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    N64/DS Changes FAQ by Jak7733

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 02/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Diddy Kong Racing DS - Remake Changes FAQ
    Version 0.3
    Author: Jak7733
    AIM: Jak7733
    ~~~Table of Contents~~~
    1. Version History (VRSN)
    2. Introduction (ITRO)
    3. Interface Changes (ITFC)
    4. Character Changes (CHCH)
    5. Adventure Mode Changes (ADCH)
    6. General Changes (GENCH)
    7. Nintendo WiFi Connection (NWFC)
    8. Contact (CTCT)
    9. Credits (CRDT)
    ~~~Version History~~~ VRSN
    0.3 - Added a slew of minor graphical & sound tweaks that were previously left
    out (Thanks to HeoandReo)
    0.2 - Fixed my mispelling of Squawks the Parrot's name, added the credits
    section shortcut that I had left off, fixed the format in the table of
    contents, removed the parenthesis around the general changes shortcut, and
    added info about the cheats menu that had been previously left out.  Also
    added new Nintendo WFC Connection section.
    0.1 - FAQ's first incarnation
    ~~~Introduction~~~ ITRO
    This FAQ was made because someone asked for a list of changes on the
    message board and I posted a bunch of them, so I figured I might as well make
    an FAQ and make it permanent instead of letting it slip off the board never
    to be seen again.
    ~~~Interface Changes~~~ ITFC
    Several changes were made to the game's interface and introductory sequence.
    -The intro has been changed to show Diddy, Tiptup, and Bumper flying in
    planes on the top screen while the bottom screen shows the various logos of
    companies that worked on the game.
    -The main menu shows part of Diddy on the top screen and the bottom half of
    him in his car on the bottom screen with the menu options.  The first
    option shows your file selection, up to 3.
    -After selecting a file, the 3 options change to Single Player, Multiplayer,
    and Options. Selecting Options will change the 3 options to Manage DS Card
    Game Settings, and Multiplayer Options.  Game Settings gives you the options of
    Rumbe Pak On/Off, Invert Y Axis On/Off, Music Volume 0-5, and FX Volume 0-5.
    Multiplayer Options simply gives Weapons On/Off and AI Players On/Off.  Manage
    DS Card brings up 3 new options: Manage Saved Data, Erase Saved Games, and
    Share Data.  Under Manage Saved Data you can erase your Player Icons, Friend's
    Time Trial Ghosts, Time Trial Ghosts, Recorded Sound FX, Wish Tracks, and
    Billboards.  Erase Saved Games simply lets you erase any of your three files
    or Restore Factory Defaults.  Share Data simply let's you send and received
    supported data.
    -Selecting Multiplayer will give you the options of Multi-Card,
    Single-Card Play, and Nintendo WFC.  Multi-Card gives you the option of
    Create Game or Join Game. Single-Card Play lets you select Single Race,
    Trophy Race, Battle Tracks, Token Tussel, or T.T.'S Wish Race (Some options
    will be locked at the start of the game.)  Selecting any of those options will
    send you to the Seeking Oponents screen as can be seen in WiFi.
    -Selecting Single Player will give you the options [Continue] Adventure, Single
    Race, [Continue] Adventure 2 (locked at start), and Wish Race (locked at start).
    Selecting Single Race will give you the options Single Race, Coin Challenge,
    Single Race Mirror, and Coin Challenge Mirror, all but Single Race are locked
    at the start.  Selecting any of these will take you to the character select
    screen followed by the track select screen, finally followed by
    the vehicle select screen and in the Single Race modes you will also see the
    T.T. icon to turn on Time Trial.  Your times and completion of each track with
    each vehicle will be displayed by your Player Icon and beating T.T.'s ghost in
    Time Trial will be indicated by T.T.'s face next to your Player Icon.
    Selecting Wish Race will take you to the character select screen and then to
    the Race Track Creation screen.  Selecting either Adventure mode if it says
    continue will put you where you left off in Adventure mode.  Selecting
    Adventure Mode for the very first time will take you to the character select
    screen.  It will then take you to a short scene opening the story for the
    Adventure as well as the original opening from the N64 with added text on the
    bottom screen.  It will then have Taj talking to you, with text on the top
    screen, and then he takes you to his tent and explains the wish menu and makes
    you use the touch screen to rub his lamp.  He then asks your name and for you
    to desgin a custom icon to represent you.
    -The character and track select screens have been changed and now shows stats
    in bananas on a scale of 1-5 for each character.  Taj's menu when you speak to
    him in Adventure has also been changed to: Change Vehicle, Challenges, Wishes
    Menu, and Change Character.
    -The cheats menu is no more.
