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    Weapons FAQ by Geno

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    The Perfect Conker's Bad Fur Day Guide To Weaponry
    Name: Eric Malone
    Nickname: Geno
    E-Mail: Chibi_Maxis_Marquise@yahoo.com
    Version: 1.0
    Ahem, Excuse the lame title. I'm kind of new at FAQ making. I'm hoping 
    to get off on the right foot by helping you beat your friends, and look 
    good, whilest playing in Multiplayer. Just so you know, You're not good 
    until you've learned what to do with weaponry. If someone were to plunk 
    you in the middle of a battlefield with an Uzi, You wouldn't know how to 
    load it. That's why i'm here! Not to teach you how to load an Uzi, but 
    to teach you what weapons can get you where in Multiplayer, and how to 
    use them to claw your way to the top. This very detailed guide will 
    teach you everything you need to know! Please, If you feel there's 
    anything I missed, or that I should add another tactic, ( Or, god 
    forbid, I miss a weapon ), feel free to e-mail me.
    Conker's Bad Fur Day Multi-Player puts the emphasis on "Multi-Player". 
    Not since or Mario Brothers 3 has there been a more widely played Multi-
    Player mode. Well, other than Perfect Dark and Goldeneye.. but that's 
    different! Those are First Person.. This is Third Person, which puts a 
    whole new spin on the concept of Multi-Player and Guns, and lets you 
    have fun at the same time. Does Perfect Dark have Squirrels or Tediz? I 
    don't think so. Read on!
    Version 1.0:
    This is the beginning. Yup. It all starts here!
    The Weapons
    Double Uzi:
    Minimum Damage: 1 Point
    Maximum Damage: Death ( Headshot )
    Your all-purpose weapon, the Double Uzi is good mainly for Close Combat, 
    Medium Range Combat, but not Long Range. You'll basically be shooting at 
    air with this weapon, but it's uses are many. First of all, most people 
    who have played with these double beauties knows that a nice shot to the 
    head with this weapon will take a nice chunk out of their head. Sub-
    Machine guns; They do wonders, don't they?
    Upsides: Headshots
    Downsides: You Can't Jump, Reloading Usually Inconvienient
    Rating: *****
    Sniper Rifle:
    Minimum Damage: 1 Point
    Maximum Damage: Death ( Headshot )
    Now, The Sniper Rifle is for all of those wimps out there who don't like 
    big firefights. Clip em' from a distance, right? You'll be all right. 
    With this weapon, the only thing you need to worry about is Close Range 
    Combat. Up and Down C's brings the scope ( From First Person View ) out 
    and in respectively. Holding down the Z button is good for prepping the 
    weapon, and also good if you'd like to let your enemy know what's going 
    to kill them before they die. If you're on the Squirrel side, It's fun 
    to listen to him coach himself with a usual, "Watch for enemy snipers" 
    or "Squeeeeze the trigger..".
    Upsides: Headshots, Long Distance Warfare
    Downsides: Close Range Combat = Big No No, Any level without long open 
    expanses usually means this gun will never be used.
    Rating: Varies
    Hand Cannon:
    Minimum Damage: Death
    Maximum Damage: Death
    Here we go. The big boy. This thing bests any weapon in the game, by 
    being able to kill anything in one hit. However, With it's slow reload 
    time ( Break between shots, I mean ), means that if you miss, You 
    probably won't get a second chance. The scope helps a bit, if you're 
    down a long hallway. If you're going Kamikaze, You may want to bring 
    this baby with you.
    Upsides: Instant Kill!
    Downsides: Hard to aim without First Person, Slow Reload Time
    Rating: ****
    Rocket Launcher:
    Minimum Damage: 2 Points
    Maximum Damage: Death ( Direct Hit )
    The Rocket Launcher is one of those good weapons if you like a Defensive 
    role. A good tip to go on is to aim at the enemies feet. Splash Damage 
    is better than nothing, right? Anyone who's played Team Fortress Classic 
    as a Soldier will know about this tactic. Good for distracting Snipers 
    from afar, should you know where one is, and get a shot off.
