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    Extra Honeycomb Locations by j_ohanley

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    Banjo Kazooie: Extra Honeycomb Location Guide!!
    Written by j_ohanley.
    This game is for the Nintendo 64
    E-mail me at "j_ohanley@hotmail.com"
    Version 1.0
    And this is where it stays!
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    Table of Contents:
    1. The Introduction
    2. What are Extra Honeycombs?
    3. Locations of Extra Honeycombs
    4. Coming Soon...
    5. Credit where its Due...
    6. Contact Me!
    7. Legal Trash
    8. The Last Words
    *********Chapter One: Introduction*********
    In turms of items being the most difficult to find in Banjo-Kazooie, the
    extra honeycombs have my vote. Seriously, I was a platformer veteran
    when I got Banjo-Kazooie last fall, and I still had trouble collecting
    all the extra honeycombs.
    That's why I'm here for you now. I am going to make sure that you get
    every extra honeycomb in Banjo-Kazooie, and end your suffering!
    **Chapter Two: What are Extra Honeycombs?**
    This tiny section of FAQ describes the general, basic, things about
    extra honeycombs. This is made for the people who have just gotten
    Banjo-Kazooie, or are considering getting Banjo-Kazooie and want to
    learn about it, and stuff like this.
    What do they look like?:
    The extra Honeycomb pieces look just like regular Honeycomb pieces,
    except the middle of them are nonexistent, making them hollow. They are
    shaped like golden hexagons.
    How many per world?:
    There are two very well hidden in each of the nine worlds, with the
    exception of Spiral Mountain, which has six. There are none in
    Gruntilda's Lair, and the grand total is 24 extra honeycombs.
    What do they do?:
    When you collect one, it is added to a hexagon of six pieces. Each time
    you find one, it is added to the total, and at six extra honeycombs,
    another segment is added to your life bar. You start out with five
    regular honeycombs, you can go as far as eight, making a six extra
    honeycomb leeway.
    *Chapter Three: Locations of Extra Honeycombs*
    This is the chapter, the reason why this FAQ was created, the most
    important chapter. Here you will get your main info about finding the
    elusive extra honeycomb pieces. Have fun!
    ***Spiral Mountain***
    1. First of all, you must learn the three jumps, all told to you by
    Bottles at the area in Spiral Mountain that is near several tree stumps,
    close to Banjo's and Kazooie's house. When that is taught, go to the
    tree stump that is at the back right corner. Use the Flap-Flip move to
    jump onto the stump and acquire the first honeycomb of the game.
    2. Do you know how to swim yet? If you don't, talk to Bottles, a little
    further up the path from the tree stump area. He can explain how to swim
    better than me so we'll leave it to him. Once you know, dive on into the
    water and go down. Swim around the base of Spiral Mountain itself until
    you see a small underwater cave with the honeycomb, its gold colors
    glaring back at you.
    3. After learning how to swim, keep going up the path. At the place
    where it branches off, head left. Pretty soon, you will arrive at the
    edge of the path, with a ledge right across from you. Use the Feathery
    Flap move to move over to it, and then keep going, jumping from ledge to
    ledge, until you arrive with one with a tiny waterfall separating you
    from the honeycomb. This is the only time you MUST use the Feathery
    Flap. After collecting the honeycomb, jump to the small cave with an
    extra life inside behind the waterfall.
    4. After collecting honeycomb number three, jump into the water below.
    When in the lake, swim over to the left and climb the ramp back onto dry
    land. Stagger on over to Bottles molehill and learn how to climb trees.
    Backtrack up the path, cross the small bridge, and climb to the top of
    the tree that's to the left (from Banjo's perspective). Your prize? An
    extra honeycomb!
    5. Wander back over the bridge, by Bottles molehill, and into the rocky
    area built into the mountain. Talk to Bottles to learn the Beak Barge,
    and then, use it on the assorted rocks in area. The last one contains an
    extra honeycomb!
    6. Next, you are required to go up and learn all of Bottles attacks up
    there in the raised garden patch. The last enemy that you defeat will
    yield a...you guessed it. Extra honeycomb!
    ***Mumbo's Mountain***
    1. At the very, very top of Mumbo's Mountain, you will discover a giant
    hungry totem pole named Ju-ju that will talk about blue stones when you
    get near him. You will notice how he rotates. Get yourself into the "egg
    shooting" stance and be ready. If you have not got the egg move yet,
    then you will discover it over on the ledges near Conga's patch.
    Anywhoo, prepare yourself in front of Ju-ju the totem pole. The second
    you see his mouth, fire an egg into it! He will become smaller. Repeat
    until there is only one segment left, and at this point, use the Flap
    Flip to jump onto Ju-ju. Flap-Flip again to get the extra honeycomb.
