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    FAQ by Buddaysh

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    *** BattleTanx: The FAQ ***
    Version 1.0
    Author: R. K. Raja
    E-mail: rkraja@yahoo.com
    Site: http://zone64.8m.com
    Revision History
    1.0 - Began the whole guide.
    I. Introduction
    II. Information
    III. Power-Ups
    IV. Characters / Tanks
    V. Codes and Secrets
    VI. Legal Stuff
    VII. Other Stuff
    VIII. Ending
                                I. Introduction
    Hey everyone! This is my 3rd FAQ and I just want to tell you that it is 
    short. I know it's out, but there weren't many FAQs on this game, so I 
    decided what the heck! Why don't I write my own?
    I hope you like the format (it's something new I came up with).
    If you want to use this FAQ on your site, or anything, skip down to the 
    bottom. I would also thank Nintendo Power for alot of the information used
    in this FAQ.
    Enjoy the FAQ!!!
                               II. Information
    These are just some options to look at:
    Control -
    You should setup the controls to suit your needs before going on to play.
    _Easy Control_
    With the Easy  control setup, your gun turrt is locked facing forward.
    The big drawback to this setup is that turning around to face an enemy
    takes time and leaves vulnerable.
    _Arcade Control_
    The arcade setup lets you move both your turret and your tank with the 
    Control Stick. Holding R locks the turret into its current position,
    allowing you to strafe targets as you roll past.
    _Gunner & Driver Control_
    These control setups allow you to move your turret and tank independently
    of each other. With the Gunner setup, you move the Control Stick and drive
    the tank with the C buttons. Thses controls are reversed in the Driver
    setup. All setups can be customized to your likings.
    _Switching Tanks_
    In some stages, you can switch between your default tank and a massive 
    Goliath tank that's guarding your base. The Goliath is mounted on a rail 
    and can move back and forth along it very quickly. It can leave the rail, 
    but it's speed is greatly reduced.
    Multiplayer -
    There are four multiplayer games for one to four tank commanders. In Multiplayer
    games, you can either go solo or team up with one or two of your different gangs
    and tanks, even if they're on the same team. You also have a choice of arenas,
    difficulty and control setups.
    The first of the four multiplayer games is Annihilation. In Annihilation,
    each combatant battles until his or her tank is destroyed. The last surviv-
    ing warrior wins.
    BattleLord is the tank version of "capture the flag." You must find your 
    enemy's base and destroy it to find there QueenLord inside. You then take that 
    QueenLord back to your base. In the meantime, you must also protect your base 
    from enemy raiders.
    _Deathmatch & Family Mode_
    In a Deathmatch, the first player to destroy seven of the enemy tanks wins the game.
    The Family Mode rules are the same, but the controls are simplified. In
    Family Mode, your main gun turret is disabled, and you must collect
    power-ups to gain weapons.
                                III. Power-Ups
    You can upgrade your tank with a variety of items and special weapons.
    Power-ups can be found in plain sight or by blowing up buildings and
    enemy tanks. If you collect three Swarmers, Lasers, Mines, or Guided Missile
    icons, press A and B simultaneously to fire a super version of that weapon.
    Star -
    When tanks are destroyed, they often leave a star behind. They're worth
    a random amount of health and ammo. They disappear after only a few
    seconds, so try to pick them up as quickly as possible.
    Bonus Points -
    This power-up is worth 1,000 bonus points. As your score goes up, you're 
    awarded extra tanks for hitting certain high marks. every little bit helps,
    so don't pass these up.
    Radar -
    Once you have a radar, enemy tanks will be marked by red triangles, 
    which can be seen from far waway and through buuildings. A radar map
    will also appear to give you a bird's-eye-view of the stage.
    Swarmers -
    One volley of Swarmers is usually enough to take out anything but the 
    Goliath. These missiles spread out in a V-shaped pattern as they fly, 
    so they're more effective at close range.
