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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JSteinkamp

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    Bomberman Hero Walkthrough
    by Jackson Steinkamp
    A = jump
    B = bomb
    A+B = jump bomb
    R or C Down = drop bomb
    R+R or C Down+ C Down = kick bomb
    Planet 1 - Bomber
    Course 1-1-1 Battle Room
    This is the easiest course of all. First walk forward into the bomb door to 
    start your training. You'll see a cool cinema before you get tot he course. Go 
    right following the path and jump into hte conveyor belt to be shot to the other 
    side. Forget the chickejn. Jump to hte platform. Head right aand follow the red 
    platforms. Throw a bomb with B at the pogo stick guy and jump over the wall. 
    Bomb the switch to start the platform moving up or down. Jump on that platform 
    and then jump off to the huge platform. Then go in thedoor to finish the course. 
    Easy, huh? 
    Course 1-1-2 Hyper Room
    This course has two exits. First run onto the left conveyor belt. When you come 
    to the enemy dodge right. Then bomb the wallto the right. It will create an 
    opening for you to go through. Go through it and ride up the conveyor belt. If 
    you're goinf fo the first exit, go left and up the path, then jump in the 
    teleport and head straight up to the first exit. 
    To get to the second exit, follow these instructions. From the teleport jump 
    over the bars behind it and grab the card key. Then jump back over the bars and 
    run down the path. Exit that path. Here's teh tough part. You have to jump from 
    the green platform to hte blue one above. Then head forward, bomb the enemies 
    and there's the second exit.
    Course 1-1-3 Secret Room
    If you use the teleporter exit in the Hyper Room, you'll end up here. You'll 
    have to find four key crystals to open the exit door. First go right and jump on 
    top of the building to find the first key crystal. Then go to the pool of lava 
    in the middle of the course. Walk above it to be shot up into the key crystal. 
    It may take a few tries but you'll get it. Then head to the big lava pool and 
    jump on the conveyor belt to get the key crystal above the lava. Ahead of you 
    you'll see another building. Bomb it open to find the last key crystal. Then 
    head to the top left corner and enter the door. Step on the teleport. Then go 
    right and jump up. Then head left and through the exit door. You'll then move on 
    to the Sky Room.
    Course 1-1-4 Heavy Room
    You can only get here from Hyper Room, not from Secret Room. If you picked the 
    first exit, you'll go to the secret room. This is a pretty easy course. Go right 
    and jump on the platforms. Then follow the path on the right around in a spiral-
    like pattern to get to a jumper. If you jump on a jumper, you'll automatically 
    jumpp. Us the jumper to get to the right. Then jump to the top right corner and 
    head down and right to some goal post enemies. You need timing to get through 
    these guys. Then step on the tiles and press R to lay a bomb. Get a safe 
    distance away and watch it explode. Jump down the hole and go right. You'll find 
    a little contraption with little red balls inside. Do a jump bomb twice. If you 
    get right on target, the shaft of light will disappear. Go where the shaft of 
    light was, jump to the platform and use the jumper to jump up to the exit.
    Course 1-1-5 Sky Room
    First go right and jump to the platforms. Jump to the next one. Do a jump bomb 
    to hit the switch to stop the conveyor belt so you can run across easier. Do the 
    same with the next conveyor belt and head right. Look out for the pogo stick 
    enemies. Jump across the two platforms. There are more goal post enemies at the 
    end of this conveyor belt. Head north and left to find a jumper. Bounce on the 
    jumper and then on the box. Jump bomb the box. Then grab the card key. Jump 
    down. From the right side of the platform, bomb the spike headed robots when 
    they come close. If you can't get them all, wait until you jump across to get 
    the rest. Now here's the tough part. Jump to the yellow platform when it's above 
    water and quickly jump forward and it will go back under water quickly. Beat the 
    pogo stick and chicken enemies and then go through the exit.
    Course 1-2-1 Blue Cave
    First bomb the blue guys ahead of you. Keep going forward and bomb the blue 
    dudes until you reach a platform above the water. Jump on it adn quickly off. 
    Beat the enemy and jump to thenext platform. Defeat all the blue guys. Then beat 
    the crab and go through the door.
    Course 1-2-2 Hole Lake
    This is your first time in the Bomber Marine veichle. Swim forward. Fire your 
    homing torpedos with Z to hit the sharks. Go forward. Watch out for all the 
    enemies. Look out for the crabs. When you get to the giant crab, shoot tons of 
    bombs at him to beat him. Then you can go through the exit.
    Course 1-2-3 Red Cave
    Go right and jump on the platforms. Jump down to the floor and head right. Jump 
    the spikes. Lay a bomb underneath the green platform. To get to the first exit, 
    jump on the moving platform that you planted a bomb under, and you'll shoot up 
    to another platform. Then head down the path to the exit. To get to the second 
    exit jump right from the movign platform. Defeat teh fireball t hrowing enemy 
    and do a jump bomb on the spike enemy at the top. Jump right, dodging the 
    enemies. Defeat the fireball throwing enemy. Jump on th emoving platform and it 
    will take you to a yellow platform. Jump on it. Then the exit shouldn't be hard 
    to find. 
