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"THE best action-adventure on the N64!!!"

Two years ago I bought Castlevania 64 and it was quite a good game, but it somehow seemed to be incomplete. Last year I finally decided to buy Legacy of Darkness and I wasn't disappointed at all. For some weeks I just couldn't stop playing the game. I even tried to complete it on hard, but I've still not beaten the final boss.

Graphics 7.8/10

The graphics are quite good, but nothing compared to a PD. The game supports the N64 - 4Mb - ram - expansion - pak. You can either choose a Low-resolution- or a high-resolution-mode, but I would suggest, you use Low-RES because of the otherwise very poor FPS ( frames per second).
Overall Konami quite improved the graphics of their first 3D- Castlevania, but some places look different (in my opinion worse). E.g. the main hall in the villa is darker now.

Sound 8.9/10

The sound is very good. Some noises are really scary and you can hear your character's footsteps. To choose stereo in the options menu would be a good idea, because it slightly increases the quality of the sound. I also tried to use headphones, and it worked really good for me.
Actually you can't hear a difference between the sound effects of LoD and for example the sfx of a Dreamcast-game.

Music 9.7/10

Great! I sometimes just play LoD to listen to the great soundtrack. Some tracks were taken from earlier Castlevanias on the SNES, some were composed especially for this game. Just the music is a reason to buy LoD.

Story 9.5/10

For this one I will concentrate on the main scenario of Cornell. They took some levels of Castlevania 64, mixed them with a few new ones and served them in a new storyline, which slightly differs from the two scenarios of its predecessor. I think, the story writers did a good job! They also invented some new characters and linked them to Cornell. Your main objective in LoD is to rescue your sister Ada and once again fight the Count.

Replay value 8.6/10

Actually there is no multiplayer, but what did you expect from an action-adventure. There is one main scenario and three others to unlock, so you it will take you quite a while to discover all secrets. There are even alternate costumes to unlock and two hidden bosses in this game.

Gameplay 9.0/10

The controls are very good. I heard some people saying, that they found them too sensitive, but I don't think so. They 've really improved since the first 3D-Castlevania and it is easier to handle long jumps now.

Overall score 9/10

A great game and a must-have for N64-gamers!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/21/03, Updated 01/21/03

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