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    Weapons Guide by Neonjohn779

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Battletanx: Global Assault Weapons Guide
    (Nintendo 64)
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro
    2. Weapons Listing
    3. Weapons Analysis
    4. Weapon Strategies
    5. Outro
    If you have any comments or questions or whatever, email 'em to me at 
    Battletanx: Global Assault is a very old Nintendo 64 game that hardly 
    anyone ever plays anymore.  Nevertheless, it's a very fun and addicting 
    game; it's also got an excellent multiplayer mode. The purpose of this 
    guide is to point you in the right direction when handling the game's 
    many powerups and weapon upgrades. Now let's take a tour of the juicy 
    innards of this FAQ...
    ---Weapons Listing---
    Throughout the game, multiplayer or not, you will find spinning boxes 
    with different pictures on them. To pick these up simply run your tank 
    over it and then you have access to the powerup described on the 
    picture. To use your regular weapon, press Z. With tanks that have 
    machine guns mounted on them such as Rattler and Mototank, hold Z. 
    You'll quickly find out that your default bullet attack isn't that 
    strong when fighting groups of enemy tanks/minefields/hostile gun 
    emplacements/buildings, etc... So use your selected weapon with the 
    A(blue) button! Cycle through your available weapons/items with B. 
    But wait! Is your weapon still not enough? If you have a large amount of 
    one type of weapon, press A and B at the same time to fire off a very 
    deadly version of that powerup. Unfortunately, such power comes at a 
    high price; a large amount of that weapon's ammo is used up.
    Now that you know how to use your collected items, I'll list them in the 
    order that they appear in the cycle.
    Flame Thrower
    Bouncing Betties
    Gun Buddies
    Swarmer Missiles
    Guided Missiles
    Plasma Bolt
    The items that don't appear in the cycle are as follows:
    Health(when your life meter isn't full, this will not be listed)
    Default Gun Ammo
    Simple, eh? It is. In total there are 17 different weapons/items.
    ---Weapons Analysis---
    This is where the fun begins. The layout of the analysis will look like 
    Power: How strong the weapon is on a scale of 1-5 stars. For multi-hit 
    attacks, this will go for each individual projectile.
    Speed: How fast the attack comes out, and how fast it moves when it's 
    Range: How far the attack will go before disappearing off the map.
    Reliability: How useful the weapon is.
    Description: How the item works.
    Notes: Other stuff.
    Let's get started.
    Power: NA
    Speed: NA
    Range: NA
    Reliability: * * * * *
    Description: Using this will restore some life to your life meter. The 
    effect is greater on more fragile tanks. For example, using Health on a 
    Goliath will net you a small amount of health while using it on a 
    Mototank will heal you completely or almost completely. If you're 
    damaged when you pick up a Health powerup, you'll get a better effect 
    than if you were fully healed and stocked up on them. Overall, this is 
    an excellent item and you're going to be using it quite often.
    Notes: If you're wounded in combat and you let your weapon cycle sit for 
    a few seconds, sometimes the Health powerup will pop up next instead of 
    what would normally be next when you press B again.
    <><><>Flame Thrower<><><>
    Power: * * * * *
    Speed: * *
    Range: *
    Reliability: * *
    Description: Using this move will shoot a stream of flames ahead of you 
    a very short distance. It's very powerful but rarely do foes try to get 
    up close to you. It can be useful for blowing up the occasional annoying 
    Inferno tank that tries to rush you. It can also be  used on the many 
    Rhino tanks in the Crimson Guard stages in Campaign mode. Other than 
    that, there's not much you can do with this thing. 
    Notes: The flames will pierce through Rhino's armor, allowing you to 
    defeat them much faster than strafing around behind them.
    <><><>Flame Thrower Special<><><>
    Power: * * * * *
    Speed: * *
    Range: *
    Reliability: *
    Description: This is even more useless than the regular Flame Thrower! 
    Using this move will shoot 3 not-so-spectacular jets of fire out in 
    front of you. The range and speed are about the same and the move 
    consumes your Flame Thrower ammo like no tomorrow. It can be used on 
    Rhinos, but by the time you collect enough ammo to even gain access to 
    it, all the Rhinos in the level are already dead unless you purposely 
    drove right past them.
    Notes: To use this move, you must acquire 300 Flame Thrower ammo. That's 
    3 boxes of 'em. To use this special move, press and HOLD down A and B.
    Power: NA
    Speed: NA
    Range: NA
    Reliability: * * *
    Description: When you use this item, your tank will become invisible not 
    only on the screen, but also on the map. This way you can sneak up on 
    enemy tanks without being fired at. You can also get to an enemy's base 
    and if there is a Queenlord there, you can steal it without being 
    attacked by the tanks guarding it, if there are any. Unfortunately, 
    collecting a Queenlord will cause your Cloaking to wear off and you'll 
    be visible again, and the Goliath that's sitting next to you will now 
    fire at you! Either RUN away, or drop a few grenades and then use a 
    Teleport to get to a safe area. But anyways, Cloaking will be your 
    friend the moment you get it. You will save yourself a lot of damage.
