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    Secret Areas FAQ by Rick L

    Version: 5.1 | Updated: 12/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Duke Nukem 64
    Secret Places FAQ © 2001-2007
    By: Rick L
    Current Version: 5.0
    E-Mail: anotherdayofbeing@yahoo.com
    This FAQ is only available at GameFAQs. No, you may not use this FAQ anywhere
    else, even if you ask me.
    Table of Contents:
    1.	Version Information & FAQ Description
    2.	Secrets Breakdown
    3.	Regular Secrets
    4.	Super Secrets!
    5.	Closing
    |[1. Version Information & FAQ Description]|
    Version 1.0: Half done FAQ
    Version 1.1: Removed Text Art seeing as how it didn't
    show up correctly.
    Version 1.2: Sprucing up here, there, everywhere.
    Version 1.3: Almost ready to go!
    Version 2.0: Now it's ready!
    Version 2.1: Found two missing hidden places
    Version 3.0: Hopefully the final version. Found all of the secret places. I'm
    going to double check that.
    Version 4.0: Like it says, the final version!
    Version 5.0: OK, I was wrong. Apparently I got smacked and told this guide
    sucks. Well, you guys were right, it did suck. I'm taking the liberty of 
    changing it! I've fixed as much stuff as I possibly could.
    Version 5.1: Updated a couple of secrets in the Dark Side level. Bad Rick, do
                 not work from memory! Also clarified a few things here and there.
    Having trouble finding all of the secret places? Look no further than this FAQ!
    This has everything you need to know to find every secret place in every level,
    including a few secret places that were never meant to be found!
    Keep in mind that I have gone through each level with the “No Monsters” cheat 
    and listed off all the secrets as such. If I recall what there is for enemies, 
    I’ll put that up. Don’t get the impression that all secrets are “safe havens”. 
    There may very well be enemies lurking in them too.
    If there’s something you don’t understand via text, please e-mail me and let me
    know and I’ll try to describe it better for you, or lead you to a YouTube video
    of how to find the secret. If I feel like undertaking the huge project, I’ll
    show each level’s secrets with videos. My YouTube account name is “rickcressen”
    |[2. Secrets Breakdown]|
    Here is a chart indicating the level number, level name, and amount of secret
    areas per level. For kicks, I also added a total amount of secrets in the whole 
    game. If you decide to use this breakdown instead of the actual guide (say, if 
    you want to try and find as many as you can without help), you can use this 
    instead. There's also an average secrets thing there, for fun as well.
    | Lv. |        Level Name          |  Secrets  |
    | 00  |    Hollywood Holocaust     |    13     |
    | 01  |         Gun Crazy          |    08     |
    | 02  |         Death Row          |    11     |
    | 03  |        Toxic Dump          |    16     |
    | 04  |      Launch Facility       |    04     |
    | 05  |         The Abyss          |    06     |
    | 06  |         Battlelord         |    00     |
    | 07  |        Duke Burger         |    05     |
    | 08  |         Spaceport          |    06     |
    | 09  |         Incubator          |    05     |
    | 10  |        Warp Factor         |    04     |
    | 11  |       Fusion Station       |    07     |
    | 12  |     Occupied Territory     |    04     |
    | 13  |       Tiberus Station      |    08     |
    | 14  |        Lunar Reactor       |    07     |
    | 15  |          Dark Side         |    04     |
    | 16  |         Dreadnought        |    03     |
    | 17  |          Overlord          |    01     |
    | 18  |       Lunatic Fringe       |    00     |
    | 19  |          Raw Meat          |    07     |
    | 20  |          Bank Roll         |    05     |
    | 21  |         Flood Zone         |    05     |
    | 22  |         L.A. Rumble        |    03     |
    | 23  |          Movie Set         |    04     |
    | 24  |        Rabid Transit       |    09     |
    | 25  |          Fahrenheit        |    05     |
    | 26  |          Hotel Hell        |    04     |
    | 27  |           Stadium          |    00     |
    | 28  |           Area 51          |    08     |
    | 29  |           Freeway          |    07     |
    | --  |            TOTAL           |    169    |
    | --  |           AVERAGE          |   5.63    |
    |[3. Regular Secrets]|
    |       LEVEL 0       |
    | Hollywood Holocaust |
    |     Secrets: 13     |
    1. Jump on the crate near the totaled car and onto the roof's incline. Go into 
    one of the the two left-most windows. Inside, on a wall that's completely 
    shadowed near the movie poster, activate the wall to find some Vitamin X.
    2. Across the street from Secret #1's location, you'll see the "CINEMA" sign. 
    You can either jetpack over there Or you can access it from a small path toward 
    the end of the level (by falling off the bridge while hugging the side the door 
    is on). Jump or fly up to the bottom half of the sign and keep searching there. 
    Inside are SMGs, a shotgun, some pipebombs, and a lady dancing!
    3. Activate the cash register from the snack bar. This opens a door on the 
    right wall above where you are. Look for an elevator to the right of the metal 
    doors on the right side from the cash register. Ride the elevator and collect 
    some armor.
    4. In secret #3, hit the button on your left (when you first enter), then go 
    back down behind the register. A door will have opened on your right revealing 
    an Atomic Health power-up and an enemy or two, depending on the difficulty.
    5. Go into the bathroom and jump up to the platform to the right of the second 
    stall on the right. There is a little niche there with a Portable Medkit. 
    6. Go in the bathroom vent and blow up the corner with an explosive weapon. A 
    holoduke is inside!
    7. Go through the vent fully where Secret #6 is and go into the area. Inside 
    are some enemies and the level's only babe to be saved.
    8. Exit secret #7 and jump on top of the projector. Go into the place that just 
    opened for a grenade launcher.
    9. Go down the stairs and search the wall on your right. Eventually, a piece of 
    the wall will open up with a large medkit inside.
    10. Before you go into the elevator, stand on the plastic trash can across from 
    the elevator and activate it. jump in the small space to find Pipebombs and 
    Night Vision Goggles.
    11. When you get to the bridge at the end of the level, turn left and turn your 
    jetpack on. Fly up until you see a small niche. Go in for some shotgun shells 
    and a jetpack replenishment.
    12. Cross the small bridge and go to the platform that extends to the right. 
    Search the wall and you'll open up a teleporter. Go inside and exit via a 
    switch. You'll be in an office. The secret place actually counts once you go 
    through the wooden door and into the convenience store itself.