    Course 1-2-4 Big Cannon
    This is your first course in the bomber jet. You got here from the second exit 
    to red cave, you'll behere. Press A to accellerate and B to hit the brakes, Z to 
    shoot and the control stick to steer.. This course is pretty easy. All you have 
    to do is go forward, look out for the birds and the light beams until you get to 
    a huge cannon. Fire bombs at it Dodge its shots. Hit Z to shoot bombs. It takes 
    a lot of hits to beat the cannon. Destroy the cannon first, then the main base 
    of it. Move on to course 1-2-7.
    Course 1-2-6 Dark Wood
    You can only get here from the first exit in red cave. This is a bit easier than 
    big cannon. First go forward but never run into the red tornados. The white 
    tornados are just for points. When you see a stump with these evil looking roots 
    sticking out, fire out three bombs at it to destroy it. Don't get too close or 
    it will poison you with its gas. Keep heading forward. Destroy the stump in your 
    way and go on the path it was sitting on. Here's a tough challenge. You have to 
    run by the red tornado. Don't get hit. Keep going back. Don't worry about the 
    switch. Head past the red tornadoand left to the exit.
    Course 1-2-7 Dragon Road
    This course is easy if you're an expert, but a nightmare for beginners. Don't 
    fall in unless you're going for ahigh score. First head right and jump on th 
    etall the pillar. Drop down to the other tall pillar. Bomb the bees with knives. 
    Don't let them hit you. Just dodge them if you want. Keep heading right until 
    you reach the great big stone creature pounding his fists on the groumd. Defeat 
    him with three jump bombs. Don't get up on his platform oreyou'll get hit by by 
    his rocks. Head right, look out for the knive bee. Defeat the next two stone 
    creatures and head right. Look our for the knife bees. Jump along the slope and 
    destroy the next stone creature to your right. Get ready for the challenge. Are 
    you scared of big stone creatures that are ten feet wide, one foot tall and bomb 
    you with rocks, and weight about a hundred pounds? Well if you are, GET OUT OF 
    THIS COURSE IMMEDIATELY! If you aren't you'll have to beat one to end this 
    course.Jump down and destroy him with five bombs. Keep moving. After five hits 
    you'll win the course automatically.
    Course 1-2-8 Vs. Nitros
    Ready for a sub-boss? Well, this is your first sub boss. The first thing I want 
    to warn you about is the lava tiles. Never step on the lava tiles. The lava 
    tiles are in teh corners. Before you start, you should look at all the warnings 
    I've given you. Whenever you stand on a star space, all the spikes will fly up 
    in four directions; either in the shapeof a plus sign or a times sign. You can 
    either dodge them or jump over them. How do you hit Nitros? He jumps all the 
    time. Two strategies for this.... first is to toss bombs at him. He'll jump it 
    but you'll shoot a bomb right before he lands so it hits him right after he 
    lands. Another way is to jump bomb him. Chances are he'll jump right on your 
    bombs. After about six hits, he'll be defeated. I'm not sure exactly how many 
    hits are required, so I'll just say around six.
    Course 1-3-1 Clown Valley
    The clowns are quite annoying so look out for them. You won't haveworry about 
    them after this course. Head left.Climb up the stairs and hit the clowns on the 
    platform to your right with jump bombs. Hit him three times to defeat him.When 
    you beat him cross the bridge. You'll have to jump a few times. Soon you'll see 
    another clown. Beat him the same way. My favorite strategy is to lure them to 
    the platform you wre standing on when you beat the first one. That way you can 
    fire at him from the stairs on the left. It's easier to hit him from there. 
    Defeat teh next two clowns and head across the bridge to the exit. Those clowsn 
    can be a poke in the eye.
    Course 1-3-2 Great Rock
    First go forward and defeat the poisonous gas stump. Then head left and around 
    and beat the fireball enemy. Jump to his platform and then keep going right. 
    Defeat the next poisionous gas stump and go forward. Head left. Lookout for the 
    cloud dropping lightning. Jump to the platform and lay a bomb there. Jump off. 
    Wait til it explodes. It'll rise. Then jump right and left to reach a platform 
    that was too high to reach before. Beat the fireball enemy above and keep going 
    right. Go on the small platforms. Beat the next fireball enemy and head right. 
    Beat the next fireball enemy and go to his platform . Head left, grab the heart, 
    defeat the poisionous gas stump and go through the exit.
    Course 1-3-3 Fog Route
    One little warning... this course is the last normal course you'll do before the 
    first boss, so start training now. Practice hitting enemies, jumping fast, 
    timing, and stuff like that. All three things you'll need to do in the boss' 
    area. They all have to do with jumping. This might be one of the easier courses. 
    Head forward. Climb up the platforms. Go past the two totem poles and bomb at 
    either skull. The skull will blow up the other one. Grab the communicator. The 
    bomber jet will come down and fire a missile at it. It will destroy the wall in 
    front of you. Go forward. Look out for the totem pole and stop once you get to 
    the place where there's a platform with two gems to the left of you. Wait for 
    the spikes to rise up. Then when they go down, run right across before they come 
    back up again. Jump to the next platform and off to the next one. Look out for 
    the totem poles and go a full circle on the path. Walk forward, do a jump bomb 
    at the robot blocking your way. Jump back. Repeat until he's defeated. It should 
    take about five hits. Then follow the path. Look out the for skateboarder. Walk 
    in that contraption ahead of you. That's the exit.
