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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Amplifier

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           Batte Tanx: Global Assualt Campaign Walkthrough
    V. 1.2
    Joe Torok AKA Amplifier
    This Document Copyright 2002 Joe Torok
    In other words DO NOT COPY THIS FILE IN ANY WAY. It is perfectly fine to
    distibute amoung friends and print it out ,but do not publish this is any way
    Magizines, Books, or HTML (or any other form on the internet) and if you do
    print it out you may not sell it. If you would like to post this FAQ on your
    site e-mail me. If anyone finds this FAQ on anouther site please e-mail me and
    I will take care of it thank you. ALSO THIS FAQ OR ANY OF MY FAQS WILL EVER BE
    POSTED AT WWW.NEOSEEKER.COM for the reason of they stole the updated version
    from gamefaqs.com So the only site that is legal in posting this Faq is
    Table Of Contents
    2.Name, Date, etc.
    3.Table of Contents
    5.Revision History
    6.Game Walkthrough
    Now to start this FAQ. Battle Tanx: Global Assualt is a very easy game and
    everyone should have alot of fun playing it. First the story begins as 5 years
    ago 99.9% of all women where killed. So the world fighted about the remaining
    survivors. Soon nukes are used an apocalyspe begins.  The rest is pretty basic
    and you don't really need to know the story.
    Revision History
    V 1.0 - I start writing this FAQ while playing my way through the game
    V 1.1 - Update copyright notice from 2001 to 2002! Also I make minor updates.
    Including Table of Contents
    V 1.2 - Update Copyright to prohibit neoseeker.com from posting this FAQ on
    their site.	
    V 1.3 - Update my e-mail add. also I had my name changed from JTOROK to
    Amplifier so now all works done by me will be by "Amplifier" (me duh!)
    Game Walkthrough
    LEVEL 1
    San Fransisco, California U.S.A. January 13, 2006 Mission 1
    Your Home San Fransisco is being invaded by unknown enemy forces. It seems
    they are after your son. Destroy them.
    Destroy All Invading Tanks.
    First, You bagin with the basic tank M1A1. Swing a left to see your buddies
    and foes. Once at that corner go left again and destroy any eniemies keep it
    straight and you should be good just kill any foes this is a very easy
    LEVEL 2
    San Fransisco, California U.S.A. Jaunuary 13, 2006 Mission 2
    After Defeting those enemies more continue to come so get to the escape boat.
    Get to the Escape Ship.
    Get out of the warehouse and  take a left keep going that way untill you get
    to the corner. Kill any enemy tanx shooting at you and head left go down the
    thing straight ahead of you. Follow the Underground Area straight untill you
    get to a fork in the road turn left when you get up take the left and head
    straight turn right and look for the blue square or the boat when you find it
    just go into the black.
    Par Time 3:00
    Level 3
    Background: You Find out that your enemy has mind controled your men!! You
    heading through anouther gangs area so they arent going to help.
    Objectives:Destroy All Tanks and Bunkers.
    This level contains bunkers witch make tanks to kill you so the only way to
    kill em' is to take out the bunkers. Also a first in this mission a new tank
    MOTOTANK. Now heres where tank bucks start to make a difference. Every tank
    you kill gives you one buck and each tank cost different "bucks" to tell how
    much you have collected with your tank look at the right hand corner of your
    screen. When selecting your tank look in that corner as well for prices and
    how much you have. Now for the mission I start with the M1A1 first then use
    MOTOTANK if youy die twice.  First, go straight when you hit that "jump" shot
    right and kill that bunker. Kill anby tanks in the area then move straight up
    fast. Kill any tanks along the way when you past two warehouses turn right to
    destroy a bunker. Then turn around and head straight again always kill enemies
    on the way. When you reach the top turn left and destroy the barrier the ones
    with brown on them can be destroyed. The first possible opening on the right
    head into you will have to destroy the barrier. Don't be worry free if you are
    hit by the train you are dead. then once on the side head down. Once down near
    gas area shot one in the back then if the mission  doesnt end go down more to
    find that last guy if that doesnt work retrace the whole walkthrough. Note Do
    Not shot the Gas Unless you have good Health Otherwise Go into that area and
    clear it of enemies.
