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"Very disapointing..."

This was one of the first games I got for my N64 (I got mine rather late in it's life), and I expected it to be fun. Magazine gave it good scores, as did many people on Gamefaqs. So I got it. I was disapointed.

The story then. Not bad at all. A group of insectoid aliens visited Greece in 1916. They fenced off the area with a wall of energy, and harvested all the humans in the area. The alien's artifical comet came back 25 years later, and this time Java was the target. Much munching occured. Another 25 years, America, then another 25 years, siberia (You'd think they would have chosen Japan really. Maybe they weren't hungry). Then in 1991, there was a big scrap between the humans and the aliens. Not surprisingly, the humans lost. The only human survivors are up in space. When the space station is attacked, only one bio-enhanced solider, Adam Drake, and his pilot Daisy surive. The two use an experimental time machine and go back in time to each harvest and stop them.

The gameplay is good at times, but can be tedious. The bug blasting sections are excellent, and driving around in the vehicles left around (There are loads) is great fun. You can drive tanks, vans, vintage cars, fire engines, Chinooks, seaplanes, gyrocopters, and many, many more. You run in to lots of Aliens on their tod, but sometimes there are predetermined haresting waves. Here, a massive harvester bug sends out jelly to catch humans and feed it to him. He is protected by loads of other bugs. If he eats 6 humans, he turns into a huge robot, which will proceed to kick your ass. This doesn't happen often if you are quick, but the you must protect the humans at all costs. If 25 are eaten altogeter (or shot or run over by you) it's game over.
When you aren't bug blasting, you are going around collecting things and talking to people in a simple RPG way. This is where it gets tedious. When you realise how huge the map is, you will be amazed at first, then frustrated. This could be a rambling simulator. It would take you ages to walk across the land, and even if you drove as the crow flies, it'd take a long time. The main aim is to get the Alien Processers and take them out. Each time you kill a processer, a hole in the aliens shield opens up, giving you access to more of the level. When all processers are killed, you take out the shield generator in the centre of the map, and then take on the boss, when you kill him, you move on to the next time zone.

The graphics are poor. The aliens are well designed, and even look pretty competent. They explode very well, with blood splashing all over the shop, and their heads exploding and blood gushing from their jugular. Great. The landscapes, however, suck. Some buildings have nice details,
but the first level, greece, if a yellow lifeless dump. Java is rainy and depressing to play (it only stops raining at the end), America isn't half as good as you'd expect and siberia is a green, lifeless dump. The amount of fog is atrotious, so much it affects the gameplay. Flying a plane is awful, since the fog obscures the land in front of you, and if you get any height, the ground too! Adam himself looks scrappy and untextured, and it's not until you get up close, you can see the barely visible textures on his armour.

The controls aren't bad, I just wish Adam didn't run with the speed of a drunk overweight snail trying to climb up a down escalator. He swims even slower, which is more than annoying, because to prevent exploring places before you're supposed to, his armour shorts out killing him if he spends too long in the water. The main controls, including the dodge buttons, are fine, and the vehicles control well.

The sounds are very few and far between, with acouple of screams and bangs as the sound effects. The humans squish excellently (shame you shouldn't kill them). The music is a very MIDIish quiet tune when exploring, and turns into an unbeat tune when battling aliens. Okay at first, gets depressing after a while.

This game can get annoying at times. The levels are too big, and word can't explain how annoying it is to accidently slip of a cliff when driving, and fall into the water to your doom. The this game has lots of good points, but it has more bad points. By no means a terrible game, just an average one. If this game had been in the hands of a more talented software developer, it could have been better. However, it's nice to see that DMA design tried a new idea, rather than endless clones, even if it wasn't perfect. I wouldn't reccommend this game. You can get it really dirt cheap though, so there's no harm in giving it a go. It's one of those ''Love or hate'' games. I've tried to like it, but I just can't. If you want a good bug blaster, get Jet Force Gemini. ^v^EEEEE^v^ then. As space bugs say...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/16/00, Updated 03/16/00

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