot for magic and he wants a tan. How does he get a tan if he hangs out in
    his hut all the time? Ah well. Head back outside and use the Shock Pad to get back
    onto the main path once more. Continue right, and you should see that ramp that
    begins the long climb up the tree. Head up that ramp and kill the bird, but don't go
    left; go right instead. Jump up onto a few leaves, and then leap high in the air so
    you can get to the next leaf. From there, continue. When you see another ledge with
    a a Shock Pad, DON'T jump to the Shock Pad. Instead, jump to the right part of the
    ledge, the part with the JIGGY (3). If you were to jump to the left, a bird would've
    appeared and knocked you down into the lake.
    Return to the start of the leaves and head left, Talon Trotting up the steep hill.
    Head up the path, defeating the birds. When you get to the top, head left,
    collecting the notes (27). On top of the beehive is a square. Beak Bust into it and
    you'll fall down into the beehive with the Zubbas. Stand on top of the Jiggy and
    after the Zubba talks, they'll start to attack. Equip a gold feather and just stand
    there. All the Zubbas will chage at you and instantly die. If you have four gold
    feathers, you can hold out the whole battle. Otherwise, stick to the Rat-a-Tat-Tap.
    Once you've beaten them all, the Zubbas will admit defeat and reward you with a
    JIGGY (4). Head out of the beehive and then continue up the tree, flying into each
    At the top is another CATERPILLAR (6; although you already have five, you'll need
    more during fall). Head left, across the golden path, and jump to the front of the
    house. Collect the notes (31) and then enter the house. Walk as far as you can on
    the longest part of the wooden board, and then jump and float over to the extra
    life. From there, jump and float left, over to another JIGGY (5). Carefully make
    your way back out of the house. Drop down and head up all the floating wooden
    planks, up to the area where the Summer Switch was. Climb the wooden area behind the
    beehive and grab the notes (36). Drop down to the lower platform and get the
    CATERPILLAR (7). Talon Trot back up to the main path. There are birds on the safe
    platforms now.
    You have to Rat-a-Tat-Tap as you land or you'll fall below. When you get across,
    head left to find Eyrie. Feed him five caterpillars and he'll grow, then go back to
    sleep. Now head down to the bottom of the level (you can fall down a brief amount of
    height and land on a slightly lower platform; continue until you reach the bottom).
    Here, head out of summer.
    Go straight into Fall now.
    It's the fall now, so that means leaf piles galore, a lot of new notes, and the lake
    has filled agian. Also, Eyrie needs ten caterpillars this time. At the start, Talon
    Trot up the leaf pile on your right. Take the CATERPILLAR (3) at the top. Now head
    into the lake. Dive down to the bottom and swim up Gwanty's entrance. At the top,
    jump up and grab the JIGGY (6) that he's been meaning to give you for months. Make
    sure to grab the two notes (38) before you head back down. Swim towards the giant
    flower. As you go there, look left to see a ME-Flower guarding three notes. Use a
    gold feather to grab the notes (41). Let me add that the major majority of notes in
    Click Clock Wood is gotten in the fall, so be on the lookout! When you get up to the
    flower, stomp on Gobi a final time.
    He'll spit out more water, and the flower will grow SUPER tall and reveal a Jiggy
    when it sprouts. Gobi will run off to the Lava World, one of the worlds in Banjo-
    Tooie. Anyway, climb up the leaf pile near the hill to find a CATERPILLAR (4).
    Collect the notes near the back wall (46) and then climb up the second leaf pile.
    Grab the JINJO (4) there. Now climb up the leaf pile that's near the bird closest to
    the thorn field. There's another CATERPILLAR (5). Now we have to get that Jiggy that
    sprouted from the flower. Head up the hill that you've been up so many times (near
    the flower). Defeat the bird and go right, jumping over the beehive. Defeat the bird
    at the end, and grab the note (47). Now head right for a while, until you reach the
    path to Mumbo's hut.
    Grab all the notes along the way (52). Defeat the bird guarding the path to Mumbo's
    hut. Grab the note (53) and the CATERPILLAR (6). Now jump to the tree stump and use
    the Wading Boots to reach Mumbo's hut. No magic today, since Mumbo is busy sweeping.
    However, there is still stuff in here. Grab the CATERPILLAR (7) and jump onto the
    unlit torch pole. In the upper area, collect all the notes (57). Now use the Wading
    Boots and return to the main path. From the Mumbo path, continue forward. Now keep
    going forward, passing the bridge, and stay on the main path. Collect all the notes
    (65). When you have the sixty-fifth note, head down the closest bridge. Grab the
    CATERPILLAR (8) guarded by the bird. Now return to the ramp that starts the journey
    to the huge tree.
    Cross the bridge to find a ME-Flower protecting some notes. Jump in with a golden
    feather and grab the notes (68). Now head up the ramp and defeat the bird. Grab the
    note (69) and start the path up the tree. Talon Trot until you get up to the top,
    then go left. Jump past the ME-Flower and grab the CATERPILLAR (9). Now continue up
    the path, defeating the birds. When you get to the beehive, head on it and grab the
    CATERPILLAR (10). Drop off the beehive and make sure to land on the giant flower.
    Grab the JIGGY (7). Now return to the beehive area and continue your climb up the
    ginat tree. When you get to the top of the little alcoves, drop down and grab the
    CATERPILLAR (11) on the floating wooden platform. From here, cross the nearly
    complete bridge (just one gap now).
    Watch out for the wasp, which can knock you off the platform. At the top, you'll see
    the squirrel. He needs six acorns before winter. Turn left and head up the winding
    bridge. At the top is a window. Smash it with the Rat-a-Tat-Tap and enter. Jump into
    the water and grab the ACORN (1) here. Now enter Nabnut's actual house. Grab the
    CATERPILLAR (12) and high jump up to the ledge with the notes (72). From here, fly
    to the ledge with an ACORN (2). Exit the house. Now Talon Trot up the steep hill. Go
    around to the back and high jump to get the ACORN (3). This next one is hard. Jump
    to the acorn suspended in midair. Fall straight down. If done correctly, you'll grab
    the ACORN (4) and land right next to another ACORN (5). If you miss the bridge, you
    fall to the bottom of the level.
    Annoying, yes, but you still have to do it. From the fifth acorn, make your way to
    the platform. Kill the enemy, and then Talon Trot down the steep bridge sloping
    down. Grab the ACORN (6) at the end, and then return to Nabnut. Give him all the
    acorns and he'll give you a JIGGY (8). Yipee, only two more Jiggies to go. Continue
    up the tree, defeating the birds. You'll find the Winter Switch near Eyrie's nest.
    Hit it to open the door to winter. Now head left, to Eyrie's nest, and feed him ten
    caterpillars. He'll grow real big, and then go to sleep. Collect the notes (80)
    around his nest. Now make your way down to the beehive. Head to the top and do a
    Beak Buster to fall in. Collect the four notes (84) in here and then make your way
    back to the bottom. Exit fall.
    Enter the final door, winter (the hardest one).