    Course 1-3-4 Vs. Endol
    The boss! First you'll see a cool cinema. Then Endol will appear. Electric beams 
    will shoot out. You have to jump them. Then do a jump bomb at his chest when you 
    have a chance. Everytime you hit him, it will change the direction of the 
    electric beams. Be ready to jump them. After quite a lot of hits, the electronic 
    beams will disappear. Still bomb him. Look out for his torpedos that can get 
    you. Five more hits and he'll be defeated. 
    Planet Two - Primus
    Course 2-1-1 Groog Hills
    This is an easy course. Go right. Watch out for the Groogs. Don't jump in the 
    water. Go right and enter the tree. Go around. Beat the plants. Jump the water, 
    then jump down the hole to get to the next course.
    Course 2-1-2 Bubble Hole
    First go forward. Look out for the bubbles and the bubble enemies. You'll get to 
    the big green bubble enemy. Defeat him with four bombs. Then go up the slope he 
    was blocking. Jump to make it up. Keep going forward. Step on the stump, which 
    is actually disguised as a jumper. Jump left and then across the platforms. Go 
    forward. Look out for the six space aliens. Jump up. Destroy the purple bubble 
    enemy with four bombs. Then go through the exit he was blocking.
    Course 2-1-3 Erars Lake
    Remember the bomber marine back in Hole Lake? First go forward, beat the sharks 
    if you want. Pause right now and I'll tell you a little something. There are two 
    exits to this course, but I have not found the first. I'll tell you how to get 
    to the second. Go forward, grab the hearts if you need them, and keep moving 
    forward. Don't worry about the starfish enemies. Go below them. You'll see a 
    huge manta ray ahead. Fire bombs at him until you beat him. Then you'll see 
    psychic eye enemies. They'll explode when you get near them . Go through the 
    bottom right hole. Go forward once you're in the second area. Go forward. It 
    will be a long time before you reach the starfish. Look out for psychic eye 
    enemies. Then defeat the manta ray. Then go forward into the exit.
    Course 2-1-4 Waterway
    No data on this course yet. 
    Course 2-1-5 Water Slider
    Look out for the pogo stick, Jump into the river. Look out for the enemies and 
    fireball. Run down the slope. Once you get to the steep part of the falls, jump 
    to get to a platform with a special bomb. Drop down and jump forward to the 
    other river. Beat the pogo stick and jump to the next platform. Jump down to the 
    pipe and then on to the moving platform when it comes down. Deafeat the fireball 
    enemy and the space alien. Then jump to the next platform. Beat the pogo enemy 
    and destroy the switch. That will make the platform two platforms back go up and 
    down. Jump on it, then jump into the river. Beat the pogo enemy and go into the 
    Course 2-2-1 Rock 'n Road
    First run toward you (the player) Look out for hte gaps and the big boulders. 
    Look out for them. Grab the heart if you need it. Follow the four crystals, then 
    run right, Jump in the teleporter. Beat the four enemies. I like kick-bombing 
    here. Then jump bomb the dice. Jump over two platforms and beat the next dice. 
    Destroy the skull from behind the poisonous gas shooter. Then run by it. Go 
    forward, throw five bombs at the door to open it. You have to do it fast or it 
    will attack. Then go through the exit. 
    Course 2-2-2 Water Pool
    Destroy the rat. Bomb him twice. Look out for the bomb on his tail . Goup the 
    stairs. Jump the gas shooter and run across the tiles. Don't bomb them oir else 
    you'll fall. Look out for the groove and jump down to the door. Go through the 
    door. See if you can hit the floating enemy and hit the spikes down at the same 
    time. Jump across it and repeat. Look out for the poisonous gas shooters and 
    don't step in the water. Beat the next rat. Then kick bomb the switch. Then jump 
    to the narrow rail on the right side. Jump to the moving platform. Bomb the blue 
    bubble enemy. Jump up. Look out fo r the posionsous gas shooter. Don't go in the 
    exit below you yet. I recommend going in the top one. I think it's Millian Road. 
    The bottom one is warp room if that's true. I have data on both of them so look 
    at what course you're yellow and red indicator is on. It will tell you what 
    course you are on. If you picked Millian Road, check on this next one.
    Course 2-2-3 Millian Road
    If you picked Big Cannon back at Red Cave, you know how to operate the bomber 
    jet. For those of you that picked Dark Wood, press A to steer, B to put on your 
    brakes for a bit, Z to shoot bombs. Use the control stick to steer the bomber 
    jet. First go forward. Look out for the sprocket circle enemies and guns. Go 
    past the spiked walls and look out for the guy (or contraption) shooting green 
    circle bullets at you. Go underneath the next two sprocket guys with orange 
    beams between them. Keep heading forward. Grab the heart if you need it. Look 
    out for the bees with knives and the spiked walls. You'll see a huge cannon. 
    Fire bombs at it but don't forget to dodge its bullets. First defeat the cannon 
    and then the main base. When you beat it, you'll clear the course.
    Course 2-2-4 Warp Room
    This one is kind of confusing. First go right into the next room. Beat the bomb-
    tailed rat and jump the lava. Then jump into the teleporter. A bomb will start. 
    Run left before it explodes. then bomb the switch. Jump forward into the yellow 
    warp tile. Grab the force field key. Then drop down and go right. Don't take the 
    yellow warp. Grab the special bomb and jump on the moving platform and take the 
    green warp. Go through the force field exit.
    Course 2-2-5 The Dark Prison
    This is another key crystal course. First go forward, then right to reach a cage 
    with the key crystal. Bomb the red button to gt it open. Head back down and stop 
    where it turns. Jump on the moving platform and jump bomb the skull. Then jump 
    to the platform and grab the key crystal. Then jump down. Then head left and 
    down. Follow the path and hit the red button on the cage. Grab the key crystal. 