    LEVEL 4
    It seems that The Skull Riders were working for the same people who invaded
    San Fransisco. Papers tell us that the main leaders name is Casandra and that
    They have bases all in The U.S. and in Europe. They Have A camp which is
    researcing "The Edge" What is it??? Anyway lets get the prisinors out.
    Rescue All Prisoners .
    New Tank In this named Inferno it shoots fire very fun but has a short range I
    still like the M1A1 ,but whatever just don't use the Moto just yet. Don't
    Bother with the bunkers in this level they don't die. You head stright then
    make the right in a huge area take the right kill the gun buddies on the way.
    Go right killing all guns. Then run straight more killing all guns as normal
    you'll get to anouther open area destroy everything in that area shotting at
    you and all buildings. you should find two prisinors. Then go back the way you
    came and take the first right then head down that road until there is an
    opening into that square a metal wall should now be in front of you so go to
    the side of it and shot it so it opens up then grab the three prisoners.  Now
    head out of the square and take the right to an big open area and destroy
    anything shooting at you.Then look for the steel door and shoot at it until it
    breaks go in and destroy the enemy and pick up all the items and prisinors. Go
    back out and head left sharp and go to the back of the warehouse head up. When
    you get to green buildings destroy them all and anything else shooting at you.
    Then you will see the last to prisinors near the grreen buildings.
    Par Time 6:00
    LEVEL 5
    Casandra is using movies to control local gangs destroy them.
    Destroy Both Projector Buildings.
    Go straight and take your first right then you will see a bunker kill it and
    any enemies. Then go back to the main road and and continue going up untill
    the next turn take the right and head straight.To your right you will see a
    buinker kill it from where you are. Take a left then you will somewhere see
    wall that looks different shot it and turn right do the same and destroy
    everything in that drive in now your wondering how do I kill that projector?
    You must use a grenade and toss it in there then BA-BOOM! Once destroyed head
    out the way you came and turn left and at the corner turn left continue that
    way until you reach the main road. Go right  until you go behind the second
    movie screen then shoot the gas tank at the corner then go toward it to find
    an opening to the theater and follow the sam procedure as the first one.
    Par Time 9:00
    LEVEL 6
    Finding Papers we find out that Casandra's Main U.S. Base is located in
    Washington D.C.
    We must find data disc with critical information about Casandra.
    Capture All Data and Escape
    You have a new tank named the Rattler. Its like and improved Mototank with
    speed ,but more armor. Try it out if you want but I stick with the M1A1.  When
    you start get on the road and head straight. Untill you see a Big Building
    then head right untill you get to the next big building killing enemys as you
    move. Once at that building blow it all down you will find the first data
    disc. To have the disc you must bring it back to the ship or it will stay
    sitting their were you died and if you don't remember where you died it's a
    pain. Then continue on your journey you will see a wall you can blow down so
    do it then turn left then you are in a passage like area follow the path and
    go fast because between the jumps are mines. Once in that area look to your
    right you will see a building and a jump so go over the jump you may have to
    destroy the part of the building in the way of the jump. Once your near the
    building demolish it and get the second disc. Then once the building is
    destroyed their is a jump around the area to get out once your out a few enemy
    tanks may be their. Once its clear take the exit thats just up a little. Now
    don't forget to bring back those disc once you get them its really annoying
    when you die and just remember that you forgot to bring back the disc. Now
    your back at the boat heading out take a right and take the first left and
    turn into the left and you will see some buildings destroy those and thats the
    last disc just take it back to the boat.
