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"This HARD game is AMAZINGLY FUN to play !"

After only 19.99$ spent at WAL-MART, and many days later...


I'll be brief: Starship Troopers (the movie), mixed with
Vigilante 8, Rogue Squadron and Winback (the N64 games). It seems that this game had been largely disregarded because of its lackluster graphics and frustrating 'save system'... BUT to be fair, this HARD game is AMAZINGLY FUN, has a very smooth framerate, offers tons of vehicles to drive or fly, is wrapped with gorgeous sounds and a scary soundtrack, is FULL of ambiance and ultimately grows on you in a very UNIQUE way!


The human race is the perfect food for a race of nasty space bugs, so we were planted on Earth by these aliens thousands of years ago. Now the cosmic farmers have returned, arriving at different points in history to reap what they've sown. By 2016 AD, when Body Harvest commences, there is hardly anyone left to devour. In the meantime, a small band of scientists aboard a space is planning to send genetically engineered soldiers back in time to take out the insect threat. But the station is attacked and only one soldier manages to get out alive. Our hero travels back in time and starts to liberate Earth from the invasion.


I'm not going to repeat here what has been said before as to how much variety and overall immersion this wonderFULL game brings to the table, nor as to how it actually plays. If one means by ''GAMEPLAY'' the FUN retrieved from discovering this game, well I'll give it a straight 5/5. If one means the CONTROL level by which you interact with the game, well here it's lukewarm so I'll give it a 3.5/5 (it's not so good when you control your on-foot soldier, but the control over the MANY very different vehicles really shines). Again, this is a tough, somewhat frustrating game mostly because its save system requires the player to start each level all over again after each failure; on the other hand, each time becomes more and more satisfying. Overall, I prefer to lean towards its fun side rather than its frustrating side. So I'll give a 4.75/5!!!


At first, the graphics appears to be just OK... Then one realizes that the foggy levels are HUMONGOUS and quite detailed, and that the framerate never falters. Last but not least, the bugs are very well animated, the lightning effects for lasers and explosions are spot-on, the cutscenes are cool, etc., etc. It's a 4.25/5.


The sound effects are perfectly moody, and the soundtrack is scary enough. The sound here even improves the overall presentation of the game, as in a G. Lucas movie... It's a 5/5, no question about it!


Do you really need me to take my calculator out and sum it all up for you? All right then...


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/00, Updated 11/12/00

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