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"Body Harvest: one of the most interesting games to make a war between graphic-lovers and gameplay-fanatics."

Introduction:Ah Body Harvest. This is a game that is hard to place as it is a mixture of the most popular game types, all sucessfuly molded into a jewel of a game. This combines action,mystery,rpg,puzzle,strategy and more. At the heart of this beautiful game, however, is action. Pure bug exterminating action.

Gameplay: The most outstanding part of bh is its unbelievable gameplay. Fans of gta3 would probably like this, as you can commandeer about 60 vehicles, and they are all very different. There are sports cars, planes, helicopter, boats, underwater tank, regular tanks, SCUD missile launchers, and much much more. You can hop in and out of your vehicle at will. Many of the military vehicles have built in weapons, but any cars that don't, well you can just lean your trusty old machine gun out the window to take out swarms of bugs coming straight toward the car in midair. And the bad bugs are extremely smart as well. They emphasize team work. Try to look for their intelligence while battling them.

Story: The story starts with you, Adam Drake, super soldier. You have been fitted with great armor, by the way. Bugs have been invading earth every 25 years (1916-2016) from their artificial comet. They eat people for use as fuel and other things. By 2016, earth is abandoned. Pretty much all that remains is a group of scientists and soldiers (including you) in a space station high above the planet. They plan to send you back in time with their new time vehicle, the alpha 1. However, the bugs attack the station and only you, a female computer expert, and a special robot escape in the alpha 1. Time to set the past right. First stop: Greece, 1916.

Sound: Very good here. The music is highly commendable. It is a mysterious and suspenseful tune sometimes, but when you run into the big bad bugs, the music gets rambo (in an orchestral way). The screams of insects sound like the creature from THE THING (the 80's remake starring Kurt Russel). They make good squishy sounds when you run them down in your tank.

Graphics: A mixed bag here. I personally am very pleased with the graphics, but many people are not. The textures are a little bland, but the character design is top notch. The gameplay is the meat of the game though. The graphics do have some clipping problems, but its no biggie.

Rent/buy/digest: i never rent games, but if u love graphics, rent first. everybody else buy. Don't digest it, that sounds painful.

Replay value: some don't think so, but I say its very high. u can beat however u like it, or just go through it shooting civilians. Great replay value.

conclusion: To sum it up, a great game that focuses on the area that all games should: gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/07/03

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