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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BigJohnBoy 1

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        ***-----DIDDY KONG RACING - NINTENDO 64 GAME FAQ-----***
    The author for this FAQ is John Kelly, or 'BigJohnBoy 1' which
    is my GameFAQs.com handle. This FAQ is my property, and my
    property alone, and anyone wishing to use it on their site is
    to E - Mail me at The_Siberian_Axeman@hotmail.com for permission.
    Version 1.4 - March 5th 2005
    - Just stumbled across this in My Documents. Must. Finish!
    Version 1.3  - December 21st 2004
    - Work continues on the adventure mode. So boring!
    Version 1.2 - December 5th 2004
    - I actually continued work on this piece after over a years hiatus!
    Version 1.1 - October 24th 2003.
    - I started to write the Adventure 1 walkthrough.
    - Made a couple of minor alterations to the layout.
    Version 1.0 - October 23rd 2003.
    - I started to write this FAQ.
    Table Of Contents. (to skip to the correct section, hit Ctrl + F and
    tap in the little code that starts with 'BJB...'
    1.) Story (BJB001)
    2.) Characters (BJB002)
    	2a.) Racing Characters (BJB003)
    	2b.) Other Characters (BJB004)
    3.) Vehicles (BJB005)
    4.) Game Controls (BJB006)
    5.) Track Listing (BJB007)
    6.) Items (BJB008)
    7.) Game Walkthrough (BJB009)
    8.) Game Secrets & Cheats (BJB010)
    9.) FAQ Credits & Legalities (BJB011)
    Before I get into the FAQ itself, I just want to write a
    little about this game.
    It was developed by Rareware, a company based in Twycross,
    in England and was published by Nintendo. The game was released
    in 1997 around Christmas time. As an interesting side note,
    this was around the same time as much acclaimed Goldeneye 007 was
    released, which was also developed by Rareware.
                   S E C T I O N   1   -   S T O R Y
    The game is set on an island that is owned by the parents of
    Timber The Tiger. When Timber's parents go away on vacation, the
    evil and revered Wizpig makes his move to takeover the peaceful
    island habitat, and in doing so casts an evil spell over the
    islands secret racing tracks.
    So, in desperation, Timber contacts the tracks guardian, TT and
    asks him his opinion, and then invites his friends over in an
    attempt to rid the curse from the secret tracks by winning races on
               S E C T I O N   2   -   C H A R A C T E R S
    Now, I'm going to split this section into two halves, due to
    the fact that there are different types of characters in this game,
    'Racing', and 'Non-Racing', so here they are...
        S E C T I O N   2a   -   R A C I N G   C H A R A C T E R S
    These are the characters that you can control in a race.
    1 - DIDDY KONG
    This cheeky chimp who made his name in the Rareware devloped
    'Donkey Kong Country' games has his own starring role in this
    game. He is perfect for the beginner racer.
    Acceleration - Okay
    Top Speed - Okay
    Handling - Okay
    2 - Conker
    Conker the squirrel is in this game in his innocent, cheeky
    incarnate. Not as the foul mouthed, drunk incarnation from
    'Conkers Bad Fur Day' later released near the end of the
    Nintendo 64s lifespan.
    Acceleration - Okay
    Top Speed - Okay
    Handling - Okay
    3 - Tiptup
    This was the first time we ever met Tiptup the Turtle. However,
    he wasn't off our TV screens for too long as he played a cameo
    role in the 'Banjo - Kazooie' series as a band leader.
    Acceleration - Excellent
    Top Speed - Not Bad
    Handling - Good
    4 - Pipsy
    This was to be the first and last time we met Pipsy the mouse.
    She has a very high pitched voice that would even make a dogs
    ears bleed.
    Acceleration - Excellent
    Top Speed - Not bad
    Handling - Good.
    5 - Bumper
    Bumper the badger was the animal equivalent of Biggles. By
    which I mean wearing flying goggles and the yellow cap.
