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    FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

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    A strategy/walkthrough for...
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           Author: marshmallow (marshmallow@planetn2000.com)
                         Version 2.0
       Before making any FAQ, I snoop out the competition to see which ones 
    are doing good, and which ones are doing bad, and to see if there have 
    been any mistakes encountered...usually, and I don't want to come off as 
    being cocky here, mine are almost always the most detailed and concise. 
    But with Bomberman 64, anyway you slice the pie, Procyon Lotor's FAQ is 
    simply better than mine. And I would recommend his over mine anyday. I 
    just felt like updating this FAQ to save face. Regardless, I hope you 
    enjoy yourself...
       As for the game of Bomberman 64 itself, I think it is a FANTASTIC 
    game and shouldn't be missed by anyone. Not only is its multiplayer 
    deathmatches a riot, but its adventure mode (the focal point of this 
    FAQ) is just plain awesome. Tons of puzzles, explosions, big bosses, 
    heaps of secret items, and a bonus world that can only be accessed by 
    getting it all, along with a very neat plot-twist. 
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    *               T A B L E    O F     C O N T E N T S                  *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                   Chapter 1 -- "Revision History / Updates"
                   Chapter 2 -- "Important Legal Information"
                   Chapter 3 -- "The Story So Far"
                   Chapter 4 -- "Bomberman 64 Walkthrough"
                   Chapter 5 -- "Secrets Galore"
                   Chapter 6 -- "Costume Items Checklist"
                   Chapter 7 -- "Basics / Controls"
                   Chapter 8 -- "Items"
                   Chapter 9 -- "Enemies"
                   Chapter 10 -- "A Note On Bomb Ladders"
                   Chapter 11 -- "Credits"
                   Chapter 12 -- "Contact Information"
    Version 2.0 (Monday, December 13th, 1999):
    I've revised nearly everything in the entire FAQ. Almost being the 
    keyword. But in reality, I retyped most of the stage walkthroughs, and 
    made the Gold Card sections much more detailed. 
    Version 1.0 (Tuesday, March 9th, 1999): 
    Well, I spellchecked the entire thing with my new Spellchecker. New 
    things? Changed font. Anything else? No :)
    Version 0.5 (Tuesday, December 15th, 1998): 
    Released. I was feeling lazy and didn't check for spelling errors. 
    Excuses? Uh...I'm lazy =) Sorry, it'll be fixed in a later version. HEY! 
    Just be happy it's coherent...
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    Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
    updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
    I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
    share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
    to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
    job, guys and gals. 
    I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
    get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
    though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
    the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
    I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
    this note) to put an end to it! 
    Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...
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    legal section. So there. 
    Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
    their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, 
    Hudsonsoft, nor any companies that were/are involved with this game.
    This document is © 1998-1999 marshmallow
    All rights reserved
                      <as shown by the opening cinema>
    Above a planet, dozens of warriors beam in, under the command of a 
    nameless warrior in red armor...Above on a starship, a crowd gathers 
    around a dark cube that starts to suck energy from the planet itself, 
    they store it into the cube and the view shifts towards the floor.
    Red Commander:
    "Mission Complete!"
    Then, a person in black turns towards him and coldly says:
    "Great Job! Well, we've certainly cleaned up this planet! What's our 
    next target?"
    A screen appears, showing planet Bomber. A large ship, with pieces of 
    planets chained to it, situates itself above a town, then in the nearby 
    hills, Bomberman is jogging and stops to see what is going on. Then, a 
    searing laser rips from the main ship, landing on the village and 
    blowing it up. The view goes to the streets...
    Bombermen and women run for their life, when one trips, then suddenly a 
    HUGE blue laser rips across his body, blowing away everything in its 
    path, then everything is engulfed in flames. 
    Bomberman, still in the hills, is thrown back by the blast, when he 
    notices a person in a Golden Suit descend near him. 
    "Do you plan to defeat them? Then, I'll let you on a secret -- I have a 
    bone to pick with them. The main base is guarded by the four worlds 
    connected to it, but you can break the barrier by going into each world 
    and destroying its guardian. Then you must make your way to the central 
    base. It's asking too much for you to go alone...so I guess I'll see you 
    And our strange adventure, to put it mildly, begins.
    NOTE: This will include everything you need to know, from Gold Cards, 
    Costume Pieces...oh, and the way to beat each level :p A note on Gold 
    Cards though, you can collect ONE for beating 30 baddies, the 30th one 
    giving it up, so make sure you can collect it. You can get another ONE 
    for beating the stage within the time limit. Also, when talking about 
    Golden Cards and Costume Pieces, sometimes when in the harder difficulty 
    setting a piece will be in a different location. These locations will be 
    noted with a "HARD" header.
    When I give directions, it will be from the perspective from where you 
    start out with (or, from behind your character).
    *******************     4-1: GREEN GARDEN     **************************
                        G R E E N    G A R D E N 
    Bomberman's adventure starts out in Green Garden, a large castle 
    littered with blocks, bridges, pots to smash, and tricky puzzles for 
    Bomberman beginners. In this world, representing the Earth element, you 
    will learn all the basics of Bomberman gameplay.
    1st room / section: The area you begin the stage. It has many, many blue 
    2nd room / section: The second area, that holds the red diamond. 
    To complete this stage you must retrieve the Red Ruby in the 2nd room, 
    but a shield is protecting it, so you must open it somehow. There are 
    four switches in this level, and, by activating them, you can de-
    activate the shield! 
    The first one is to your right (from the start), it's in a large 
    structure, protected by a gate. Go to the other side to find a narrow 
    slit -- kick bombs in there until the pillars holding the grating are 
    blown away, then the grating will come down, allowing you to get down 
    there via the stairs.
    Second one is to the right of the Dragon Head (door), just blow the 
    blocks up to reveal it. 
    In the second room, go to the right side and climb up the stairs to find 
    The last one can be hard to see, since some pillars are blocking it. 
    It's right next to the Dragon Head that is spewing water into the river, 
    blow the pillars away to find it. Now go and collect the Red Ruby!
    Before collecting any of the cards in this level you'll need to get the 
    Ultra Bomb, which is very difficult to get if you don't know how. First, 
    go to the 2nd room, then by the switch on the right side of the level, 
    build a Bomb Ladder (the Remote Bomb item is near the pillars that hold 
    up the bridge not far from here) so you can get up to the warp. Once 
    inside you'll have to lay bombs on pillars, bounce bombs off of that, 
    and etc. to blow up pillars on the other side, which hold up some 
    grating. When the grating is down, go in there and get the Ultra Bomb 
    item! If you can't get there before it vanishes, simply exit and come 
    back in, it'll be there.
    Card # 1 - In the first section, destroy the Blue Pillars blocking the 
               stairs, now you can get up there and cross the bridge. Notice 
               the block floating in mid-air? Take careful aim and toss!
    Card # 2 - In the 2nd room, go near the switch on the right side and 
               then go up the stairs and across the bridge. Make chunks of 
               the blue pillars with your Ultra Bombs, then fall down to the 
               teleporter in the little crevice. Inside is a large room - go 
               forward and blow up the block!
