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"Werewolves, vampires, and OOH..a return visit from Franky with a chainsaw!!"

I got this game on blind faith, seeing how much I like the original Castlevania64, but everyone said it was just the same. Its almost no where near the same..except for a few levels...They changed some of the levels, but they have the same name.

Graphics: 10/10

Better graphics than the first one..though barely. There's not much blur if any, and the fog is still there, but for effect. Vampires are speckled with blood, and Reinhardt's chain whip looks like a chain, and his holy whip is bright with light. Drac's got a new look in the Cornell's game, but the characters and enemies look the same for the most part. New costumes for Reinhardt and Carrie, though. And there's even the revolver-toting Henry. Who's gun splits in half when empty, so he can reload faster. Pretty good detail. Even some historical stuff. Like the impaled people in and around Drac's castle. Day and night change again, and depending on the place, it give a very freaky mood. Try to start the hedge maze cut-scene when Frankenstein chases Henry and Henry finds Cornell for the first time. It just looks plain spooky with a red moon over the hedge maze. It even rains periodically. Not to mention the help of the Expansion Pak

Sound: 10/10

Great music, it fits the mood perfectly. When you're underground, you have considerably darker music score than you do above ground. The worse the situation (during a cutscene) the darker the music is. There is no ''happy'' music in this game though. You start out with dark music, and end with dark music. Zombies moan, skeletons cackle, and goblins shriek. Cornell's voice even changes when he turns werewolf. All 4 characters have different voices.

Gameplay: 10/10

The only bad part about this is Cornell's inability to turn back into human at will. Once he's werewolf, he's stuck until the jewels die out, or a cutscene starts. You cannot use secondary weapons (i.e. Cross, Holy Water, Axe, Throwing Knife) during this time either. But it does make him a lot stronger. Reinhardt's whip upgrades change the whip itself. Henry's gun has infinite ammo, but he has to reload after 6 shots. Cornell must find and defeat Dracula to save his sister, Henry goes to find 7 children before Reinhardt and Carrie destroy Dracula (again) and the castle crumbles.

None of the missions are easy, but the hedge maze is exceptionally difficult. Especially with the chainsaw-wielding Frankenstein...he can't all...

Story: 10/10

Years before Reinhardt's success in defeating Dracula, a man-wolf named Cornell returns from a year of training to see his village overtaken, and burned by skeletons. Cornell runs to his house to see his sister missing, and picks up an amulet. He then unknowingly sets off to Dracula's castle, where Dracula lies in wait...

years later..
Reinhardt and Carrie are on similar missions, Reinhardt has to stop Dracula, as it is his destiny, and Carrie wants to kill him for what has happened to her family. Both of them set off, in separate directions, to but an end to Dracula's Reign once again...

Henry finds out that 7 children are hiding in Dracula's castle, after being kidnapped. It is his duty, as a holy crusader, to find all 7 children before the 6th day is up, as that is when Dracula's castle falls...

Control: 10/10

The control is also slightly upgraded. You can run in a straight line easier, and umm..that's about the only flaw with the control that was needed to take care of...

Anyways, if you don't have this game, but have a Nintendo64, get it. If you have the original Castlevania64, sell it, then get LOD. Its worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/00, Updated 11/22/00

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