    Acceleration - Below Par
    Top Speed - Good
    Handling - Below Par
    6 - Timber
    Timber the Tiger is the offspring of the people who own the
    island. It is Timber who contacted all of the other animals
    and invited them over for races.
    Acceleration - Below Par
    Top Speed - Good
    Handling - Below Par
    7 - Banjo
    Banjo the Bear really needs no introduction, the star of two
    Nintendo 64 games and a Game Boy Advance game, he really is
    a star in his own right.
    Acceleration - Poor
    Top Speed - Excellent
    Handling - Poor
    8 - Krunch
    Krunch is a Kremling from the 'Donkey Kong Country' series.
    The Kremlings are ruled by King K. Rool, and often invade the
    jungle where Diddy lives with his relatives Donkey Kong et al.
    Acceleration - Poor
    Top Speed - Excellent
    Handling - Poor
    Also in this game, there are two secret characters for you to
    take control of too. They are kind of easy to access, but for
    those of you who want the low down on them, here you go...
    9 - Drumstick
    Drumstick the Chicken is a country style hick of an animal, who
    likes nothing better than to hop in his plane and take it for
    a spin.
    To obtain Drumstick, towards the latter stage of the game, you must
    look out for a frog near the shore in the main 'hub' area, that has
    a red, rubber glove on its head, to make it look like a rooster. If
    you run over it, you can select Drumstick at the Character menu.
    Acceleration - Not Bad
    Top Speed - Excellent
    Handling - Not Bad
    10 - TT
    The guardian of all the tracks on the island, TT was there
    every step of the way to help Diddy and friends rid the evil
    of Wizpig.
    To obtain TT, you must beat his ghost on all tracks in Time Trial mode.
    This can be quite daunting to the newbie gamer, but just remember the
    button tapping trick that's listed in the controls section above,
    and you cannot fail :)
    Acceleration - Good
    Top Speed - Excellent
    Handling - Good
      S E C T I O N   2b   -   N O N   R A C I N G   C H A R A C T E R S
    This list is a rundown of characters that appear in the game, but
    aren't playable.
    1 - Taj
    Taj is the guardian of the island. He is a purple elephant who
    dresses in an Indian style and rides around on a magic carpet.
    When a race is won, it is Taj who presents you with your prize,
    a Golden Balloon.
    2 - Wizpig
    Wizpig is the tyrant who tries to take over the island in the game.
    Only you, the gamer can stop him.
                  S E C T I O N   3   -   V E H I C L E S
    As you may or may well not know, Diddy Kong Racing has THREE seperate
    modes of transport at your disposal, the CART, the HOVERCRAFT and the
    Now, each of these vehicles handles in its own way. Let me list a few
    types of examples below...
    - Good road traction
    - Handles well
    - Can jump slightly
    - Can perform 180 degree turns
    - Can barrell roll to avoid obstacles
    - Can change altitude
            S E C T I O N   4   -   G A M E    C O N T R O L S
    *3D Analogue Control Stick* - Move the vehicle that you are controlling.
    *Digital Pad* - n/a.
    *A Button* - Accelerate. (*TIP!* Tap this button furiously during the race
                              to get an additional speed boost of upto 30kph!)
    *B Button* - Brake (Press whilst holding down on the Analogue Stick
                        to reverse.)
    *C Left* - n/a.
    *C Right* - Toggle Course Map and Speedometer.
    *C Up* - Change camera view.
    *C Down* - Toggle Course Help on / off (For example arrows telling you
                                            which way the corner turns etc.)
    *L Trigger* - n/a
    *R Trigger* - CART - Power Slide.
                  HOVER - Jump.
                  AEROPLANE - Double tap for do loop the loop.
                              Double tap and hold left or right on the stick
                              to barrell roll.
    (Hold with the B Button to do a sharp turn.)
    *Z Button* - Beep horn or when applicable, use weapon / power up.
    *Start Button* - Pause game / unpause game / confirm option.
           S E C T I O N   5   -   T R A C K   L I S T I N G
    The tracks on this game are split up into different 'worlds' or 'zones'.