    Then go all the way around to the cage that's right of your platform. Then jump 
    toward you. Lay a bomb underneath the green platform and get on it. It will 
    bring you up. Go left, open the cage the same way. Hit the switch and jump right 
    down onto the moving platform. Grab the final key crystal and find the exit.
    Course 2-2-6 Vs. Nitros
    Ready for another battle with arch enemy Nitros? Same strategy here, except hte 
    lava tiles are in the middle. Do you remember what to do? This time, when he 
    steps on a disk space, he'll throw a disc. They'll stay there until they hit you 
    or you destroy them. He canalso lay red bombs this time. About six or seven hits 
    will beat him. 
    Course 2-3-1 Killer Gate
    You'll use the bomber copter here. Just steer it with the stick. Hold A unless 
    you wan t to go down. You'll autmoatically go down. Destroy the submarines. Keep 
    going forward and bombing subs. You might want to the destroy the guns, but you 
    don't need to to win the course. Don't let Bman go in the water, or it will do 
    some damange. Afteryou beat all ten subs you'll win. Its kind of tough because 
    you can gethit a lot. You might have alot of trouble with this course. Beat the 
    very last gun adn go through the exit.
    Course 2-3-2 Spiral Tower
    First go forward and start going around the spiral. Stop at the top of the slope 
    and wait for the spikes to go by. Repeat. Jump the gap that the spikes stick out 
    of and destroy the two enemies. Keep going and go past the spikes. Jump the next 
    gap and destroy the next enemy. Run by the spikes and destroy the next enemy. 
    Run by the spikes, destroy the skull and the easy course is already completed.
    Course 2-3-3 Snake Route
    This is a really tough course. First go toward you. Destroy the new alien-like 
    creature and go down its path. There's another new enemy... a frog-like 
    creature. Run under the spike, grab the key crystal and go back up. Keep going 
    up and destroy the guy with the spike on his head. Then the new space alien 
    creature. Keep going up and make the spikes go down by bombing the platform. Get 
    the key crystal and then jump on to the rail. Follow it up. You won't get hit by 
    the sprockets. Bomb the switch and go back down and grab the key crystal on the 
    moving platform. Then follow the rail back up again. Keep following it up 
    because there are tons more sprockets blocking your way. Destroy the robot enemy 
    and then the fireball. Those fireball enemies are stupid, aren't they? Go to the 
    very top and jump left to the movin' platform. Grab the key crystal and jump 
    back to the snake route. Then go in the exit. Get ready for the boss. He's next.
    Course 2-3-4 Vs. Baruda
    You're back in the bomber copter. This is rather easy. All you have to do is 
    drop bombs on him with Z. Look out for when he spins around and out of his tail 
    come some bad circles. Drop bombs above him. After five hits he'll do a lazer 
    beam. He'll keep doing them so get used to them. After about five more hits 
    he'll be defeated.
    Planet 3 Kanatia
    Course 3-1-1 Hades Crater
    Follow the trail of crystals down in the bomber copeter. You might be getting 
    tired of these copter courses. Look out for the firebombs. When you see a tower 
    that looks like a fireball enemy, drop a bomb on it. Whenever you see one, just 
    drop a bomb on it. They can't attack, but firebombs can. Destroy the very last 
    one above the lava. Go forwrad and you'll be surprised to find the exit.
    Course 3-1-2 Magma Lake
    Pause right now. In this course you're constantly losing power. Find one of the 
    crystal coolers fast. Head forward, find a crystal cooler. They are located both 
    ways. Look out for the lava spewers cause they spew lava at you. Jump across the 
    sinking platform and destroy the box for a heart. Hit that crystal cooler again. 
    Grab the next heart. Jump in the next crystal cooler. Bomb the skull on the 
    left. Make a clear path to the force field key and the crystal cooler. The key 
    will open the exit to the right.
    Course 3-1-3 Magma Dam
    This is another course with crystal coolers. Be on the lookout for them. Go 
    right and hit the Crystal Cooler. Jump to the platform behind the turtle. Then 
    jump bomb the red whatever. That will make the lava come out. Keep going right. 
    Jump across the sinking platform and take the crystal cooler. Keep going right 
    and grab a heart if you need it. Take the crystal cooler and the next two on the 
    right. Look out for the turtle and jump bomb the other dam.Grab the special bomb 
    if you need it. Take the CC fast. Then pick your exit. The right one leads to 
    Emerald Tube. You'll find Crystal Hole if you pick the left one. 
    Course 3-1-4 Crystal Hole
    Go right. Look out for the enemies and walk on the crystals. You might fall 
    down. Just find a way to get back up. Beat the enemies like the red bubble guy. 
    Cross the next crystal. You might fall. Bomb the orange bubble guy multiple 
    times to destroy him. Keep destroying the enemies with jump bombs. Follow the 
    path and destroy the red bubble guy. Stop when you see the heart. Wait for the 
    spikes to stick out and the platform to go down. Then jump on top of it and make 
    a break for it.Keep heading up. It's tough to get on the platform without 
    getting stabbed. Jump off and destroy the blue bubble. Jump forward and go 
    through the exit.