    Notes: You can still be hit even when invisible, so be careful. You 
    won't be able to use Cloaking if you have any Queenlords in your 
    inventory. Also, you will disappear off the map when you use Cloaking. 
    Fire off a few rounds of your basic gun to reveal yourself for a scant 
    moment so you don't get lost.
    <><><>Cloaking Special<><><>
    Power: NA
    Speed: NA
    Range: NA
    Reliability: * * * *
    Description: This nice powerup has dual features. You will become 
    invisible for a prolonged duration AND create a mirror image of yourself 
    to distract enemies! You can use this to save an ally from a powerful 
    foe while you're around the corner, safe and sound ^_^. The mirror image 
    will move around with you, and sometimes it will ever go on water or 
    through buildings. This isn't a bug so don't worry. Overall this is a 
    great move and will serve you well.
    Notes: This causes you to disappear off the map. Fire your basic gun to 
    reveal yourself for a second. You can still get hit even when invisible, 
    so be careful. You need at least 8 Cloaking powerups to use this move(A 
    and B) and if you have over 8, then you'll stay invisible longer.
    Power: * * *
    Speed: *
    Range: * * 
    Reliability: * * *
    Description: This is powerful when used against enemy tanks and can 
    usually take lighter ones out in a single hit, but they're hard to aim 
    at a fast moving object like a Mototank. So why did I give it a 3 in 
    Reliability? Because they're good for destroyed gun emplacements, 
    buildings and minefields. Beware that some minefields have Bouncing 
    Betties strewn across them, so be prepared to back away if needed. A 
    single grenade can take out any gun emplacement, whether it be a small, 
    "popup" one or a four-cannon BIG one. Grenades, like in real life, take 
    a moment to explode so you have time to get away if you need to.
    Notes: Grenades, like almost all weapons, take 2 hits to completely 
    demolish a building.
    <><><>Grenade Special<><><>
    Power: * * * *
    Speed: *
    Range: * * * *
    Reliability: * * *
    Description: Grenades can be relatively easy to find so you usually can 
    use one of these. Once deployed, you have about 8 seconds to get as FAR 
    away as possible before it explodes. It grows bigger, and bigger, and 
    bigger, until it bursts, sending a large fiery shockwave out, with smoke 
    and debris flying everywhere. This is deadly when used in your 
    opponent's base. Ride in, throw this baby in there, and then use a 
    Teleport for mass destruction. In addition, this move is very useful for 
    taking out multiple buildings at the same time.
    Note: To use this move, you need 15 Grenades(3 boxes) but to actually 
    throw use it, it will only consume 10. So don't just collect 10 grenades 
    and expect to use this move, because you can't unless you have 15.
    <><><>Bouncing Betties<><><>
    Power: *
    Speed: * *
    Range: * * *
    Reliability: * * 
    Description: This thing works just like a mine. Lay down a few, back 
    away, and watch your enemies run into them. When you or your enemies(or 
    allies) run into one, it springs up from the ground and shoots out a 
    multitude of blue lasers. Each laser is weak but it adds up, especially 
    if you have more than one Bouncing Betty up in the air. I suppose it 
    could be useful when destroying buildings, too. Run around the perimeter 
    of the building laying down the Betties, and when you're satisfied, run 
    through your Betty "track" and watch them blow up the structure. Of 
    course, your regular weapon could destroy the building just as 
    well(unless you're in a Mototank) and you wouldn't be wasting Betties, 
    but it could be fun if you're bored. Or something.
    Notes: You don't need to be directly on top of the Bouncing Betties to 
    set them off. You only need to be NEAR them.
    <><><>Bouncing Betty Special<><><>
    Power: *
    Speed: * * * *
    Range: * * * * 
    Reliability: *
    Description: Using this will blast out ALL your Bouncing Betties very 
    rapidly, demolishing everything with a lengthy barrage of lasers. Even 
    though they're weak, there are so many of them that it really tacks on 
    the damage. This weapon has great Speed and Range catagories, so why did 
    I give it a 1 in Reliability? Because it's pretty useless, and it can 
    kill YOU very easily because the Bouncing Betties spray directly out the 
    top of your tank! Unless you're moving fast, you're gonna pay the price.
    Notes: To use this weapon, collect 3 boxes of Bouncing Betties(20 per 
    box, 60 total) and then press A and B at the same time. Also note that 
    once you start spraying out the Betties, you cannot stop. It eats up 
    your ammo quickly too.
    <><><>Gun Buddies<><><>
    Power: * *
    Speed: * * *
    Range: * * * *
    Reliability: * * * * *
    Description: In the Campaign mode, you'll often see little gun 
    emplacements shooting at you. With this weapon you can create your own 
    emplacement to fight for you! It stays in one spot and rotates around, 
    opening up on any foe that comes near. It's a very useful item for 
    guarding bases when you're away or making a sort of wall to block a road 
    if you've got enough of them. The Gun Buddy appears behind you when you 
    lay it down, so move out of the way quick or you'll get hit by its 
    shots. The Gun Buddy is long-range and can sometimes shoot down tanks on 
    the other side of the map!
