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    Bomb Bridge/Climb FAQ by SpyroDi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/23/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0
    I. Table of Contents
    I. Table of Contents
    II. What Is Bomb Bridge/Climb?
    III. How To Do A Bomb Bridge
    IV. How To Do Bomb Climb
    V. Using Bomb Bridges/Climb For Gold Cards/Special Items
    VI. Disclaimer,Copyright Info,etc.
    You need to have a bit of Bomberman 64 knowledge to use this guide.
    Let's get started,shall we?
    II. What is Bomb Bridge/Climb?
        Bomb Climbing and the Bomb Bridge are the names I call techniques where you
    use bombs to cross a gap,or bombs to climb a wall. Bomb Bridge is required to
    get 100% in this game,but Bomb Climb is just for fun most of the time and
    sometimes can cut some time off of completing the stage. Bomb Climb is slightly
    more difficult but it's easy once you test it out a bit.
    III. How To Do a Bomb Bridge
        I'll draw a small diagram showing how to do a Bomb Bridge.
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |  End                       |
    |  Here                      |
    |_________            Start  |
    |         |            Here  |   o - Bomb
    |  Higher | O o       _______|   O - Pumped Bomb
    |  Ledge  | O o O o  | Ledge |
    This is basically a Bomb Bridge,well,the easiest way to do it. You could use
    all small bombs but it's more difficult since you need to use timing. For the
    best results,put the bombs about half a square away from each other if you're
    climbing to a higher ledge like above. If you're going to make a jump from one
    gap to another at the same height,make the appropriate bomb setting and keep it
    at the same height,but space them about 1 1/2 squares apart. You don't have to
    make a bridge exactly as shown,but just enough so you get across. That's all
    there is to it.
    If you want tips on how to get Gold Cards/Special Items with this technique,
    scroll down to the sectionafter the next.
    PLEASE NOTE that you need Remote Bombs to do this technique or you'll have
    bombs blowing up as you'resetting up.
    IV. How To Do Bomb Climbing
        Bomb Climbing is slightly more difficult than the Bomb Bridge but once you
    get used to the way you set it up,it should be easy afterwards. This can be
    used for fun or to make shortcuts like in Stage 1-1 and Stage 5-3(very useful I
    might add). This is a bit hard to explain,so stay on track.
    Here are diagrams of the easiest way to do it:
    Step 1
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |           Set a bomb       |
    |        about 3 squares     |
    |_______   from wall         |   o - Bomb
    | High  |                    |
    | Ledge |   o                |
    Step 2
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |           Pick up a        |
    |          bomb and pos-     |
    |_______   ition yourself    |   o - Bomb
    | High  |o  on the wall      |
    | Ledge |   o                |
    Step 3
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |         Throw the bomb     |
    |         against the wall   |
    |_______   and don't move,   |   o - Bomb
    | High  |o       or move     |
    | Ledge |   o  slightly back |
    Step 4
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    | Land     You should get    |
    | Here\/   hit and slightly  |
    |_______   backward and      |   o - Bomb
    | High  |  bounce on the     |
    | Ledge |o  o   bombs. Voila!|
    You can also do this for higher ledges,such as getting to the switch to slow
    the water current  in Stage 1-1 without Powered Bombs(red ones). To do higher
    ledges, do this:
    Step 1
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |           Same as before   |
    |_______                     |
    | Very  |                    |   o - Bomb
    | High  |                    |   O - Pumped Bomb
    | Ledge |   o                |
    Step 2
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |           Throw two bombs  |
    |_______    on top of each   |
    | Very  |   other on the wall|   o - Bomb
    | High  |o                   |   O - Pumped Bomb
    | Ledge |o  o                |
    Step 3
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |           Make a pumped    |
    |_______    bomb,and throw it|
    | Very  |o  between the bombs|   o - Bomb
    | High  | O   as the bouncing|   O - Pumped Bomb
    | Ledge |o  o bomb comes down|
    Step 4
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |           The pumped bomb  |
    |_______    should hit you,  |
    | Very  |o  and you might not|   o - Bomb
    | High  | O  bounce the first|   O - Pumped Bomb
    | Ledge |o  o  time but maybe|
    \_______|_______the second___/
    Step 5
    |                            |
    |                            |
    |Land                        |
    |Here \/    And there you    |
    |_______     have it!        |
    | Very  |o                   |   o - Bomb
    | High  | O                  |   O - Pumped Bomb
    | Ledge |o  o                |
    This isn't necessarily needed during the game,but you can use it for fun and
    shortcuts like I mentioned earlier.
    PLEASE NOTE that you need Remote Bombs to do this technique or you'll have
    bombs blowing up as you're setting up.
    V. Using Bomb Bridges/Climbing For Gold Cards/Special Items
    s = Small bomb
    p = Pumped bomb
    1s-1p-2s-2p bridge = The bombs needed to make the bridge. 1s means one small
    bomb with nothing on top,as 2p means a pumped bomb with another pumped bomb
    bouncing on it. 1s-1p-2s-2p is the same bridge shown in the diagram about Bomb
    Bridges earlier in the FAQ.
    Make a 1s-1p-2s-2p bomb bridge to get to the warp in the first area. Jump from
    the small ledge next to the bridge.