    In this part of the FAQ I shall list each zone with each track inside
    that zone listed too. Also there shall be a brief description of the
    track too.
                       ***World 1 - Dino Domain***
    Track 1 - Ancient Lake
    This is a fast and easy track for the beginner to learn on. The track
    looks rather like a mirrored letter 'B'.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 2 - Fossil Canyon
    This again is a fast track wiht a nice, long home straight, but it has a
    couple of sharp, nasty corners that could catch the newbie unawares.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 3 - Jungle Falls
    A nice open, oval shaped track with lots of room for overtaking and
    powersliding. A newbie to the game could misjudge the bridge over
    the small river just before the tunnell entrance.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 4 - Hot Top Volcano
    The first track you encounter where you must use an aeroplane rather than
    the standard cart. Can be daunting for newbies, but is in all, a nice
    introduction to the aeroplane.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Aeroplane
    A spiral race, where the objective is to beat Dino King to the top
    of the mountain.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
                 ***World 2 - Snowflake Mountain***
    Track 1 - Everfrost Peak
    A horrible track, probably contender for worst track in the game.
    Raced in an aeroplane normally, to the newbie, this could pose a
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Aeroplane
    Track 2 - Walrus Cove
    A good track, with quite a tricky finale comprising of mini jumps
    over a lake of ice, be careful how you go!
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 3 - Snowball Valley
    A track where the first thing you must do is choose which way to go,
    left or right. A great middle section to the track sees you hurtling
    through a large open area whilst avoiding large, rolling snowballs
    that are trying to squash you.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 4 - Frosy Village
    A hard, yet stunning track. Lots of character and lots of tarmac too
    makes this probably the longest track on the game
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    An easy track without laps, purely consists of getting from
    point 'A' to point 'B' before the Walrus (Kind of like the Dino
    King race)
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Hover
                  ***World 3 - Sherbert Island***
    Track 1 - Whale Bay
    The first Hover Craft course with nice visuals. A very wide course
    with lots of opportunities for mid race weapon exchanges.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Hover
    Track 2 - Pirate Lagoon
    An absolute dog of a track, also has contention for worst track of
    the game.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Hover
    Track 3 - Crescent Island
    A track with lots and lots of power-ups and zippers.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 4 - Treasure Caves
    A short, fast track with a few zippers, but be careful not to drive
    into the murky waters when you enter the caves.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    A circular track with lots of obstacles make it tough for the
    newbie gamer.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Hover
                    ***World 4 - Dragon Forest***
    Track 1 - Windmill Plains
    Another aeroplane track, this course temps you to put the
    race on the line by just basically begging you to fly through
    the tiny holes on the windmills.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Aeroplane
    Track 2 - Boulder Canyon
    A long track that is raced in the hovercraft. To annoy friends
    or to just simply gain a bigger advantage over the competitors,
    just drive through the bell to raise the drawbridge.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Hover
    Track 3 - Greenwood Village
    A super massive track which poses a great challenge to gamers
    even to this day.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 4 - Haunted Woods
    A small, compact course with what could be the most frantic
    finish line battles on the whole game.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    A large, twisty track, but it's the dragon fireballs that
    will ruin your day.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Aeroplane
               ***World 5 - Future Fun Land***
    Track 1 - Spacedust Alley
    A BIG track with a BIG shortcut.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Aeroplane
    Track 2 - Darkmoon Caverns
    Another big track, but this baby packs two loops the loops.
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Track 3 - Spaceport Alpha
    The track seems to borrow a big chunk from the 'Death Star Trench Run'
    scene from 'Star Wars'. You'll know the part I'm speaking of when you
    come across it!
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Aeroplane
    Track 4 - Star City
    Small, frantic track that's often acclaimed by gamers as the best
    track on the game. Who am I to disagree with them?
    *Normal Race Vehicle* - Cart
    Now, there are a couple more tracks, but I'll divulge them later on
    in the actual FAQ.