    Winter can be pretty difficult, but we're not going to die, are we? Like in Freezy
    Peak, there's snow everywhere, and you can lose your grip. You can Talon Trot so you
    don't lose your grip in the snow, so do that whenever you're walking. The evil
    snowmen return, as well as the ice blocks that split into two more ice blocks when
    you shatter them. At the start, Talon Trot to to the right, up the hill, dodging the
    snowman. Near Mumbo's hut, there's a flying pad. Get on it and then fly to the top
    of Mumbo's hut. The final JINJO (5) is here. Now you get your JIGGY (9)! Only two
    more left in the game! Drop down and enter Mumbo's hut to find that he's left for a
    vacation. However, you can break the beehive in his hut for honeycombs if you need
    Now return to the flying pad. This time, you need to fly much higher. Head all the
    way up to Eryie's nest. He has become a magnificant and mighty eagle, just like he
    said he would. As thanks, he'll drop the final JIGGY (10) as he's flying away. We
    still have sixteen more notes, two hollow honeycombs, and the Witch Switch to press,
    so don't start celebrating just yet. From Eyrie's nest, make your way up the tiny
    wooden platforms on your left (you took them to the second Jiggy in spring,
    remember?). There is a note on each one. Collect all the notes (88). Now begin to
    make your way DOWN the tree. When you get to Nabnut's house, head right and down the
    thin bridge. There's a snowman on the floating platform here. Ignore the snowman as
    you collect the notes (92) around him.
    Now Talon Trot back up the hill and climb up the steep ramp to your left. Go around,
    defeat the enemy, and you should see a second flying pad. Get on this and spring up
    into the air. From here, look at the second, higher window at Nabnut's house. Aim
    yourself and perform a Beak Bomb on the window to shatter it. Fly inside. In here,
    defeat the enemies and grab the HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (1). Now head back outside and
    return to the flying pad you were just at. This time, fly to the house that had the
    Jiggy in it (it's a little farther down the tree). You should see notes on top of
    it. Landing on the roof will cause you to slide off and fall all the way down to the
    bototm, so you'll have to do something complicated: you have to collect the notes
    while still flying.
    This is hard is because you might accidentaly land on the roof since you're flying
    so close to it. If you think you're going to land on the roof, quickly use a feather
    to fly higher. It may take a few feathers before you finally collect all the notes
    (96) that are on top of the tree. Drop down and Talon Trot across the narrow bridge
    leading to Nabnut's house. Return to the flying pad ONCE AGAIN and fly a little down
    the tree. There's a HUGE branch here (you've past it a few times) with a snowman in
    the center. Kill the snowman and carefully collect the final notes (100). EXCELLENT!
    You now have all 900 notes in the game! Okay, we need to return to the flying pad
    near Nabnuts house one last time. As you spring up, fly to the area with the large
    house that had the notes on top of it.
    Fly down a little below that area and look around here. There should be a single
    branch with a snowman sticking out. Next to that snowman is the Witch Switch. Fly
    right above the Wind Switch and do a Beak Buster to slam down on it. The final Jiggy
    will appear high above the Click Clock Wood area (HIGH). We have one last thing to
    get in Click Clock Wood, and that's the final hollow honeycomb piece of the game. We
    could've gotten this at the beginning of winter, but it is the most difficult
    honeycomb to get, so I thought it'd be best for you to get all the notes first so
    you wouldn't have to collect them all over again. Anyway, return to the lake area.
    The lake is now frozen. Head to the VERY back and you'll see a small hole. Jump in
    and QUICKLY swim to Gwanty's entrance.
    Since you're under icy water, you'll lose oxygen twice as fast (like the oily water
    in Rusty Bucket Bay). When you reach Gwanty's exit, quickly swim up. The final
    HOLLOW HONEYCOMB (2) is here. You now have six hollow honeycombs, but you don't get
    another energy piece! What's up with that? Anyway, you now have all hollow
    honeycombs in the game, and you now only need one more Jiggy. Return to the Hub.
    You need to head back to spring now.
    Here, go to Mumbo and transform into a bee, then head back into the Hub.
    Exit Click Clock Wood. Whew, wasn't that exhausting?
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL13      |
    Here, fly high, way up high, and head to the back. In a little cave, the very last
    JIGGY (10) in the game is here. Well done! You have ALL JIGGIES, NOTES, AND
    HONEYCOMBS! But there's still some work cut out for us, so don't relax yet! Fly down
    a little and to the left to find the next note door. I think the requirement is 760,
    but you should have 900. Enter it and you'll transform back into Banjo and Kazooie.
    Head forward and the music will change and a huge platform with Tooty will appear.
    Head onto it and you'll warp to the final part of the lair.
    |                        Grunty's Furnace Fun                       GFF1      |
    Your final "world" in the game is a quiz show, one of the most fun, most
    interesting, most unique, and most frustrating aspects of the game. Grunty stands at
    the finish part, while you have to start a long ways back. Each square has a
    different question, and to progress to the next square, you must answer the question
    correctly. Get a question wrong and not only do you have to redo the square, but you
    also lost a honeycomb. Lose all honeycombs and you have to start way back at the
    beginning. Some squares are a lot easier than others, but some give you hell. There
    are sevend different types of squares on the board. Here they are:
    BANJO-KAZOOIE SQUARE: The Banjo-Kazooie square is, without a doubt, the easiest
                          square. You'll be asked questions about the different worlds,
                          and for the most part they are easy. Some of the questions can
                          be difficult, but most you should get in less than a second if
                          you've been paying even the slightest amount of attention to
                          your surroundings.
    MUSIC SQUARE: This is the second-easiest square, and it has to do with sounds. They
                  can be any types of sounds from the game, and some are easier than
                  others. The first type of sound is the music to one of the worlds. If
                  you can't get those questions right, then you either have had your
                  volume turned down all the way or you may as well quit playing. The
                  second type of question is identifying the voice of a character. There
                  are TONS of characters in the game, even though the majority of them
                  have small roles. You should be able to get those as well. If you
                  can't recognize them when you hear their voice, then you should be
                  able to realize the answer once the choices become available to you.
                  The third type of music is also pretty simple, and that's identifying
                  the sound that a item makes when you pick it up. You'll have been
                  picking up items for so long now that you should not have even the
                  slightest challenge. The fourth music type is no challenge either, and
                  that's identifying the music that happens when you do a certain move.
                  Those are pretty limited, since only about three moves have a change
                  of music when you used them. Therefore, the fourth music type is
                  pretty rare.
    EYE SQUARE: The Eye Square is somewhat simple and somewhat hard. For the msot part,
                you'll be able to get these. However, there are some that can be very
                difficult. You have to identify either a specific location or a
                character in a game. Identifying a specific location can be a bit
                frustrating, even though it seems easy. The screenshots are super
                close-ups of areas that you'll probably never go near. The color of the
                area, as well as the type of environment, should be the biggest clue.
                Sometimes, you'll have to identify a specific character. This is very
                simple, even if you can't remember the character's name right off hand;
                it should come to you when you're given the answer choices.