    Notes: You can find a LOT of Gun Buddies at Escape from Berlin in 
    multiplayer mode. There are at least 6-8 boxes there. Here I will list a 
    few formations on where to put your Gun Buddies effectively, in 
    multiplayer, in almost any level.
    |  X  |
    |     |
    |     |
    |     |
    |     |
    X = Enemy
    G = Gun Buddy
    In this scenario, an enemy tank is travelling down a road or bridge with 
    obstructions(a building, or water, or whatever) on both sides. On the 
    other side of this road, you have a wall of Gun Buddies shooting down 
    anything in a straight line. The enemy might be able to blow a few holes 
    in one of your Buddies, but usually this formation can survive quite 
    well. However, any stray shots from the other side of the map might hit 
    the wall and damage it. Another con is that you might not leave enough 
    room for you or your allies to get through! Then you're gonna need to 
    shoot through your own wall. This formation, overall, is excellent of 
    Escape from Berlin and similar stages but not of much use in the wide, 
    open ones like SFO.
    |  R  |
    |  O  |
    |  A  | BUILDING
    |  D  |
    |      ---
    |  X    G |    
    |      ---
    |  R  |
    |  O  | BUILDING
    |  A  |
    |  D  |
    X = Enemy
    G = Gun Buddy
    In this diagram, you have a main road and then a small, narrow space 
    that's just big enough to hold a gun buddy. Your enemies won't see 
    what's coming when they turn the corner looking for that Shield box, and 
    get a surprise as their Mototank is blown to pieces by a hidden Gun 
    Buddy! So it's best to put Gun Buddies in small spaces that conceal 
    powerups and such. Of course, ones that don't have powerups are still 
    good. Often I'm driving my slow Goliath down the street and suddenly 1/3 
    of my life bar gets blasted by shots coming from unknown locations. 
    However, that's only going happen if you have SEVERAL hidden Gun 
    Buddies, because just 1 usually isn't going to cut it. This formation is 
    still good though, but you need to have them strewn across the whole map 
    to be effective.
          G          X
    This is barely a formation at all, and consists of randomly putting Gun 
    Buddies in a big, wide field with enemies roaming about. This is 
    something you should never do. Your enemies will rip right through them, 
    and your allies might hit some of them too. In addition, your Gun 
    Buddies won't be hitting your enemies often unless they're very slow or 
    very close ie. a Mototank that's 20 feet away will never get hit. This 
    formation sucks badly and should be avoided at all costs.
    <><><>Gun Buddy Special<><><>
    Power: (varies)
    Popup: *
    Small: * 
    Medium: * * 
    Giant: * * *
    Speed: * * * 
    Range: * * * *
    Reliability: * * *
    Description: Upon letting loose this one, from behind your tank will pop 
    8-15 Gun Buddies, all in a cluster, ready to decimate all in their way. 
    That includes you, and all the Gun Buddies in the front of the pack. 
    This means they kill themselves! After everything in front of them is 
    cleared away, you don't have many Gun Buddies left. Therefore, it's 
    usually better to place single Gun Buddies in a fashion so that they 
    don't kill themselves. 
    Notes: Refer to the diagrams above for some formations. To use this 
    powerup, collect at least 8 Gun Buddies(4 boxes) and press A and B at 
    the same time.
    Power: * * * (per missile)
    Speed: * * * *
    Range: * * * *
    Reliability: * * * * *
    Description: Excellent weapon here. When activated, your tank will shoot 
    forth 3 fiery missiles that go forward until they hit a wall or better 
    yet, a tank. This weapon has great power and is very accurate, making it 
    exceptionally useful for taking out tanks of all shapes and sizes. It's 
    fast enough to hit Mototanks and rip throught them even if just 1 or 2 
    missiles hit, and it's strong enough to severely weaken medium-weight 
    tanks like Marksman and Hovertank. In addition, the weapon has an 
    excellent firing rate so you can rapidly deplete a Goliath's life meter, 
    although this requires a little skill on dodging.
    You can also kill Rhinos from the FRONT if you have enough Swarmer ammo. 
    Overall this is very reliable tool that will serve you well.
    <><><>Swarmer Special<><><>
    Power: * * * (per missile)
    Speed: * * * *
    Range: * * * *
    Reliability: * * * * *
    Description: When you use this baby, you will EXTREMELY RAPIDLY shoot 
    forth all your remaining Swarmers. This move will rip through Mototank 
    and Goliath alike with absolutely no effort. This weapon's strength is 
    simply off the scale. Hmm. Let's say that this game is an RPG, and 
    Swarmer Missiles do 50 damage. Now, if all 3 missiles hit, that's 150 
    damage, correct? Well say you have 20 Swarmers when you set off this 
    move. 50 x 3 x 20 = 3000 damage. Impressive, eh? Well not all the 
    missiles are going to hit the SAME target, but it'll still blast through 
    anything in less than 2 seconds. Be careful when using this move near 
    allies, because if they swerve out in front of you while you're using 
    this weapon, don't bother trying to save them, because man...they're 
    Notes: To use this r0xx0rz move, press A and B at the same time while 
    you have more than 15 Swarmer Missiles(3 boxes). Ph43r this move.