    Course 3-1-5 Emerald Tube
    Your first course in the bomber slider. There's no way to stop. Hit B to spin 
    and defeat enemies. Steer with the control stick. You don't need to hold A. 
    First go forward and look out for the enemies, especially the guys on 
    skateboards Go forward until you reach thr pink lines. Destroy the guys on 
    skateboards. Grab the extra hearts if you can. Look out for the two fireball 
    enemies, jump left and slide on through the exit. 
    Course 3-2-1 Death Temple
    First bomb the switch outside the prison to get out of it. Go out and destroy 
    the stupid guy that has circles sticking out in all directions (looks kinda like 
    a hand.) Beat the next one on the next platform. Stop when you see the four 
    platforms with the Easter Island stone guys. When the empty spot is close to 
    you, jump to it. Keep jumping on the empty spot. You'll have to jump early. 
    Follow the platform. If you get to close to the pharoahs, they'll head butt you. 
    Dont go near them. Run left by the pharoahs, Bomb the platform to make the 
    spikes go down. Jump to it and jump off. You'll easily find the exit.
    Course 3-2-2 Death Road
    Jump bomb the blocks on the left. Look out for the bees with knives. Look out 
    for the Easter Island stone guy. Bomb and jump through the black blocks. Jump 
    bomb the fireball guys. Then bomb the skull. Enter the teleporter. Next kick 
    bomb the clocks. It'll take three hits to beat each clock. There are about five 
    of them . Look out for the homing missles. Jump into the teleporter when you 
    pass the bees. Jump to the right side to avoid the boulders. Follow the path to 
    the top. Look out for the pharoah. Jump down and destroy the door enemy with 
    five hits. Remember him way back in Rock n' road? That's it. 
    Course 3-2-3 Death Garden
    No data available.
    Course 3-2-4 Float Zone
    This is the only course where Bomberman can travel in a bubble. First jump down 
    and grab the bubble in the corner. Float to the bottom right corner. Go through 
    the hole. Aim left and land on the glass. Grab the next bubble icon and go 
    through the next hole. Grab the next one and go through the hole in the middle. 
    Don't grab the next one yet. Bomb the switch in the top left corner of the 
    screen. Then bubble up. Go for the middle. You may want to grab the special bomb 
    first. Then bomb the switch. Then bomb the platform to make the spikes go down. 
    Go through the exit.
    Course 3-2-5 Aqua Tank
    First go toward you, then left. Jump the spikes and bomb the flying enemy. Then 
    bomb the guy with a spike on his head. Bomb the skull on the next platform and 
    run around. Beat the spike-head. Then jump to the moving platofurm. Go left and 
    up to the vertically moving platform. Jump on to it. Bomb the platform to make 
    the spikes disappear. Then bomb the skull on the next platform. It will turn the 
    switch to green so you can make a really long jump to the platform. That 
    platform is underneath another platform. Jump on that platform. Then jump bomb 
    the tank to clear the course.
    Course 3-2-6 Aqua Way
    First swim forward into the sea serpent's mouth. Keep going forward. You should 
    see some food coming at you. Look out for it and grab the rainbow and gold 
    diamonds. Go through the narrow pathway to get out. Grab the heart, then swim 
    through the hole to exit.
    Course 3-2-7 Vs. Nitros
    Nitros again! This time he's brought some force field towers with him. The lava 
    tiles are located diagonally from the corners. All you really have to worry 
    about is the spikes. Bomb the force field towers so you can attack him. Same 
    strategy here as the last battle. Seven or eight hits and he's history.
    Course 3-3-1 Hard Coaster
    First jump left onthe coaster. Let it take you to hte next coaster. Jump on that 
    coaster adn ride. Jump bomb the flying enemy, or dodge him. Jump to hte next 
    coaster. Then jump forward to the checkerboard platform. Grab the key crystal 
    and jump on either coaster. Wjem you pass by a platform with a yellow warp o 
    nit, jump off. After you warp, grab the key crystal. Then jump to the moving 
    platform to your side. Drop off and jump in the teleporter ahead of you if you 
    want to. All you'll find there i s a speical bomb. Jump in the green warp, then 
    take the right coaster. Then drop off and bomb the switch. Jump forward into the 
    quicksand until you reach the moving platform. Jump onto the moving platform. It 
    will take good timing tomake the jump. Jump right and take the teleporter. Don't 
    take he next teleporter. Jump on the platform and jump off. Grab key crystal 
    number three inthe box. Then take the warp. Jump on the coaster. Jump off and 
    jump on the warp with teh crystal. Grab the final key crystal. Jump on the other 
    warp. Use the middle coaster to go the yellow warp. Warp again. Then take the 
    coaster to platform. Go up the stairs to the exit. 
    Course 3-3-2 Dark Maze
    Jump left, then forward tohte platform with teh salt bome. Jump to the moving 
    platform and it will take you to the exit. This is the shortest course in the 
    game.Some people go around the long way and don't even know there's a fast way. 
    Course 3-3-3 Mad Coaster
    First jump on the bomber coaster. Destroy the gun to the right. It may take a 
    couple shots. Destroy the one on the left. Then the other on the right. Left. 
    Grab the heart. You'll need it. When it comes close enough, jump to the 
    platform. Kick bomb the switch to make the moving platform go up and down. Jump 
    on it and beat the fireball enemy. Then jump left, grab the salt bomb. Use it to 
    defeat the slugs. Kick salt bombs. Keep running back and destroy all the slugs. 
