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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kisasohma11

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           / /__ / _ \ / _ \ /  '_// -_)/ __/|/(_-<  / _  |/ _ `// _  /
           \___/ \___//_//_//_/\_\ \__//_/    /___/ /____/ \_,_/ \_,_/
                          ____             ___
                         / __/__ __ ____  / _ \ ___ _ __ __
                        / _/ / // // __/ / // // _ `// // /
                       /_/   \_,_//_/   /____/ \_,_/ \_, /
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      Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) Walkthrough
       By: kisasohma11
       At: www.GameFAQs.com
      Rated M for Mature. Some material may not be right for children.
      So i advise you to not read if you are under the age of 17. I repeat
    Nevermind I was like 4 when i started playing this game.
    Table of contents
    I Intro
    II legal stuff
    III Walkthrough
    1. Beginning
    2. Hungover
    3. Windy
    4. Bats Tower
    5. Barn Boys
    6. Sloprano
    7. Uga Buga
    8. Spooky
    9. it's War
    10. Heist
    IV Cheats
    I. Introduction
    Conker's Bad Fur Day is another Rareware platformer.  The game features a
    Red squirrel who has one too many drinks and suffers the consequences the
    next day.  The game is rated M  due to strong language, mature
    sexual themes and animated violence.
    II. Legal Stuff
    © Copyright 2010 kisasohma11 "Outlaw" Wentworth. This FAQ and everything
    included  within  this  file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape
    or form  (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside from being
    placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's
    original, unedited and  unaltered  format. This FAQ cannot be used for
    profitable purposes(even if no money would be made from selling it) or
    promotional purposes. It  cannot be used in any sort of commercial
    transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc.,
    with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore
    III. Walkthrough (bare-boned)
    1.                            Beginning
    The game will tell you.!!!!!!!...
    Start by walking around the fence and talking to Birdy. He introduces
    you to the Context Sensitive buttons. Stand on it and press B. A beer
    will appear in your hand and Birdy will drink it. Then Birdy will open
    the gate so you can get to another Context Sensitive button. Before you
    go to it, press B two more times on this button. The first time a
    canister of helium appears in your hand, and then another beer. Use
    them to get a couple humorous scenes from Birdy and then move on to the
    next button. Stand on the next button and press B. A glass of liquid
    appears and Conker drinks it, curing his hangover. Conker tells you
    that if you want to skip these cutscenes, just press the L button on
    top of the controller. But you must have watched the scene at least
    once before. Now jump into the water and swim over to the grassy island
    straight ahead. You can see a log but its too far to jump across. Hold
    Z and then jump to do a super jump. At the height of your jump press A
    to use the Helicoptery Tail and float across to the log. If you miss,
    you'll fall down the waterfall. At the bottom you'll hear some money
    screaming for help. You can't get it yet, so just go into the cave to
    get back to the beginning of the level to try again. When you get
    across, cross the bridge and you will see a door. You can't go through
    yet, so continue on and Helicoptery Tail across two more gaps. At the
    end of the second one you'll see a large lever. Super jump and grab the
    handle. Pull it down and it opens the door. Head back to the door and
    enter. A key is in the room running around. Try to catch it and you
    will be unable to. Conker then remembers that he has a frying pan on
    him. You now get your weapon, the frying pan. Use the frying pan to hit
    the key twice and then pick it up. Use the key to reopen the door and
    then go all the way back to where the switch was. Walk out onto the
    bridge and talk to the gargoyle. He will refuse to move and then ask
    you to come closer. When you do he picks you up and throws you to the
    bottom of the waterfall. Go back to Birdy and have some fun by hitting
    him in the head with the frying pan and watch as he cusses you out.
    Climb back up to the Gargoyle and smack him in the head with the frying
    pan. When he stands up to attack you he will fall off the bridge. The
    door out of this level is almost in your grasp....almost being the key
    word. A large rock will fall in front of the door. Super jump on top of
    it, then run and Helicoptery Tail to the wooden platform with the
    Context Sensitive button on it. Use it to blow the rock up and then
    Helicoptery Tail back and exit the level.
    Now a cutscene appears with the Panther King asking the Professor to
    help him fix his table. This scene is really humorous and involves that
    wonderful beeping noise.
    At the start of this level, collect the chocolate to fill your health
    meter and then jump down to talk to the Queen Bee. She asks you to get
    the bees hive back from the wasps. Before you do so, grab the
    Squirrel's Tail from the Nasty/Nice sign. Now go the way that says
    nasty and climb up the hill. At the top you'll see the beehive. Grab it
    and three wasps will fly out of the wasp's nest. Haul butt down the
    hill, but only walk on the pathway. If you step of when it curves
    around, you'll slow down and the wasps will get you. Get it all the way
    back to the Queen and she will jump in the hive and use a gun turret to
    blow the wasps away. To reward you for saving her hive, the Queen will
    give you a bunch of cash. Now head back across the bridge and pay Birdy
    to give you the Instruction Manual. The manual will teach you how to
    use the Catapult. Use the catapult to shoot the dung beetles off to the
    side. After you shoot them all, a door will open, and you will be given
    the chance to take two paths. Take the left one and you will come to a
    house that says be back at 10 on it. Now go to the left and enter the
    door. You will see the Panther King's castle. Try jumping across the
    bridge and when you reach the single board, it will fall out from under
    you. Find the rope and climb it. Now go back to the other door and
    Barn Boys
    Go to the right when you start and you will see a gas passing mouse
    harassing a couple of blocks. The bottom block will ask you to go find
    his friend and to tell him that Jack sent you. Go back to the start of
    the level and head to the left. Sneak past the two jumping blocks and
    take a left. You'll see a little block standing next to a bunch of
    fenced in cheese. Talk to him and he'll open the gate. Whack a piece of
    cheese with your frying pan and run back to the mouse with it. He will
    ask for more. Run back and do this two more times, and then the mouse
    will explode. The top block will jump down and the bottom block will
    tell you that there is a surprise on top of the barn for you. Jump on
    top of the blocks and then onto the gutters on the side of the barn.
    Climb onto the top of the door and walk out to the end of the top of it
    to get some cash. Use the button before you get down to open the barn
    door. Get back down to the ground and enter the barn door. When you get
    inside, you'll see a bunch of haystacks and the door will close behind
    you. A paintbrush, can of paint, and Franky the Pitchfork will watch
    you as you come in. The paint supplies tell Franky that it's his turn
    to kick some @$$. Walk over to them and Franky attacks you. Run back to
    the haystacks and stand in front of them. Jump when Franky gets ready
    to do his attack and he'll kill the haystacks. Kill them all and Franky
    will go back to the paint supplies and they will tell him to hang
    himself. Franky does, but he has no neck, so it proves useless. Now go
    back towards the entrance and look for the lever on the wall. Jump up
    and grab it to free the King Bee and the little tickle bees. Exit the
    barn and you'll see the Robot Haystack be freed. Now talk to the King
    Bee and he will ask you to help him "pollinate" the well endowed
    flower. Run and talk to the sunflower and she won't be of any help. Now
    you must find the five sets of tickle bees and take them to her.
    1) By the bouncing wooden crate.