    Power: * * *
    Speed: * * * * *
    Range: * * * *
    Reliability: * * *
    Description: Nothing special, just a thin blue laser. It's got nice 
    damage and big range, so I suppose it could be a substitute for Swarmers 
    if you're trying to conserve them, or if you just need a good weapon at 
    all. It's strong enough to usually take out Mototanks in one hit, but 
    it's not very effective against bigger tanks like Rhinos and Goliaths 
    because of its very slow firing rate.
    Notes: The laser is very quick and appears almost instantly on the 
    screen after you press A, but after that you'll suffer a dreadfully long 
    recovery time.
    <><><>Laser Special<><><>
    Power: (varies)
    Tight space: * * * * *
    Wide, open area: * *
    Speed: * * * * *
    Range: * * * * *
    Reliability: * *
    Description: Using this weapon will fire off a regular blue laser than 
    bounces around the nearest walls furiously, damaging anything in its 
    path. If you fire this at a wall in a small street, it'll decimate 
    everything nearby, including your own tanks and allies. If you use this 
    in a big field, however, it'll be very inaccurate and probably won't hit 
    the enemy more than once. The move is extremely quick, and it goes 
    REALLY far, but use this anywhere near your base and you'll be sorry.
    Overall, it's not that bad of a move if you know where to use it.
    Notes: Use this special weapon when you have at least 15 Lasers(3 boxes) 
    by pressing A and B simultaneously. Avoid using in a VERY narrow place, 
    as it will cause serious lag on your N64.
    <><><>Guided Missiles<><><>
    Power: * * * *
    Speed: * * 
    Range: N/A
    Reliability: * * * *
    Description: Ahh, everyone's favorite weapon! Using this weapon will 
    shoot forth a slow-moving white missile that does good damage if it 
    hits. Now, if you press and HOLD down the A button, you can control the 
    missile with the control stick! Ain't that awesome?! Now you can snipe 
    from a distance and pick off those annoying Mototanks when they least 
    expect it. However, a downside to this is that your tank is completely 
    vulnerable while controlling the missile. A good way to tell if your 
    tank is being attacked is by watching your health bar down at the 
    bottom. If you see it being depleted, then let go of A and try to ward 
    off the threat. Of course, sometimes you're chasing a target that's far 
    more important than your tank, such as a quick Mototank bearing a 
    Queenlord that you need for your base. Also, if your health is low and 
    you still are in control of the missile, you might want to keep control 
    because it could be too late, and you've wasted a missile. Let your tank 
    be destroyed...but go seek out the tank that killed you(look on the map) 
    and get REVENGE! It also might be a good idea to position your tank in a 
    concealed area, and maybe throw down some Gun Buddies to defend you 
    while you control your missiles.
    Notes: Press and hold A to control Guided Missiles. Let go of A to 
    resume control of your tank. Guided Missiles can NOT be fired 
    rapidly...they have by far the worst recovery time in the game.
    <><><>Guided Missile Special<><><>
    Power: * * * * * (hit)
    Power: * * * (laser)
    Speed: *
    Range: N/A
    Reliability: * * * * *
    Description: Using this creates a big Guided Missile with shark teeth on 
    the front(you can't see them when you're controlling it). In addition to 
    being very powerful when connecting a direct hit, you can fire lasers 
    with Z! The number of laser shots you have depends on how many Guided 
    Missiles you created the big Guided Missile with. For example, if you 
    had 18 Guided Missiles when you activated this move, you'd get 18 shots 
    with the laser. If you had 40 Guided Missiles, you'd get 40 shots. 
    Unfortunately, there's no way to tell how many shots you have left so 
    use them wisely. But enough on the lasers. Let's talk about RAMMING 
    THINGS!! Yes, with this weapon you can actually ram your Guided Missile 
    STRAIGHT THROUGH BUILDINGS! You won't lose your Missile either, it will 
    just crash right through. Of course, you can't ram through indestrucible 
    buildings. If you're unsure if a building can be rammed through, fire a 
    laser at it(if you have any left, it's easy to use them all up) to see 
    if it blows up partway. You can also ram through dead tank "corpses" to 
    get them out of the way. However, be careful when flying low because 
    hitting a raised patch of ground will cause you to lose your Missile. 
    Now be sure to put your tank in a safe spot, hard-to-reach if you can, 
    and perhaps defended with a Gun Buddy or two just to safe. If you see 
    your life bar being lowered, you're being attacked. You don't want to 
    let go of your missile, right? Well you could try to find your tank on 
    the map and blast the living hell out of whoever's attacking you, but 
    since the big Guided Missiles and are slower than regular Guided 
    Missiles, you probably won't reach your tank in time unless you're 
    close. Just be careful to defend yourself well before you deploy this 
    Notes: Get 15 Guided Missiles(3 boxes) and then press A and B at the 
    same time to use this weapon.
    Power: * *
    Speed: * * * * *
    Range: *
    Reliability: * * * *
    Description: Right about now you're just itching to read the description 
    of the Nuke, right? Well hold your horses because you're not there yet. 
