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    Boss FAQ by Megaman1981

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    Boss FAQ. for Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness by Megaman1981
    Version History
    Version 1.0, March 4, 2005,  Submitted first version.
    Version 1.1, March 10, 2005, Fixed some general errors.
    Version 1.2, April 8, 2005,  Added Lord Oldrey boss strategy. 
    Version 1.3, April 19, 2005, Added Were-Tiger and Werewolf boss fights 
                                 in The Forest of Silence. Added Were-Boar,
                                 Were-Leopard, Giant Werewolf, Werewolf, 
                                 and Werebeast boss fights in the Duel 
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Characters
    3.	Enemies in the game.
    4.	Bosses
    5.	Copyright
    1. Introduction
    This is my very first FAQ. I decided to give a description of every 
    enemy that is in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, and general tips on 
    how to defeat them. I also gave detailed tips on how to beat each boss 
    in the game. Some of these enemies are simply out for your blood, but 
    some are also physical traps. I believe that Castlevania: Legacy of 
    Darkness is one of the most underrated games ever created.
    However, I believe that this game is a fine addition to the N64 
    library. Unfortunately, there are many gamers out there that feel that 
    the Castlevania series only belongs in 2D. I feel that they are wrong, 
    and hopefully this guide will give you a better understanding of the 
    diverse amount of enemies in this game.
    2. Characters
    The main character in the game. He descends from the man-beasts that 
    chose to live among humans so long ago. After a year of ascetic 
    training, Cornell returns to his village only to find it engulfed in 
    flames. His only living blood relative, his sister Ada, was kidnapped 
    and taken to Dracula's castle. 
    Reinhardt Schneider
    He is a direct descendent from the Belmont clan of vampire hunters. He 
    also carries the legendary holy whip. He is a bit slower than Cornell 
    and Carrie, but he's a true fighting machine.
    Carrie Fernandez
    Carrie is a young girl with gifted powers. She senses Dracula's return 
    and sets off alone to Dracula's castle. She's the fastest character in 
    the game, but is also the weakest fighter since she uses a long range 
    attack method.
    Henry is a valiant soldier who is sent to Dracula's castle during the 
    same time as Reinhardt and Carrie. His job is to rescue six children 
    from Dracula's castle. He is almost as fast as Cornell and uses a gun 
    as his main weapon, which packs quite a punch.
    3. Enemies
    Lizard Men
    These creatures are located in several locations in the game. Early in 
    the game they carry simple shields and weapons, or they spit acid. They 
    be defeated quite easily. Later in the game you'll encounter orange and 
    dark green Lizard Men. The orange ones spit fire and the dark green 
    ones spit poison. Simply use your main weapon and keep attacking them. 
    If they are being hit by you, they won't attack you.
    The cool thing about the N64 Castlevania games is that for the first 
    time we have vampires in a Castlevania game. They come in several 
    forms; maid, butler, servant, and lady. All are dangerous, and caution 
    must be used. The main concern is that if a vampire gets too close, 
    they will drink your blood, and curse you with vampire status. The 
    basic strategy is to battle them quickly and get right up in their 
    Minor Vampires
    These are weaker forms of vampires. They pop out from under the ground, 
    but can withstand only one hit. While they are weak, they can still 
    infect you with vampire status.
    They are the most basic enemy in the game and in the series. They come 
    in numerous forms. First is your basic form that uses a bone as a 
    weapon. They come in normal size, and a giant one as a boss. When you 
    attack a skeleton, it is possible to only knock off a head or a leg. 
    Even though the skeleton is weakened, it will still pursue you. One 
    more hit should take care of him. Skeletons also ride motorcycles, and 
    blue ones will try and explode next to your character. The best 
    strategy is to simply run away from these two types.
    Demon Heads
    These are created from the skulls of giant beasts. They usually come 
    alone, or in a group of three. They will spit fire balls at you unless 
    you get too close, which then it will then simply blanket the entire 
    area with fire. The basic idea is to attack them from afar.
    They are much like minor vampires. They are very weak and only one hit 
    is needed to defeat each one. Still they are best known from their 
    erratic jumping. The idea is to attack them while you are jumping.