    ~~~Character Changes~~~ CHCH
    -Conker and Banjo have been taken out and replaced with Dixie Kong and Tiny
    -Taj has been added as a new unlockable character
    -Wizpig has been added as a new unlockable character
    -Squawks the Parrot makes a cameo appearance
    ~~~Adventure Mode Changes~~~ ADCH
    -The first thing you will notice is the map on the top screen and Taj's tent
    which he shows you.  In Taj's tent you can rub the lamp to access the Wishes
    Menu and you can break his things, you are forced to be in the car inside the
    -Taj's menu has been changed when you speak to him and his text appears on the
    top screen.
    -You can shake nearby trees by moving the stylus over them.
    -You can now fling frogs with the touch screen.
    -You can now fling coconuts at the wall near Sherbert Island using the touch
    -You can now unlock Drumstick at the very beginning of the game.  It involves
    flinging frogs to make the frog with the rooster features appear.
    -Taj's challenges have been changed.  The car, plane, and hovercraft challenges
    now only require you to be near the tokens as you pass them.  There is a
    challenge that requries you to blow out torches, this is done by blowing into
    the microphone when you are near them.
    -There is now a portrait of Wizpig in the hollow log near Taj's tent.
    Outlining the portrait with the touchscreen breaks away the wall leading to a
    scratch card, which is also new, that allows you a chance for varying amounts
    of money, which is new and allows you to buy unlockables and vehicle upgrades
    from the Wishes Menu.
    -There are various vehicle upgrades and 4 new tracks that can be purchased from
    Taj's Wishes Menu.
    -There is a place in the sand near Sherbert Island where you can use the touch
    screen to draw pictures, yielding coins, a balloon, and another scratch card.
    -The Silver Coin Challenge in round 2 in each world has been replaced with the
    Balloon Touch Challenge, which requries you to use the touch screen to pop 50
    balloons on the track as you ride Taj's carpet around one lap.  You can also
    drag coins found on the track to your pouch to increase your coinage.  Getting
    a gold rank on all of these will unlock the Silver Coin Challenge for the 4 new
    tracks.  Doing it again in Adventure 2 unlocks the Silver Coin Challenge for
    the 4 new tracks in Mirror Mode.
    -The bosses now have a third challenge involving near exclusive use of the
    touch screen to complete.  Winning yields 100 coins the first time.
    -Wish Doors no longer pit you in the Battle Match tracks, but rather are Wish
    Race tracks against T.T.
    -The Wish Key in Crescent Island has been moved to a new location near its
    -There are now money coins to be found on tracks when you race, but not boss
    <The following are thanks to HeoandReo)
    -The second boss battles had various obstacles you had to avoid. (i.e. Tricky
    the Triceratop's stage has falling pillars.)
    -The starting music in the boss stages and Wizpig was the standard race start
    jingle in the N64 instead of a small snippet of their theme.
    -Wizpig's races had a small music theme in the cutscenes before you race him
    instead of the boss theme.
    -The second time you defeat Wizpig, the party scene was extended in the N64
    -The music in the credits is different. The first credits in the N64 has
    Crescent Island's music, and the second one has Darkmoon Caverns.
    -Timber's Island's map has been changed around slightly. The tunnel in the DS
    version that had a Wizpig head on it originally led to an outside area near
    Sherbet Island.
    -There were 4 or 5 Golden Balloons hidden around the Island in the original,
    instead of 3.
    -Time Trials are no longer accessible in Adventure.
    -The first Wizpig Race has Wizpig move slower, as well as has more Zippers to
    go through. Also, there is no lightning.
    -The second Wizpig Race has lasers only in the middle part with the huge
    carving of Wizpig's face.
    -The Golden Ballon obtaining sequence after a race had different music, and
    had a different colour.
    -There were 7 possible 'overworld' themes in Adventure in the N64. (Near Taj,
    Standard, Kids and Timber, Dino Domain, Sherbet Island, Snowflake Mountain,
    and Dragon Forest.) The DS version has only 3. (Standard, Snowflake Mountain,
    Sherbet Island.)
    -There used to be a 'denial' theme when you tried to enter a trophy race or
    track and were not qualified to do so.
    <End HeoandReo's contribution>
    ~~~General Changes~~~ GENCH
    -The graphics and sound have been altered.
    -Some tracks have been slightly altered, although they retain their basic
    -There are now "Weapon Upgrade" pieces to be found on race tracks.  They do not
    respawn after they are collected and will turn any balloon of the same type
    into the same upgraded weapon regardless how many of that balloon you had.  The
    upgrades are a homing missle shield for Red Balloons, Auto-Pilot with 3 boosts
    that are gained by successively lining up a gauge on the touch screen for Blue
    Balloons, 5 fake explosive coins for the Green Balloons, a level 3 shield and
    invisibility for the Purple Balloons, and a magnet seeker bomb for the Rainbow
    -There are now vehicle upgrades for all vehicles.