    13. Check the shelf in the small office before going into the door that leads 
    to Secret #12 for some Dum Dum bullets! Very, very sweet.
    |       LEVEL 1       |
    |      Gun Crazy      |
    |      Secrets: 8     |
    1. In the Gun Boutique, try to open the shelf in the middle of the store wall 
    on your left (when facing the counter) and you'll open up a hole in the wall 
    with armor and some pipebombs.
    2. Open up the poster behind the counter of the gun store for some Dum Dum 
    3. Still behind the counter, on the same wall that Secret #2 is in, go to the 
    right-hand corner. Jump up on the shelf and open up the little niche for an 
    atomic health power up.
    4. Go into the bathroom and press the open button on the hand drier by the 
    sink. It will open up a wall on your left with a pair of Night Vision Goggles.
    5. Unlock the locked door in the gun boutique. About halfway between the door 
    and the elevator, in the dark hallway, there's an opening. Go inside and you'll 
    find some enemies, but also some shotgun shells at the entrance and an atomic 
    health power-up.
    6. After going through the yellow keycard door, go up and into the room with 
    the pool table. Head left from there and go into the bathroom. Go into the only 
    stall. A message will appear that says “Unlocked”. Open the wall behind the 
    toilet. A passage will open up that has grenades, a jetpack, a Holoduke, night 
    vision goggles, and Vitamin X. The path leads into the sewers and contains a 
    babe, pipebombs, and atomic health in there too. Quite the find!
    7. After going through red keycard door, go into the vent in the office, turn 
    left. You'll see a platform with another pair of Night-Vision Goggles on it. 
    Fly over to it.
    8. Before taking the traditional exit out, there's a hallway with some crates. 
    A light shines on a portion of the left wall. Open the wall to find a Portable 
    Secret Level: Duke Burger
    Right before Secret #8, you'll come across a small crate. Jump on top of it and 
    turn around. You'll see that a portion of the wall has opened up. Go inside and 
    hit the button.
    |       LEVEL 2       |
    |      Death Row      |
    |     Secrets: 11     |
    1. From the start, exit the electric chair, turn right, and go into the booth. 
    There will be a switch on your left and a switch on your right. Press the right 
    one to lower the chair platform. Go down and into the little niche to find a 
    shotgun and extra shotgun ammo to go with it.
    2. Go back in the booth and hit the switch on the left. You’ll open up the 
    curtain. Kick the glass and go in. Open the middle of the wall on your left and 
    hop in to collect your Holoduke.
    3. At the secured area door, go through it and enter the first door on your 
    left. To your right, you’ll see a tape recorder. Activate it, back up, and 
    you’ll see that a wall panel has opened up in the corner with an Atomic Health 
    4. Leave the tape room via the red door and go back around to the hallway with 
    the Secured Area door. Take the door farther down that goes into the cell. 
    Inside this cell, move the bed and go in the little tunnel to find Night Vision 
    5. Still inside Secret #4, open the wall behind the Night Vision Goggles. 
    Follow the path and you’ll find Dum Dum bullets halfway through. At the end, 
    you’ll find an Atomic Health power-up as well, and that guy who didn’t escape 
    from L.A. after all.
    6. Go outside through the yellow keycard door (Both doors). Directly in front 
    of you, there’s another doorway there. On the sides are a couple of slants. 
    Jump up on a slant (It doesn’t matter which one) and jump up onto the raised 
    platform where the turrets are. You’ll see another ventilation shaft incline on 
    your right (or left, depending on which side you picked). Jump up on top of it 
    and walk through the wall for three Atomic Health power-ups.
    7. From Secret #6, go to the left end of the area (from the direction you faced 
    when you first entered) while still on the platform where the turrets are. On 
    the rock wall there, look for a large crack. Blow it up and go inside for a 
    dose of Vitamin X. 
    8. Go through one of the red keycard doors. To the right (or left, depending on 
    which way you entered) is a door blocked by Laser Tripbombs. Use an explosive 
    weapon to blow up the bombs, then go out onto the platform. Open the wall in 
    front of you to reveal a map. Two other compartments will also have opened. 
    Jump into the left one for some Pipebombs.
    9. From Secret #8, jump back onto the bridge, face the map, and jump into the 
    right-hand door to get an Atomic Health power-up.
    10. After you exit the sewer pipe, follow the shore around until you get to the 
    other side of the large door (Going through the door leads back to the area you 
    found Secrets #6 and #7). Facing the door, hop up onto the right slant and open 
    up the wall there. This reveals an alcove with Night Vision Goggles inside.
    11. At the back end of the submarine (Opposite of the Nukem button that ends 
    the level), open up a panel on the right side of the wall to open up the hidden 
    engine room with a Portable Medkit inside.
    |       LEVEL 3       |
    |     Toxic Dump      |
    |     Secrets: 16     |
    1. Exit the sub and jump on top of it. A hatch will open inside the sub 
    revealing a Portable Medkit, armor, and an Atomic Health power-up.
    NOTE: You’ll get credit for the secret by walking over the top of the sub, but 
    you’ll actually have to go back into it to collect the goodies.
    2. After getting the goodies from Secret #1, exit the sub again and turn right. 
    You’ll see an underwater cave. Go inside and blow up the crack. Underwater 
    there’s Atomic Health and Pipebombs, and on the surface is a Babe. You’ll get 
    credit for the secret once you touch land.
    3. On the ledge with the blue keycard on it, get the card and look left. You’ll 
    see a little hole in the cliff. Jump in and open up the wall on your left to 
    collect some grenades.
    4. Still in Secret #3, open the wall to the right of you to find a Holoduke.
    5. After exiting the area where Secrets #3 and #4 were, you’ll see another 
    little hole directly across from you. Go inside and open the wall on your 
    left to collect more grenades.
    6. Go through the blue keycard door. Between the first and second grey panels 
    on your right, search the wall nearer to the second grey panel. The wall will 
    open up. You’ll get credit for the secret here, but on your right is another 
    door where, if you go through it, you can collect some SMGs.
    7. After getting the red keycard (after being grabbed by the two cranes), 
    follow the conveyor belt a little further until you get to a small sludge pool. 
    Go inside and open the wall on your left for an Atomic Health power-up.
    8. Continue along the same conveyor belt and you’ll come to a small control 
    room-style area blocked off by glass. Break the glass and go inside. Look 
    around a little and you’ll notice a blue panel on the wall (Quite hard to miss, 
    really). Activate it. Those two metal tubes beside it will open up. Go inside 
    the left one and fly up just a little bit to collect two Atomic Health power-
    9. Once you enter the large flooded area, flood the area further while 
    underwater and surface. You’ll see a large rock ramp that splits in two a bit. 