    2) At the entrance to the level.
    3) On the cliffs by where the cheese was.
    4) By the button that opens the barn door.
    5) On top of the big water vat. To get to it, get where the barn door
    button is, super jump on top of the hay roof. Run to the left part of
    the roof and super jump on top of the middle of the roof. Go to the
    ladder and climb it to reach the vat.
    Now that you've gotten all five to her, the King Bee will "pollinate"
    her while Conker gives you some priceless faces. After he is done, the
    flower will ask you if you'd like to go for a bounce. Hop on her *ahem*
    and bounce on them successfully twice in a row to fly into the hole in
    the wall above her to get some cash. Now go to where the bouncing
    wooden crate is and wait for it to stop outside the high door. Jump on
    top of the crate and super jump into the door. Helicoptery Tail across
    the platforms to make it easier, and at the end. Get on the Context
    Sensitive pad and press B. Use the throwing knives to throw at the rope
    that is hanging Franky. Aim just right to knock him back down. Now go
    back and exit the barn. Enter the bottom door and run to Franky. After
    another short cutscene, jump on Franky and use him to attack the Robot
    Franky Controls
    Control Stick: Move Franky around
    A Button: Makes Franky jump
    B Button: Makes Franky attack
    Wait until the Haystack stops and then attack him from behind. Watch
    out for his fists and follow him around. Three hits should do it. After
    that, the Haystack will jump up and down and the three of you will fall
    down a hole. Get ready for a funny Terminator spoof. Run around the
    perimeter of the room and stand behind the poles. Wait until you see
    the bot electrocute itself and then run up to it. Jump up to the red
    button and press B to damage it. Do this three times to defeat it. Now
    after a small cutscene with Franky, quickly climb one of the ladders
    behind the poles. Once you get to the top, go to the Context Sensitive
    pad and use it to throw knives at the electric wires. Knock three down
    and then swim to another ladder. Climb up and use the next Context
    Sensitive pad. Knock down three more wires and the water will rise
    again. Swim to the exit. When you get out, you'll see a guy reading a
    tablet. Jump on the tablet and he will throw you in the air. You can
    now reach some cash. Now exit through the window behind the cash and
    climb the ladder. Watch out for the bee at the top and climb another
    ladder. The bee on this ladder flies around two parts of it. Avoid him
    and climb up to the diving board. Jump into the chocolate and a light
    will appear above your head. Press B and Conker will turn into an anvil
    and hit a Context Sensitive pad in the vat. A door will now open. Enter
    it either by the sunflower, or by the barn door. Inside you'll find
    some cash and a Tail.
    Go back to the house and enter. Talk to the dung beetle inside and he
    will ask you to make the cows in the door on the floor make poo. Enter
    the door and then climb up the ropes in the center of the room. Look
    for the door at the top and enter it. When you come out you'll see a
    bull running around an island in the middle of a lot of prune juice.
    Run past the bull and to the building on the other side. Dodge the poo
    and jump up all of the platforms until you get to the top of the
    faucet. Run clockwise on top of the faucet until it pours prune juice
    into a hole. Now a target will appear. Stand in front of the target and
    trick the bull into running into it. Now a female cow will come out and
    another target will come up. Trick the bull into running into the
    target and jump on his back. Now run towards the cow and use B to
    charge at her. She'll get upset and go to drink the juice. When she
    gets some, she'll run to the grate in the middle of the island and take
    a dump. Now ram her again to make her explode. Now you'll fall off of
    the bull and another target will appear. Repeat the way to get the cow
    to take a dump two more times and then the bull will stand on the grate
    and fall through. Jump in after him. When you land, get the Tail from
    the wall and go to the next room. Look for the Context Sensitive
    platform to your right and jump on it. Press B and you'll get some
    Confidence Pills. Now you can dive. Dive into the poo and swim to the
    hole all of the way at the bottom. You will now reappear at the beetles
    house. Exit and talk to the dung beetle outside and he will give you a
    ball of poo. Push the poo up the mountain by taking the left path. Push
    it up as far as you can until you see the big dung beetle. Conker will
    put a stick of dynamite in it and blow the beetle up. Now go back down
    and get another ball of poo. This time push it up the path in front of
    the house. Avoid the dung beetles and push it into the cave at the top
    of the mountain. The ball of poo will travel down the mountain and bust
    open the closed entrance at the bottom. Now go and grab the poo ball
    one more time. Push it to the right of the mountain and past that sign
    that says "No Poo Balls." Push it over and it will land on an imp. Jump
    down and then jump on top of the button sticking out of the ground.
    Push B and all of the enemies in the water will be drained. Now swim to
    the door.
    Bat Tower
    Talk to the Catfish at the beginning and they will ask you to get rid
    of the Dogfish for them. Jump into the water and swim behind the
    waterfall to get a Tail. Now follow the water until you see the
    Dogfish. Look down and you will see a door on the bottom of the water.
    Dive and swim into it. When you get into the room, swim straight ahead
    and come up. Jump out of the water and talk to the little cog. After
    you fix his personality a little, he will ask you to find his friends
    for him. Jump on the lift that comes down and you will be spotted by
    some bats. Follow the wooden planks until you reach the narrow part
    going across the floor. When the light appears, use B to blast the bats
    with a flamethrower, but watch out because they will then divebomb you.
    At the end, climb a rope to the next level. Repeat this until you reach
    the top of the tower. Follow the last plank to the end and jump to the
    switch. It opens a door at the bottom. Now climb back up to the top and
    jump to the outside of the tower. Follow the outside around while
    jumping over the imps. To the far right you will find some cash. Now
    work your way back down to where the cogs are. Jump into the water and
    dive. Swim into the door and dodge the imps. Emerge at the end and
    you'll see a cog running around. Whack it and then swim back to the
    main cogs with it. Put it back on and then swim back. Jump to the area
    above the waterfall and you'll find two cogs running around. Do the
    same with them. Now jump on the wheel in the center of the room and run
    clockwise until a cutscene appears and the dogfish's chain shortens.
    Now exit back to the surface and find the catfish. Take them to the
    safe and they'll open it for you. Enter and the cash inside will dive
    into the water. Get on the Context Sensitive pad and use your slingshot
    to shoot at the letters on the wheel. Shoot OPEN to open the gates
    below you. Jump down onto another Context Sensitive pad to get a
    Spotlight Hat. Now dive into the water. Swim down and try to avoid the
    eye in your way. Swim past it and then look for the hole in the wall
    with the air pipe. Refill your air and continue on. Swim to the floor
    and refill your air again. Now swim into the hole surrounded by green
    lights and emerge at the end. Jump on the Context Sensitive pad and get
    new batteries for your hat. Now jump back in the water and dive into
    the blue lights. Emerge at the end and jump onto a switch. Pull it and
    dive again into the green lights. Get some air on the other side and
    then dive into the yellow lights. When you get to the end of the yellow
    lights, swim straight up and watch out for the eye. Look for holes in
    the wall to refill your air on the way up. Emerge at the top and jump
    out of the water. Jump into the whole and a cutscene starts involving a
    couple Fire Imps. After the cutscene, run to the Context Sensitive pad
    behind you. When you use it, it fills up Conker with beer. Now that
    he's drunk, walk out to where the Fire Imps are. Press B and use Z to
    spray the Imp's with whizz. If you run out, wobble to the Context
    Sensitive pad to the left of the boiler and use it to sober up. Now get
    drunk and try again. Once you get down to two Imps, they jump into the
    boiler. Now you have to fight a boiler boss with balls of steel. Go to
    the corners of the room and wait until the boss runs towards you and
    jumps onto a grate. Now super jump up and grab a handle. Pull down and
    beer pours on the boiler. When is stumbles to the middle of the room,
    run under it so the light sign appears. Press B and Conker bashes the
    boilers manhood with a couple of bricks. Four good hits should do it
    and neuter the boiler. Now push one of the balls into a curved tile on
    one side of the room to open the exit. Push the other ball into the
    door to take out the Green Imp. Run down the exit and grab the cash.
