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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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    FAQ #4                                                                      
                       In not so flashy ASCII Art, I present to you........
                                          .       .                         
                                        .           .                              
                                   . . . . . . . . . . . .                               
                                .    . . . . . . . . . .    .                                  
                                     ..               ..                                
                                .  .  ...           ...  .  . 
                                        ...       ...                                    
                                .  .  ..             ..  .  .
                                     ....           ....                             
                                .  . ....           .... .  .                           
                                     ....           ....                                               
                                .  . ....           .... .  .                             
                                      ..             ..                                                 
                                .    . . . . . . . . . .    .                       
                                   . . . . . . . . . . . .      
                                   The Bomberman Hero FAQ!
    Hello again, this is my 4th FAQ, and you'll be happy to know that, yes, 
    my ASCII Art is trashy, yes?  I'll tell you where to find everything in 
    each stage!  Aren't you happy? However, I'll only list the secrets 
    found. And everything else can be mentioned the manual.
    Table of Contents
    1. Walkthrough
    2. Credits
    3. Disclaimer and Final notes
    Revision History
    Changed font to courier new.  That's it.
    Finished with Planet Bomber.
    Done with Primus.
    I'm finished with everything else!
    Forgot to add the last 3 sections of my disclaimer.
    1. Walkthrough
                               PLANET BOMBER
    (NOTE: I'm only mentioning hidden areas!  Most of the stuff can be found 
    in plain sight.  Also, when you see an enemy, you know what to do.  They 
    do add on to your score anyway.)
    Part one: Bomber Base
    Battle Room:  
    1. At the beginning, jump on the black block and go across the railing 
    for an extra life.
    2. Blow up the black block (see Secret #1) and behind it is a blue gem.
    3. Set a bomb under the reaction plate, and jump on top of it.  Jump to 
    the left for a gold gem, then jump to the right to get the two blue 
    4. Near the end, blow up the black block and bomb the chicks that come 
    Hyper Room: 
    1. For both side hallways, go behind the gates and walls for goodies.  
    That's about it right there.  Oh, the left hallway has a card key behind 
    the gate.
    Exit 1: Find keycard, open door, 'nuff said.
    Exit 2: Step onto the warp and head through the door.  (DUH!) 
    Secret Room: 
    1. Go behind the pillar on the top and the bottom floor for a blue gem.
    2. On the top floor on the right side is a coaster.  Ride for some gems.
    Heavy Room:
    Jump on the console and go across the left to get Adok bomb #1 and a 
    gold gem.
    Near the end, go up to the top, then go across the railing to the left 
    to get four gems.  Backtrack to the core while staying on the railing, 
    then jump down to get the rest of the items.
    Sky Room: 
    At the start, jump on the platform, to the left is Adok Bomb #2.  
    2. Under the jet (Which will fly away as you get close) is a blue gem.  
    Also at the start.
    3. Stop both conveyor belts, the first one here has two blue gems at the 
    bottom, the other two are on platform.  Stopping both conveyor belts (By 
    obviously hitting the switches) will make them easier to get.
    4. After getting the key card (Hidden in a box on the top of the tower), 
    go on the elevator to get a red gem.
    5. Near the exit, look to the left for a platform with a box.  Inside is 
    a red gem.
    Part two: Sea of trees
    Blue Cave: 
    1. To reach the gold gem, jump on top from the ledge leading to  a 
    Hole Lake:  (This uses the Bomber Marine!)
    1. Some pillars are bombable.  Shoot at the cracks and see what's 
    Defeating the mini boss is a piece of cake.  Just shoot him with your 
    torpedoes!  Getting above this much points is simply a matter of blowing 
    up enemies and boxes and finding items.
    Red Cave: 
    No secrets here, just find items and bomb everything until you get all 
    the points!  Nothing really hard.
    Exit 1: Set a bomb on the reaction plate, and blow up the 2 bombs 
    blocking the exit.
    Exit 2: Work your way to the end of the stage, silly!
    Big Cannon: 7500 pts. (This uses the Bomber Jet!)
    Again, find items and blow up baddies.  At the end, just shoot the mini 
    boss cannon to exit.  However, if you can blow up that UFO, you'll get 
    good points!
    Dark Wood: 
    1. Go up the white tornado (Avoid the red ones!  They're nasty!) and 
    jump to the ledge that has Adok bomb #3!