    Card # 3 - Go to the 2nd room, left side. See the Blue Pillar blocking 
               the path? Blow her up! Go left, stepping on the switch to 
               slow down the river (this makes exiting from the room with 
               Card # 2 a bit easier) and then blow up the block that's 
               floating in mid-air!
    Ball # 1 - Go to the first room, see the warp up there? As in the ending 
               cinema you see when you beat the game, you must make a bomb 
               ladder up there. Then you go to a room, and can find the 
               costume item!
    HARD VERSION - In hard mode, do the same, but bomb through the floor to 
                   find a secret room - it's in one of the blocks.
    Ball # 2 - In the same room as Card # 2, when exiting, walk along the 
               thin path to find a block at the end.
    HARD VERSION - It's in the same area, just a different...area :) On the 
                   beginning wall, right side, start throwing bombs to make 
                   a large stack. When it's at the very top, let 'em 
                   explode! Wait and the piece will fall down to you. This 
                   requires the Remote and Ultra Bomb Items.
    The Blue Pillars in this stage can only be blown up by using the Ultra 
    Bomb, but it's worth your effort since they hold gobs of Red Gems!
    This one is pretty simple...Just toss bombs at him so he gets knocked 
    out, then pump up a bomb and toss it at him! When it explodes, he'll be 
    damaged and you'll receive a Golden Card. Next, hit him over the head 
    with a Pumped Up Bomb, which will give you another card. The best way to 
    do this is to wait until he's just walking around, since he can block 
    your bombs with his, like you! After that, just knock him out and lay a 
    circle of bombs around him. He won't have enough time to escape!
    Card # 1 - Hit him on the head with a Pumped Up Bomb
    Card # 2 AND 3 - Explode a Pumped Up Bomb on him
    Card # 4 - Defeat him
    Card # 5 - Defeat him by the target time
    In this level you must chase down the Blue Diamond until you have it! 
    First, go forward and attempt to collect it...an enemy of somekind will 
    come down and grab it and then whisk it away to the next room. This 
    would be a good time to get the Remote Item (right) and some Crystals 
    (left). Finally, go forward into the Dragon Head, then lay a bomb down 
    under the elevator, then quickly stand on the plate -- the blast will 
    rocket the platform up to the 2nd level, where the Diamond is. The bird 
    thing will take it away, back to the first room.
    Return there, and go where the Remote Bomb item was. See the elevator? 
    Use it to collect the Diamond...almost, he comes back and puts it in the 
    third area (after Sirius destroys it...)! Look down, you should see a 
    large wall with the symbol of a bird on it (this is the enemy sign, 
    you'll see it  a lot). Throw a Pumped Bomb on it, the explosion will 
    destroy it, revealing a teleporter. Go inside to find the third room! 
    Go around and find the elevator that takes you up to the top...there it 
    is! Grab it to beat the level!
    Card # 1 - Pretty simple...Go to the 2nd room, to the left, and make 
               your way through the block maze. Be careful which blocks you 
               blow up, since you could easily block your path! But if you 
               do, not big deal, just make a bomb bridge, or you could re-
               enter the room (the blocks will re-appear). At the end is a 
               block in mid-air...You know what to do.
    Card # 2 - In the third room, one of the elevators will take you up to a 
               place where there is a platform in mid-air with a block on 
               it. Blow up the block, then fall back to the ground. The Card 
               will come down in a few seconds...
    HARD VERSION - Same method, just on the opposite side of the tower.
    Card # 3 - In room three, you should notice a place where there are 
               several holes, ending with a platform and a block. Put a bomb 
               in each space, then make your way across to the platform!
    HARD VERSION - Scale the tower (room 3, again), it is right in front of 
                   the Enemy Sign. To get there, use every elevator you see 
                   when you enter the room (i.e. the one in front of you).
    Ball # 1 -  On the first section, you'll notice a teleporter across a 
                bit of water. Get the Remote Bomb Item, and remove all the 
                blocks in that area. Then put a bomb in the elevator, but 
                don't do anything to it (don't explode it). Then put two 
                Pumped Up Bombs, one on top of the other, against the wall, 
                as close to the edge of the platform as possible. Then use 
                the elevator to go up, and line yourself up with those 
                bombs. Then carefully walk off and push in the direction of 
                the teleporter. If you're lucky, you should go sailing off 
                the bombs and land in the teleporter. Blow up the blocks to 
                find it.
    Ball # 2 - In the third room, go to the side of the tower directly 
               OPPOSITE of the entrance (ground level). Walk against the 
               walls and you'll find a secret entrance to a small room, with 
               two blocks. Lay a bomb here, go back out, wait for the 
               explosion, then go back in to claim your treasures.
    Don't miss the gobs of blocks near where the little elf creature drops 
    the Blue Diamond! 
    This large, blue dragon flies around a tiny bridge in mid-air, which you 
    are precariously perched on. The main thing to be aware of is the fact 
    that his body can bounce your bombs back at you! This guy is pretty 
    easy, all you have to do is throw Pumped Up Bombs at his body until he 
    dies. If you stand still for too long he'll come in and bite your head 
    off. The best place to get some of the Golden Cards is when he is 
    breathing fire...
    Card # 1 - Burn his head. Easy.
    Card # 2 - Burn his left wing.
    Card # 3 - Burn his right wing.
    Card # 4 - Burn his tail. You're probably wondering how the heck that's 
               possible, since his tail is always out of your range. You 
               know the attack when he flies far away then swoops under your 
               bridge? Well, when he's almost there, throw a Pumped Up Bomb 
               and detonate it before he reaches you! With good timing, this 
               card shall be yours. Chances are high you will also receive 
               Card # 1 by doing this. 
    Card # 5 - Defeat him by the target time.
    ********************     4-3: BLUE RESORT     **************************
                           B L U E   R E S O R T
    The second area in Bomberman 64 is a water world. It's set on castle 
    island and, unlike Green Garden, Bomberman can't paddle around in the 
    water. One touch of the wet stuff is fatal, so the only way through is 
    to solve the puzzles and take the correct route.
    The exit to the level is actually quite close, but you have to find a 
    way to lower a large bridge to get there. Follow the path to find a 
    drawbridge in the 'up' position. To lower it, throw a Pumped Up Bomb 
    then stand back, the blast will knock it clear forward, allowing you to 
    go on ahead to the next area.
    Run as fast as your little feet will allow you, as there will be several 
    cannons firing at you. Near the mid-way point of this area are some 
    pots, two of them contain the Remote Bomb! Keep going, up the bridge, 
    and into the next area.
    Turn left and keep going that way until you find a blue switch, stand on 
    it to empty the water in a lower section. Now go down the second set of 
    Run past the cannons and blow fish and then blow up the final block 
    before the drop, it holds the Ultra Bomb Item. Now drop down, go up the 
    stairs, knock down the bridge (all it takes is a small Ultra Bomb) and 
    then standing on the second blue switch, lowering the water even more. 
    Go down there and talk to Sirius for some info, then blow away the 
    crates and enter the warehouse. Make your way through the little maze, 
    then stand on the final switch to lower the giant drawbridge. Blast your 
    way out and go to the exit!