    Go up this slant and follow the right part and you’ll see an opening in the 
    wall. Make a running jump inside the area. Turn right, then activate your 
    goggles. You’ll see a place with grenades, a portable medkit, and a shotgun. Go 
    inside and collect them. To get credit for this secret, jump on the ledge with 
    the shotgun and medkit.
    10. Go back to the slant and jump across the water like normal. As you’re about 
    to round the corner, you’ll see a crack in the wall. Blow it up and go in to 
    find nothing? However...
    11. Blow up the crack in the wall in Secret #10 to reveal an Atomic Health 
    12. Blow up the crack in Secret #11 to find a jetpack and a shortcut back to 
    the beginning of the level.
    13. Exit out the tunnel the way you came, then turn left. You’ll see a red pipe 
    on the right with a switch on it. Open up the wall to the left of it and crawl 
    in to find shotgun shells and scuba gear.
    14. After you pass through the area with the large gears, surface and follow 
    the water’s current. About halfway down on your right, you’ll see a crack in 
    the wall. Blow it up and go in. There’s a large health power-up, but this isn’t 
    the secret. Instead, there’s a teleporter inside. Go in this and you’ll be 
    teleported to the actual secret place, which has a prize for you of SMGs and 
    ammo for it. Not bad.
    15. After crossing the platforms where you have to shoot the switch to make the 
    platforms come together, go into the next room and turn right from where you 
    see the Atomic Health power-up. You’ll see a vent. Break open the grate and 
    jump inside to find two more Atomic Health power-ups.
    16. Near the end of the sludge river, keep an eye out for a crack on your 
    right. Blow it up and fight to go inside, as the current is tricky to maneuver 
    in. You’ll find some Dum Dum bullets and SMG ammo for your troubles.
    Note: Be EXTRA CAREFUL when hugging the right wall in this room. You might get 
    caught in a fatal clipping glitch and have to restart. That would suck, 
    especially since you’re so close to the end of the level here, and especially 
    if you’ve gotten all the other secrets in the level!
    |       LEVEL 4       |
    |   Launch Facility   |
    |      Secrets: 4     |
    1. After disabling the “01” force field, go back into the room you came from 
    and dive into the sludge. On your right, a portion of the wall will have 
    lowered. Go inside and follow the tunnel. Surface to find two atomic health 
    power-ups and two cases of shotgun ammo.
    2. After disabling the “01” force field, go inside and into the room with the 
    atomic health power-up on the center pillar. Across the room a bit you’ll see a 
    grenade launcher in the light. Fly over to it and look up. There’s a vent with 
    a fan on it. Shoot out the fan and fly up to find pipebombs.
    3. In the control room where you get the red keycard and open up the door to 
    the rocket, walk over to the switch, turn around, and face the wall. Open up 
    the left-most portion (by the computers) and go in to find some armor.
    4. After blowing up the missile, go down the elevator and head into the room on 
    your right. There’s a large computer with some Protective Boots on it. Open up 
    the monitor there and go in to find three atomic health power-ups.
    |       LEVEL 5       |
    |      The Abyss      |
    |      Secrets: 6     |
    1. There’s a small piece of the rock face protruding near where the Pipebombs 
    are, before you go into the pit with the fire in it. Open up the wall there to 
    find some Vitamin X.
    2. In the same room, actually try to walk into the fire pit. If you walk into 
    the right spot, you’ll be teleported to a room with two Atomic Health power ups 
    in it...
    3. And in the same room, you’ll see some Dum Dum bullets on a ledge. Go up on 
    the ledge to get them.
    4. Alright, this one’s a long one, but a long description is necessary.
    After you go through the tunnel where you have to shrink yourself in order to 
    go through, turn right immediately after exiting the tunnel and continue 
    forward until you see the lava room. Before dropping down into the lava, turn 
    on your jetpack, go forward and right, and look around for a lava fall (Y’know, 
    kinda like a waterfall, but with lava?). Land and follow the rocky path upwards 
    to the top. At the top, there’s a crack in the wall. Blow it up. Inside here, 
    you’ll find two sets of shotgun shells, a large health power-up, a pistol clip, 
    some SMG ammo, and grenades at the end.
    NOTE: The secret is counted only when you reach the top, for whatever reason.
    5. In the same area as the crack you blew up, take a short hop over to the 
    small platform where the bloody handprint is. Press it and a portion of the 
    wall on the left side will open up. Hop onto the lava flow and walk a short 
    ways in until you see an opening on your left. Hop in and follow it. There’s 
    three Atomic Health power-ups around a fire pit and a dancing woman.
    Looks like my kind of party! Wish I had time...
    6. Before entering the door to the spaceship, face the rock wall so that the 
    big grey door is on your left. Open the light portion of the wall between the 
    two dark ones. You’ll open up a small hallway with an elevator at the end. Ride 
    the elevator up to find an Atomic Health power-up and a babe. Cool!
    |       LEVEL 6       |
    |      Battlelord     |
    |      Secrets: 0     |
    Unfortunately, there are no official secrets. However, there's plenty of little 
    alcoves and unconventional places to check for stuff!
    |       LEVEL 7       |
    |     Duke Burger     |
    |      Secrets: 5     |
    1. Immediately after blowing your way out of the garage at the start, go 
    straight instead of turning right and go into the basement of the building. Get 
    to the other side and there will be a vent cover (Not the one that leads 
    outside). Destroy it and go inside for some shotgun shells.
    2. By the “Drive-Thru” area of the restaurant outside, go up to the column on 
    the opposite side of the window. Hop up on the slanted portion of the vent, and 
    then jump into the wall inside. Inside here are some pipebombs, a pistol clip, 
    and a portable medkit. This is also a great shortcut if you don’t actually want 
    to bother getting the blue keycard.
    3. In the room where you get the red keycard, hit the switch behind the desk, 
    climb onto the crates, and go into the opening. This is timed, and is a little 
    tricky to get into, so be quick. This secret contains a small health power-up 
    and some shotgun shells.
    4. After going through the red keycard door, go to the end of the belt and jump 
    up onto the little place with the scale on it. Hit the light switch and follow 
    it in to find a babe, a grenade launcher, and a small health power-up.
    5. After secret #4, go into the next room and open the wall in the alcove on 
    the far right where there’s some meat (the one on the left) and open the wall. 
    Some pipebombs are inside.
    |       LEVEL 8       |
    |      Spaceport      |
    |      Secrets: 6     |
    1. There’s a column of broken monitors in the area where the switch to turn off 
    the forcefield is. Open that up to find an enemy and an Atomic Health power-up.
    2. Walk to the monitor in the dead end to the left of the force field you have 
    to deactivate, a niche will open behind you. Jump inside to find grenades.
