Review by Ultimo

"Huge game, tons of vehicles, fun gameplay, but difficult and full of bugs (no pun intended)"

After renting the game and beating most of it (don't even talk about that impossible last level), I had a satisfying and fun gameplay experience. The game is really fun in that it immerses you into each land and time period, because the vehicles you use accomodate the time period. Every vehicle that you could ever have dreamed about driving around, killing bugs in is in this game! Like, hey, wouldn't it be great if we could take an ice cream truck and run people over with it? The game gives things like this to you and so much more. To list a few, you can use everything from log-haulers, buggies, hot rods, ice cream trucks, school buses, garbage trucks, monster trucks, jeeps, and combine harvesters to harrier jets, scud missile launchers, tanks, skiffs, cruisers, helicopters, gyrocopters, biplanes, underwater sub tanks, UFOs, and so much more! It really is fun getting to use all of these vehicles, especiallly since you have to earn them as you go through the levels. You also have to get and keep certain vehicles in order to complete certain mission objectives.This was the fun part of the game. The game's levels are designed so that you have to go through steps by completing mission objectives, using different vehicles and such to do them. All the while, you have to keep the aliens from harvesting humans for their evil deeds. It really is quite clever. However, this becomes harder and harder to do when you have to find new and different ways of traveling from one place to another, making you think and practice out the level several times before you know what to do. This makes the game very challenging at first, but after you know what to do and how to pull the trigger on a shotgun, it is pretty easy.Although the game is excellent in that respect, the bosses are repetetive, so are enemies, and the final level of the game is impossible to complete. On top of that, the game freezes from time to time, and contains bugs (not the aliens!) all over the place. There is a lot of places that you don't need to use in Body Harvest, but I think that's all part of the idea that you are in a world, and not just a one-track mission to the head alien.Overall, the game is fantastic, and despite its bad parts and having no replay value, I still thought it was a great gaming experience. Go and rent this one for sure!-Ultimo

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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