    A dung beetle will meet you at the entrance and tell you how his
    friends disappeared in the cave. Go straight ahead and you will see a
    piece of sweet corn. A deep voice will say that he wants the sweet
    corn. Whack the corn and watch out for the fist that comes out of the
    hole. Walk up to the ledge over the poo and throw it in. Now go back
    and jump over the pit behind the hole and Helicoptery Tail across.
    Whack two pieces of corn on the other side and throw them in the pit.
    Now move ahead and then to the right. Whack and throw three pieces of
    corn in the pit. Now the Beast of Poo Mountain will appear and sing for
    you. Now dodge his poo balls until he starts to sing. Now stand on one
    of the Context Sensitive pads and some toilet paper will appear in your
    hands. Throw it into his mouth when its open and he will sing for you
    again. When he's done, he will deactivate the pad by covering it in
    poo. Now run back to where the two pieces of corn where and use the
    next pad when he sings again. You must throw two in this time before he
    starts to sing again. When he sings this time, he'll crack the window
    where the cash was at the top of the mountain. Now run back to the
    first Context Sensitive pad and wait until he sings to use it. Throw
    three rolls in his mouth this time and he'll completely crack the glass
    open. Now run back up to where the glass was while dodging his poo
    balls. Run in, grab the cash, and jump up and grab the handle. Pull it
    down to flush the Beast. Now go back to the hole where the Beast was
    and climb down the platforms. Enter the door at the end.
    A cutscene will play in which Berri gets vicimized by a rock guy.
    When you enter the level, get the Tail off of the wall. Now dive into
    the pool of water in the middle and swim towards the spinning blades.
    If one touches you, you die instantly. Good thing that Tail reappears
    every time you die. Swim past all of them and then emerge at the end.
    Get out of the water and run to the end of the platform. Don't fall or
    you'll get chopped up. Jump to the rope and climb. The land around you
    has blades on the ground, so look around for the ladder before you
    jump. Time your jump just right and Helicoptery Tail over to the
    ladder. Climb to the top, super jump to your left, and cross the
    bridge. On the other side, a cutscene starts where a weasel tries to
    make you pay the toll. Conker gives him $1000 and then the weasel
    notices that he's a squirrel. After convincing the weasel that he's an
    elephant, Conker gets his money back and continues on.
    Uga Buga
    Run straight ahead and follow the dinosaur. Enter the door on the other
    side and watch out for more dinosaurs when you come out the door. Run
    to the right and enter another door. When you come out on the top of
    the building, grab the cash. Now super jump up the tiger's head until
    you reach the top and see the light bulb. Now press B and Conker will
    turn into an anvil and fall on the head. Do this two more times and
    Conker will fall into the underground and smash an Uga. Jump on top of
    the head again until the light appears and press B again to open a door
    underneath it. Now run to the Stone Club and grab the boulder to the
    left of the bouncer. Try to push it around the stone guys while trying
    not to get smashed by them. Push it through the door and down the hill
    with the two Ugas to move on to the next area. Now go straight ahead to
    the area where the Ugas are worshipping the statue. Now look for a door
    towards the back and go into the next room. Dodge the Ugas and watch
    for the guy with the tablet to your right. Jump on his tablet and when
    he throws you in the air, land on the egg. Press B to sit on it. After
    a while, the egg hatches and you get your very own baby raptor. It'll
    follow you around and eat the Ugas. Follow the path all the way down to
    get back to the room with the Ugas worshipping. Take the baby raptor
    over to them and let him have a snack. Now use the Context Sensitive
    pad and shoot at the arrow block on the wall to your left with your
    slingshot. The platform behind you should rise. Now get the baby to
    follow you onto it. Quickly run off and use the Context Sensitive pad
    again. Now shoot the sun block to your right. Now the platform above
    the baby raptor will fall and squash the poor baby =*(. After this, the
    dino head will open its mouth, stick out its tongue, and one of the
    guys with the tablets will walk out. Jump on his tablet and let him
    throw you onto the dino head. Grab the cash and Tail on top of it's
    head. Now go down to it's nostrils and wait for the green smoke to come
    out. Now quickly jump in when its gone and press B to pour some pepper
    in. Repeat with the other nostril and the dino head will blow its snot
    everywhere. Jump down onto the tongue and enter it's mouth. Avoid the
    swinging mucus and run past it. Take the left path and then when you
    reach another fork, left again. Enter the door and you'll find the Uga
    chief laying unconscious. Conker will steal his costume. Reenter the
    dino head and take the left path. Use your Helicoptery Tail to fly over
    the pits and exit the head. Outside, the Ugas will start to worship
    Conker. Conker then convinces them to help him defeat the rock guys by
    the Rock Club. Go back and attack the rock guys to give the Ugas a
    chance to smash them. After you defeat all four of them, talk to the
    bouncer at the club. The Ugas give you the password and you can get
    inside. Step on the switch to see that they have Berri in a cage. The
    switch opens a door and you must find something to keep on it. Run down
    to the dance floor and behind the bar you'll find a boulder. Push it up
    the ramp and onto the switch. Now Helicoptery Tail back down to the bar
    and stand under the tap. Press B to fill up on the beer. Wobble your
    way to the door that opened and look for the big rock guy near it.
    Whizz on him and use a steady stream to push him into the door. After
    he goes in, turn around and walk up to the wall behind you. You'll see
    a first aid sign on the wall. Walk up the ramp to the right of it and
    use it to sober up. Now enter the door after the rock guy. Push the
    boulder that the rock guy turned into. Watch out for the two rock girls
    so they don't push you off the wall. Time it just right so you can push
    it while they are in the holes in the wall. At the end, push the
    boulder up and onto a switch. Now the center door will close and the
    left and right doors will open. Now get drunk again and do the same
    thing with the other two rock guys. Push them through the doors and
    they will shatter. Get both of them through and Berri's cage will open
    and she will run away, not recognizing our hero. Climb up to where
    Berri was to get some cash. Now try to leave the club and the bouncer
    will stop you for stealing the money. He demands that you meet the
    boss. Conker agrees and it's off to meet the Weasel Boss. Berri happens
    to be with them and doesn't recognize Conker again. After a cutscene,
    the Boss will ask you to take a bomb to the big dinosaur head. Run all
    of the way back to the dino head and run up the tongue. Take all lefts
    like before to get to where you found the chief and then go all of the
    way to the end of the platform. Conker throws the bomb and the lava
    level rises. Jump across the floating platforms to get to the door.
