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"Oh... My... GOD! It's a South Park 64 that doesn't suck!"

OK here... let's see... what makes Conker's BFD so good? Well, besides the crude humor and South Park/TV Funhouse-ish-ness of the context, everything else is also PERFECT-A-MUNDO! Hehe.

Graphics : 10

The best graphics for the N64, with no expansion pak required. Suttle lighting effects, a facial-motion system, great environments and characters, and good looking poo. Not only all this, but everything blends well together as well. Nothing is ever really out of place unless it's supposed to be, and you can always tell what something is supposed to be. The splattering engine (For blood, water, etc.) is probably the best I've seen in any game EVER. If someone can find a better looking N64 game than this, I'll eat my shoe with my sock and foot still inside.

Sound : 10

Another WOW. Every simgle bit of text (except menus and some thoughts) are fully spoken by a cast of brilliant and funny voice actors. (There's 2 voice actors, total, I think. :) ) The music is perfectly made for the situations they are in and often funny. (The multi-speaker fart noises? Fabulously funny!) If you can find a better sounding N64 game, I'll eat my hand while it's holding a lead bar.

Gameplay : 10

Here's what truly counts. Some people look at the humor and instantly hate the game, without giving it a second thought. Fools. This is probably the most fun you'll ever have on your N64! The crude humor adds to the fun of the game by actually existing in the gameplay! TP throwing, poo rolling, Tediz blasting, etc. The list goes on and on, thanks to the B-pads. These buttons give you a special ability or item whenever you press 'B'. Simple, yet effective. Fun, too. Not only is it original, but the entire game is so fun that you'll play it again just to reexperience the fun! The multiplayer modes are more fun than 3 barrels of monkeys, too. (OK, OK. 2 1/2.) I could go on and on and on and on about the gameplay. I would, too. But that would get really boring. To put it bluntly, if you can find a more fun N64 game, I'll eat my hat with fresh lice inside! (Note - I do not have lice. It's an exaggeration, people. :o) )

Replay Value : 10

What else can I say? I play it a lot, just to relive the funnier and funner moments! If you can find me an N64 game that's more fun to come back to (except the 2 Zelda games), I'll eat my cat while it's in the litterbox!

'Nuff said.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/18/01, Updated 03/18/01

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