    2. Somewhere is a switch.  Activate it, then go back up the white 
    tornado, and jump to the ledge where the Adok Bomb was, then a moving 
    platform should appear.  Jump on top of it and jump on the stump to get 
    some good items!
    Dragon Road: 
    1. Halfway through the stage, you'll see a fence.  Blow up the curved 
    part for Adok Bomb #4.
    2. Just like every other mini boss, bomb the giant rock 5 times.
    Getting high score: Explore the bottom area of the stage first, then the 
    top area.
    Vs. Nitros: 
    This is your first timed "boss", and to defeat him, bomb him 8 times.  
    Right when he throws the scarf down, throw a bomb, and he'll get hit.  
    Hit him each time after he attacks (Either by getting close or stepping 
    on a square), but don't let him jump too much or you wont be able to get 
    7000 pts. or higher!
    Part 3: Peace Mountains
    Clown Valley:
    Go under the bridge for items first, then go along the ledges, which 
    very few people tend to check for.  Along the right ledge is Adok Bomb 
    #5!  Blow up those dumb clowns and you're done.
    Great Rock: 
    Halfway through the climb, look to the right for a trail of gems leading 
    downward, you'll find Adok Bomb #6 while you're there.  Oh, don't forget 
    the Rainbow crystal near the exit!
    Fog Route: 
    Here, you get most everything except a cleverly hidden gold gem.  Do do 
    this, bomb that rectangular shaped rock on the mountain twice, you'll 
    find it!  After tricky jumping, killing enemies and and finding items, 
    you'll find a mini boss!  Again, hit him five times when he's not 
    shooting.  Just be careful, this does have heavy fog.........
    Vs. Endol: 
    Boy, is this guy ugly or what?!  Why, he's also easy!  The first phase, 
    you must him in the chest 5 times while jumping over electricity 
    emitting from a platform he is standing on!  The second phase is even 
    easier!  Hit him in the chest (Again) 5 times and keep running!  After 
    he explodes into pieces that look like paper money ($$ CHING CHING $$  
    Money Talks!  *Chuckles*) Planet Bomber is complete!  
    (Side notes on boss:  I wonder if he's been brushing his teeth, and he 
    looks like Dr. Robotnik, minus the glasses.)
                                 PLANET PRIMUS
    Part 1: Woods of Esuram
    Groog Hills: 
    1. After you walk past the first pond, go the the bottom of the screen 
    and jump across to an island on the second pond nearby.  It's hard to 
    see it, though, unless you change camera angles.
    2. After stepping into the warp, you'll find a freeze flower, using the 
    rolling bomb technique will allow you to get all the stuff you can't get 
    before!  However, you must make sure you have found everything and 
    killed all enemies before you do this.  (Have 2600, pts. before 
    attacking the flower)  Also, some of the groogs (Those bull enemies) 
    have came back.
    Bubble Hole:   
    1. Check the holes where those blue bubbles come out of.  Here's their 
    Hole 1: Warps you to a rainbow crystal.
    Hole 2: Warps you to a heart!
    Hole 3: Warps you to Adok bomb #7!
    Erars Lake: 
    Again, blow up everything you see and collect items.  However, the road 
    splits into 2 paths after the Stingray boss. However, there are 5 warps!  
    In nasty ASCII Art, here's where to go.
                        X= Don't enter!
                        O= Enter!
                       O    X      X
                          X      O
    If you take the top left path, you'll have to look for a wall-through 
    item inside a hole.
    If you take the bottom-right path, you'll face another Stingray boss.
    1. Step into the tunnel and enter the hidden warp, you'll come out of 
    that pipe in the ceiling for two blue gems!
    2. Hit the switch near the gate and go to the right for a 1-up!  The 
    left holds blue gems.
    3. Go a little past that hole where those blue bubbles come out of and 
    you'll find a ledge with a gold gem!
    4. Before jump across the gap via the water slider, go a little to the 
    left for one more blue gem!
    5. Don't jump into the warp near the end of the stage-yet.  Instead, go 
    a little more to the left for some more blue gems.
    Water Slider:
    Getting  Adok Bomb #8 is a piece of cake.  Just go down the second water 
    slider and jump up to the top to get it.  Everything else should be easy 
    to spot.
    Part 2: Primus Castle
    Rock'n Road:   
    1. Check inside the holes for secrets and jump to the platforms for some 
    goodies.  Uh, that's it.  Oh, and you'll fight a mini-boss, which is, 
    believe it or not, the door!  Do I really have to explain this one?   