    Par Time 5:00
    LEVEL 7
    Casandra has used "The Edge" and took control of your sons mind and you have
    now discovered that The Edge is a mind control ability. You must know take out
    a group that Casandra has mind controlled named Shadow Ops.
    Destroy All Enemies.
    If you have ever played multi-player it might come in handy here. Theres not
    really much of a walkthrough here. All you have to do is destroy the enemy. It
    wouldn't make sense to lead you around the whole area five times so just go in
    a hug circle untill you have got em' all. They like to transport so you never
    know and if you have a problem with one you can't find find a radar or skim
    the very edge of the map. As for your new ability "The Edge" can now be used
    in battle and turns all tanks close to you your buddies so got alot of guys
    cornering you? Just use edge then you have a huge barrier around you until
    those guys spread out. The Edge is a one shot deal you CANNOT pick it up or
    anything like that you start with one period. The tank I recommend is M1A1 as
    usaul toward the end you can try the Rattler.
    Par Time 10:00
    LEVEL 8
    Casandra has left U.S. you head for Europe and send forces back to San
    Fransisco. You must form a new army in Europe with the Iron Maidens.
    Rescue All Iron Maidens and Escape.
    First of all you get a new tank named Goliath its has the best armour and
    weapons ,but it is EXTREMLY slow. Use Mototank first you will see why later.
    It works so-so in this level you know what i am using (M1A1) after Mototank.
    Go straight untill the intersection then take a left you will see mines. Now
    run over the ones that are near the queen lord or in this case Iron Maiden you
    will die but you saved tank bucks using a weak tank to blow them up. Now go to
    that Iron Maiden with you new guy and take it and bring it back to where you
    started. Now we are at the start point go straight take the left and keep
    going untill you get to a batch of mines that are impossible to pass. Now
    there are two ways to get past these unlike the last one this is big so if you
    have grenades put them on the mines then they blow up or you can sacrifice
    your tank. Once through those you will see the second Iron Maiden so grab it
    and bring it back to start point. Go back to where you got the second Iron
    Maiden and you will see a jump so jump it BUT STICK TO THE RIGHT SIDE. If you
    do not you will hit gas containers killing you very quickly. Once over follow
    the path to a big area with a few enemies and in the middle the third Iron
    Maiden. This time you must go back a different way destroy the buildings in
    front of you then you will see anouther set of buildings demolish them too.
    There are many layers eventually to the left side you'll find an opening that
    will take you back to where the mines are. Once there bring back the Iron
    Maiden. Once complete go back to where you got the third Iron Maiden back to
    the wall destroy all buildings in front of you untill every building in front
    of you is destroyed. At the very end on the right hand side go down and kill
    the guy in there continueon in the passage untill you come up to tank bucks,
    _Nuke_, and an Iron Maiden. Once you've picked up everything head back the way
    you came when you come up take a right continue that way untill you can tell
    where you are and bring the Iron Maiden back. Head to where you cam out of to
    get onto the main road and you will see a underground passage thing next to
    you so go in it. Once under take the right and go untill you see the metal
    door and destroy it. Go up and turn around and you'll find the fifth Iron
    Maiden bring it back. Then go down into that underground thing again and take
    the left. A liitle in a inferno tank will attack kill it and it cam from the
    wall go to were it was theres the last Iron Maiden Bring it Home!
    Par Time 6:00
    LEVEL 9
    You Must get to the Crimson Guard Base.
    Get across the bridge.
    First of all you get a new tank namd Flip-E-Tank its kewl cause it can flip.
    Try it out push C-Right and C-Left great for dodging shots. I treccomend it
    and M1A1 also the Goliath for this level. Head straight until you came to a
    barrier that has brown sticks take a right there is a building there blow it
    up go through it and take a left. Go across the bridge and do the same this
    time taking the right. When you get to a wall of stone like stuff blow it down
    and the next layer as well the sides in the middle have grenades and health.
