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Yes, bears still can fly 01/03/01 Azbats
One of the Best N64 Games Ever! 12/28/02 Boz
Bear and bird have 04/22/01 Crazyboy
I keep coming back for more. 04/16/01 DaGame007
Better than Majora's Mask? 03/21/01 DevilBottles
Wow. Simply, wow. 11/26/00 Dorkmaster Flek
Only three words describe this game: FUN! FUN! FUN! 12/17/00 GarfieldBond007
Banjo-Tooie is an Amazing N64 Platformer! 12/28/04 jeffjsm7
DK64 it isn't. A perfect blend of exploring and adventuring. And of course it's by Rare. 11/09/02 LegendaryFrog
A good game but it can get a bit boring after a while... 09/22/01 Lethal Weapon
One of the best games I have ever played for N64 05/15/01 Master Shy Guy
Banjo blows your mind 04/28/01 matt2oo1
Banjo-Perfection 01/24/05 Megaman1981
Being simply fun and challenging, this game is a keeper!! 04/26/01 mighty mosquito
The Bear and The Bird are back! 03/29/01 N64_Gamer
A Great Sequel to a Great Game 10/22/07 nintendolover92
BT is no BK, but still a great game 07/12/01 outbreakorn
Liked Banjo-Kazooie?then get this game!!!!! 04/20/01 puddingking
Banjo's Back With Half A New Bag Of Tricks! 07/08/08 shumax44
The sequel to Banjo Kazooie continued Rare's short lived golden age 02/18/10 SquidTheSid
A sequel that didn't lose the original game play 12/18/00 wdg8
Solid follow up 10/10/07 wolverinefan
One of the Greatest Games Ever Made 06/13/08 Wumpa-Guy
Another excellent game from RARE 07/15/03 X Slayer007 X
Platforming at it's best. 04/28/01 Zack
Hmmmm...-Could have been better, but still good 02/03/01 zackary

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