                    S E C T I O N   6   -   I T E M S
    There are many different kinds of items that can be collected
    in this game.
    First off there are the balloons that you see strwen around the
    track during a race, (but not in Time Trials) inside these various
    coloured balloons are specific items, if you collect
    more than one balloon, you get a better version of the weapon you
    previously had. These are listed below...
    Red Balloon X 1 - Missile.
    Red Balloon X 2 - Homing Missile
    Red Balloon X 3 - Ten Normal Missiles
    Blue Balloon X 1 - Speed Boost
    Blue Balloon X 2 - Larger Speed Boost
    Blue Balloon X 3 - Super Speed Boost
    Green Balloon X 1 - Oil Slick
    Green Balloon X 2 - Land Mine
    Green Balloon X 3 - Bubble Trap
    Yellow Balloon X 1 - Shield
    Yellow Balloon X 2 - Advanced Shield
    Yellow Balloon X 3 - Super Shield
    Multicoloured Balloon X 1 - Magnet
    Multicoloured Balloon X 2 - Advanced Magnet
    Multicoloured Balloon X 3 - Super Magnet
    Now also there are other items in this game that help you progress
    through the game itself. These are listed below...
    Gold Balloon:
    These items are awarded to you by Taj at
    the end of every race that you finish in first place. Also,
    these items are known to float around in the main 'hub' area
    of the game too...
    Gold Keys:
    There are 4 big Gold Keys hidden in a track in each of the
    four main worlds. When a key is found, it opens a large door
    in the main room in the 'world' you are in, where you partake
    in a challenge in an attempt to win a piece of the TT AMULET...
    TT Amulet:
    When you complete the TT Amulet it opens the door to the
    final Wizpig race in the 'Future Funland' world.
    Wizpig Amulet:
    Awarded to you when you beat the boss of a world for the second
    Only achieved after you win the trophy races. You must win all 4
    trophy races in order to access Future Fun Land.
            S E C T I O N   7   -   W A L K T H R O U G H
    Okay, now for those who are wondering what Adventure mode is, it's
    basically like a story mode for the game. That's all.
    Alright, when you start your 'Adventure 1' game, a cutscene will be
    triggered with Taj greeting you in the middle of the main 'Hub' area,on
    a pad with his face on it. As soon as it has finished and you can control
    your character, beep your horn using the 'Z Button', this will
    summon Taj.
    When Taj asks you what you want, select to change your vehicle to
    an AEROPLANE. Now, in your flashy new plane, you shall set off around
    the island in search of four hidden Golden Ballons. The first one is
    on a ledge up high basically facing you. It should be visible
    from the Taj area. When you have collected that ballon, fly through the
    big arch way towards the lighthouse.
    Turn dead left at the lighthouse so that you are flying to the lefthand-
    most wall out at sea. You should see another balloon. Grab it.
    Now, double back on yourself so that you see the big wooden log tunnel,
    now fly to the right of it, and next to it, behind two trees is a
    third balloon. Now go back to the Taj area and summon Taj to change
    your vehicle to the CART. Now drive up the big yellow bridge in front
    of you to get the last balloon, and also to enter the first World.
                           ---DINO DOMAIN---
    As soon as you enter Dino Domain you should head for Ancient Lake, this
    is the first and easiest track on the game.
    As soon at the race starts instead of taking the first turn drive onto
    the grass and grab the Gold Key that sits on the small ramp. This
    will open the challenge level. Now just continue the race as per normal.
    When you win the race and collect your balloon, a small cutscene will
    commence showing the key you collected opening a large door. Ignore that
    door for the time being and head into Fossill Canyon.
    When you are done with Fossill Canyon, go to Jungle Falls, and then when you
    have won in Jungle Falls, go to Hot Top Volcano.
    When you have won the race in Hot Top Volcano, upon exiting the stage,
    you will appear in front of the BOSS DOOR. Go on. The Dino King will
    challenge you to a race. You must always watch out for the Dino King, as if
    he stamps on you during the race, he will flatten you, and that will
    cost you valuable seconds.