    Blow down the next layer and use grenades to take out the mines. Once done you
    end up stuck again. To the right there is an opening and it leads to the
    middle where in the back you can break the cement walls. Next is very hard
    mines,men,betties. Its hard just try to either run through them or take them
    out its your choice depending on how many tank bucks you have. It is VERY easy
    to run through with Mototank.
    Par Time 5:00
    LEVEL 10
    You have made it to the Crimson's Base.
    Destroy All Tanks and Boats.
    First of all the best tank for this mission is the Flip-E-Tank using its spin
    ability is great. First, go foward and kill all of the boats. You'll see an
    opening with mines on the floor either use grenades or your tank. Once in turn
    right and go around in a huge square killing everything. Once you have gone
    around you should be in front of a wooden door again so slow it down. Once
    again there are mines so don't jump the gun. Then once inside destroy
    EVERYTHING. Once done exit the way you came in and take a left follow that
    untill you reach your last enemy.
    Par Time: 7:00
    LEVEL 11
    Casandra has four secret lab's in Paris you have captured one ,but you must
    rescue the remaining three scientist.
    Get All Four Scientist In Your Base.
    If you have played Battle Lord Multi-Player you will ACE this one. Its the
    same thing BUT the Queen Lords are called scientist. New tank here you have
    the Hovertank it hovers making getting over mines easy. There are alot of
    different weapons in this level be sure to experiment and lots of mines so
    you'll need grenades. If you wanna finish up quick then just get a cloak then
    destroy their main goliath and take the scientist back to base. Its cheap but
    it works.
    Par Time 6:00
    LEVEL 12
    Casandra is hiding at least 50 tanks in town.
    Destroy All Tanks.
    Head to the middle area and destroy everything that comes at you once done
    look for ones in the corners and around the area. Try Gun Buddies they shoot
    missles at your enemies they are really kewl. Nothing else to say exept if you
    can't find any destroy the buildings they lose the hiding spots.
    Par Time 10:00
    LEVEL 13
    You Must Stop Casandra's Radio Brodcasts.
    Destroy The Eiffel Tower Reactor.
    You have the option of using the Rhyno Tank which is awesome. One weakness is
    its a little slow but still its probaly better than everything exept M1A1. Go
    foward and turn left you will see a barrier just turn right shoot the closet
    building to the barrier on the right and you have your way around. Then
    continue on your way up the road untill you raech the intersection go right
    and follow the path destroying enemies as you move. You will be getting shot
    by a blue laser you cannont stop it just try to dodge it. When you come to a
    dead end destroy the buildings in front of you to clear a path. Now you have a
    bunch of enemies to the right go over there and use you edge you will get like
    8 buddies. Once done contine up on the VERY RIGHT SIDE. Then go into the
    underground passage follow the passage. When you get up you'll see anouther
    underground thingy get in fast. Once underground on the right you can shoot
    part of the wall it will break. Then follow it to the metal door and bust it
    down. Then you have anouther door break it down ,but a Goliath attacks from
    the right so watch out. Once that doors broken down follow the path untill you
    are up. Once up fire at the building to beat the level.
    Par Time 5:00
    LEVEL 14
    Casandra was the one to create the plage that killed all the women that didn't
    have The Edge in them to narrow down her search. Brandon is in the next step
    of the plan. Bring the scientist and get Brandon back.
    Escort The Convoy Into Berlin.
    Ever play convoy multi-player? Well this is the exact same thing. Exept in
    this the exact place the covoy goes theres mines in spots and gas cans so send
    a few moto's VERY QUICKLY ahead to get rid of em' Use Flip-E-Tanks to kill
    some guys and use edge in start to kill guys BEHIND the convoy.
    Par Time 3:00
    LEVEL 15
    Casandra has hidden Brandon amoung three look alikes capture them all.
    Rescue All Prisoners and Escape.
    This is once again like multi-player battle lord exept for the fact they can't
    steal from you. Although you can steal from them!
    LEVEL 16

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