    Floating Enemies
    Ghosts, Medusa Heads, and Floating Skulls all fall into the same 
    category. They are very weak, but they usually show up when you are 
    climbing platforms, and will try and knock you off. Defeat each one 
    quickly from a distance.
    Bats are basically like Floating Enemies. One hit is all that is 
    needed to defeat each one, but they usually show up when you are 
    climbing platforms. Later in the game you will also encounter bats that 
    can breathe fire.
    These dogs guard the Villa and show up in the Castle Center. There are 
    two forms. The regular ones simply will try and bite you. The second 
    form will use fire as well as bite. It's also worth noting that they 
    usually attack in pairs, so the basic idea is to dispose of one dog at 
    a time. Speed is the key.
    Stained Glass Knights
    They appear in the Villa and the Castle Center. They will try and stab 
    you, but they go down after two or three hits. They also leave behind 
    red jewels, so it's easy to stock up.
    They only show up in the Villa. All they will try and do is bite you. 
    To get them off, simply use a short range attack. They will also attack 
    Carrie when she is battling Medusa. 
    These suits of armor guard several areas of Dracula's castle. They move 
    slow but pack a punch. They can also endure several hits, and become 
    invincible. Run up to one of them, attack a few times, and back up and 
    Spider Women
    They guard the Tunnel level. They are fast, use spears, and spit acid. 
    You must battle the first two that you come across, but you're best bet 
    is to avoid the rest of them during the level.
    Dirt Men/Ice Monster/Blood Monster
    These are three creatures that live under ground and spit poison at 
    you. Three hits usually will take them down. Dirt Men are encountered 
    in the Villa and should just be avoided. Ice Monsters are located in 
    the Tower of Sorcery and its icy surface. You must battle them, but 
    speed is the key since a single hit from them can knock you off the icy 
    platforms. The Blood Monster can be simply avoided all together by not 
    looking at the goddess statue in the Castle Center near the elevator. 
    If you do trigger them, you might have a hard time transporting the 
    nitro later in the level.
    Spiked Cubes 
    Only located in the Tower of Science. The only damage they cause is 
    when you touch them. One hit will blow them up.
    Laser Turret/Laser Crystal
    The Turret is located in the Tower of Science, and the Crystal is in 
    the Tower of Sorcery. They fire short bursts of energy at your 
    character. Both go down in a few hits.
    Stone Dogs
    These two dogs will chase you in the hedge maze, and their poison 
    saliva will paralyze your character. They are also invincible. They 
    cause minimal damage, and only a short range attack will get rid of 
    them. Their true purpose is for...
    He's not a boss, but he carries a chainsaw and is invincible like the 
    Stone Dogs. The dogs' job is to slowly paralyze you so Frankenstein can 
    carve you up. The best strategy is to run! Only attack him when he gets 
    to close.
    4. Bosses
    Sea Serpent			Difficulty 5/10
    Located in Foggy Lake, I would say that this creature isn't too 
    difficult, but it does present a problem. Its attacks include spitting 
    acid at you (which freezes you), grabbing you and throwing you to the 
    ground, and causing an explosion that blasts you into the air. The best 
    way to defeat him is to keep moving at all times.  Cornell, Carrie, and 
    Henry just should use their main weapon. However, Reinhardt should use 
    the axe since his whip usually misses its target. Again, always stay on 
    the move. Carrie probably has the easiest time because she can keep 
    moving releasing her powered up orbs.
    Giant Skeleton			Difficulty 2/10
    Located in the Forest of Silence, he's a piece of cake. You do fight 
    him twice, but both times are the same. His basic attacks include 
    trying to crush you with his bone, calling up smaller skeletons to help 
    him, a dangerous shock wave attack, and a bad breath attack. All of 
    these attacks are simple to avoid. Just keep attacking him. It is worth 
    noting that sometimes Reinhardt and Cornell have a hard time hitting 
    the target, so it's best to use a sub weapon. Carrie and Henry should 
    just use their main weapons.
    Were-Tiger			Difficulty 2/10
    Located in the Forest of Silence, he is simple to defeat. In fact, I 
    gave him a 2/10 only because Carrie and Reinhardt have a little tougher 
    time thanks to the confined space. Either way, two or three well timed 
    hits is all it takes.