    3. After going through the forcefield, open the door. Before you go through the 
    next hall, above and to the right of the hallway opening at the other side is 
    an “Authorized Personnel” sign. Jump into it to collect some Pipebombs.
    Alternatively, you can enter the vent via the room with the blue keycard in it, 
    and follow the vent path by jumping up until you reach the Pipebombs. Your 
    4. After turning on the forcefield, go back to the shaft where you originally 
    hit the switch to reveal the switches to turn off the forcefield and fly up. 
    Jump over to the other side to collect your missile launcher and atomic health.
    Also, this isn’t a secret, but it’s commonly missed. Fly up to the very, very 
    top of the pit you jumped over to get to Secret #5 (It extends a little 
    higher), and up there is a large health power-up and some night vision goggles 
    if you need them.
    5. Before you open the red keycard door, look for a vent on the left wall. 
    Break it open and go in. You’ll go down into a circular area with a couple of 
    enemies, a shrinker/expander gun, a babe, and a large health power-up.
    6. This is a really, really difficult secret to do at first. On the second 
    floor, look for a niche where the jetpack is. Fly up and actually look on the 
    left side of this wall and you should find an Atomic Health power-up. Land and 
    you’ll hear a door open.
    Now, here’s the quickest way to do this. Face left, as if you’re facing the 
    part of the column with the forcefield on it. Strafe to the right off the 
    platform and quickly run forward. Jump into the column and go down, but hold 
    the “strafe right” button all the way down. What you want to do is not land in 
    the water. You should land on the first floor. Run straight forward toward the 
    wall and turn a bit. You’ll see a portion of the wall has opened up. Quickly go 
    inside to get two Atomic Health power-ups.
    |       LEVEL 9       |
    |      Incubator      |
    |      Secrets: 5     |
    1. Midway after entering the big room with the computers and the switch to open 
    up the windows, on your left coming in, midway through the room is a door. Open 
    it up and there will be pipebombs inside. Go in and collect them.
    2. In Secret #1, open up the wall immediately in front of you and continue 
    farther inside to find some shotgun shells and some armor.
    3. Jump into the Earth Defense logo on your right before entering the room 
    where everything lowers to find a Portable Medkit.
    4. In the first room where everything lowers, wait until the whole area lowers. 
    From the entrance, go directly straight ahead and open the wall panel to reveal 
    a room with a Holoduke and a plasma cannon. Not bad!
    5. From Secret #4, go up the ramp to the second lowering room. Straight ahead 
    is a grey wall without anything on it. Open up the right panel and go inside 
    for SMG Ammo.
    |       LEVEL 10      |
    |     Warp Factor     |
    |      Secrets: 4     |
    1. After the elevator ride, go through the next room and into the room with the 
    elevators on both your left and your right. Stop right after going through the 
    door and turn right. To your right, (On the door’s left if you’re facing it) 
    there’s a small panel you can open up. Hop in for a portable medkit.
    2. After going down the right elevator, go straight ahead through the next door 
    and turn left. Jump through the screen thingy and open up the wall behind it 
    for some Dum Dum bullets. Sweet!
    3. This is a long description. Get ready!
    First, go through the yellow keycard door and up the escalator. Open the door 
    and look to your right. You’ll see a light shining on a portion of the wall. 
    Press the open button to open that portion up. Inside, there’s a switch on the 
    upper-left. You can press it or shoot it. Your choice. Immediately head back 
    around to the door and to the left side of the big circular room. A panel on 
    the right wall will be down, revealing a white hallway. Quickly go inside 
    before this lifts back up again.
    Go down the elevator provided and you’ll be on board what looks like the deck 
    of the U.S.S. Enterprise! Go into the room on the left (Be careful, enemies 
    will pop up when you get to the door) and activate the laptop in this room. 
    You’ll open up a panel of the wall to “The Really Ready Room” where you’ll find 
    a missile launcher and a shrinker/expander gun. Now there’s some great 
    4. Go back around where the panel you opened up originally (to hit the switch 
    to get into Secret #3) and go into the “Authorized Personnel” door. Immediately 
    stop after entering, turn to your right, crouch, and open up the panel for some 
    explosive shotgun shells.
    |       LEVEL 11      |
    |    Fusion Station   |
    |      Secrets: 7     |
    1. After going down the elevator, to the circular hallway, jump up onto the 
    second platform on the right (It has Laser Tripbombs on it) and open the middle 
    of the wall. Jump inside. Go down the right path for two Atomic Health power-
    ups and easy access to the switch that opens the elevator to exit the area.
    2. From the entrance of Secret #1, instead of going right, go left. You’ll find 
    a large health power-up. Turn left and jump up into a small tunnel area (You 
    can’t immediately see it, but it’s there.) and collect two sets of Pipebombs.
    3. After exiting Secret #2, go across to where you see the columns going up and 
    down. Slip down into one of the columns and go into the middle area. Look for 
    the small hole that you can’t go through where you can see the switch you 
    pressed in Secret #1. Turn around and open the opposite wall. Go inside and 
    collect two sets of SMG ammo.
    4. Go up the elevator and activate the underwater switches. Now, surface and go 
    back to the elevator you were just in. This is for a point of reference. Now, 
    follow the path along to your left and when you get to the security camera 
    screen, you’ll hear the sound of a door opening. Follow the wall around to the 
    left, past the other elevator, and continue following it until you see a wall 
    that has opened up with a map inside. Quickly get inside before it closes to 
    get a Plasma Cannon and some Plasma ammo. Awesome!
    5. After crossing the pit using the switch and the platform, go through the 
    door and go into the area on your left. Face the window and open the column in 
    the corner on the right to reveal armor inside.
    6. go through the next room and you’ll be in a hallway. Going through a little 
    ways causes an explosion in the hallway. Right before getting to that point, 
    look up and you’ll see a ledge. Fly up and turn left. Break open the vent and 
    go inside to find...absolutely nothing. 
    7. From Secret #6, turn around go to the little niche that contains an Atomic 
    Health power-up and two laser Tripbombs. (This is your actual prize, since this
    secret was meant for you to jump on top of the second platform, not the first.)
    To your right is a crack. Blow it up and go in to get Grenades.
    |       LEVEL 12      |
    |  Occupied Territory |
    |      Secrets: 4     |
    1. Open the large door in the beginning as normal, but this time, stop between 
    the rooms. On your right is a small alcove with an atomic health inside.
    2. In the next room with the big ramp, go up the ramp and turn around. On your 
    left you’ll see a vent. Fly over to it and break it open. Go inside for a 
    grenade launcher and some armor.