    2. First of all, visit Mumbo, who is sleeping in his hut at the top of
    the mountain. Wake him up and have him turn you into a termite. Exit the
    hut. Walk through the village towards the Ticker's Termite Tower, and
    make you way to the fenced area in front of it. Jump onto the gray
    mountain below, and walk on it until you discover the extra honeycomb,
    tucked away in a little alcove.
    ***Treasure Trove Cove***
    1. To the left of the starting point, you will discover Nipper, a giant
    hermit crab. Do you see the shock spring pad nearby? Stand on it, and
    follow the wall to the left, right into the water. Just keep following
    the wall, and you will eventually arrive at the extra honeycomb. Beware,
    all this will trigger Snacker the Shark, and he will come after you, and
    most likely knock off a honeycomb on your lifebar, so work fast so he
    doesn't get you twice! It is highly recommended that you have at least
    four bars on your meter before attempting this suicide quest.
    2. There are two methods for getting this extra honeycomb, the short,
    dangerous way, or the longer, less dangerous way. I prefer the first way
    myself though. But before I begin going into detail, I will explain the
    location. It is out to the left of the giant sandbar, on a box, way out
    in the ocean...
    a). From the sandbar, take a deep breath, and dive into the water and
    begin swimming towards the box. Snacker will pop up, and give chase, he
    is more easily avoidable this time around, but be wary just the same.
    Jump onto the box and collect your extra honeycomb.
    b). First of all, learn how to fly by talking to Bottles, who is on top
    of the salty hippo. Find a flight pad, and take off towards the area in
    the ocean where the extra honeycomb is. Simply swoop down and pick 'er
    ***Clanker's Cavern***
    1. This one is the first truly cleverly hidden extra honeycomb, though
    not necessarily very difficult to get. In the main chamber of Clanker's
    Cavern, you will notice a shockspring jump pad on a platform. To the
    right of it is a pipe, touching the water. Take a dive underwater, and
    swim directly through the bottom of the pipe, and get the extra
    2. First off, you need to rise Clanker. I do NOT need to tell the
    nonexistent secret of rising Clanker, if you don't know it, almost every
    FAQ on the universe has something on it. Anyway, jump onto Clanker's
    left fin, and when its above the surface of the water, jump to the
    platform with the shockspring jump pad, and use it to jump to the pole
    to the left. Climb up, and to the top. Talon Trot down the pipe, and
    jump onto the next grate. Smash it, and drop down to get your prize.
    ***Bubblegloop Swamp***
    1. The extra honeycombs are rather easy in Bubblegloop Swamp so that's
    why I don't go into an incredible amount of detail here. To get the
    first one, go inside Tanktup by stomping his feet, and enter through his
    mouth. Inside, you will discover Tiptup, jump on his desk and Flap Flip
    to get your extra honeycomb.
    2. Behind the giant statue of Mr. Vile, head on up the slope to the top.
    Go through the entrance to the swamp maze, and go through with the
    wading boots. At the end you will find Mumbo's hut. Go inside and greet
    the shaman, then steal his extra honeycomb, which you jump to from the
    ***Freezeezy Peak***
    1. This one is rather easy to find. All you have to do is learn the Beak
    Bomb move (via Bottles of course) and use it to mow down the snowman in
    the middle of the village. He will will you his extra honeycomb.
    2. Collect enough Mumbo Tokens to make Mumbo transform you into the
    Walrus. Mumbo, by the way, is located in the back corner of Freezeezy
    Peak, which you can access by flying. Anyway, make your way over to
    Wozza's cave, which is in one of the Corners of Freezeezy Peak. When you
    get there, Wozza will be so happy to see another Walrus that he will
    give you a Jiggy, and go inside, leaving the entrance unguarded. Go
    inside. as long as you remain a walrus, Wozza won't mind your presence.
    Use a first person look around the room, and you will spot a small pool
    at the back. Walk over into the pool, and squeeze through the small
    tunnel in the wall. Go through it and you will arrive in a small room,
    with contains the extra honeycomb.
    ***Gobi's Valley***
    1. This puppy is rather difficult to get, you just have to have full
    life! Behind the pyramid with the matching game inside, there is a
    switch with a picture of an extra honeycomb on it. Stomp it, and the
    extra honeycomb will appear...in the center of the cactus. D'oh! Kinda
    reminds you of "The Flying Hellfish."
