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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeeperBvK

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 04/10/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Duke Nukem 64 (N64) guide
    by KeeperBvK aka Burkhart von Klitzing
    Contact: KeeperBvK@web.de
    Dedication: I dedicate this work to my beloved dad who already passed away.
                I always loved you and I always will. Thank you so much for the  
                time we had.
                                   0.1 Legal Stuff
    This Guide may not be posted on any other website other than 
    without my permission and it may not be used commercially in any possible way.
    If you want to post it on another site please contact me via E-Mail or via 
    the Message Board.
    Do not claim this guide or any part of it to be your creation.
    If you find any mistakes (even regarding the language as I'm German) please 
    let me know.
    Copyright 2010 Burkhart von Klitzing
                                 0.2 Version History
    1.0: 05/30/2006, 191 KB: I am missing two secret places and a babe but 
    			  besides that the guide seems complete to me.
    1.01: 06/03/2006, 191 KB: Sorry, no news on the missing stuff; I only added 
    			   www.supercheats.com as legitimated to use my guide.
    1.05: 07/13/2006, 191 KB: Added the missing secret place and babe in Raw Meat! 
    			   Thx a lot to Johnson Tran for the help. :)
    1.06: 02/17/2007, 191 KB: Added www.mogelgott.de
    1.07: 03/12/2007, 191 KB: Added www.honestgamers.com.
    1.10: 04/10/2010, 192 KB: Finally found the final secrets, thanks to Conrado, 
             Rick L, nealtime and Element!
                                    0.3 Contents
                                        | Latest Update | Search Key |
    0.1 Legal Stuff                     |      1.10     |            |
    0.2 Version History                 |      1.10     |            |
    0.3 Contents                        |      1.10     |            |
    1. What is Duke Nukem 64?           |      1.0      |     AAA    |
    2. Controls                         |      1.0      |     BBB    |
    3. General Hints                    |      1.0      |     CCC    |
    4. Walkthrough                      |      1.05     |     DDD    |
                                        |               |            |
       4.1 Earth I                      |      1.0      |     D1D    |
       4.1.01 Hollywood Holocaust       |      1.0      |     DD1    |
       4.1.02 Gun Crazy                 |      1.0      |     DD2    |
       4.1.S1 Duke-Burger               |      1.0      |     DS1    |
       4.1.03 Death Row                 |      1.0      |     DD3    |
       4.1.04 Toxic Dump                |      1.0      |     DD4    |
       4.1.05 Launch Facility           |      1.0      |     DD5    |
       4.1.06 The Abyss                 |      1.0      |     DD6    |
       4.1.B1 Battlelord                |      1.0      |     DB1    |
                                        |               |            |
       4.2 Space                        |      1.0      |     D2D    |
       4.2.07 Spaceport                 |      1.0      |     DD7    |
       4.2.08 Incubator                 |      1.0      |     DD8    |
       4.2.09 Warp Factor               |      1.0      |     DD9    |
       4.2.10 Fusion Station            |      1.0      |     D10    |
       4.2.11 Occupied Territory        |      1.0      |     D11    |
       4.2.12 Tiberius Station          |      1.0      |     D12    |
       4.2.13 Lunar Reactor             |      1.0      |     D13    |
       4.2.14 Dark Side                 |      1.0      |     D14    |
       4.2.S2 Lunatic Fringe            |      1.0      |     DS2    |
       4.2.15 Dreadnought               |      1.10     |     D15    |
       4.2.B2 Overlord                  |      1.0      |     DB2    |
                                        |               |            |
       4.3 Earth II                     |      1.05     |     D3D    |
       4.3.16 Raw Meat                  |      1.05     |     D16    |
       4.3.17 Bank Roll                 |      1.0      |     D17    |
       4.3.18 Flood Zone                |      1.0      |     D18    |
       4.3.19 L.A. Rumble               |      1.0      |     D19    |
       4.3.20 Movie Set                 |      1.0      |     D20    |
       4.3.S3 Area 51                   |      1.0      |     DS3    |
       4.3.21 Rabid Transit             |      1.10     |     D21    |
       4.3.22 Fahrenheit                |      1.0      |     D22    |
       4.3.23 Hotel Hell                |      1.0      |     D23    |
       4.3.S4 Freeway                   |      1.0      |     DS4    |
       4.3.B3 Stadium                   |      1.0      |     DB3    |
    5. Items                            |      1.0      |     EEE    |
    6. Weapons                          |      1.0      |     FFF    |
    7. Enemies                          |      1.0      |     GGG    |
    8. Closing Comments                 |      1.0      |     HHH    |
    9. Experimental                     |      1.0      |     III    |
    10. Credits                         |      1.10     |     JJJ    |
                              1. What is Duke Nukem 64?                       AAA
    The Duke might not have been that big in business as he used to be, but still 
    most gamers should know him. After the two Jump 'n Shoots Duke Nukem 1 and 2, 
    3D Realms made the Ego-Shooter Duke Nukem 3D for the PC which boasted 
    gameplay mechanics and graphics somewhere between Doom and Quake with a lot 
    of added humor. This great game has been brought to the N64 in an altered 
    version both with added contents and the lack of some stuff (especially of 
    stuff Nintendo doesn't approve, like strippers) and all of the good old 
    classic ass-kicking action. And who knows: Maybe once you beat this game and 
    find every single secret, Duke Nukem Forever is released...naaaahh. ;)
                                     2. Controls                              BBB
    This is the button setup for the standard setting|
    (Control Stick look / right handed):|
    Start................................: Start / Pause
    Control-Stick........................: Look and aim
    A Button.............................: Activate / Investigate
    B Button.............................: Crouch
    C Right..............................: Strafe right
    C Left...............................: Strafe left
    C Up.................................: Move ahead
    C Down...............................: Move backwards
    R Button.............................: Jump
    L Button.............................: (De-)Activate items
    Z Button.............................: Shoot
    D-Pad Left / Right...................: Switch weapons
    D-Pad Up / Down......................: Switch items
    I definitely recommend this control type. It allows for all actions to be 
    reached rather easily and it enables you to perform all actions that are 
    necessary in battles without having to fear to accidentally do something else. 
    The use of items and switching items and weapons may be a bit hard to reach, 
    but that is nothing to worry about.
    Shift Mode 1 has the following differences to Control Stick look:|
    A Button.............................: Crouch
    B Button.............................: Jump
    R Button.............................: Activate / Investigate
    R + Z Button.........................: (De-)Activate items
    R + C Up / C Down....................: Switch items
    R + C Left / C Right.................: Switch weapons
    L Button.............................: no function
    D-Pad................................: no function
    Don't use it. Jumping during battles and while running in general is too hard 
    to pull off and you are extremely likely to switch items (or weapons) or 
    activate them during battles.
    Shift Mode 2 has the following differences to Control Stick look:|
    B Button.............................: Jump
    R + C Left...........................: Switch weapons
    R + C Right..........................: Switch items
    R + B Button.........................: Crouch
    R + A Button.........................: (De-)Activate items
    L Button.............................: no function
    D-Pad................................: no function
    Just as useless as Shift Mode 1.
    Control Stick move has the following differences to Control Stick look:|
    Start................................: Start / Pause
    Control-Stick Up / Down..............: Move ahead / backwards
    Control-Stick Left / Right...........: Look left / right
    A / B Button.........................: Switch weapons
    C Right..............................: Strafe right
    C Left...............................: Strafe left
    C Up.................................: Jump
    C Down...............................: Crouch
    R Button.............................: Activate / Investigate
    D-Pad Left / Right...................: Switch items
    D-Pad Up / Down......................: Look Up / Down
    Another stupid setup: To fully control the view and the moves you would have 
    to control all three parts of the N64 controller which is way too hard to do 
    in a fast paced Ego-Shooter.
    The option Left handed / Right handed basically mirrors the controller setup, 
    so e.g. the function L has goes over to R and so on, except for A and B. They 
    stay the same. Since this means that switching to left handed gets two 
    buttons out of your direct reach, basically, you should try to play right 
    handed if possible.
                                   3. General Hints                           CCC
    When playing on "Damn, I'm good!" dead enemies get back to life after a while 
    as long as their corpse still exists. So on the hardest difficulty setting 
    you should concentrate on enemies that you can reach from where you are and 
    quickly dispose of their bodies with a few kicks (for weak enemies) or with 
    pipe bombs (for strong enemies and / or big groups of enemies). Leave other 
    enemies alone until you close in on them later on in the stage or shoot them 
    with something explosive to blow up their corpse while killing them. The 
    grenade launcher and other explosive weapons can also be very useful against 
    big bunches of enemies whose corpses you could reach, but probably lack the 
    time of blowing them up, because you are amidst a long battle.
    Save goodies for later. Don't pick up big health packs unless you have 70 
    health points or less. This goes for other items, like ammo, as well. Keep 
    items spread over the level and backtrack whenever you need anything.
    Atomic health is even more special. Save two of these until you see the exit 
    of a level and are ready to use it. Then bring yourself to 100 health (or 
    more) and pick up the two atomic health goodies so you start the next level 
    with 200 health points.
    Use different weapons. Don't always use the SMGs or any other weapon, but 
    switch every few enemies. This way you rarely run out of a certain kind of 
    ammo which you might desperately need at some later point.
    Toilets can be used to get back up to ten health points. This can be done 
    every few minutes.
    Drinking fountains can always be used to give back health until you are at 
    100 or above, but it is better to destroy them with a single blow of your 
    mighty foot: Usually you would have to press A again for every sip you take, 
    destroying them, though, allows to keep the A button pressed while drinking. 
    It's just a matter of comfort. ^^
    Broken hydrants also allow for a continuous drink to refill your health.
    Enemies can be activated, as I call it. By that I mean that sometimes you see 
    some part of an enemy (e.g. its left arm, left leg and some of its head) 
    without him realizing you're there. In this case your autoaim won't work and 
    grenades will simply bounce off them instead of blowing up on contact. 
    Sometimes even a direct hit doesn't damage them. To stop this, just run into 
    his sight to activate him. Once he has seen you he can never return to the 
    inactivated status. This is extremely useful to keep in mind when you want to 
    lob grenades around corners or when you know that there are mutants in a 
    basin in front of you. Just dive down briefly, surface and leave the water. 
    Now you can fire a few grenades into the water and see the blood fly all 
    around. If you manage to hit an inactivated enemy, he is also activated.
    Use friendly fire to your advantage. When you see enemies behind a force 
    field, close in on them and watch them desperately trying to hit you. 
    Eventually they will hit each other instead. This can also be used in other 
    situations, e.g. when a suicidal glider bumps into a closed gate directly in 
    front of you, but the force field situation is best for this tactic. 
    Don't be in a narrow spot when the effect of a shrinker beam ends. This 
    results in an instant death.
    Enemies can be crushed when standing in a gate while it shuts down. Don't try 
    to make this happen and don't plan for this to happen, just be happy when it 
    Should be clear, but I'll state it anyway: Unless you have a scuba gear, be 
    effective underwater. Move quickly and return to the surface as often as 
                                    4. Walkthrough                            DDD
    Introductory remark: This guide was written for Damn, I'm good!-difficulty, 
    so when playing on a lower difficulty setting, don't wonder where the enemies 
    that I mention are; the higher the difficulty, the more enemies you will see. 
    Please also note that I will tell you how to find every secret place and babe 
    and how to kill every enemy (as long as I know about them, but I am missing 
    two secret places and a few babes), but I won't mention every single ammo 
    clip or medikit or whatever.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.1 Earth I-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D1D
    1. Level - Hollywood Holocaust:|                                          DD1
    Pick up the ammo clip behind the crate and blast the canisters to open a way 
    down. Walk around a bit and kill five lizards on the ground, one behind the 
    window at the cinema and one up ahead behind a false window. Jump onto the 
    crate next to the car, up onto the ledge from there and then to the right 
    onto another ledge to find a grenade launcher. Return to the other ledge and 
    jump through either fake window up ahead to find a few items as well as a 
    wall painting from Shadow Warrior. 
    1. secret place: Touch the wall near the painting to find some vitamin X.
    Leave the room through another window to find an atomic health. Move on and 
    get rid of two angry pigs in the backyard, before shooting another lizard 
    high up behind a window. Open the next two doors to kick seven more lizard 
    asses (don't forget the one high up behind the window in the movie room). In 
    the next area you will have to face four lizards and two pig cops. Use the 
    grenade launcher against those behind the counter. Open the door behind the 
    counter and dispose the lizard to obtain the shotgun. Now open the door next 
    to the orange poster and take down the lizard with your pistol and the cop 
    with your shotgun. Return to the shop hall and enter the doorway leading to 
    the toilets. Absolutely do not open the right toilet door or you will get 
    killed. Instead, shoot the three lizards around, jump up from the left toilet 
    and shot down into the right toilet cabin.
    2. secret place: Up here you can pick up a portable medikit.
    3. secret place: Open the lattice near-by with a kick and follow the path to 
    three lizards and a babe.
    4. secret place: Get back into the vent and blast away the corner with your 
    grenade launcher to find a holoduke.
    Press A at a wall in the room with the babe to reach the movie projector room, 
    containing four lizards and the access card. 
    5. secret place: Now hop onto the projector to find an atomic health, which 
    will automatically open up another wall making two more lizards roam the room. 
    Pick up the grenade launcher.
    Press the button next to the window and walk down the stairs, killing a 
    lizard and a cop.
    6. secret place: Check the wall on your right for a medikit +30.
    Proceed to the movie room. On your way there you will face three lizards. Use 
    the grenade launcher to crack a hole into the screen and get rid of the lone 
    lizard behind it before nabbing the jetpack.
    7. secret place: Return to the lobby and press A at the till to open a small 
    room just below the ceiling. Fly there via jetpack or check the wall for a 
    8. secret place: Press the left button up here. This opens another room 
    behind the counter where a lizard, a pig and an atomic health await you.
    9. secret place: Hop onto the trash can near the arcade lift: Some health, a 
    few pipe bombs and night vision goggles await you.
    Now call the lift to the arcade and take down the lizard inside. Enter the 
    lift and equip the shotgun to be prepared for the sole cop and the five 
    lizards up in the arcade. Approach the Duke Nukem game to unveil a holoduke 
    on the right.  Use the key card to open the next door and shoot four pigs 
    before blasting the fire extinguisher. This will open the path to the exit, 
    only blocked by two more pigs.
    10. secret place: Don't leave the level just yet. Instead, turn right and 
    push the wall near the exit to find a teleporter bringing you to a grocery 
    store. Enter the right room and destroy the sentry gun on the ceiling.
    11. secret place: Activate the shelf up ahead to find some dum dum rounds for 
    the pistol.
    Enter the other room and eliminate two cops and two lizards. Go back to the 
    first room, kneel down at the table and activate the switch to return to near 
    the exit of the level.
    12. secret place: Step onto the bridge, turn right and fly up via jetpack for 
    some ammo and a new jetpack, but beware the two sentry guns at the ceiling.
    13. secret place: Return to the red cinema sign outside. You have to fly 
    through a window right at the sign behind a palm for a stripper girl and some 
    weapons (e.g. the sub machine guns).
    Get back to the bridge and exit the level.
    2. Level - Gun Crazy:|                                                    DD2
    Press A to make the lift go down completely. Take care of the lizard and the 
    pig before aiming for the two pig cops flying around. Afterwards you have to 
    kill the pilots. Enter the gun store where four lizards and a pig wait to be 
    kicked in their ass.
    1. secret place: Press A at the poster behind the counter for some dum dum 
    2. secret place: Check one of the shelves on the right side of the store.
    3. secret place: Jump onto the shelf behind the counter and check the corner 
    near the camera screen.
    Press the left and the right button next to the red gate to open it. Behind 
    it you will face two lizards before you should look on the right closely.
    4. secret place: There is a dark passage with an atomic health guarded by 
    three lizards and a cop.
    Take the lift up and kill the four lizards before opening the small niche 
    containing the blue access card. Jump out of the window and return to the 
    starting position of the level. From here you can relatively easily take down 
    four more lizards and two pig gliders. Go into the gun store again and enter 
    the toilets this time. Kill four lizards and one pig on the way.
    5. secret place: Activate the hand dryer for a set of night vision goggles.
    Now it's time to pay a visit to the stripper area next to the toilets. Be 
    prepared for the single lizard and the lone pig cop. Next, open the doors one 
    by one: Behind the first door you'll find two pigs, behind the second door is 
    a lizard, one pig seems to have fun behind the third door and in the last 
    cabin you'll find a grenade launcher. Go outside and jump onto the grey 
    structure to the left of the entrance to Duke Burger. Jump up further and 
    move left to find an armor. Next stop is Duke Burger: Enter the room and 
    quickly dispose of the two lizards and two pigs. Behind the counter is 
    another pig and touching one of the cash registers makes two more pigs spawn 
    near-by. Leave the restaurant and proceed on the outside. Both at the 
    condemned building and inside a small room with a very, very neat switch are 
    one pig each, waiting for you. After killing them, press the blue switch and 
    afterwards the two centre buttons and finally another switch to blow up the 
    large building up ahead. Get rid of the pig in the ruins and pick up the 
    yellow access card, the grenades and the portable medikit. Stand in front of 
    the debris and look high up to the left. There is a sign saying "Innocent?" 
    on the building and two babes await you behind that sign. The only way I know 
    of getting to them is using the jetpack so hopefully you have some spare fuel. 
    Next, DO NOT break up the manhole cover and jump down, or else you will be 
    stuck in the sewers, not being able to finish the level! Instead open the 
    other entrance to the Duke Burger and take care of two pigs inside. Move up 
    the ramp and clear the area from six lizards and four pigs. When you go up 
    another ramp, be prepared for three cops blasting away a wall and attacking 
    you afterwards. Go back a bit and move down a ramp leading to the kitchen. 
    Kill four lizards and a pig. Then approach the medikit and instantly turn 
    around to quickly shoot three pigs spawning now. Next, open the brown shelf 
    at the medikit to find the red access card.
    6. secret place: Return to the billiard room and take a right to the toilets. 
    Go to the toilet in the right corner and press A to open a hidden passage 
    guarded by three pigs. Move on and rid the earth of a strange-looking new 
    alien abomination. Further on you will find some atomic health and a babe.
    Go up the ramp towards where you can use the red access card. Open the gate 
    and take down four lizards and three pigs in the yard. See the crate with the 
    bloody hand print on it? Press A to open it so you can nab some submachine 
    gun ammo. Open the vent high up in the small office and crawl through it. 
    Equip the SMGs and hop out, quickly killing six pig cops. Press the button 
    and retreat. Wait until the gates have opened, then kill four pigs outside 
    one by one, as well as one above you on a platform inside.
    7. secret place: Now hop onto a crate and onto the platform with the lone pig 
    from there. Turn left and jump over to the night vision goggles.
    Return to the other platform and move on to the attic where five pigs await 
    you. Peek around the next corner without actually going around it. Shoot the 
    two pigs from a distance and do not approach the level exit or else you will 
    get caught, directly bringing you to the third level, but we've still got 
    business to do.
    8. secret place: Just between the crates you can see a small light piece of 
    wall. Press A near it.
    Now you have to decide whether you want to enter the third level already or 
    visit a secret level before that. If you decide for the latter one, step onto 
    the half-sunken crate and go through the newly-opened entrance to a green 
    level exit button.
    1. Secret Level - Duke-Burger:|                                           DS1
    Shoot the gas tanks to dispose of a lizard and to unveil the further way. 
    Then destroy the sentry gun on the right before jumping down. Turn right to 
    face a lone lizard. Afterwards walk around in the hall and take down five 
    more lizards and another sentry gun in the other corner of the room. High up 
    on the boxes you can pick up a large medikit. Go through the hole and take 
    care of the pig and the lizard on your left. Don't follow the street, but go 
    down the stairs into a small storage hall guarded by four lizards.