    He's such an easy target I don't realize why they put him in as a mini-
    Water Pool:  
    1. Go to the left at the bottom of the screen and look for a platform 
    with some goodies.
    2. Obviously, you must blow up the bridge to get the red gem below.
    3. After leaving an explosive suprise for two groogs, drop down and 
    collect every blue gem on the way down.  You must collect EVERY blue 
    gem, otherwise, you'll have to start the stage over.
    4. Jump on top of the pipes and look for items.
    5. Near the end, look for a platform with 2 boxes.  It has Adok Bomb 
    2 exits are near the end.  The top one leads to Millian Road, whereas 
    the other goes to Warp Room. 
    Millian Road: (This uses the Bomber Jet!)
    Do I really have to explain this one?  Just treat it like the first one 
    and you'll be fine.  It's just a little trickier, though, as you have to 
    dodge more often.  And you'll face the same boss in the previous Jet 
    Warp Room: 
    It's difficult for me to put this stage in words, so explore the entire 
    room for everything!  And be sure to pick up the wall through item 
    somewhere in here!  Oh, yeah, the 10th Adok Bomb can be grabbed by using 
    that wall through item.
    Dark Prison:
    Hit the switches and look inside the cells.  Again, everything 
    (Including those four crystals you need to find) can be found simply by 
    Vs. Nitros: Same thing, but a little trickier this time..........
    Part 3: Clock tower
    Killer Gate: (It uses the Bomber Copter!)
    Blow up ten submarines to open the door, and be sure to look around for 
    items.  Heck, you'll find Adok bomb #11 here!  (Hint: It's somewhere on 
    the left side.)
    Spiral Tower:
    1. Be sure to check behind the fence for goodies.
    2. Near the exit, you'll see a pair of platforms, one which holds a 
    switch.  Bomb it and continue on up.  
    3. More floating platforms are found near the top of the tower.
    4. Adok bomb #12 is near the top!  (Or at the top)
    Snake Route: 
    Surely, you can find everything here.  Just stick to the wall to avoid 
    the gears and look for those 4 annoying gold crystals again.
    Vs. Baruda
    Fly up to the top and bomb him from above 10 times while avoiding his 
    attacks (Which include dive bombing you, and firing his laser, also 
    fires plasma blasts from behind)!  Shouldn't take long.  And Primus is 
    (Side Notes: His laser looks like a camera!  And with the ability to 
    inflate himself it almost looks like he's been breathing something other 
    than oxygen (Helium perhaps?) for some time.)
                                  PLANET KANATIA
    Part 1: Lavana Volcano
    Hades Crater:  *Yawn* you know what to do, since you see almost 
    everything in here.  No secrets.
    Magma lake: Again, you know what to do.  Just get in the cooling capsule 
    before you die.
    Magma Dam: 
    1. Jump on top of the second dam for items.
    2. On the far bottom right corner on the screen, you'll find a platform 
    with a heart.
    3. By blowing up the second red door, the box will explode, revealing 
    Adok Bomb #13
    Wow, two more split exits!  Go to one of them (As soon as both red doors 
    to the dam are open), then the other passageway.
    Crysta Hole: 
    1. There are secret holes under the glass so you can get the items.
    2. Jump off to the right after the second platform to a platform with 
    some gems and Adok Bomb #14.
    3. On the platform near the exit, you'll find a Rainbow Crystal!
    Emerald Tube: (It uses the Bomber Slider!)
    Just plow your way through enemies with the spin attack, and get the big 
    Part 2: Death Pyramid
    Death Temple: 
    To get yourself out of that dingy cell, use a bomb kick to hit the 
    switch (But if you're such a genius, why did I even type this?).
    Once more, exploration is needed to find everything, the only secret 
    item is behind some black blocks near the start, and that holds a heart 
    More split paths?  WHY?  Well, go through one, then the other, (Okay, 
    one's at the top, the other is at the bottom) but you'll need that wall-
    through item for both exits!
    Death Road:
    This linear stage is simply a matter of getting from point A to point B, 
    and near the end, if you climb up the ramps, you'll get a gold crystal!  
    But by bombing everthing, etc., you would have already soared above the 
    recommended score!