    Go right across the bridge and grab the normal bomb up. Head back down. When you 
    get to the end, bomb the fireball guy, and jump on the bomber coaster. Bomb the 
    flying enemy and the next one and the next one. And the next one. And the next 
    one. Then jump off and go in the exit.
    Course 3-3-4 Move Stone
    It sounds like a strange name for a course, but it tells you exactly what you 
    need to do to get to the exit.... move stones! Go left and destroy the two 
    fireball enemies. Then get the two on the right. Then jump up and go left. Keep 
    going left. Destroy the fifth and final fireball guy. For this course at least. 
    Now its time to take care of the stones. Push the stone right next to you to the 
    right to the wall. The push it down. Then push it back up so you can push it 
    right from the white part. Go around and push it into the hole. One down, three 
    to go. Jump down and over the white part. You'll see a stone. Push it up, left 
    to the wall, up into the hole. Two down, two to go. Push the stone right by your 
    left and into the hole. Three down, one left. Then go over to the stone on the 
    left. Try each hole. Don't look ahead until you figure out which is which. It's 
    the one without the bomb up. Then go to the top middle of the course. Jump into 
    the green light and you're ready for the boss.
    Course 3-3-5 Vs. Bolban
    This is the toughest boss yet. Like all of them, it takes ten hits to beat him. 
    First run around. Jump bomb the 1 inch gem on his head. Look out for his 
    cannons. If he breathes mist, jump bomb him anyway. After you bomb him twice, 
    he'll put on a force field. Jump bomb his tail. After three hits, the foirce 
    field will wear off. When he stomps, blocks will fall down. Just keep moving. 
    Once you get this far he won't do his cannon bomb again. He'll still do his mist 
    attack. After ten hits he'll explode and die.
    Planet 4 Mazone
    Course 4-1-1 Hopper Land
    Do you feel like you are two-thirds done? You are! Getting ready for a power 
    gear accessory that you've never rode on before. It's Louie the Rabbit. First go 
    right and bounce on the lizard that tries to lick you. The next one's nose is 
    sticking out. Go right and look out for the turtle. You'll need a heart. You'll 
    need to learn the wall kick. Practice here. Jump toward the wall and bounce off 
    it by tapping A when you hit the wall. This is only one of the two courses in 
    which you'll use Louie. Destroy the next lizard. Keep going right. Look out for 
    the tutles. Cross the log and go right until you reach two mushrooms on the 
    right and you can't go any furtuer. Jump on the second mushroom and forward to 
    the platform. Use you wall jump to make it to the platform with the exit.
    Course 4-1-2 Junfalls
    This course has two exits. Freeze Lake is tough. We don't have any data on it 
    and you can't handle it. We'll choose Cool Cave. First jump forward on the 
    platforms. Look out for the Gremlins. Stay out of the water. Beat the Gremlins. 
    Kick bombing works well. When you get to the two platforms at the end, jump bomb 
    the one on the right, then jump on it. Bomb the one on the left and jump on it 
    before it goes up too fast. Look out for the flowers, grab the heart and run 
    right to the exit. You may have to jump to get through it because you are 
    running through the river. 
    Course 4-1-3 Freeze Lake
    Too tough. Skip it.
    Course 4-1-4 Cool Cave
    Don't fall in the water. This one's almost as tough as Freeze Lake. First go 
    forward and jump right. Grab the freeze bomb. Go back left. You'll see a ray 
    shooter across from you. Do a jump bomb, It'll freeze him solid. Jump on 
    him,using him as a stairstep to get to hte platform on the right. Keep jumping 
    right. Stop when you reach the long one. Spikes stick out. You need good timing 
    to get past them. Run in the cavern for a break from the enemies. Run out and 
    freeze bomb the two guys. Go right adn whack the nest one. Jump right twice. 
    Don't jump on the two platforms in the water. Go south from your view. Jump 
    right adn stop. You'll see the enemy agin to the right. You need to freeze him 
    before proceeding. There's anothe r one ahead. Stay on the slope so neight of 
    them can hit your. Jump bomb the one in fron t of you. Use it as a stairstep. 
    Jump left and bomb the other gy. Use him as a step to jump right. Use the next 
    one to goleft. Go left. Then it should be too bad to find the exit.
    Course 4-2-1 Snowland
    Finally a snowy course. Run forward past the monkey throwing the ice block. Go 
    past hte next one and stop. You need good timing to get past hte snowmen. Two 
    hits will ditch them if you want to. Two hits will also get rid of the monkeys. 
    Beat up or dodge the monkey ahead of you, then jump far to the platform. Run 
    striaght. Look out for more monkeys. There's the exit.
    Course 4-2-2 Storm Valley
    You're back with Louie, his last course. A nice win would be a great way to say 
    goodbye. Run left but don't fall off. Stomp on the fans. Go let until you see a 
    screw pop up. Boucne on it three times to defeat it. Then use your wall jump to 
    get up to the next platform. Defeat the next screw and the next fan. There are 
    two more screws to the right of you. Defeat them by jumping on them. Go right. 
    Beat the next two and the fan. Head back left and wall jump. Wall jump in the 
    farthest gap to the left. Destroy the fan and the screw. Jump right. Beat the 
    last two. Go right and you'll see some snowballs.Bounce on the snowballs. It's 
    frustrating at first. Once you get it down it's a piece of cake. Keep bouncing 
    right and forward on the last snowball to get to the place with the exit.