    1. secret place: Destroy a girder in dark wall to find some shotgun ammo. The 
    other girder is pretty much useless.
    Now you can follow the street and take care of four police vehicles and two 
    pigs around the burger restaurant. Use the hydrant for life replenishment, 
    rescue the babe and nab the atomic health at the drive-through. Go to the 
    beginning of the drive-through; Press A at the ordering machine, jump onto 
    the wall and from there onto the ordering machine. Pick up the blue access 
    card, but don't use it yet.
    2. secret place: Instead, return to the place where you found the atomic 
    health and hop onto the small grey-metallic structure. From here you can jump 
    through an invisible hole into the building. Pick up the goodies here and 
    return to the outside.
    Equip the SMGs to quickly rid the entrance hall of four pig cops. Enter the 
    next room where two lizards and four pigs wait for you. An additional pig 
    will blast through the door to the women's bathroom, so be prepared. Enter 
    the men's toilets to kill four lizards and the women's one for another two 
    pigs. Open the vent and crawl through to reach the kitchen and five lizards. 
    The vent in the men's lavatory contains some shotgun ammo, so go there if you 
    need it. Enter the room behind the kitchen where three lizards guard the red 
    access card. As soon as you have killed them, turn around so you don't get 
    surprised by a newly spawned pig. 
    3. secret place: Smash the chair at the desk to uncover a switch. Jump onto 
    the crates after activating it to find the secret.
    Now open the cooling chamber and take down a lizard and two pigs. High up 
    behind a vent girder is a portable medikit. In between the meat mashers lie a 
    few dum dum rounds, but I really do not know if it is possible to get them. 
    Just don't try. Move along the conveyor belt and kill two lizards and a pig, 
    as well as a lone pig on the left in a small niche.
    4. secret place: Press the light button in the first room after leaving the 
    belt to find a babe.
    Clear the next hall from three lizards and four pigs.
    5. secret place: Check the wall in a niche on the right for some pipe bombs.
    Now peek into the office where some more enemies await you. Take down some of 
    them and let an explosion from the back do some of your work. Afterwards go 
    out and take care of three more pigs. Return to the office and activate the 
    switch at the desk to open a door around the corner. Step in and take down 
    two pigs. Either equip the shotgun or the SMGs, as approaching the level exit 
    will trigger a trap: The floor lowers (with you standing on it) and two pigs 
    are revealed, quickly kill them and rescue the babe as the level 
    automatically ends a few seconds after the floor has lowered.
    3. Level - Death Row:|                                                    DD3
    Immediately jump off the electric chair. Since you have automatically lost 
    all your weapons and items between the levels, you have to kick the pig to 
    death through the window. Afterwards grab the pistol in the niche inside the 
    room where the pig was, step back outside and take care of another pig cop.
    1. secret place: Activate the right switch in the small room to lower the 
    electric chair. Crawl down into a secret place with a shotgun. Press the 
    button near-by to get back up.
    Now press the left button to open a wall in front of the chair. Eliminate the 
    five lizards and the pig easily by strafing to the window and back.
    2. secret place: Face the wall left of the unbreakable window and press A for 
    a Holoduke.
    Peek around the corner to find another pig, before opening the first aid 
    hatch up ahead. Grab the portable medikit inside. Peek around another corner 
    to deal with another lone pig safely. Open the cell, kill the lizard, safe 
    the babe and grab the pistol ammo in the hole in the wall. All in half a 
    minute's work!
    3. secret place: Press A at the bed to move it aside, unveiling a pair of 
    night vision goggles.
    4. secret place: Press A again at the wall behind the night vision goggles to 
    find dum dums and atomic health.
    Equip the shotgun and enter the door with the sign saying "secured area". 
    You'll need the shotgun as you'll face a pig instantly. Next, open the first 
    door on your left and kill a lizard and a pig to clear the way to the SMGs.
    5. secret place: Press A at the tape recorder to find a hidden room next to 
    the door. It contains an atomic health item.
    Return to the hallway, take a left and say hello to a lizard and Hannibal 
    Lecter. Now how cool is that? ^^ Now get out of the secure area and follow 
    the hallway outside. Advance slowly and be prepared for a single lizard to 
    teleport near you. Then stick to the left wall, as five lizards will blow a 
    hole into the right one. Deal with them, but also kill the lone pig further 
    in the hallway as well before moving on through the newly created opening. 
    Hop onto the lower moving platform. From here you can either safely jump onto 
    the next platform or take a little risk by leaping onto the small ledge with 
    an atomic health on it. If you were willing to take the risk you can also go 
    to the left end of the ledge and touch the light section of the wall to 
    reveal a pair of night vision goggles. Jump onto the second moving platform 
    and up to the stable level from there. Kill three lizards and pick up the 
    grenade launcher and the blue access card located behind the hatch in the 
    wall. Get back to where you shot down the single pig recently and open the 
    door with your card. Dispose of the pigs behind the door. Open the big door 
    on your right and kill two pigs. Go back outside the hall and follow the path 
    to two more pigs up the ramp, but beware off the C4 packs planted everywhere. 
    You can either dodge them or shoot them from a distance with the grenade 
    launcher. Your further path takes you through the showers guarded by three 
    lizards and down the other ramp where you will have to shoot one pig. Another 
    one at the end of the ramp should walk into the C4, both killing itself and 
    opening a hole in the wall leading to an atomic health. Next, blast the two 
    C4 packs at the entrance of a small, circular room and nab the yellow access 
    card. Run out of the room as soon as you have picked it up, as new explosives 
    will get into place. But be prepared for two newly spawned pigs outside and 
    an additional one in the great hall. Use the yellow card here and kick the 
    two pigs' ass behind the door. Now you will have to face quite a hard battle: 
    Open the gate to the outside and quickly take down four pig cops. Have a 
    little break and then: Move out a bit more to see two pig gliders. You know 
    what to do. Now run out and destroy the four sentry guns with your pistol 
    while constantly moving. Unless you stop moving around this is pretty easy. 
    Afterwards pick up the red access card and hop onto the platform where the 
    sentry turrets used to stand on. 
    6. secret place: Jump onto the small platform at the centre structure up here 
    and get through an invisible entrance from here to find three atomic health 
    7. secret place: Search for a crack in the wall on the platform with the 
    sentry guns. There is a cavern containing some vitamin X.
    Use the red access card on either door in the great hall. Proceed up the ramp, 
    kill the pig and nab the SMGs in the centre of the room. Head back to the 
    great hall and take care of a lizard and a pig, before taking further actions 
    in the room with the green, floating head. Open the vent to reach an armor 
    (but do not accidentally fall down here), then open the two doors each 
    leading to a pig and a switch for the force fields near the showers. 
    Deactivate them. Now comes a relatively tricky part: Open the red door and 
    try to wipe out the C4 packs with your grenade launcher. The best way to do 
    this probably is to wait for the door to close again and to then fire off a 
    grenade into the room, so that it bounces off the wall ahead and back to the 
    red door where it comes to a halt.
    8. secret place: Go outside now, touch the structure in front of you and hop 
    into a small opening up ahead on the right for some atomic health.
    9. secret place: Crawl back and repeat on the left side for some pipe bombs.
    Head for the showers where two force fields used to block your path to the 
    cell blocks one and two. Defeat three pigs each behind the force fields (a 
    well-placed grenade comes in handy here) before using the switches to open 
    the cell doors and investigate the cells. In the right block you will find a 
    total of four lizards and some ammo, whereas on the left side you will find 
    six lizards and the escape route hidden behind a poster. Follow the path, 
    take down a lizard and twice blast through a wall via pipe bombs to reach the 
    sewers. Leave them quickly and equip the SMGs as two flying mutant things, 
    three lizards and three pigs are going to cause some trouble. Open the gate 
    to quickly reach the sixth secret place where you might have left some atomic 
    10. secret place: In addition you can find a new secret place near-by. Hop 
    onto the slanted structure to the right of the gate and press A to 
    find...another set of night vision goggles. Seriously: Who needs so many of 
    Anyway, use the scuba gear to get underneath the sub where you can find an 
    entrance into it. Inside you need to deal with two more lizards before you 
    should uncover the last secret place.
    11. secret place: Behind the crate is a secret entrance in the wall. Press A 
    to find the engine of the sub and a portable medikit.
    Hit the level ending button.
    4. Level - Toxic Dump:|                                                   DD4
    Swim down and press the upper and the lower button to open the emergency 
    hatch. Leave the sub, quickly swim to the surface and destroy the two sentry 
    guns by the building. Return to the water and walk up the ramp inside the 
    opening in the rock to reach three lizards and the blue access card. 
    Fortunately some other lizards inside the building will accidentally help you 
    by shooting down the enemies here, but there are still two sentry guns left, 
    installed in the rock to your right and left. Destroy them. Now take care of 
    the enemies behind the window with your grenade launcher, before going for a 
    swim: Dive down and kill three mutants to safely enter an underwater cavern. 
    Blast a hole in the wall with the crack and dispose of four more mutants as 
    you pick up an atomic health and some ammo.
    1. secret place: Return to the surface here and rescue the babe. Create an 
    exit by laying a pipe bomb at the crack in the wall.
    2. secret place: Hop onto the sub and walk around a bit until you get to hear 
    a special sound. This indicates that a secret hatch has opened inside the sub, 
    containing a portable medikit, an atomic health and some armor.
    3. secret place: Jump into the cave where the right sentry gun was and open a 
    hidden gate.
    4. secret place: Repeat for the left sentry gun.
    5. secret place: Here is another hidden gate.
    Time to enter the building: Kill three lizards and destroy the C4 packs at 
    the end of the hallway for some SMG ammo.
    6. secret place: Open a hidden door on the right close behind the entrance 
    door to the building. Inside the hidden passage is another secret wall, 
    leading you to the place where the lizards from the beginning were at.
    Now open the door to the hard hat area, pick up the shotgun ammo on the right 
    and have a look. Nothing. There are no enemies or threats whatsoever. You 
    better equip the SMGs as it is about to get ugly. Go around the corner up 
    ahead near another door to trigger five pigs opening a secret entrance in the 
    wall behind. Take care of them and hunt down another one at the ramp you came 
    down. Rescue the babe in the newly opened passage and prepare for a somewhat 
    difficult jump. Face the great hall, run and jump, quickly turning left in 
    midair to come around the corner and jump onto the conveyor belt where you 
    will face five lizards. Enter the room behind the window for some armor and 
    some SMG ammo hidden in the right pipe. Press A at the blue pad to open it.
    7. secret place: Follow the conveyor belt to some toxic waste. Walk through 
    it and open the wall for some atomic health.
    Further follow the belt, bringing you to a pig behind another window as well 
    as to the red access card behind a hatch. Return to the big hall and rid it 
    off two lizards. Stand on the black and yellow striped plate at the end of 
    the belt to be taken up to a lone lizard.
    In case you cannot pull off the jump from the babe up to the belt you can 
    also use this path to come up from the other side.
    Anyway, now use the red card at the pad near the ramp with the babe on it and 
    let yourself get shrunk by the beam coming out of the hatch. Enter the right 
    small opening and take a right to reach a room guarded by two lizards. Dodge 
    them to avoid being squashed and run to the opposite end of the room where 
    you should eventually return to normal height and fight back. If you stay in 
    the center of the room you might get shrunk again, rendering you defenceless. 
    Activate the emergency lock and return to the red card pad where a new door 
    has opened. Dive into the water, get rid of four mutants while blowing up 
    some mines from a safe distance and pick up the SMG ammo hidden behind a wall 
    at one of the mines. Enter the small command room underwater and press the 
    button in front of the broken window to flood the area some more. Get up to 
    the surface and kill four lizards. Behind the corner are another lizard and a 
    mutant. Press the left button and go back a few steps to find two newly 
    spawned lizards.
    8. secret place: See the crack in the wall near-by? Blow it up to be rewarded 
    with...a lizard. ^^
    9. secret place: Not so fast. There is another crack inside the secret room. 
    Plant another pipe bomb for an atomic health.
    10. secret place: ...and another crack. This time you will find a lizard and 
    a jetpack.
    11. secret place: Press A at the wall to the left of the water regulating 
    switch for a well needed scuba gear.
    12. secret place: Get back to the valley with the toxic stream running down 
    and look to your left. There is a cave that you can only reach via jetpack. 
    Do so and search around a bit for portable medikit and a shotgun.
    13. secret place: Remember the armor hidden in a red pipe near the conveyor 
    belt? Return to there and enter the left pipe. It seems to be empty, but with 
    the jetpack you can fly up and nab two atomic health goodies.
    Lower the water with the other switch as this will allow you to return to the 
    surface faster, thus reducing your loss of life by drowning. Now jump down 
    into the water and rid it of six mutants (!). Better grab a good weapon for 
    this. Swim through the passage behind the now open gate and press another two 
    buttons to open the gate on your left and to reveal four more mutants. You 
    have just opened a direct connection between the two small underwater command 
    rooms, so use it as a shortcut when catching fresh air. In a cave nearby lies 
    some SMG ammo in case you need it. Prepare for a nasty section: You will have 
    to pass right through the turbines ahead without getting squashed. Observe 
    them for a while to see some grey parts on them. You need to get the right 
    timing and pass through at these grey sections. Once on the other side, take 
    both a deep breath and care of two mutants. You can obtain a portable medikit 
    by swimming in the grey part of the right turbine back to the other side, but 
    I highly oppose doing this. It absolutely is not worth the additional risk. 
    Instead, swim up to the surface and dispose of four lizards.
    14. secret place: Ride down the stream up to a crack in the wall. Blow it up 
    and enter the teleporter for two lizards and some SMG ammo.
    Get back onto the stream and follow it into a big hall with three lizards and 
    seven mutants. Quickly get rid of them. Next, press the button in the command 
    room to open a door high up at a stream (watch out for the mutant that is set 
    free). Climb up the stream, but do not go to the switch on the left; take a 
    right and step onto the short grey platform. Equip the pistol and shoot the 
    switch to activate it, allowing you to gat over to another area. Kill a lone 
    mutant here. Move on to find some atomic health and the mutant's companion.
    15. secret place: Open the girder in front of you and either jump up or use 
    the jetpack to find two atomic health items.
    Move along the acid river a long, long way and take care of many (and I mean 
    MANY by that) mutants. I recommend using the grenade launcher and / or the 
    SMGs here.
    16. secret place: Near the end you will find a crack in the right wall. Blast 
    it for two lizards and some ammo.
    At the end you get to enter the left door leading to a teleporter allowing 
    you to do anything you have forgotten to do in this level. If you don't want 
    to, of course, you can simply exit the level already.
    5. Level - Launch Facility:|                                              DD5
    Step into the acid on the right and go up the ramp where you need to kill 
    five lizards. Reaching the end of the hallway triggers two lizards to open up 
    a wall behind you and to rush in on you. Dispose of them before opening the 
    hatch (new boots) and before picking up the armor behind the wall. Return to 
    the first hall, hop into the toxic waste and turn off the force field via the 
    switch in a niche here. Go up again and take care of two mutants behind the 
    corner. Once in the next big hall, take a look at the right and destroy the 
    sentry gun high up. Now search at the ground level and on the ramp for five 
    lizards and enjoy another fantastic button panel...to cut it short: Just 
    press the three left-most buttons to open the door on your left where two 
    lizards, the blue access card and a switch await you. Also take a look at the 
    camera monitor which will spawn another lizard right in your back. Go down to 
    the entrance with the 01 above and get ready for ten lizards at the end of 
    the hallway. Take them down and nab the atomic health. Hop onto the other 
    side and kill another lizard up the ramp around the right corner as well as 
    two lizards teleporting in. Enter the control room and start the launch 
    preparations by activating the blue panel.
    1. secret place: Go back into the big hall and look up. There is a vent you 
    can shoot and fly through with your jetpack. Pick up the pipe bombs and don't 
    forget to use the jetpack on your way down as well so you don't lose any 
    Go down and follow the hallway to the force field. Deactivate it.
    2. secret place: Take a left to the mud of toxic waste (or at least it seems 
    like that). Jump in and dive to reveal that it's just water in fact. Swim 
    through the opening and to the surface for some atomic health.
    Return to the last hallway and enter a control room. Equip the grenade 
    launcher allowing you to kick most pig's asses from below. When the room 
    looks clear, open the door and kill any survivors if there are any and pick 
    up the red key card.
    3. secret place: There is a hidden entrance in the wall near the computers. 
    Open it for some armor.
    Press the button to open the big gate, step outside and clear the area of 
    four lizards and of two pigs inside a niche on the right. Use two grenades on 
    them. To the left of the rocket, there is a lift you should ride up to find a 
    teleporter guarded only by a single lizard. Enter the shuttle via the 
    teleporter, save two babes and activate the red panel. Return to where the 
    two pigs used to be and press the switch for some serious fun. Now enter the 
    lift on the right to fight six lizards and a mutant. Press the switch to open 
    the next path and to reveal eight more lizards and another mutant.
    4. secret place: Open the computer monitors for three atomic health items.
    Enter the sewers and kill three mutants. I recommend doing it from a safe 
    distance with the grenade launcher. You will find the level exit at the end 
    of the sewers.
    6. Level - The Abyss:|                                                    DD6
    Leave the sewers and kill a lone lizard. Turn right, open the door and defeat 
    another lizard to find new boots. Jump to the other side and turn right to 
    see a sentry gun you should quickly destroy. Now move down the ramp and kill 
    two lizards and a mutant before entering the toxic waste. Move around a bit 
    to find another mutant and a pig cop. After having killed them, jump down to 
    the lower level. Explore the area and kill six lizards. In the meantime you 
    can also pick up the blue access card on the left. You'll find a mutant and 
    some SMG ammo in a cavern nearby in a valley. Following the toxic creek is 
    rather useless at the moment as you'll only find a portable medikit, a 
    holoduke and new boots. So if you are really in need of one of these things, 
    you might go down, but a bit later in the level you will come back here and 
    it'll be a lot easier to pick up the items. Afterwards, return to where the 
    single pig was and open the door, giving way to four more pigs and a lizard. 
    Go outside and jump over to the cave in the big rock where you have to face 
    another pig and three lizards. Cross the broken bridge to find three lizards 
    and hop back over to the big rock. Now leap over to the platform with the two 
    cactuses on it (try not to touch them, as they can hurt you) and do some 
    terra-forming by stepping onto the plate. Look down on the left to see two 
    atomic health items. Just drop down to them and then onto the lowest level. 
    Move on and kill a mutant as well as five pig cops down at the bottom and 
    along the pathway in the rock. Advance up front to the large window opening 
    and take down three lizards before pressing A at the red hand symbol, which 
    opens up a niche with a lizard and a portable medikit. Go back a bit and walk 
    up the ramp. Kill four mutants on the way to a pit with a large fire in it. 
    Down there are three more lizards and some atomic health.
    1. secret place: Jump out of the pit again and check the wall on your right 
    for some vitamin X.
    2. secret place: Enter the fire to be teleported into a room you might have 
    already seen earlier in the level. Step out quickly, as the fire can hurt you 
    and also as there is a mutant nearby. Pick up the atomic health to spawn 
    another mutant.
    3. secret place: Jump up to a ledge with some dum dum rounds on it.
    Return to the fire pit and jump up at the opposite side for some new night 
    vision goggles. One of the hand symbols in the pit only opens up a gate to a 
    grenade launcher, but the other one is far more interesting: Go through the 
    newly opened door and kill a lizard and three mutants on your way. You end up 
    in a room with three hand symbols to press. The last one can only be reached 
    with the jetpack, though, so I hope you still have one. Anyway, you will 
    start a shrinking beam that enables you to enter a small opening on the left. 
    Go through, kill two mutants and pick up the boots behind a hatch and the 
    SMGs hidden behind the small waterfall. Enter the lava cave and take down 
    three mutants (I recommend using the grenade launcher, as you have enough 
    space here and as you might already run relatively low on other ammo). Search 
    for a toxic waterfall and climb up the rocks to its right. Move on high up 
    and take care of four mutants. Rescue the babe in the dark corner.
