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"Castlevania Legacy of Darkness follows the footsteps of its predecessors. A great game with werewolves and vampires!!!"

The sequel to Castlevania- Castlevania Legacy of Darkness is nothing that special from Castlevania 64 the first 3D castlevania game for those who have played through and beaten castlevania 64, I myself bought the legacy of darkness first before the first one which was why I gave it the score I gave it. Though its not exactly the same, the levels pretty much repeated themselves for example the forest of silence, villa, castle wall. But it also has some new features like better graphics, two new characters, Cornell and Henry, some new stages and Cornell's awesome morph power. Let's start reviewing

Story- 8.8/ 10
Its the whole "save the world" storyline in castlevania legacy of darkness. Primarily the main character here is Cornell a.k.a Blue Cresent Moon, hailing from a village cursed by Dracula to become werewolves and serve him, Cornell somehow manages to resist and goes for serious hard training to master his werewolf powers, enabling him to freely morph into the werewolf at any time, but the werewolf is much more stronger than Cornell and faster, he's really dangerous because he can't really morph back into human form at free will or else your blue jewels finish. This game takes place 8 years before Castlevania 64 though. Cornell's sister Ada (not biological blood sister though) has been chosen as a sacrifice to revive Count Dracula from the dead. That's by the way though, after hard times training, Cornell comes back only to find his village scorching with skeletons attacking it. Raged and angered deep inside, Cornell charges at the skeletons and destroys them, and finds Ada's amulet on the floor, he could now use his wolf powers to track the smell of Ada's blood. This is where the game starts off, you keep going until you finally reach Count Dracula, after beating him as Count Dracula is about to die, he opens a rift and tries to suck Cornell in, the wolf in him jumps up and kills Dracula and rescues Ada and the rift closes and Cornell becomes fully human again.

Gameplay- 9.3/ 10
The controls and gameplay are crisp and simple to master, the A button for jumping, B button for strong attack, C up button for camera view, C left for close range weaker attack, C right is the action button, C down is for using items like the axe, holy water, cross, knife etc, the R button is a temporal target button, the L button works only for Cornell which lets him morph fully into a werewolf at any time of the day, this consumes red jewels though, the Z button for crouching or sliding. The controls are a breeze, and the gameplay is very very smooth

Sounds - 8.9/ 10
This game features really nice sounds and also really sweet crisp music, the sound effects match perfectly.

Graphics- 8.2/ 10
I can't say that the Konami Computer Entertainment Kobe division did very good in the graphic sector of this game, there is very little improvement in graphics from that of castlevania 64. The N64 wasn't really pushed to the limit in this game.

Closing Comments
I love this game, it has really nice sounds, perfect gameplay, ok graphics and is still one of my most cherished N64 game ever, and even my best castlevania game. Good job Konami.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/29/11

Game Release: Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (US, 11/30/99)

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