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    Custom Gang Guide by Reaper

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    BattleTanx:Global Assault for Nintendo 64
     Custom Gang Guide
       by Reaper
    I.Table of Contents
    II.How to Make A Custom Gang
    III.Custom Gangs
    IV.Credits and Legal Stuff
     8/29/01-Added gangs found by Mr E, Spike Dudley, and Reaper.
    II.How to Make A Custom Gang
       First go to Input Code on the main menu.  Then put in the code 'TRDDYBRRKS' 
    and CUSTOM GANG should appear at the bottom of the screen after you select 
    enter.  Now go back to the letterboard and select any combination of 
    letters/numbers you wish and select enter.  After that you should return to 
    the main menu and form there select any game type where a gang can be chosen, 
    then select Start on the main menu.  When the gang selection screen appears 
    if you cycle through the gangs 'CUSTOM GANG 1' should now be a selectable 
    gang.  *Note* Only 4 custom gangs can be made at a time.
    III.Custom Gangs
       Listed here are some gangs that have been discovered and players like to 
    play as. 
    (Code-Tanks in gang-Default weapon gang has)
    Found by Fulkner:
    CHCLTCK-Rattler, Marksman, Moto, 2 FLP-E
    VNNLACCRM- Goliath, Hover, Rhino, Moto, FLP-E
    FDG-2 Moto, Marksman, Rattler, FLP-E
    SKYWLKR-2 Moto, Hover, Hydra, M1-A1
    STRBNNY-2 Marksman, M1-A1, Moto, FLP-E
    SNTCLS-2 Goliath, Rhino, M1-A1, FLP-E
    BRCCL-2 Moto, 2 Inferno, Goliath
    VGTBLS-2 Moto, Inferno, Goliath, FLP-E
    DYNMT-2 Hornet, Rattler, FLP-E, Goliath
    TMT-2 Moto, Hydra, M1-A1, Rhino
    TRRR-3 Moto, Hornet, Hover
    TNGY-Rattler, Goliath, M1-A1, Marksman, Hover
    MQXCSSL-Rhino, Goliath, Hornet, FLP-E, Marksman
    PBJ-2 M1-A1, Moto, Marksman, Goliath
    FRK-2 Moto, 2 Rattler, Hydra-Shields
    JCKNTHBX-5 FLP-E-Bouncing Betties
    Found by Mr E/STAPtoaster:
    GOD-Goliath, Hornet, M1-A1, Mototank, Hovertank-Plasma bolts & Nuke
    SGG-3 Goliaths, Inferno, Moto-Cloaking
    VCTRY-2 M1-A1, 3 Goliath-Swarmers
    STOMP-Goliath, Marksman, FLP-E, Hornet, Moto-Guided Missiles & Cloaking 
    MM-Rhino, Marksman, 2 Goliath, M1-A1-Flamethrower
    Teddy bear symbol, Z -3 Marksman, Rhino, Rattler-Gun Buddies
    69-Rhino, M1-A1, Marksman, Goliath, FLP-E-Laser
    DOG-M1-A1, Inferno, Hornet, Goliath, Hovertank-Flamethrower & Grenades 
    DH-Hydra, 2 M1-A1, 2 Goliath-Teleporters
    V-Goliath, Moto, Hovertank, Hornet, Rattler-Grenades & Laser
    1600PENNSYL-Goliath, 2 Hornet, M1-A1, Marksman-Nuke? & Bouncing Betties
    SRR-Inferno, 2 Moto, Hovertank, Rattler-Laser & Flamethrower
    ROCK-3 Hovertanks, FLP-E, Moto-Teleport
    MOCK-3 Rattler, FLP-E, Hovertank-Cloak
    ROOSVLT-3 FLP-E, Goliath, Marksman-Mines
    BSSTNK-3 M1-A1, Goliath, Hornet-Swarmers
    PRLMNT-3 M1-A1, Hydra, Inferno-Shields
    Found by Reaper:
    LMPBZKT-2 M1-A1, 2 hovers, Inferno-Nuke 
    STWRS-2 Rhinos, 2 Hornets, FLP-E, M1-A1-Swarmers 
    CST0MGNG-3 Goliaths, FLP-E, Moto-Bounce Shots 
    SCRMMCHN-Goliath, 2 Hydras, M1-A1, FLP-E-Guided Missiles 
    SST1TTNT-3 FLP-E, 2 M1-A1-Nuke 
    T0LT-Hornet, M1-A1, FLP-E, Rhino, Hydra-Bouncing Betties
    SPNSHNK-Goliath, 2 M1-A1, Marksman, Moto-Bouncing Betties
    GDSMCK-Goliath, FLP-E, Hornet, M1-A1, Marksman-Cloaking
    MTLLC-2 Moto, Hornet, M1-A1, Hydra-Nuke
    SLYR-2 M1-A1, 2 Hornet, Marksman-Cloaking
    FRFCTRY-2 M1-A1, Marksman, Moto, Inferno-Swarmers
    MDVYN-Goliath, Hydra, FLP-E, Rhino, Marksman-Nuke
    LQDGNG-2 M1-A1, Rhino, Hydra, Marksman-Gun Buddies
    MHKNS-2 Hydra, Goliath, Rhino, Rattler-Teleport
    PNTM-3 FLP-E, Moto, Goliath-Flamethrower
    KRN-2 Hydra, Hornet, Inferno, Hovertank-Teleport
    SHD-FLP-E, 2 Moto, Hydra, Goliath-Guided Missles
    SPKY-2 Hovertank, Goliath, Inferno, Moto-Nuke?