    4. secret place: Blast away the wall at the crack to reveal quite a nice 
    amount of ammo. Advance until you get outside to make it count as a secret 
    5. secret place: Get out of the secret place and activate the hand symbol in 
    front of you. This opens up the left lava stream allowing you to go through 
    and reach a dancing gal and three atomic health items.
    Return to the great lava cave. Now just cross the lava sea and kill four 
    lizards and two mutants while moving up the path and picking up two atomic 
    health items. On your way down on the other side you will face five lizards 
    and a mutant, but you also get to pick up another atomic health item. Jump 
    from platform to platform or just use the jetpack. Either way, you should 
    definitely nab the Missile Launcher and give it a test against another mutant. 
    As you advance on the small platforms, a few lizards will spawn all around 
    you. Just move on and get your feet onto solid ground before dealing with all 
    of them. Some also await you in the oncoming cave.
    6. secret place: Do not open the big gate yet. Instead, search for a hidden 
    passage at the right wall. It leads to a lift which brings you to some atomic 
    health and a babe.
    Now open the gate and kill four mutants with a few grenades. Proceed some 
    more and you will find a hole in the ground which functions as a level exit 
    1. Boss - Battlelord:|                                                    DB1
    Open the gate and enter the big hall. Go ahead until Duke insults the boss 
    and jump up onto the platform to find lots of ammo and a jetpack. The 
    Battlelord can withstand quite a lot, but he isn't really hard to beat. 
    Strafe around him in circles and keep firing your missile launcher. Once it 
    runs out of ammo equip the grenade launcher. The boss only has two attacks: 
    He either fires off grenades which will be automatically dodged by keeping 
    your circular motion and he can fire a big gatling gun. Unless you have some 
    obstacle between him and you it will always hit, so when he uses it, try to 
    duck behind the lava flow or hide behind the platform. If you run low on 
    health, use the portable medikit at the entrance and nab the atomic health on 
    the opposite side. Also remember not to stay too close to him or else you can 
    get squashed.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.2 Space=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D2D
    7. Level - Spaceport:|                                                    DD7
    Turn around and enter the shuttle via the teleporter. After having picked up 
    the grenade launcher and the vitamin X, return to the big ship, go around the 
    corner and shoot the lizard on your left. 
    1. secret place: Approach the camera monitor and turn around to see a hatch 
    opening. Quickly jump in for some ammo.
    Clear the hall of the remaining two lizards before disabling the force field.
    2. secret place: Open the broken monitors near the force field switch for a 
    lizard and some atomic health. Sometimes one of the lizards that usually is 
    in the hall is in the secret place as well.
    Down the ramp is a lizard, as well as two more behind the door. Advance 
    further into a hall with a lizard on your level and two lizards directly 
    above you. Close in on them by using the lift on your left. Behind the 
    monitor showing the earth is a holoduke. Get back down and enter the right 
    room. This will spawn a dino nearby and two more in the hall you just were in. 
    These nasty guys look a bit like a mini version of the Battlelord and they, 
    too, wield a mini gun. Once you've settled the situation, pick up the blue 
    card and the scuba gear. Open the light grey wall near the crates for a 
    little swim, some ammo and a set of night vision goggles.
    3. secret place: Open the vent in the room with the blue access card to find 
    some pipe bombs.
    Use the blue card at the panel near the hidden holoduke to open the door up 
    front. Watch out for the two dinos in the lift behind the door. Ride up the 
    lift and slowly advance forward, trying to attract as few dinos at a time as 
    possible. Then fire a grenade into the window on the right, pick up the 
    jetpack on the ledge and see if any lizard or dino has survived. Blow away 
    the gas tanks to gain entrance to a lift that is out of order. Yet, you 
    should press the button inside to open a hatch in the room above (watch out 
    for the dino that comes falling down from the ceiling when pressing the 
    button). Get into the room above and press the second and the third button, 
    so only the third one is green. Open the door and kill a lone dino.
    4. secret place: Enter the small niche on the left and press A to activate a 
    lift taking you down to two dinos and a babe. Be on your guard, since they 
    are close by and don't forget to grab the shrinker. Leave via the niche next 
    to the lift.
    5. secret place: Return to the broken lift and fly up with your jetpack. The 
    reward is some atomic health guarded by a dino. Flying up further in the 
    centre column earns you a pair of night vision goggles and some health.
    Don't let your guard down afterwards, though, as three more dinos will have 
    spawned in the big hall beneath you.
    FIELD AROUND IT FROM THE UPPER BIG HALL!! I have only tried it once, so far, 
    but when I did, I couldn't leave it anymore: From the bottom I could see the 
    exit, but as I flew up with the jetpack, the opening disappeared and was 
    exchanged by a solid wall...every time I flew up it was like that. Except for 
    when I came from the hall below, where the water is. From there I could go up 
    without a problem.
    Anyway: Take the lift down a level and kill the newly spawned dino before 
    diving into the water where you'll find the red access card, a new jetpack 
    and some SMG ammo.
    6. secret place: Return to the upper hall and fly up onto a ledge with some 
    atomic health on it. As soon as you drop onto the ledge you will hear the 
    faint sound of a door opening. Quickly drop down (avoid getting damaged by 
    activating the jetpack for a brief moment before landing), enter the lift, go 
    down and turn left in the lower hall to find two atomic health goodies.
    Go back to the command room in the upper hall and open the gate. Watch out 
    for two dinos. After having dealt with them, use the red card on the panel 
    and open the next gate. Woohoo, a new enemy...but it's pretty lame in fact, 
    or at least as long as comes alone. It's just some sort of glider, 
    reminiscent of the pig gliders, trying to crash into you. Take it down and 
    pick up any atomic health you might still have left in the level, because the 
    exit button already lies behind the next gate.
    8. Level - Incubator:|                                                    DD8
    Nab the shotgun and destroy three of the new gliders behind the gate. Three 
    of them definitely are more of a nuisance than one is. Afterwards, step out 
    and look up above the gate you just passed to see a sentry gun. Open the 
    entrance to the next room and kill two dinos and another glider. In a niche 
    on the right is a hidden latch with a pair of night vision goggles, but 
    surprisingly without a secret place message.
    1. secret place: To the right of the monitors, though, is another hidden 
    hatch and this time it counts as a secret place. Pick up the pipe bombs...
    2. secret place: ...and open the back-wall for some armor.
    Press the only button around and prepare yourself for four gliders. 
    Afterwards pick up the atomic health on a ledge and go through the open door 
    to face two lizards.
    3. secret place: Jump through the EDF sign on the right for a portable 
    Approach the next door to make it open automatically and dispose of another 
    4. secret place: Open the wall left of the big console for a plasma gun and a 
    holoduke, but beware the lizard and the dino that will spawn behind you.
    When there is a sign saying armory, you know there is good stuff around. Open 
    the container for three tripbombs. Next, move up the ramp to another room 
    where three lizards will come up in the centre. Also watch out for the sentry 
    gun on the right. Pull the switch to disable a force field and pick up the 
    atomic health and the SMG ammo. Note that doing this spawns quite a pack of 
    dinos, lizards and gliders throughout the area you have traversed so far.
    5. secret place: Open the gate between the atomic health and the camera 
    screen for some additional SMG ammo.
    Go to the place where the force field disappeared and take down a dino, a 
    lizard and a mutant as well as loads of alien eggs. If you don't destroy them 
    in time, an ugly slime thing hatches, slowly following you on the ground and 
    at the ceiling. Don't worry, though: A single well-placed pistol bullet is 
    all it needs to kill them. First, check out the right path to find a babe and 
    a glider. Now go back, open the armory for some ammo and take the other path 
    for another glider. Open the door, nab the yellow key card and use it on the 
    other path. You will face two dinos, but the view is well worth it: Finally. 
    The babes! Press the button and return to where you found the yellow card, as 
    the door here has opened, giving way to lots of babes and alien eggs. As you 
    enter the hall, two mutants spawn. The best way to kill them is to retreat 
    and make them follow you. When they are inside the narrow hallway you can use 
    grenades. Next, go further into the hall and destroy a sentry gun before 
    jumping into the water and fighting three more mutants there. Under the 
    surface you'll also find two somewhat hidden caverns, containing a total of 
    three mutants and some missiles as well as the launcher. Swim back up and 
    start saving the babes. You can't really overlook any of them, but up in a 
    passageway are three more mutants and once you leave that passage, two 
    gliders will be flying around in the big hall. Activate the alien switch in 
    front of the cross-shaped window to open a big hatch, revealing two mutants, 
    some alien eggs, three babes and two large medikits. In case you need some, 
    you can fly up to where the sentry gun was and grab some pipe bombs. Move 
    back out of the hall and take a right to find another glider and some ammo. 
    All that's left to do now is to open the gate with the atomic sign on it, 
    kill the three mutants behind and exit the level.
    9. Level - Warp Factor:|                                                  DD9
    You start off in a lift, so ride it up and step out to destroy two suicidal 
    gliders, one on the right and one on the left. Open the gate ahead and 
    destroy another glider on the left, before riding down the lift on the left. 
    Stay in the back to avoid most of the scripted explosion's damage and ride up 
    again to find another glider. Rescue a babe behind a somewhat hidden hatch on 
    the left in front of the armory. Now open the armory, pick up what you need 
    and turn around to face a lone dino. Open the gate in the centre of the hall 
    for some ammo and two lizards, leave the small room again and approach the 
    button to your left. There is a room behind the wall, cramped with gliders 
    that will luckily blow up automatically when you approach the wall prior to 
    pushing the button. Enter the room after a few explosions for some ammo and a 
    portable medikit.
    1. secret place: Search the wall near the right elevator for a portable 
    Take the elevator on the right and go back up directly to (hopefully) make a 
    dino run into the C4. Go down again and take care of another dino. Behind the 
    door up ahead you will have to deal with two lizards, but pressing the button 
    at the console will earn you some shotgun ammo, which should be reward 
    2. secret place: Pressing A at the wall behind the console will open the path 
    to some Dum Dum rounds, which is even better.
    Move on to not only face another one of those pesky gliders (especially when 
    you are running low on SMG ammo) but also a new abomination: Flying pigs that 
    can shoot off missiles, yet they most often try to come up close to hit you. 
    Kill two of these with a few well aimed shotgun bursts and pick up a new 
    shotgun. This area is done for the moment so return to the big hall from the 
    beginning and ride the other lift. Kill two lizards on the right, nab some 
    health and tripbombs and watch out for two more lizards spawning where you 
    came from once you pick up the armor. Don't overlook the atomic health in a 
    small niche on the left. Grab the blue access card (I had a bug that held me 
    from leaving the cavern with the card in it, so I had to jump around a bit 
    and try around a bit before I could finally leave it) and return to the lower 
    level behind the other elevator to use the blue card. Of course you can first 
    do everything at the left elevator, then open the blue door and later on 
    clean the remaining area I have already covered, but I recommend my way (of 
    course I do ;) ) as it lets you face a minimum of enemies with quite some 
    ammo to find which you probably are in need of at the beginning of this level.
    Anyway: Open the door, ride up the lift and whip out your SMGs against four 
    gliders. Open the left door and dispose of two dinos. Repeat at the right 
    door and watch out to have the door opened again when opening the next gate. 
    There are three gliders just behind it, so you'll want to retreat quickly and 
    destroy them while running backwards. The switch makes a transporter dock 
    onto the left gate, but beware of the two lizards it brings along. Enter the 
    transporter and fly over to another area where another lizard welcomes you. 
    Open the next two gates and destroy three more gliders and four lizards. Now 
    follow the hallway to a small room containing a grenade launcher, a babe and 
    two dinos. Sounds easy? Well, upon entering the room you trigger three dinos 
    and a glider to spawn in the hallway, so definitely don't spare any ammo and 
    just make sure to survive. I recommend opening the door, closing in until 
    either dino gives off a sound and then shoot in a grenade. Either one or both 
    dinos will die this way, allowing you to enter the room safely, equipping 
    your SMGs and turning around to dispose the other bad guys from a distance. 
    Return into the hallway and press the centre button for the yellow access 
    card. The elevator nearby leads to three atomic health items. Get back to the 
    transporter, now containing a dino and take it back to where you came from. A 
    few dinos and gliders have appeared in the meantime.
    Go to where the flying pigs were and prepare for a small Battlelord: He has 
    the same grenades as the real one and the same bad ass gatling gun and 
    although he can't take as much as the first boss he can still endure lots of 
    damage. I recommend firing off rockets at him, while running backwards 
    through the gate you came through last. Then open the gate and either fire 
    off some more on him or enjoy him being eventually stuck on the left side at 
    the console. In this case, simply open the gate and lob pipe bombs through to 
    the mini boss. Once he's gone for good, move on, use the yellow card and kill 
    two dinos. Proceed up the ramps, open the big gate and open the gate behind 
    that as well for a missile launcher. Next, move around the big oval-shaped 
    hall and take down a sentry gun as well as loads of gliders. Press A while 
    facing the right side of the ramp here for some vitamin X. Enter the bridge 
    and touch the world map to open the room behind. Enter it, kill two dinos and 
    expect a few gliders and a dino to come in from the sides as they have 
    spawned in the oval shaped room.
    3. secret place: Open a hidden hatch on the left inside this room for some 
    explosive shotgun ammo.
    Now turn off the force field to the core room via the switch, step out into 
    the oval room and search for a section in the wall that is lighter than the 
    others. Push A to open it and jump up for a switch. Then immediately turn 
    around and run to where three big medikits lie. A timed door has opened, 
    revealing the true bridge. A real feast for any Star Trek fan. ^^ Pick up 
    everything (don't forget the atomic health right at the earth) and enter the 
    small room on the side. As you do, a few gliders and four dinos spawn on the 
    bridge, so be on your guard.
    4. secret place: Use the notebook on the table to open a typical Duke room.
    Take either elevator back to the oval hall and dispose two newly spawned 
    dinos here as well as two more where the flying pigs used to be. Enter the 
    core room, wait for the red cylinders to reveal an opening and zip through 
    into the lift, taking you down to three dinos and the exit.
    10. Level - Fusion Station:|                                              D10
    Open the gate, kill a lizard and rescue the babe in the corner. After you 
    have done so, destroy the goo she was held in to get a shotgun. Move on and 
    kill two lizards on a ramp. From here you can also destroy the two sentry 
    guns on the left (one well aimed explosive shotgun blast is sufficient for 
    both). Further up you will face three more lizards and another one behind the 
    door. Pick up the grenade launcher, the armor and the atomic health and step 
    out into this really huge hall, guarded only by two gliders at the moment.
    This is pretty important: If you have a jetpack with some decent amount of 
    fuel left you can cut this level extremely short by just flying up to the 
    highest ledge around from here. This way the level is just a matter of five 
    minutes or less. If you don't want to speed through, though, read on:
    Call up the lift, drop in a pipe bomb and make it explode when the lift is 
    back down to easily kill a dino trying to ambush you. Now ride the lift 
    yourself to some sort of engine room with seven dinos in it, which should 
    taste some of your grenades. In between the cylinders constantly moving up 
    and down you can find a portable medikit and the SMGs, but watch out not to 
    get squashed. There also are some SMG ammo and a pair of night vision goggles 
    down in niches reachable by jumping into the pit where the cylinders move, 
    but I don't recommend getting them. There is nothing really valuable to be 
    found this way and it simply is too dangerous. For example it can happen that 
    you make it perfectly down and also up, but then you accidentally jump 
    against a wall and still get crushed. Just don't do it...or at least unless 
    you are going for the secret places:
    1. secret place: Drop down to where the SMG lies and open a hidden wall for 
    even more SMG ammo.
    2. secret place: Near the exit door out of the engine room you should press A 
    at a wall on a ledge where a dino and some tripbombs await you. There is a 
    hidden passage with an alien egg, some health and two atomic health items 
    down a ramp. Don't worry about the electric energy here and don't forget to 
    press the button, which opens up the gate in the engine room.
    3. secret place: Jump up onto a ledge behind the egg for some pipe bombs.
    Close in on the newly opened door and shoot in a grenade to kill two dinos. 
    Enter the lift and after having used it, step out and fire a grenade at two 
    dinos behind the pool on the right. There is another dino on the left, so go 
    get him. Jump into the pool and enter two niches (watch out for the spinning 
    things) where two switches wait. Activate them, return to the surface and 
    retreat to the lift, as quite a bunch of lizards and dinos have come out of a 
    lift where the two dinos were. Deal with them via a few grenades and they 
    should be gone for good. 
    4. secret place: Go over to the camera monitor and keep an ear on the sound 
    of a door opening. Once you hear it, jump over to the other side of the pool 
    and enter the secret place for the plasma gun and some ammo.
    Equip the rocket launcher, go up the lift and try to dodge the bullets from 
    the lizards standing behind some windows up ahead. Fire off a rocket into 
    both windows and equip the pistol to hit the switch on the other side. A 
    platform comes over allowing you to cross the abyss by standing on it and 
    hitting the switch again. Open the door, kill any left lizard and hide in the 
    left room. There might be a face hugger thing here, so take care of it. After 
    that some more of these goo things slowly come from other rooms. Use the 
    pistol to wipe them out.
    5. secret place: Open the corner behind you for some armor.
    Destroy all the eggs and rescue the babe in the right room. There is also a 
    shrinker behind some more eggs. Enter the next hallway and kill two dinos, 
    before flying up onto the bar with your jetpack. Another dino and lots of 
    eggs await you, but nothing too hard. On the right is an atomic health and...
    6. secret place: ...also a secret place. Drop a pipe bomb to blow a hole into 
    the wall.
    7. secret place: On the left is another secret place, just behind the vent-
    girder. Watch out for the dino falling down through the ceiling, though.
    Open the next door, kill a single dino and open just another door to face a 
    lot of dinos. It seems like there aren't that many of them, but they 
    eventually drop down from bars beneath the ceiling once you cross the room. 
    You might want to kill the first three of them from the narrow hallway you 
    just came through. Equip the shrinker and enter the lift; a dino drops down 
    while you ride up, so that's why you want to have the shrinker in your hands 
    at that moment. Move out of the lift until you see a big explosion. Retreat 
    into the lift and kill some dinos with grenades and the SMGs. This will 
    awaken the demon in the centre of the room. Take him down with your SMGs and 
    leave the room by pressing the button behind the exploded wall. This opens a 
    timed door, leading back outside into the huge hall. Quickly take care of any 
    glider around and then shoot some rockets at the lizards in the tower ahead. 
    Watch out not to fall down while dodging and if you do, quickly activate the 
    jetpack to fly back up. You might want to consider not to dodge the normal 
    way, but rather concentrate on killing and not falling down. Again, shoot a 
    switch to travel to the other side and kill three dinos in the next room with 
    your SMGs. Stand at the camera monitor to have rather safe position. 
    Destroying the core in the centre opens the way to the lift on the right and 
    it also makes a flying pig enter the room. After that, pick up the ammo and 
    health in the lava and in the rest of the room and also look through any 
    windows to find some remaining gliders. Take the lift up, pick up a portable 
    medikit and some ammo if you need it and check if you have a jetpack with at 
    least 40% fuel. If you do, fly over to the ledge up ahead, turn off the 
    jetpack to land for a brief moment. Immediately activate the jetpack again 
    upon landing and fly backwards, since the gate is opened by some flying pigs 
    that can shoot you to smithereens within seconds if you are too close. So fly 
    back, equip the explosive shotgun shells or the rocket launcher and let them 
    have at it. If you don't have 40% or more fuel left, drop down to a ledge up 
    ahead beneath the gate for a new jetpack and two atomic health items. Then 
    proceed as I just told you to. After having killed the pigs, enter the next 
    room, kill two more pigs and some alien eggs and rescue two babes. Picking up 
    the atomic health triggers the column in the centre to disappear, revealing 
    both another pig and the exit button. You will probably still have some 
    precious (SMG) ammo and some atomic health left somewhere in the level, so 
    now's the perfect time to stock up.