    Anyways, using the Mine will set down a little mechanism directly below 
    your tank. Be sure to move off of it quick or you'll be hit by your own 
    mine. This is a nice tool or defending your base(s). Setting a row of 
    mines will cause your opponent to take an alternate route around your 
    defenses or take time to clear away your mines with Grenades. If they 
    try to go around, you'll know exactly where they're going and you can 
    coordinate an attack with your allies(if any) or surpise them with Gun 
    Buddies or a quick Swarmer Barrage. Either way, they'll have to regroup 
    if they took any damage and that buys you time. If they decide to blow 
    through your mines with Grenades, you'll also know where they are and 
    you can ward them off with a weapon of your choice. Unfortunately, 
    Hovertanks can just float right over mines so you'll have to deal with 
    them another way. Overall, mines are a great asset to any bases's 
    Notes: Mines will hurt you and allies as well as enemies.
    <><><>Mine Special<><><>
    Power: * *(per mine)
    Speed: * *
    Range: * * *
    Reliability: * * * *
    Description: This causes a HUGE minefield to appear behind your tank. 
    It's a quick and easy way to defend a base if you're about to be 
    attacked. Be sure to space yourself right or some of the mines might 
    appear IN your base, which is bad! Good news about this move: In 
    addition to laying down craploads of mines, you'll automatically lay 
    down a few Bouncing Betties hidden within the minefield. Bad news: If an 
    enemy steps into the minefield, he'll probably die, but it destroys the 
    ENTIRE field(or most of it). That means you wasted ALL those mines on 
    just one enemy?! I suppose it's better than nothing, but when compared 
    with the other weapons, the ammo per kill ratio is just horrible. That 
    is, if you can lay down the mines in such a fashin that it kills 2 or 3 
    tanks at once, but's that a difficult task.
    Notes: Press A and B simultaneously to perform this move when you have 
    at least 60 mines(3 boxes). Hovertanks are immune to the mines, but not 
    the Bouncing Betties.
    Power: * * * * *
    Speed: *
    Range: (bah, off the scale)
    Reliability: * * * *
    Description: These are rare, but generally worth the trouble of finding 
    one. After throwing a Nuke out and hearing the ominous "Nuke Deployed!" 
    sound effect, you'll be given a few scant moments to go hide FAR, FAR 
    away or underground...before you hear an explosion. The screen flashes, 
    the sky turns rusty, and then you see it. A gigantic wave of energy 
    devours everything in its path. Tanks, gone. Buildings, vaporized. Gun 
    Buddies, done for. A large mushroom cloud and a few shockwaves can be 
    seen hovering in the air in the distance for a few seconds before the 
    ENORMOUS yellow wave of debris rips right through your tank, killing you 
    instantly. Ok, enough drama. Still though, this weapon can completely 
    wipe off everything on the map with ease. Well, anything that can be 
    NORMALLY destroyed. Steel reinforced indestrucible buildings will 
    remain, railings, etc... This weapon of mass destruction has incredible 
    range however. Unless the map you're on is HUGE and you put the Nuke 
    down at one end and raced ALL the way down to the other end before it 
    blows, you'll be killed. Unless you're a Goliath. Goliaths can withstand 
    a Nuke with some effort, and sometimes TWO nukes. Other than that, all 
    tanks will be wiped clean off the map. Unless, as I said before, you're 
    underground. Fallout shelters are pretty common so throw out a nuke, and 
    then head down into the tunnels and wait until you hear the explosion. 
    Then you can poke your head out and review the carnage. The Nuke can 
    also be useful for clearing out buildings. However, it's not too 
    reliable about that because it will often leave half-destroyed buildings 
    there. Try this in the Parliament and you'll see what I mean. Still, the 
    Nuke is a great weapon and is awesome to watch. 
    Notes: This item is very rare and usually appears in hard-to-reach 
    spots. Be careful when using Nukes because it will kill your allies as 
    Power: NA
    Speed: * * * 
    Range: * * * * *
    Reliability: * * * * *
    Description: When you use this, a small shockwave emits from your tank 
    and you're transported to a random location on the map. The perfect way 
    to explore, sightsee, and...destroy. Earlier mentioned, a good way to 
    attack an enemy base is to throw Grenade Specials in, take their 
    queenlord if you think you can do it, and then use Teleport to get out 
    before the grenade explodes. It has other uses, as well. If you see a 
    barrage of missiles coming at you and you're using a slow tank, you can 
    dodge them easier by teleporting. Of course, you don't know where you're 
    going to end up. You might just end up in a WORSE situation, like in the 
    middle of a battle, right between two fighting tanks. Ouch.
    However, if you can use this well, you can use it to dodge a Nuke's 
    shockwave too so you don't get blasted to pieces.
    Notes: The place that you wind up in is random, so be careful.
    <><><>Teleport Special<><><>
    Power: NA
    Speed: * 
    Range: * * * * *
    Reliability: * * 
    Description: Using this device will make your tank deploy a weird 
    glowing portal. It flies around the level very slowly, seeking out enemy 
    tanks. When it reaches one, it makes the enemy disappear from the map! 
    The tank is gone for about 5 seconds, and it's transported to a random 
    location of the map. This can be good and bad. Good if a strong tank is 
    attacking you and you're losing. Bad if a tank's running away with a 
    Queenlord and then gets teleported directly to his base. Very bad. While 
    it's usually good to use, this weapon is very hard to find because 
    Teleporters are quite rare in most levels.