    Upsides: Aiming serves as Nightvision.. almost. A good annoyance weapon.
    Downsides: Extremely SLOW loading times.
    Rating: ****
    Throwing Knives:
    Minimum Damage: 1 Point
    Maximum Damage: Death ( Through the Head )
    Another Annoyance weapon, Throwing Knives aren't all that popular, 
    except for Inbred computers. They're mainly silent, which may give you 
    the advantage should you sneak up on someone. And should you hit someone 
    in the head, You'll take them out. Use if you like playing "Spy", but 
    never use for Long Distance combat.
    Upsides: Silent, Except when it whizzes by someone, or hits the wall. 
    Good if you're trying to be sneaky.
    Downsides: Most other weapons can best it in Combat.
    Rating: ***
    Auto Rifle:
    Minimum Damage: 1 Point
    Maximum Damage: 1 Point
    Although it's slow on loading time, It's shooting feature balances it. 
    If your finger can hit the Z button fast, You'll be shooting bullets 
    fast. Not as good as the Uzi, but you can land several hits on the same 
    target, and not wait a second for the next to hit, like the Uzi's. No 
    headshot feature, but good if you're hunting someone down, like a flag 
    carrier, or Gas Canister carrier.
    Upsides: Rapid Fire ( Depends On How Fast You Can Hit Z )
    Downsides: You can't jump, Is bested by any faster weapon.
    Rating: ***
    Samurai Sword:
    Minimum Damage: 3 Points ( First Hit )
    Maximum Damage: 3 Points ( Second Hit )
    A good Sneaky weapon, the Samurai Sword, on the first hit, stuns, and 
    weakens your enemy. More than likely, if you hit Z again, You'll chop 
    off your opponants head, leaving you to move on easily. Only bad thing 
    is the screaming during jumping and attacking. Easily attracts enemies. 
    As my friend Ben likes to say, "It attracts enemies to you like flies 
    to... uhh... Honey."
    Upsides: You can jump higher! Blessed be the maker of THIS weapon. And, 
    Two hits kills anything. Who can ask for anything more?
    Downsides: Very noisy, tends to attract Human players, as well as 
    Computer players.
    Rating: ****
    Minimum Damage: 3 Points
    Maximum Damage: 6 Points
    It's the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Conker Style! Relive your favorite 
    "chainsaw" moments of horror movies on your enemies by using this Close 
    Range beauty. Two whacks, and it's night night for whoever the unlucky 
    target is. Think Samurai Sword, Then make it *whirrrr* alot. Fun for all 
    Upsides: Use em' on Snipers!
    Downsides: Getting close to the Sniper, or other enemy.
    Rating: ***
    Minimum Damage: 3 Points
    Maximum Damage: 3 Points
    Once you light someone on fire, They lose a guaranteed 3 Points of 
    health. However, You'll need to watch yourself: If they touch you, 
    You'll light like a Gasoline drenched cloth. It keeps on firing. No 
    Reload Time. Very good all-around weapon... just too short a range.
    Upsides: Light an enemy on fire: Guaranteed 3 points of damage. They run 
    around aimlessly for a while, until they're put out, giving you time to 
    escape, or plot your next move.
    Downsides: You move slower if you hold down Z, Can be lit on fire by an 
    enemy on fire.
    Rating: ***
    Baseball Bat:
    Minimum Damage: 1 Point
    Maximum Damage: 1 Point
    Although only available when you play Heist, You start out with it. A 
    VERY good weapon for whacking any trouble makers, as you can pull off an 
    easy 2 or 3 hits before they can escape. Your All-Purpose Weasel Basher, 
    just watch your head when someone starts swinging at you.
    Upsides: Rapid Hit! Profanities!
    Downsides: Close Range. Anyone with a gun can whipe the floor with you 
    unless you're moving too much.