    Now, find a flight pad, and fly through to get the extra honeycomb
    without getting hit. Er, yeah. Its as simple as that. Secus me for one
    second. <Runs outside, engine starts, car takes off.>
    2. After torturing poor Gobi by stomping on him to water Trunker, he
    will run away. In case you were wondering where he went, he has gone
    off, to find more shade. Go up the hill and near Jinxy look for a magic
    carpet that circles this area of Gobi's Valley, observe it's patterns,
    and when you know where it stops, wait at that spot. Jump on when it
    comes your way, and wait until it takes you to an alcove in the
    mountain. There, you will discover Gobi. Stomp on his back and he will
    cough up the extra honeycomb. Boy, the humane society is probably not
    ***Mad Monster Mansion***
    1. This one is pretty easy. Once inside the church, climb the organ. Oh
    come on! It's not that hard! Once there, you will spot a flight pad on a
    ledge. Once within jumping distance, jump on over, and fly up to the
    rafters above. Aside from the Mumbo Token and Witch Switch, you will see
    the extra honeycomb!
    2. This one is not super difficult, but it will take a lot of
    preparation. Use the poles to climb up to the second floor, and smash
    both windows to be on the safe side. Now, if you have at least twenty
    Mumbo Tokens, your set! Enter the church grounds, and to the right of
    the entrance, you will see Mumbo's hut behind a high wall. But wait! One
    part of the wall is slightly lower than the rest! Flap Flip over the
    wall, and enter Mumbo's hut. He will transform you into the all mighty
    pumpkin!!! Exit the area via a tiny hole, and go through the church
    grounds until you see a gate. To the left of it, there should be a tiny
    hole to squeeze through, inside, you will discover a ramp. Go up, and
    follow the top of the wall to the mansion. Jump into the window in front
    of where you get off the wall. Inside, you will discover the extra
    honeycomb under the floorboards, only the pumpkin can get it, and only
    Banjo can smash the window leading to it. While your under those boards,
    be sure to collect the gold feathers!
    ***Rusty Bucket Bay***
    1. From the starting point, go over, around the boxes and pay the toll
    of two eggs. A bridge will appear, cross it carefully, avoiding the
    Grille Chompa. Talon Trot over the roof of the house, and jump into the
    water. Oh no! Snacker!! He is in this particular pool of water! Quickly,
    jump onto the boy with the Jinjo where you'll be safe! Now, when that
    scary music ceases, press C up, and skim your eyes over the water. Do
    you see that hole in the side of the wall across from you? Take a deep
    breath, and jump into the water. Swim into that hole, with the camera
    angle all crazy, Snacker after you, your air supply dropping quite
    quickly. If you manage to get into the building, surface as quickly as
    you can! Jump onto land, and look around. Room packed with enemies.
    Flight Pad. Extra honeycomb switch on the other side of the room. Walk
    around the walkway, killing everything in your path. At the other side
    of the room, press the switch, and return to the Flight Pad. The extra
    honeycomb has appeared in midair! Use the Flight Pad to get it.
    2. Welcome to a nice easy break from the last one! On one of the smock
    stacks, you will see a tiny metallic door. Enter through it the "subtle"
    way, charging it down like crazy, and enter the room. You will find
    yourself in the smokestack. Drop down, leave the beehive alone, and gaze
    into the horrors ahead. Rotating bridges, giant gears, spinning pipes.
    Well, we won't be going in there. Flap Flip upwards, and you will find
    the extra honeycomb tucked away in a little, hexagonal alcove above the
    ***Click Clock Wood***
    1. Both extra honeycombs are found in winter. Make your way up to
    Nabnut's house, and use the Flight Pad to take off. Beak Bomb that pesky
    snowman, and line yourself up with the window above Nabnuts house, aim
    carefully, and Beak Bomb away! Enter Nabnut's attic. Inside, you will
    find the extra honeycomb, which can be seen from on top of the acorn
    2. Hmm, I feel like paying a visit to Gnawty today. Unfortunetly, his
    house is under a frozen over house. Maybe, you can enter via the small
    hole over in the ice near where Bigbutt the Bull was. Dive on in, but of
    course, it isn't as simple as this. The icy water takes double air. Oh
    boy. Swim as fast as you can to Gnawty's house, keeping close to the
    cliff. Once you see the entrance, swim in as Gnawtys house. Well lookee
    here! Guess what's in the house! It is sorely recommended that this is
    the very last thing you do in Click Clock Wood in case you <gulp> die on
    the way back.
    ********Chapter Four: Coming Soon*********
    More updates to the FAQ will include:
    -Nothing. There is nothing to put here because this FAQ is finished.
    There's the tiniest chance of a frequently asked question guide, but
    there is nothing I have planned.