    When you beat the Dino King, he will issue you with another challenge,
    which is to race all of the races again, but you must collect the
    eight silver coins on the track. Go back to Ancient Lake and do this.
    When you are done with Ancient Lake, go and do the other races in order too.
    When you have completedthe Silver Coin Challenge, you will reappear in
    front of the BOSS DOOR. Again drive in and the Dino King will issue you
    another challenge for a race. When you beat him, he will award you a piece
    of the Wizpig Amulet
    Once you have beaten him again you can now have a go at the Trophy Race,
    which is where you race all of the tracks at once, in order and depending
    on where you finish by the end of the race, you accrue points.
    Once you have beaten the Trophy Race, you then go to the door you unlocked
    with the Gold Key. This brings you to a challenge where you must fly down
    to a central area, grab an unhatched dinosaur egg and bring it back to
    your nest. Once you have done this you are awarded part of the TT Amulet.
    You should leave Dino Domain now.
                      ---The Main Hub---
    Upon leaving Dino Domain, you are challenged by Taj for a race around the
    island in your cart. When you beat him he awards you another Golden Balloon.
    Go to the Taj pad and summon him to change your vehicle to an AEROPLANE.
    Now fly through the snowy looking cave in the wall to find the doors for the
    next world...
                    ---Snowflake Mountain---
    As soon as you arrive in Snowflake Mountain, you should head for Everfrost
    Peak and get this track out of the way, when you have done that go to Walrus
    Cove, when you have finished Walrus Cove, go to Snowball Valley, and from
    Snowball Valley, go to Frosty Village. After you have finished Frosty 
    you will be taken to the Boss Race. The Boss Race is not raced over laps,
    but is based on the first contender to make it from point A to point B
    Again, upon beating the boss, he will challenge you to find the Silver Coins
    in the tracks, again, go into the levels in the order I described earlier 
    you want to do that order anyway). Once this is done, go to the BOSS DOOR 
    and race the walrus. As with the boss race in Dino Domain, the difficulty of 
    race will have slightly increased. Beat him to get an Amulet piece.
    When you have finished with the boss, re-enter Snowball Valley and head into
    the alcove to the left of the start line. There you will find the key for
    the challenge level. This challenge level consists of driving aorund the icy
    pyramid, collecting weapon power-ups and blasting the opposition to 
    The person who has balloons remaining at the end is the winner.
    When you are finished with the challenge, go and do the trophy race, which 
    where you race all of the tracks at once, in order and depending on where 
    finish by the end of the race, you accrue points.
    Now, head out of Snowflake Mountain.
                        ---The Main Hub---
    Upon exiting SNowflake Mountain, Taj will appear and challenge you to a race
    in a hovercraft, beat him to win a balloon.
    Now, still in your hovercraft, head towards the lighthouse until you see an
    island out at sea. Go to the island, enter the door.
                         ---Sherbert Island---
    Upon entering Sherbert Island, head for Pirate Lagoon, then Whale Bay,
    then Crescent Island and lastly, Treasure Caves. When you have done this,
    the boss will challenge you. This race can be quite tricky for DKR novices,
    as the squid drops mines which explode on impact, so stay clear of them. 
    just play it safe and only try to overtake in open places, not on corners
    or tunnels.
    When you have finished the boss race, again you will have to re-do the 
    and collect the Silver Coins. When this is done, you will do the boss again, 
    who this
    time is much more tricky and lays bubbles (rather than mines) and in greater 
    Beat him to get an Amulet piece.
    When you have done this, do the trophy race and then after that, head into 
    Island in a hovercraft to get the key for the challenge level. It is located 
    the start of the level (where you go round the outside of the wall, where 
    two zippers are), but drive the hovercraft to sea, turn around again so that 
    you are
    looking at the wall, and in a small alcove, you should see the key. Go and 
    the big door. This challenge level is kind of like the last one (in the 
    respect that it's
    all about offense) but it is set on water, and you are in hovercrafts.
    Now, you are cool to leave Sherbert Island.