    TIMER SQUARE: YARGHHHHHHHHHH! This is one of the squares that you will grow to hate
                  in your life. It is just so ANNOYING! Luckily, there are only twelve
                  out of the nintey-four squares, but you'll pass some of them no matter
                  what route you'll take. When you step on these squares, you won't be
                  asked a question; you'll be required to perform one of the puzzles
                  that you had to do earlier for a Jiggy. However, you're timed this
                  time around. If you were already timed during the puzzle, then the
                  time decreases during the Furnace Fun version of it. Some of the most
                  common ones are these: spelling "Banjo-Kazooie" backwards in Treasure
                  Trove Cove, defeating all the bees in Click Clock Wood, playing the
                  matching game in Gobi's Valley, fighting Big-Boom Box in Rusty Bucket
                  Bay, and repeating a difficult turtle tune from Bubblegloop Swamp.
                  Probably the worst part about these is the fact that you can lose
                  lots of honeycombs. For example, getting a question wrong costs you
                  one honeycomb, right? But if you were to fight the bees again, you
                  could score a Phyrric victory and lose four honeycombs, but still
                  defeat the bees in the required amount of time.
    GRUNTILDA SQUARE: You could go through the whole game and still have absolutely no
                      idea what the answers to any Gruntilda Square question would be.
                      Brentilda, Grunty's nicer sister, hangs around at certain places
                      throughout the game. If you talk to her, you can learn three
                      facts about Grunty's personal life. Grunty will ask you questions
                      about her personal life on the Gruntilda Squares, so talking to
                      Brentilda is a must. Otherwise, you have one-third of a chance
                      of getting one of these questions right. It's annoying, but you'll
                      have to get thorugh some of these, sorry.
    DEATH SQUARE: YEAH! THE DEATH SQUARE! This is one of the most dangerous squares,
                  because it's the differance between life and death. Get a question
                  wrong on the death square and you're instantly knocked into the
                  lava, which means you'll lose a life and have to start at the
                  beginning. The Death Squares can have questions from any other type
                  of square; they can be questions about the world, music questions,
                  eye questions, Grunty questions, and yes, timed challenges. You never
                  know what type of question you'll get, so part of this is luck. Just
                  pray when you get up to this that you'll have an easy question.
    JOKER SQUARE: A life-saver, the Joker Square can help you tremendously if you
                  get one of its questions right. Answer a question correctly on
                  a Joker Square and you'll get two Joker Cards. These allow you to
                  skip a square. If you want to skip a square, stand on one and press
                  B. You'll lose a Joker Card, but you'll get to continue on the
                  gameboard. There are no second chances on a Joker Square; if you get
                  the question wrong the first time, you won't be able to try again.
                  Like the Death Square, the Joker Square can be any type of question.
                  They are mostly Banjo-Kazooie questions, so you shouldn't have to
                  worry too much.
                  Save your Joker Cards till the end of the gameboard, when Timer,
                  Gruntilda, and Death Squares become common.
    Here, I've given you a nice little map of the gameboard. This is the key for the
    B - Banjo-Kazooie Square
    M - Music Square
    E - Eye Square
    T - Timer Square
    G - Gruntilda Square
    D - Death Sqaure
    J - Joker Square
    H - Honeycomb piece (every four or five squares, there will be one square with a
                         honeycomb piece. Collect one to recover your energy. There
                         are no questions asked on these squares, so you don't have to
                         worry. DO NOT pick up a honeycomb if you have full health;
                         you'll need to save as many honeycombs as possible.)
    L - Life trophy (Two areas near the end hold Life trophies. I suggest grabbing the
                     first one, but it's not worth going past two death squares to get
                     the second one.)
     _        |__END__|
    |D|___      |D|_____________
    |E|D|H|     |G|B|H|E|B|L|D|L|
    |J| |B|_____|B|       |D|
        |G|G|H|M|T|       |D|
        |T|     |T|_______|D|___
     ___|B|___  |H|B|D|T|M|T|B|H|___
    |H|M|T|M|D|     |D|       |M|G|J|
    |M|     |E|_____|G|_______|E|
    |G|T|B|M|D|           |H|
    |H|     |H|___________|D|___
    |J|     |G|T|H|B|T|E|B|M|G|B|
              |B|   |H|       |B|
       _______|E|___|B|       |J|
                |_   _|
                  | |
                  | |
               ___| |___
    There is a route here that I recommend. It is one that I ALWAYS take, and I find it
    to be the best route. Here it is:
    North 3 squares
    West 4 squares
    East 5 squares
    North 3 squares
    East 5 squares
    South 2 squares
    North 2 squares
    West 2 squares
    North 3 squares
    East 2 squares
    North 2 squares
    East 2 squares
    West 2 squares
    North 1 square
    West 2 squares
    North 4 squares
    West 5 squares
    North 1 square
    By doing this, you'll get a chance to grab a total of six Joker Cards, six
    honeycombs, and one extra life. You'll pass over only two Timer Squares, 5 Grunty
    squares, and five Death Squares.
    One final wish of good luck!
    |                            Final Fight                            FF01      |
    When you finally win the quiz, watch the hilarious cinema scene, the somewhat funny
    credits, and then the scene after that. Banjo, Kazooie, Bottles, and Mumbo will be
    partying, but then Tooty will come out and tell Banjo and Kazooie that Grunty still
    needs to be finished off, which ruins like, the whole thing. Nice job Tooty. You'll
    find yourself back at Grunty's Furnace Fun. Head right, then up all the stairs.
    Activate the cauldron here. You now have a shortcut between the green cauldrons (you
    should've already activated the one near the start of the Furnace). This isn't
    really a shortcut, just stops you from having to make that treck across the
    gameboard. Anyway, from here, go right to find yet another note door, with a cost of
    810 notes. Head through to find the next picture.
    There are no pieces at all here. It takes a whopping twenty-five Jiggies to make it
    complete, leaving you with only six Jiggies left. The door will open, so head left,
    through the door. Head up to the pot, which is the one you saw at the beginning of
    the game. He'll tell you that he can get you to the top of the tower, where Grunty
    lies. But don't jump in yet. There's four final note doors in this room. They have a
    cost of 864, 828, 882, and 846 (from left to right). The one with 864 has a giant
    golden feather. Touch it to recover all of your golden feathers. The one with 828
    has a giant egg. You can recover all your eggs with this. The third note door has
    one final picture, one very small one. It only takes four Jiggies to fill. Stand on
    it and put the four Jiggies in. The picture is of a giant honeycomb.
    This doubles your energy bar! Now you have sixteen honeycombs! It looks like eight
    red ones now. Whenever you get hit, you'll lose a red one, revealing the yellow one
    below it. When you get hit agian, you'll lose that yellow one. Head back and open
    the note door with 846. Inside is a giant red feather, that gives you all of your
    feathers back. Anyway, we have everything now, so jump into Dingpot up to the final
    |                         Roof of the Lair                          LR01      |
    This is one hell of a battle. One hell of a tough battle, but also one hell of a fun
    one. It's fought in a bunch of different phases, each one being tougher than the
    last. But with sixteen honeycombs and max golden feathers and eggs, you should have
    a shot.