    Card # 1 - In the first area with the cannons, destroy the cannon in the 
               middle using a pumped up bomb. The Card will be revealed, and 
               slowly drop down to meet you. 
    Card # 2 - Inside the same section as Card # 1 you will find a 
               drawbridge in the 'up' position. Use a pumped bomb to blow it 
               down, then cross. Destroy both cannons, then situate yourself 
               on the edge of the platform. Pump up a bomb, and hurl it as 
               far as you can, and tap 'Z' at the last second to set off 
               your remote bomb, thus causing the drawbridge across the 
               river to slam down. Go across, turn left, and destroy the 
               flowerbox for a Card. 
    HARD VERSION - See normal Card # 3 
    Card # 3 - In the area with the remote bomb items and cannons, go up the 
               long staircase to find the area with the first switch. Go 
               down the next flight of stairs (to where the walking fish 
               with chicken legs are), continue to follow the path. Blow up 
               the stone block to clear the path, then destroy the wooden 
               crate for your prize. 
    Ball # 1 - In the area with the Remote Item and Cannons is a seemingly 
               unreachable doorway in the last house, correct? To get in, 
               build a bridge from the adjacent stairway. With some luck, 
               you'll find yourself inside and with a new Costume Piece.
    HARD VERSION - See normal Gold # 2
    Ball # 2 - In the warehouse with the switch that opens the exit; it's in 
               a crate. This is usually the first piece that players find in 
               the entire game...
    HARD VERSION - In one of the house windows (throw a bomb into the 
    This girl is leaps and bounds above Sirius! Her first attack is laying 
    bombs everywhere...you can use these against her if you kick them back 
    at her. Her main attack is getting a few feet off the ground and 
    spitting three missiles at you, spray style. The missiles won't do 
    anything, but the explosions will. They can hurt you and blow up bombs. 
    To kill it, lay down a bomb and wait a few seconds...now KICK IT! When 
    it gets near Artemis it will explode, hurting her. Do this a bit and 
    she's a goner.
    Card # 1 - Trap her in the explosion of a pumped bomb
    Card # 2 - Bounce a Pumped Bomb off her head. The best time to do this 
               is when she is spewing missiles, however, I suggest you have 
               a Heart Item, just in case.
    Card # 3 - Another Bomb on the head.
    Card # 4 - Destroy her.
    Card # 5 - Defeat it by the target time.
    WORLD 2: STAGE 3 -- PUMP IT UP! 
    Follow the path to the left, then go under the bridge and up the stairs. 
    Destroy the cannon blocking your path with a bomb, then continue, 
    avoiding the falling missiles, to the second area across the bridge. 
    Turn to Bomberman's right and knock down that bridge and go up the 
    skinny stairs. Proceed up the hill and knock down yet another bridge, 
    then go across and stand on the switch to lower the water in a previous 
    room. Go back and fall into the pit, right next to the skinny stairs.
    Blow up all the blocks to find the Ultra Bomb, then face the wall with 
    the Enemy's Symbol on it. Throw bombs at it until it's pushed back far 
    enough to hit the switch which will connect the two paths, then water 
    will go down and fill the container, which will sink and link up a piece 
    of land...confused? Basically, it opens up the exit :p
    Card # 1 - Go straight from the start and blow up the wooden crate. 
    HARD VERSION - Pretty much the same place, just in a different crate.
    Card # 2 - Instead of knocking down the first bridge, go straight ahead 
               to find another; knock this one down and follow the path to a 
               block with the card.
    HARD VERSION - In one of the blocks in the pit, near the wall with the 
                   Enemy's Sign.
    Card # 3 - Go past the first water switch to find it in a block. No 
               cunningly laid out puzzles or tricky traps...it's just right 
    Ball # 1 - After draining the water via the switch, go to a block under 
               the bridge and blow it up.
    HARD VERSION - Where Gold 2 is in the normal difficulty.
    Ball # 2 - Near the 2nd drawbridge, right before the switch that lowers 
               the water. 
    HARD VERSION - Go to the second pit (after draining all the water) and 
                   blow up all the blocks, it'll be in one of them.
    Killing it is simple...Just toss Pumped Bombs at his body. Well, now 
    that's done with let's talk about its attacks, and how to avoid them. 
    The first one is where it will attempt to pound you with it's 'fishing 
    pole.' Just run left or right, which ever side presents more space. 
    Another is getting behind your raft and making bubbles that will dizzy 
    you. If you're in the center you'll be knocked about, but that's OK. 
    Stand near the edge and you'll fall into the water! The most devastating 
    is when it will go way behind your raft and create a huge tidal wave 
    which will wash you over the boat...unless you hold against it. You'll 
    also notice that pieces of your boat will fall off. This is determined 
    by where you move at certain points (see those "shredders"?).
    Card # 1 - When it's pounding you with his "fishing pole" appendage, it 
               opens it's mouth. Toss a pumped up bomb in and watch the 
    Card # 2 - Burn his 'fishing pole' using bombs. CAUTION: The Bombs can 
               bounce back, so be careful not to set them off too early. In 
               Hard More, you'll probably be using the "maxed out" option, 
               so I advise you to set the bomb at the side of the raft, and 
               when the pole passes over, set it off. A small ultra bomb is 
               all it takes, so don't bother to pump it up. 
    Card # 3 - When it showers you with bubbles, blow up his tail. This may 
               take awhile...I advise using pumped bombs. 
    Card # 4 - Stand on the very edge of the raft when it does it's Tidal 
               Wave move, this will reduce you to one log. Presto! You 
               automatically receive a Card. 
    Card # 5 - Defeat it under the target time.
    ******************     4-3: RED MOUNTAIN     ***************************
                         R E D   M O U N T A I N
    If you thought the previous worlds had their pitfalls, you obviously 
    haven't visited the Red Mountain yet! Okay, there's no more danger in 
    Bomberman falling to his death in lava than the water, of Blue Resort, 
    but this time the danger spurts into the air, too, with lava rocks being 
    our hero's main problem throughout this world. Keep your wits about you, 
    and don't get hot under the collar!
    Run straight forward and fall off the cliff for a little shortcut, then 
    turn left and go up the bridge. Now you run into your first obstacle: 
    fireballs. They rise up from the lava and will hit you when you attempt 
    to cross bridges. When you hear the "fwwwwsssss" sound, quickly look 
    down and see if it's going to hit you, if not, stay where you are, if 
    so, run for safety! After a bit of walking you'll come to a fork, go 
    right and then drop down. There are two ways to go from here; personally 
    I take the one where you cross brown bridges. It may be longer, but it's 
    safer! After leaving this area you'll find a block; be sure to blow this 
    up for the Ultra Bomb Item! Keep going and you'll find the familiar 
    Enemy Sign, so you know this is the exit. See the switches on the wall? 
    You'll have to pump up bombs and throw it up there so it's activated. 
    When all three are down (AT ONCE) the exit will be opened! The problem 
    is, there are fireballs everywhere, and it's quite difficult to get them 
    all down at the same time. Practice makes perverts! Er...practice makes 
    perfect, that is to say. 