    11. Level - Occupied Territory:|                                          D11
    Open the door and destroy four eggs with your pistol. In the next room you 
    can easily wipe out two lizards in a command room with a grenade, only 
    leaving one more to the left. Press the switch and kill three dinos via SMGs, 
    before firing a grenade around the corner in the hallway to strike three more 
    of them.
    1. secret place: Crawl into a small opening at the gate you opened via the 
    switch. You'll be rewarded with atomic health.
    Open the next gate, killing a lone dino while running out into the open, as a 
    flying pig starts shooting at you from up ahead. Let him taste your rockets, 
    grenades or explosive shotgun shells, as well as his two companions behind 
    the wall in the second part of the yard.
    2. secret place: Check the backside of the right wall for a vent. Destroy it, 
    climb in and nab some armor and a grenade launcher.
    Open a hatch between the two sections for a holoduke. Enter the next room, 
    which is only lightly guarded by three lizards. Entering it, though, triggers 
    a gate to open in the yard you just crossed, containing eight (!!) suicidal 
    gliders, some ammo and an atomic health goodie (I believe you need the 
    jetpack to get up there, but I might be wrong). Open the next gate, but do 
    not really enter the big hall with a building in its centre, yet. Instead, 
    try to bait four lizards into your room to have an easy time with them. Now 
    you can enter the hall and take a right around the building to dispose four 
    gliders and two dinos. After having settled the situation, enter the slimy 
    area where some eggs and a babe await you. Step onto the right conveyor belt 
    to quickly get past the non-destroyable gun and also very close to a flying 
    pig, some lizards and a few eggs. Quickly deal with them as the pig can mean 
    serious trouble in such a narrow area. Nab the red access card and the 
    missile launcher and equip the SMGs to rid your way back of three newly 
    spawned dinos.
    Have you looked at a camera monitor in this level so far? In case you did, 
    you probably know what comes next: Three mini Battlelords!!! Activate the red 
    card panel and walk up the ramp, trying to lure one of them out of the room. 
    Retreat until you can strafe behind the building, allowing you to peek in and 
    fire off loads of missiles, always hiding when you have shot once. Probably 
    you will bait two mini Battlelords and probably not even one of them will be 
    dead before it can reach you, so retreat even further through the gate, 
    bringing one of the enemies along with you into the outer yard where you can 
    also hide behind walls. If you even start to run low on health, use a 
    portable medikit or some of the health packs lying around. Also, absolutely 
    do not try to preserve any ammo. Give it all you've got and after a while the 
    first one will fall, as will the second one and then the third one should be 
    Pick up the blue access card, but don't use it on the centre building yet.
    3. secret place: Open the rightmost monitor row for atomic health and 
    Go to the centre building and kill two lone dinos, one at each entrance (this 
    is a good place for the shrinker). Now storm the building, ridding it of 
    three dinos with your shrinker. The switch opens another door at the building. 
    Go there and shoot a grenade up the left ramp to kill a dino. Move on while 
    taking care of three additional dinos, press the switch and hide...hide from 
    what? Two more mini Battlelords! Don't worry too much, though, they stand on 
    a platform across the pit from the window, unable to move. This allows for 
    just strafing and shooting to eliminate them pretty safely. After having 
    dealt with them, step onto the narrow way leading to the spinning green alien 
    head and turn around to see two dinos nearby. There also is another mini 
    Battlelord beneath you on the lower level of the centre building. Send him 
    some pipe bombs and grenades from up above.
    4. secret place: Look up to the left. See that switch? Fly there, activate it 
    and enter the small room on the opposite side of the building for a babe (you 
    also need the jetpack to reach the hidden room itself, not just for the 
    Go over to the green head, push the button and leave the level.
    12. Level - Tiberius Station:|                                            D12
    Kick some slime huggers and an egg, then also destroy the cent girder and 
    enter the next area. There are four lizards (and one little goo thing) you 
    should kill before pressing the button on the upper level. This opens the 
    gate ahead, but there are some more goodies to be found: Press the switch on 
    the far left to open the armory and the one on the far right for the supply 
    room. Both rooms are lightly guarded by some goo, yet they contain lots of 
    good stuff. Note that the doors are timed and that it doesn't matter whether 
    you have just turned the switch green or red.
    1. secret place: Push the opposite wall of the entrance for a portable 
    Now pass the gate and kill three lizards around the corner that shouldn't 
    mean any trouble to you.
    2. secret place: Go back a few steps and look up at the wall to see a crack. 
    Blast it open for some shotgun ammo and an easy way into the vent system.
    There are some huggers to be killed and some ammo to be found here; besides 
    that you can only use these corridors as a shortcut. Since I tell you how to 
    kill every enemy, though, we simply return to the normal path. Around the 
    corner you will find some eggs and a lone dino in a dark passage and a sentry 
    gun above a gate in the broad corridor. Get rid of all of these while 
    constantly moving, as some more lizards attack you from a window up above.
    3. secret place: In the dark passage you can see a drinking fountain. The 
    wall just in front of it is a hidden entrance to a room containing some pipe 
    Ride up either lift to a control room, guarded only by two lizards. Pick up 
    the blue access card and anything else you need (in a hatch is a holoduke) 
    and activate the right switch. This opens up the door you can see from the 
    window, but as it is a timed door, you better hurry to get there. Equip 
    either the shrinker or the SMGs, since these are pretty good in dealing with 
    four dinos in close-quarter. Now rescue the babe, pick up the Missile 
    Launcher and the atomic health and leave the room again. Three mutants have 
    spawned in the corridor to your left, so welcome them with a few grenades.
    4. secret place: Press A a few feet to the left of the door you last came 
    through (the one leading to the four dinos), mainly for a dino to fight and 
    some SMG ammo to nab.
    Open the next door and kill two drones from a distance before throwing in a 
    pipe bomb, taking care of some tripbombs being installed directly behind the 
    door. Step in, kill four dinos around the corner and up on a bridge (I 
    recommend explosive shotgun rounds if you still have any, as they also 
    destroy the bridge on your first hit) and also watch for some goo to come out 
    of the vent above. Destroy a sentry gun up on the level of the bridge to 
    finally clear this rather small passageway.
    5. secret place: Fly up to the vent and enter it to open a hidden timed hatch 
    just below the ceiling behind you. Fly there, too,...
    ...open another hatch via a switch and kill seven dinos and some mutants in a 
    big room. Fortunately, the mutants can shoot from the left, but no enemy can 
    come from there. Just focus on the front and take them down in small packs, 
    preferably with the grenade launcher. After you have dealt with everybody 
    around, rescue the babe on the upper level. Note that you didn't have to come 
    here through the hidden hatches, but taking the normal path on the bridge 
    doesn't earn you a grenade launcher.
    6. secret place: Blow a hole into the wall near the babe and the hatch for a 
    7. secret place: Hit a switch to make four platforms form a bridge. Jump into 
    the right niche and open the wall just above the water surface for a few 
    8. secret place: Repeat at the left niche for two atomic health items.
    Get out of this area again and open the door behind the bridge to enter a new 
    hallway. Around the corner are quite some gliders and dinos, but luckily 
    somebody left a few explosive barrels at the end of the hallway doing most of 
    your job if you hit them early on. The door at the beginning of the passage 
    leads to the toilets, which contain some ammo and health, but also two 
    lizards. Using the blue card you can enter the formerly dino and mutant 
    infested hall also via the door at the end of the hallway...and since this is 
    the only use of the blue card, it is rather useless, in fact. Oh well. Anyway: 
    Return to the big room and fire some grenades into the toxic water to rid it 
    from some more mutants. After having done so, dive down to find the red 
    access card. Do not stay underwater for too long, as it damages you not only 
    when running out of air. Remember how you could actually not pick up the blue 
    access card and still advance, using the jetpack? You really don't need the 
    red one either and even if you have it, the alternative way is a lot (and I 
    mean A LOT by that) better: Fly up to the vent that automatically opened a 
    hidden hatch and crawl to the right. There is another girder that separates 
    you from some eggs, a few mutants and... a mini Battlelord. Running blindly 
    into this hall would be pretty lethal. Instead, drop pipe bombs to the girder 
    and detonate them until every threat is gone. Fortunately, the big enemies 
    can't follow you there. Shoot the barrels in the back and enter the hall. 
    Down behind a flame is what seems to be a shortcut to the exit guarded by a 
    few slime things, but it really already is the only path you can take. 
    Dispose a lone dino and that has already been it for the Tiberius Station.
    13. Level - Lunar Reactor:|                                               D13
    Open the gate and kill five lizards and two gliders in the hallway system 
    ahead (there is some shotgun ammo inside a hatch at the start of the level. 
    Afterwards, enter the vent corridors (all vents here are connected with each 
    other, so it doesn't matter where to crawl in) and kick some slimy face 
    huggers while nabbing a bit health and ammo as well as an atomic health item. 
    Behind the only open gate you will face two flying pigs, two dinos and two 
    lizards (in the toilet cabins). Use grenades on them. Pick up the blue access 
    card and some ammo inside the cabins and don't overlook the missiles hidden 
    in a short vent behind a toilet. Return to the cross-form hallway where three 
    dinos have just spawned. Use the blue key card to open a new corridor only 
    guarded by a sole glider and some goo inside a vent on the right. Enter it 
    for some missiles. You'll need them: Peek around the corner in the hallway to 
    see a mini Battlelord. Luckily it can't cross the girder on the floor so all 
    you have to is retreat, strafe and fire off missiles. If the enemy uses his 
    mortars, you better open the gate to your left and retreat further for a 
    moment. Afterwards kick some goo things through the girder floor and some 
    more in a vent up ahead. There is also an atomic health item in that vent. 
    Behind the next gate two gliders await you. Going further also reveals lots 
    of lizards and dinos (approaching the camera monitor spawns three additional 
    dinos, coming from the hallway you came from), but luckily the hatches, 
    sleeping rooms and lockers contain some decent items. Jump into the shaft on 
    the right and push the button to open the barrier ahead. See the niche on the 
    right? Quickly run there for some ammo.
    1. secret place: Press A at the right corner of the flooded area for two 
    atomic health goodies.
    Press the button and quickly run into the short vent on the right, leading to 
    a huge cave. Take down a lizard to your left and a sentry gun also on your 
    left (just use the pistol), before aiming a grenade at two more lizards on a 
    ledge up ahead.
    2. secret place: Open the monitors to your left for health and ammo.
    3. secret place: Step back out and look straight across the valley. Well 
    below you on the other side is a cave that contains two mutants, some ammo 
    aaaaand...Yoda! I hope you still have some fuel in your jetpack.
    Afterwards either press the wall at the end of a cave for a teleporter or use 
    the jetpack to fly to the bottom of the abyss to find two babes and a new 
    jetpack. Either way, you have to get to where the two lizards stood and nab 
    the yellow access card. Pick the grenade launcher and shoot a big bunch of 
    lizards, without coming too close to them. As you (slowly) move on you will 
    feel the ground shaking and a bit further on, the ceiling ahead collapses. 
    Quickly step back a few feet and enter the new opening on the right. Again, 
    the vent is populated by some goo, but when you see a hole in the vent on the 
    right, be careful. Three lizards have spawned where you found the second 
    secret place, shooting down on you. Kill them.
    4. secret place: Shoot a hole into the ceiling of the vent (if there isn't 
    already one) and climb on top of the vent. See the cavern on the left? That's 
    the secret place. While you can jump there, I highly recommend using a 
    jetpack. Entering this cavern makes another lizard appear behind you.
    Crawl further into the vent (there is a large medikit in a niche inside the 
    vent, in case you are running low on health), leading you to the toxic area 
    below the mini Battlelord. Defeat some goo and four mutants and either walk 
    over the acid with boots or float over it with a jetpack. Walk up the stairs 
    on the right, pick up new boots and dispose a lizard. Step into the toxic 
    waste again and go over to the spinning thing. Walk through in between the 
    cylinder and the wall in a clock wise motion. At the other side is a small 
    opening you should only try to hop into when standing right in front of it. 
    Jumping too early or too late gets you squished. Move on to a room with two 
    dinos and the red access card in it. The right row of monitors really is an 
    invisible opening. On the other side is a babe waiting for the rescue.
    5. secret place: Another row of monitors hides a dino and some items.
    Now you've got quite some possibilities to move on: First of all you have to 
    get past the spinning cylinder again, no matter what you want to do next. 
    Then, either go op the stairs and use the red card, or go through a vent in 
    the left wall directly behind the cylinder or blast a hole into the right 
    just behind the cylinder. All these paths will take you back to the cross-
    shaped hallway from the beginning of the level where two flying pigs have 
    spawned. Activate the yellow panel. See those missiles? Pack 'em into your 
    missile launcher to be prepared for two mini Battlelords at the end of the 
    corridor. Lure them to the gate you just came through and retreat to the 
    centre of the cross shaped hallway. Strafe around the corner firing off 
    missiles and when the gate closes, open it, retreat and repeat. In the vent 
    near the mini Battlelords you'll find some pipe bombs. Upstairs you can afce 
    two dinos and some lizards, whereas on the lower level (where the level goes 
    on) only three dinos await you. Open the gate, step in briefly and retreat, 
    as some lizards and dinos have just been triggered to spawn in the hall ahead. 
    Take them down through the gate and...
    6. secret place: ...pick up all the goodies in the niche on the left and...
    7. secret place: ...on the right in which the enemies spawned.
    Afterwards, press the button next to the grenade launcher to reveal the name 
    giving lunar reactor. Destroy it while standing on the other side of the gate 
    again, as its destruction spawns a flying pig. Go upstairs and lob down pipe 
    bombs through either window to get rid of the pig. Inside the destroyed core 
    you can find an atomic health item. Enter the hallway behind the switch and 
    proceed a bit. After a few steps there will be a chain of explosions, both 
    causing damage if you stand to near to the gate and releasing two flying pigs. 
    I'd say you better run back when you hear the explosion. Getting a bit damage 
    through the explosion is better than standing next to two pigs in my opinion. 
    Now all that's left to do is to open another door, wipe out another pig with 
    your grenade launcher and exit the level.
    14. Level - Dark Side:|                                                   D14
    Step into the hallway and fire off a grenade into the room on the left. It 
    contains some eggs and dinos which should be pretty much done for it after 
    the grenade. Pick up everything and rescue the babe. Call the lift, use it 
    and dispose of two lizards (simply enter the lift and don't turn: The exit is 
    right in front of you). Behind the gate you'll find a lizard, a dino and a 
    glider (grenades work best here), as well as some additional dinos around the 
    corners (grenades, once more).
    1. secret place: Open the monitors for two atomic health items.
    This doesn't count as a secret place, but still it is pretty easy to overlook: 
    Turn your back to the secret place; see that switch below the ceiling? 
    Activate it to call a hidden lift around the corner, containing a lizard. 
    Ride it up and smack three more lizards to rescue two babes. Now head for the 
    Alpha Transport (two lizards) call the transporter via a switch (three 
    lizards) and ride it (two lizards). In case you might wonder: It is 
    impossible to accidentally fall out of the open door while the transporter 
    moves. Around the corner are some dinos awaiting you and entering the cave 
    triggers a quake that both spawns two dinos at the transporter and one up 
    ahead and forms a trench in the cave that leads to some eggs and an atomic 
    health. Open the next door and take down lots of lizards with grenades, 
    pistol rounds or shotgun hits.
    2. secret place: Open a secret entrance either to the left of the water tanks 
    in the left room or to the right of the water tanks in the other room. There 
    is a lift taking you up to some lizards and eggs in a narrow corridor. Rescue 
    the babe and jump into the water tanks for some items. Entering the secret 
    place spawns two lizards in the rooms you just were in, so kill them when 
    leaving this area.
    The next task can be quite tricky and dangerous, but it doesn't have to be: 
    Hop onto the conveyor belt and watch the crushers. All you have to do to get 
    past is to run against the first crusher when it is down and keep running. 
    Once it goes back up you will safely pass all three of them. Jump down into 
    the acid and quickly climb out onto a ledge. Use the SMGs to kill the only 
    mutant above the water surface and then: Relax. Just stay there and throw 
    some pipe bombs into the water until you are relatively sure of having 
    cleared it. Dive for some items before calling the lift. The elevator takes 
    you to some sort of ritual sacrifice place with a lizard and *drum roll* a 
    pig cop! Long time no see. After having dealt with both, rescue the two babes, 
    unequip your weapon and pick up the yellow access card. This opens the 
    hatches all around, setting free lots of slime huggers. Kick them and search 
    for goodies inside the hatches. Open the door to face a demon and three dinos 
    (SMG and grenades are good choices here), as well as two more dinos in the 
    cave where the quake shook the ground. Ride back with the Alpha Transporter 
    and take care of a flying pig near the first secret place. Open the path to 
    the Beta Transporter and kill two dinos prior to calling the ride. On your 
    way to the other end of the tunnel your transporter will squish some lizards, 
    but beware that they might instead enter your ride. At your destination you 
    will get to kill two more lizards and also three dinos and a glider behind 
    the corner. Use a grenade on the latter ones.
    3. secret place: Get back into the Beta Transporter and while it moves from 
    one station to the other, permanently try to leave the wagon. Eventually you 
    reach a cave which contains a single lizard and two atomic health items. Do 
    not step into the transporter corridor as it is electrified. Enter the 
    teleporter instead.
    Enter the next room which is only lightly guarded by three lizards and open 
    the door on the left. It leads to a small room with a dino, some goo and a 
    few items. Go back to the previous room, rescue a babe and activate the 
    switch to gain entrance to the air lock and hence to the moon's surface. 
    Follow the cliff on the right to kill two lizards and quickly move on to 
    eliminate two dinos with your grenade launcher. By now you have lots (and I 
    mean LOTS) of suicidal gliders at your tail, but don't worry. Simply keep 
    running around the valley in a circle motion and keep shooting grenades or 
    SMGs at them until they're gone. On the ledge where the dinos stood you can 
    find two shrinker crystals. Since that is all of interest there, I don't 
    recommend flying up there, especially since the angry mini Battlelord behind 
    the force field nearby is able to damage you through the field. Instead, go 
    to where the lizards were and call a lift. Enter it, turn around 180 degrees 
    and go up. On the ramp you should kill two dinos with the SMGs or a grenade 
    and then in the room at the end of the ramp you also should use a grenade 
    against three lizards. Deactivate the force field, grab the atomic health and 
    return to the surface (but don't jump down the hole, mind you...at least when 
    running low on jetpack fuel). Peek out of the lift and fire a missile at the 
    mini Battlelord. Strafe back in and out always firing a missile when having a 
    clear shot. Once he comes too close, run out into the open field and continue 
    hitting him. Afterwards, go to where he came from and continue your killing 
    spree against two flying pigs in a cave (grenades or rockets). Go on and take 
    care of three mutants and three eggs at the end of the cave. Equip the SMGs 
    and step through the black monolith to reach a new room with some eggs and 
    two mutants in your back. Quickly kill everything and rescue a babe. Note 
    that enemies can also use the monolith.
    4. secret place: Look up to see a crack in a wall which can be blasted to 
    reveal a hidden passage containing explosive shotgun ammo, a babe and the 
    exit to a secret level. Don't activate it yet, though. There's still business 
    to be done.
    Move on in this creepy area behind the monolith and be on your guard against 
    two demons and two mutants behind the corner. Ignore the dead human bodies 
    all around and close in on the small pool. Above it you can see three mutants 
    you should kill after retreating back into the short hallway. Inside the pool 
    you can leave the level the normal way, but I'm pretty sure you want to see 
    the bonus level, right?