                             ---The Main Hub---
    Upon exiting, Taj will again challenge you to a race, but this time it is in 
    the airplane.
    Beat him to get a balloon.
    Now, headback to the grassy area where you start off, and head behind the 
    big waterfall,
    up the secret ramp to the next area, Dragon Forest.
                              ---Dragon Forest---
    Upon entering here, go and do Windmill Plains, then Boulder Canyon, then 
    Greenwood Village
    and then finally, Haunted Woods. Again, when you have done these the boss (a 
    big dragon)
    will challenge you to a race. It's inperative that you get a boost start on 
    this, as he cheats
    and has a head start. Beware the fire that he drops behind him. Beat him and 
    he will give you
    the Silver Coin Challenge.
    Do the Silver Coin Challenge and race him again, he will drop much more fire 
    this time, so
    practise makes perfect on this level! Beat him to get the last piece of the 
    After doing the boss, go and do the trophy race, and after that head back 
    into Boulder Canyon
    to get the key for the challenge level. The key is located near the bridge. 
    When you get on
    the bridge, hang around and collect the blue balloon three times (so that 
    you have maximum boost)
    and then turn around so that you are facing the wrong way, and drive into 
    the bell that is hanging
    on the chain, the bridge in front of you will rise up. Drive up the raised 
    bridge and collect
    the key that is hidden in the battlements above. Now that you have the key, 
    head to the locked door
    and enter.
    This challenge level is fairly easy. You start off at the top of a ramp, in 
    front of a big wooden
    trunk with your picture on it. The object is to drive around the stage, 
    picking bananas up and
    the driving back to your wooden trunk to deposit them. An easy premise, but 
    if you get shot or
    end up driving into a mine you drop your bananas, and have to collect some 
    more. The winner is
    the first contestant to fill the trunk with bananas.
    DO this and you can leave this area.
                                 ---The Main Hub---
    When you leave Dragon Forest, a short cutscene will initiate showing the big 
    carving of Wizpig
    on the cliff face, coming to life. The mouth will open.
    Summon Taj and change vehicles to an aeroplane. Now drive into the open 
    mouth of the Wizpig
                                 ---Wizpig Race---
    This can be pretty tough, just make sure that you get a maximum turbo start, 
    make sure that you hit all the zippers, whilst leaving off the gas for 
    maximum effect.
    The A-tapping trick will work wonders here.
    Once the race is finished, a cutscene will initiate where everyone is happy, 
    yet Wizpig lives! He is hiding behind the lighthouse, and soon interrupts 
    the fun!
    After terrorizing the fun-loving animals, he jets off into outer space.
    Cue credits.
    Afetr the credits, you return to the main hub...
                                 ---The Main Hub---
    From here, drive to the billboard that has 4 pictures of Wizpig on it, with 
    the word
    'Trophy' on it too.
    Drive into it.
    Cue a cutscene showing you driving upto the lighthouse and entering it in 
    your cart.
    The lighthouse will blast off to outer space, where we continue our 
                                ---Future Fun Land---
    Now, here you are presented with 4 doors, and the big TT door. If you try 
    through the TT door, you will be told that you cannot enter.
    Proceed to do the races in the only order possible (the amount of balloons
    you need to enter a track, must be the number you have), and then the Silver 
    Challenge, until you have the maximum 47 balloons that are in the game.
    Now go to the TT door...
                                  ---Wizpig II---
    Yep kids, he lives, Wizpig is back and for some strange reason, rather than
    kill the little pests, he wants to exact revenge by sitting on a rocket, and
    racing you around a mid-air martian course.
    Things to note, if you do this first go, well done. If it takes you more
    than one go to do, then you should maybe spend some time looking at the 
    in which things happen (like how often lasers are fired at you, and from
    which direction they come, how the rocks float and just general mastery
    of the track). Also, make sure when in the tunnel about 3/4 way through the 
    before you enter the laser room, make sure you grab the shield balloon.