    When Conker walks out the other side, he is attacked by some punk Ugas.
    They have stolen Conker's money and then moon him. When one of the Ugas
    falls in the lava, you must take his Jet Board and follow in pursuit of
    the others. After the cutscene, walk straight ahead to the door. When
    you enter, you'll be right in front of the board. Walk onto it and hang
    Jet Board Controls
    Control Stick Left and Right: Move the board
    Control Stick Up: Moves the board faster
    Control Stick Down: Puts on the brakes
    A Button: Makes Conker jump
    B Button: Attack with Frying Pan
    You'll see some cash behind bars right above you. You can't get it
    until you defeat the Ugas. Use your boosters nonstop to catch up to the
    Ugas. Only slow down if you're going to slam into a wall or into the
    brontosaurus. Whack the first two with your frying pan, and then the
    path to the right opens up. Follow the third one this way and whack him
    the same way. Now keep following the path until you get to the ramp
    leading to the cash. Jump at the end to get it. Now you'll come
    crashing into an arena. The Uga King will see you and call for Fangy to
    be released. Run up to the Ugas closest to the door and Fangy will come
    out and eat one. Haul @$$ for the Context Sensitive pad in the middle
    of the arena. Use it and Conker will hypnotize Fangy and you can get on
    his back.
    Fangy Controls
    Control Stick: Move around
    A Button: Makes Fangy jump
    B Button: Makes Fangy bite; if an Uga is in your mouth, press it again
    to eat him; if running press to headbutt
    Z Button: Headbutt
    Run around on Fangy and eat all of the Ugas. You can also run and
    headbutt them in the lava. After you eat the first wave, the head Uga
    will send out the infantry. You will need to be more careful with these
    guys because they will jump you and knock you off Fangy. If you get
    knocked off, run back to the Context Sensitive pad and hypnotize him
    again. Headbutt the whole group and eat one. Pick them off one by one
    making sure not to get surrounded. After dealing with these goons, yet
    another wave comes out, but this time, they have spears. Run around and
    dodge the spears, eating the Ugas as usual. Next, you'll have a
    combination of the two waves. Keep eating them until the head Uga jumps
    down to fight you. He'll try to hit you with his bone and try to knock
    you off of Fangy by stomping on the ground. Run up to the Head Uga and
    wait for him to raise his bone above his head. Now quickly bite him in
    the crotch. The Head Uga will bend over. Now's your chance to run to
    the other side and bite him in the bum. Repeat this two more times and
    then the Head Uga's secret will be revealed: he is very "small." (haha)
    After the Head Uga runs through the wall, look around the arena for the
    entrance to where Jugga is. Jump to the platform on the lava, and then
    super jump to the entrance. After a cutscene with Jugga, some cash will
    run away. Follow the path to the right and exit the underground. Grab
    the cash outside and then look for the sign that says "Poo" on it. Jump
    down and Helicoptery Tail your way back to the starting area before the
    blades. Grab the Tail again and exit. In the next room, jump into the
    pit to appear in the Dung Beetles house.
    Now that you're out of the mountain, exit the Beetles house. Head back
    to the Queen Bee to find out that the hive has been stolen again. The
    Queen will ask for your help in getting it back. Our crafty hero
    manages to get the Queen to pay quadruple the amount of cash that he
    got before. Run back to the Wasp's Hive and enter it. Follow the path
    all the way to the hive and jump in. Now you'll enter a first person
    mode where you have to shoot the wasps with the hives turrets. Just
    keep moving around and shooting the wasps before they get to attack
    you. Not much strategy here, just keep shooting and moving. After a
    while, the Queen comes in the hive and tells you to run back with the
    hive. After you jump out and grab the hive, the three wasps from
    earlier chase after you. (I thought these guys got blown up????) Run
    down the path and out of the hive. Now run back down the path the same
    way you did the first time and the Queen will shoot the wasps when you
    reach her. Now pick up your four wads of cash. Head back to the Wasp's
    Nest and super jump into the hole to the left of the entrance. Enter
    and then Helicoptery Tail to the hole to the left of you again. Enter
    and you'll find some cash. Now, head back to the Dung Beetle's Cabin
    and jump in the water. Dive and swim until you heat the money scream.
    Now head up and look for the opening above you to get the cash. Exit
    and head back to Windy again. Climb the mountain with the worms that
    try to bite you. Fly over them and talk to Mr. Barrel at the top again.
    Now that you have enough money, Mr. Barrel will let you ride him down
    the mountain. Jump on him and hold Left all the way down so you won't
    fall off. You'll crush all of the worms and then at the end, Mr. Barrel
    will open the closed passage in the water and Conker will get knocked
    out. When you awake, it will be nighttime. Head for the passage.
    Follow the path and get into the water at the end. You'll see Gregg
    swiping at the Catfish with his scythe. Walk up to him and he'll start
    complaining about the fish. Follow the path behind him down to the
    door. It's locked so you can't go here yet. Look down at the wall and
    you'll see a door. Jump into the water and swim to the door. Enter and
    you'll see a lever ahead of you. Jump and pull it down to open the
    door. When you fall, you'll be back at the beginning again. Run back to
    Gregg and he'll give you a shotgun.
    Shotgun Controls
    B Button: Take out/Put away Shotgun
    C Left and C Right: Strafes with the Shotgun
    C Up and C Down: Makes Conker move forward and back
    R Button: Enter aiming mode
    Z Button: Fire gun
    Now it's time to head into the graveyard. Go into the door and walk on
    the path until the zombies come out. They are very quick so you won't
    have a good chance on the ground. Jump onto a tombstone and use your
    laser sight to shoot the zombies in the head. After you kill them, move
    on and repeat this method when more appear. Now do it again a third
    time until you kill all twelve. Gregg then will appear next to the door
    at the end. Talk to him and he'll congratulate you and open the door to
    the next area. Here you must run uphill and avoid the Bone Worms. When
    one appears, just Helicoptery Tail over it. Watch out towards the top
    because two will appear in a row. At the top of the path is a mansion.
    When you enter the mansion, you'll be greeted by the Count. After a
    short cutscene, the villagers will attack the mansion and the Count
    will bite your neck. Conker then will turn into a bat and the Count
    will ask him to bring the villagers to the room they are in to drain
    their blood.
    Batula Controls
    Control Stick Left and Right: Move left or right in air or on ground
    Control Stick Up: Makes the bat dive
    Control Stick Down: Makes the bat climb
    A Button: Makes the bat move backwards in air, and take off on the
    B Button: Makes the bat move forwards in air, and take off on the
    Z Button: Makes the bat drop guano
    Fly around the castle and look for villagers. When one is close by,
    your radar will flash and the villager will flash red. Now drop guano
    on their head to knock them down. Quickly pick them up and try to dodge
    the other villagers spears. Take the villager to the grinder and fly
    over it to drop them in. Do this six more times and the Count will fall
    into the grinder himself. Conker turns back into a squirrel, but there
    is some bad news: the zombies have overrun the castle. You must find
    three keys to escape. I'll start this part from the entrance to the
    mansion. Quickly pull out your shotgun and kill the zombie to your
    left. Run up the stairs and go left. Enter the door and go left again.
