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    Vehicle Guide by LockeCole

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    Welcome to the first version of the 
    Note: This is NOT a walkthrough, just a guide to the various destuuctive 
    rides in the game
    	Welcome!  If you are reading this, you have, or plan to, play 
    Blast Corps.  Good for you!  This is easily one of the N64's best.  I, 
    too have played BC, and have found all the rides, and gotten gold in ALL 
    the areas, etc, etc. To do this, it took a LOT of practice, a LOT of re-
    trying, and a LOT of explosions (don't ask how many tines the carrier 
    blew up........) In my experimentation, I have discovered how to use 
    each ride to it's best destructive purposes, and how to GET THE JOB DONE 
    BEFORE THAT DAMN CARRIER GETS THERE!  So, without further adeu, here are 
    the rides
    Ease of Use (1 being easy, 10 being hard)-3
    Need of Use (1 being almost never, 10 being very often)-9
    Destructive Power (1 being pitiful, 10 topples anything)-4  
    The easy ride.  Just run into the buildings, and watch them collapse. At 
    least, the small ones.  Many of the earlier stages offer similar 
    challanges, but the RamDozer is easily the most effective.  Little is 
    needed to use this veichle later.  Also, the RamDozer is the only NON-
    ROBOT ride that can turn around in place.  THis makes it perfect for 
    clearing a large patch of small buildings huddled in a small area.  
    Later though, you need to push some TNT to get the job done.  This is 
    where you must train hard.  THIS IS NOT EASY.  You have to push a 
    little, then make sure you don't goof it up.  It's easy to miss the 
    crate, and just go on.  This takes time, and gives the crate a chance to 
    explode without doing it's job.  Make use of the turning ability while 
    stopped here.  You also have to push cement blocks into place. Use the 
    same tactics, but these are easier, as they are larger.
    BackLash (Dump Truck)
    Ease of Use- 10
    Need of Use- 10
    Destructive Power- 8
    What a PAIN!  This is the hardest ride to use.  But you MUST learn it.  
    3 of the end stages REQUIRE this one. (Most other rides might be used 
    once in the end stages, but then they're not needed anymore in the end 
    stages)  You must press R, then power slide so the flatbed hits the 
    building.  Pretty powerful, though. Only TNT, the Robots (and the 
    carrier >:) have more destructive power.  The best method is to run 
    straight at the building, then when your about 1 and 3/4ths of a 
    BackLash away from the building, press R and swing in whatever direction 
    there is more to desteroy :)  If you miss, SLAM on the brakes, or else 
    be prepared to powerslide until the end of time (YOUR TIME, once that 
    carrier slams into the building you missed.) Later in the game, a new 
    challange comes for the BackLash (as if you didn't have enough problems 
    with it already): Dirt.  Whenever you make a sharp turn, you truck will 
    enter a powerslide.  You CAN use this to your advantage, but it's 
    normaly better to end the slide A.S.A.P.  In a couple stages, things get 
    REALLY tricky.  Not just dirt, but now, the BackLash must push TNT!  
    This is REALLY hard. The BackLash bumbles around, missing the TNT, and 
    since it cannot turn in one place,  you must loop back and try again. 
    (A real pain....since the BackLash is also one of the slowest 
    rides....is it just me...or was this one just added to make life 
    difficult for you?)One point of advice: Do the training stage, as well 
    as any bonus stage focusing on the BackLash, MANY, MANY times, to learn 
    how to use it.
    SideSwipe (Truck w/battering rams)
    Ease of use- 5
    Need of Use- 2
    Destructive Power-  3
      	The oddball ride, this sucker packs a pair of side mounted 
    battering rams.  Too bad it packs little punch.  For such a weak attack, 
    it's one of the few that requires ammo (in the form of batteries to run 
    the rams.)  It's also a pain to steer, as the back half can swing at a 
    diffrent angle than you turn it.  The only thing the SideSwipe can take 
    down in one swipe is the small storage shack tyes of buildings.  Any 
    other requires 2, 3, or more bashes.  Thankfully, EVERY stage it appears 
    in, with the exception of it's training stage, you only have to use it 
    for a short while.  Easy to use, and very straightforward, just watch 
    out on those turns.
    SkyFall (Dune Buggy w/turbo)
    Ease of use- 6
    Need of Use-4
    Destuctive Power- 10 (4)
    Wodering about that 4 in it's power?  Well, it's it ability to take 
    things down by ramming it with turbo.  Not half bad, huh?  But really, 
    if you plan on using this ride to the fullest extent, find a ditch, jam 
    on the turbo, and fly onto the top of whatever you want to crush.  
