Review by Lunatikk

"It's not too flashy but it's a heck of alot of fun"

Alot of people have already told you how much the graphics suck and how good the music is and how much fun it is, so I'm going to ramble on about other things. It's so sad to see a game like this. It's alot of fun, but it's didn't have alot of hype million dollar add campain so it didn't get alot of attention. I'm not qite sure what to call it though. I'm not quite sure it's really innovative, but it's not same old same old. I guess it's just a combination of things with a whole bunch of vehicles thrown in. Heavy on action, a strong dose of exploration, a hint of RPG, with a side of puzzles. As you probably know by now you run around large worlds blowing up bugs, saving humans, and riding alot of vehicles. The bugs and the vehicles are the real stars of the game. Excelent enemy design. Huge drooling (yes they drool, you can walk up to them and look at the slime coming out of their mouths), lumbering, slimy, vicious bugs. They are not just big creatures though, they are an army. Each unit has it's own job or mission, and they all rely on each other to get the job done. Of course some are more important than others but they all are used. There are flying scouts that look for either a meal or a threat (that would be you) and then they report back and some other units are sent out. If there are humans hiding in a building they send out some goliaths to knock the building. If they see you they might send out some strong troops like mantasaurs. Then there are little guys who gaurd the head hancho who is eating all the humans. You see he sends out these telepathically controlled slimes to drag humans back to him and he eats them. If he eats enough then they all leave and a mutant is sent in. Mutants are very bad, and if they eat too many humans it's just game over. They'll blow up the entire area, and it looks freaking cool. Such is the brilliance of the bugs. Nobody seems to talk about that in their review. You can find out about how crappy the graphics are in some other review.

Anyway the vehicles are also really nifty. Aside from just giving you a ride, some armor, and sometimes a big gun they are needed for certain objectives. Like there is this police roadblock that is an annoyance but you can't bust through it with a hot rod, no no you need a school bus to ram through it. Or there is this huge chasm you need to get across and there are no flying vehicles around, so you can't use the school bus to get over it, you need to use the hot rod to jump it. But there is a lake with no boats around and the hotrod will sink like a rock, however the volksewagon with super inflated tires will be able to float right across it. Alot of vehicles have a purpose other than a smooth ride, but some are there just for variety. 70+ things to drive is quite alot, and alot of fun.

The story is also pretty cool. The over story itself is just same old same old. Giant cyborg space bugs are eating everybody and a genitecally engineered soldier and his crew from the future must Travel through time to destroy them. Rather basic and bland, right? But each time period has it's own thing going on. Each stage is another, story another adventure. Greece 1916 stage three, you're trying to solve the mystery of Atlantas and discover that there is another super soldier trying to destroy you and your plans. Or Java 1941 where you're discovering the mysteries of the mythical Java kris knife and numerous armies struggle in vain to defeat the invading insects. America 1966 stage three, Area 51 has been turned into an alien base, while the remaining humans fight back, and the mysterious dark soldier hatches his own scheme. Siberia 1991 a town has been over run by zombies, but why? No it's not the T-virus....but that would be cool....GO BUY THIS GAME NOW!!! Who cares how ugly it is, or if you've never heard of it up till now it's a hell of alot of fun!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/99, Updated 12/28/99

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