    Guided Missiles -
    These are the weapons of choice against Goliath tanks. Press and hold
    A to fire, then use the Control Stick to steer. Guided missiles have an
    extremely long rage and are moderately powerful.
    Laser -
    Lasers fire-high energy pulses and are the most powerful weapon, next
    to the Nuke. If you're brave (or foolhardy) enough to attack a Goliath 
    head-on, you might want to have these.
    Nukes -
    Nukes will literally level the buildings and enemy vehicles in the stage.
    You'll also take some damage, so put as much distance between you and
    ground zero as possible.
    Health -
    Health icons repair damage to your tank. If your vehicle is at full strength,
    any health you collect is stored for later use. Scroll through your items
    until the icon appears, then press A.
    Ammo -
    If you find yourself running low on ammo for your regular gun, pick up one
    of these babies. You'll recieve 30 rounds of ammo if you're driving an M1
    or a Goliath, and 70 if you're in a MotoTank.
    Shield -
    Shields protect you from all damage temporarily and are great for head-on
    assualts against enemy bases. They can withstand only a few hits, though,
    and they fade away on their after a short time.
    Extra Tanks -
    The more tanks you have in reserve, the farther you'll go in this game.
    It's a long way between New York and San Francisco, even without hordes
    of crazed mutants trying to stop you!
    Grenades -
    Grenades are very useful for clearing our minefields. if you use them against
    enemy tanks, remember that they have delayed fuses and will bounce off of
    Mines -
    Mines are very powerful and are great for defending your bases. Just remember
    that they don't discriminate between friend or foe, and you can be damaged
    by your own mines.
    Cloaking Device -
    the Cloaking Device makes you invisible to radar as well as to the naked eye.
    Be warned, though, that you'll reappear for a moment when you fire or when 
    you're hit.
    Gun Buddies -
    Gun buddies are one of our favorite power-ups. When you activate the, they 
    drop auto gun turrets on the ground. The Gun Buddy attacks any enemy tanks
    that come in range until they're destroyed.
                              IV. Characters / Tanks
    Each character will have a ranking for their Speed, Firepower, Armor, and 
    Intelligence. 1 is the worst and 10 is the best.
    Urban Decay -
    After the government fell, the street gangs of New York organized and
    took over the island of Manhattan. Despite their horrific appearance,
    these gang bangers or highly intelligent.
    TANK COLOR: Golden Gray
    WEAPON: Swarmer Missiles
    SPEED: 5/10
    FIREPOWER: 6/10
    ARMOR: 5 ½ /10
    After Shocks -
    The After Shocks hail from southern California, but they're expanding
    their territory northward. They prefer the open road to urban combat zones,
    and speed is their signature skill.
    TANK COLOR: Dark Orange
    WEAPONS: Grenades & Mines
    SPEED: 8 ½ /10
    FIREPOWER: 3/10
    ARMOR: 2 ½ /10
    Nuclear Knights -
    A product of genetic engineering, the Nuclear Knights are a band of homicidal
    super soldiers. They're armed with stolen Nukes and are one of of the most 
    feared gangs.
    TANK COLOR: Brown
    WEAPON: Nuke
    SPEED: 1 ½ /10
    FIREPOWER: 10/10
    ARMOR: 10/10
    Skull Riderz -
    Made up of former outlaw bikers, the Skull Riderz now roam the highways
    in blood-red tanks equipped with guided missiles. What they lack in 
    defense they make up for in speed.
    TANK COLOR: Blood Red
    WEAPON: Guided Missile
    SPEED: 10/10
    FIREPOWER: 2 ½ /10
    ARMOR: 1/10
    INTELLIGENCE: 4 ½ /10
    Griffin's Army -
    As Griffin Slade, you begin each Capaign missionwith no power-ups. In 
    multiplayer games, you begin with a random power-up. Your army is one
    of the most balanced groups.
    TANK COLOR: Steel Gray
    WEAPON: Random
    SPEED: 5/10
    FIREPOWER: 5 ½ /10
    ARMOR: 6/10
    Charlie Co. -
    Charlie Company is made up of remnants of the U.S. Army. They're highly disc-
    iplined and have and edge on you in fire power and armor. They may be your 
    most formidable foes.