    Rating: ****
    Tommy Gun:
    Minimum Damage: 1 Point
    Maximum Damage: Death ( Headshot )
    Much like the Uzi, but with more Downsides, the Tommy Gun is only 
    available in Heist. While a nice weapon, it tends to aim up as you hold 
    down Z. A good tactic would be to just tap it, or hold it down for a 
    second, then release, to avoid shooting at the roof.
    Upsides: Headshot.
    Downsides: Aims up when you hold Z for too long.
    Rating: ***
    Other Weaponry
    Minimum Damage: 2 Points
    Maximum Damage: 2 Points
    Turrets can be found only on specific levels, such as Colors, or Bunker. 
    However, There's only one on Bunker, but 2 on Colors. Good Defensive 
    capabilities, but would be more useful with a tad bit more Zoom. You're 
    Sniper Bait on this thing, though, so keep moving, to make you harder to 
    be hit, unless you're going in for the kill.
    Upsides: It's annoying for anyone to hit you if you're moving around. 
    Can let out alot of shots before having to reload.
    Downsides: You're Grenade or Sniper Bait on it. Use Sparingly.
    Rating: ****
    Minimum Damage: Death
    Maximum Damage: Death
    All it has to do is go off near someone, and BOOM! No more enemy! Great 
    for clearing out a Snipers nest. Remember that you can throw Grenades 
    through the "Blackness" that links certain rooms. You start off with 3, 
    and if you get a box.. You get 3 more. Hold down Down-C to arm, and 
    release to chuck it. It'll be useful...
    Upsides: Instant Death.
    Downsides: Instant Death for you, too. Only a 4 to 6 second timer on 
    em'. Pull the pin, and throw it before it takes you down with it.
    Rating: ****
    Minimum Damage: 1 Point
    Maximum Damage: 1 Point
    Mainly for fun. It's funny, actually.. But it sucks for a weapon. 
    Unlimited amount of Urine, but it gets annoying trying to hit your 
    enemy. Only thing you get out of it is a strong sense of accomplishment 
    if you hit someone.
    Upsides: 5 Minute Boredom Killer.
    Downsides: Can only be found in Bunker, Gets boring pretty quick.
    Rating: *
    The Scenario
    You're standing in your base. Tediz are coming in fast from all 
    directions. This map just happens to be Colors. ( My favorite map! )
    What do you do? Hmm.. Good point. Let's go onto levels, shall we?
    Multiplayer Levels / War / Free For All
    Samurai Sword
    Sniper Rifle
    Hand Cannon
    Rocket Launcher
    Throwing Knives
    Double Uzi
    Other Weaponry:
    Turret ( One on both sides )
    Where They Are
    Double Uzi's: The main chamber. It's on the ground, near where you'd 
    plant the flag.
    Sniper Rifle: In the right hand Sniper's Nest.
    Samurai Sword: Most people never find this thing. Go up into the left 
    Sniper's Nest, and turn right. Move forward, and hang a right when you 
    can. You'll find yourself at the ramp leading to the flag, and 
    inbetween; The Sword.
    Flamethrower: As you exit the Squirrel Base, Hang a right, and go over 
    the grass. It's in one of those small pits, closest to the wall.
    Hand Cannon: Found in the same Main Chamber as the Double Uzi's. Take 
    the ramp up to the second level. It's to the left of the entrance to the 
    Turret room.
    Grenades: To the right of the entrance to the turret room, in the Main 
    Chamber. Also, It's on a path leading to the Squirrel's Base.
    Chainsaw: You can find it on the bridge.
    Rocket Launcher: This is a bit tough. Go on the bridge, and near the 
    blackness ( You'll know what I mean ), The small bridge to a big place 
    is out there to your left. Hop, and with a bit of luck, You'll land on 
    the small bridge. Walk across the bridge.
    Throwing Knives: You can find one down in the trenches, or near the 
    Bridge Shortcut that the Tediz can use.