    Now, in the review department, these reviews are going to show up sooner
    or later:
    Yogi Bears Goldrush: (6/10)
    Super Mario Land: (8/10)
    Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (8/10)
    Donkey Kong Land: (9/10)
    Kirbys Dreamland: (7/10)
    Kirbys Blockball: (9/10)
    Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage (7/10)
    Super NES:
    Spiderman: (8/10)
    Home Alone: (6/10)
    Stunt Race: (7/10)
    Donkey Kong Country: (9/10)
    Super Mario World: (9/10)
    Super Mario RPG: (10/10)
    Nintendo 64:
    Mario Party 2: (9/10)
    Donkey Kong 64: (8/10)
    Star Fox 64: (7/10)
    Mario Kart 64: (7/10)
    And much, much more...
    *****Chapter Five: Credit Where Its Due******
    Myself: Obviously, I wrote this FAQ, so I give credit to myself.
    CJayC: If he hadn't posted this guide, then I would have been so mad...
    Nintendo: They published this game, and I'm glad they did.
    Rareware: Nintendo's second party, and an excellent one at that.
    *********Chapter Six: Contact Me!**********
    Go ahead! Contact me. I loooove the attention. My address is
    However, I will not except the following mail, they are in order from
    the least from the bad to the worst:
    Death Threats: Just think, how would you like to be greeted with an
    e-mail that reads: "Ya, slimy idiot, I kill ya, Willy will kill every
    one of ye!" I thought so.
    Chain Letters: I do not like chain letters. For those of you who are not
    sure what a chain letter is, it is a letter that does not have what you
    are supposed to be talking about. Example:
    "Hey dude, whats happening? Me? I just got...
    KLJDSAJDAKLSJDSAKLJDAKLSLJDSAKKLJDSA... my brain stabbed with a Q tip.
    It lodged itself in my brain in such a way that I have... IFOJDSALKLA...
    sudden, temporarily loss of my finger control. Also...
    AHDSIOAIFOHDSOHAIFDSLAKJHAOHHAF... our back space key is broken."
    Get the picture? No chain letters.
    Asking Questions that are Already Answered: Asking questions that are
    already answered. 'Nuff said.
    Unconstructed Criticism: I hate that stuff. I really do. An e-mail
    telling me my FAQ sucks, and nothing more. If you are going to give me
    or my FAQs criticism, make it constructed please.
    However, I don't mind:
    Constructed Criticism: If you don't like something I'm doing, then don't
    be afraid to e-mail me, just explain reasonably what I should do. I will
    reply to all letters though.
    Corrections and Additions: Hmm, have you been looking through my FAQ,
    and seen inaccurate information, typos, or see something that I forgot
    to add, or something along those lines? Well then speak up! E-mail me
    about it, and I will be happy to add it in my update, and give you
    proper credit.
    Questions: Chances are, you will get your reply back very soon, as I
    check my hotmail account daily. I will answer the question the best I
    can. Also, at the bottom of your question, I would appreciate it if you
    added a note asking if you would like it to appear in my FAQ section for
    all to see. If there is no message, I will not post it.
    Praise Letters: All hail j_ohanley! I doubt I ever get any of these, but
    oh well.
    One more time! My e-mail is "j_ohanley92@hotmail.com." I can't wait to
    here from you.
    *********Chapter Seven: Legal Trash********
    You may freely post this FAQ on your website, just so long as you meet
    the following turms:
    1. You MUST ask me for permission if you wish to post this on your site.
    Only GameFAQs can use this FAQ and alter it in anyway they please.
    Everyone else, leave it in its original form, update as I updated, etc.
    2: If you do use this FAQ on your site, them you MUST give me proper,
    absolute credit. If you don't, then I will e-mail you telling you to do
    so. If you still don't, then I will take matters much more seriously. If
    you STILL don't, then you will get one final warning. After that, I will
    notify CJayC, owner of GameFAQs he can easily remove anything that you
    ever contributed to GameFAQs. If you STILL don't, I'll get the prime
    minister involved. The coast guard! MY MOMMY!!!! So basically, once you
    have my FAQ on your site, I will be watching you like a hawk. Period.
    3: You must despise Pokemon, much like myself, although everyone hates
    it now.
    4: Do not use it to make money, put in magazines, or ANYTHING. Or else,
    I will know. I will e-mail you constantly to stop it, and if you don't I
    will take matters more seriously.
    You may NOT link to my FAQ. For some reason, GameFAQs has seen to it
    that that is illegal. However, you can link to the page with my FAQ on
    it, and point it out or something, but I would prefer if you posted it
    on your website with my permission. For more info, "READ THIS", found at
    the bottom of every GameFAQ page.
    Copyright 2000, by j_ohanley
    **********Chapter Eight: See ya!***********
    So, that concludes another pointless FAQ of mine. The game has been out
    for two years, so I believe that everyone has gotten all the extra
    honeycombs. But, maybe one person hasn't, and maybe someone will find
    this guide useful. Good night.
    Signed: j_ohanley

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