    Death Garden:
    Time for another game of "Find the 4 key crystals of torture"!  Adok 
    Bomb #15 can be found here, but you'll have to go to the top and all the 
    way to beginning of the stage, though!  So, have fun!  Plus, by the time 
    you find all of the crystals and the Adok bomb, you'll have done 
    everything anyway..........
    Float Zone: 
    Grab the bubble icons and float to the top as the name implies for this 
    room.  The tunnel with all the spikes holds Adok Bomb #16, a 1-up, and a 
    few blue gems with an enemy.  Sadly, that's the only secret in here, as 
    everything else in in plain sight.........
    Aqua Tank:
    No secrets here either, you'll spot everything on the way up.  Criminy, 
    it almost looks like this planet has little or no secrets..........   
    Aqua Way: (This uses the bomber marine!)
    Listen carefully to what I say, as this will get you the score of 9,000 
    points, which is needed for a 5.  So here it goes in steps:
    1. Get swallowed by the fish on purpose and prepare to freak out as you 
    swim through it's digestive system. *Cringes* 
    2. Bomb that wiggly thing in front of the....ur.......throat and all of 
    those blob thingies (It's important that you bomb everyone of them!) and 
    collect the items inside.   After exiting his body (SICK!) you should 
    have a little over 4,000 pts. or more.  
    3. Impossible as it may seem, you can acutally kill the fish!  Back up 
    some so it can appear, then when it comes close, get out of the way!  It 
    won't reach you if you go to a corner, so it'll have to swim back and 
    try again.  Sure it'll take while, but for 2,000 pts. (WOW!), it's worth 
    4. Now bomb everything and collect the rest of the items to exit.  You 
    should now have 9,000 pts.!  Congratulations! 
    Vs. Nitros:
    You know what to do, only destroy those things that generate his shield.  
    After that, it should be, "Bye, bye, Nitros!"
    Part 3: Kanatia Shrine
    Hard Coaster: 
    Everything is easy to find, including those annoying key crystals!  
    Thankfully, it's the last time you'll do this.  *Audience applauds*  
    Sadly, it'll take you 10 or so minutes to find everything, including 
    Adok bomb #17.  Is it the items?  No, they are in plain sight (One key 
    crystal is hidden in a box, by the way.).  Is it the enemies?  Nope.  
    favor, and make faster platforms, ok?
    Dark Maze:
    To get everything in this short stage, pick up the salt bomb icons and 
    bomb all the slugs.  Then look for one more regular bomb icon, and blow 
    up everything else!  Thankfully, this is shorter.  Oh, and Adok bomb #18 
    is near the end.  
    Mad Coaster: 
    Unlike the previous coasters, these move a little quick for a change!  
    Blow up all the cannons en route to a switch, then pick up the salt bomb 
    icon and blow up all the slugs.  Ignore the bomb icon for now.  
    1. To reach the gold crystal on the left side of room, jump on the box 
    (Don't blow it up yet!) and go across the blocks to reach it!
    2. To reach the gems on the right side, look for a bump along the 
    walkway.  Go up to the top and jump on the blocks to get them!
    Okay, pick up bomb icon I told you to ignore, and collect all the items 
    and bomb the enemies in your path.
    Move Stone: 
    Push the stones into the holes (DUH!), but it helps if you get some of 
    the hard to reach items first.  (Obviously by pushing the stone near the 
    item, then jumping up to grab it)  It shouldn't take long.  Oh, for the 
    one with two holes, push the stone in the hole that doesn't have a bomb 
    Vs. Bolban
    Bomb him in the foerhead twice, then hit his tail twice when his 
    forcefield is up.  Hit him in the forehead three more times and it's 
    over!  His attacks are easy to avoid, so don't worry about them.  (He 
    fires his cannon, tries to turn you into a stone, and causes blocks to 
    fall down.)  Kanatia is now complete!
    (Notes on boss:  That has to be a poor imitation of a Sphinx.....)
                                 PLANET MAZONE
    Hopper Land: 
    I love this stage!  You use Louie, the uncontrollably cute green rabbit.  
    Obviously, you must bounce on enemies to defeat them.  All the items are 
    easy to grab, except for some hard to reach items and a few platforms 
    here and there, as well as the exit, and that's done by mastering his 
    wall kick technique (Mario 64, anyone?).  It shouldn't take long.  
    Some of the items are hidden behind grass, so it helps to explore 
    everywhere!  However, everything else can easily be seen here, including 
    Adok bomb #19, but you need the wall-through item, yet again...........  