    SPRMN-Goliath, 2 Rhino, 2 M1-A1-Radar
    CLDWRRRS-Goliath, Inferno, 2 FLP-E, Hornet-Radar
    YNKS-2 M1-A1, Inferno, Marksman, Hydra-Lasers
    SCRBYPPPY-2 Hydra, FLP-E, Hovertank, M1-A1, Shields
    DRTTT-2 Goliath, Moto, Hornet, Hydra-Cloaking
    DRDOK-FLP-E, Hydra, Hovertank, M1-A1, Rattler-Nuke?
    BSTWRS-FLP-E, M1-A1, Hornet, 2 Rhino-Swarmers
    LYMPCS-Goliath, 2 Hovertank, FLP-E, Hydra-Nuke?
    BSTMCHNS-Hornet, Goliath, FLP-E, Rhino, Marksman-Teleport
    CVMN-Hovertank, Rhino, Hornet, 2 M1-A1-Gun Buddies, Laser
    Found by Spike Dudley:
    KN-2 Hovertank, Hydra, Goliath, FLP-E-Radar 
    MRC-3 Goliath, Rhino, M1-A1-Flamethrower 
    RSS-Hydra, 2 FLP-E, 2 Goliath-Guided Missles 
    SPRPWR-M1-A1, FLP-E, Rhino, Hydra, Inferno-Swarmers 
    NRVN-2 Marksman, 2 Rattler, M1-A1-Bouncing Betties 
    WCW-2 Hornet, Goliath, M1-A1, Hovertank-Gun Buddies 
    WWF-M1-A1, Marksman, Goliath, Inferno, FLP-E-Radar 
    R0B-2 M1-A1, Hydra, Mototank, Goliath-Lasers 
    Z0MB-2 Marksman, Rattler, Goliath, FLP-E-Plasma Bolts 
    R0BZ0MB-M1-A1, Hydra, Goliath, FLP-E, Marksman-Grenades 
    BFFR-2 Mototank, 2 Goliath, M1-A1-Cloak 
    0RGY-2 Goliath, 2 FLP-E, Hornet-Guided Missles 
    DDLY-Rattler, FLP-E, M1-A1, Inferno, Hovertank-Turbo 
    VNDFRTKFR-2 Goliath, Hornet, Mototank, Rattler-Swarmers 
    HLLH0L-2 Hovertank, 2 Marksman, Mototank-Swarmers 
    HVN-M1-A1, 3 Mototank, Hornet-Mine 
    DSTRBD-2 Hover, 2 FLP-E, Inferno-Teleport 
    MNSN-Hydra, Rattler, FLP-E, Inferno, Goliath-Bouncing Betties 
    P0T-2 Marksman, M1-A1, FLP-E, Hovertank-Gun Buddies 
    BGSH0W-3 FLP-E, Goliath, Mototank-Mine 
    IV.Credits and Legal Stuff
    Thanks to Mr E, Fulkner, and Spike Dudley for finding those gangs and to anyone 
    else who has ever visited the BattleTanx:Global Assault message board.  
    Thanks also to 3DO for making this game.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Reaper so please do not go and steal this.
    Only GameFAQs has the right to use this guide.

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