    3. When looking for Secret #2, you’ll also see a panel of a wall open up to 
    release a bunch of sentry drones. After they’re dealt with, fly inside for an 
    atomic health and some grenades.
    4. After defeating the Battlelords in the big Battlelord chamber, open up one 
    of the monitors opposite of the door. Open the right-most broken monitor on the 
    bottom row. A little passage will open with two laser tripbombs and an atomic 
    health power-up inside.
    |       LEVEL 13      |
    |   Tiberus Station   |
    |      Secrets: 8     |
    1. After breaking out of the vent at the start, go around to the far right, 
    where there’s a security camera at the end. To your left is a switch. Press it, 
    jump out of the window-like opening and run into the Supplies room that’s now 
    open. Between the two sets of armor you see, open the wall between them to find 
    a Portable Medkit. 
    2. After going through the center doorway, turn to your right and look for a 
    crack in the wall. Blow it up to find an extra case of shotgun shells and an 
    unconventional entrance into the maze of vents.
    3. Before going up the elevator to get the blue keycard, look around the dark 
    hallway for a drinking fountain. Walk into the wall directly across from that 
    to find some Pipebombs.
    Alternatively, you can jump into the corners of that wall from the outside.
    4. To the left of the door that has the “Danger: Radioactive Materials” sign 
    over it, open the wall and go inside to find Night Vision Goggles.
    5. In the hallway with the bridge on it, before you turn to see it, you’ll see 
    a vent that’s just out of jumping reach. Shoot the grate off it and fly up into 
    it. Once you enter, don’t move. Merely turn to your right. Now, turn off your 
    jetpack just long enough so that you hear something opening. Turn it back on 
    again and fly out by strafing to your right. You’ll see an opening on the wall 
    in front of you. Go inside to pick up the grenade launcher.
    6. In the room with the sludge pit, hit the switch to have the four platforms 
    come out to form the bridge. Fall down into the sludge, but don’t submerge. Go 
    to the little nook where the first one on the right came out of and open the 
    wall there. Inside contains two atomic health power-ups.
    7. From Secret #5, go to the opposite side, to where the second platform on the 
    left came out and open the wall there. You’ll find a similar room there with 
    grenades in it.
    8. Even still in the same room, go across the platform bridge, go up the 
    elevator, and keep your eyes out before the door for a crack in the wall. Blow 
    it up and go inside to find a jetpack and a shortcut back down to the 
    |       LEVEL 14      |
    |    Lunar Reactor    |
    |      Secrets: 7     |
    1. This one is pretty tricky. In the crew quarters, after falling down the 
    short, red shaft, you’ll come across a switch you have to press that opens the 
    walls up. Hit the switch and follow the right wall to an opening. Quickly duck 
    into it to find some shotgun shells and a large health power-up. Take caution 
    2. After successfully making it through, kick the vent grate open and go out 
    onto the rocky platform, but don’t get off it yet. Turn around and to the right 
    of where you exited, you’ll see some computer monitors. Open the set on the 
    right for some SMG Ammo and another large health power-up. 
    3. This one’s tricky to see. After leaving Secret #2, turn around, facing the 
    cliff, and fly down. Keep an eye slightly left of where you are while going 
    down and you’ll eventually find a cave opening. Go inside it to find a shrinker 
    crystal, a Shrinker/Expander gun, and Yoda. Now that’s a force to be reckoned 
    4. Get the yellow keycard as normal, and go through the hole that opens up 
    after the cave in/explosion further down that hall. You’ll come to a tunnel of 
    vent-like grates and metal coverings. Kick open the first metal covering you 
    see upon entering this tunnel and jump out. Turn a bit to the left and there 
    will be an opening in the cliff face here. Fly in to get armor, grenades, and 
    an Atomic Health power-up.
    5. In the room with the red keycard, open up the monitor set to the right of 
    the keycard (On the same wall you saw when you originally entered the room) to 
    reveal a Holoduke and a couple packs of Plasma Cannon ammo. Sweet!
    6. In the reactor room, go around to the left side, behind the wall. In an 
    alcove there are some enemies. Eliminate them and jump in there yourself to 
    collect two laser tripbombs and some missiles.
    7. There’s another alcove on the other side to room that you get to in the 
    exact same fashion, also with monsters inside. This side also contains two 
    laser tripbombs and some missiles.
    |       LEVEL 15      |
    |      Dark Side      |
    |      Secrets: 4     |
    1. After exiting the first elevator and going into the main hallway, walk over 
    to the monitor with the missile launcher and armor in front of it in the center 
    of the hall and open it for two atomic health power-ups
    2. In the water container room after the earthquake room, on either the left or 
    right side, go well into the room and look for a small panel of the metal wall 
    on your left (if you decide to go left) or on the right (if you decide to go 
    right). This opens up a small room with an elevator. Go up and you’ll be taken 
    into a hallway with a group of enemies, a babe, and any item you see laying in 
    the tanks! You can dive into the tanks here and find shrinker ammo.
    3. After getting the yellow keycard, ride the Beta transport, but for the whole 
    ride, keep a button pressed like you’re trying to exit the car. About midway 
    through, you’ll go into an opening with a few enemies and a couple of atomic 
    health power-ups. A teleporter will take you back from whence you came.
    4. Right after you go through the teleporter, look about the area for a crack 
    in the wall. Turn to find it. Blow it up! Inside contains some Explosive
    Shotgun Shells and a babe, and...
    Secret Level: Lunatic Fringe
    You’ll find this secret level in Secret #4.
    |       LEVEL 16      |
    |     Dreadnought     |
    |      Secrets: 3     |
    1. After surfacing, turn directly around and try to walk into the left portion 
    of the wall. Inside you’ll find an atomic health power-up, some armor, and two 
    packs of plasma ammo. Nice!
    2. Lower the reactor cover with the switches, still around the same area as 
    secret #1, and blow it up. Hop onto where the reactor was and you’ll hear the 
    sound of something opening up. That would be the pillar in front of you (across 
    from where you actually hit the switches), but it will be on the other side. 
    Quickly enter it for a grenade launcher.
    3. In the waterfall room, go fly up the middle waterfall and hold forward, 
    you’ll go into a hidden alcove with an atomic health power-up inside.
    |       LEVEL 17      |
    |       Overlord      |
    |      Secrets: 1     |
    1. During your battle with the Overlord, run into the chamber he began in, and 
    turn around. The wall at the other end of the area, in the room you started in, 
    will have opened up.
    |       LEVEL 18      |
    |    Lunatic Fringe   |
    |      Secrets: 0     |
    Unfortunately, there are none in this level. Just gun down the alien folk and 
    kick ass the way you're supposed to do, good reader!
    |       LEVEL 19      |
    |       Raw Meat      |
    |      Secrets: 7     |
    1. This one’s very easy to miss. Right near the first statue of a woman, on 
    your right, there’s a grey wall. Try to jump into it. When you go through, 
    you’ll get some SMG ammo and a shortcut to the blue keycard.
