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"Review for one of the **most underrated** Castlevania game: Legacy of Darkness for N64"

You probably have heard about Castlevania for Gameboy Advance and others consoles right? This **underrated** Castlevania title is one of the best I’ve ever played. Bad timing (where everyone wishes N64’s death), bad marketing (not much advertising… probably risky for them to too), and bad reputation (with N64 in general) is probably what makes this a no-one-knows-but-very-good game. N64 is actually a solid console with implicitly deep gameplay… But anyway, here is the review:

Graphics 9/10: Awesome work!! this is exactly what I've been looking for in N64!!! i have to say its predecessor is a bit weak in graphics department and is somewhat too foggy. this version has fog (the first mission is foggy lake) but in a good way. it really makes you feel that you're inside the world doing all the fights. though you should never use the high-res mode because it is so slow to a point that making it unplayable. the ''low-res'' (not that low really, should be considered high-res and ultra-res) is actually very beautiful, the high-res is just a slow-down version of low-res. In one word - smooth. I notice slowdown even in very early levels of C64 but in this version things have definitely been improved.

Gameplay 8/10: Rocks. There are two types of attacks, long range (stronger and used mostly) and short range (faster recovery time but less powerful). You started off playing Cornell (a handsome human/werewolf) and you are to save your sister. Characters in C64 can be opened for playing upon finishing Cornell’s mission.

Sound 9.5/10: N64 is constantly getting blamed for the limited storage (as compared to consoles using CDs) and therefore have crappy sound. While it is true that a cartridge can’t possibly carry what a CD can, i don't quite agree with that statement. this game explains why it is not (crappy). just like its predecessor, EXCELLENT work. The thunder just blew me away.

Control 5/10: in C64 there are normal view, action view and battle view; here they got rid of the normal view, which is GOOD. (normal view is itself pretty useless and made little distinction from action view) but still with this improvement it takes some getting used to. the fact that you have to switch between battle/action view for picking up stuff and simultaneously fighting is still an annoying factor.

Overall 9/10 (not an average): If you do not own Castlevania 64 and is a Castlevania fan, you too would love this game as I do very much. If you already have C64, keep an opened-mind there. Yes, if you have this you probably don’t need your C64 anymore, but it may not be true the other way around. I know many reviews out there are saying that it’s a copy of C64 and giving it bad scores, but the much improved (I’d say a small remake) graphics and smoothness, the extra characters and stages, the upgrading of weapons, werewolf mode are all nice add-ons that is to me definitely worth a buy. Though I know this game has been discontinued for sale in most stores, I wonder where you can get a cheap copy of it. A definitely must for Castlevania fan, recommended rental for others.

Buy or Rent: Buy if you haven’t had Castlevania 64, rent first and consider buy (and sell your C64) if you do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/11/01, Updated 10/11/01

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