    Werewolf			Difficulty 5/10
    Not much different from the battle against the Were-Tiger, but he is a 
    bit tougher. The biggest problem is that he is much faster. The best 
    way to win is to simply use a long range weapon, and keep your 
    character moving at all times.
    Two Headed Snake		Difficulty 7/10
    Located in the Castle Wall, this is a pretty tough fight. There are two 
    forms to each snake. The first one is pretty easy. All the snake does 
    is spit fireballs at you. These can be avoided by jumping onto the 
    platform above the door and attacking from there. The second form is a 
    bit tougher. Once the snake loses its skin, it will shoot out a long 
    stream of fire. This can be very difficult to avoid. The best strategy 
    is to simply attack quickly once the snake loses its skin and always 
    stay on the move. Any weapon works, but only attack one snake at a 
    time. Believe me; you don't want two skinless snakes attacking you at 
    the same time.
    Vampires in the Villa		Difficulty 1/10
    Every character will have to fight vampire bosses in the Villa at 
    different times. They attack just like regular vampires. All they do is 
    try and suck your blood, and swipe at you.
    Lord Oldrey  			Difficulty 3/10
    This is the owner of the Villa. He acts like the vampire that you 
    defeated downstairs. The only challenge is the confined space in the 
    room and the furniture. The best tactic is to jump on top of his bed 
    and blast him from there. Only Cornell fights him.
    Gillis de Rais/Vampire Duo	Difficulty 2/10
    These are the bosses of the Villa stage. Gillis acts much like all the 
    other vampires except he shoots several balls of fire at you at once. 
    Only Cornell faces him. Carrie and Reinhardt face the Vampire Duo. The 
    first vampire is the same one from earlier in the level. The second is 
    simply a vampire girl that disappears and reappears in different spots. 
    Her only attack is using bats. All of these vampires are easy, and 
    should be treated like any other vampire. Henry doesn't face a boss in 
    this level.
    Harpy				Difficulty 6/10
    The boss of the Outer Wall. Only Cornell fights him/her. It's only 
    attack is to shoot at you, and swoop in and attack you. Also be careful 
    not to fall off the ledge. The best strategy is to use the lock on 
    button. In fact, you stand very little chance of actually hitting the 
    Harpy without it. When it swoops in, dodge it and then lock on and fire 
    your weapon. This is a pretty easy boss, as you just simply need to 
    lock on and use Cornell's main weapon.
    Medusa				Difficulty 4/10
    Medusa is the boss of the Underground Waterway. A pretty easy boss, but 
    you still must use caution. Her basic attacks are to whip you with her 
    tail, release small snakes at you, shoot arrows at you, or use a laser 
    from her eyes which will freeze you. Also when you get her health to 
    about half, she will disappear and reappear in an effort to get at 
    Carrie. Luckily, just run around dodging her attacks, and use your 
    powered up orb weapon.
    Queen Algenie			Difficulty 8/10
    The boss of the Tunnel. Only Reinhardt faces him, and you should be 
    glad of that. One word of caution..DO NOT ENTER THIS FIGHT WITHOUT THE 
    CROSS!!! Without it you stand no chance of beating the Queen. The 
    Queen's first attack is to use her web to grab Reinhardt and kill him 
    instantly. With the cross, this deadly attack can be avoided buy simply 
    standing near the door, and keep attacking Queenie. The Queen's second 
    part is much easier. She'll still try and grab you with her web, but it 
    only causes minimal damage. Her only other attack is to spray you with 
    poison. The basic strategy is to attack her quickly and defeat her. 
    Just remember to heal yourself if your health gets too low; you don't 
    want to face her first form again.