    -Races take place on the top screen (except for challenges in Adventure mode).
    The bottom screen is used for a touch screen effect to get your starting boost.
    For planes you draw circles quickly, for cars you draw lines going down quickly
    and for hovercrafts you blow into the microphone hard.  After the race starts
    the touch screen becomes a short range map and an outline showing how far along
    in the entire race everyone is as well as current placings.
    <The following are thanks to HeoandReo>
    -When you collect a level 1 Item, you cannot change your Item to another like
    in the N64 version. You must keep that one until you use it.
    -The buildings in Spacedust Alley were originally palm trees.
    -Ancient Lake now has a few arc structures.
    -Whale Bay now has a cave near the beginning.
    -The water in Walrus Cove and Snowball Valley used to be ice where your car
    would jump up on.
    -The haystacks in Windmill Plains used to be able to 'squish' you if you went
    up to it too much.
    -There was no 'bottom path' in Star City in the N64.
    -The dinosaur in Ancient Lake/Fossil Canyon/Hot Top Volcano used to react when
    a missle was shot at him or a racer went in his way.
    -Everfrost Peak and Snowball Valley used to share music.
    -Pirate Lagoon and Treasure Caves used to share music.
    -Windmill Plains and Greenwood Village used to share music.
    -The music in Star City used to be shared with Spacedust Alley.
    -Jungle Falls, Pirate Lagoon, Treasure Caves, Snowball Valley, Windmill Plains
    and Spaceport Alpha have different music in the DS.
    -Battle Tracks are unplayable in Single-Player.
    -Trophy Races are one-time events unless you use Multiplayer. They are no
    longer playable in the race track menu.
    -The original had different colours of vehicle corresponding to each character.
    <End HeoandReo's contribution>
    ~~~Nintendo WiFi Connection~~~ NWFC
    -This feature is, obviously, completely new to DKR.  It has a standard array
    of WFC options to choose from.
    -Friend Settings gives you the options of My Friend Code (to see your own
    code), Enter Friend Code (to enter others), and Friend Roster (to allow you
    to see who is online and not and allows you to remove friends).
    -Nintendo WFC Setup simply takes you to the standard WFC setup screen that
    any DS game will take you to.
    -Connect to Nintendo WFC will take you to a screen where it will confirm if
    you want to connect before it connects you.  Then it will take you to a new
    screen with the options Matchmaking (for competeing against anyone in the
    world), Invite Friends (to host a game for people who have you on their 
    friend list), Join Friends (to join a game hosted by someone on your friend
    list) and Friend Roster (same as in the Friend Settings).
    -In Matchmaking you can choose the type of game you want to play (Single
    Race, Trophy Race, and Token Tussel all with 2, 4, or 6 players and the
    Battle Tracks with 2 or 4 players.) and then you will be randomly paired
    up with others who have chosen the same option (this can take a very long
    time).  After you are matched up you get to select your character (NoTE:
    Duplicate characters CAN be selected, unlike the N64 version without the
    cheat active).  After characters are picked, everyone picks a map and the
    game randomly selects one of the picked maps as the one to be played on.
    After the map is picked, everyone picks a vehicle, and again, the game
    randomly picks one of the selected vehicles and then the race finally
    starts.  The game will keep track of your wins only and only for the match
    up you are currently with (meaning you will always start at 0 wins when you
    do a new Matchmaking).
    -In Invite Friends you can choose the same options as Matchmaking (Battle
    Tracks for 2 or 4 players or Single Race, Trophy Race, or Token Tussel for
    2, 4, or 6 players) as well as a new option: T.T.'s Wish Race, for 2, 4, or
    6 players.  After you have players you get to choose your character and then
    you (the host) get to choose the map and vehicle played on.
    -In Join Friends you join a game one of your friends is hosting.  They choose
    all of the settings, leaving your only choice to be which character you play.
    ~~~Contact~~~ CTCT
    If you'd like to contact me, the best way is through my AIM (Jak7733).  I don't
    bother to check my email often so I will not list it here.  The next best way
    for the time being would be to contact me on the message boards at GameFAQs.
    If you've got any feed back, I'll be happy to hear it.  Please let me know if I
    left something out or I have a typo some where.  I will credit you for your
    ~~~Credits~~~ CRDT
    Thanks to Rare and Nintendo for making such an awesome kart racer.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for their message boards.
    Thanks to Yoshi Eggs 2 for pointing out my typo with Squawks.
    Thanks to HeoandReo for pointing out a lot of minor changes that I had left out.
    Thanks to me for taking the time to write all this crap that no one will read
    and still ask on the message boards what is different between the DS and N64

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