    To get the Powered Bombs,you need to make a Bomb Bridge to get to the warp on
    the second part. Start at where Sirius is/was standing,and make a 1s-1p-2s-2p
    bridge towards the stairs to the warp. Don't forget to get the Remote Bombs on
    either side of the current area. After taking the warp,follow the path left and
    you'll see a slightly rised staircase. You'll need to use the Bomb Climb for
    this one. Make a bomb three squares away from the stairs,then go in the corner
    of the stairs and the wall. Move back a bit,pick up a bomb,throw it against the
    wall,and quickly move to the left side of it so you'll get knocked back onto
    the bomb you put beforehand. You should bounce onto the staircase and be able
    to get the items over there. I can't remember if there was a Gold Card back
    there in either difficulty,so make sure to check every box. After getting the
    Powered Bombs,go back to the first area of the stage and destroy all of the
    blue pillars,there's one in the far corner which contains a Gold Card.
    To get the first Custom Item,go to the high platform,and cross the bridge. If
    you go to the part with the item boxes,look on the wall closest to the
    platform. You should see a small opening with a warp inside. Kick or throw a
    bomb in there,and use the R button to stop it at the edge. Kick another bomb
    but stop it as it reaches the previous bomb so it bounces. Do it again,and then
    fall on them. You should bounce on one or two,and then you'll reach the warp.
    Hint: If you go to the left of the door to the switch for the bridge,you can
    make a Bomb Climb there and beat the level quickly.
    You have to make a difficult Bomb Bridge to get the Custom Item in the far
    corner of the second area. Make sure all of the cannons are destroyed,and then
    start making the bridge: Go slightly right of the opening to the Custom Item,
    and stack two pumped bombs there. Go slightly right of those,and stack two
    small bombs there. Go slightly right of those bombs,and make a pumped bomb
    there. Make a small 1s-1s-1s bridge to get to the others. The hard part is
    actually getting across. This takes alot of tries,you probably won't get it on
    your first try.
    You have to make a Bomb Bridge to jump over the house and get the Custom Item
    in the third area. Make a 1p-2s bridge or a 2s-2s bridge to cross. If you have
    Powered Bombs don't detonate them before you cross over to the platform.
    Hint: There are lots of raised platforms here you can Climb on to make
    shortcuts,so take advantage.
    To get the Sunglasses(Custom Item)here,it's quite difficult. Get to the room
    with three switches next to each other. Turn on the fourth switch first,and go
    back and turn the third switch on. You need to make a long Bomb Bridge to get
    from the right high platform to the left one. It's pretty difficult to get
    across,but you should be able to do it. Set up a 1s-1s-1s-1s-1p-2s/2p bridge to
    cross. Take the path as usual,but you should see a light bridge past the
    elevator,cross it and get the Custom Item.
    There is one in the second part of the area past the warp where you can simply
    make a 1s-1s-1s-1s bridge and jump back. If you turned Full Power on,you might
    have to die. All of the other Custom Items and Gold Cards in this area are
    very,very difficult to get.
    First off,to get the Gold Card on the left side of the cathedral,make a
    1s-1p-1p-1p bridge starting diagonally backwards from the stairs. Make sure the
    last bomb is barely on the platform away from the main platform. It's
    difficult,but it saves time from going on the area in the middle and doing all
    the jumps from there to get to this part. On this high part,make a 1s-1p
    bridge,and put the pumped bomb on the floating purple platform. Make another 1p
    jump on the next purple platform,and get the Gold Card.
    Next,you'll need the switch activated in the center of the area.
    After standing on the switch,make a 1s-1p-1s-3s to get to the very high
    platform close to the starting point. Detonate those,and then make a 2s-1s-1p
    bridge towards the right(with the cathedral in front of you as the camera
    reference). Make a 1p bridge on the next purple platform,then a 1p-1p-1p on the
    next three(hard). Then make a 1s-1s-1p bridge to get to the Gold Card. On the
    other side is a Custom Item,you can destroy the box that it's contained in and
    when it falls off the stage you can catch it and die,or:
    Make a 1s-1p bridge to get to the exit. Now turn right,and make a 1p-1p-1s-1p
    bridge(hard)to get to the item box that holds the Custom Item. You might have
    to die afterwards,though.
    Hint: You'll have to use alot of Bomb Bridges/Climbing skills in this area to
    hit all of the switches. If you plan to beat this stage/get all the special
    items,I implore you NOT to use Full Power.
    If you go outside,you have to make a 1s-1p bridge,and then a 1p jump to get to
    the Custom Items. You can use a Bomb Climb so you won't have to make a bridge
    instead to get the Custom Items on the higher ground.
    VI. Disclaimer,Copyright Info,etc.
        I don't own Bomberman,as much as I want to. Bomberman and related
    characters legally belong to Hudson,and I applaud them for making such an
    elongated series on just about every system and handheld. *wants Xbox version*
        Special thanks to CjayC for making such an awesome site that I've used for
        This guide is copyright to me,and is only MEANT for personal use. You can
    print it out and sell it,I don't care,just make sure my name's still on it.
        My E-mail address is maximakafrog@edgeemu.com. Questions and
    (positive)Comments are appreciated. My universal online name is SpyroDi on
    every online game I own and instant messenger,so you can contact me that way
    too,but I prefer not interrupting me during my gaming sessions.
        This guide was typed in a span of about four hours,and I didn't look at the
    actual game while typing. This was typed all with years of wasting my life
    playing this game and memorizing where every secret/glitch/area/item(normal
    and hard)is.
    Date Created/Finished: 23/7/2004
    --End of Guide--

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