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One excellent game, but requires a lot of skill to get the best ending.11/01/99AlphabetMan
A great adventure game!12/22/99Articuno64
The swimming controls.04/21/17BaconPancakes
Rare did indeed release a "rare" and most exellent game for the glorified days of N64!08/01/04banjo kazooie 84
One of Nintendo's masterpiece!08/08/11banjoplayer12
Project Dream becomes a reality, and it delivers in almost ever way.11/01/99FuzzyLemur
Best Bear and Bird Duo Ever11/29/04GavLuvsGA
A bear with a bird riding in his backpack. Just when I thought I've seen it all...10/06/01Greatest Gamer
Mario64 but better!11/01/99JLerman
My favorite game ever!05/16/17Junior_AIN
He's kind of like Winnie the Pooh08/13/03kentucky fried flow
Rare is the God of video games11/09/02LegendaryFrog
A great game...09/22/01Lethal Weapon
The best platform game since Mario 64!11/01/99MasterReviewer
Enough with the TipTup cameos. Give the poor turtle his own game!07/18/01matt91486
Meet bear and bird.01/24/05Megaman1981
A bear and bird save the day08/31/01MI4 REAL
Amazing game. My Personal favorite of all time.01/03/05S Xero
Rare has developed something truly unique09/10/03sephiroth95
To all of you skeptics, Banjo Kazooie is much more than a ripoff of Super Mario 6411/30/10SquidTheSid
Bear & Bird Team up? Yeah right, as if thats going to happen. Oh wait it has!!!11/26/07Steles
Makes mustachioed Italian plumbers rage worldwide.07/18/11ThePenguin56
Could of been better.....07/15/03X Slayer007 X
A Rare game indeed07/09/09xmunamaniacx
Greater than Yoshi's Island, even...WHOA! Did I just say that out loud?10/20/08YoshiAllStar

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