    2. When you get inside, you’ll see a poster for “The Good Old Boys”. Repeatedly 
    press the open button on this until it lowers (It’s kind of stubborn). Inside 
    is the Shrinker/Expander weapon.
    3. Enter the last blue curtain on your left and blow up the crack in the wall. 
    Inside contains two large healths, night vision goggles and some shrinker ammo.
    4. Exit secret #2 and open the blackboard on your left for some armor.
    5. In the room with the eaten girls and Octabrains, leave via the window, but 
    don't actually jump in the water. Instead, turn right and go into the small 
    walled area. Go through the wall on your left to find a babe, a small health, 
    and some Dum Dum bullets! 
    6. After going through the blue access door, go to the right of the conveyor 
    belt. You’ll see a set of wooden doors on the right wall. Open them and go 
    inside. Press the open button on the left wall, then turn around. An alcove has 
    opened up with some pipebombs and SMG ammo.
    7. Right on the same wall as Secret #5 is a vent. Go inside. On your left will 
    be a bloody handprint. Trying to use this will open up a door behind you. Go 
    back out and turn around. A panel of the wall has opened up with some more Dum 
    Dum bullets inside.
    |       LEVEL 20      |
    |      Bank Roll      |
    |      Secrets: 5     |
    1. Open up the ATM machines outside of the bank for some SMGs.
    2. After hitting the switch in the apartment building for the Blue Keycard, 
    you’ll also notice that the painting on the wall has also lowered. Go in and 
    collect the Missile Launcher.
    3. Enter the bank, turn to your right, and shoot the switch on the wall near 
    the ceiling. Turn around and you’ll see the phones are down. There’s a Holoduke 
    in here.
    (IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s actually possible to lock yourself in there by shooting 
    the switch on the wall again while inside. If you’re stupid enough to do this, 
    you’ll have to re-start the level or use a “No Clipping” Gameshark code to get 
    4. Behind the desk with the switch that allows you to progress, open the 
    painting in the wall there to find a two small health power-ups.
    5. Blow up the crack to the left of the safe vault door. There’s an Atomic 
    Health in there.
    |       LEVEL 21      |
    |      Flood Zone     |
    |      Secrets: 5     |
    1. At the beginning, follow the cliff to where the pistol is and jump in the 
    water. Ahead of you and to the right, you’ll see a grouping of underwater 
    plants. Fire a grenade (or whatever other explosive weapon you like) at the 
    plant life. You’ll blow open a hole in the rocks. Underwater is scuba gear, and 
    some missiles. Surface and go onto land (which counts as the secret) to get a 
    large health power-up, two pistol clips, explosive shotgun shells, and a 
    missile launcher. Not bad at all!
    2. After leaving Secret #1, surface and fly up to the top of the building. Be 
    wary of the enforcers that are on top. To your left will be a couple of rocky 
    ledges with an Atomic Health power-up at the top. Open the wall behind you for 
    a jetpack. However, watch your six, as the opposite side of the cliff will have 
    opened up with some Assault Captains inside firing missiles at you.
    3. Jump back off the roof and follow the water over to a large sign that says 
    “Alley Cat Lounge”. Go to the right of it and turn right. You’ll see a niche in 
    the cliff with some SMGs on it. Fly up to get them, turn left, then open the 
    window beside you. Go inside to find a large health power-up and some SMG ammo.
    4. Jump through the cliff wall to the left of you after getting the blue 
    keycard to find a pack each of regular and heat seeking missiles.
    5. After going through the red keycard door, on your left you’ll see a stack of 
    boxes, one of the boxes having a “Hard Hat Area” sign. Press the activate 
    button on the sign and go around to the other side of the crates. A portion 
    will have opened up. Go in to find two large health power-ups.
    |       LEVEL 22      |
    |      L.A. Rumble    |
    |      Secrets: 3     |
    1. Right at the start, after you exit the sewer, blow up the wall on your 
    immediate right and go inside. There’s a plasma cannon in there. Sweet!
    2. Across from the blue keycard, on the leftmost part of that area, are a 
    couple of short wooden cabinets. Activate the left-most one and the one beside 
    it will go down. Follow the passage inside to find Dum Dum bullets, an atomic 
    health, and one doomed space marine. Heh heh heh.
    3. In the office, once you arrive at the top of the stairs, turn directly 
    around and beside the stairs, you’ll see a painting. Go inside and you’ll find 
    heat-seeking missiles! Nice!
    |       LEVEL 23      |
    |      Movie Set      |
    |      Secrets: 4     |
    1. Turn directly around and go up to the register with the shotgun in front of 
    it. Kill the enemies inside. Jump in and face the registers. Activate the 
    register on the left and you’ll hear something open. Run around to the left 
    where all the vending machines are and one of the snack machines will be down. 
    Quickly go in and collect three Atomic Health power-ups.
    2. Go back to the start of the level. You’ll see a large poster for Lunar 
    Apocolypse (You really can’t miss this unless you’re blind, seriously!). Fly 
    into the 3D Realms logo at the bottom-right corner or Duke’s head. There’s an 
    Atomic Health power-up, two packs of regular missiles, and a Plasma Cannon. 
    Watch out for the Assault Captain that spawns when you try to get the cannon!
    3. Go through the blue keycard door. Follow the path to the main area and turn 
    directly around, facing where you came from. There’s a staircase of crates that 
    you can see now. Climb up them and go towards the vent, but not inside it. 
    You’ll hear a door open. Run backwards and off the platform to lure the sentry 
    drones out. Once they’re gone, go back and manually open the portion of the 
    crates they came out of and collect your missile launcher inside.
    4. Go through the yellow keycard door and turn left. Take care of the enforcers 
    on the floor there. At the far wall, jump into it to collect a jetpack and a 
    Shrinker/Expander gun.
    Secret Level: Area 51
    This one has the most work to do to get to it than any other secret area (Just 
    the sole objective!). Go through the red keycard door. Immediately to your 
    right is a switch. Activate it and go outside of the whole studio. Turn left 
    and follow the path to Stage 17-C. Go inside and to the opposite side of the 
    jeep is a bloody handprint below a purple screen. Press it and turn left. 