    Card # 1 - On the fork mentioned in the walkthrough above, turn left 
               instead to find a trio of Fire Pillars. Get the card! Just be 
               careful exiting, though, that one must be destroyed since it 
               is blocking the gating.
    HARD VERSION - From your starting point, turn a hard right and blow up 
                   the rocks on the nearby plateau.
    Card # 2 - After collecting the Ultra Bomb Item you can go back into the 
               level and blow away the Metal Doors in the side of the walls. 
               You'll find this card in one, protected by a hoard of Sparks.
    HARD VERSION - In a different Metal Door.
    Card # 3 - Turn a hard right from the start, cross the metallic bridge, 
               and go across the Fire Pillar infested plateau to find a 
               large red pillar. Blow this away like you would a drawbridge. 
               Go across the narrow ladders, bridges, etc. until you find a 
               place with a bunch of Fire Pillars, blow up the block in the 
               corner for your Card.
    HARD VERSION - Same path, except go past the Fire Pillars and change 
                   your camera angle to find a platform with a pillar on it. 
                   Kick a bomb, pressing R to stop it on the pillar, then 
                   blow it up. Drop down there and collect it before it 
                   falls into the pit below!
    Ball # 1 - Same as HARD Gold Card # 2.
    HARD VERSION - Same as normal Gold Card # 2.
    Ball # 2 - Same as HARD Gold Card # 3.
    HARD VERSION - Behind a Metal Door, protected by Sparks.
    Besides dropping bombs, he will make a large, green force field come out 
    of him. Touching this will dizzy Bomberman, then Orion will pick you up 
    and hurl you over the edge, straight into the hot lava. Counteract this 
    trickery by quickly rotating the Analog Stick. For killing him, just 
    kick bombs at him. *YAWN.*
    Card # 1 - Touch his green force field (be careful not to be near the 
               ledge or he'll toss you over) and you automatically receive 
    Card # 2 - Catch him in a Pumped Up Bomb Explosion
    Card # 3 - Bounce a Pumped Up Bomb off his cranium
    Card # 4 - Defeat him
    Card # 5 - Kill 'em by the target time. 
    When you start, drop down from the ledge, and run across the tracks. Do 
    you see that train light? Blow it away with a bomb, and walk down the 
    path it was blocking. If you look carefully below you, you will spot a 
    track beneath your current plane, with several mine-carts filled with 
    coal sitting on it. Drop down, destroy the carts, and follow the tracks 
    away from the cave, into the magma, and into the next cave (for 
    reference, you will pass a black bat enemy).
    Now you will be in an area with red grating, pipes, and a lot of tracks. 
    Follow the very edge of the island you are on (the one closest to you 
    when you enter), and you will find a thin path that leads directly to a 
    track. Several mine carts will start to follow you when you attempt to 
    move down them, so be sure to run as fast as you can, throw pumped bombs 
    behind you, and stop off at the rest-stops along the way. At the end of 
    the tracks is a platform suspended in mid-air via several cables. 
    Destroy these cables using bombs, and the scaffolding will fall, fill up 
    the gap, and allow you to exit.
    Card # 1 - Follow the 'normal' path until you come to a place with 
               boulders rolling down a hill. Watch them for awhile, 
               memorizing the pattern, then dash across the side to find a 
               switch, hit it. Go up the slope to find three more. When they 
               are all activated go down the left side and step on the 
               little mat and not only will the spikes move down, allowing 
               you to go forward, but a gold card will appear!
    Card # 2 - When going the 'normal' way you will find a room with 
               boulders and some mesh grating. Don't blow up the barrels! 
               They allow you to transverse from one side to the other. Blow 
               up one of the machines by the Fire Pillar to find a card.
    Card # 3 - Wandering around the tracks, you've probably have found two 
               barrels stacked up on each other, above a horde of Fire 
               Pillars. Knock out the lower barrel, then get as close to the 
               edge as you dare. One inch over and you'll be taking a hot 
               lava bath! Carefully blow up the upper barrel and, if you're 
               close enough, the card will fall and hit you. If it falls 
               into the fiery sea below, simply exit the room and then come 
               back to find everything back the way it was beforehand. This 
               is more luck than anything, so do not be discouraged.
    HARD VERSION - Drop below the exit track and blow up that furnace 
    Ball # 1 - Same as HARD Gold Card # 3.
    HARD VERSION - Same as normal Gold Card # 3.
    Ball # 2 - Near normal Gold Card # 2 is a metal door, the item is 
               inside. But getting the Ultra Bomb is another deal 
               entirely...it's in a barrel near it, but be careful you don't 
               destroy the bridge to the little island when you blow it up. 
               If you do, simply exit and go back in the room to find it 
               intact. Once inside the tunnel, you will need to battle some 
               Sparks into order to pluck your plunder. 
    Orion is back for revenge in his supped up robot, Hades, who is armed to 
    the teeth. Like other bosses, just toss Pumped Up Bombs into his body to 
    defeat him. His main attack is punching you. This attack is almost 
    impossible to avoid, but that's OK, it'll just dizzy you. Quickly get up 
    and avoid the laser from his eye. To avoid, wait a split-second, then 
    dart to the left or right, which ever has the most room to maneuver. His 
    second attack will probably surprise you, he'll spin around like a top, 
    arms outstretched. Your first instinct is to go out onto the rim of the 
    platform. DON'T! Instead, go inside. His 'arms' will pass through you. 
    Another offensive move is launching boulders at you from his hat. Just 
    stand still, and if a rock comes, move to the side! 
    Card # 1 - Burn his left hand.
    Card # 2 - Burn his right hand.
    Card # 3 - Burn his hat (best when he's submerged in the lava and 
               shooting lasers at you).
    Card # 4 - After burning his cap, wait for him to be submerged again, 
               just his head sticking out. Pump up a bomb and hurl it at his 
               head and let it bounce off! He'll be dizzy and a door will 
               open, revealing the driver, Orion. Toss a pumped bomb in 
               there to deal some massive damage, and receive a Golden Car 
    Card # 5 - Defeat him by the target time.
    ******************     4-4: WHITE GLACIER     ************************** 
                       W H I T E   G L A C I A R
    It's a real winter wonderland in the White Glacier world -- snow, ice, 
    blizzards, avalanches, and traditional evil snowmen that are cunningly 
    disguised against a background like this! The puzzles are just as tricky 
    as in previous worlds, but this time you have a tough time fighting the 
    elements as well.
    This stage is pretty non-linear, but I'll just show you the best way. Go 
    left, towards the large hill with a sign that is frozen over. Go up the 
    hill to find snow blocking your path. Pump up a bomb, then toss it in 
    there! QUICK! Get out of there! A huge avalanche will occur, pushing the 
    snow aside in a graphical feast. Now you can get up there, drop down, 
    then go through the thin door. 
    Go to Bomberman's right, trekking the steep hill. The wind in this area 
    is nasty, making you 'run' terribly slow. A good exercise in patience! 
    Once at the top, run past the house and across the bridge. Jog up the 
    mountain, then go down the thin path to find a cottage with a not-so-
    friendly snowman on top. Bomb the house and the snowman, then stand on 
    the switch behind it, triggering the ski-lift to come and pick you up.