    2. Secret Level - Lunatic Fringe:|                                        DS2
    No time to relax: You start off being surrounded by loads of dinos and 
    lizards. Quickly kill them and walk around the centre structure, killing some 
    more lizards and picking up goodies on both levels. Something doesn't feel 
    right? Well, although it really is impossible, you have to walk more than one 
    circle to get around the tower once. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, rescue two 
    babes (that count as four) near some switches and hit the four switches with 
    your pistol to open up some entrances into the tower. Walk around on the 
    upper ledge outside the tower until you see a mini Battlelord inside. Send 
    him some rockets and then hop down, going to the main entrance into the tower. 
    There you'll see two more mini Battlelords you should also kill with the 
    Rocket Launcher. Now enter the tower on the upper level at the shrinker (pick 
    up anything you like, especially those three atomic health goodies look 
    pretty tempting, but I suggest to save some atomic health for later. This 
    spawns or activates or whatever another mini Battlelord below, you should 
    deal with as before Activate a switch next to an entrance on the upper level 
    in the tower (it can be overlooked pretty easily in my opinion) to open a new 
    passage behind one of the big US maps. Jump down inside the tower, walk 
    outside and kill a new horde of dinos and lizards. There is a tight passage 
    in combination with a shrink beam, so you know what to do. Just a few feet 
    ahead you already get to see the exit, so you better pick up any atomic 
    health that's left over before it's too late.
    15. Level - Dreadnought:|                                                 D15
    Swim straight into a basin and get up to the surface where you should quickly 
    check your situation and kill a dino and some lizards around you. Now relax, 
    jump into the water again and kill a few mutants there. The bloody handprint 
    on one of the wall opens the centre columns, revealing an atomic health item.
    1. secret place: Just above the water surface you can find two hidden 
    entrances behind what seems like a solid wall. Face the monitors and search 
    to their left or right. Note that you have to jump a bit to enter the passage.
    2. secret place: There are four buttons at the monitors above the first 
    secret place. At first I didn't realize they were buttons at all and when 
    pressing them they actually reminded me of something...nah, I better not 
    tell. ;) Anyway, press all of them except for the second one from the left to 
    lower the centre column which holds a core. Don't get too close and just 
    destroy it with a single shotgun strike. Jump onto the platform to open a 
    timed door inside the column in front of you.
    There is an extremely quick way to beat this level if you have a jetpack left: 
    See the vent to the left of the camera monitor? Shoot it open, enter it and 
    drop down at the spinning thing to already end the level.
    If you don't have one or if you want to beat the level completely, press the 
    button near the right door and go through to find a mini Battlelord. Bait him 
    into the bigger room and use the columns to your advantage when hiding from 
    his attacks. Afterwards blow up the wall left from where the enemy stood to 
    find a portable medikit. Behind the star map you can also nab some ammo and 
    health. Open the next door and jump up to get a demon's attention. After 
    having killed him, kick the slime and send a grenade to the dino on the right, 
    as well as some more to the lizards up on the left. Now face the right end of 
    the stream and shoot in some grenades so they move more to the right under 
    the water surface. This should take care of some of the mutants and (if 
    you're lucky) also of the demon awaiting you there. Dive down and see what 
    has survived just to kill it then. Further along you will find a switch that 
    deactivates the force field, separating the two underwater areas you have 
    seen so far. Not a big deal, though. Get back out of the water and walk up 
    the ramp. Up here you will face four dinos, a lizard and some more of those 
    alien eggs. After having killed the first two dinos (right on the ramp) you 
    can perfectly drop a pipe bomb around the corner to rid most of the area and 
    clear the path to a babe.
    3. Secret place: Go back to the the first corner of the ramp, look up and to 
    the right. Just below the ceiling you should be able to see a crack in the 
    wall that you need to blow up. This opens up an alcove a bit further up the 
    ramp which counts as a secret even though that area is completely devoid of 
    anything interesting. No ammo, no health, no enemies, no nothing.
    Now jump into the upper end of the water fall for some atomic health, but 
    surprisingly no secret. Get back out, rescue another babe on the right and 
    kill the lizard behind the girder in the hallway around the corner. Watch out 
    for three dinos that will spawn high up on the ledge behind right after. Walk 
    up the ramp, kill a mutant with your grenade launcher and press the button in 
    the corner behind the mutilated babes. This lowers a force field behind the 
    girder where you killed the last lizard. Move on and dispose three mutants 
    with grenades before hopping onto the spinning thing down below. Try to hit 
    the centre (as it barely changes it position, of course) where the atomic 
    health lies and jump to the right pathway or simply use the jetpack. The left 
    one only takes you straight back to the first hall of the level. Kill three 
    dinos with the SMGs and a bunch of lizards in a small room with a single 
    grenade. Press the button to get back to the first big hall and collect 
    anything you might still need, because you have already seen anything there 
    was to be seen in this level. Afterwards, go back to the spinning thing and 
    drop down. Don't do so, blindly, though, as you can get crushed by the 
    spinning thing. Look down and when one of the arcs is just passing by, drop 
    down and try to follow the counter-clock motion of the arc in your fall.
    2. Boss - Overlord:|                                                      DB2
    Unequip your weapon and run around kicking masses of goo and eggs. Once the 
    hall is clear, search it for guns and for two switches on the walls (not the 
    one near the gate, though) and press them. This opens a underwater passage 
    with not so interesting items overall, but also with a jetpack. Grab it and 
    open the big gate with the switch to its right. Now meet the Overlord: A big 
    creature, equally ugly to the first boss, but fortunately it is easier to 
    beat. Just strafe around it in a circular motion and keep firing grenades 
    from a distance. His only attack is to shoot missiles at you and luckily he 
    doesn't aim at where you are heading but at where you currently are, so 
    moving around in a big circle makes it impossible to be hit. This technique 
    even works when he isn't in the centre of the hall, but close to a 
    wall...just don't shoot grenades while being close to him and the wall. Even 
    if the Overlord is directly at a wall you can still dodge all of his rockets: 
    Again, move in a circular motion close to the walls and when approaching him, 
    simply run straight for him and then run past him to the other wall. His 
    rockets will fly over your head and then the next ones blow up on the ground 
    where you just were, but the explosion will be too far to hit you. I'll show 
    you what I mean in an ASCII diagram:
                             /        \
                           /S          O\
                          /X      EXX    \
                         /X          XXXX \
                        (X               X )
                         \X              X/
                          \X            X/
                           \X          X/
                             \X      X/
    O is the overlord
    S is your starting position
    X is where to move
    E is your position at the end of the first run
    You can repeat this over and over without getting hit once, but in case you 
    need an atomic health and some grenades, you can find them in the room where 
    the boss awaited you. Upon entering this room, the big gate shuts down so you 
    can rest a bit here and watch the big cannon shoot the earth.
    1. secret place: Entering the boss room opens a hidden niche at the opposite 
    side of the hall where you can nab an atomic health and some more grenades.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.3 Earth II-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D3D
    16. Level - Raw Meat:|                                                    D16
    Back on earth, yay; and Duke is back to trash talk, double yay!! Open the 
    window on the right for a missile launcher and move near the end of the roof 
    to make a dino spawn nearby. After killing him, jump down into the water and 
    quickly climb out of it again to face two suicidal gliders and some lizards. 
    There is an atomic health to be nabbed on a ledge. Drop a few grenades or 
    pipe bombs into the water to dispose a few mutants and a new kind of enemy: 
    Sharks. Now dive and pick up the holoduke and the pipe bombs. As you walk up 
    the ramp two dinos jump in on you from behind the wall in front of you, so 
    behold. Afterwards, destroy the sentry gun around the corner and another one 
    at the end of the hallway around the next corner. Hop onto the thin wall the 
    two dinos came up from behind and drop down. Pick up the atomic health, blow 
    a hole into the wall that is already cracked and dive back to the ramp. Watch 
    out for the newly spawned mutant and lizards, though. Inside the first area 
    of the sushi place you have to eliminate four lizards (coming out of the 
    rooms on the left behind the blue curtains) and upon entering the building 
    you trigger a niche to open on the left, containing a glider and another 
    sentry gun, so be ready to retreat. Pick up the goodies in the dining rooms, 
    but watch out for two lizards spawning in the hallway when you enter the 
    third room. Step onto the table in the second room. This triggers a hidden 
    mechanism, lowering the table and revealing a new passage behind it. Crawl 
    through and activate the switch to open the next area of the level.
    1. secret place: Go to the chalk board with the bloody hand print on it and 
    open it to get new armor. You have to really get into the opening to make it 
    count as having found the secret place, but you better get out of there 
    quickly, as the hatch can squish you.
    2. secret place: Detonate a pipe bomb (or anything explosive for that matter) 
    near the crack in the third room for some health and a shrinker crystal.
    3. secret place: Return to the beginning of the hallway and face the camera 
    on the other end. Now jump through the first grey wall on your right for some 
    SMG ammo and a small medikit.
    4. secret place: Press the left side of the good old boys-poster for a 
    shrinker gun.
    Go around the corner and hit one of the explosive canisters to completely 
    wipe out all the eggs in the big dining room. Rescue two babes and walk 
    around, grabbing anything you need. This triggers some mutants for a total of 
    four and a dino on the outside which can luckily not reach you as long as you 
    don't get too close to the window. If you want some shotgun ammo you can find 
    it on the ledge outside the window.
    5. secret place: Finally. Johnson Tran informed me on how to find this secret 
    place. Again: Thank you very, very much. Step onto the ledge, walk to the 
    right where the shotgun shells lie and jump through the wall on your left for 
    a babe, some dum dums and a health pak.
    Pick up the blue access card in the next small room and watch out for two 
    dinos in your back. Pressing A at the cash register opens up eight alcoves, 
    four in the big dining room, two in the hallway and two more in the small 
    dining rooms. These are teleporters, but given their direct connection I 
    can't tell you if they serve any real purpose. You can only use them to 
    travel forth and back between these locations which is pretty useless. Ignore 
    them and use the blue key card near the second secret place to open a door 
    with three pigs awaiting you directly behind it. Then five good old classic 
    pigs later, the Blues Brothers-style karaoke bar on the left is clear and you 
    can try out some more useless stuff: Behind the lights on the left you can 
    find another useless teleporter and inside the cage you can press a button 
    that closes the cage and opens it again. The other lights on the wall have 
    the same function. Big deal...Watch out for three pigs and the dinos that 
    have spawned in the sushi bar in the meantime. Go to the sushi bar (it's just 
    next to the karaoke bar), pick up all the goodies on the counter (an atomic 
    health for example) and kill any remaining enemies here.
    6. secret place: There is a small wooden cupboard in this room. Open it, 
    crawl in and press A on the left, where it says "Press me". This opens the 
    back of the cupboard.
    7. secret place: Open the vent next to the secret place and press A at the 
    bloody hand print inside to open a small room near the sushi bar. Go there 
    for some Dum Dums.
    Moving on inside the vent seems tempting, but it only costs health due to the 
    steam and it only gets you to where you would go now anyway: Open the door 
    and enter the kitchen, where four dinos and four lizards await you. Pick up 
    lots of good stuff in the cooling chamber, the health hatch, near the sunk, 
    behind the door you came through and in the right wine shelf. Now jump into 
    the sunk and dive down (they used to make 'em deeper, I guess) along the 
    under water path you have to deal with four mutants and some eggs, as well as 
    a lone dino above the surface. Pick up the scuba gear above the surface and 
    dive back down to find the red key card and a switch that allows you to swim 
    back into the first area of the level where four lizards have spawned by now. 
    Return to the kitchen and walk down the ramp to the red panel, guarded by two 
    pigs. The switch on the right opens up a path to the yard with the big window 
    and the ramp up ahead already takes you really close to the exit. Move up and 
    watch out of the dino spawning in front of you and the one doing the same 
    thing behind you. Moving a bit further creates an automatic explosion, 
    clearing the way to the exit: Just kill two more lizards and stay out of the 
    fire to finish Raw Meat.
    17. Level - Bank Roll:|                                                   D17
    Grab the pipe bombs in the other niche nearby and then send some grenades 
    over to the two pigs and the dino. Then jump down and kick a slime hugger. 
    Inside the trash bin you'll find a portable medikit, but picking it up 
    triggers a pig cop to spawn behind you. Around the corner are another three 
    dinos and a pig. Kill them first and then go back to where the first enemies 
    stood. Fly up there with your jetpack to find a babe (later on there is also 
    another way to get up there). Look up while moving on. See the crack in the 
    wall up ahead? That's where the last level exit was, so that means you have 
    reached the bank on the right. And what's an important characteristic of good 
    banks? They're heavily guarded. Go around the corner and dispose a glider 
    (yay, the suicidal gliders have been substituted by the pig gliders again), 
    five lizards, two pig cops and two sentry guns at the entrance. Pig up the 
    pipe bombs behind the column and kill two dinos at the ATMs. Approaching them 
    spawns a flying pig on the big square so take care of that before doing 
    anything else. By the way: If you need armor or an atomic health, you can 
    find both by jumping onto a ledge from the stairs in front of the bank. Don't 
    waste any jetpack fuel on this.
    1. secret place: Open either ATM for some SMG ammo...and for some fun: Shoot 
    the ATMs. It'll make them spill out money bills.
    Go back to the square (ignore the dinos in the opening above you) and 
    approach the gate. It opens automatically, unleashing a pig cop and a pig 
    glider. Sometimes, though, not the gate opens, but the window to its right 
    does, unleashing a pack of pig cops. Either way, all of them share the same 
    room, so you have to fight all of them no matter what. Don't forget to nab 
    the atomic health here. Ride up the lift and kill four dinos and a pig cop up 
    here, before pressing the button behind the chair. The shelf on the left 
    lowers down, revealing the blue access card.
    2. secret place: I guess I'll never fully understand what qualifies a secret 
    place as such. Some items are really well hidden, but don't count as a secret 
    and this place for example is harder to miss than to find. Oh well; the 
    switch also revealed a rocket launcher behind the painting on the left, so 
    pick it up.
    Don't jump out of the window: It causes falling damage, the armor below can 
    also be reached a normal way and you would land close to two pig cops. 
    Instead, ride down the lift again, kill the two pigs and use the blue key 
    card at the entrance of the bank. Shoot the lone pig on the right and then 
    peek around the next corner, sending some grenades to the two sentry guns and 
    the various dinos and pigs. Once you enter the room where the sentry guns 
    hung, don't just run back, as two tripbombs appear behind you and two more in 
    front of you, blocking the path. Blow them up with a pipe bomb and voila, the 
    way's clear again (by the way, I know that there has to be an accent on the 
    voila, but gamefaqs wouldn't accept it that way ;) ).
    3. secret place: Above the first pig you eliminated in the bank, there is a 
    switch on the wall. Use your jetpack to reach it and to open a niche behind 
    the telephones.
    Or you could also leave the tripbombs as they are and just crawl through the 
    small opening with the shotgun ammo. You'll see why, in a matter of seconds: 
    Press the button at the table to unlock the next gate and two spawn two pigs. 
    They should walk right into the tripbombs, unless you have already blown them 
    4. secret place: The painting behind the table holds some health and a 
    Enter the next room and kill three dinos. Seems like the designers really 
    liked the idea of implementing useless stuff: Just ignore the switch thing 
    with the 1, 2 and 3 above it (only pick up the plasma gun behind) and instead, 
    press the three buttons behind the chair to open the way down into the cellar.
    5. secret place: Before entering the cellar, blow a hole into the wall left 
    of the safe for some atomic health.
    Open another door and have a look at the oncoming passage. Looks suspicious, 
    right? And it does for a reason: Enter it, equip your SMGs or Dum Dums and 
    move on until a suicidal glider appears up ahead. Either kill it from right 
    where you are or retreat WHILE CROUCHING, because a tripbomb has been 
    installed behind you. Also don't open the next door yet, as another tripbomb 
    secures it. Blow it up, enter the next room and dispose a lone pig. Open the 
    door on the right (the other one is locked) and destroy seven sentry guns 
    (one of the is at the bottom). After picking up the grenades and the pipe 
    bombs you should fly down, using the jetpack and enter the teleporter. This 
    gets you into the room behind the locked door, rewarding you with a babe, two 
    pieces of armor, health and ammo. Enter the next room, rescue two babes and 
    nab the red access card. Stepping onto the plate that held the red card, 
    triggers a section of the left wall to slide away, revealing three lizards, 
    but it is possible to grab the card without stepping onto the plate, in case 
    you want to avoid the fight. Now just press the button and quickly fly over 
    to the timed door with your jetpack or if you either don't have a jetpack or 
    if you want to battle ever enemy, jump into the water and shoot two mutants 
    and some slime. Inside the short tunnel lies a jetpack. On your way back to 
    the big safe you will face some pigs and dinos, as well as some more in the 
    entrance area of the bank. Open the safe and retreat. There will be a demon 
    and some mutants following you, as well as two mini Battlelords staying 
    inside the safe. Blast the canisters in there both to weaken the mini 
    Battlelords and to open the next area. You blast a big hole into the wall, 
    creating a short tunnel system, which contains some more mutants, but it also 
    allows reaching the babe from the beginning without using a jetpack. Go to 
    the exit and nab the portable medikit on the way.
    18. Level - Flood Zone:|                                                  D18
    Nab the grenade launcher a bit up ahead before killing three mutants and 
    rescuing a babe. Inside the column there is some shotgun ammo and behind your 
    starting position you can find a scuba gear, but I recommend saving it for 
    later as you'll need all the scuba gear air reserves you can get and picking 
    up a new one while the older one is still at a good percentage was an 
    avoidable waste. Afterwards, step out of the cave and take down two suicidal 
    gliders quickly, as they are already close to you. Then kill the two dinos on 
    the building to your left with a grenade. Time for a leap of faith: Jump into 
    the water and deal with some sharks as well as with three mutants and a few 
    eggs around the corner and some gliders, two flying pigs and a few lizards 
    above the surface. After finally having secured the area, return to where you 
    landed in the water and dive for an office. Kill the mutants inside to have a 
    clear path to the yellow panel later on.
    1. secret place: Get out of the office and blow a hole into the wall opposite 
    of the window. First of all there are only some sharks in the newly found 
    cave, but then equip the grenade launcher and surface just at the entrance of 
    the cave to see loads of mutants (and some goo). Shoot them from a distance. 
    Actually the items in here are really worth all the hassle, but at least 
    there is a scuba gear underwater. By the way: The secret counts as being 
    found once you step onto the green, slimy area.
    Move on and search for another underwater cave, this time near the sunken 
    building where some lizards stood on. The cave contains two mutants, but also 
    an atomic health, so it's definitely worth checking out. Then climb the 
    building, kill any remaining lizards and save the babe. Hop up from rock to 
    rock to find the blue access card.
    2. secret place: Jump into the wall at the highest ledge for some explosive 
    shotgun ammo and some missiles.
    Climb up even higher. From here you'll already see that lots of dinos, 
    lizards, flying pigs and a mini Battlelord have spawned all around on the 
    various roofs. Kill the latter one with the rocket launcher and the rest with 
    grenades or SMGs in close quarter. From where you currently are, you can drop 
    down onto the neon ad, holding a babe and some atomic health. Swim to near 
    the cave that held an atomic health and use the blue key card. I sure hope 
    you have some of those grenades left, because you have just opened a small 
    room with lots of eggs and mutants. After cleaning up the mess look for a 
    transparent wall inside the room and swim through it. It says to swim up, so 
    do it. Have your SMGs ready and quickly kill a lizard, some eggs and a few 
    mutants as well as a lone dino on the stairs. Go down, eliminate two lizards 
    and jump into the water. Surface swiftly and hop onto either platform. Drop a 
    few grenades or pipe bombs into the water and then dive again to see if any 
    eggs or mutants have survived. If some did, remember their position and throw 
    some more pipe bombs at their direction from above the surface. Near one of 
    the flames you can nab a new scuba gear. Swim down an extremely long shaft at 
    which's end lie the yellow access card and some Dum Dums. Damn girder. Can't 
    open it, but that doesn't mean you have to swim all the way back. Instead, 
    swim through the left curtain to find a teleporter bringing you right to the 
    start of the level. Now enter the office building and use the yellow card. 
