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"Greatest puzzle game ever?"

The arcade smash Bubble Bobble 2 is now on the Nintendo 64 and is something that any puzzle game fans should own, it just has a different name for some reason.

The charm of this game is that it's very, very simple. The whole aim is not to let the coloured balls fill up your screen. At the bottom of your screen there is a small shooter which shoots balls upward. By linking together 3 balls of the same colour or more you can make the balls vanish. Most of the time you will be fighting against an opponent, and to beat them you have to keep linking together balls which add to the opponent's screen, filling it up.

The controls are also very simple. Bother the d-pad and the analogue stick can be used to move the shooter, but the d-pad is the better of the two to use as it lets you aim the shooter more precisely, meaning you can link up the balls easier.

Instead of just being a simple arcade to console conversion, Acclaim have added several extra modes to offer you more game for your money. The arcade mode is still the mode you will be playing the most, but new modes include a time attack and story mode. Story mode is where you play as Bub or Bob (the little dragons from the arcade mode) and fight off against various opponents.

However, Bust a move 2's real mode of play is the 2 player vs. mode. Playing against a real opponent is much more fun that ever fighting the CPU. I always thought a 4 player mode would have been even more fun but the most amount of players you can have in this game is two.

The graphics in this game hardly show what the Nintendo 64 is capable of. Instead of improving them with the power of the console, Acclaim have just used the graphics from the arcade version. This is lazy since the graphics are really simple. The sound is actually good though with light hearted but still good tracks. There are not many sound effects in the game, and some of them are very annoying like the shrieks of the characters you sometimes here.

But this does not matter as it is the game play that really shines. The best puzzle game you can buy and also one of the best 2 player games on the Nintendo 64.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/28/05

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