    Notes: To use this move, collect 15 Teleporters and press A and B at the 
    same time. Have I said this enough?! o_O
    <><><>Plasma Bolt<><><>
    Power: * * *
    Speed: * * * *
    Range: * * * * *
    Reliability: * *
    Description: This shoots of 3 green bolts ahead of you. The stats are 
    close to the Swarmers, so why did I give it a 2 in Reliability? Because 
    it bounces off walls, is hard to aim properly, and it hurts you and your 
    team. It sucks. The damage is not bad at all, but the bolt might hit a 
    wall and bounce right into you. In the hands of an expert they're not 
    that bad, but the overall usefulness of this weapon is low.
    Notes: This will hurt you and your allies. Beware.
    <><><>Plasma Bolt Special<><><>
    Power: * * *
    Speed: * * * *
    Range: * * * * *
    Reliability: *
    Description: Using this weapon is just like Swarmers, except you're 
    basically killing yourself too. The sea of green bolts will devour your 
    enemies, Goliath or not, but it will also bounce all over the place like 
    a hyper 6-year old and it'll slaughter you in a second. Unless you're 
    FAR away from the action, in which you probably can't aim anyway. Let's 
    think of the good parts of this move, however.......nope.
    Notes: To use this move, collect 3 boxes of Plasma bolts and pres- ahh 
    dammit. You know.
    Power: NA
    Speed: * * * * *
    Range: * * * * *
    Reliability: * *
    Description: This is mostly for fun. Using this move will make your tank 
    go twice as fast as normal for a few moments. It can be used to take you 
    to the other end of the map in seconds if you started out with anything 
    but a Goliath or Rhino. However, there's usually no need to RUSH to the 
    other end of the map quickly unless you're racing another tank for a 
    good powerup or such.
    Notes: Use this item with a Mototank, go full speed, and hit one of the 
    high mounds of dirt. Lots of fun.
    Power: NA
    Speed: NA
    Range: NA
    Reliability: * * * * *
    Description: This allows your Mototank to take two hits instead of the 
    usual 1. It also makes your Goliaths even MORE sturdy. It's very useful 
    but it can be a pain to find sometimes. It's well worth it, though, so 
    remember where it is. When you take a hit with Shields on, it flashes a 
    certain color. Blue = good shield. Red = breaking shield. When your 
    shield is running low, look for another shield powerup so you can 
    replenish your shield strength. Overall this is an excellent item.
    Notes: Uh...none really.
    <><><>Default Gun Ammo<><><>
    Power: NA
    Speed: NA
    Range: NA
    Reliability: * * *
    Description: The amount that is refilled depends on your tank. If you're 
    driving a Mototank, you'll be given LOTS of ammo. If you're using a 
    Goliath, you'll only be given a few. If you like using your default 
    blaster then this could be pretty useful. Otherwise it's just another 
    powerup that you don't care about but pick up anyway.
    Notes: These are very common, so you don't exactly need to search for 
    Power: NA
    Speed: NA
    Range: NA
    Reliability: NA
    Description: A staple item needed for any base. Except your enemy's 
    base. Acquiring all the Queenlords on the map will net you a victory. 
    Note: If you're killed while toting a hostage, it becomes "neutral" and 
    anyone can come by and pick it up.
    This is where I'll list the most effective ways to use your weapon ammo. 
    Don't waste it! Instead of providing walkthroughs for each level, I'll 
    just give you general tips, base strategies and team attacks.
    <><><>General Tips<><><>
    1. Use Swarmers wisely.
    While they're not rare at all in most levels, it's easy to use them up 
    quickly. If you see a Rattler, for instance, don't start firing off 
    round after round of swarmers. The tank will get killed with the first 1 
    or 2 missiles, and the rest will be wasted. Only lob out your swarmers 
    en masse when you see a Goliath. Try to be accurate too, if you can. In 
    some levels it'll be very difficult to win if you only have regular ammo 
    because you were inaccurate with your Swarmers.
    2. Use mines for a quick escape.
    If you're being chased down a road by a slow tank, then what do you do? 
    Use mines. The enemy is likely firing at you, so if your tank can 
    strafe, do it. While you're doing that(and hopefully taking minimal 
    damage), lay down a line of mines behind you. This will either...
    A. Stop the opponent in its tracks.
    B. Damage it so you can perhaps fight back.
    3. The joys of the Laser Special.
    While perhaps it can cause lag to your N64, it can be a deadly weapon if 
    you use it correctly. If you have at least 15 lasers and maybe some 
    shields, use the Laser Special to clear out the immediate area around 
    you. If you're in a tighter space, then even better! Unfortunately 
    allies will get hit and maybe die, but that's what shields are for. 
    Stock up pre-blast and hope you survive. After all, if you can kill 2 or 
    3 tanks with one attack, then sacrificing your tank could be worth it. 
    However, killing 2 or 3 tanks and SURVIVING is much more favorable. Try 
    to back into a corner right as you fire, so maybe some of the lasers 
    will miss your tank. Remember, each laser is very thin, so it could miss 
    your tank by a hair!
