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    Secrets FAQ by A-dogg

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    ***Body Harvest Cheats and Secrets***
    Author: A-dogg (Aaron Smith)  (ScSaBeRg@aol.com)
    Version 1.0
    Began the FAQ
    Table of Contents
    6.Legal Stuff
    1. Intro
    Ladies and Gentlemen Children of all ages DMA proudly presents to you, its Video 
    Game, BodyHarvest. In my opinion this game should have gotten more recognition 
    and advertising. It's fun and exciting. This game can be hard though and if you 
    are like me you love to cheat. So that's what this FAQ is for.
    This game has a bunch of cheats I will name each cheat and describe them for 
    2. Cheats
    To cheat listen to the simple instructions start a new game and when it is time 
    to enter a name put ICHEAT (why? because you do), Actually that's the only way 
    for the code to work. For all the cheats you have to press certain buttons, 
    during game play and you will always see the name of the code or something 
    similar at the bottom of the screen. To disable any codes press it again.  You 
    will not see a message XXX Cheat disabled just the Name of it again.  Any code 
    that has an asterix means you should memorize this cheat.
    All weapons: This will give you all the weapons for that board 
    Press A, Right, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, A, Left 
    Weapons power-up: This powers up your weapons like instead of Rocket Launcher 
    you might get some alien gun
    Press C-Down, C-Up, Up, Z(2), Left, C-Right 
    *Smart bomb: This will kill all aliens and processors. With the exception of 
    Bosses and aliens that are with the bosses
    Press A, C-Up(2), Up, Left 
    *Restore health and fuel: Restores your health and fuel
    Press Down, Up, Right, A, B, Left, C-Right 
    *All artifacts: Gives you all the artifacts for the board. You should do this 
    every time you start a new level
    Press Up, C-Down, C-Right, Z, Up, Left 
    Kill Adam: will allow you to kill your self
    Press B, Left, C-Right, C-Right, Down 
    Black Adam: Allows you to look like your evil twin brother
    Press C-Left, C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, Left 
    Tall Adam: makes Adam tall
    Press B, A, C-Up, A, C-Up, A 
    Short Adam: makes Adam short
    Press Down, C-Left, A, Right, Z 
    Weak Boss: use this code to weaken a boss
     Press Z, C-Right(2), B, Left, C-Right 
    Mutant alien: instantly changes a Harvester into a Mutant
    Press C-Down, Up, Z(2), C-Right, Right 
    Fat legged aliens: Makes aliens have fat legs when aliens are present
    Press Left, A, Right, Down 
    Dancer: makes Adam dance for a couple seconds
    Press Down, Up, C-Up, Down, C-Right(2) 
    Suffer mode:  I don't know what this is or what it does 
    press C-Down, Up, Z(2), C-Right(2) 
    Surreal mode: makes the buildings move up and down
    press C-Down, Up, Right(2), C-Right, A, Left 
    Additional difficulty levels:
    Repeated press left at the difficulty selection screen to access the "Very Easy" 
    setting or repeatedly press Right to access the "Very Hard" setting. 
    Invincibility: don't know if this code works or not but try it and see 
    To get invincibility press: A, C-Up, C-Down , B, L, R. 
    The Following is from the Game Shark Code Creators Club and can only be used 
    with the Gams Shark.
    Infinite Health
    8104DCEC 0258
    No Humans Killed
    8104816A 0000
    Infinite Greece
    81052B18 0098
    81052B1A 967F
    Have Alien Artifact
    8004DC5F 0001
    Item Modifier
    8004DC4E ????
    Weapon Modifier (1st Position)
    80048138 00??
    Weapon Modifier (2nd Position)
    80048139 00??
    Weapon Modifier (3rd Position)
    8004813A 00??
    Weapon Modifier (4th Position)
    8004813B 00??
    Weapon Modifier (5th Position)
    8004813C 00??
    Weapon Modifier (6th Position)
    8004813D 00??
    Weapon Modifier (7th Position)
    8004813E 00??
    Weapon Modifier (8th Position)
    8004813F 00??
    Infinite Ammo Shotgun
    81048146 8000
    Infinite Ammo Rifle
    81048148 8000
    Infinite Ammo Machine Gun
    8104814A 8000
    Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher
    8104814C 8000
    Infinite Ammo TNT
    8104814E 8000
    Infinite Ammo Sun Shield
    81048150 8000
    Infinite Ammo Grenades
    81048152 8000
    Infinite Ammo Tri-Spinner
    81048154 8000
    Infinite Ammo Vehicle Weapon 1
    81048156 8000
    Infinite Ammo Vehicle Weapon 2
    81048158 8000
    Infinite Ammo Arme 2
    8104815A 8000
    Infinite Ammo Waffe 2
    8104815C 8000
    Infinite Ammo Chaingun
    8104815E 8000
    Infinite Ammo Fragcannon
    81048160 8000
    Infinite Ammo Lazer Missiles
    81048162 8000
    Infinite Ammo Resonator
    81048164 8000
    Infinite Ammo Plasma Bombs
    81048166 8000
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Code
    0000 - Nothing
    0002 - Howitzer Shells
    0040 - Crank
    0080 Windmill Cog
    0100 - Hieroglyph Map Piece
    0400 - Hangar Key
    FFFF - All Items
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Fuel
    02 - Pistol
    03 - Shotgun
    04 - Rifle
    05 - Machine Gun
    06 - Rocket Launcher
    07 - TNT
    08 - Sun Shield
    09 - Grenades
    0A - Tri-Spinner
    Items Below Wont Equip
    0B - Vehicle Weapon 1
    0C - Vehicle Weapon 2
    0D - Arme 2
    0E - Waffe 2
    0F - Chaingun
    10 - Fragcannon
    11 - Lazer Missiles
    12 - Resonator
    13 - Plasma Bombs
    3. Secrets (from marshmallow with his permission)
    In the JAVA Level, there is one point where you must take back some villagers 
    from the volcano. You know, from West Rua-Rua Village to East Rua-Rua Village. 
    Well, after doing this, go into the large house with two locked boxes. Talk to 
    the person and he'll reward you by opening the boxes...ROCKET LAUNCHERS!! 
    Locations of Weapon Crystals 
    1. After going through the dam on your way to the second Processor, keep going 
    straight and find a house. Go through the side and find it inside! 
    2. Same house; search the dead body after reading the note on the wall. 
    3. In a house in the area before the bridge that the man in black blows up. 
    1. Near the generator in the first area is a pair of two white houses. behind 
    one is a path that goes down to a shelter; it's inside. 
    2. ??? 
    3. ??? 
    1. In the first stage, after making the jump across the gap near the school with 
    the V8-HIBOY, search for a house with a TIPPER (dumptruck) next to it, inside 
    you will find a tree-huggin' hippie. On the third floor, in the drawer, is the 
    Weapon Crystal. HINT: It's on the same road that runs along the HALSALL STORM 
    2. In the second area, remember where you had to blow away a large rock with a 
    Rocket Launcher? Well, in the area after that, go in the nearest mine, where you 
    3. Credits
    To marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com) 
    For letting me use his secret section and his legal section
    To www.cmgsccc.com  for the cheat codes
    4. Legal Stuff
     You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are met: 
    1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com 
    2) You give me credit 
    3) It is shown in it's full version 
    4) This fine print is included  
    5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering 
    6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone the  
    newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm too busy 
    (i.e. lazy).
    You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be met. It 
    can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text remains untampered, 
    unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone (except for color stuff, bold, 
    links, or whatever, but that's not changing the meaning). 
    This document is copyrighted (c) 1998-99 Aaron Smith 
    All Rights Reserved 

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