    You’ll see a small tunnel open up. Follow the tunnel to the door. From this 
    room and the next, be very wary of Alien Beast enemies. Open the door, go 
    through, and you’ll find the Nukem button there. 
    |       LEVEL 24      |
    |     Rabid Transit   |
    |      Secrets: 9     |
    1. Go to the platform, to the left of the kiosk you see when you start the 
    level. On the left is a large poster for “Lunar Apocolypse”. Open it up to find 
    some SMGs.
    2. Over in the vending machine area, on your left while facing Secret #1, go 
    over to the soda machines and activate the right-most one. Turn right and 
    you’ll see a small alcove has opened up with a Holoduke inside.
    3. Going towards the blue keycard door (opposite the kiosk from the start), 
    you’ll see a baggage claim area on your left. Crawl through one of the black 
    panels on the wall. You’ll end up in a back room. On your left is a pair of 
    lockers. Open the right one and go inside to get some armor.
    4. This one is super-sickeningly easy to miss. So easy to miss, in fact, that 
    most FAQs on secret areas for this game miss it entirely! Ride the subway car 
    to the end. Walk over to the farthest pillar, go around so you’re between the 
    wall and the pillar, and face it. Open up the panel for some night vision 
    5. There’s a blue train before the blue keycard door. Fly up on top of it and 
    go to the back end. There’s a hatch on top you can go down. There’s Dum Dum 
    bullets in the first car and a jetpack in the second.
    6. After leaving the train, face the rocky part of the wall. You’ll see open, 
    blown-up passages on your left and right. Go into the left one and look to your 
    left. There’s a gun poster on the wall. Open it up for Atomic Health.
    7. After going through the blue keycard door, look to your left for a filthy 
    trash can. Jump on it and open up the small Lunar Apocolypse poster for some 
    grenades. Jump in and collect!
    8. After taking care of the enemies on the stairwell with the explosive 
    canisters (and the Battlelord clone!) on it, go to the wall opposite of the 
    stairs and open the left portion of it. There’s a couple of plasma packs 
    While inside, open the unusual switch by the screen and it will open up the 
    wall on your left to reveal three babes, a missile launcher, and grenades. 
    9. After going through the red keycard door, fly up to the bookcase on the 
    right and the bookcase on the left will lower, revealing three large health 
    power-ups, two missile packs, and grenades.
    |       LEVEL 25      |
    |      Fahrenheit     |
    |      Secrets: 5     |
    1. Go through the blue keycard door. Instead of going through the next door, 
    turn right and climb the mess of crates up until you see an open window that 
    lets you into the apartment. Jump in through the window, turn left, and open 
    the painting behind the couch to find a plasma cannon, and also some enemy 
    turrets, so watch out!
    2. In the same general area, look for a shelf full of bottles. Break the 
    bottles and walk through the shelf to find a Portable Medkit.
    3. After blowing up the wall with the crack on it to get into the fire station, 
    turn left, then turn right and follow the hall until you get to the last door 
    on your left. Go inside, turn left, and on the right wall, look for a white 
    chart. Open it up and jump inside to collect some heat seeking missiles.
    4. Exit the bedroom area and take your first left. Immediately to your left now 
    is a door to the janitor’s closet. Press the switch inside and exit. Face the 
    way you were facing before (Toward where the fire pole is with the gigantic 
    hole in the floor) and go over to the window. Jump or fly over to the 
    “Innocent?” sign and you’ll see an open portion of the wall. Inside this secret 
    is a Babe to save.
    5. Go through the yellow keycard door, up the stairs, and open the double doors 
    nearby. Go into the studio room. Behind the red curtain are two plasma packs 
    and an Atomic Health power-up.
    |       LEVEL 26      |
    |      Hotel Hell     |
    |      Secrets: 3     |
    1. After using the yellow keycard, go up the stairs or the elevator and go into 
    the bar area. There’s a wooden wine bottle holder that creates a small fork in 
    the path. Open this up to find some explosive shotgun shells. Rock!
    2. From Secret #1, go left and open up the wooden wall. You’ll be able to go 
    into the fish tank from here to get scuba gear (before going in), and a plasma 
    cannon. Watch out for the sharks in the tank! There’s also a secret message 
    with some night vision goggles on the left wall beside the scuba gear that says 
    “Check the vintage”, referring to Secret #1.
    3. In the pool area, swim under the low ceiling and you’ll see a waterfall with 
    a couple of pots with fire on the sides of it. Go into the waterfall. Go in and 
    you’ll be teleported to a small area. Go straight ahead and hit the bloody 
    handprint, which opens up a cave door. Go inside and get the atomic health, 
    then run like hell back out, unless you want to be a flat Duke!
    Secret Level: Freeway
    Before going into the cave, turn right and go into the area the trees are 
    blocking to find the button.
    |       LEVEL 27      |
    |       Stadium       |
    |      Secrets: 0     |
    Sorry, no secrets to help you out in this stage! There should be more than 
    enough stuff around the area to help you bring the big baddie down. Just 
    blast the Cycloid Emperor with a buttload of firepower.
    |       LEVEL 28      |
    |       Area 51       |
    |      Secrets: 8     |
    1. After getting the blue keycard, two doors will open and enemies will come 
    out. Kill the enemies, go in the right door, and fly up to find an Atomic 
    Health power-up.
    2. After going in through the blue keycard door, go in a little ways and turn 
    around. You’ll see a small counter with a computer on it. Jump over the counter 
    and use it. Hop out of the counter and run to the other end of the room. An 
    alcove with a portable medkit inside will be revealed, so head on in!
    3. Go back to the computer and enter the door on the right. Follow the path 
    down to a computer hallway room-type deal. Before you exit this room, you’ll 
    see a panel with three green lights in a triangle-type placement. 
    Now here’s what I do. Run forward onto this and jump on it. When you hear 
    something open, back up (Don’t turn around) and strafe right. Run into the open 
    part of the wall and collect the Atomic Health power-up inside.
    4. Exit Secret #4 and turn until you see the Holoduke in the corner. Go up to 
    it and open the corner of the wall to find Vitamin X.
    5. After going down the elevator shaft, open the forcefield that blocks Hallway 
    #2 and go into it. In the room with all the crates, go over to the computer 
    tower and activate it. Turn around and follow the wall, where there is a crate 
    open with armor and scuba gear inside. 
    6. In the same room, blow up the crack on the wall between the computer and the 
    box you just came out of. Inside are Pipebombs, three small health power-ups, 
    and two expander crystals. Not bad.