    Hitting it on the side after the ditch-launch also works.
    It's easy to miss your target, though, so line up first (You do NOT want 
    to bring Nuclear Winter, do you?) And watch out not to fall on the 
    carrier.(It's easier than you may expect.)
    J-Bomb (Robot w/jets)
    Ease of use- 2 
    Need of use-4 (7 for bonus stages)
    Destructive Power- 10
    	This guy takes down ANYTHING!  Easily the most powerful ride in 
    the game, this sucker takes BLOCKS of a city down in one of it's stomps.  
    However, in the normal stages, he is well hidden, and cannot be used 
    until you clear the path for that 10-ton rolling bomb.  Just juice up 
    the jets, fly to the center of what you want to smash, and come slamming 
    down.  But, the jets can only give so much lift at one time, so you will 
    have to decend every once in a while.  This gives a HUGE view, too.  Use 
    it to see what's around you.  Just don't mistake the carrier for a 
    building (Don't ask.....)
    Cyclone Suit (Robot that does flips)
    Ease of use- 6
    Need of use- 4
    Destructive power- 8
    	The "worst" robot (But still better than the rest of the rides) , 
    this guy is tough to use if you have a bad eye. Runs, then tumbles in 
    the direction you were running.  That part is cool.  You cannot control 
    him until he finishes his flips, plus sometimes he goes OVER small 
    shacks and buildings.  That sucks.  Be careful.  The best thing to do is 
    go in the EXACT same path as the carrier.  You should finish any stage 
    with this guy LONG before the carrier reaches the end.
    Thunderfist (Robot who does a pretty good Ryu impression)
    Ease of use- 4    
    Need of use- 6
    Destructive Power- 9
    	IMO, the best ride in the game.  This ride rolls until he hits a 
    building, then unleashes a deadly uppercut, and he takes stuff out on 
    the way up AND on the way down.  Also, his roll IS controllable.  His 
    only downfall is that he's slow of foot, and walks slightly faster than 
    the carrier.  Don't worry though.  He'll take care of anything long 
    before tha carrier becomes a threat.  Enjoy.
    American Dream (Red, White, and Blue car)
    Ease of use- 7
    Need of use- 1 (5 in bonus stages)
    Destructive Power- You gotta be kidding
    	This one is FAST!  This is the best ride for racing bonus stages 
    without lots of corners.  I repeat WITHOUT lots of corners.  This ride 
    turns as well as the Ballista.  Practice before using, and be wary of 
    ANY turn over 45 degrees.
    Muscle Car (Reddish pink car with a canvas cover on it)
    Ease of Use- 3
    Need of use-1 (8 in bonus stages)
    Destructive Power-  100 x  0
                  Slower than the American dream, but can turn better.  Use 
    in the bonus stages with some corners, but not many drops and bumps. 
    Handles turf well, too. Very little slows it down, terrain wise.
    Police Car (Need a discription?  Just rob a 7-11 and wait around, and 
    you'll see one soon enough)
    Ease of use- 5
    Need of use- 1 (4 in bonus stages)
    Destructive power-  Don't you wish it came equipped with police weponery 
    SLOW acclelration, but almost as fast as the American dream. Sticks to 
    the road like glue, as well.  Just don't crash, okay?
    Van (Van)
    Ease of Use- 1
    Need of use-1 (9 in bonus stages)
    Destuctive Power- 1 (yes, 1!)
    	The best of the 4 bonus rides, it's fast, turns well, and can 
    handle bumps.  When you find this one, the rest will rust from lack of 
    use. (except in special circumstances)
    Basllista (motorcycle with rockets)
    Ease of use- 6
    Need of use- 5
    Destructive power- 7
    	Another ammo-eater, the Ballista uses rockets to take down 
    buildings.  While fairly powerful, they are hard to aim.   Get close, 
    and STOP!  Then fire.  This is a tough ride to steer, too.  Always make 
    sure that you are going straight, or else you will have a fun time 
    trying to line up.  Luckly, only one stage requires it, but boy, is it a 
    General Tips
    Learn how to steer each ride effectively
    Don't leave an unwanted ride in the path of the carrier!
    Learn how to use the BackLash!
    Practice pushing stuff around.
    Treat bonus areas as training grounds
    Learn how to use the BackLash!
    Have fun!
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