    You'll come out on top of the library. Go down almost to the bottom of
    the rafters and walk to the edge of the pathway. Try and use your gun
    from the higher level to shoot the three zombies. Now Helicoptery Tail
    your way to the center bookshelf and use the Context Sensitive pad. Use
    the crossbow to shoot the four bats in the corners of the room. Climb
    down to the floor and look for the door with the skulls on it. Go
    through it and quickly shoot the zombie to the left. Walk further up
    and shoot the zombie to the left. Now go back to the library. Climb up
    and enter the room with the broken walkway. Quickly kill the two
    zombies and walk over to the Context Sensitive pad in the center of the
    room. Use the crossbow to kill the bats. Slowly walk across the rafters
    and get the key on the other side. Walk back across and then go to the
    library floor. Walk through the skull door and then run back to the
    main room avoiding the zombie there. Take the key to the door and
    that's number one. Take the path to the right in the main room and
    shoot the four zombies in the hallway. Continue into the dining room
    and jump on the table. Shoot all of the zombies and then enter the
    garden through a door in the back of the room. Deal with any zombies
    and run for the hedges. Jump on top of the hedges and shoot all of the
    zombies from safety. Grab the key from behind the statue and run back
    to the door. Two down, one to go. Run up the stairs and take the door
    to the right. Look for the ladder that appeared after you inserted the
    first key and jump over to it. Climb to the top and jump to the
    platform with the Chocolate. Refill your life and then look to the left
    wall from where you are standing. You should see the end of a bone
    switch. Helicoptery Tail over to it and pull it. A door should open
    here and on the floor to the right of the stairs. Head back downstairs
    and shoot the zombies to the right of the stairs. Enter the door that
    appeared on the side and grab the key. Haul butt past the zombies when
    you exit and insert the final key into the door. Success!! When you go
    to leave, Conker remembers the Bone Worms on the path. How to get past
    them you ask? Mr. Barrel of course. Jump on Mr. Barrel and head on down
    the path. There are some sharp turns so be careful. When you reach the
    bottom you'll reenter the graveyard. Go through it and back into the
    dock. Fall into the water while still on the barrel and head upstream.
    Go through the door at the top of the current and you'll get the cash
    that was in Hangover that you couldn't get before. Now leave Hangover
    and reenter Windy. Before you reenter, you're treated to a cutscene of
    the Sergeant trying to recruit people for the war. When it's over, walk
    up the pathway that leads to the Wasps Nest and jump over the barbed
    wire that is halfway up on the left. Enter the door behind it and
    Conker will enter the war zone.
    It's War
    As soon as you enter, an enemy submarine will shoot a plane out of the
    sky. When it crashes, the Sergeant will confront you about taking on a
    mission. After he finishes talking, go forward and take a right at the
    dock. Look for the ladder that goes down to the beach and go down it.
    The Sergeant will return and inform you that they need electricity.
    There is an electric eel in the water and some rings that you must go
    through. Dive into the water and avoid the eel. Get him to follow you
    and swim through the three rings attached to the chains. After you swim
    through all three, the eel will get knocked out and a Context Sensitive
    pad will appear on a platform. Now get out of the water and climb back
    to higher ground. Head back to the entrance and you'll see a ramp to
    the right of the door. In front of the entrance you'll see a metal box.
    Push it until it is in front of the ramp and then climb the ramp. Knock
    on the men's room door at the top and a little guy with TNT tied to his
    back comes out. Push him down the path and then push him to the left.
    If a box drops on your, he'll explode so watch out. Follow the boxes
    that are heading away from you and time yourself when going under the
    falling crates. When you reach the end, the little guy will sit down.
    Run back to the start and walk down the dock to the Context Sensitive
    pad at the end of it. Use the slingshot to fire at the TNT. When he
    lights, he'll explode and blow up part of the plane. Now go back and
    get another TNT Guy. This time push him to the right. Watch out for the
    Spider Mines. They will appear in this order. Bottom, bottom, top, top,
    bottom, top, bottom, top. When you reach the end, repeat the procedure
    from before and blow him up. Now the plane will be destroyed. Walk down
    the stairs to the boat. The Sarge will trick you into looking away and
    then punch you in the back, knocking you out. When you awaken, you'll
    be on a boat with a bunch of soldiers. Once you reach the shore, you'll
    be the only survivor of the massacre. Run around the fences while
    avoiding the gunfire. Once you reach the back, talk to the squirrel
    there and he'll tell you that Tediz are responsible for this. After he
    gets shot, press B to pull out your cigar and guns.
    Machine Guns Controls
    A Button: Manual Reload
    B Button: Put away or pull out guns
    C Left and C Right: Makes your guns strafe
    C Up and C Down: Makes Conker move forward and backward
    R Button: Enter aiming mode
    Z Button: Fire guns
    Shoot the lock off the door and enter. Inside, Conker will see Tediz
    hiding behind the crates. Walk up a little bit and try to stay near the
    crate. Start firing the second they come out and get them before they
    get you. Watch out for the one on top of the pile of crates to the
    left. Shoot them all and the door in the back opens with laser
    security. Crawl under the lasers and get the Chocolate on the other
    side. Follow the path and watch out for the Tediz hiding behind the
    boxes to the left. There is one behind the first box, two behind the
    second, and one around the corner to the right. Now get close to the
    lasers and shoot the Tedi that jumps onto the boxes. Put away your guns
    and Helicoptery Tail in the air. Wait until your low enough under the
    top laser and fly though the middle of them. Quickly pull out your guns
    and shoot the Tediz behind the box. Walk up slowly while keeping an eye
    on the hatch on the ceiling. When you get close enough, two Tediz will
    fall though it. Shoot them and then walk up towards the lasers. Shoot
    the Tedi that jumps on the box and then the two that fall though the
    hatch. Head around the corner and shoot the two Tediz that fall through
    the hatch and the one hiding behind the box. Run for the elevator and a
    cutscene will start with a bunch of those Spider Mines running after
    Conker. After barely escaping in the elevator, the next level starts.
    Fly over the first two lasers and quickly pull your guns out. Shoot the
    two Tediz; one hiding behind the box, and the other falls from a hatch.
    Fly over the next laser and then shoot the two Tediz hiding around the
    corner. Watch for the flamethrower on the left side. After he fires,
    quickly run by. Shoot the Tediz by the box and continue past two more
    flamethrowers. Shoot the four Tediz that come around the corner and
    you'll see a bunch of lasers. Shoot the Tedi that falls out of the
    hatch by the lasers and then sneak through. Fire at the Tediz by the
    box and go around the corner. You'll see another Flamethrower to the
    right. Wait until it fires and fly over the lasers. Watch out for the
    flamethrowers on the other side. Head to the end of the hall and pull
    your guns out so you can shoot the mob of Tediz that come around the
    corner. On the other side, shoot the Tedi that comes out of the hatch,
    and another that comes out of a hatch close to the lasers. Fly over the
    low lasers and walk under the high one to reach the exit. You'll enter
    what seems to be a hospital with evil Tediz as doctors. Pull out your
    guns and use your scope to shoot them from a distance. Run to the far
    right corner of the room and you'll find a squirrel in an electric
    chair. He'll ask for your help getting out and ask you to pull one of
    the switches. Conker doesn't know which one it is, but pull either one,
    they do the same thing. After the poor guy gets shocked, pull the other
    switch to open the door. Inside the next room is a Tedi armed with a
    turret gun. Hide behind a bunch of boxes until he finishes a clip and
    then run for the next one. When you get to the last set, wait until he
    finishes firing and run for the pipe on the right wall and hide behind
    it. After he's done shooting, quickly climb the rope and hide behind
    the pipe again. After this clip, run to the Context Sensitive pad and
    pull out a bazooka. Quickly shoot the Tedi before he can shoot you.