    Surface and kill any remaining dinos on the roof before enjoying all the ammo 
    around here and even two atomic health items: One is on a ledge of the 
    building and another one lies in a cavern. Picking up the latter one triggers 
    a wall in the cliff behind you to shift away, unleashing three flying pigs, 
    so beware. It also makes a dino spawn near your starting position, but that's 
    pretty easy to deal with in comparison with the pigs. After killing them, hop 
    into the cave where the pigs were and rescue a babe.
    3. secret place: Return to the cavern where you nabbed the atomic health and 
    push the back wall for a jetpack.
    Get back underwater and move along the stair case, guarded by lots of mutants 
    as is the hall you are heading for. Clear the whole area and press a button 
    on a wall (there is also some vitamin X inside the lift, if you need it) to 
    open two gates to the outside. In the outer area, some sharks and two mutants 
    have spawned, so nothing too bad. Underwater, near the neon ad, you will also 
    now find the red access card. Pick it up and hop up the rocks again to reach 
    the red panel. Don't activate it yet, though.
    4. secret place: Use the jetpack to safely land on the ledge beneath you and 
    open the window for some health and some SMG ammo.
    Now get back up and use the red card, BUT DO NOT OPEN THE GATE, YET! Turn 
    left when having used the card and shoot as many grenades into the newly 
    opened cave behind the fence as there are some flying pigs and a mini 
    Battlelord in it. Hopefully you can take out the pigs before they come out, 
    but the mini Battlelord will surely go after you. Try to lure him into the 
    small cave with the column in its centre (the one you come through when 
    climbing up the rocks) and then down to where you found a babe and a bunch of 
    lizards earlier in the level. When he's down here, you'll have a rather easy 
    time: Hop on the rocks and drop pipe bombs down until he's gone for good. Now 
    enter the cave where all these baddies came from and pick up all the goodies, 
    before finally opening the gate you unlocked with the red key card. This is a 
    pretty small, but enemy infested area: First of all deal with four dinos and 
    then look up ahead to the left as a demon will come for you. Now there are 
    just some mutants around and another demon in the sewers on the left.
    5. secret place: Press A at the hard hat sticker on one of the crates to open 
    big stack of crates. Two dinos guard some health in there.
    Jump over to the babe in the sewers (or use the jetpack) and nab the atomic 
    health behind her. Then jump into the hole (you'll safely land in a small 
    pool), surface and destroy a single sentry gun before finishing the level.
    19. Level - L.A. Rumble:|                                                 D19
    Head for the pipe bombs to attract a pig cop on the right. Now drop a pipe 
    bomb through the opening to both kill the pig and blast a hole into the right 
    1. secret place: The newly created cave is the first secret place. Go in and 
    up on its other end.
    Shoot two dinos here and nab some grenades you can use on the pig cops on the 
    other side. Down below you can dispose some more pig cops via pipe bombs. Hop 
    onto the vents and to the ledges on the left to get to where the pig cops 
    stood. This spawns two new dinos where last two already were, so turn around 
    and shoot a grenade. Move on on the ledge and kill some dinos high up in 
    front of you at a big screen. You might have to jump up to gain enough height 
    to make your grenades reach them. Move on a bit further and quickly kill 
    three pigs nearby, but also watch for the big screen as a flying pig closes 
    in on you from there. Retreat to the lower level and take care of it with 
    your SMGs. Then climb back up the way you used before, pick up anything you 
    need and float down with your jetpack. Grab the armor at the quake site to 
    trigger a harmless, but important quake, enter the backstreet to the right of 
    the quake site and eliminate four pig cops (grenade, anyone?). One of the 
    trash cans contains a slime hugger, so you better open it when aiming for the 
    perfect kill score. Enter the building, shred two lizards and head for the 
    blue access card in the other room. Seems suspicious? It does for a reason: 
    Walking into the second room makes two dinos appear behind you. After having 
    dealt with them, shoot a grenade at the crack in the wall and take down six 
    pig cops.
    2. secret place: Go back to the location of the blue key card and search for 
    a knife on the counter. Crouch next to it and press A at the counter to find 
    a little dungeon with a really neat easter egg.
    Call the lift (the one in the second shaft is out of order, but the shaft at 
    least contains a rocket launcher) and ride up. At the moment there are only 
    two lizards and a sentry gun to be fought at left hand, but approaching the 
    missiles reveals a flying pig inside the second lift shaft. Afterwards step 
    out of the building onto the terrace and shoot three lizards on the left, as 
    well as a flying pig approaching from the right. Then unleash the grenade 
    launcher on lots of dinos and lizards behind various windows and at the big 
    screen on the right. Now ride down again and destroy some suicidal gliders on 
    the ground level. Return to the terrace and either jump to the ledges at the 
    screen or (better way) fly there with your jetpack (don't overlook the atomic 
    health if you are using the jetpack). Rescue three babes and hop into the 
    building ahead. Quickly run in on the few lizards and the dino here as you 
    need to take cover from the flying pig that has just spawned outside. Luckily 
    there is a drinking fountain nearby. Then go up the stairs, kill some more 
    easy enemies and pick up the red access card.
    3. secret place: Some heat seeking missiles are hidden behind the wall 
    Now first rescue the babe inside the cupboard and then press the button at 
    the desk to open a somewhat hidden door that holds two lizards, a dino and 
    the red panel. Activate it and look through the windows to fire some grenades 
    at the newly spawned dinos. Fly over to the terrace, deal with three lizards 
    in your back and return to the ground level to fight another lone flying pig. 
    Get back up to the red panel and activate the cupboard to your left to find a 
    teleporter leading to the exit. Don't end the level, yet, though. Go to the 
    window and watch a neat trigger event.
    20. Level - Movie Set:|                                                   D20
    Instantly turn around and enter the building in which you'll find two pigs, a 
    dino and the blue access card. Then approach the roller blind to your left. 
    This will open it automatically, so retreat when it does and fire in a 
    grenade to dispose some dinos and pigs. Nab the portable medikit behind the 
    1. secret place: Jump onto the counter, crouch and press A at the backside of 
    the right register to open a timed door behind the snack machine where the 
    blue key card was.
    Leave the building and move on until you have the attention of three suicidal 
    gliders. Turn around and head for the building again as two pig cops have 
    just spawned here. Kill them first and then aim for the gliders. Clear the 
    outer area of the film set from four dinos and a flying pig prior to 
    destroying the trash cans which spawns two more dinos. Next, go to the 
    crashing site of your copter and kill the lone pig cop in the pit (you can 
    use the water here to refill your health as often as you want to). Use the 
    rubble to hop onto the wall and...
    2. secret place: ...to reach the yellow triangle on the duke ad. At that 
    point the poster has an invisible opening so step in and pick up the atomic 
    health and the ammo, but beware the flying pig that has spawned outside. Just 
    use the plasma gun as you have lots of ammo for it lying around.
    Get back onto the wall and walk along until you get to the small hut near the 
    trash cans. There is some atomic health on top of it. It's time to use the 
    blue key card: You'll find the panel near the starting position of the level. 
    Eliminate a pig cop, two dinos and two sentry guns inside the hall, before 
    fully going into it. As you do, four lizards spawn outside in midair and 
    another one in the upper opening of the second secret place. Go back into the 
    hall, unequip your weapon and climb up the crates. Inside the vent system you 
    will face lots of slime huggers and you get the chance to jump onto a crate 
    with an atomic health on it.
    3. secret place: Go over the big stack of crates and press A at the lowest 
    crate right at the ramp. This opens some other crates above, setting free 
    three suicidal gliders. After having destroyed them you should open the 
    crates again and fly up to pick up a rocket launcher.
    Then either crawl further through the vent or just open the gate to stage 17 
    B. Both ways lead to the exact same spot and both require you to shoot three 
    pigs and two dinos, but I recommend taking the lower path as it allows for a 
    quick retreat. Furthermore the gate on the right is opened by two pig cops. 
    Kill them as well and wait for the gate to close again as a flying pig is 
    outside. After the situation is settled, search for two dinos, a jetpack and 
    the yellow access card on the moon set. You can also pick up an atomic health 
    on top of the moon background and press A at the USA sign to open a hidden 
    room where three babes await you. Now open the gate leading outside and the 
    flying pig before using the key card in the first hall. Kill two dinos on the 
    lower level in the space set and one more "on the bridge" where also the red 
    access card awaits you. The monitor at the captain's seat opens a hatch on 
    the left, containing a pair of night vision goggles.
    4. secret place: Jump through the centre of the black space wall for a 
    jetpack and a shrinker.
    Use the red card at the moon set top open up a totally safe room. Pick up the 
    grenades hidden in the back of the column and activate the switch to open a 
    new passage where you killed your first enemies of the level. Leave the 
    building through the blue key card entrance and turn left. Behind the corner 
    is a mini Battlelord. Unleash your rocket launcher and he shouldn't be much 
    of a problem. Instead of going to the passage you already know you have 
    opened (as the camera showed), go to the small hut to see another newly 
    opened passage. Kill lots of dinos inside with grenades and press the bloody 
    hand print at the fake monitor. This opens a narrow tunnel to your left, 
    leading to two demons you should definitely kill with pipe bombs. Then open 
    the gate and kill two demons, two mutants and some eggs before deciding 
    whether you want to reach the secret level (the corresponding exit is just 
    ahead) or the normal next level already (go to where the blue key card was, 
    in this case).
    3. Secret Level - Area 51:|                                               DS3
    Pick up the pipe bombs behind you and approach the day light without actually 
    leaving the tunnel. Send out some pipe bombs and grenades to get rid of some 
    lizards, pigs and pig gliders. Then drop down and search for any survivors in 
    this area. Finally you get the chance to grab loads of pipe bombs on the left 
    and on the right. Phew, I surely was beginning to need them by now. Go over 
    to an underground building, destroy the fan and float down with your jetpack. 
    At the bottom you can nab some armor by destroying the other fan below you. 
    Then press the button opening a wall giving way to two pig cops. See the blue 
    access card. I think you know happens when picking it up: The two doors at 
    the sides open, releasing a lizard, two pig cops and a dino.
    1. secret place: In the room opposite to the one with the teleporter you can 
    find a hidden niche high up by using the jetpack. Some atomic health is you 
    Enter the teleporter and react quickly to kill a lizard. Three lizards later 
    you have to use the blue key card on the door outside. Take out two lizards, 
    a pig and a dino in the first room and send a grenade to the other lizards 
    below on the right.
    2. secret place: The register where the dino stood opens a timed door near 
    the three switches.
    Open the door behind the register and walk down the ramp to a computer centre 
    guarded by four lizards.
    3. secret place: Jump onto the computer with the triangle symbol on the wall 
    to open a timed hatch behind the corner. There is some atomic health to be 
    4. secret place: Press A at the computer on which the holoduke lies for some 
    vitamin X.
    Go up again and watch out for the two newly spawned pigs. Activate the centre 
    switch near the second secret place and float down the shaft with your 
    jetpack. If you land on the crate about halfway down the shaft you can pick 
    up a portable medikit. Otherwise, just go down all the way and dispose a dino 
    and a lizard. Take the small lift up to the platform controlling two of the 
    three force fields. Load your plasma gun and lower #1 to quickly eliminate 
    the demon behind it. Enter the room behind the force field and take down 
    three more demons with your SMGs. Then press the button, lowering a clumn in 
    the room and revealing a plate to step on. Stay on the plate long enough for 
    the small wall at the red access card to completely disappear and grab the 
    card. Stay in there and turn around to see three new demons having entered 
    the room. Use your SMGs or the plasma gun to kill them quickly. Return to the 
    force field switches and deactivate #2. Shoot a lizard and four mutants, 
    5. secret place: ...blasting a hole into the right wall. You'll find a mutant 
    in a niche, some more mutants in the water (dive shortly, surface and shoot 
    grenades into the water), some pipe bombs and another secret place in here.
    6. secret place: Activate the hand print for a teleporter leading you to a 
    grenade launcher.
    7. secret place: Activate the PC in the room with the crates to open one of 
    them. Enter the timed crate for a scuba gear and some armor.
    Move on until you see some crane transporting explosive barrels similar to 
    the one in level 4. Shoot a barrel from a distance and let yourself be 
    carried up onto a conveyor belt. Activate the switch around the corner, nab 
    the jetpack, avoid the electric energy by hopping over the machines and...
    8. secret place: ...enter the teleporter at the end of the belt to gain 
    entrance to an alien space ship filled with Dum Dums, two babes and an atomic 
    health goodie.
    Leave this place again and go around the corner to face four demons. Try to 
    damage them with grenades from a distance as good as possible before whipping 
    out the SMGs in close quarter. Alternatively you might also bait them to the 
    force fields, run through, activate the force field and kill them with pipe 
    bombs through the force field. Then press the button in the space ship hall 
    and open the door at the red panel. Step into the teleporter and finally 
    reach the three babes and the dinos you have already seen twice before in 
    this level. After killing them pick up the yellow access card and press the 
    button, but watch out for the flying pig suddenly coming from the force field 
    control room. Also kill another one behind the wall where the yellow key card 
    lies. It cannot reach you, but you can hit it due to a clipping issue. Go 
    back to the space ship hall (go there via the force field control room and 
    not just through the teleporter as a demon awaits you there) and kill a dino 
    and a demon. Then use the yellow card and rid the lift of a single demon. 
    Ride it down and attack the mini Battlelord in the left passageway. Retreat 
    to the space ship hall and make the enemy follow you there. Retreat from 
    corner to corner always waiting for the correct moment to attack him with 
    grenades and missiles. Now relax and enter the code you could have found at 
    the command chair where the blue access card was...but since the code system 
    is quite stupid, I will just tell you the correct code. Actually red at the 
    chair means that a switch has to be pressed and green means it mustn't be 
    pressed. Took me quite some time to figure that out. ^^
    Anyway, the panel in front of you first brings up the left set of buttons and 
    then the right one. The first code is AANA and the second one is NNAA, with A 
    meaning that it has to be activated and N meaning not to activate it. Now 
    press the centre panel again and you will see levers in the passageway 
    allowing to blow up the rockets and to unveil the exit nearby.
    21. Level - Rabid Transit:|                                               D21
    Shoot the sentry gun behind the spinning gate before going through. Then 
    quickly destroy another one on the right with your shotgun and watch out for 
    the lizard spawning on top of the book shelf. Then nab the ammo on the shelf 
    which spawns two additional lizards behind you. Pressing the cash register 
    opens a hatch at a shelf, hiding some night vision goggles. Take a right and 
    rid this part of the station from seven pig cops. One of the trash cans holds 
    a slime hugger and the small room at the end of the hallway contains a 
    portable medikit.
    1. secret place: Activate the right-most coke machine to open a hatch on the 
    Go up the stairs and hop onto the train. Take out two pig cops and jump into 
    a niche nearby.
    2. secret place: Behind the poster is some atomic health.
    Get back onto the train and shoot some grenades down to a dino on the left 
    and some pigs on the right. Fortunately they are quite unlikely to hit you.
    3. secret place: Now drop down into the train through the only open shaft and 
    react quickly as you are facing a pig cop. Go over to the second wagon and 
    dispose of three dinos to obtain a new jetpack. Use it to get back out where 
    you got in.
    Jump off the train and pick up any goodies you need, but also beware of a few 
    more dinos and pigs.
    4. secret place: Hop behind the counter and crawl through either curtain. 
    There are two lizards, two eggs, an armor in a locker and not much else here. 
    Oh well. To really reach the secret place itself, you have to enter the right 
    5. secret place: Return to where the loads of pigs were nearly on in the 
    level and open the Duke posters for some SMG ammo. Stay in there and wait for 
    the hatch to close again. Entering the secret place spawned two suicidal 
    gliders which will fly against the poster and detonate without hurting you.
    Drop a pipe bomb at the left-most tripbombs to clear the path to the 
    transporter.  Board it when it appears and ride over to another section of 
    the level. Defeat four dinos nearby (a well-placed grenade can take 'em out 
    entirely) and two more on the other side (also with grenades). Enter the 
    toilets to find another dino and some explosive shotgun ammo and in case you 
    want a plasma gun you can find one in the blue-lit hatch a bit down the 
    transporter passage. If you have used grenades or other explosive ammo on the 
    four dinos, chances are you have already discovered the parking lot behind 
    the wall, but if you haven't, simply use anything explosive between the 
    Anarchy-A and the painting from Shadow Warrior.
    6. secret place: Before entering it, though, you might want to take a close 
    look at the column with blue graffiti on it, or rather at its backside. 
    There's a hidden hatch you can open for some night vision goggles. Thanks to 
    Rick L, nealtime and Element for this secret.
    The parking lot is vast, but empty and at the end you will find a van 
    carrying the blue access card on its roof so you would think that hell opens 
    its gates once you pick up the card, right? Luckily, it doesn't. Only a dino, 
    a flying pig and some lizards appear in the hall and you can easily kill them 
    by circle strafing and shooting a few grenades. Pick up the health inside the 
    fire in the mail van and leave this area via the hole you came in before. 
    Watch out for another flying pig here, although it shouldn't be much of a 
    problem either. Board the transporter, ride back and get ready for...a single 
    lizard? Come on, I thought we had a reputation by now. Two lizards later you 
    are back at the subway train where the blue panel is. Plant some trip bombs 
    right where you can pick up new ones and then activate the blue panel. Again, 
    there is no really big threat here, but at least there are quite many pig 
    cops. Go around the train to its other side and lure them into the bombs. 
    Kill any survivors and blast the explosive tanks around the corner to deal 
    with some of the alien eggs. Finally you will get to face something difficult: 
    First of all there are a demon and a mini Battlelord that have spawned in the 
    tunnel with broken train. Kill the demon quickly and then get onto the train, 
    dropping down pipe bombs. Afterwards go around the corner to attract another 
    mini Battlelord and run to the snack machine on the other side of the train. 
    Here you can strafe to hide behind the pillars and to hit them with missiles. 
    If they come too close, run away and get on top of the train from where you 
    can drop down pipe bombs. Pick up the red access card.
    7. secret place: Go back a few feet to the trash can and press A at it to 
    open a hatch hidden in the Duke poster above you. Crawl in for some ammo.
    8. secret place: Open the wall left of the drinking fountain to find some 
    sort of alien command room. Walking in there spawns a flying pig behind you, 
    so watch out. Press A at the switch in front of the space map to open another 
    passage, holding three babes.
    Go over to the transporter without boarding it. Wait for it to arrive and 
    upon seeing it depart, hop onto the track and follow it. After a while you 
    will reach an opening on the right, being heavily guarded by lots of dinos. 
    Definitely make use of your grenade launcher. Keep the grenade launcher in 
    your hands, since using the red key card spawns two more dinos down the 
    corridor. Open the gate and move straight ahead to see and "activate" a mini 
    Battlelord. Step back and shoot grenades over the rail so he can't hit you 
    but you rip him apart. Then go down the stairs and take care of two flying 
    pigs. Destroying the vase rewards you with a few missiles. Dive down and kill 
    three mutants (if you still have a good supply of them, you can, of course, 
    also use pipe bombs or grenades, but I guess you pretty much lack both like I 
    did). Surface and rescue the babe.
    9. secret place: Blow a hole into the wall near the shrinker ammo. This forms 
    a cave which you can use to jump onto the book shelf which lowers the other 
    shelf, revealing two dinos, ammo, health and even atomic health.
    22. Level - Fahrenheit:|                                                  D22
    Push aside the black trash box and kill three lizards and two pigs all around 
    you before jumping into the stream and following it to a water basin with 
    three mutants underwater. Grab the blue access card at the surface and use it 
    back in the yard. Take a right and rid the storage yard of five lizards, five 
    suicidal gliders and a sentry gun in the upper left corner as well as another 
    one in the upper right corner. Try to attract the gliders by stepping out and 
    instantly retreating again. Then toss a grenade into the windows on your 
    right. This will kill all the pigs inside the room up there and it will open 
    an easy path to that room: Just return to the stream and go through the blast 
    hole, but watch out for a lizard and two flying pigs to spawn outside. 