    If you're on the Squirrel side, You're in luck. The good weapons such as 
    the Flamethrower, Chainsaw, and Rocket Launcher is at your disposal. 
    However, Getting the Rocket Launcher can be quite a trial if someone 
    knows you're there. And the Flamethrower is easily bypassed. From the 
    Exit, hang a right, and head towards the grass, and pits. It's in the 
    small pit closest to the farthest wall.
    Camping is one of the sneakiest, dirtiest, low down nastiest tricks 
    anyone can ever pull. Should you find a nice place to camp with a good 
    weapon, stay there until you die, then go back. Or, find a new place. 
    Tediz have a bad disadvantage if they go down the middle of the level. 
    Anyone can camp there with the Hand Cannon and snipe them all. You can 
    usually get 4 shots off before they come within range. At that point, 
    you may wanna try for another shot, or Kamekazi with a Grenade. A 
    perfect stand point if someone is snatching your flag... Most likely the 
    You've got open dibs on the Chainsaw, and Throwing Knives. Not much, and 
    you've got it rough, but you can see it through. Squirrels may have the 
    advantage in this level, but if you have the brains enough, you'll use 
    your surroundings.
    Use the same Hand Cannon Tactic that the Squirrels use. You have better 
    cover than they do. Just strafe to avoid Turret Fire, and Sniper Fire. 
    Better strafe left, because there's a gaping pit to the right that would 
    just LOVE to have you fall in.
    Both Sides
    A good Tactic for both Tediz and Squirrels, is if they aquire the Rocket 
    Launcher, they can position themselves away from the winding path, or 
    close to it, on the Tediz side, and blast anyone, causing them to either 
    die, or fall into the pit, or take damage, only to run around more. It's 
    mainly Win/Lose.
    Total War:
    Auto Rifle
    Double Uzi's
    Sniper Rifle
    Hand Cannon
    Samurai Sword
    Throwing Knives
    Rocket Launcher
    Where They Are
    Auto Rifle / Double Uzi's: You can find these in the large gap near the 
    back of each base, each convieniently near cover, for big Fire Fights. 
    Nice, Eh?
    Sniper Rifle: If you take the left ramp near the large doors, and walk 
    up into the "Darkness" to your left, you'll be deposited in the Sniper's 
    Nest. The Sniper Rifle is merely a hop, skip, and jump away.
    Flamethrower: Find these in the sewers, near the Sewer Dropdown. If you 
    fall into the hole near the Entrances to each base, You'll usually pick 
    it up.
    Hand Cannon: Can be found near the Base entrances to the Sewers. Chances 
    are, you won't see it, and pick it up. Be careful.
    Samurai Sword / Throwing Knives: If you take either ramp near the doors 
    to the base, wheel around the sides, until you pick either up. Simple.
    Chainsaw: Mainly unseen, If you take the Left Ramp tunnel ( Careful of 
    the pit! ), and make it to the hills, you'll see it near the edge of the 
    hill. Careful to not fall off.
    Rocket Launcher: On the bridge between the hills.
    If you cut this level in half, you'd find that it's merely a mirror 
    image of one half of the level, therefore, no side has a great advantage 
    on the other side, and has the same access to ALL weaponry.
    However, If you're playing War, be sure you have plenty of friends 
    before you go after the Canister.
    Same rule for the Squirrels apply to you, too. Have plenty of friends.
    Sniper Rifle
    Double Uzi's
    Samurai Sword
    Throwing Knives
    Hand Cannon
    Rocket Launcher
    Other Weaponry:
    Turret ( One )
    Triggered Electric Floors
    Triggered Fire Traps
    Piss ( Bathroom )
    Where They Are
    Rocket Launcher: Right behind the turret.
    Hand Cannon: Can be found around the Turret. Useful for picking off 
    whomever might be on it.
