Review by Mike

"An action game with minor RPG elements, slightly original Sci-Fi story, it's worth buying."

Gameplay - The gameplay in this game is pretty fun. You get to use many different vehicles along the way, and its always fun to kill aliens before they munch on some humans. The play control is pretty good, you should get used to it in a minute or less. This game is pretty easy...but seeing as I have never tried the 'hard' difficulty level, I can't fully comment on the difficulty. This game has built in EEP-ROM so you don't have to swap the rumble pak / controller pak while saving.

Story - Well ,it turns out the aliens actually created us, and for one perpose, being devoured by alien hosts. The aliens live on a comet that passes earth over a period of several years. Each time it passes the aliens beam down harvester waves (a big group of aliens sent to devour humans). The humans had no resistance against the aliens. They fell to them each time they appeared. The year is now 2016, and man kind is nearly extinct. There is only one option, change history. Aboard a space station, scientists prepare the mission. But time has run out, and the aliens attacked the station. Only one genetically enginered soldier makes it out alive. He alone must carry out the time traveling mission to save earth. The best of luck to you.

Audio/Video - The graphics of this game are first generation, as in , there is alot of fog , slowdown, and the polygons aren't too detailed. But that doesn't make the game any less fun. The sound is perfect. The music nicley compliments the gameplay. Its very eerie like X-Files type music sometimes, and sometimes its relaxing. It depends if your roaming the countryside or fighting aliens, what the music will be.

Replayability - I can't really speak on this since I havn't beaten the game. But the vehicles always make the game more fun. (heh)

Buy/Rent/Eat/Etc - This game is definetly worth buying if you don't mind slow frame rates and fog. Plus the gameplay rocks. If not that, then at least give it a rent, give it that much respect. Its earned it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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