    Giant Bull			Difficulty 10/10
    Located in the Castle Center, you will be hard pressed to find a 
    tougher enemy in the game. That's right the bull is tougher than 
    Dracula himself. The problem is that it can take a LOT of damage, and 
    dish out a ton. A common practice is to come into this fight with lots 
    of roasted chickens and roast beef. Always remember to heal yourself if 
    you take more than say 50% damage. Anyways, only Carrie and Reinhardt 
    face it. It has two attacks, a head butt, and a laser attack. The head 
    butt is very difficult to avoid. The best trick is when the bull starts 
    running towards you, run towards its stomach. You'll avoid the head 
    butt most of the time, and get some nice hits in the meantime. The 
    laser attack comes in two forms, a blue and a yellow one. The yellow 
    one sets off a huge explosion, while the blue one is an electrical 
    attack. Both do tons of damage either way. The best way to beat this 
    bull is to actually attack its legs. Clearly if it can't move, it can't 
    really attack you. One word of caution, as you attack sections of the 
    beast, its skin will come off. If you attack that same area, poison 
    will hit you. If the bull loses its skin, then attack from a distance 
    with a sub weapon. Above all, you will lose most of your jewels and 
    healing items, but don't worry. Most of the bosses coming up are weak, 
    and some stages have no bosses at all.
    Carrie's Cousin			Difficulty 4/10
    After that huge battle with the bull, this battle is a piece of cake. 
    Only Carrie fights her cousin. Her attacks are to shoot spells at you 
    and cast a mist in order to trap you in a crystal. The best strategy is 
    to stay a safe distance away, and use Carrie's orbs to attack while 
    dodging her cousin's attacks.
    Rosa				Difficulty 4/10
    This battle is just like Carrie's Cousin and happens right after you 
    fight the bull, except with Reinhardt. Rosa will either shoot spells at 
    you from a distance or up close. Neither causes much damage. She'll 
    also attack with her sword. The best strategy? Get right up in her 
    face, and show her what kind of a man Reinhardt is. The battle will be 
    over quickly.
    Laser Crystal			Difficulty 6/10
    Located in the Tower of Science. The laser is protected by six turrets. 
    Some shoot a laser at you, others shoot fire at you. The best strategy 
    is to defeat the two turrets closest to the walkway. Once that is done, 
    unload into the crystal. The turrets may reassemble, but simply repeat 
    the process like the first time.
    Were-Leopard			Difficulty 5/10
    Werewolf			Difficulty 5/10
    Were-Boar			Difficulty 7/10
    Giant Werewolf (Cornell only)	Difficulty 9/10
    Werebeast (Reinhardt only)	Difficulty 3/10
    All of these creatures are located in the Duel Tower. Luckily Reinhardt 
    and Cornell are your two best fighters'. All of these creatures use the 
    same attacks. They will try and swipe at you, stomp you, or ram you. 
    The only difference is that some of them are fast, and some are very 
    slow. The best way to win is to get right up in their faces and attack 
    very quickly, but from a safe distance. In other words, get as close as 
    you can, but keep moving, if you know what I mean. If you do want to 
    attack from a distance you can, but a sub weapon is the only way. 
    However these attacks can miss a lot, so use your main weapon instead. 
    Cornell's fight against the Giant Werewolf is tough because the arena 
    is very small, and the Giant Werewolf is very BIG! However, Reinhardt's 
    fight against the Werebeast is very similar to the fight against the 
    Were-Tiger from the Forest of Silence. The Werewolf was encountered in 
    the Forest of Silence as well, and he fights the same way. With that 
    said, the Were-Leopard and the Were-Boar fight just like the Werewolf.
    Death				Difficulty 7/10
    I must say that Death is really cool looking in this game. He's also a 
    cinch to beat, but there are some dangerous attacks that he uses. First 
    he uses his common scythes which almost always cover the roof top. The 
    best way as Reinhardt to succeed is to keep jumping around and 
    attacking him constantly. Death will also try to ram you, but this 
    attack of his leaves him wide open for your assault. Just be careful 
    not to jump off the roof. Death has one more attack. Once he has about 
    1/3 health left, he'll summon demon fish to help him. These are 
    annoying, and one will probably hit you, but it causes minimal damage. 
    Just keep attacking Death like before. Don't use any jewels because you 
    will need them against Dracula coming up. After the fight he says that 
    he'll save you a spot in hell. Don't you believe him! 
    Actrise				Difficulty 1/10
    What a joke! Her only attack is to try and trap Carrie in a crystal and 
    whack her with another crystal. Use this strategy, and she won't be 
    able to hit you once. Simply run around her, don't stop, and just keep 
    shooting orbs at her. Simple. Don't use any jewels because you will 
    need them against Dracula coming up.