    Climb back down and jump into the turret.
    Turret Controls
    Control Stick Left and Right: Move crosshairs
    A Button: Get in or out of turret
    B Button: Reload gun
    C Up and C Down Buttons: Zoom in or out
    Z Button: Fire turret
    There are two rooms that Tediz come out of. First the come out of the
    right one. Shoot all of them and then they come out of the left one.
    Shoot all of them and then you get a combo with them coming out of both
    rooms. After you kill them all, a door will open. Enter the room and
    you'll see a blueprint and a Spider Mine construction line. Exit
    through the door and you'll find a line up of Tediz getting ready to
    execute a squirrel. They'll fail thanks to the squirrels armor. Quickly
    fire at the Tediz and take them out. Watch out though because one of
    them throws bombs. After you save him, the squirrel, who happens to be
    named Rodent, will offer to be your shield. Head to the pathway to the
    right and watch out for the bombs. After some bombs, a Spider Mine will
    charge you. They come after the first, third, and fifth mines. You then
    will come to an area with a large lock on a door and bullets coming
    from everywhere. Rodent will go ahead as you unlock the door. Jump into
    the water and find the Context Sensitive pad. Use it to pull out your
    bazooka and shoot the four lights surrounding the lock to make it fall
    off. Enter the door and you'll find a Class 22 Tank waiting for you.
    Tank Controls
    Control Stick Left and Right: Rotate tank left and right
    Control Stick Up and Down: Move the tank forward and backward
    A Button: Get out of the tank
    C Left and C Right: Move the turret left and right
    C Up and C Down: Move the turret up and down
    R Button: Enter aiming mode
    Z Button: Fire
    Jump in the tank with Rodent and look for the door with the chemical
    symbol on it. Fire a missile to open the door. Jump out of the tank an
    go in. Fall down to the lower level and fly over the chemical pool.
    Quickly jump back over to avoid the Spider Mine. Do the same with the
    next two pools and you'll find a switch at the end. Flip it and the
    chemicals will start to rise. The only thing to do here is to haul butt
    out of here. Don't fly over the chemicals, just jump. Back outside
    reenter the tank and go through the newly opened door. In this area
    there is a turret slowly moving in circles. You must shoot the base of
    it to take it out. To get close enough, you must anvil drop the bridges
    so you can drive across. Move up to the first one and watch the turret
    until it is away from you. Quickly jump out, fly over to the other
    side, climb the bridge and press B when the light bulb appears. Quickly
    jump in your tank and run over the Tediz. When you get to the next
    bridge, repeat what you did before. Knock all three bridges down, and
    squash all of the Tediz. Now go around the entire path and shoot out
    all of the yellow and black tower supports to make the turret fall. Go
    to the end of the path and get out of the tank. Cross the tree and jump
    down the hole. At the bottom, go straight ahead to find a little girl
    trapped. Talk to her and you'll find about the submarines surrounding
    your and their ballistic missiles. (This girl sure knows a lot for a
    kid!) Conker ever the greedy fellow he is hopes to get some cash out of
    this mess. Run around to the three Context Sensitive pads on the edges
    of the ground. Look for one that has a sub near it. Use the bazooka on
    the pads to shoot the subs. If one shoots a missile while you are on
    the pad, quickly move and go back. The first one will only have waves
    of one sub, but the other two pads will have waves of two subs. After
    you destroy them all, head back to the little girl. When you approach,
    the tank will fall down to your area. After a spoof of the Exorcist, it
    turns out that the "little girl" is the hand of a giant robot Tedi. Run
    for the tank and watch out for his sawblade attack. One hit and you're
    goners. Jump in the tank and haul butt for the closest shelter. Now the
    Tedi will pull out his mini-guns. You can see the boss through the
    shelter while you are in it, so aim your barrel and level it with the
    guns. When he stops to reload, quickly pop out and fire a shot. You
    must knock both guns off this way. Start with the right gun and then
    the left one. Now aim and knock the girl off the Tedi's arm. When the
    Tedi turns its back to you, fire a missile into the hatch on its back
    to open it, and then fire again to injure it. Now for its second
    attack, the Tedi will use a Magneto Laser. It attacks nonstop but is
    very slow. Do the same as before, quickly move out of the shelter and
    fire a missile. Knock both guns off and then aim and shoot the little
    girl off again. Once more, fire a missile into the hatch on the Tedi's
    back. Now the Tedi will pull out missile launchers. Each arm fires four
    missiles. After a barrage of missiles, blow one of the launchers off.
    After both ones are gone, shoot the girl off and fire a missile into
    the bosses back to win. Now that little brat will hit a self destruct
    button. You get 4 minutes and 30 seconds to get the heck out of here.
    Run and jump in the whole that appears. You'll need to run past lasers
    and battle Tediz to get out of here. For the first lasers, crawl under
    the first two and jump over the last one. Now crawl under the diagonal
    ones. For the second set, fly between the first and second ones. Jump
    on the box and fall between the third set. Fly through the middle ones
    and get your guns ready for the two Tediz around the corner. For the
    fourth set, crawl between them on the box. Shoot the Tedi around the
    corner. This set of lasers is tricky to get past without getting shot.
    Jump on the box and crawl diagonally to the left falling under the
    lasers. Just crawl under the last set. When you head for the exit, blue
    lasers will appear in the doorway. Turn around and you'll be attacked
    by Tediz. Try to pull out your guns and you'll get a Bazooka instead.
    Kill all of the Tediz to escape. Now you'll be out on the beach. Head
    around the fence and shoot the Tedi to your right. Now walk up close to
    the wall and wait for the next Tedi to come from behind the wall and
    shoot him. Quickly move your scope to the left and shoot another Tedi.
    When you run past the next part of the fence, quickly shoot the Tedi
    straight behind the barrier and jump behind the barrier. Use your scope
    to shoot the Tedi down the beach from under the barrier. Quickly run
    down to the next barrier and three Tediz will pop up. Use your scope to
    shoot the one to the right from safety and wait until the other two
    blow the barrier up and kill themselves. Now run for the boat and enjoy
    the cutscene. After the cutscene is over, run up the stairs and head
    back to Windy.