                                    Phase 1
    Grunty will begin by dive-bombing you on her broom. If you keep moving around the
    arena, never staying in the same place, she'll always miss you. You'll lose a single
    honeycomb if you're hit, so be careful. Grunty will dive-bomb you twice, and then
    her broom will run out of steam. At this point, quickly rush up to her and perform a
    Rat-a-Tat-Rap. This will cause her to get very angry at you. She'll conjure up a
    ball of fire and hurl it at Banjo and Kazooie, but if you continue to move, it'll
    miss. Grunty will then dive-bomb you twice more. Again, keep moving and you'll
    easily avoid her. Once again, the broom's energy runs out. Quickly rush up and
    perform a second Rat-a-Tat-Rap on her. After she throws another ball of fire at you
    (and misses, hopefully) the battle will continue.
    Dive-bombs again, but this time she'll dive-bomb you three times. It isn't any
    harder to avoid than before, so just keep moving. Another Rat-a-Tat-Rap after the
    dive-bombs, and then another fireball, and the dive-bombing will resume once more.
    This time, it's four dive-bombs. After that, perform one final Rat-a-Tat-Rap and
    she'll drop a honeycomb. If you lost any energy, pick it up. Otherwise, DON'T TOUCH
    IT. Grunty will conjure up a swirling green spell. This is homing and unavoidable,
    unless you use a gold feather. Do so to avoid losing a honeycomb.
                                    Phase 2
    This is a much harder phase, but you still shouldn't have TOO much trouble with it.
    Grunty will hover above the tower, throwing fireballs at you. She has a lot better
    accuracy this time, but if you zig-zag toward her, you shouldn't be hit once. Hiding
    behind the green brick in front of Grunty guarantees that you won't be hit. Wait
    behind that green brick as Grunty throws a bunch of fireballs (and misses). When she
    pauses, quickly jump up onto the brick and spit three eggs out. You have to have
    good accuracy here, or you'll miss completely. If you don't hit her with three eggs,
    then you'll have to retreat to behind the brick until she stops throwing fireballs
    at you once more. Anyway, once you hit Grunty three times, she'll scream and move to
    a different area.
    Follow her (she's pretty quick, but you should be able to keep up) and hide behind
    the brick in front of her once again. She'll throw fireballs at you once more (I
    think it's always four now), so you'll have to quickly jump up after she's done.
    There is a much shorter pause now, so you have no time to aim. Just fire three eggs,
    hope that your aim was true, and you'll move on. If you do bother to aim, only fire
    one egg. Otherwise, you'll end up getting hit by a stupid fireball. Grunty will move
    on once more. Follow her once more. Hide behind the brick once more. She'll throw
    more fireballs at you, but the amount is random this time. It's between three and
    five, but I can't tell you what it is each time. When she stops, you have like NO
    tiem to shoot eggs.
    Quickly jump up and shoot a single egg, then retreat. If you take time to aim,
    you'll be hit definitely and if you shoot more than one egg, you'll also be
    definitely hit. The fireball she throws will be halfway to you by the time you shoot
    your egg, so you have no time to do anything else. Repeat this three times and
    she'll shoot another green spell at you. Block it with a golden feather once more.
                                    Phase 3
    Grunty will fly up and drop a honeycomb. Bottles will tell you that she's taken to
    the air, and then he'll make a flying pad appear in the middle of the arena. Quickly
    rush to it and fly up into the air. You can probably guess what you have to do now.
    Grunty will fly on her broom, in a circle around the tower. She'll stop and pause
    for about five or six seconds. This is your chance to aim and do a Beak Bomb at her.
    She is a rather big target (you can hit any part of the broom or her body to do
    damage). Try not to Beak Bomb her when she's throwing fireballs at you, or you might
    fly straight into a fireball. Don't worry if you miss, since there's really nothing
    to hit up in the air. If you got the 100 feathers before you entered Dingpot, you
    should have enough to stay in the air for a long, long time.
    After hitting Grunty a couple times with the Beak Bomb, she'll start to throw more
    and more fireballs. Eventually, it'll get to the point where she'll stop, face you,
    and throw fireballs non-stop. There's really no way to avoid the fireballs, just
    hope that you charge past them as you Beak Bomb into Grunty. A good thing that comes
    out of Grunty constantly throwing fireballs is the fact that she'll stay still
    longer. Since she doesn't move as fast as most enemies do in the air, you could also
    have a chance of Beak Bombing her while she's moving. She doesn't throw any
    fireballs then, and you won't hit anything if you miss (unless you're really, really
    low to the ground), so it's worth a try if you're feeling lucky. Keep hitting Grunty
    with Beak Bombs and she'll eventually create a force field around herself.
                                    Phase 4
    Great. The force field that Grunty creates is something that you can't penetrate
    with any of your moves. Also, touching it with anything calls for a loss of a
    honeycomb. You're bound to have lost at least one honeycomb now, so fly back to land
    and collect the honeycomb that has been dropped. Four Jinjo statues will now rise
    out of the ground. For resucing them, they want to thank you by helping you stop
    Grunty. It'd be nice if we didn't have to activate them from these damn statues
    first, but oh well. Anyway, each statue has a hole in the front of it. You have to
    crouch and shoot three eggs into the hole to activate the statue. This would be
    pretty simple but Grunty is in the middle of the arena, throwing fireball after
    She doesn't stop at any point to take a rest either, so you're sort of in trouble.
    To make matters worse, her accuracy has improved DRAMATICALLY since a few seconds
    ago, when all three of you (Banjo, Kazooie, and Grunty) were in the air. How'd she
    improve her accuracy 99% in three seconds? Oh well. Anyway, even if you constantly
    move, she seems to know where you'll be moving, so you'll be hit anyway. Run up to
    any Jinjo statue (they are all in corners of the arena) and quickly get in front of
    them. If you hear the sound of Grunty throwing a fireball at you, move out of the
    way first. Hiding behind the statue won't help, so don't try. Anyway, when you think
    you have a second, get in front of the statue and quickly shoot three eggs. If you
    miss, then don't try again.
    Grunty will probably have thrown another fireball at you by then, so you have to
    move out of the way first before you can continue. Once you shoot three eggs into
    the hole, the statue will crumble and a giant Jinjo will appear. The first time you
    activate a statue, a short cinema scene will occur where it'll spin around a few
    times and slam hard into the force field. This will harm Grunty, but you still have
    to do this three more times. For the last three, you'll have a problem when you
    acitvate any of the statues. There is no cinema scene now as the Jinjo flys up to
    Grunty, so you'll still have to constantly avoid her as the Jinjo first gets up,
    yawns, flys into the air, spins around a few times, and then FINALLY slams into
    You might've taken a few hits while it was doing this, so you'll have to be on your
    feet at all times. Once you activate all four statues, Grunty's broomstick will
    shatter into splinters everywhere, dropping her onto one of the bricks. She'll
    charge another green spell at you, which you need to deflect with your golden
                                    Phase 5
    Collect the honeycomb that Grunty dropped, since you're bound to need it now. You
    should have at least ten honeycombs left, if not more. Anyway, for the first part of
    this phase, it seems like there's nothing to do. Grunty is still in her shield, so
    touching her means loss of energy, but there's no Jinjo statues or anything. She
    just keeps throwing fireballs at you, with insanse accuracy. If you move back and
    forth, while staying in a closed area, you should be able to avoid them. Eventually,
    she'll conjure up another green spell. Deflect it with your golden feathers, and
    then the might Jinjonator (YEAH!) will rise up. It's a HUGE statue of a Jinjo, with
    egg slots on all four sides. You'll probably think that the first place to go would
    be the back.