    4. Grenades.
    If you can aim them right, grenades can be one of the most lethal 
    weapons out there, even stronger than Swarmers. Of course, these things 
    are hard as hell to throw right. An enemy can easily move out of the way 
    of the blast. Unless, of course, you spam the screen with them in a 
    tight space. You probably won't encounter such a scenario, but if you 
    do, then you might as well do it right. Try to bounce the grenades off 
    the walls to catch your enemies off guard. The multiple blasts may 
    damage or even kill them. Be sure to protect yourself, too, because you 
    can die to your own grenades.
    <><><>Base Strategies<><><>
    1.Gun Buddies
    I cannot stress this enough. Gun Buddies are absolutely the best way to 
    defend your base. They provide quick firepower and you can use them 
    defensively as a wall of sorts even. I'll map out some scenarios below. 
    The large box with a hole is your base building.
    G = Gun Buddies
    The "Generic Formation" 
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    |___    ___|
    G  G    G  G
    This is the most common form of base defense. Throwing down Gun Buddies 
    just outside your base's entrance will threaten to blow anything away in 
    seconds if they get near. However, they have trouble hitting things far 
    away, and it's very easy to snipe at them from a distance. This is 
    reccomended if you need some quick defense(it's easy to set up) and you 
    want to focus on other aspects of the battle instead of entirely relying 
    on your base camp. Another good thing about this formation is that it's 
    cheap and it requires only 2-4 Buddies to be effective.
    The "Wall Formation"
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    This formation involves gathering a bunch of Buddies and making a sort 
    of wall to completely block any entrance to the base, even your 
    entrance. Unless you shoot your own buddies down. The major problem with 
    this strategy is that your guard Goliath, unless dead, will blow up your 
    own wall, wasting your Buddies. For this single reason I don't reccoment 
    using it unless your Goliath is dead. In addition to these problems, you 
    usually won't be able to get out of the building if you die and start 
    with another tank! 
    The "Surprise Formation"
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    |G        G|
    |___    ___|
    This is one of the best base defenses out there. Putting down 2 or more 
    Gun Buddies just inside the corners of your base means that your enemy 
    won't see them until it's too late. They're blocked by the wall so they 
    won't be able to accidentially hurt you either. Note that the picture is 
    sort of misleading. You want the Buddies to be as close to the corner as 
    possible(the corner closest to the entrance) because if they're against 
    the back wall then they're vulnerable to sniping with Guided Missiles. 
    2. Mines
    Mines, in conjunction with Gun Buddies, can be a force to be reckoned 
    with. They can be used to completely stop your enemies in their tracks 
    or force to take an alternate route.
    o = Mine
    G = Gun Buddy
    The "Wall Formation"
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    |___    ___|
    This formation isn't as bad as the Gun Buddy version because the mines 
    are not as dangerous to YOU, but they're still effective to enemies. Try 
    to shove them into the mines(easiest against Hovertanks) but try not to 
    get hurt yourself.
    The "Branch Formation"
            |          |
            |          |
            |          |
            |          |
            |___    ___|
       ooooo |        | G G G 
             |        |
             |        |
    This one involves having a building or other obstacle in front of your 
    base, effectively creating 2 paths. On one path you have mines, that 
    most tanks can't pass without dying or at least taking heavy damage. So 
    they go over to the other road and they find Gun Buddies, ready to take 
    them down, supported by your tank. If they get past either road, then 
    they have your nice fat Goliath waiting for them :-)
    The "Scatter Field Formation"
           |          |
           |          |
           |          |
           |          |
           |___    ___|
          G   G    G   G
       o o  o      o   o     o
          o   o     o   o o  
    o    o o    o     o         o
       o      o     o     o
    This is generally not the best option, but it CAN be viable. It requires 
    using the Mine Special to lay down a crapload of mines, but not before 
    throwing in Gun Buddies. This means that NOTHING can get through. 
    Absolutely nothing. Hovertanks can float right over mines, right? Either 
    you, your goliath, the Bouncing Betties or the Gun Buddies will get 
    them; they will NOT be able to break through. If the tank isn't a 
    Hovertank, then your base is nearly invincible. This can be even 
    better(if humanly possible) if you put Gun Buddies on the inside corner 
    of your base, making escape absolutely futile. The main drawbacks of 
    this setup are:
    A. If a tank comes by and sets off the entire field, then the resulting 
    chain reaction may put your Gun Buddies or even YOU in danger
    B. Guided Missiles can be used to snipe your Goliath/Gun Buddies, so 
    Hovertanks might have a chance at survival
    C. A single Grenade Special can ruin the whole thing. Ouch.
    The "Ultimate Formation"
    |          |
    |          |
    |          |
    |G        G|
    |___    ___|
    G   G   G   G
      G       G
    This is probably the best strategy to use in an intense multiplayer 
    game. The ingredients to the perfect base defense are:
    50-100 Mines
    8 Gun Buddies
    Lots of time
    The Mines must be spaced in a manner than one tank running into one mine 
    will not set off all the rows. The Gun Buddies must not be placed 
    directly in front of each other or else the Buddies in the back row will 
    kill off the ones in the front row. There must also be NO Buddies in the 
    middle of the formation or else your Goliath won't have a clear shot, 
    and it may kill off the one in the center. Gun Buddies assist your 
    Goliath inside the building. So the enemy will be confronted by a row of 
    mines, with 6 Gun Buddies firing at the intruder. If he runs into the 
    first row of mines, the row will be set off, but you still have 2 rows 
    left AND your Gun Buddies are safe from the explosions too, if you 
    spaced them correctly. And if by some chance a tank gets THROUGH that 
    hell then they're confronted by your Goliath, who started shooting at 
    'em as soon as the enemy came into sight. And if by some MIRACLE your 
    foe steals your Queenlord, they have to get past those 2 Gun Buddies 
    sitting in the corner, blasting them to death. It's the best defense 
    there is! You can expand on this even more, though it's usually 
    unessecary unless more than 2 tanks are about to attack your camp at the 
    same time. You could add Bouncing Betties to the mix, although I don't 
    reccomend it because their damage is inconsistant and they tend to mess 
    you up often.
    <><><>Team Attacks<><><>
    These apply to multiplayer games only; they won't work with computers.
    1. Strength in numbers
    Round up as many allies as possible before sending them out. Traveling 
    in a group is far better than going in by yourself. Try not to hit your 
    own team either. Have Goliaths and Rhinos up front and the weaker tanks 
    behind them. As always, use Swarmers often. If a friend asks for you to 
    meet at their base before launching an attack, on the way there you can 
    look for Shields to enhance your tank.
    2. Sniping
    If you're in a scenario where two armies are facing off, both using the 
    above strategy, you can use this one. Take a weaker tank from the back 
    and use Guided Missiles to kill tanks in the back of your opponent's 
    force. If you can hit two or more tanks you might be able to outnumber 
    them. You can also use Guided Missiles to take out Gun Buddies from your 
    enemy's base, if they're a threat.
    3. Being outnumbered
    If YOU get overpowered, it's usually best to spread out. This causes 
    your enemies to scatter around looking for you and you might have a 
    better chance to take them out slowly one by one. You can use Cloaking 
    to hide yourself. If you see a teammate being hit by an enemy, you can 
    sneak over there and fire at the attacker without being noticed. Check 
    out your friend's face when he's being shot at from nowhere!
    4. Friendly Fire
    The following attacks should NOT be used during a full-scale assault 
    because they're do damage to your allies too.
    Most weapon Specials
    -These devour an entire area, decimating your own tanks.
    -They're small and hard to see, and you might accidentially run into 
    Gun Buddies
    -Sure, they're handy for defense, but not offense. Their aim isn't very 
    good and they'll shoot your own tanks if they're in the way.
    -Unless you can somehow gather up all your tanks and get them away from 
    the Nuke before it explodes and at the same time getting the enemies to 
    stay near it, don't try the Nuke. It's suicide.
    5. Pincer Attack
    If possible, attack from more than one direction. If the enemy squad is 
    moving down a narrow road or bridge you can block their progress from 
    both sides. That way, their weaker ones in the back will still get 
    plowed through and you'll have plenty of time to help out your frontline 
    Goliaths/Rhinos. If you get attacked from two sides, try to focus on one 
    side at a time. If you can strafe, do it. It's very hard to survive a 
    pincer attack if the enemy is a good player. Use all the Swarmers and 
    Lasers you have to beat them. If you're really outnumbered you can 
    Teleport out of the situation but you'll be leaving your allies behind! 
    6. Take the enemy down with you
    If you're being beaten badly and you're down to the last tank, whip out 
    a Nuke or other powerful area-effect attack and use it for all you're 
    worth. After all, you're gonna die anyway so why not deal a little 
    carnage before you do?
    7. Minefields
    If you encounter a mine field, simply use a Grenade to clear it out. 
    It'll set off Bouncing Betties too. If the field is very large and 
    you're in a hurry to get going, using a Grenade Special can be a little 
    quicker. Even though it takes longer to explode, the Grenade Special 
    will clear out EVERYTHING nearby, quicker than using single grenades. 
    It'll also damage any enemy tanks or gun buddies nearby too. Take care 
    to position your tanks accordingly so you don't get hit by your own 
    8. Flamethrower
    While generally useless in single player, it does have its merits in 
    multiplayers for being one of the single fastest tank killers. One of 
    the quickest ways to destroy a Goliath is to take two tanks with 
    Flamethrowers, preferably Special ones, and blast the thing to death. 
    The life bar will deplete and blink off so fast you'll get a seizure.
    9. Hitting fast tanks
    One of the hardest enemies to hit is a circling Mototank. To hit it, you 
    either need fast default gun(Rattler and such, Goliaths and Marksman 
    will not cut it) or Swarmers. They're very accurate and you have a good 
    chance of hitting the Mototank if you aim a little ways ahead of it and 
    10. Avoiding flamethrower
    Simple. Back up while laying mines and shooting. If the threat comes 
    from the side, rotate your cannon and blast away, strafing if you can.
    Thanks for reading this guide. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did 
    making it. And yes, this is a very short outro. If you have any comments 
    or questions or whatever, email 'em to me at spikyfire6@aol.com. 
    Remember that this guide was made by ME(neonjohn779) so that means you 
    can't rip it off/sell it/whatever without a large tree appearing out of 
    nowhere and ramming up your...ahem.

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