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"What could be better than driving around in a hot rod, while blasting aleins with a shotgun?"

I bet this game would have done a LOT better if it didn't come out during that time when you could reserve a Gold copy of Zelda64. And for all of yous who did that, and completely bypassed this game, I laugh at you, and you deserve to not play such a great game as this! Ok, enough talk and onto the review, where I will be doing more talking. Wait, that ain't right... *scratches head*
oh well...

Graphics: 7/10
ok, so the graphics aren't PERFECT, but neither are any other games', but they're there, and you can make out everything, like the ppl from the bugs, so that's all that counts. For the most part they're smooth, if not very detailed, houses generally look the same, ppl look the same. The most work was done in the main character, and the enemies. Plus, by doing certain things, you get little different outcomes, like lighting oil lamps inside buildings will STAY lit, and if you press 'Z' while entering a house, instead of Adam walking in, he'll roll in, and bring up his gun, look around, and put it back. Sometimes, you might see a person get cut in half. And the aliens drool like crazy, and when one eats a person, they'll drool ppl blood. So actually, there's not much wrong with the graphics, just a little outdated. There's still other things that'll happen, but you'll just have to buy the game, and see for yourself.

Sound: 9/10

The sound's great, but I won't lie to you. Its the same music for all the levels, but it changes after certain things, like a battle, or you enter and exit a house. Its rather relaxing music while searching a building, calm while wandering around outside, and really heats up during a battle. The aliens will scream, but other than that, not much from them. Ppl sound the same. Each weapon has their own sounds. Vehicles all sound different, too.

Gameplay: 10/10

I already mentioned some of it in the Graphics section, but I'm too lazy to delete it, and put it in here. So I'll just tell you more here. Any alien that is smaller than the harvester, and can be reached by vehicle, can be run over. Soon, though, the bugspray (shotgun, but it sprays the bugs all over) will be your bestest buddy. I mean, what could be better than driving around in a hot rod, while blasting aleins with a shotgun? Not much, it anything. And you'll find yourself running different errands in each stage to finish your mission. Also, the aliens each have their own assignment. Scouts search for food, Goliaths attempt to drive ppl out into the open, and harvesters harvest (eat) the ppl. If you kill the harvester, all the aliens will turn on you. If you kill the aliens before the harvester, the harvester will bring them back. And so on and so forth. This game will not get boring any time soon. And if you kill too many ppl, or let too many ppl get killed, game over, and BOOM!!!!! You blow up. And so does everything in that stage. There is a lot of wandering due to its actually a PLACE, and not an arena like most action games. And if you look past the shield, one of the only times there is a REASON why you can't wander off forever and not just some ''invisible'' wall or over crowded trees, you can see buildings, and paths beyond it.

Now, there is not much wrong with this game, and I give it a 10, because it deserves it. Even after all those other games that came out, this is STILL my favorite. Definitly a buy. I got a pretty good reputation where I live for being a psycho, but I think you are insane if you DO NOT buy this. If you have a thing for blood, turn it off! There's no reason for you to not buy it, unless you don't have an N64. Which is a stupid move, in itself. Ok, I'll shut up now. My head hurts.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/21/00, Updated 02/21/00

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