    Although Grunty still has excellent accuracy when you're behind the statue, she
    can't hit you as much as she would be able to if you were on the sides. But I
    suggest heading to the front first, since you'll want to get that side over with.
    Move back and forth in front of the Jinijonator until Grunty conjures a green spell.
    After deflecting it, Grunty will pause for a moment. This is a perfect opportunity
    to fire eggs into the hole. You'll hear a sound confirming that the egg is in. When
    you get enough eggs into the hole, a little door with close. It can be hard to see,
    and you might still be firing eggs at the same place even after the door has closed,
    so looked closely. If Grunty starts shooting fireballs while you're in the middle of
    shooting eggs, don't bother to dodge if you're already like halfway done.
    When you get to six honeycombs or less (you shouldn't get there at all), THEN you
    should start avoiding the fireballs at all costs and only shooting eggs into the
    slots when Grunty has paused. There's a different amount of eggs per slot (some have
    two, some three, and one has five), so don't always shoot the same amount into each
    one. It might be good to just fire one egg at a time, since you can see what's going
    on better than. Once all four holes close, the statue will crumble. The Jinjonator
    will continuously slam into a terrified Grunty, and then it'll do one last, super
    charge that will knock Grunty off the tower. As she falls, she'll try to take you
    out with one last spell, but it'll miss you automatically.
    |                            Game Ending                            ED01      |
    As Grunty falls, a bunch of stones will fall as well. She'll slam into a ground and
    a rock will fall under her, trapping her (yeah, of course a fall like that wouldn't
    kill her). Now Banjo, Kazooie, Bottles, Tooty, the Jinjos, and Mumbo are on a
    vacation in Treasure Trove Cove. After watching the cast list (witch include the
    very minor characters, as well as all the enemies), Mumbo will pop out. If you've
    gotten all 100 Jiggies (which you have done, haven't you?), he'll show you some
    secret pictures of Banjo and Kazooie collecting two special eggs and a giant ice
    key. Any B-K fan who's played through this game at least once should know about the
    legendary eggs and keys. They can only be gotten through B-K illigally (sorta), and
    they don't play that big of a role in Banjo-Tooie. But the next chapter will explain
    how to get them, if you want.
    |              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~              |
    |              |%%%%% The Hunt for the Eggs and the Key  %%%%%|              |
    |              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~              |
    WARNING TO WHOEVER IS READING THIS: I'm assuming that you've followed the
    walkthrough above, so you now have all 100 Jiggies, 900 notes, and 24 honeycombs. So
    I'm writing this portion as if you have completed the game completely. If you
    haven't completed the game, you might not be able to access one of these eggs
    (though you don't need to collect all Jiggies, notes, and honeycombs to get them;
    you just need to unlock the nine worlds). You have been teh warned.
    Now that you've completed the game, there's a little sub-quest you can do. It has no
    reward, but it's pretty mysterious. There's really no point to doing it, but it can
    be fun, and you get to go to secret areas that you didn't get to go to earlier!
    YEAH! Anyway, this is the quest of the six mystery eggs and the odd ice key. When
    you get them, a level called "Stop 'n Swap" appears in your "View Totals" screen. It
    has been confirmed the "Stop 'n Swap" does nothing. However, people used to think
    that you highlighted "Stop n' Swap," took the Banjo-Kazooie cartridge out of the
    system without turning it off, and placing Banjo-Tooie in. It sounded like a great
    idea, but unfortunately it didn't work :( Still, the eggs and keys are here, and
    they're collectibles, aren't they? Of course!
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL.1      |
    From here, you'll want to head to Treasure Trove Cove.
    |                       Treasure Trove Cove                         TTCE      |
    Head to the sandcastle area (remember, you have to empty the water with Leaky). Down
    in the sandcastle area, go into the sandcastle. Enter the following code there:
    This splits into:
    You'll hear a "moo" sound when you enter the letters C-H-E-A-T, but no sound when
    you enter the other letters. However, if done correctly, a cinema scene will occur
    shortly after. Nothing special, just Shark Food Island has magically risen outside.
    But don't head out there yet, we still have more codes to put in! Exit and re-enter
    the sandcastle, and enter the following code:
    This splits into:
    Again, you'll get the "moo" sound for C-H-E-A-T. Once you input this code correctly,
    another cinema scene will occur. The ice wall blocking the giant key in Freezy Peak
    is now gone (this is located in Wozza's Cave, behind the orange Jinjo). Exit and re-
    enter the sandcastle. We still have five more codes to input, and I'm sorry to say
    this, but they're as long as the first two are. This time, you'll want to enter the
    This splits into:
    Again, you'll get the "moo" sound for C-H-E-A-T. Once you input this code correctly,
    another cinema scene will occur. A new door in Gobi's Valley has opened. It is the
    door located in the place where Gobi was resting the third time you met him. Exit
    and re-enter the castle once more. We have four codes left! Enter the following code
    into the floor:
    This splits into:
    Again, you'll get the "moo" sound for C-H-E-A-T. Once you input this code correctly,
    another cinema scene will occur. This time, you'll be in the cellar of Mad Monster
    Mansion. The one barrel that you couldn't open before is now open, and it has a view
    of a turquoise egg. There's yet another egg in Mad Monster Mansion, and we're about
    to input the code. Exit and re-enter the castle and enter the following code:
    This splits into:
    Again, you'll get the "moo" sound for C-H-E-A-T. Once you input this code correctly,
    another cinema scene will occur. This time you'll see Luggo the Toilet in Mad
    Monster Mansion. A light green egg is on top of him. We have two more cheats left,
    so bear with me! Exit and re-enter once again and enter the following:
    This splits into:
    Again, you'll get the "moo" sound for C-H-E-A-T. Once you input this code correctly,
    another cinema scene will occur. You'll find a bright red egg on the captin's bead
    in *gasp* Rusty Bucket Bay. Damn, we DO have to go back after all. One more cheat
    left! Okay, exit and re-enter and enter the last code which is this:
    Again, you'll get the "moo" sound for C-H-E-A-T. Once you input this code correctly,
    another cinema scene will occur. The final scene, thank goodness. The last egg will
    be shown in Nabnut's house, on one of the pieces of furniture.
