Review by DarkSaiyan20

Reviewed: 07/23/04

Not the greatest game of the series but an acceptable addition

Castlevania returns to the Nintendo 64 and it is a welcome upgrade compared to Castlevania 64. As a reminder Legacy of Darkness is C64 with alot of added features and 2 new characters. If you ever happen to see these two side by side at the store by all means get this one. Anyway on to the review

Graphics/Sound - 7/10
I would have to say the graphics are about average. They are nothing spectacular but yet there is plenty of detail in the stages. You'll notice pictures on the walls, books on shelves and the sort. This game is fully compatable with the N64 expansion pack. Just remember when starting the game choose the low rez setting, believe me LoD runs alot better. High rez just makes this game run alot slower. When i first got it thats the rez option i chose and i found myself accidentaly jumping into pits and off platforms (in the first level even). I switched settings and breezed right on through. As for the sound I personally enjoyed the soundtrack and the FX seemed to fit well. You'll recognize some classic Castlevania tunes as well as new stuff.

Gameplay - 7/10
This is where the game in most opinions either fails or suceeds. The first few stages arent too bad. Although boss battles were kinda easy. There are 2 new characters to use as well as the 2 from the previous game. They all control rather well. The N64 controller rocks yet again. The only problem I had here in the gameplay dept was all the platform jumping in the later stages. Had the camera system improved I may not have minded it so much but still it just gets ridiculous. You'll be annoyed by the time You reach the clock tower stage and if u didn't bash your controller before you will there.

Story - 7/10
Not too much here to get excited about. Dracula is again resurrected, this time in the 1850s. And once again there is no mention of defeat by a previous hero. You start off only playing as Cornell, a man-wolf. Your sister has been kidnapped and you make for Castlevania to rescue her before she is sacrificed.
After beating this game with Cornell youll unlock Henry. By going through his missions and rescuing children youll unlock Reinhardt and Carrie and then it's Castlevania 64 all over again.

Replay Value - 8/10
Well beating the game once unlocks one character and using him will unlock two more. All in all you can finish the game in 4 different ways so Id say replay value is good. Unfortunately with all the platform jumping later in the game you might wanna take a break and play something else before attempting it

Overall - 7/10
Not a bad game but there are better games in the series. I am a diehard Castlevania fan and had a good time with it. But for those of you who don't like this series the platform jumping might not be what you want.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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