    Sniper Rifle: In one of those extremely dark places. Don't even bother, 
    Samurai Sword: This ones a bit hard to find and describe... Good luck 
    finding it! *sweatdrops*
    Double Uzi's: Again, Good Luck finding these! I think there's one around 
    one of the Fire Traps.. I'll be sure to find out for you, and have it in 
    by next update.
    Throwing Knives: In several places around the area.
    Flamethrower: Most common one is near one of the Fire Traps. Good if you 
    want to find the Sniper Rifle, but god knows why you'd want that thing.
    Chainsaw: In a room full of boxes, there are beams. Crawl across them to 
    get one of two. There's also one right above a box.
    Piss: It comes from your own pants, but only if you find the bathrooms. 
    If Piss hits your enemy, They take 1 point of damage, but it's like 
    pissing in a shot glass from across the bar, so don't try unless you're 
    bored to death.
    Traps: Anyone who touches the electricity will get fried. AKA, Death. I 
    haven't experimented on the fire traps, yet.. I'm sure it has the same 
    effect as the Flamethrower, but don't take my word for it.
    Well, Since this is only available for Free For All, You'll be on your 
    own. Anyone with black clothing can fare well in this level. If you have 
    the code for Gregg, ( billymillroundabout on the cheat screen ), then 
    you should have no problem hiding in the shadows. Gotta love good ol' 
    Weapons are a bit scarce in some areas, but if you can set yourself up 
    somewhere, you'll usually do rather good. Try camping at a dead end.
    Mode: Raptor
    Yes, Raptor. Should you choose to select this mode of play, you'll want 
    to choose sides. If you want to have the Long Distance advantage, The 
    Cavemen are your choice. One-Two Hit kills? You'll want the Raptor. 
    Either race you choose, stay away from the Red Baby Raptor. It tends to 
    enjoy nipping at you.
    This Mode of play only has one level, and it tends to be an exact mirror 
    image. Think Total War, and you'll get close to Raptor's one level.
    Throwing Knives
    Get to a high place as soon as you start out, no lollygagging. If you're 
    all alone, and playing against computers, chances are they're half way 
    across the map once you make your decision. Grab the Bombs on your way 
    to the other side, as you'll probably need them if you're a bad shot. 
    Grab the Crossbow, and get ready to snipe a Raptor. Since it doesen't 
    matter if you get an Egg or not, you may want to leave Egg Hunting to 
    your Computer/Human Partner, but you'll just be setting yourself up for 
    a fall. Should a raptor get past your defense, grab a bomb, and start 
    throwing. Jump, Jump, and Jump s'more!
    Okay, One thing that'll get you through: Moving. Moving targets are 
    harder to hit. Make yourself unpredictable. Move around alot. Jump. Once 
    you get to your enemy, he's all yours. Take a nice big hunk out of him, 
    and haul his corpse back to the baby Raptor. You don't need to do this, 
    but I enjoy doing it just to see the Baby eat the corpse.
    Mode: Heist
    This mode, also one with only one map, takes place in a Bank. Obviously, 
    It's the one that Conker raids at the very end of the game, but I won't 
    spoil that for you should you yet to have gotten that far, ( Gee, I hope 
    you have if you've been reading this :). You're one of 4 Weasels, Mr. 
    Blue, Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, or Mr. Green, to set you apart.
    Throwing Knives
    Baseball Bat
    Tommy Gun
    Sniper Rifle
    Rocket Launcher
    Big Weaponry. You'll need it. If you have fast access to the rocket 
    launcher, camp in a corner in the center room. Anyone who moves in to 
    grab the cash can be blasted. Simple. Or, If you're more of the Sniping 
    type, move up to the second floor, move to a wall in the center room, 
    and do a High Jump, ( Z and A ), to get up to a new part. Run along the 
    wall until you find a doorway. Enter it, and the Sniper Rifle is there, 
    and you have a perfect view of the cash. Headshot, anyone? Best be 
    quick, though, as when you're sniping, it almost seems as if the other 
    players move mad fast. Of course, this may just be me. You start out 
    with a Baseball Bat, but you have a choice of several weapons. Avoid the 
    Tommy Gun, if you can.