    Card # 1 - After causing an avalanche in the first region, climb up the 
               hill and drop down to the ledge below. Kill the Snowman and 
               then blast the tree; the Card is revealed!
    HARD VERSION - In the area with bunnies and snowmen in trees, and a few 
                   snowflakes, look for a secret cave in the wall. It's on 
                   the second level if you go to the place where skiers are 
                   going down a hill in the first area. 
    Card # 2 - After picking up Card # 1, drop down to the small door below 
               to find your way to a very windy area. Go to Bomberman's left 
               (or your right) to discover a thin ledge that leads to a tree 
               caked with ice. Kick a bomb, fight the wind, and this Card is 
               yours for sure!
    HARD VERSION - Blow up the cottage in the walkthrough above (1st one you 
                   see) and then the tree behind it.
    Card # 3 - In another tree, same position as # 2, except in a different 
    HARD VERSION - Instead of blowing up the final cottage to find the 
                   switch, kill the snowmen, then make a bridge to the top 
                   of the house using the platform nearby. Once on top, go 
                   to the platform in mid-air (connected to the cottage) and 
                   blow up the tree.
    Ball # 1 - See HARD Gold Card # 3.
    HARD VERSION - Again, in the secret cave.
    Ball # 2 - See HARD Gold Card # 2
    HARD VERSION - When you drop down to the snowman after the avalanche, 
                   there is a secret cave there. Go in, drop a bomb then 
                   exit. The bomb will go off, then you can go back in and 
                   collect it (along with some other goodies)! 
    Some people seem to be in the dark about this...it's pretty simple, yet 
    utterly genius. At the very tops of the mountain areas (places with high 
    winds) are snow blobs sticking over the cliff, correct? Stand on one and 
    it will fall to the lower section...when it lands it will explode and 
    reveal an item. One of them holds the Remote Control Item!
    Use your basic bombing techniques and he'll go down very quickly. He has 
    a tendency to wade right into a group of bombs...use this to your 
    Card # 1 - When he is charging at you (he'll flash yellow before doing 
               so), kick a bomb directly at him.
    Card # 2 - Toss a Pumped Bomb off his head, best to do when he's turning 
    Card # 3 - Catch him in a Pumped Up Bomb Explosion. Best to do when 
               he is charging.
    Card # 4 - Defeat him...
    Card # 5 - ...by the target time.
    This stage is a giant donut, the hole in the center being the exit, but 
    you have to call the lift here, and the switch is in a confusing place. 
    It's simple logic...Go right (your right) and into the door, now you're 
    in one of the strangest places in Bomberman 64! The camera will shift 
    under your feet to show everything from under the ice! Interesting, to 
    say the least. Go 'forward' and you'll find yet another door, but this 
    is an elevator and it will take you to a large hilly area. Follow the 
    little path, to the most far away sliding area...look down that slick 
    slope! We might have to go down there...*Three* for some money, *two* 
    for the show, *one* get ready and *here* we goooooo!!...whoohoo! Slide 
    down the slope and use your momentum to safely attach yourself to a 
    snowy platform with a snowman and a large, red switch. Hit the switch to 
    activate the lift, then exit the area, stage right. Follow the enemy 
    infested path to the beginning, then get on the pulley and you're out of 
    this very odd, yet highly original stage!
    Card # 1 - In the room before the first (that is, to the left of the 
               start) there is a little pillar out in a little peninsula 
               of ice sticking out of the main shape. Blow it up to find the 
    Card # 2 - In the second room (to the right of the start) is a ice 
               pillar, it's to Bomberman's left when you enter. Simple!
    HARD VERSION - You've probably spotted the narrow bridge of ice jutting 
                   out of the main piece in room 2, so I won't point out its 
                   location. Make your way across to the small island, then 
                   blow up the ice pillar there. The key is to center the 
                   camera behind you and take it slow! 
    Card # 3 - Instead of sliding down the slopes, take a detour to the 
               right and follow the white path, then throw a bomb at the 
               small platform with an ice pillar. When it blows, fall down 
               there and collect it. Whew, vertigo!
    HARD VERSION - Slide down the slopes, except to the opposite side of the 
                   switch ledge. Should be easy once you know what to do and 
    Ball # 1 - See HARD Gold Card # 3.
    HARD VERSION - See normal Gold Card # 3.
    Ball # 2 - See HARD Gold Card # 2.
    HARD VERSION - See normal Gold Card # 2.
    Again, pretty simple to kill: throw pumped up bombs directly at her 
    body. This behemoth will first try to swipe at you with her massive 
    claws, then try to impale you by smashing down from above. Just run 
    UNDER her shadow to avoid all of these attacks. If you stay under there 
    for awhile, she will pause and a "?" will appear over her head. This is 
    a good time to throw some bombs at her chest, since she's not moving. 
    Her least common attack is climbing on the wall and laying spider 
    babies, which will run after you. Kick bombs at them! When one Heart is 
    remaining of its energy, the spider will become so enraged it will cause 
    the frigid flooring to collapse, and everyone will fall to an icy web 
    below. This is still pretty simple, despite the large holes everywhere. 
    If you fall through a hole, Sirius will usually catch you, and rocket 
    you to safe location (unless you've found all 100 Gold Cards and his 
    true identity is revealed...).
    Card # 1 - Burn her left claw.
    Card # 2 - Burn her right claw.
    Card # 3 - Burn her mask off.
    Card # 4 - Burn her bottom.
    Card # 5 - When she lays dead before the target time, this one is yours.
    ******************     4-5: BLACK FORTRESS     *************************
                       B L A C K   F O R T R E S S 
    Time for the ultimate showdown with Altair -- the evil being that has 
    caused Bomberman all of this hassle! The Black Fortress is a world set 
    inside his massive space station. It starts out with Bomberman running 
    for his life, darting in and out of the traffic on a freeway and 
    finishes in the big battle with the man himself. 
    This level is...well, frustrating, to say the least. You have to run 
    through streets, with traffic coming from nearly every direction, and 
    then there's the soldiers, lock-on airplanes, and turrets, but let's not 
    make situations worse! :p The only way to make it past this area is to 
    run along the skypaths, which criss-cross over the streets. However, you 
    will, on many occasions, find yourself in the middle of the street and 
    the lights of a semi-truck blinding you. This requires patience, it's 
    like crossing a real street: Look left, look right, look left...then 
    look right again!
    In the final, purple room I suggest you go up to the second area to pick 
    up the remote bomb and ultra bomb items, as they will come in handy in a 
    few seconds. When you walk onto the platform with the Enemy's Sign, it 
    will lower and a large, super enemy will come out. He's actually quite 
    easy to defeat...when you stand on/behind the tail of the symbol and the 
    lasers can't lock on and the plasma balls fade before they hit you! And 
    the soldiers shouldn't posses that much of a problem, and if they do, 
    you know how to take care of them. Simply kick bombs at the machine 
    until it all blows up, then the exit will open up.
    All the cards in this level are in blocks in the various tunnels. 
    Ball # 1 - Before you enter the  boss room, look under the pillar that 
               holds the street platforms up to find a small block, it holds 
               the piece. There are several ways to get there, the best is 
               to get on the first lane divider in the section, then just 
               bomb jump over there using the gaps in the lane dividers. 