    Course 4-2-3 Snow Circuit
    Another win would be a good way to say goodbye to the Bomber Slider. This is a 
    really fun course. Slide forward. Remember you don't have to push A, except when 
    you want tojump. Slide through and beat the enemies or jump over them. Jump the 
    gap and grab the heart if you need it. Be sure to stay on the narrow path. Jump 
    right and then left. Jump on to the higher narrow path, grab the heart and beat 
    the enemies. Slide through the last blue guys and go in the exit. Fun huh?
    Course 4-2-4 Heaven Sky
    This is probably the toughest course yet. You're in the jet again. First defeat 
    the rolling wheels. By the way, if you pick Dark Wood instead of Big Cannon and 
    Warp Room instead of Millian Road, you don't know how to operate it. Push A to 
    go forward, B to put on your brakes, Z to shoot bombs, and steer with the 
    control stick. Get past the guys flinging cannonballs around and around. Go 
    through the bottom left part of the gate. By the way, look out for the birds. Go 
    through the bottom left part of the gate. Grab the heart if you need it. You'll 
    see a special bomb. Pause your game. You'll find the toughest sub-boss ever. I'm 
    not talking about Nitros. It's the two-headed Hydra vs. Bomberman the Brave! 
    Dodge his shots and aim for his front panel. Steer around in circles and when 
    you pass by his panel, shoot. Clockwise works well. When he shoots a shot at 
    your pattern, leave your pattern to dodge it. It takes about ten hits in the 
    front panel to defeat him. See why this is the toughest course yet?
    Course 4-2-5 Eye Snake
    Another tough course. What's tough about it is the fireball enemies. Go forward 
    and defeat the blue enemy. Go left and defeat the skull in front ofyou. Blue guy 
    to teh left. Look out for the eye snakes, They dive down and shoot back up to 
    surprise you. Go forward and right and defeat the spike heads and the blue guy 
    withfireballs shooting out of his head. Sometime s the eye snakes can knock you 
    off the edge. This is where you have a poor view. Go forward. Teh body armor 
    means the half way point. Beat the skull and the two guys with fireballs coming 
    out of their heads. Run left on the very narrow path. Beat the next guy and run 
    toward him. Follow the path. The fireball enemies canknock you off the edge. 
    Look out for them. It shouldn't be too tough to find the exit.
    Course 4-3-1 Vs. Nitros
    The most irritating attack that Nitros has is that he lays a set of bombs in 
    front of him. The lava tiles are in the middl eof each side. He usually lays 
    bombs right after you hit him. Use the same strategy as before. One other 
    thing... he shoots flame geysers whenever he steps on one of hte red circle 
    spaces. Dont be on themwhen he steps on one. That's a good chance to attack him. 
    ou shouldn't have too mcuh trouble. Seven or eight hits will knock him out cold
    Course 4-3-2 Air Room
    First run back adn then left. You'll shoot up in an airjet. Drop down . Look out 
    for the guy with the pointy stick. Go downandleft.Go up inthe air jet. Run to 
    the red gem air jet. Go up. Land on the blackpart adn jup on the moving 
    platform. Jump off and up higher in theair jet. Jump on the black part. Natia is 
    your boss. You'll face her after twomore courses. Just like Natia asks in the 
    cinema, we're going to find the data disks. (Natia?) Yup, Natia. So grab the 
    data disk. Jump back and go through the exit.
    Course 4-3-3 Zero G (Gravity) Room
    Go right. Fall down the corridor. You might think it will hurt you but it 
    doesn't. Run backwards. Look out for the paper airplanes. Wait for them and 
    dodge them or bomb them. it doesn't take long. I like dodging . Jump onto the 
    yellow platoform. Are you getting used to these? It's the last time you'll see 
    them. Jump up. Look out for the paper airplanes. Bomb the switch to make the 
    moving platform go up. Jump on it and then jump left. Bomb the swwitch to make 
    zero gravity conditions. You'll moveeee aaa loootttttt slowwwwwer. And you'll 
    jump much hhhighhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeer. Go left and follow the trail of 
    platforms. Jump up when you reach the lone platform. Jump right then jump bomb 
    the fireball guy. Your bombs will also move much slower. Grab the special bomb 
    if you need it. Then go left of the platform. Jump left. Bomb the swtich. Grab 
    the heart. Jump down and grab the second data disk. Then jump back down and 
    left. Go back to the data disk door one level below. 
    Course 4-3-4 Mirror Room
    Go right adn cimb up the slope. You'll notice that all of this course is 
    mirrored. Jump right adn follow the path. Go rihht at the fork. Dont worry about 
    the second fieball enemy on your mirroed side. Jump off and run around. Yoou 
    can't step on the purpole parts. go the very farthers right blue part. It's 
    really aslop you can go up. Jump right. Bomb the switch. Climb up adn then go 
    left and through the mirror. You'll then be on the mirror side. Keep following 
    the trail. Go left until you get the data disk. Look out for the bomber ghost. 
    Go left past hte shafts of light adn through the mirror. Jump down and go 
    through the data disk door. Next ist he boss!!!!!!!!!
    Course 4-3-5 Vs. Natia
    This boss is even tougher than Bolban. First you'll have to concentrate on 
    Cronus, Natia's pet spider. Bomb himin the eye. Look out for his homing 
    missiles. They can be annoying. Also look out for his eyebeam. When his eye 
    turns blue, that's when he'll do the eyebeam. After about ten hits, Cronus will 
    be defeated. Then concentrate on Natia. When she drops she'll either throw 
    knives at you or whiip you. Just jump them and bomb her. Natia is easier to beat 
    than Cronus.