    Freeze Lake:  (Uses the Bomber Marine!)
    YIKES!!!!  Ice rocks will try to fall on you.  Back away when they come 
    toward you.  Dont forget to blow up the jaggedy ice crystals, they are 
    worth some points.
    Cool Cave:  
    Before you collect the freeze bomb icon, go foward 'til you find a 
    platform triggered by a bomb.  Hit it, then go to the top for some 
    items!  When those enemies that can be freezed by bombs raise their 
    heads, hit 'em!  Jump on top of their frozen bodies for some secrets, 
    including Adok bomb #20!  Everything else, again, can be found by 
    exploring around.  Just take your time on this one.........
    Part 2: Slush Mountains
    After bombing the 4 snowmen, go on the platforms and walk across the 
    narrow ledges.  The ledges on the left hold gems, the right side holds 
    Adok bomb #21, and a golden heart!  That's about the only secret 
    Storm Valley:
    Another Favorite!  Louie is in this one!  Hop on the screws to turn on 
    the snowball bridge.  Everything should be easy to spot, and don't 
    forget that wall kick technique for tricky items!  Oh, hop on the signs 
    so they won't blow you away.  Sadly, that's the last Louie stage, so 
    let's bid him a tearful goodbye, ok?  *Audience cries*
    (By the way, Louie will automatically try to go against the wind's 
    current when a sign tries to blow you off.  But it's fun!  Try it at 
    least once here.)
    Snow Circuit: (Uses the bomber slider!)
    Again, grab the big items and kill any enemies that get in the way.  
    This is trickier, though, since the paths are a little more narrow......
    Heaven Sky: (Uses the Bomber Jet!)
    Only one secret in this stage.  Near the end, go down and you'll warp to 
    a secret area!  After that, you'll get over the high score in no time!  
    To defeat the boss, bomb him in the center while circling to avoid it's 
    attacks.  Before the boss you'll find Adok bomb #22.
    Eye Snake:
    Run for the hills, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!  2 Dragon heads are 
    chasing you on a rainbow road!  Thankfully, you can get them off your 
    back.  When they approach you, set a bomb and run!  They should hit it.  
    2-3 more bombs and they're dead!  Everything else, well, you take care 
    of it.
    Part 3: Mazome Dome 
    Vs. Nitros:
    Do I really have to explain this one?  Same thing, but harder.  No 
    forcefield this time.
    Air Room:  This is simply a matter of going up those air boosters and 
    collecting items, with very few enemies.  And there is a center air 
    booster, take it all the way up to Adok bomb #23!  Only one more left!  
    Oh, and grab the disk while you're at it.
    Zero-Gravity Room: (Zero-G for short)
    Everything, even the disk and the final Adok bomb, can be grabbed with 
    no problem.  Only bomb those paper airpalnes at a distance, they can be 
    quite a nuisance in here..........
    Mirror Room:  This room is a little complicated for me to tell, so here 
    are a few tips:
    1. If you grab the main items on one half of the room (There are two 
    halves:  The reality half (The half you are currently on when this stage 
    starts), and the mirror half (The opposite, but with Phantom Bombers!).  
    Hitting switches will allow you to pass between both "Worlds".), you can 
    do the same for the other half, obviously.
    2. The disk is in the mirror half of the room, hard to miss.
    3. At the top of the reality half (Also has the enterance and exit) 
    holds a Rainbow Crystal!
    Vs. Natia
    ARGH!  This boss is a pain the backside!  First, Hit Cronos (That Spider 
    robot) eight times, abd stay close so he can fire only his laser and not 
    his homing missiles.  After the worst is over, you still have Natia to 
    deal with.  She always jumps near you, so stay where you are an bomb her 
    5 times to beat her!  (Her attacks include using her whip and throwing 
    knives.) Planet Mazone is complete!  And the Princess is rescued!  Now 
    we have to deal with Bagluar..........
    (NOTE: Man, does she look ugly or what?)
                              PLANET GARADEN
    Part 1: Garaden Star
    Boss Room 1:
    Hit Endol in the chest 10 times like before, and when the room is 
    electrocuted, or if he fires those energy balls, jump!
    Boss Room 2:
    When Baruda dive bombs you, hit him or run away!  Again, hit him 10 
    times, but his laser is even harder to avoid.