               Another, though much more dangerous one, is to blow open the 
               block, and wait for the costume piece to fall into the 
    This robot is the definition of overkill. If you see some cross-hairs on 
    Bomberman, move left or right to avoid a barrage of machine gun fire. 
    It'll also fire grenades at you! Sometimes these grenades will open up 
    to reveal smaller missiles which will track you down. These are a pain, 
    almost impossible to avoid. You have to lay down bombs and explode them 
    when they go overhead. Sometimes two gigantic knives will come out of 
    his arms, then it will attempt to impale you on them. It can also slow 
    everything in the room down by putting a large orb in the center. Just 
    use a bomb to destroy it. The final, and most painful attack is where it 
    will fire two large satellite missile into the air. They'll float around 
    for awhile, then fire lasers at you, then drop into the ground where a 
    wall of fire will erupt from...ouch. To destroy the mech, kick bombs at 
    his middle part until he dies. The worst thing about this guy is his 
    ability to overlap his attacks, you can be chased by missiles while 
    being shot at with machine gun fire! Scary Stuff!
    Card # 1 - Destroy his left cannon by kicking bombs at it.
    Card # 2 - Destroy his right cannon.
    Card # 3 - Destroy the cap on his head. Very difficult...try a pumped up 
    Card # 4 - When he makes the orb in the center, toss a bomb into it!
    Card # 5 - Blow him to pieces by the target time.
    This level is HUGE! Go right and pick up the Heart in the box, then come 
    back and hit switch 1 to open up the platform. Go across, then left, and 
    hit that switch. Make your way past the lasers by waiting for them to 
    stop then run by. You might want to pick up the Remote Control Item here 
    (easy, it's on the adjacent platform). Now go to your far right to find 
    three red squares, and one will turn green, then the next, 
    etc...Standing on the red will enable the alarm, cutting off access 
    (life wasted). So step on the green block and then hop on the elevator.
     Go all the way forward to find switch 2, hit this and then make your 
    way through all of the lasers to get back to the main area where you 
    will find an elevator, take this. Now you're on a trident shaped 
    platform...make your way to the farthest away 'fork' and drop down to 
    land on a platform. Using your bomb jumping abilities, make your way to 
    the elevator platform, not far away.
    Follow the path to find yet another elevator, take this one. Take the 
    next elevator. And the next. And the next...And the one on the left. 
    Go all the way forward, through the lasers and enemies, to find two 
    switches. Hit the black one (number 2!). Now return to the elevator that 
    brought you here, take the one right in front of you, now you're back. 
    Do the same thing as last time, only take the elevator on the trident 
    this time.
    Now, hit the # 2 switch, then go forward, across the path, hit the 
    switch, then go back through the lasers and hit switch # 1, then go left 
    then forward, to the next elevator. Some of the paths in this area are 
    dead-ends, you can tell because a box will block the view. In the next 
    room, blow up the gigantic door with Pumped Up Bombs, then make your way 
    through the maze of ladders, boxes, and enemies. Tada! Exit...
    Card # 1 - On the second floor, after activating the switch, make your 
               way through lasers to find a box, blow it up! This is pretty 
               easy, which is strange for the 'last' level in the game.
    Card # 2 - In the room with three switches to the left, hit # 3 then go 
               right to find a huge congregation of red alarm 
               tiles...ouchies! If luck is with you, you'll make it to the 
               other side where you can bomb the box and get the Card! 
               Memorize the pattern of the green tile before even attempting 
               to go across...If you screw up and set off the sirens, there 
               is a plate that will warp you back to the start of the level. 
               Hey, better than nothing, right? At least you still get the 
    Card # 3 - Remember the area after you dropped off the trident-shaped 
               platform, the one with the switches? After the series of 
               elevators? Yeah, now you do! =) When you enter, turn left and 
               make your way past the lasers, then blow up the group of 
               boxes to find this Card. Oh, you have to first hit the switch 
               in this room to form a platform to the area...
    Ball # 1 - In the room with three switches to the left, hit the third 
               switch and head left, up the stairs, then make a long bomb 
               ladder to the opposite platform. Once there, take the 
               elevator up to find a bridge to the this Costume Piece.
    Ball # 2 - Hit the switch near Gold Card # 3, then go down the stairs 
               that form and go down the elevator. Below the elevator is an 
               island with blocks...blow them up to find all kinds of 
               goodies, including this piece!
    Ball # 3 - Near Gold Card # 2 are some boxes up on the wall. Blow them 
               up, then wait for them to drop down. 
    This guy is a lot like a Mini-Boss, and you can use the same tactics. 
    This would be easy if it weren't for the fact that a small droid is 
    flying around the room, firing lasers at you. Sometimes it misses you 
    and hits Altair, though. After being hit for awhile, Altair and the 
    Droid will join to make a Super Bot! Now when you throw bombs at him 
    he'll disappear and re-appear somewhere else. All you have to do is kick 
    bombs at him now to knock him out, and when he wakes up, the bomb 
    explodes and hurts him. Rinse and repeat.
    Card # 1 - Kill him in his first form.
    Card # 2 - Bounce a Pumped Up Bomb off his head. To do this, knock him 
               out with a kicking bomb, then prepare a Pumped Bomb. When he 
               awakes...TOSS IT! Requires practice and an extreme amount of 
    Card # 3 - Catch his second form in a pumped up bomb explosion.
    Card # 4 - Defeat him.
    Card # 5 - Leave him in parts by the target time.
    *****************     4-6: RAINBOW PALACE     ************************** 
                      R A I N B O W   P A L A C E
    This level can not be opened until you have retrieved all 100 Gold Cards 
    and then have beaten Altar (after collecting them). 
    If you did this after collecting 100 golden cards, a cinema will show 
    Sirius come in and kick Altair out of the way, grab the Omni Cube and 
    absorb its energy then toss it away. Then he'll destroy Altair with his 
    awesome firepower! It seems Sirius is the real enemy here...and he has 
    been leading you into his trap the entire game with his stories...after 
    this plot twist, the sixth, secret, and FINAL world becomes available.
    Go forward and left to find a rainbow...walk onto it and Bomberman willl 
    use it as a bridge to the next room. Destroy the pillars to receive the 
    remote control item, then exit and go back to the first room. OK, 
    collect a lot of Bomb Items from the pillars, kill all the nasties, and 
    get ready to be confused! 
    See the platform in front of the exit (Enemy Symbol)? Get on it with a 
    bomb, then go forward and throw a bomb at the ledge, against the wall, 
    then kick a bomb in the little ditch. Then throw a bomb so it is in 
    front of the bomb on the ledge. Drop down to the bomb on the ledge to 
    bounce up, now you're on the level with the switch...sorta. When you 
    land, just plant a bomb. Lay another bomb in front of it, then kick a 
    bomb down to the first ditch, now just walk down there, then fall into 
    the ditch, and you'll automatically go up to the switch! Remember, don't 
    use the analog stick! You'll be fine on your own. Now, go to the 
    platform in front of the exit and throw a Pumped Up Bomb there, and a 
    smaller bomb in front, then jump to the exit!
