Review by Kid Einstein

Reviewed: 08/13/03

The best game ever...

Yeah you guys read it right. This is, in my opinion, the best game ever! Why would I think like that, you might think? Well, it's because this game is one of the most versatile games out there. What other game could possibly offer you an unbeatable action combination, a mysterious RPG feel, puzzles and rush? Still curious, my friend? Read along...

Graphics 10/10 (GameFAQs rating 10/10)

The guys who know me, knows that I'm a sucker for good, fresh framerates and solid FPS values. Eyecandy comes in 2nd. The game has a monster framerate and never lags! These outstanding framerates are combined with some of the best texturing power the N64 can offer! The detail is nifty, especially on the insects, the vehicles and the infrastructure. One little downside is of course the low resolution and the excessive fog, but these are small potatoes compared to the textures and the blistering framerates! State of the art eyecandy and awesome design!

Sound and Music 10/10 (GameFAQs rating 10/10)

I'll be honest. This game has some of the best classical music pieces I've ever heard! The music is magical and also sets the generic mood of the game. Whenever an insect is near, the music rises into a massive crescendo, giving an epic, grand feel! Whenever you're exploring the land, a calming music is set for giving a casual exploring feel. Whenever inside a building, the music goes down into a ''mysterious'' sci-fi melody. Marvellous! The sound effects are also very variating. The bug's noises, the people's screams, the engine sounds, the gun's shots, the explosions, damn it's freaking awesome! The SFX are realistic, in spite of the limitations of the N64! As for the music, it had to be done by a musical genius! Audio in it's pinnacle!

Gameplay and Controllers 10/10 (GameFAQs rating 10/10)

The gameplay is rock solid. This is where the game shines off! You almost feel like you're the main character of the game! Along with intuitive controller layout and smart controllers, you are bound to be sucked into the whole game, and you can't do anything about it! This, ladies and gentlemen, is perfection in the world of gameplay, and ought to be every hardcore gamer's ultimate dream! I kid you not, when I say that Body Harvest's gameplay is so far unsurpassed!

Plot 10/10 (GameFAQs rating 10/10)

You play as Captain Adam Drake, with the mission of saving mankind from the verge of extinction, from bloodthirsty, hungry and humogous insects! You travel back to strike when the aliens first were reported to ''harvest'' the humans. You are equipped with state of art technology, strong enough to neutralize the aliens.

The plot might seem a little stereotypical at the very first glance, but believe me when I say that the plot is so much more well planned and delicately shaped than you might think! I won't however reveal a thing more about the plot! You simply must play it to understand the additional scenarios! Taut, gripping plot with epic elements. A truly cinematic feel! It must be played to be understood!

Replay Value 8.4/10 (GameFAQs rating 8/10)

After this game has been finished, there isn't much else to be done. Except for that there is a catch! There are lots of things that would be fun exploring. There are countless of books and places to explore! So much areas to chart! The replay value is not top notch but it's enough, for not feeling like the game was a ''one time'' play.

To Rent Or To Buy?

If you see this game, buy it! If you see this game, but you're out of cash? Go steal it, and be sure not to get caught! You won't be sorry! This game is so cheap now, that you can pay like 5 bucks or something. It's your best investment! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Or you can rent it, but then shame on you for not trusting my words!

Average Results: 9.58/10
GameFAQs round up 10/10

In Conclusion: This will probably be your most sensible choice you've ever made, relating games. This game will hook you up, and will probably not let you go. The pinnacle, the perfection of gameplay! The game of all games! The game God enjoyed, the game I enjoyed!

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Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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