    7. Inside Secret #6, go over to the Pipebombs and press the bloody handprint. 
    It will open up a teleporter. Go through it and straight ahead to collect your 
    grenade launcher and add another secret place to your tally.
    8. There’s a crane in the hallway after leaving the crate room. Stand on it and 
    wait until the crane comes to pick you up and drop you off at the higher level. 
    Follow it until you see a jetpack. Face the jetpack, turn left, and hit the 
    switch to deactivate the conveyor belt. A teleporter will open up at the end of 
    the belt. Go in it, and you’ll be inside a ship! There’s two babes, two clips 
    of Dum Dum bullets, and an atomic health power up. Kick ass!
    |       LEVEL 29      |
    |       Freeway       |
    |      Secrets: 7     |
    1. At the beginning of the level, fly up through the second manhole. Turn so 
    that the Duke Burger sign at the end of the street is to your left. Open the 
    window you see. Inside this little apartment is a Shrinker/Expander gun and 
    some Dum Dum bullets.
    2. At the top of the stairs in Secret #1, blow up the crack. Inside is a Plasma 
    Cannon and a toilet if you need it! There’s a chance you may blow up the toilet 
    in this secret if you use this method.
    An alternate method is, at the start, instead of flying up the manhole, blow 
    open the crack to access the “lower freeway”, turn left, and stay in the left 
    lane until you see some fire on a higher ledge. Climb up and follow the edge to 
    the left-most window (This is made obvious in the fact that it’s taller than 
    the other windows on this side) and open it. However, if you use this method, 
    you can’t get into Secret #1 from this end. The crack in the wall is only one-
    3. Open the bookcase on your left immediately before getting the blue keycard 
    to find a couple packs of missiles.
    4. Behind the blue keycard is a crack in the door. Blow it open to find a small 
    health power-up, some SMGs, and plasma ammo. Be careful of the fire inside.
    5. On the wall directly across from the red keycard, jump through the wall at 
    the black and yellow taped parts to get some Pipebombs and armor.
    6. Go over to the police car on its side in the “Upper Freeway”. Be careful 
    while the explosions are going off! Behind the car, jump onto the crates in the 
    corner and walk around the edge. Hop up on the fans and turn to your left. 
    You’ll see a window (and Atomic Health). Jump over to it and kick out the 
    Now, behind the desk in this room, there’s a switch. Press the switch and turn 
    directly around. To the left of the map in front of you, a small alcove has 
    opened up. Quickly jump in to collect your prize of Pipe Bombs. 
    7. From Secret #6, leave and go in the door on your right. On your left will be 
    a door labeled “Armory” above it. You can’t enter this door directly. However, 
    to the right of the door is a crack. Blow it up and go inside this way. You’ll 
    find a large health power-up, two pistol clips, and some heat-seeking missiles. 
    |[4. Super Secret Areas]|
    Aha! Yes indeed, there’s some very, very, very well-hidden areas that you 
    weren’t meant to find by conventional methods! All of the super-secret areas 
    listed are discoverable only by use of a Gameshark or similar method. If you’re 
    using an actual N64 with GS, I’d recommend configuring the following code with 
    an Activator and whatever button combination you feel works for you.
    The No-Clipping cheat for Duke Nukem 64 is: 802AAA6F 0001
    This turns on clipping. To turn it off, replace the “0001” with “0000”. This 
    works for all players. This also saves you from getting squished, which is an 
    extra bonus, but if you turn it off and go out too far, well...whatever happens 
    is your own fault.
    -Hollywood Holocaust-
    As you go into the bathroom, you’ll notice that across from the sinks is a 
    large, boarded up portion of the wall. Use the “No Clipping” cheat and walk on 
    through the wall to find...a partial mirror image of the sink area with the 
    hallways cut off?
    There’s an explanation for this however!
    I talked to GameFAQs user “Skellington” (I believe that’s his username on the 
    forums) a few years ago. He actually had a hand in this port. He told me that 
    what they were doing with this was trying to come up with a mirror effect, but 
    scrapped it.
    I wonder if there’s a prototype cart of Duke Nukem 64 hanging around. I would 
    absolutely drool over a (free) copy of it, looking for all the differences and 
    From the beginning of the level, go through the first two rooms and into the 
    room where you press the off/on switch to open the windows. In the little room 
    in front of you that opens up after you walk in, walk up to it, but stand just 
    outside of it. Turn left, and use the “No clipping” cheat to slowly walk 
    through the wall until you come to a tiny, tiny room with a grey and blue wall 
    in front of you.
    To your left is a switch. Activating the switch opens a panel with scuba gear. 
    To your right is an odd door with the medical red cross on it. Open this up to 
    find a Portable Medkit and Vitamin X.
    What I do know about this is that it’s a leftover from the PC version. Not only 
    that, in the PC version, there’s little rhyme or reason for it being there 
    Except to maybe give a little reward to cheaters, because the only way you’ll 
    really come across it is with the cheat code for the PC “dnshowmap”. In the N64 
    version, it’s even more bizarre that this is here because the map function has 
    been removed, and the clipping cheat disabled by normal means. I’m surprised it 
    wasn’t just taken out.
    -Movie Set-
    Right at the end of the level, while you’re going down the stairs, stop at the 
    next to last step on the stairs and turn right. Turn on the No Clipping cheat 
    and go through the wall, going directly forward. You’ll end up walking through 
    nothing for a while, but then you’ll end up in a room with a large health 
    container, armor, and if you’re lucky (or just play around the area), one of 
    the columns with the “S” texture on top will be lowered to reveal a Holoduke.
    Once again, I really have no idea what’s up with this place, but it has been 
    toyed with very slightly in this port. The only difference is that the large 
    health power-up has been moved from the right of the entrance, to the left of 
    the two columns. In the PC version, the columns were of pornographic magazine 
    vending machines, but they’re removed in the N64 version, revealing kind of an 
    unused texture. At least unused now in the sense it wasn’t meant to be seen. I 
    find it even stranger that they moved the health, but didn’t bother to take it 
    out. Again, there’s no map function, and the clipping cheat has been disabled 
    by normal means, so there doesn’t seem to be much of a point to this room in 
    this version.
    |[5. Closing]|
    I basically want to thank everybody for their support over the years in reading 
    my FAQs and enjoying them. I started off crappy, but in the end, I’ve really 
    learned to put my know-how into these things.
    For the 10th Anniversary of Duke Nukem 64 (And the fact is says “December 2007” 
    on the calendars you find in the game!), it was only natural for me, as an 
    immense fan and playing the game for its whole existence, it was only natural 
    that I re-do this FAQ.
    Thank you everybody! Now go rip ‘em a new one!
       -Rick L.

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