    Confused? Yeah, it's not easy to put into words. Here's a crappy little 
    map that won't help anyone at all:
                   54| |
                   --   ---             Legend:
                32|                     * = Switch
           -    --                      @ = Little platform in front of exit
    So, you get on @ and them toss bomb "1" into the ditch, then throw bomb 
    "2" on the next cliff. Followed by bomb "3." It's easy to mess bomb 
    three up, but you'll get it. Now, fall onto bomb "1" and you will bounce 
    off of it and go up "3" and "2" up to the area before the switch. Lay 
    down "4" directly in front of the switch, then back up a bit and lay 
    another, "5." Kick bomb "6" back down to the first ditch, this will 
    serve your way back to @. Now fall on bomb "1" and then everything else 
    is automatic! Does it make sense now? 
    Card # 1 - In room two, where you picked up the Remote Control Item, is 
               a large pillar at the end. I never did find a way to get 
               there, but it doesn't matter, because you can fall into the 
               ditch, blow up the block, and the Card will fall to you. 
               You'll have to kill yourself to get out of the ditch, but 
    Card # 2/Card # 3 - No...no...NO!!! This is truly the work of a designer 
                        who loves to watch people fail. Curse them...curse 
                        There are platforms in mid-air next to the exit, 
                        each has a pillar, each holding a Card. Now, you 
                        must Bomb Jump through all of those platforms, 
                        and...and...screw it! I am NOT going to make a map 
                        for this! No way, it'd be impossible...just go over 
                        to Proycon Loter's FAQ, he somehow made one for this 
                        insane challenge. 
                        Once you do get them, you'll never want to do it 
    Ball # 1 - When you're inches away from the exit, turn left and use Bomb 
               Bridges to get to that platform.
    Ball # 2 - Again, only on the right-hand side this time. These two 
               Costume Pieces are hard to collect, but compared to Gold 
               Cards 2 & 3 are a breeze. 
    This guy is a cinch to beat, but getting Gold Cards without the remote 
    bomb item is another story entirely. Just run at him and he'll go away, 
    predict where he'll land, and toss a bomb there. He won't do anything, 
    and if the explosion hits his shadow he'll be hurt! He has several 
    1. A shadow hand will come and try to grab you. Step to the side.
    2. Explosives will appear all around. Run in random directions.
    3. Stars will rain down and dizzy you, and Spellmaker usually calls up 
       this when using # 4 & # 2.
    4. Giant fists will try to crush you. Run around in zigzag patterns.
    5. A HUGE foot will try to stomp you! Get near the walls. 
    6. A fire Dragon will attempt to fry you. Run as fast as you can!
    7. He'll offer you some items. Take one and your first Gold Card is 
    8. A large blade will slice across the room. Hug the walls!
    Card # 1 - Blow up his head. Do this by throwing bombs at him when he's 
               in the ground. Impossibly hard? You bet! Random? Probably. 
    Card # 2 - Burn his cape. You can do this by using pumped bombs when 
               attacking his shadow, and his cape will eventually catch 
               fire. If you can blow up his head, you will get this card 
               automatically with Gold Card # 2. 
    Card # 3 - When the shadow hand comes, make a bomb explode on it. 
    Card # 4 - You get one for free when you come in.
    Card # 5 - Defeat this clown by the target time...
    To open the exit you must activate each switch, one for every corner in 
    the room (that's four for you mathematically challenged). Sounds easy, 
    right? WRONG! There are numerous steps, where building bomb bridges is a 
    must. Actually, the way they're set up is almost identical to the past 
    level, so it's not that much new. To get to the left side of the room 
    (from the camera angle when you enter, at least) you'll have to use the 
    stairs that go into the floor for your bombs. Then you'll use them to 
    get to the right side of the room again. Be careful of those enemies 
    that fire lasers, since one blast will destroy all of your bombs, and 
    the explosion will quite possibly kill you as well! Search out Proycon 
    Loter's .GIFs for this one. 
    Card # 1 - In the little stairs.
    HARD VERSION - Outside in a block. 
    Card # 2 - In a block inside.
    Card # 3 - In a block inside. I guess they didn't want to torture your 
               brain anyone after World 6: Stage 1...
    Ball # 1 - Outside in a block. You can wait for this to fall from above. 
    Ball # 1 - Outside in a block. This time, you'll have to use your bomb 
               ladder building prowess to reach the top platform. 
    In the first part he will fly off, come back and spray you with lasers, 
    then land and kick bombs at you. When he's on the ground, stay close so 
    he doesn't fly away, then lay multiple bombs to hurt him. After a bit of 
    this Regulus will fly in, destroy the Omni Cube, then join your side in 
    the fight. Now, this part is _FUN_! Just do whatever you want, any bomb 
    blasts to Sirius will hurt him. He has two new attacks: The laser, which 
    he demonstrated when he killed Altair. To avoid, simply move to the side 
    and wait for it to finish. The other is a little speed boost, but it's 
    nothing much. After this you will have truly beaten the game. Congrats!
    Card # 1 - Beat the first Sirius by the target time. This is best done 
               by knocking him out then throwing him off the ledge, this 
               will automatically kill him. Pretty difficult to do, however, 
               because his recovery speed is insane. You need to knock him 
               out near the very edge, pick him up, and immediately turn 
               towards the edge of the arena. He will become awake, but then 
               jump out of your hands and over the brink. Hehe... 
    (Cards # 2-5 can only be collected in his second form)
    Card # 2 - Toss a Pumped Bomb off his head. The easiest way to do this 
               is to wait until his laser attack is almost done, then toss 
               it. Requires good timing. 
    Card # 3 - Catch him in a pumped up bomb explosion.
    Card # 4 - Keep Regulus alive until the end. If you see a Heart on the 
               ground and you already have one, pick it up and throw it in 
               his path! hopefully he'll pick it up. 
    Card # 5 - Destroy the insane one by the target time. 
    If you defeat Altair after collecting all 100 Golden Cards, a cinema 
    will show Sirius come in and kick Altair out of the way, then grab the 
    Omni Cube and absorb its energy then toss it away. Then he'll destroy 
    Altair with his awesome firepower! It seems Sirius is the real enemy 
    here...and he has been leading you into his trap the entire game with 
    his stories...after this plot twist, the sixth, secret, and FINAL world 
    becomes available.
    Collect every single Gold Card in the game -- for a staggering total of 
    120 -- and you will receive four extra deathmatch stages. Oh! What joy!
    Talk to Sirius in the various stages after collecting 100 Cards. It's 
    interesting, not to mention a little odd.
    Also, go back to the first Battle with Sirius (Green Gardens) after 
    collecting 100 cards. Strange...
    When fighting the Ice Spider on the web, when you fall, Sirius will come 
    to your rescue. After collecting 100 Cards he will not do this, making 
    the battle much tougher!
    Get 120 Cards and a new option will appear in the Options menu, "Max 
    Power." This will allow you to enter each level with maxed out remote 
    controlled ultra bombs. Whew, what a mouth-full. Recommended for the 
    harder-difficulty level. It's also pretty fun to play around with.