    Okay, now you're all ready to collect the eggs and the key. Head out of the castle
    and out of the sandcastle pit. Right in front of you is Sharkfood Island. Swim to
    the box, avoiding Snacker, and jump to the entrance. Inside, you'll hear a noise of
    congragulations. Locate the Shock Pad that you saw in the photo and you'll shoot up.
    You'll now have to jump and float sixteen times, and you'll slowly go higher and
    higher. Don't fall, or you'll have to do the whole stuipd thing over again. At the
    top, high jump to the very, very top, where a giant purple EGG (1) is. Great, we
    have our first egg. Check yoru "View Totals" screen and scroll all the way to the
    right. "Stop 'N Swap" has appeared, so we have to fill that screen now! Drop down to
    the bottom of the tower.
    Exit Sharkfood Island, and then exit Treasure Trove Cove entirely.
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL.2      |
    Head out of the Treasure Trove Cove area. Outside, climb the vine and head right,
    over the water and through the door. Go down the ramp, and then down the stairs, to
    find the cauldron. Jump in and you'll warp to another area of the lair. Locate the
    Freezy Peak cave entrance and go through. Now enter Freezy Peak.
    |                           Freezy Peak                             FPGK      |
    Here, Talon Trot down the two steep hills. Now go left, past the chirstmas tree, and
    over to the present bunch. Step on the flying pad and fly to Wozza's Cave, which
    should be north of the presents. Land and enter the cave. Wozza is still scared of
    you :) High jump into the little alcove with the Jinjo and head forward. The
    congragulations music will sound. Jump up onto the platform and collect the ICE KEY
    (1). You're now 1/3 complete with the "Stop 'N Swap" collection! After you have the
    Ice Key, exit Wozza's Cave, and then exit Freezy Peak entirely.
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL.3      |
    Our next destination is Gobi's Valley, where we can find another egg. No cauldrons
    are needed in this trip. Exit the Freezy Peak area and into the main part of the
    lair once more. Go through the door on your left to be in the Gobi's Valley area.
    Head north and through the little door to find Wading Boots. Put them on, then climb
    the stairs to your right. Head across the quicksand and into Gobi's Valley.
    |                          Gobi's Valley                            GVEH      |
    You remember our favorite flying pad, don't you? We have to go there again. From
    ther start, head forward, past Trunker. Tallon Trot up the steep hill and then jump
    onto the statue's paw. From there, jump up onto a few more platforms and make your
    way up to the body of the statue. You should see the famous flying pad of Gobi's
    Valley. Fly to the little alcove above the quicksand that's surrounding the statue
    you're on. Here, head through the door. This is the hidden area with the next egg.
    Go forward, up the slope, and you'll find a coffin with a switch. Push the switch in
    to open the coffin. You'll reveal a nice blue EGG (2). We are halfway done with
    "Stop 'N Swap" now! Pure joy! Anyway, now that you have the blue egg, exit the
    hidden area.
    We have to wait for that stupid magic carpet to come to us so we can get back down.
    Once it has take you to the statue, make your way down to the exit.
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL.4      |
    We have to go to Mad Monster Mansion next, which holds TWO eggs. Yipee. It is
    somewhat of a long journey, but we don't have a cauldron to warp with. Use the
    Wading Boots to get back across the quicksand and enter the previous area you were
    in (where you could get to Freezy Peak). Head straight ahead of you, up into
    Gruntilda's Mouth. Remember this cursed area? I hated this place. Anyway, go left,
    traveling across the bridge. Pass the Gobi's Valley puzzle and go across the next
    bridge. Head left once you're across. You're now in the Mad Monster Mansion area. Go
    forward, defeating of avoiding all of the evil gravestones. Head up into Mad Monster
    |                        Mad Monster Mansion                        MMME      |
    At the start, go right, around to the side of the house. Head north for a bit and
    turn to the corner left. Continue north, and head down the small set of stairs.
    You're at the cellar entrance again. Beak Bust on the door to break it. Fall
    through. Here, defeat the ghost by using a gold feather and then go into the first
    barrel on your right, the only one that's open. Inside, go across and you'll enter a
    much, much larger area with the next EGG (3). Only three more eggs left! Once you
    have that egg, exit the cellar area. Climb the nearest pole, the one near the bat.
    Now go around to the other side of the house, to the area that has a rather small,
    but lit, window. Perform a Rat-a-Tat-Rap on the window to shatter it. Jump into the
    You're back in Lubbo's area. Here, there's yet another wonderful EGG (4) that's on
    top of Lubbo. Yeah. Once you have that egg, exit this area, then drop down and exit
    Mad Monster Mansion for good.
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL.5      |
    Head south, past all the mad gravestones, into the lava area again. Go back left,
    across the two bridges, and head through the cave door there. You'll exit
    Gruntilda's mouth. From here, head to the FRONT of the Freezy Peak cave and then go
    right. You'll climb up a large hill. Head all the way to the end and drop down into
    a small hole with a blue cauldron. Jump into the cauldron to be warped into the
    Rusty Bucket Bay area. Jump into the water and dive down, and then enter Rusty
    Bucket Bay.
    |                        Rusty Bucket Bay                           RBB1      |
    Yeah, you thought you were done with this horrid place, didn't you? Don't worry, we
    only have to be here for a short amount of time and we don't have to go into any
    oily water. At the start go north, up the bridge that leads to the ship. On the ship
    go left and south, past the Man-Eating Pipe. Climb the set of steps near the pipe
    and from there, turn around and go up another bridge. Once you're up, drop down off
    the right side. Go north, and smash the first window you see with a Rat-a-Tat-Rap.
    You're back in the Captain's Quarters. There's the red EGG (5) on his bed. Grab it
    and defeat the sailors, then exit. NOW you can head out of here. Don't worry, we are
    TOTALLY done with this level now. I promise.
    |                          Grunty's Lair                            GL.6      |
    We have two options here, and I can't decide which one is shorter, so I'm just gonna
    give you the one that I THINK is a tiny bit shorter. When you exit Rusty Bucket Bay,
    continue swimming down, and head through the pipe. In the next area, surface. Go
    left, past the mine, and jump up all the pillars. Head through the door here. Use
    golden feathers to get through all the tentacles here. You're now in the Click Clock
    Wood area. Yep, this was definitely the shorter one, I've now decided. Head north,
    past Bigbutt, and Talon Trot up the steep hill. Enter Click Clock Wood.
    |                         Click Clock Wood                          CCWE      |
    You'll want to turn left when you get here and head straight into winter. In winter,
    head right, up the snow and past the snowman, over to the flying pad. Fly up and fly
    all the way over to the area where Nabnut's house is. In the air, Beak Bomb Nabnut's
    lower window to shatter it. Land and head through. You'll notice Nabnut is sleeping
    with a pink squirrl. Cute. Anyway, head up and grab the final EGG (6). "Stop 'N
    Swap" is now complete!
    Well, that's the experience of "Stop 'N Swap" right there. You should now have
    Every. Single. Item. Now you can brag to your friends about how you got everything
    on a game that is six years old. Word. Anyway, those are all the collectibles for
    Banjo-Kazooie! You're done with the game! Although you might want to play it again,
    it has some excellent replay value...