    Fighting them in this pretty narrow area is quite hard. I recommend dropping 
    down to the crates and to retreat from corner to corner, shooting some 
    grenades whenever possible.
    1. secret place: Go back up to the room and open the painting on the wall. 
    The plasma gun that's hidden inside is guarded by two sentry guns, though.
    2. secret place: Destroy all the bottles in the cupboard to enable yourself 
    to go straight through it for a portable medikit.
    Jump out of the window one more time and land on the crates to search for 
    goodies high up. The highlights are a portable medikit and some atomic health, 
    but jumping onto the highest crates spawns two lizards. Furthermore you are 
    able to shoot a sentry gun from here. Enter the narrow corridor and open the 
    right gate, unleashing three suicidal gliders and two dinos. Approach the 
    radio building on your left to make two dinos drop down from the roof. 
    Walking past it triggers two more of them. Move on, kill a pig cop on the 
    fire department truck on the right and shoot a sentry gun up ahead, but don't 
    walk too far; you don't want to attract the pig cops in the hall on the right 
    just yet. Instead, make a few grenades bounce off the truck to the right to 
    deal with the enemies before seeing them. Then enter the hall and clear it. 
    Some grenades lie in the flames. Get back outside and fly up into a window on 
    the highest storey to your right. There is a hidden room, containing two 
    babes and a TV showing a movie we already know. Now return to the fire 
    department, blast a hole into the crack in the wall and shoot two pigs. I 
    think there is no way of passing up on the atomic health to save it for later, 
    so just walk up the stairs and prepare yourself for two pig cops and three 
    flying pigs. The grenade launcher should be your weapon of choice here, but 
    be very careful as the hallways are pretty short and narrow. Open the grey 
    door at the beginning of the upper storey to find three lizards and some 
    health. Leave the room and open the wooden door nearby to find two pig cops. 
    Then go along the corridor and open the metal door to the left of the camera. 
    Use the shotgun against the many pigs and lizards in this office, as its 
    spread shots can eventually hit a fire extinguisher, thus create some neat 
    explosions. Rescue the babe and destroy the girder next to the out of order 
    door to reach a water basin with Dum Dums and health.
    3. secret place: Open the white diagram for some heat seeking missiles.
    Leave the room and hop across the pit to activate a switch, allowing you to 
    pick up the yellow access card.
    4. secret place: There is another door on the upper storey: Enter the 
    janitor's closet and activate the switch to open a hidden room behind the 
    "Innocent?" sign outside. Get there by jumping from crate to crate.
    Use the yellow access card to open the entrance to the radio station and kill 
    three dinos on your way up to the second storey. Once you're there you only 
    have to face five lizards. In the room with the three camera monitors you 
    have to open a somewhat hard to see door that holds both the red access card 
    and a demon. Dispose him quickly. Next, open the double-door and rush down 
    the stairs as you have just attracted a dino and a flying pig. A few grenades 
    should take care of them in no time. Now that you've cleared the room they 
    were in, nab the SMG ammo.
    5. secret place: The red curtain can be passed, so do it and you'll be 
    rewarded with plasma ammo and some atomic health.
    Open the other door up here to reach the balcony. See the suicidal gliders? 
    There are quite a few of them now, so head down the stairs and search for 
    them. Don't overlook the one in the crate yard. Swim into the small 
    underwater passage from the beginning of the level again and use the red key 
    card. Open the gate and immediately go backwards into the water. A few dinos 
    and two mini Battlelords await you in the next room and they can tear you 
    apart in no time at such a short distance. Luckily the gate stays open pretty 
    long and you can fire off a rocket from the water, dive down to hide and 
    surface again after a few seconds, firing off another missile. Repeat this 
    until every enemy is gone. You probably have to open the gate a few times, 
    but this method is extremely safe and if you really get hurt once, simply 
    retreat and refresh at the drinking fountain in the radio station. Press the 
    switch to obtain the grenade launcher and blast a hole into the wall with the 
    big crack in it, although I guess you might have done so automatically 
    already as you fought the mini Battlelords. Climb up and exit the level.
    23. Level - Hotel Hell:|                                                  D23
    Approach the blue panel after killing two pigs around the wooden corner. This 
    triggers another pig cop to jump down nearby, a pig cop to spawn high up on 
    the ledge and another one to spawn around the corner. Then also clear the 
    dumpster with a grenade and kick a slime hugger in a trash bin. Since there's 
    lots of SMG ammo you might want to use them here and against the next enemies. 
    Hop onto the wooden ledge and use it to reach the low roof of the building 
    nearby. Now onto the vent and up to the higher roof for the blue access card.
    Carefully drop down and kill a pig cop while going to the blue panel where 
    another pig cop and a lizard have spawned. Open the door and quickly dispose 
    three pig cops in a row as well as one just around the corner. Turn on the 
    lights, enter the toilets on the right and be ready for two demons to run in 
    on you from behind. You better retreat to the outside upon entering the 
    toilets, luring them to a position where you easily get the upper hand. Then 
    get back into the hotel, equip the rocket launcher and peek around the left 
    corner into the hotel reception. There are two mini Battlelords (and a few 
    lizards) in here and the best way to kill them is to hit them as hard as 
    possible while they still are in the reception. This makes it easy to hit 
    both of them at the same time due to the splash damage dealt by the missiles. 
    Once they leave the room, retreat to the outside backwards and continue 
    shooting missiles before strafing around a corner. Now enter the reception 
    and kill two dinos spawning up ahead with your grenade launcher. The left 
    white panel hides some armor and the switch at the reception opens a hidden 
    room behind you, but all it contains is a lousy pair of night vision goggles. 
    Luckily the designers over at 3D Realms granted you a drinking fountain in 
    the lobby, so make use of it. Leave the building where it says exit and 
    defeat a pig cop on your left and some slime enemies in the trash cans on the 
    right. Also don't forget to save the babe. Then move on and take care of two 
    pig gliders and a pig cop. As you approach what seems to be a dead end, two 
    windows will open up in front of you, unleashing some dinos, some pig cops 
    and a demon. Better have your grenade launcher ready. Using the jetpack you 
    can reach some missiles and two atomic health items (spawning three lizards) 
    on a ledge at the guilty sign (or you can nab them without a jetpack later 
    on). In the last stage it was innocent, now it's guilty...what's up with that? 
    Anyway, jump into the room in the dead end and approach the painting on the 
    right wall. A hidden hatch opens automatically. Hmm, what could that mean? 
    It's no big surprise that something big is coming your way, but fortunately 
    it isn't that hard. There's a flying pig outside, closing in on you. Just 
    grab the yellow access card, leave the room and pump two missiles or three 
    grenades into the lone enemy.
    Return to the lobby and make a choice: Either use the lift or walk the stairs. 
    I recommend the latter possibility as this will let you advance at your own 
    pace and it guarantees a clear back. Kill three pig cops on the stairs and 
    two more behind the door. Now step in briefly and go back through the door to 
    bait two dinos from the right. Then really enter the hall and kill two pig 
    cops on the right, which will attract three dinos to come from the left. Use 
    the shrinker on them when they've come close. Follow the right hallway past 
    some doors and first dispose two more dinos and then four of them to finally 
    clear this area. Open the first door where the two pig cops were and kill 
    three dinos and a pig cop with some grenades. Then blow up the fire 
    extinguishers on your right to blast two big holes into the walls. This will 
    enable you to get the goodies at the guilty sign from earlier in the level, 
    but watch out for the newly spawned flying pig outside (use the rocket 
    launcher) and... a mini Overlord!! Luckily he is beneath you, so it shouldn't 
    be that hard to dodge his missiles and to kill him with a few pipe bombs. 
    Alternatively you can go back to his position and fight him eye to eye, which 
    I (unfortunately) have to recommend since pipe bombs are quite rare. Fighting 
    him on the ground level is quite easy, too, though, so don't worry. Run away 
    from him backwards and fire off missiles while eventually running circles 
    through the alley, into the lobby and right into the alley again. Afterwards 
    open the second door near the big holes and face four lizards guarding a babe. 
    Behind the vent girder lies a shrinker. Return to the staircase exit and to 
    the lift and look left: There is a babe in the back. Go that direction, but 
    before going too close, pick up the health packs in the lockers in the 
    storage room.
    1. secret place: Investigate the suspicious wooden wall to find some pipe 
    bombs, new scuba gear and a plasma gun guarded by three sharks in the water 
    2. secret place: Open the wine rack for some explosive shotgun ammo.
    Step out of the storage room into the pool area, but quickly retreat as you 
    have just activated a mini Battlelord on the far right and some lizards 
    nearby. Wait for the lizards to show and after having killed them, simply 
    strafe out, fire a missile at the big enemy and strafe back. Repeat until 
    he's dead. Rescue two babes, jump into the pool to activate some mutants and 
    leave the pool instantly after that. Fire one or two grenades into it to 
    clear it and search for a crack underwater. Blast it open to reach the - wait 
    a moment. How can those toilets from earlier in the stage be here? Shouldn't 
    they be somewhere totally different? Pretty neat confusion. ^^ Watch out for 
    the two pig cops spawning close to you when picking up the atomic health.
    3. secret place: Now jump into the small water fall at the pool to be 
    teleported into a jungle area. The real secret place can be found by pressing 
    the bloody hand print: Enter the cave, find Dr. Indiana Jones and pick up the 
    atomic health. As soon as you, you have to run back out of the cave as the 
    ceiling is about to lower. Turn left. See those palm trees? They can be blown 
    up to reveal the secret exit, but we don't want to use it yet, so return to 
    the pool area.
    Climb up at the sign saying there is no life guard on duty and launch a few 
    grenades across to the dinos. Also shoot some grenades into the newly opened 
    windows behind the dinos as there are some more of them in there. Then either 
    float down with a jetpack or simply walk back to the beginning of the level 
    and kill a lone pig cop before climbing up to where the dinos stood. Crawl 
    through the vent and drop down to some pipe bombs and the normal exit. The 
    crack nearby can only open a direct path to the very beginning of the level. 
    Nothing spectacular. Now either finish the level here or return to the jungle 
    area where the hidden exit is.
    4. Secret Level - Freeway:|                                               DS4
    Kill two mutants instantly coming your way and blast a hole into the wall 
    behind you for some grenades and some atomic health. The shaft above is 
    useless so don't waste any jetpack fuel to investigate it. Move on underwater 
    instead and kill some more mutants. Then surface and take care of a suicidal 
    glider and some pig cops. Take a deep breath and mentally prepare for a 
    pretty hard area: Blast a hole into the crack and go to the loads of suicidal 
    gliders, pig gliders and pig cops. I recommend using the grenade launcher 
    while strafing around under the bridge and disposing as many enemies as 
    quickly as possible. Concentrate on the cops, then on the suicidal gliders 
    and only then on the pig gliders. After you have killed quite some enemies, 
    run up the ramp on the left and clear this area of some more pigs and some 
    slime huggers. At least now you have a clear back and can deal with any 
    survivors a bit easier. Hop up to the portable medikit and fly up using a 
    jetpack. Behind the wall you can kick lots of slime huggers and rescue two 
    babes. Return via the ramp and walk up on the wall to reach some missiles on 
    the other side.
    1. secret place: Go back to the portable medikit and walk along the ledge in 
    front of the windows. The last window can be opened to reach a toilet, a pig 
    cop and some ammo.
    Nab the atomic health under the bridge or save it for later and walk up the 
    other ramp which spawns some pig cops and some dinos around you. After 
    finally having cleared this large area you should jump onto the crate and 
    onto the ledge behind it. Go over to the night vision goggles and jump 
    through the fake window behind them. Destroy a sentry gun in the vent with 
    your shotgun while running towards it and leave the cent through any of the 
    two fans. This area is guarded by five pigs and holds a drinking fountain and 
    some wanted posters showing the developers, but besides that there isn't much 
    to be found in this area of the police station, so return to the outside and 
    fly up to a higher ledge for some armor. Then enter the narrow passage with 
    the baywar poster and trigger an automatic explosion. Retreat from that and 
    afterwards go through to fight a suicidal glider, some pig cops and a mini 
    Overlord. This place can also be reached by flying through the second shaft 
    in the water area at the beginning, but I recommend using the path I told you 
    to use as it gives you more space to fight the mini Overlord. Bait him to the 
    narrow passageway and observe: He either stays on the road, near the passage 
    or he comes through. If he does the first alternative, hide around the corner 
    and then swiftly run out of the passage onto the road and back again to make 
    him show himself at the opening, allowing for an easy hit with a rocket 
    before hiding around the corner again. If he follows you, just retreat to the 
    crate and fire missiles at him from a distance while strafe-dodging his 
    missiles. Once he's dead, pick up the Dum Dums behind the flames and then run 
    around the street he was on and search for two babes and some lizards, pig 
    cops and suicidal gliders.
    2. secret place: Go to the blue panel and open the window opposite of it for 
    three dinos, some ammo and a shortcut to the toilet you have already visited 
    Close in on the police car which will explode right in front of your eyes, 
    unleashing a bunch of pig cops behind it. Have your grenade launcher ready! 
    Now hop up the crates and ledges and vents to finally reach the upper storey 
    of the police station. Kill three pig cops and nab the atomic health.
    3. secret place: Push the button at the desk to open a timed hatch on your 
    right. Jump in for some pipe bombs.
    Enter the next hallway and rid it of three pig cops and two sentry guns (both 
    of them are directly on your right inside the hallway).
    4. secret place: Blow up the crack near the armory entrance to actually gain 
    entrance to it. Entering it spawns two pig cops in the passageway.
    It's time for another lift shaft you have to float down. Stop at the first 
    door you come across and open it via the switch. In this area you will face 
    quite many pig cops so you might want to drop pipe bombs and hide behind a 
    corner when detonating them. Rescue a babe and press the switch in the small 
    room directly in front of the shaft to open the gate to the area of the 
    police station we already know. Kill two newly spawned pig cops here and 
    refresh at the drinking fountain if you need it. Drop down to the bottom of 
    the shaft and go straight into the dead end while having equipped the SMGs as 
    a suicidal glider spawns in your back. Go around the corner, save a babe and 
    dive in the sewer tunnel to find two mutants, a lizard and a jetpack. Use it 
    to get back to the area where the drinking fountain is and leave it through 
    the vent to go back to the street where you fought the mini Overlord. Climb 
    around on the collapsed buildings, rescue a babe and nab some explosive 
    shotgun ammo, but watch out for the demon that is triggered by doing the 
    latter one. Then equip the shotgun, drop into the hole in the building and 
    find out that what seemed to be a small pit actually is a big cave. Kill two 
    dinos with your explosive shotgun ammo and nab the jetpack to fly back up. 
    Use some more explosive shotgun shells to defeat the dinos in the opening 
    nearby. Then jump there (or fly there to make sure you land where you want to 
    land) and kick some goo. Look outside to see some atomic health on a ledge to 
    your left (under the camera). Walk around, nabbing anything you need (and of 
    course the blue access card) and killing the newly spawned lizard.
    5. secret place: Blow up the wall left of the blue key card to find some 
    alien eggs and ammo.
    6. secret place: Open the book shelf near the blue key card for some missiles.
    Get back down and be ready to fight against a mini Battlelord. When I was 
    here, the dumbass trapped himself inside the section of the collapsed 
    building that lies in the narrow passageway. He could still hit me sometimes, 
    but he couldn't leave that place and I couldn't hurt him...at least from that 
    street. So I climbed up into the police station and crawled back out through 
    the vent, getting me to the other side of the passageway from where I finally 
    could kill the mini Battlelord with a few missiles. No matter how you kill 
    him, you have to use the blue key card now. The panel is near the shaft hole 
    and it opens a lift to your right, containing a pig cop. Ride up, deactivate 
    the conveyor belt via the first switch and make good use of the grenade 
    launcher against quite a lot of dinos and suicidal gliders, but watch out not 
    to accidentally hit the switches at the end of the area as this raises a wall, 
    releasing lots of dinos. Deal with them when the area is clear and pick up 
    the red access card, as well as the atomic health at the beginning of the 
    conveyor belt where the Terminator tried to escape. ^^
    7. secret place: Fire some grenades into the black-yellow-striped parts of 
    the wall. You can jump through them to reach a secret room, but first of all 
    you should rid it from some enemies.
    Ride down the lift again and turn to the parking space at the police 
    department to see a mini Battlelord. Hide at the narrow passageway like you 
    already did when fighting the mini Overlord and use the rocket launcher. 
    Afterwards go to the police car, use the red key card and kill two pig cops 
    and two mutants behind the wall (simply shoot the fire extinguisher to both 
    kill the pigs and blow a hole into the wall). There it is: The exit of the 
    last secret level.
    3. Boss - Stadium:|                                                       DB3
    You've made it! This is it; the final boss...and quite a lame one at that.
    Simply run around and grab anything you need. The boss has two kinds of 
    attacks, but both will miss more often than not. When you are far off he will 
    shoot missiles that scatter a bit so he might hit you sometimes. Standing 
    relatively close to him makes him use the mutants' attack which will always 
    miss as long as you circle strafe around him. So just do that and fire off 
    anything you have until the boss is dead and the earth is safe again.
    An alternative way of beating the cyclops in the N64 version is to fly up and 
    land on his head. You should be able to stay there and kick him without ever 
    getting hit.
                                       5. Items                               EEE
    Small Medikit:
    These white boxes with a red cross refill up to ten health points. They can't 
    increase your health over 100 health points, though.
    Large Medikit:
    These white bottles with a red cross refill up to thirty health points. They 
    can't increase your health over 100 health points, though.
    Atomic Health:
    These atoms (pretty big atoms actually) restore 50 health points and they are 
    the only way of getting more than 100 health points (up to 200).
    Portable Medikit:
    These big white boxes with a red cross can be used whenever you want to. 
    Every portable medikit starts at 100% and using it will decrease the 
    percentage points by as many points as you lacked health points to 100. For 
    example when using a brand new portable medikit while being on 53 health 
    points you will have 100 health points and the medikit will be down to 47%. 
    The medikit can be used as often as you wish to do until it is down to 0%.
    These bullet vests automatically protect you against some damage. The damage 
    that would usually decrease your health is simply subtracted from the 100% 
    Used Armor:
    These vests look the same as the normal armor and they work the same, but 
    they can only be dropped by pig cops and they are only worth 50% armor.
    Activate it to fly around. Pressing the crouch button makes you go down and 
    pressing the jump button makes you gain height. The 100% fuel you start with 
    are used up pretty quickly and in some parts of the game you rarely find new 
    ones, so don't waste any fuel. Fuel can only be refilled by picking up new 
    The jetpack also is of great use when it comes to falling down. Activate it 
    shortly before the landing to come down safely without wasting fuel. Also 
    keep the jetpack equipped when fighting on small platforms. If you run over a 
    ledge and fall down you only have to press L once to save yourself.
    Scuba Gear:
    The scuba gear allows for long dives without running out of air. You start 
    with 100% of air reserves and the scuba gear is always activated 
    automatically when diving. To get new air reserves you have to pick up new 
    scuba gears. Luckily, though, the tanks deplete pretty slowly.
    These are used automatically when stepping onto hazardous ground or when 
    swimming at the surface of toxic water and they protect you from all damage 
    that would usually be dealt by the waste. Leaving the toxic area 
    automatically stops the use of the boots so they are preserved for a later 
    use. They come at 100% and they can only be restored by picking up new boots. 
    Later in the game you won't find any of these, so don't waste them.
    Night Vision Goggles:
    Activate these goggles to see in dark places. You'll need them rather rarely 
    and you'll find lots of them, so it doesn't really matter all that much that 
    they run out of energy so quickly. They come with 100% energy and in order to 
    refill it you have to pick up new ones.
