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"Better than most FPS, wait a sec.... THIS isn't JUST a FPS, it's more of a FPS/Action/RPG/Puzzle/Fun."

One day, I was looking for a game to play for the weekend at my rental store. I looked at the bottom shelf and notice the game, picked it up, came home and started playing...

Graphics 8/10
The first level is dull and boring in graphics. There is houses and good detail in trees and the bugs, the cars look nice and better as you progress more into the game. Some of the bugs do look bad but the bigger ones have lasers and big eyes and all sorts of other doodads. The outside of houses look quite dull, but inside they have chairs, tables, shelves, etc. There's also bottles and books too. The people outside look like block armed and block foots and block heads... But overall they don't really get annoying but another thing is, theres alot of repeating of the same cliff so it looks like your going nowhere.

Sound 10/10
The music changes everytime you enter a building or go to the map screen. It changes from a sad tune to a hope type song or, well, you get the picture. The SFX are great too, the explosions, splatters, machine guns, lasers, and many more. The sounds are very good and so are the sounds of an alien dying and so on.

Controls 10/10
Very easy to learn and master.
The Control stick moves you in any direction and if you hold the R button you'll aim and Z is to shoot your gun. The Up/Down on your D-Pad are for changing your weapon. The C Buttons are for changing view, Zoom in, Zoom out, Right, Left and if you aim with R you will be able to Strafe with C left and C right.

Gameplay 10/10
This is where you'll find out the reason why I put the game in all those catagories.
FPS, You shoot alot and kill bugs. There isn't much to say about why it's a FPS but you shoot things so thats preety much what FPS' are...

Puzzle, You have to figure out what lever to pull, where to get a certain item, etc. The other reason is because of the books and what they say and the trade sequences and so on and so forth.

Action, Flying Aeroplanse, Helicopter, Driving Tanks, APC's, Trains and blasting aliens is alot of action. Planting dynemite and running for your life and firing a SCUD missle and blasting anything to smitherins is what I call ACTION!!!

RPG, The books hold alot of info and interesting facts and how what decions you make, for example, in one of the levels if you say know you wont be able to pass. You also have to save humans from the alien bugs and what you have to find to get a special weapon for each level.

Story 9/10
There was this comet with all these bugs and all and this space station. After 25 years or so the Alien Bugs are hungry and invade earth, meanwhile a few scientists make a time travel machine thing and the aliens are munching away on humans. Now, you MIGHT be thinking (Im not saying you are) but you might, wonder why doesn't the millitary go and kill the aliens? Thats because of this blue wall that they can't go through so the aliens get to munch away on humans. The scientist are attacked by the aliens and only one time travel machine was able to escape. And of course, you were in it. So it's upto you to save all of mankind. You also travel to diffrent eras, here they are from start to end, Greece, Java, America, and Alien Comet.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/27/02, Updated 07/27/02

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