    TANK COLOR: Olive Drab
    WEAPON: Laser
    SPEED: 4 ½ /10
    FIREPOWER: 9 ½ /10
    ARMOR: 8/10
    Dark Angels -
    The Dark Angels battle not for money or political power, but to appease their
    dark god. Equipped with Cloaking Devices, they strike without warning, then
    fade into the shadows.
    TANK COLOR: Black
    WEAPON: Cloaking Device
    SPEED: 8 ½ /10
    FIREPOWER: 6 ½ /10
    ARMOR: 3 ½ /10
    Mech Maniacs -
    "Paranoid" is the world that best describes the Mech Maniacs. Members of 
    the various extremist groups, they trust no one. They shoot first and never
    get around asking questiond.
    TANK COLOR: Dark Gray-Green
    WEAPON: Gun Buddy
    SPEED: 5 ½ /10
    FIREPOWER: 4 ½ /10
    ARMOR: 4 ½ /10
    Psycho Brigade -
    When the government collapsed, so did the prison system, releasing thousands
    of viloent felons. With little direction, these Psychos loot and pillage at 
    at random.
    TANK COLOR: Light Blue
    WEAPON: Shield
    SPEED: 9/10
    FIREPOWER: 4 ½ /10
    ARMOR: 4 ½ /10
                               V. Codes and Secrets
    Thanks to Nintendo for the following codes:
    To improve the firepower of your weapons in a multi player game, collect 15 
    or more of a certain type of weapon, then press A and B simultaneously. The 
    weapon will shoot ALL it's ammunition at once, so make sure you want to do 
    this before trying it.... 
    To select your gang during a Campaign, type LTSLTSGNGS in the input code 
    Type WMNRSMRTR to unlock the Storm Ravens gang. It's an all-woman gang 
    and the game has the cloaking and laser powerups. 
    CJSKPFLGMH opens up the State Street, Chicago level. You'll have 10 lives, 
    5 goliath tanx and a nuclear weapon when you start this game. This code is 
    not compatible with a Controller Pak. 
    FRGZ--plague of frogs 
    TDZ--Queen Lords are replaced by toads 
    Well that's it.... 
                              VI. Legal Stuff
    This is just some stuff that most people won't even bother reading....
    Hey, you're reading this, aren't you?
    Ok, I just want to say three things:
    1) You cannot use this FAQ as profit.
    2) You cannot replace my name with yours (isn't that something called 
    3) If you want to use this FAQ on your site or something, e-mail me at
    rkraja@yahoo.com or rkraja2000@aol.com (both would be nice...) and
    ask for permission before using. Say what you want to do with the FAQ, 
    where you are going to put it, and most likely I'll say yes (Notice the
    use of the words "most likely." I don't mean that I WILL say yes).
                                VII. Other Stuff
    This is a real short section, and I don't even know why I put it up...
    If you have Fighting Force 64, or Banjo-Kazooie, you can see my:
    Fighting Force 64 FAQ/Movelist
    Banjo-Kazooie World Location Guide
    And if you're thinking about buying Fighting Force 64, check out my review.
    Also, I hope to contribute more reviews to GameFAQs.com, and watch out
    for my Nightmare Creatures FAQ. Heck, I *might* even make a Rampage 2: Universal
    Tour FAQ.
    I know these games came out a while ago, but I'm bored (and there aren't
    many FAQs out there covering these games).
    Ok, go away now!
    Wait a minute, that supposed to go in the next section.......
                                 VIII. Ending
    And that about wraps it up. I'm not really good with words, so get out, now!
    Whaddya still doing here?
    If you don't get off now, I'm gonna _____
    Hey, I warned you
    Now you're just being _____
    You're scraing me!
                                           --- R. K. Raja (rkraja@yahoo.com)
    You're still here?
    Well, have fun staring at these words.........

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