    Vitamin X:
    These steroids have to be activated to both make you run faster for a while 
    and increasing the impact of your kick. You cannot stop the effect once you 
    have activated it; the effect ends automatically when the steroids have 
    reached 0%. Pretty useless stuff in my opinion. Throughout the whole game I 
    have never used this. It might be nice for a quicker retreat, but definitely 
    ignore the higher kick power this gives you.
    Activate this to place a holographic duke where you currently are. Enemies 
    will either attack it or you; it's just a matter of chance. The hologram 
    cannot be destroyed, but it disappears when the energy of this item reaches 
    0%. You can manually deactivate the hologram at any given time and activate 
    it again later on. Like the Vitamin X I have never used the holoduke during 
    the entire game, but I guess it can be relatively useful at times.
    Key Cards:
    These come in three different colors: Red, blue and yellow. Use them on 
    panels of the same color to access new areas. Except for a few cases, you 
    have to pick up and use all of them.
    I cover this in the weapons section.
                                      6. Weapons                              FFF
    Well, it's the kick...what should I say? Every Ego-Shooter has to have a 
    close quarter attack like this and like in any other game of its genre the 
    kick is a mere last resort. At least usually; use the kick against alien eggs 
    and face huggers and use it to break objects and on the hardest difficulty 
    setting also to tear apart corpses of fallen enemies (lizards and single pig 
    cops, mutants and dinos).
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 192
    The pistol is your first real weapon and it should be treated as such: It is 
    nice to have in the first few levels but later on the enemies would only 
    laugh at you for using it. The pistol is great against lizards and sharks to 
    save ammo and it also is a good choice against small groups of mutants. 
    Furthermore it can be employed to kill single pig cops if you can strafe 
    behind a corner to hide and even suicidal gliders can be taken out with the 
    pistol if there is only one of them. Still, as long as you aren't broken in 
    terms of ammo in general, leave the pistol in your bag. Besides its low 
    damage the pistol also has the disadvantage of reloading after every 12 shots.
    Pistol ammo cannot only be found the normal way, but lizards also sometimes 
    drop it.
    Pistol (Dum Dums):
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 36
    This special ammo has the same characteristics of the normal pistol ammo 
    (including reload times) but it is way more powerful making it a great weapon 
    against lizards, pig cops, dinos, mutants and both kinds of gliders. 
    Unfortunately, though, Dum Dums are rare. Note that Duke will always first 
    use up the Dum Dums before feeding his pistol with normal ammo again, unless 
    you pick up normal ammo while holding the pistol in your hand.
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 50
    The shotgun is worse than it might seem. Sure, it deals decent damage on 
    close distance and its spread makes it hard to miss with it, but the 
    reloading times in between two shots render the shotgun a rather useless 
    weapon later in the game. Use it against lizards, pig cops, pig gliders and 
    sentry guns and against mutants as long as you are able to dodge their 
    attacks. The most annoying enemies later on, though, are the dinos and they 
    attack to fast for the shotgun to be of any use. Suicidal gliders can also be 
    killed with the shotgun, but only do so when there's just one of them around 
    and only when it's still rather far away. Another good use of the shotgun is 
    to dispose corpses of weak and medium enemies.
    Pig cops can drop shotguns when dying.
    Shotgun (Explosive Ammo):
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 20
    The explosive ammo doesn't spread like the normal shotgun ammo does, so it is 
    way better on long distances, which is definitely necessary as the explosion 
    it creates has a big radius. Ergo: Stay away from whatever you want to hit or 
    else you get hurt badly. The explosive shells are a great weapon against any 
    enemy except for mini Battlelords and mini Overlords. Also use it to blow up 
    corpses over a long distance.
    Note that Duke will always first use up the explosive shells before feeding 
    his shotgun with normal ammo again, unless you pick up normal ammo while 
    holding the shotgun in your hands.
    Sub Machine Guns:
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 400
    This is the best weapon in the whole game. A single hit isn't very powerful, 
    but luckily the SMGs can pack a crapload of ammo and they have an extremely 
    high lizarde of fire. The SMGs can be used at any distance and against any 
    enemy (except for flying pigs, mini Battlelords and mini Overlords), serving 
    better than most other weapons in any situation. Just don't waste the ammo to 
    blow up corpses.
    Dinos may drop SMG ammo or even SMGs upon dying.
    Grenade Launcher
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 48
    Besides the SMGs the grenade launcher is my weapon of choice. The grenades 
    bounce off walls and such to either blow up after a few seconds or upon 
    hitting an enemy or the Duke. Its only two downsides are the danger for 
    yourself (the blast radius is quite large) and that the grenades bounce off 
    of inactivated enemies. The grenade launcher is great against big groups of 
    enemies, it is perfect for completely blowing up far-off enemies, it is 
    strong enough for every enemy except for mini Overlords and mini Battlelords 
    and it can be used to fire around corners or at enemies down below. You see: 
    This is a really cool weapon, but sadly you should preserve its ammo a bit as 
    you won't find as many grenades as you might use. Also only use it rarely to 
    blow up corpses as the grenades bounce off of them.
    Pipe Bombs:
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 50
    Pipe bombs are a lot stronger than grenades but they require being close to 
    the target, so their main use is to blow up corpses of big enemies (like mini 
    Battlelords) or big clusters of corpses and to hit enemies down below, but 
    they also work well when a big enemy is stuck behind a wall nearby and you 
    can drop a bomb past the wall or when you know that there are enemies around 
    a corner. Also note that pipe bombs can deal damage through force fields. I 
    guess I don't have to tell you, but still: Watch out for the explosion as it 
    has a wide radius and it can damage you badly.
    Dropped pipe bombs can be picked up again. Pipe bombs lying around (no matter 
    whether you dropped them or if they simply have been there from the start) 
    can be shot to create an explosion, but picking them up and placing them 
    yourself is usually better.
    Shrinker / Expander (Shrinker Crystals):
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 66
    The shrinker is another great weapon, although I have to admit I nearly 
    completely ignored it as I played through the game. A single hit will shrink 
    any of these enemies (read on for a list) so they are left with no actions 
    available, except for moving:
    Pig Cops
    Alien Eggs
    and even Flying Pigs!
    All you have to do now to kill them is simply stepping onto them and don't 
    worry: The effect wears off after a few seconds so don't let your prey get 
    away. I recommend using the shrinker against flying pigs and against big 
    groups of dinos in narrow places. Against the latter one you should shrink 
    one, strafe around a corner, strafe back and fire again, as this gun has a 
    bit of delay due to reloading.
    Unfortunately the shrinker ammo doesn't deal any damage against any enemy not 
    present in my list, but at least this should guarantee that you don't use the 
    shrinker all too often, which is good, since its ammo is quite rare.
    Shrinker / Expander (Expander Crystals):
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 99
    The expander on the other hand works against every enemy (except for the 
    three bosses). Its fire slowly enlarges an enemy until it blows up. When it 
    does, any enemy close to it will also blow up, but the expander is completely 
    safe for you to use. Also note that the expander does a little amount of 
    damage with every hit, so you don't have to rely on its blow-up effect solely. 
    Actually, I fell like the expander is a pretty useless gun. Its damage is 
    nearly non-existing and the blow up effect takes to long to work, especially 
    against bigger enemies.
    Missile Launcher:
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 50
    The Missile Launcher fires off a rocket going in a straight line and dealing 
    way more damage than the grenade launcher, also with a bigger explosion. This 
    makes the missile launcher the ideal weapon against mini Overlords and mini 
    Battlelords on medium or long distance and it can also be used against big 
    groups of enemies or to shoot into an opening at a far distance. Also employ 
    it to blow up corpses on a big distance unless you have explosive shotgun 
    Missile Launcher (Heat-Seeking Missiles):
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 25
    These rare goodies deal the same amount of damage as the normal missiles and 
    they basically have the same characteristics overall, but (as the name shows) 
    they home in on enemies. This can be pretty useful sometimes, but then again 
    sometimes you want to hit a certain enemy, yet the missile has its plans. 
    Just use them as if they were normal missiles; make no difference between 
    Note that Duke will always first use up the heat-seeking missiles before 
    feeding his weapon with normal ammo again, unless you pick up normal missiles 
    while holding the missile launcher in your hands.
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 10
    After planting these on a wall a laser beam pops out a few seconds later. If 
    anything crosses the laser now, the bomb blows up, creating a neat explosion. 
    Another useless weapon: You basically never know when you might be able to 
    use these effectively, they don't deal as much damage as you might expect, 
    they only work in narrow places as otherwise the enemy can be quite far away 
    from the bomb itself when interrupting the laser beam and the tripbombs are 
    also dangerous for you.
    Plasma Cannon
    Maximum Ammo Capacity: 99
    The plasma cannon is quite powerful. It can be charged to fire off either 
    small energy balls that barely deal any damage or bigger plasma balls that 
    can dematerialize most enemies in a single strike. Of course, the bigger the 
    charge, the more ammo is used up. Also note that the plasma cannon doesn't 
    leave any corpses behind, making it a great choice e.g. against demons.
                                      7. Enemies                              GGG
    These little guys appear throughout the whole game. They have a jetpack and 
    they can teleport away, only reappearing in your back when you approach their 
    old position, but still they don't mean much of a threat as they can't take 
    much damage, deal few damage and as their shots are fairly slow and can be 
    dodged. Furthermore their corpses can easily be destroyed by kicking them. 
    Sometimes they drop pistol ammo when dying.
    I have read multiple times about lizards wearing blue and lizards wearing red, 
    but actually every lizard I've seen wore blue, so I really can't say anything 
    about different lizard versions.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Pistol (when there are only lizards around)
    2. Shotgun (a single hit is all it takes)
    3. Grenade Launcher (against big groups of lizards)
    Pig Cops
    These mutated LA police men wield a shotgun and wear armor, making them 
    somewhat tough in the first few levels and still later on if they get close 
    to you. Luckily they can't take that much damage even with their armor on. 
    Strafe behind corners to avoid their shotgun blows and use anything stronger 
    than the pistol against them. Moving around makes them miss sometimes, but 
    it's just a matter of luck.
    Kick their corpses when there are only one or two of the around, otherwise 
    use the shotgun
    Pig cops can drop shotguns and used armor when being killed.
    In the space episode you will only face one of these, but on earth they are 
    quite common.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Shotgun (when there are only pig cops and maybe some lizards around)
    2. SMGs
    3. Grenade Launcher (against big groups of pig cops)
    Pig Gliders
    These hover gliders resembling a shark are steered by a pig cop. They fly 
    around wildly, following a patrol way, making it a bit hard to hit them. 
    Luckily they don't deal a lot of damage and their fire can be dodged. After 
    destroying them a pig cop climbs out of the rubble.
    Pig gliders don't appear in space levels at all.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Shotgun (two well placed blows will do)
    2. SMGs (they work well against the pig gliders, but don't waste their ammo; 
       the shotgun is just fine against them)
    3. Grenade Launcher
    These floating tentacle-monsters mostly appear in or near water, shooting 
    some strange energy beam at their prey. They deal quite some damage and they 
    can also withstand relatively much, but fortunately their attack can be 
    easily dodged and underwater mutants will stay underwater almost always so 
    they don't mean big danger. If you see a water basin you can almost be sure 
    of it to contain some mutants. Jump into the water so you dive down a little 
    bit and instantly surface and leave the water. This activates the mutants 
    (see the general hints section for more info on this subject) allowing you to 
    drop down one or two pipe bombs or grenades to clear the basin.
    A single mutant's corpse can be kicked, but if there's more than that you 
    should use the shotgun or pipe bombs.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Grenade Launcher (two of these are all it takes and it also takes care of 
       their corpses; furthermore grenades are perfect against mutants in water 
    2. Pipe Bombs (against underwater mutants when you aren't in the water)
    3. Shotgun (saves other, better ammo)
    Alien Eggs
    Destroy these before they can open up, releasing a face hugger, but don't 
    waste any ammo on them. Just close in on them and kick them.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Kick
    2. Grenade Launcher (if you quickly want to blast bigger groups of eggs)
    3. Pistol (against eggs on long distances)
    Face Huggers
    I refer to these aliens inspired by the famous movie starring Sigourney 
    Weaver as face huggers, slime huggers, goo things and such, so don't get 
    confused as you read the guide. The face huggers slowly crawl towards you, 
    alternating between the floor and the ceiling. Once they've reached you, they 
    climb up your face, blocking your vision and constantly depleting your health. 
    When you see a hugger on your face, quickly fire no matter what weapon you 
    have currently equipped (of course you should still watch out not to fire an 
    explosive while being close to some object). The best way to deal with them 
    is to run around while constantly kicking. This way you will get rid of them 
    quickly and they cannot hurt you (except for the puddle of acid they 
    sometimes leave behind when dying). If other enemies are around as well just 
    use the grenade launcher on the bigger enemies and the huggers will get 
    caught in the blast eventually.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Kick
    2. Grenade Launcher
    3. Pistol
    These guys look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but they pack way more fire power 
    than those lovely little creatures that reached fame in Jurassic Park. The 
    dinos wield Sub Machine Guns and they can jump pretty high and far. They aim 
    extremely well, so strafing around might save a few health points, but it's 
    never near as useful as against lizards and pig cops for example. Still 
    unless you use a weapon with a high rate of fire you better strafe around as 
    they also have a second attack: Rarely these enemies spit some acid at you 
    which deals lots of damage and blurs your vision for a while. Generally you 
    should dispose the dinos as quickly as possible. They might not deal that 
    much damage on their own, but as they nearly always appear in groups and as 
    their quick weapons are precise and deal the same amount of damage at every 
    distance, they can get a pesky threat. You can destroy a dino's corpse by 
    kicking it, but if there are more than one of them you better use the shotgun, 
    the SMGs or a pipe bomb.
    Dinos can drop SMGs and SMG ammo when being killed.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. SMGs
    2. Grenade Launcher
    3. Shrinker
    Suicidal Gliders
    These flying, mechanical drones can be heard over long distances already as 
    they have some sort of roaring and summing to them. They don't have any 
    weapons, but they try to home in on you to detonate on contact. They can be 
    outrun and circle-strafed relatively easily in large areas, but when there 
    are multiple gliders in a narrow spot you should definitely equip the SMGs 
    and keep firing. Hitting a glider makes it stop for a brief moment, so the 
    faster your fire rate, the harder it is for a glider to come close. The SMGs 
    even allow for a complete halt. Destroying them also makes them blow up, 
    possibly damaging other enemies. Sometimes the gliders will detonate 
    themselves when you stand on the other side of a closed door, gate or hatch, 
    but try not to rely on this too often as they sometimes open the gate 
    themselves or somehow manage to pass through the gate instead.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. SMGs
    2. Shotgun (against single gliders or when you have enough space to run away)
    3. Pistol (against single gliders)
    Flying Pigs
    You will encounter these big bad guys in space for the first time, but they 
    also come down to earth with you. They either slash in close combat or shoot 
    missiles out of...out of....err, it really seems to be their ass, even after 
    looking closely for what it might be. So stay away from them and you should 
    be able to dodge their slow attacks.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Shrinker (yes, it really works on them!)
    2. Grenade Launcher
    3. Missile Launcher
    Ok, so maybe these aren't demons after all, but rather aliens. Still I refer 
    to those skinny, large, quick and ugly creatures as demons, since they 
    definitely remind me of those demons found in Doom and of other demons. They 
    run fast so they can quickly reach and slash you. Yet, this isn't what you 
    have to fear the most: Sometimes they emit a shrinker beam, rendering you an 
    easy piece of prey. Run away from them backwards and keep shooting good 
    weapons. As long as you stay far away from them you should be able to dodge 
    any shrinker beams, but if you don't feel comfortable on this, strafe around 
    as well. Demons are highly lethal, which means you better dispose them first.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Grenade Launcher
    2. SMGs
    3. Shotgun
    Sentry Guns 
    These are automatic guns, waiting on ceilings and floors for the Duke to come 
    into sight. They employ the same ammo as the lizards, making them quite 
    harmless, but still they can get pesky, especially when there are multiple 
    sentry guns around. Hitting a sentry gun makes it unable to attack, pretty 
    similar to the suicidal gliders.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Shotgun
    2. Missile Launcher
    3. Pistol
    You will meet these creatures extremely rarely and when you do, you're in no 
    danger. Sharks sometimes ignore you and when they don't they swim towards you, 
    trying to get a bite out of you. Simply stay away a bit and keep firing at 
    I guess I don't have to tell you what they look like, right? ;)
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Pistol
    2. Shotgun
    3. SMGs
    Mini Battlelords
    This is smaller (yet still huge) version of the first boss. You will meet 
    these guys in space for the first time and you might be shocked the fist time 
    you meet one, but there are way more of them after that and pretty often you 
    will even find multiple mini Battlelords. They have the same attacks as the 
    boss (a mortar and a gatling gun), but luckily they deal a bit less damage 
    and they withstand less damage. Still, these are the hardest enemies in the 
    whole game. Stay away from them and strafe behind a corner to hide, strafe to 
    face the mini Battlelord and to fire of a missile, and quickly hide again. 
    You might have to retreat to new corners various times during a single battle, 
    but it's way better than coming close to him: A few seconds of gatling gun 
    fire always rips you apart. Also note that the gatling gun fire always hits 
    its target when you are in the enemy's sight.
    Use a pipe bomb or the missile launcher to get rid of their corpses.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Missile Launcher (this is the only weapon you should use against them as 
       long as you have some ammo left for it)
    2. Grenade Launcher (a weak second place; this takes a lot longer to end the 
    3. Pipe Bombs (when a mini Battlelord gets stuck somewhere)
    Mini Overlords
    This is the rarest enemy you encounter: The smaller version of the second 
    boss only appears twice in the game and while their rocket launchers deal a 
    lot of damage and they can pack loads of damage themselves I'd say they don't 
    mean as much hassle as you might expect. Their attacks are easy to dodge and 
    they don't appear in multiples. Just get rid of any guards and then 
    concentrate on the mini Overlord. It really isn't that hard.
    Use a pipe bomb or the missile launcher to get rid of their corpses.
    Weapons of choice:
    1. Missile Launcher
    2. Grenade Launcher (not as bad as against mini Battlelords)
    3. Pipe Bombs
                                 8. Closing Comments                          HHH
    The Duke might be a bit outdated in terms of gameplay (even simple blast-
    everything-to-pieces-shooters have evolved as you can see when playing 
    Painkiller) and the space levels sometimes bored the hell out of me, but 
    still the humor and the sometimes great atmosphere on earth (hell, you get to 
    blast through a sushi place!) make Duke Nukem 64 a pretty good game, although 
    it is the worst Ego-Shooter I have played on the N64 so far.
    I'd appreciate any comments, questions, high scores, critics or whatsoever, 
    so please mail me at KeeperBvK@web.de if you have anything to tell me (even 
    misspellings and stuff).
                                   9. Experimental                            III
    In some other guides I've seen the author implement the following and I 
    thought "Why not give it a try for your own guides?":
    If you really like this guide and you think it helped you or entertained you 
    a bit or whatsoever and you feel like rewarding me not only by writing a nice 
    e-mail, feel free to send some money to my paypal account at:
    Of course I don't want to make somebody send me money who doesn't really want 
    to (even if I could, I wouldn't ;) ), but (also of course) I'd appreciate any 
    Thank you very much for reading this guide and hopefully some more of my 
    stuff on gamefaqs.
                                     10. Credits                              JJJ
    Very, very big thanks go out to Johnson Tran for sending me an extremely 
    detailed e-mail on how to get to the last secret place in Raw Meat.
    Another big set of thanks go out to Conrado for pointing me to the remaining 
    secret in Dreadnought. He also went the extra mile by even sending in 
    And the final thanks go out to Rick L, nealtime and Element for telling me 
    about the final secret I was missing in Rabid Transit.

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