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%  Mumbo Token Guide   %%%%%|           MUJU      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    This is just a handy little FAQ that tells you where to find all the Mumbo Tokens in
    each worlds. Yeah.
    |                         Mumbo's Mountain                          MMMT      |
    1. Behind one of the stones at the bottom of the first hill
    2. Near the pillars where Conga and the moneky are
    3. In the Termite Mountain, on one of the first few platforms (Talon Trot)
    4. Behind the ruins where you learn the Talon Trot
    5. Under the stairs leading to Mumbo's Hut
    |                      Treasure Trove Cove                          TTCT      |
    1. Behind Nipper's shell
    2. At the top of Captain Blubber's ship
    3. Inside Captain Blubber's ship
    4. In front of the entrance to the lighthouse
    5. Above the Shock Pad right next to Bottles (where you learn the Shock Jump)
    6. Inside a chest near two sets of stairs (one leading left and one leading down)
    7. Inside a chest near two sets of stairs (one leading left and one leading down)
    8. Behind the platform where the "?" appears after you stomp on all the X's
    9. Near an archway
    |                         Clanker's Cavern                          CCMT      |
    1. Above the starting point. Climb the pipe and pass the monsters to get to it
    2. In the cavern, dive down to the left and head through a pipe
    3. Get on Clanker's right fin and jump to the platform. Use the Shock Pad to jump to
       a pipe. Climb it and then jump into the little alcoves to get the token
    4. Climb Clanker's tail and jump to the platform
    5. Enter Clanker by means of his left tooth
    |                        Bubblegloop Swamp                          BGMT      |
    1. In the first swamp, behind the pillar with the Jinjo
    2. On top of the pole near the giant egg
    3. Take the large path that's near the Jigsaw Switch
    4. Below all of the huts (you must be an alligator)
    5. Below all of the huts (you must be an alligator)
    6. Inside Mr. Vile's crocodile
    7. Behind Mumbo's hut
    8. Behind Mumbo's chair
    9. Inside TipTank, behind TipTup
    10. When climbing the huts, use the shock pad near the top and jump to the right
    |                         Freezy Peak                               MMMT      |
    1. Inside the igloo near the start
    2. Behind the giant Christams tree
    3. Below the scarf that the giant snowman wears (near where you get on)
    4. Next to the giant snowman's left foot
    5. Next to the giant snowman's right foot
    6. Ride the sled down the snowman to grab one automatically
    7. In the village, fly up to it
    8. Inside one of the evil snowmen (you have to kill it)
    9. Inside one of the evil snowmen (you have to kill it)
    |                         Gobi's Valley                             GVMT      |
    1. On the nose of the giant statue
    2. Inside the giant statue
    3. In the quicksand near the giant statue
    4. Inside Kazooie's pyramid
    5. At the bottom of the giant quicksand lake (fill it with water first) surrounding
       a pillar
    6. In the pyramid that you have to enter by using the running shoes
    7. At the exit of the pyramid that you have to enter by using the running shoes
    8. High above the giant, central pillar (you have to fly to it)
    9. Inside the pyramid with the matching tiles
    10. At the end of the big pyramid that had the maze (in one of the pots)
    |                       Mad Monster Mansion                         MMN.      |
    1. On the second floor of the mansion, break one of the windows. It's inside the
       bathroom that's accessed through one of those windows
    2. In one of the barrels in the cellar
    3. On the third floor of the mansion, break the window. It's in front of a picture
    4. At the very top of the mansion
    5. To the left of the fountain area
    6. Near the entrance to the shack
    7. Behind one of the gravestones
    8. On the roof of the church
    9. Near the clock of the church
    10. Inside the hedge maze
    11. Inside the hedge maze
    12. On top of the shack
    13. Inside the well (you need to be a pumpkin)
    14. Near the organ inside the church
    |                         Rusty Bucket Bay                          RBBN      |
    1. At the start, go left to Toll 2. Spit in four eggs to reveal a path. High jump
       for the token
    2. Inside the engine room, on the first rotating platform
    3. Near one of the propeller switches in the engine room
    4. Near one of the propeller switches in the engine room
    5. On one of the barrels in the toxic waste dump
    6. In the big storage area
    7. On top one of the funnels (the giant pipes)
    8. Near the edge of the level, in the giant blue box (the first one)
    9. Near the edge of the level, in the giant blue box (the middle one; get in by
       smashing a hole in the top)
    10. In the controls room (shatter one of the high resolution windows on the ship)
    |                         Click Clock Wood                          CCWN      |
    1. Guarded by the Man-Eating Flower at the start
    2. Swim to the end of the lake and jump to the left, where a token is guarded by a
    3. Near Mumbo's hut
    4. Start climbing the tree, and you'll get to a huge branch. The token is here
    5. When you get to the beehive, carefully drop off the end and you'll land on the
    6. Inside the half complete house a little further up the tree
    7. Inside Nabnut's house (high up in the tree)
    8. In Eyrie's nest
    1. Near Gnawty's house
    2. At the end of the dried lake, jump up to the flower area, go forward and grab the
       token to your right
    3. On the wooden planks inside Mumbo's hut
    4. At the start of the tree, go left, up the leaves. Head to the top leaf to find
       the token
    5. Start climbing the tree, and you'll get to a huge branch. The token is here
    6. Past Nabnut's house, when you have to jump the gaps and defeat the birds at the
       same time
    1. Guraded by the ME-Flower at the start
    2. At the start of the tree, go left, up the leaves. Head to the top leaf to find
       the token
    3. Start climbing the tree, and you'll get to a huge branch. The token is here
    4. On the huge branch in front of the nearly complete house
    5. At the very, very top of the tree there is a ME-Flower with the token
    1. On the stem of the giant plant
    2. Inside one of the evil snowmen
    3. On top of the beehive
    4. In Nabnut's area, head down to the platform with the snowman, and then go down
       the steep ramp right (in Talon Trot mode, of course)
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%  Codes and Secrets   %%%%%|           LIFO      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    There are many different codes you can enter in this game, and the majority of them
    are awesome. ALL of these codes must be entered in the Treasure Trove Cove
    sandcastle area. When you type in a code that has "CHEAT" in it, you'll hear a "moo"
    sound for the "C-H-E-A-T," but no sound when you're entering the rest of these
    Use more othan two of these secret codes in the same save file and your game will be
    erased. I'm not joking. It's happened to me.
    This gives you eight honeycombs. BE CAREFUL! If you already have sixteen honeycombs,
    this cheat will bring it back down to eight.
    This will give you 99 Mumbo Tokens if you're too lazy to find them on your own :)
    This will shatter the glass of the Grunty statue near the Freezy Peak area.
    Pointless really, all it takes is a Beak Bomb...
    You get infinite oxygen by using this cheat. Very helpful in certain situationsn
    This gives you unlimited eggs. As if 100 isn't enough...
    Now this is something. You'll get infinite golden feathers, which seriously tones
    down the difficulty of the game.