    Got all the Gold Cards, Costume Pieces, and bonuses in the regular 
    difficulty? Move on to the more challenging difficulty! Many familiar 
    items will now be in much more difficult areas, and Costume Pieces are 
    on the verge of being impossible to get. You're definitely going to need 
    to turn on the "max power" bonus for this. Good luck, because you're 
    going to need it desperately!
    Yes, I admit to taking this idea from Procyon Loter's FAQ, but only 
    because it is such a good one...
    To lay a bomb press A, if you can set another then you can tap it to lay 
    many bombs at once, but that is determined by bomb items. 
    Lay a bomb and then get close to it, press B and Bomberman will lift it 
    over his head. 
    Press A and B together and a bomb will automatically appear in your 
    Press B to throw a bomb, but how far it goes depends on how far you push 
    the control stick.
    If you somehow forget, it's the control stick.
    The quickest way is to lay a bomb and press B while it's 'under' you. 
    You'll also kick a bomb if you run into it and press B.
    Pick up a bomb, or bomb lift it, just get one in your hands. Tap the A 
    button and the bomb will get larger, keep doing this until this until a 
    yellow flash appears, now it's a pumped up bomb! You can't throw it as 
    far, but it won't matter, the end explosion will be huge. Once a pumped 
    up bomb is on the ground, no one can pick it up or kick it.
    Bombs: These items will explode after only a few seconds, destroying 
           blocks, enemies, and YOU if you're not careful! Bomberman has an 
           unlimited amount of these, but there is a limit on how many you 
           can lay at once.
    Bomb Item: These items are found in destructible blocks, they allow you 
               to lay one more bomb at once. The max. is eight, which is 
               more than enough!
    Flame Item: Also found in blocks, this helpful item increases the radius 
                of your explosion as well as the power! It stops working 
                after about five, though.
    Blue Gem: Usually found after defeating enemies (and in blocks, too), 
              these shiny objects add one gem to your Gem Meter. Collect 50 
              for an extra life!
    Red Gem: Same as the blue gem, except more rare and adds five to the 
             gem meter.
    Remote Bomb: This is quite possibly the most useful item in the game! 
                 This will affect ALL bombs, no matter what. It makes them 
                 remote controlled, and they will not explode until a flame 
                 hits them (or a laser) or you trigger them with the Z 
                 button. Useful for taking out far away enemies and making 
    Heart Item: Found after defeating difficult enemies, lets you get hit 
                without dying. In the normal difficulty setting it will pop 
                out, and, if you're fast enough, you can go catch it and 
                pick it up again! However, in the hard difficulty setting, 
                it vanishes into thin air.
    Gold Cards: The most elusive item of all, they are found within each 
                level by completing a certain objective, defeating certain 
                enemies, a number of them, etc. There are 120 of them in all 
                (Now, where have I heard that number before? Hehe...)
    Ultra Bomb: Ultra Bombs look like red bombs inside of an explosion. This 
                will turn all of your bombs red. Red bombs explode blue, 
                which can destroy blocks that even pumped up regular bombs 
                could not, and it's a lot more powerful, too! Just be 
                careful, because the explosions are HUGE!
    1. Rocks:
    After a few explosions it will split into two smaller, and weaker, 
    opponents. A Pumped Bomb to the head will kill it instantly.
    2. Fire Falcon:
    They will up in the air, occasionally diving to you, attempting to light 
    you on fire.
    3. Eggs:
    They wander about aimlessly. Blow them up for a Heart Item!
    4. Soldiers (red):
    Pretty much useless...It wanders about, very slowly...not even a real 
    5. Soldiers (blue):
    These guys are a bit more tough, as they wield two sharp blades and will 
    go into a deadly spin. Stay away and throw bombs at 'em!
    6. Soldiers (green):
    Only a few exist, they will fire shells at you. Pretty powerful, but not 
    too fast.
    7. Totem Poles:
    Not much of any enemy. They are somewhat slow, but can burst into speed 
    when you get near.
    8. Cannons:
    They fire cannon shells at you, a Pumped Up Bomb is all it takes to put 
    them out. 
    9. Blow Fish:
    Although harmless, they take 10 Pumped Up Ultra Bombs to destroy them! 
    All of this for...one red gem. It's rather sad, really. Ignore these.
    10. Butterflies:
    These aren't REALLY enemies...blow them up for a Heart Item!
    11. Fish:
    With chicken legs? Yup, this game has it all...When you get near, these 
    strange creatures will spin. Due to their unpredictable patterns, you 
    should ignore these.
    12. Fire Pillars:
    These look like normal blocks, but when you get near, they will open up 
    and kill you with their Fire Breathe! After about 40 normal bombs they 
    will die...Good for Heart Items!
    13. Sparks:
    Only found in dark caves, these neat looking creatures will come to you 
    and attempt to impale you on their spikes! A bomb will split them in 
    14. Mining Soldiers:
    They'll try to knock you out with their picks.
    15. Mine Cart Soldiers:
    They travel in carts, which are, of course, on the tracks. Listen for 
    the familiar "click clack click clack" sound, then quickly get to 
    16. Bats:
    One eyed creatures that will try to land on you. Not much to look at...
    17. Snow Bunnies:
    Harmless. Blow them up for a Heart Item!
    18. Ski Soldiers:
    They just want to have some fun, then Bomberman comes to ruin their 
    vacation...Watch out, as their blades are quite sharp.
    19. Snowmen:
    Like their cute cousins in Mario 64, these guys will toss snowballs at 
    20. Snowflakes:
    Not much, really. They just float about...
    21. Apple Frogs:
    What the heck is this thing? I dunno, but it does split into two 
    different pieces after being bombed.
    22. Missile Solider:
    Launches missiles at you...
    23. Missile Launcher:
    See above. Oh, except this one tracks you. Watch out when the target 
    gets near it!
    24. Green Robot:
    When you get near it will fire three laser beams at you.
    25. Airplane:
    It will dive and try to impale you on it's sharp nose
    26. UFO:
    Will get over you and shoot a laser down. Kill for a Heart Item!
    If you want any information on detailed bomb ladder building, check out 
    one of the following sources: 
    - Proycon Loter's FAQ & .GIF files at www.gamefaqs.com
    - Prima's Unauthorized Bomberman 64 Guide <with in-game pictures>
    Hudsonsoft: For making such an incredible and enjoyable game!
    GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>: A huge vault that holds all of my -- plus 
    hundreds of other's -- FAQs. Honestly, if you can't find help here, 
    you're just out of luck.
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com>: For kindly accepting my 
    FAQs, and for making such a cool site. 
    Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
    any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
    condemnation, or death threats at: marshmallow@planetn2000.com
    Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
    daily basis. 
    I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
    immediately. Who knows...you may get an answer hours after sending it, 
    or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
    questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
    <prepare for a shocker> do have a real life outside the Internet. 
    School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
    the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  
    If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
    definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
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    Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
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    comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
    question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
    support. As for your problem..." 
    I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
    that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
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    I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
    questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for an E  
    rated game with copious amounts of explosions and anime-like characters, 
    I assume you will not be offended by a little sexual innuendo. 
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