    Ortega				Difficulty 10/10
    Remember how Cornell never faced the Giant Bull. Well now Cornell gets 
    his own special fight. Ortega becomes a three headed creature. Each 
    head does a different attack. Either a fire attack, poison attack, or 
    an attack that will make Cornell dizzy; these attacks are all deadly. 
    What makes it worse is that Ortega will pounce on you quite often as 
    well. Also like the bull fight, always heal when you're health dips 
    below half. When Cornell is on the ground, attack him with everything 
    that you've got. However, when he takes to the air, you must use the 
    lock on technique in order to hit him. You will lose a lot of health 
    items in this battle, but don't use any jewels because you will need 
    them against Dracula coming up.
    Renon				Difficulty 7/10
    You only face Renon if you spent more than 30,000 gold. He attacks much 
    like Death, with bolts and the demon fish. Use the same strategy as 
    Death. Don't use any jewels because you will need them against Dracula 
    coming up.
    Charlie Vincent			Difficulty 2/10
    Only Carrie and Reinhardt can battle him. His only attack is to hurtle 
    poison at you. Also once his health dips to 25%, he'll throw the vials 
    constantly. Simply attack him with your basic main weapon, and don't 
    use any jewels because you will need them against Dracula coming up. If 
    you get poisoned during the battle, wait until the end to heal 
    Dracula				Difficulty 9/10
    Finally, Dracula. The basic strategy is simple. Carrie should use her 
    orbs to attack him from a distance, while Cornell and Reinhardt need to 
    get close to inflict damage. He is only vulnerable in the head; no 
    surprise! Unfortunately his attacks are plentiful. His most annoying 
    one is a disappearing and reappearing act, which makes him hard to hit. 
    His other attacks include: Firebats, a massive flame, rings of energy, 
    and electricity. Do your best to avoid all of these attacks because 
    there is one more attack to be on the look out for; Dracula's Vac and 
    Suck. Basically he will try and suck you into his arms, suck you're 
    blood, infect you, and heal himself. AVOID at all costs!
    Dracula Ultimate		Difficulty 10/10
    Only Cornell faces this form. Much like the Giant Bull and Ortega 
    battles, heal yourself after you fall to 50% damage. Dracula has three 
    attacks. The first is a fire attack, then an ice attack, then a worm 
    attack. After each attack Dracula will move closer to you and will try 
    to shoot you into the air, and blast you three times. The biggest 
    problem of all is the fact that you must hit Dracula's head in the 
    middle of his body. The head however, stays covered up most of the 
    time, and when it does open up, it's usually when you are enduring 
    Dracula's most deadly attacks. The best way to beat him is to memorize 
    his deadly attack pattern. One advantage for you to use is the wolf 
    spirit attack when you get his attack pattern down. This increases your 
    chances dramatically. When you win, you will complete Cornell's game.
    Dracula Reborn			Difficulty 9/10
    Only Carrie and Reinhardt face this Dracula form. The biggest problem 
    with this form of Dracula is that he can appear in five different 
    spots. He uses simple attacks; mist, bats, and a shock wave, but the 
    real trick is simply being able to inflict damage to him. The basic 
    idea is to try and keep moving around in a small circle in such a way 
    that you can see four of the five locations. If you don't see him, then 
    run, he'll be right behind you. Once you see him, attack with a main 
    weapon if he is close, or a sub weapon if he is far away.
    Dracula Serpent			Difficulty 7/10
    Somewhat of a weak final boss. Dracula will either swipe at you, call 
    fire creatures from the ground, or cause a massive explosion if you get 
    too close. Much like the Giant Bull and Ortega battles, heal yourself 
    after you fall to 50% damage. The best strategy is to attack from the 
    distance, with Carrie's orbs, or Reinhardt can try to get behind 
    Dracula's tail, and whip his backside. Reinhardt is liable to endure 
    the massive explosion, but this method of attack will work on Dracula 
    quickly. Overall, a pretty easy fight.
    5. Copyright
    Copyright 2005 Megaman1981
    This guide may not be recopied in any way. It may not be placed on a 
    web site. Use of this guide for any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of the copyright.

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