    Infinite lives. Seriously, do we REALLY need infinite lives? Have you ever gotten a
    game over?
    Infinite red feathers. Somewhat useful, don't waste one of your two cheats on this
    This will open Bubblegloop Swamp. TOTAL waste, I'd open one of the later levels
    Opens Clanker's Cavern. If you can't open it by means of the puzzle, then you're
    extremely sad.
    This opens Click Clock Wood. Great cheat to use if you want to save fifteen Jiggies.
    Opens Freezy Peak (duh). Another waste of a level, please don't use this cheat.
    Opens Gobi's Valley. Avoid this cheat.
    Opens Mad Monster Mansion. There's a better use of Jiggies here, so I recommend
    against using this cheat.
    Opens Rusty Bucket Bay. If you want to use two level opening cheats, make it this
    and Click Clock Wood. It saves like twenty-five Jiggies total.
    Opens the second note door. COMPLETE waste, you'll just have to open the other ones
    as well, so you'll still have to get the notes.
    Opens the third note door. Like number two, total waste.
    Fourth note door open, one cheat wasted.
    Opens fifth note door. Can you say... "waste?"
    Opens sixth note door. You know what I'm going to say.
    Even if this seems good, you still have to get through note door eight, so don't
    This raises the water level near Rusty Bucket Bay. Please don't. I'm begging you.
    This removes all breakable walls. Of course, it takes three eggs to take down a
    breakable wall, or a single Rat-a-Tat-Rap, so if you have to do this then...
    This will remove all webs. Three eggs take out a web. Don't even think about it
    using this cheat.
    To remove the crypt gate, you can just use a Rat-a-Tat-Rap. That's all I'm saying.
    This removes the gate blocking the Jiggy near Bubblegloop. A waste of a cheat for
    just one Jiggy? No thanks.
    This removes the block of ice near the Freezy Peak puzzle. Don't. Just don't.
    This removes the large pipe near Clanker's Cavern. I'd rather you didn't...
    It takes a Beak Buster to get rid of the coffin lid. A Beak Buster.
    There's the two pipes in Clanker's area now, so you can get to the level. Of course,
    the switch is to the right of the pipes...
    Those are the cheats. They are more or less a waste. If you're gonna use them, I
    suggest the infinite gold feathers one and the infinite oxygen one, but it's your
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%      Legal Info      %%%%%|           LIFO      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |MAJOR NOTE: This FAQ will be hosted by ONLY GAMEFAQS.COM, IGN.COM,          |
    |matter how many times I say don't, WAY too many people take my FAQs without |
    |my permission. I have grown to trust only these four sites, who haven't     |
    |actually stolen any type of work from people. Even if you want my FAQ, sorry|
    |but thanks to some certain sites, only these four are allowed to host it.   |
    Note that if you DO steal my FAQs, you will regret it. Seriously regret it.
    Stealing someone's work without asking is something that FAQ writers get really
    pissed off at. Stealing someone's work and crediting someone else for it is
    PLAGIARISM! That is a SERIOUS violation and I assure you, you'll pay dearly if
    you plagiarize any of my work.
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    |                     |%%%%%        Contact       %%%%%|           CIFO      |
    |                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     |
    AIM Contact
    I tried, I really did, for nearly a year to allow people to IM me for questions.
    However, people seem to not respect the rules. I understand that there were many
    that did, and I'm sorry this had to happen, but I am moving to a closed list.
    There have been many pointless IMs, including people who bash, advertising
    people (0_0), spammers, and people who "wnt to maek convursashon bye tlking liek
    thiz" which gets incredibly annoying. So it's only e-mail now, sorry.
    E-mail contact rules
    My e-mail address is cskull@frogdesign.com. There are a few things that
    you can e-mail me about, and few things that you can't. First the
    things that are okay.
    Information on the game. No this does NOT mean full world guides,
    because if it isn't there I haven't gotten to them yet but I will. It means
    additional TIPS on beating a world or correcting information that I messed up.
    Secrets are _TOTALLY_ accepted.
    Praise mail. I used to be against this, but now I realize how rare praise really
    is. Just don't send me things like, "Yer faq is kewl, lol!!!"
    Suggestions for the FAQ. Something like, "Why don't you add such and
    such in your FAQ. NOT "Why don't you totally re-do your FAQ because it
    sucks!" That is just plain rude and annoying. If you don't like my
    FAQ, tell me things to make it better!
    The things that you CAN'T e-mail me about are...
    Spam. This is the NUMBER 0NE thing that you must not send. I get at least twenty
    spam e-mails a day and I don't need yours it doesn't help. Please don't send any.
    Asking permission to use this FAQ. No, you can't, so don't bother. Only four
    sites, which I have listed at the top of the guide, can use this FAQ.
    Hate mail. No I don't appreciate it if you send me an e-mail saying, "Your FAQ is
    the biggest piece of **** ever created! It sucks!" That just
    fills up my inbox and it really annoys me.
    Spelling/Grammar mistakes. I used to get about ten e-mails a day
    saying, "You spelled these two words wrong." or something like, "You
    used inappropriate grammar in this chapter." Please people! I can find
    those on my own!
    And that wraps up the contact. Once again my e-mail is:
    |                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    |
    |                      |%%%%%    Credits/Closing   %%%%%|          CRCL      |
    |                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    |
    |                   A DEDICATION TO CHRIS MACDONALD                           |
    May 19, 2004. I come to GameFAQs when I get home, as usual and I see that Chris, who
    goes under the screen name Kao Megura, has passed away. I am shocked and greatly
    upset at the same time. Chris was one of the best contributors to GameFAQs. Many
    fighting fans used the brilliant "King of Fighters" guides that he wrote. And his
    Final Fantasy VII FAQ has got to be one of the best guides on the site if not _the_
    best on the site. The guide is the definition of the word "format" and is pretty
    much the definition to the word "depth". It was used thoroughly by many users,
    including myself. Yes, Chris was the one author that inspired me to submit work to
    GameFAQs. After reading his guide about five years ago, I printed it out and brought
    it to my friend's house whenever I came over to his house.
    I used it for the whole game of Final Fantasy VII. I might've made my friend print
    the guide out as well though I don't remember. Anyway, after finishing the game
    twice with his guide I started submitting reviews. Then I started submitting guides
    and it became my main hobby. And this is all thanks to Chris. Without his wonderful
    guides, I would've left GameFAQs years ago and would've never submitted anything or
    even started a message board account. Chris, I hope you've gone to a better place
    now. The MacDonald family, words can't express how truly thankful I am for Chris's
    kindness to authors as well as his dedication to his readers. I can't express how
    truly sorry I am to hear about his passing either. Chris, you will never, ever be
    forgotten by FAQ authors.
    Rest in peace man. Rest very peacefully.
    CJayC: His awesome game site, and for posting this guide on it.
    shoecream: he created that cool ASCII art at the top.
    GameFAQs Codes and Secrets page: for the codes I couldn't track down, I was able to
    use this page as a referance.
                       / _|
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