    Mode: Beach
    Beach is one of those Team Work kind of games, with Team Work being the 
    key for either the Squirrel or Tediz sides. While the Squirrel's have 
    nothing but their feet, there is a Plunger where the Rocket Launcher 
    would be on the map "Colors" that you can use to blow up all Tediz in 
    the fortress, giving your friends time to escape. However, You'll be out 
    in the open for several seconds until you reach the Plunger, so be 
    Rocket Launcher ( Upper-Left Nest )
    Sniper Rifle ( Upper-Right Nest )
    Turret ( Middle Nest )
    The weapons are only accessible for Tediz.
    If there are more than 3 Squirrels against you, you'll be having quite a 
    trial. You can pick off a few Squirrels from the Sniper Nest ( Upper-
    Right Hand Nest ), or prepare yourself by manning the Turret ( 
    Inaffective unless you have them in an open space ), and the Rocket 
    Launcher for knocking them off the Bridge, out into the open. Team Work, 
    people, Team Work!!
    Not much you can do but head for one of the two doors at the bottom of 
    the base. Jump, Be unpredictable, and if you have a chance, go for the 
    Plunger! Just jump on it, and it'll go down, causing all Tediz to die, 
    and give you or anyone else an open frame of 5 - 7 seconds before the 
    onslaught starts again. The Plunger resets after the person who pushed 
    it down has died, or made it through to the end.
    Mode: Tank
    I was never really too impressed with this one, really.. Don't waste 
    your time.
    Weaponry ( Powerups ):
    Nitro: ( Boosts you Forward )
    Sniper Scope: ( Allows you to zoom in and out, and shoot straight flying 
    shells )
    Shield: ( Shields you from damage as long as it lasts )
    Don't even bother hunting down the other tanks, grab the Chemical weapon 
    and head back to your base. Unless you're the blood thirsty kind, then 
    you can go kill off everyone else in order to protect the weapon. Or, If 
    you lust for both, grab the Chemical Weapon and run away whilest 
    defending it.
    Mode: Race
    Race is an alright addition to an already fabulous Multiplayer lineup. 
    You take the place of a Caveman on a Rocket Board, and race along the 
    levels. Best part is: No more Dinosaur! Woohoo!
    Baseball Bat
    Frying Pan ( If you put in 'dutchovens' in the cheat screen )
    Nitro: ( Boosts you Forward )
    Homing Missile: ( Homes in on someone: Damage 1 )
    This is a kind of Just For Fun type of mode, but there are a few places 
    where you can knock your opponant around badly. Course B, in the narrow 
    tunnel, for example. One missile, or a hit with the bat, takes them out. 
    Of course, You're under the same danger.
    Special Thanks:
    I'd like to give speshul thanks to the following people...
    Myself, For thinking of making such a great FAQ for the benefit of 
    people who just LOVE CBFD.
    Others, Who hate thinking, "What Should I Do?" or "Where Should I Go?" 
    when first playing Multi-Player Conker :)
    My Sister, Who rented me this incredible game, and didn't send it back 
    to Blockbuster until several days after it was due.
    GameFAQ's, for such great Super Smash Bros. Melee Message Boards, and 
    Game help. Keep up the good work!
    Ben, Who introduced me to this game. Ben is single, and enjoys long 
    walks on beaches, because he doesen't have a car.
    All my friends at the Melee Message Boards! Love ya, guys!
    More will be added in later versions.
    Message From Author
    I feel so privilaged that you would come here to get ideas or help with 
    Conker Multi-Player. I always found it hard to start up Multi-Player in 
    any game and find that I haven't got the slightest idea what i'm doing, 
    and be forced to make things up for myself. In this instance, it paid 
    off. I hope this FAQ has helped you in ways you couldn't have imagined, 
    but hope your friends haven't seen this, either.

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