    Once you're back at Windy, you'll find that the landscape has been
    trashed. Head for the mountain path up to the windmill. You'll find
    that Rodent survived the explosion and that the windmill has
    disappeared. After the cutscene, climb down the passage where the
    windmill was. Enter the door and run to the area with the bridge to
    once again find yourself doing business with the Weasel Mob Boss. Since
    your job with the Cavemen put him out of business, he needs you and
    Berri to break into the Feral Reserve Bank for him. After Conker gets
    his cool new threads, head to the entrance to the bank. After the
    cutscene, follow Berri to the next room. Now here comes the cool Matrix
    spoof that everyone loves. Once the weasels come out, stand behind a
    post and a light bulb will appear. Press B and Conker will float
    through the air in slow motion and your bullets will have some cool
    effects. Shoot the weasels quickly and another wave will come. Go
    through all of the weasels until you get all the way to the door. Enter
    to go to the next area. Conker and Berri come to the vault room with an
    advanced laser security system. Berri will use a device to shut the
    lasers down and open the vault. Enter the vault and head all of the way
    inside. Inside the vault is Conker's dream come true: lots and lots of
    cash. Whack three of them with your frying pan and pocket them and the
    computer will take care of the rest. Conker's finally a millionaire,
    WOOHOO!!!! Berri hates to stop the celebrating, but the Panther King is
    lowering into the vault. It turns out that the Weasel was on the
    Panther King's payroll. The Panther King will order the Weasel to take
    care of Berri and he will shoot her. Now the Professor comes out and
    the real fun starts. It seems that an alien egg is inside the Panther
    King and it is hatching. Heinrich the Alien will pop out and the
    Professor will rant. Once the cutscene is over, run to the switch below
    where the Panther King is and pull it. An airlock will open and pull
    everything out but you and the alien. A door will also open with battle
    armor inside. Jump in and the final battle begins.
    Battle Suit Controls
    Control Stick: Move around
    A: Use Boosters
    B: Punch
    Z: Block
    Run up to the alien and fly over his tail attack. Quickly hit him with
    a barrage of punches until he falls. Run around to his tail and grab
    him. Move the stick in a circle pattern slowly and swing the alien
    around. Throw him at the door and he'll be pulled out. After jumping
    back in run at him again. Do the same as before flying over him. Wait
    until he jumps across the room, then fly over his tail attack again.
    Punch him until he falls and throw him out the door again. Once more
    he'll jump in. You'll have to be good this time. Dodge his tail attack
    and wait till he jumps. Jump his attack a couple more times and drop
    him with punches. Now throw him out the last time and enjoy the final
    cutscene. Congratulations. The Bad Fur Day is over and Conker is King!
    IV.   Cheats codes
    WELLYTOP: Unlock Conker in multiplayer.
    EASTEREGGSRUS: Unlock Neo Conker in multiplayer.
    SPUNKJOCKEY: Matrix Mode.
    CHINDITVICTORY: Unlock Weasel Henchmen in multiplayer.
    EATBOX: Unlock Ugas in multiplayer.
    BEEFCURTAINS: Unlock Zombies and Villagers in multiplayer.
    RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE: Unlock Tediz and Squirrel Leaders in multiplayer.
    BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT: Unlock Gregg The Grim Reaper and Naked Gregg in
    DUTCHOVENS: Makes the frying pan available in Race.
    PRINCEALBERT: Unlock Chapter 3: Barn Boys
    CLAMPIRATE: Unlock Chapter 4: Bats Tower
    ANCHOVYBAY: Unlock Chapter 5: Sloprano
    MONKEYSCHIN: Unlock Chapter 6: Uga Buga
    SPANIELSEARS: Unlock Chapter 7: Spooky
    BEELZEBUBSBUM: Unlock Chapter 8: It's War!
    CHOCOLATESTARFISH: Unlock Chapter 9: Heist
    WELDERSBENCH: Unlock All Chapters
    V. Characters (FROM THE MANUAL)
    When he was young, Conker's parents always told him, "If you want to get
    anywhere in life, don't touch alcohol, don't be materialistic, and never, ever
    urinate in a public place." Conker's parents are - to say the least - a bit
    The first time Conker introduced Berri to his mates at the bar, everyone
    thought that they made an unlikely couple.  Whereas Conker is short, impatient
    and cute, Berri is tall, impatient and cute.  They all agreed: "It'll end in
    He's usually drunk, but nevertheless, a wealth of knowledge is to be had from
    this slightly unsavory character.  If you ever see a scarecrow looking unsteady
    on his post, it's probably Beardy, err...Birdy!
    The Fabled Panther King
    It is said that over three hundred years ago, the great Milk Wars raged between
    the Weasel King and the oldest known race of squirrels, the Kulas of Conk.  The
    Panther King came to power when he betrayed the Kulas - banishing them to The
    Dark Place - and chopped off the legs of the Weasel King.  It is unknown
    whether or not any of this actually happened, but it makes for a good story to
    scare naughty little squirrels.
    The Beast of Poo Mountain
    This local horror story started several years ago when a dung beetle named
    Tezza mysteriously disappeared during a tea break.  The story goes that one
    minute he was sipping away quite contentedly, and the next, a few ripples on
    the surface of the sewage were the only indication that he had been there at
    The Evil Tediz
    The first use of teddy bears as weapons of war seems to stem way back to the
    early years of the Milk Wars.  They proved deeply ineffective, as their
    stuffing was flammable and their button-like eyes kept falling out.  But now it
    appears the Tediz are back, only this time much stronger and in greater numbers.
    Gregg the Grim Reaper
    You'll first meet Gregg when you die for the first time.  This is when he'll
    explain how the tails (lives) work, and such.  The next time you meet him will
    be in Chapter 8, when he equips you with a shotgun and opens the door to the
    path of the mansion.  He's rather short and hates cats, but hates the undead
    even more so. [Not from the manual.]
    VI.               MULTI
    The race is basically two race tracks (A and B) that you can choose from where
    you race against 2-4 players (human or computer) on hoverboards through
    lava-filled areas.  In the Set-up menu, you can select how many laps you want
    to race (1-20), the AI difficulty (Inbred-Einstein) and how many players there
    will be.  When you start the actual race, you can select what type of character
    you want as well as how many computer racers will be in the race (1-7) then the
    race will begin.
    Throughout the race, you'll notice several power-ups lying around.  There are
    two types of power-ups in this race: weapons and boosts.  A weapon looks like a
    small missile and when used, will hone in on one of your opponents, knocking
    him off his board.  The boosts look like small jetpacks and when used, will
    give you an extra burst of speed.  It would be best to use these when not in a
    confined area, otherwise you'll most likely crash.  If you get close to your
    opponent, press B to whack him off his board.
    The difference between Race A and Race B is that one has the right path open
    and the other has the left path open.  Other than that, the races are identical
    and the same power-ups are located in both.  The goal of this game is to place
    first, naturally.  If it's too easy for you, try increasing the number of laps,
    adding more opponents and changing the AI's difficulty.
    Total War
    The overall goal if this game is to kill off as many of your opponents as you
    can within the set victory condition.  The team with the most kills after the
    victory condition limit is over wins.  Basically, you'll be in a large
    fortress, Tediz on one side, Squirrels on the other.  Each team has their own
    chemical canister, which can be used against them if fallen into enemy hands.