    Also, never despair if you are a little behind with no forseeable way to
    overtake him, he makes a big mistake and flies into a low electric current
    as you enter the tunnel.
    Wayhey! You won, now for the second ending where Wizpig's big rocket goes
    belly up and sends Wizpig hurtling towards a planet, and them BOOM! A big
    Cue credits.
    You will notice some course record times flash by too. Beat them and win
    High Speed Mode. Handy, eh?
    You will also now have unlocked Adventure 2, which is like a masters
    version of Adventure 1, as the tracks are now mirrored, opponents are
    harder, and the silver coins put in even more fiendish places.
       S E C T I O N   8   -   G A M E  S E C R E T S  &  C H E A T S
    There are lots of password cheats and unlockables in this game, so if
    you are having trouble, or just want to enhance your gaming experience,
    just whack a couple of these in...
    PASSWORD           |           EFFECT
    JUKEBOX	            |    Adds Music Test to audio menu
    ROCKETFUEL	    |    All balloons are blue
    TOXICOFFENDER	    |    All balloons are green
    OPPOSITESATTRACT    |	 All balloons are rainbows
    BOMBSAWAY	    |    All balloons are red
    BODYARMOR	    |    All balloons are yellow
    BOGUSBANANAS	    |    Bananas slow you down
    BLABBERMOUTH	    |    Changes horn sounds
    BYEBYEBALLOONS	    |    Computer can't use weapons
    TIMETOLOSE	    |    Computer is better
    DODGYROMMER	    |    Display ROM Checksum
    EPC	            |    EPC lock up display
    OFFROAD	            |    Four wheel drive
    EOLAOBFENRLONE	    |    Free Balloon
    FREEFORALL	    |    Fully powered-up balloons
    ARNOLD	            |    Large players
    NOYELLOWSTUFF	    |    No bananas in multiplayer mode
    ZAPTHEZIPPERS	    |    No zippers
    WHODIDTHIS	    |    See Credits
    TEENYWEENIES	    |    Small players
    FREEFRUIT	    |    Start with 10 bananas
    DOUBLEVISION	    |    Two players can use the same character
    JOINTVENTURE	    |    Two-player Adventure
    VITAMINB	    |    Unlimited bananas
    and to unlock the 2 secret characters TT and Drumstick,
    follow these instructions.
    To play as Drumstick the chicken, beat everything up through
    Dragon Forest. Now look on the beach part of the main world.
    Run over the chicken with a red thing on his head.
    To play as T.T., you must race each course in the Time Trial
    mode until T.T. comes out to challenge you, and he won't appear
    until the pre-programmed track record in a particular track is
    beaten by a large margin. When he challenges you, you must
    defeat him in a race on that course. Once you do beat him, a
    small T.T. symbol will appear on that particular track. You must
    beat him on all tracks to get him as a playable character.
    Also, tapping the A button during the race will increase speed by
    upto 30mph. This is an important thing to do if you want to beat
    the developers times.
    S E C T I O N   8   -   F A Q  C r e d i t s  &  L e g a l i t i e s
    It's been a long time coming, but I finally completed my FAQ for Diddy
    Kong Racing! Whew. Just a couple of shout outs first though...
    Rareware - For making this fabulous game. It's definately in my top 10
    all time fave games. Possibly top 5...
    Nintendo - For making the Nintendo 64 (the best and most groundbreaking
    console ever), and for publishing this game.
    MrGuru, SeiferMaster, dkrdude etc on the DKR GameFAQs board for sharing 
    for the comptetetive time trials and the good community.
    CjayC - For putting this up
    Me - For pulling my finger out and finishing this.
    Finally, I must reiterate (I think I'm doing this to be pedantic, but
    I must cover my back) that this FAQ is my property, and my
    property alone, and anyone wishing to use it on their site is
    to E - Mail me at The_Siberian_Axeman@hotmail.com for permission.
    and the final last thing, thanks for reading, I hope it helped, and even if
    you got only one tip for the game from this, then I'm happy that the
    FAQ served it's purpose.

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