    Planet 5 Garaden
    Now yoiure hitting the big time. Theseseven bosses are way toughter than the six 
    bosses were before. We'll start with Endol. Good luck. 
    Course 5-1-1 Vs. Endol
    First bomb him in the chest like before. Look out for his torpedos. Jump tphe 
    electricity beams. You need really good timing. Repeat. The beamsare teh tough 
    part. After 8 or 9 hits you'll beat him.
    Course 5-1-2 Vs. Baruda
    You're ona small platfor. Baruda is swooping down on you. All you have is 
    yourself and your bombs How do you survive? Read this strategy guide, that's 
    how. First wait for him to swoop down, then bomb him in the beak. After three 
    swoops hei'll shoot a laser beam. Do a jumpp bomb at himand repeat. Look out for 
    when he swoops down on you. You have to jump the laser beams. There's no other 
    way. Pretty soon it will be two swoops before he laser beams. Then one swoop. 
    This isn't as tough as what as the next boss.
    Course 5-1-3 Vs. Cronus
    Just like hte battle with Natia, only without her. Cronus only. Seems like it 
    should be easier, but its tougher. First wait for him to surface from the lava. 
    Then run over to him and bomb him in the eye. He'll shoot the missles again. 
    Repeat. Then he'll shoot his laser beam. It's tough t o dodge, so you need to 
    jump it. Repeat the last twohits. Sometimes he'll do hi s laser beam instead of 
    his missiles. If you're really good you cn hit him while htemissles are chasing 
    you. This is one tough boss. You're almost done with teh game, so don't panic. 
    The last four bosses are even tougher. After about 8 hits, he'll be finished.
    Course 5-1-4 Vs. Nitros
    First you'll se e a cool cinema. Then you'll be face to face for the last time 
    with Nitros. He'll bring his kick bombs, lay bombs, force field towers, spikes, 
    discs and flame geysers. This is the last battle so he brought all his 
    equipoment with him. Justlike on Kanatia, you have to destroy the force field 
    towers first. ou have a little extra time before he starts running after you. 
    There are more lava tiles this time than the last four times. Remember his 
    spike, disc and flame geyser attack, They are all here. Use the same strategy 
    you used on Mazone. Flame Gyesers are too tough, bu the bombs have bigger 
    explosions. He u sually fires after you hit him. Stay close to him to avoid 
    getting nailed. Eight or nine hits until you see a cool cinema nad you are on to 
    your fifth boss of this planet.
    Course 5-1-5 Vs. Bolban
    This boss is tough tough tough. You're in the bomber marine. You may want to 
    stop a while and look around. After three hitss, he'll shoot out fish. Look out 
    for them. When you reach the end of hte hallway start backing uip. This is risky 
    but it's easier to beat him. Go all the way back. The risky part about it is 
    that when you stop, you may get hit by his missiles. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. and 
    Repeat until you have 8 or 9 hits on him. The first time I did it, it took me 
    about 40 tries to beat it. Tough huh?
    Course 5-1-6 Vs. Natia: Semifinal
    Slhe's big, she's bad and she's brought her twin with her. Plus a couple of 
    minii-Cronuses. Thi s is the second to last boss, so it will be tought. Look out 
    for the mini-Cronuses trying to hit you. Try not to let them hit you. One Natia 
    whips at you, the other throws knives. About 10 hits on both are required. Each 
    time you hit them, the ship Natia's whip gets longer and the more knives tthe 
    other throws. Be careful and be ready for the final battle after this.
    Course 5-1-7 Vs. Bagular: Final
    Form 1: Runin' Around 
    This is the final battle with the toughest boss ever. He may not look too tough, 
    but in his third form he is definitely intimidating. First form he swoops in on 
    you from the side. You run around and bomb him when he stops. You might want to 
    lay bombs if you have a lot of bomb ups. After 7 hits, he'll be on his second 
    form. Definitely a tough first form. 
    Form 2: TV Screen
    TV screen is a funny name itsn't it. But that's what he looks like. When the 
    three TV screens come down, jump bomb one of them. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat about 
    five times. Just don't step in the tornados below them. Don't let his irritating 
    cackle distract you. After a while, one will fly off and you'll be on to the 
    final form and final challenge to win the game. 
    Form 3: The End Of The Game
    You've made it this far. Don't give up. You can do it. It's the last thing you 
    need to complete the game.
    Form 3, Part 1: Destroying the force field
    Run forward, throw bombs at each arm and run back. If you are close after the 
    attack, he'll do the crane arm. If you are far away, he'll do the machine gun 
    arm. Repeat. Five hits on each hand should be enough to finish off this part. 
    Form 3, Part 2 Finishing off the machine
    If you lose here, you'll have to start over from form 1, so don't worry if you 
    lose. This is the toughest and last thing you'll have to do in the game. 
    Actually, it isn't really that tough, so let's get started. First jump bomb the 
    face of Bagular. Jump the lasers. Repeat until you win. Wooohooooo! You just won 
    the game, except for form 3, part 3. Did you freak out? 
    Form 3, Part 3 Watching the credits.
    This is super tough. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Planet 6 Gossick
    No data yet.
    Walkthrough completed March 13, 2000. 

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