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Reviewed: 12/22/02 | Updated: 12/22/02

Castlevania players...this is your game!

It surprises me how this game is underrated! I was really surprised the first time I played it. Sadly, this game is not totally new if you already played the original Castlevania game on N64. They took the original C64 game they added more bosses, characters better graphics and new places to explore in the dark castle of count Dracula. But does it really matter...? No, since it's almost a brand-new game, they put so much new features that if you didn't like the old one, you're almost sure to put it in your top ten games after trying it. Even if this game is so underrated, even if so many people think this game is not really good, I'm going to tell you how this game can be great to play!

Gameplay- You'll get the hand of the control really fast and you will finally begin your training as a vampire hunter! You can easily master your character after a while, so don't worry about the controls. The camera is also easy to master: you press the button it's assigned to and it will come right behind you. As for the game difficulty, it's not a really hard game, but it's no piece of cake! Like in most adventure games, there are enigmas, action and fighting. Some enigmas are quite hard to figure out, but the game is more based on action and fighting. You can get really frustrated, when it's the Xth time you fail killing X boss, or the Xth time you're trying to jump at the very same place, but if you are very patient you can always make it and have fun with the game. If you are a person who get scared really easily, you might find it a little scary...I did!
Score: 10/10

Story - Count Dracula has again arisen: Cornell, a strong man-beast, ventures into Castlevania to find his kidnapped sister and to destroy Dracula. Pretty good story, and if it seems simple, don't worry; you will soon get into it. But it doesn't end here! Seven years after Cornell's quest, three warriors are also following his path, as the darkness arises again. Henry, a boy whom Cornell had saved, Reinhardt, a descendant of the Belmont bloodline, and Carrie, a girl with magical powers, also venture into Castlevania and each have their own story. In addition to Count Dracula, Cornell, Reinhardt and Carrie all have a second enemy who will taunt you during the game, so this is no boring story!
Score: 10/10

Graphics - The graphics aren't the best I've ever seen, but they're still quite good looking, and they are by far better than average graphics. Some animations are quite bad, like people standing up or rolling out of the way, but the overall looks very good. Castlevania really looks like an old castle, and your characters are really well-designed. The places never look the same, which is a good point. The lightning effects are particularly good, and so does the fog. During night time, you can see the red moon up there in the sky, which looks almost real. The enemies look so real, you really think you have a three-headed dog in front of you:)
Score: 9/10

Music/Sound - Though the music might get annoying (sometimes), it's still really great and it fits with the atmosphere of the place you are in. It really makes you ''get into the game''. There is all kind of music, and depending in which kind of place you are, you can get calm music or rock-like music. You will have all your time to enjoy it, as there is usually one different music for each different stage in the game. This makes the game even scarier. As for the sounds, they are almost perfect. The lightning sounds really good, and you can hear your character walking, attacking, getting hurt or dying and the enemies moaning, fighting, growling or yelling in pain after they take a hit or die (especially the vampires’ death, it sounds so cool!).
Score: 9.5/10

Play Time/Replayability - The good point about this is that you have four characters to complete the game with: each has to take a different path to complete their tasks, so the game will last quite a long time for even a good player. However, once you've done a stage with one of the character, you will most likely have to go through it again with another sooner or later: there are only two stages that are unique to one player: the others are going to have to be completed two, three or even four times, which makes the replay value not really good. Unless you're a huge Castlevania fan, you will surely get bored to do the same thing over and over again, so you might not want to play it again. It depends on how you like the game, but it took me a long time before I even got a little bored.
Score: 8.5/10

Overall score: 9/10

Final Recommendation - Look for it, find it, buy it!! This game is hard to find, so you will have a hard time finding it. You're really going to love it, don't think his game is bad, 'cause it's good and you're going to enjoy it. So if you manage to get your hands on it: you just got one of the greatest game ever!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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