    Due to this, aside from manually killing off opponents as you see them, you can
    go to your enemy's side of the fortress, steal their chemical canister and drop
    it into the vent in the center of the fortress, killing off one of your
    If, by chance, the enemy captures your canister, just stay put unless you are
    absolutely positive you can pick them off before they get to the vent in the
    center of the room.  If not, just stay near the gas masks on the upper level of
    your fortress and be ready to use them once the cansiter breaks.  Doing so will
    save your life.  You can alter several different victory conditions and
    difficulty levels in this game if it's too easy for you.
    There are two types of War multiplayer games: colors and total war.  The colors
    part is more of a "capture the flag" game than anything.  Basically, you can
    select who you want to play as (Tediz or Squirrels) and you go from your base
    over to the enemy's base and capture their flag then return it to your base
    while avoiding oncoming fire from the enemy.  Aside from this, you must also
    guard your flag to ensure the enemy doesn't get hold of it.  You'll notice some
    new weapons in this multiplayer game that you didn't have in the single player
    To get the enemy's flag, first exit your base (pick up a weapon before leaving,
    preferabbly one that's easy to fire at oncoming enemies) then follow the main
    path which leads to the enemy's base.  If you run into your opponent, blast
    them away before they can reach your base, then continue on your way.  Once you
    reach the opponent's base, climb up to the top (where the machine gun is) then
    take the left path up to find an opening to the right.  Follow this path down,
    collect the katana and you'll find the flag straight ahead.
    Drop down from where you are (don't worry about injuring yourself) and run as
    fast as you can back to your base to place it in the center stand.  To defend
    against your enemies, you can either use the three death holes (machine gun,
    sniper, bazooka) in either base (be careful when using the enemy's weapon, as
    they may catch you and knock you dead) and pick off any and all of your
    opponents, whether they have your flag or not.  Obviously, the team with the
    most flags at the end of the time limit you specified wins.  Try altering the
    AI difficulties for more challenge.
    When you first start this game, the concept is for you and the three other
    weasels to all work together and rob the Feral Reserve Bank.  However, the
    other weasels are out to impress the big boss, meaning they'll do whatever they
    can to get the most money from the vault, even if it means death for you.
    Naturally, you are to have the same attitude towards the others.  The cash bag
    will always appear in the center of the vault room, so make your way there when
    you start.  The cash bag is the white dot on your radar (if you have it turned
    on) so keep an eye on that.
    If you run into one of the other weasels, you can either use your default
    weapon (baseball bat) or if you've picked up a weapon along the way, you can
    use that against them.  Whether they have the money bag in their hand or not,
    it's always a good idea to knock them out before they get a chance to snag the
    cash.  Once you have posession of the cash bag, run it back to your vault while
    avoiding the other money-hungry weasels.  When the cash bag icon flashes on the
    top of the screen, it means one of the weasels has possesion of it.
    Press B to drop the sack of cash if necessary (i.e. if the other weasels are
    attacking you and you can't escape.)  However, when you drop the sack of cash,
    it hops its way back to the center vault room, so take care of your opponents
    quickly then re-snag the cash.  The player with the most money at the end of
    the set victory condition wins.
    If you choose to play as the Frenchies, your main goal is to escape the Tediz
    line of fire and make it to the truck under the Tediz base to escape into
    Paris.  The easiest way to do this is to jump and run as quickly as possible
    throughout the entire trip across the beach.  You can also use the speed
    capsules scattered around the area, which will give you a boost in speed for a
    limited time.  If you're feeling lucky, use the TNT plungers to blast the enemy
    Tediz.  If you rescue more Frenchies than the Tediz kill, you'll be the winner.
    You also gain an extra Frenchie if you blast a Tediz.
    Evil Tediz
    If you're playing as the Tediz, you have one goal, and one goal only: destroy
    the Frenchies before they escape to Paris.  Use the turret gun, the sniper
    rifle and the bazooka to blast away any and all oncoming Frenchies and make
    sure you kill them before they escape or blast you to your death.  It may be
    difficult to see where the Frenchies are, but if you look on the bridge, down
    the central path and on the sides, you'll surely find them all.
    The Ugas are hungry and the only food worth eating is the dinosaur eggs.  You
    have two goals here as an Uga: staying alive and stealing eggs.  You can use
    throwing knives, bombs, your bone (default weapon) and a crossbow to destroy
    the oncoming raptors, but it'll be pretty tough.  The raptors are not only fast
    but can kill you with one bite, so make sure you take care of them before they
    do the same to you.  For each raptor you kill, you get 1 point, for each egg
    you steal/fry, you get 3 points.
    Mama Raptors
    The raptors have it easy, really.  They can kill with one chomp, can run at the
    same speed as the Ugas and have an advantage in size against the Ugas.  You
    have to main goals as a raptor: protect the eggs and feed your baby raptor.
    The easiest way to win here is to just stay close to the nest and wait for the
    Ugas to approach, then take them out, one by one as they come and carry them
    back to the nest for your baby to eat.  For each Uga you kill, you get a point
    plus you get another point for feeding the Uga to your baby.
    For this one, the goal is to destroy all enemy tanks while staying alive at the
    same time.  Use your turret gun to seek out and destroy any oncoming tanks and
    make sure you get the chemical canister before they do.  Whoever has the
    canister in their possession basically holds the enemies' lives in their hands.
    If you have the cansiter, take it back to your base and stay there to ensure
    you're not affected by the gaseous air it emits.  Any tanks outside when the
    canister explodes will be destroyed.
    For each tank you destroy (either using the canister or your turret gun) you
    get 1 point.  If the enemy gets the canister, rush back to your base and stay
    there until they use it, ensuring you'll be safe.  At the top of the screen,
    you can see how many kills you've made and what place you're in when compared
    with the number of kills by the enemy.  Around the area are also some power-ups
    that enhance your tank.  You can use the shield to reduce damage (when your
    tank flashes blue, the shield is on) but it only lasts for a limited time.
    The boost power-up allows you to equip rocket boosters to the back of your
    tank.  Press A to use them and watch the meter on the top-right corner of the
    screen to see how much power you have left.  The telescopic sight power-up adds
    a sight to your tank's turret gun, allowing easier aiming at the enemy.  Use
    the C-Right and C-Left buttons to zoom in and out when you have the telescopic
    sight equipped.  The final power-up is the high-velocity turret power-up.
    Basically, it adds range onto your shots to make them travel farther.
    This is the multiplayer option with the death skull on it.  Basically, it's an
    all out shoot-fest, every creature for itself.  You have access to all the
    weapons in this mode and you also have five different levels to choose from
    (Colors, Total War, Bunker, Temple and The Vault.)  For those familiar with
    Goldeneye's multiplayer mode, this is pretty much identical to it as far as
    concept goes.  Kill any other person (other than yourself) whenever you see
    them and the person who kills the most, wins.
    You can see how many kills you've made at the top of the screen as well as what
    place you're in next to that in parentheses.  In the Bunker level, you also
    have access to some extended aids in war.  Use the fire switch to torch each
    side of the switch from ceiling to floor, burning anything that walks through.
    You can also use the electricity switch to electrify the entire room below it,
    zapping any enemies walking on it once you step on it.  This multiplayer game
    is great for 4-players, but it's also pretty fun playing solo as well
      Thanks for reading
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