    Boss Room 3:
    The key to killing Cronus is to (A) Bomb him before he starts an attack 
    and (B) bomb him after he's done his attack.  Don't have him fake out in 
    the lava to much or you won't kill him quick enough!  His attacks are 
    the same as before. 
    Boss Room 4: 
    Visorboy (Who we all know and hate as Nitros) has pulled out all the 
    stops, he's doing every attack that he has done in the past battles!  
    Take everything you learned and good luck!
    Boss Room 5: (Uses the Bomber Marine)
    I hate this one.  He fires torpedes at you (Just swim in circles) , and 
    every once in a while, fires Starfish!  But his weakpoint remains the 
    same-his forehead, only you do this to him 8 times.  
    Boss Room 6:
    Hard?  No.  Tricky?  Yes!  Avoid the spiders and hit both Natias 10 
    times (How did they do that, anyway?)!
    Vs. Bagular
    1st phase:
    Bomb him eight times.  When he starts to dash, bomb him and then either 
    jump or get out of the way, and when he throws his energy blasts, jump 
    away!  Don't have him warp too much or you'll lose some valuable time!
    2nd phase:
    There are three TV Bagulars.  2 are fake, and one's real.  To tell which 
    ones are fake, here are some hints:
    1. When he laughs at you.
    2. He doesn't harm you.
    The real one does this, but it's always random each time you hit him.  
    After six hits, be prepared to watch a horrifying cut-scene.........
    3rd phase
    OH, SHOOT!  HE'S GONE MAD! HE'S GONE MAD!  I bet you're scared now, 
    aren't you?  To defeat the unnesscessarliy huge robot he is in, bomb the 
    first arm (The laser arm or the grabbing arm, you pick), then the next 
    arm.  Alternate between arms to kill him quicker.   Each arm takes six 
    hits.  Once both arms are gone, bomb the TV screen six times while 
    avoiding the homing missiles and his laser to defeat him!
    (NOTE: Marshmallow was right!  Maybe he did take too much crack.......)
    Garaden is complete, but the game isn't!  So it's off to....
                              PLANET GOSSICK
    Outer Road: 
    Seachlights, UFO's, whew, this is one crazy stage!  Bomb as many enemies 
    as you can while collecting items, but the first time, I'd just turn on 
    the afterburners and fly away he first time you play this.
    Inner Road: 
    After the road spilts, take the bottom path first, then the top path.  
    You'll get all the items better that way.  Still, it's a little 
    Vs. Evil Bomber
    How easy!  When he dives you, hit him!  Other attacks include firing 
    projectiles in a spiral-like pattern, as well as throwing fire and 
    having two projectiles coming out of nowhere, but as long as you get 
    close and keep him in the air, you'll be fine.
    (Final note on boss: THAT'S EVIL BOMBER?!  AND THAT'S THE BEST HE CAN 
    FINALLY, THE GAME IS COMPLETE!  Now you can do something better-playing 
    Bomberman 64's multiplayer mode!
    As for me, I'll be riding Louie one final time and message his 
    2. Credits
    Nintendo/Husdonsoft: Well, they made it, did they not?
    Cedric Cooks/Oda: The nice guy who typed all this up.  
    CJayC: This genius that made www.gamefaqs.com.
    Hmmmm.........no more people?  Wow...........
    3.   Disclaimer  
    1. You can print it out with my permission.  Good thing, too, You 
    probably enjoy reading this........
    2. You can post this on your site with my permission, but posting it 
    directly will only guarantee you getting sued.....BIG TIME!!!!
    3. No stealing!  Besides, it's bad enough money gets stolen, but do you 
    have to steal someone's FAQ's too?  Look, just don't steal it, OK?
    4. Don't sell!  I'm not from Nintendo Power, Prima, or any other player 
    guide companies.  Besides, who'd buy this for $10?
    5. Once I update this, you update this as well.
    6. No Idiotic E-mail (Chain letters, etc) will be answered.
    7. Feel free to let me know of any extra info at cedoda@cs.com.
    Any questions should be sent to me at cedoda@cs.com.
    Well, looks like another short game!  Oh well........I've enjoyed it, 
    but I still think it needs another multiplayer mode.  But, still, it's a 
    fun game!
    Until the next time everyone...........
    BLOW STUFF UP!!!!!!!!!
    Copyright 2000 by Cedric Cooks/Oda 
    All rights reserved
                          -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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