Review by RockyStarPro

Reviewed: 08/14/06

What a good game

Welcome to my Duke Nukem 64 review for the Nintendo 64. This is a shooting game similar to Golden Eye. The main character and the hero's name is Duke Nukem who goes through Earth and Space defeating Aliens and most importantly saving Earth. As you adventure through the game and their are babes and Secret Places to be found. The Babes and Secret Places are there to find for more entertaining and challenging levels.

The graphics are magnificent because the level backgrounds stand out and are colorful. The enemies are not that good because they are blurry and non – colorful. The graphics of the guns are cool because they stand out and look good. The graphics can improve by making the enemies less blurry and putting more colours in the enemies and making the babes more realistic because they are blurry and less colorful. So at the end for graphics they are good but sometimes bad and I hope they will improve for next time.

The game play was the best of all because it is fun and adventurous. The levels are a challenge when it comes to finding babes and secret places also are hard when you come across tough enemies. In some levels it is adventurous when you have to do certain things to unlock paths which lead to a secret place or the end of the level. Other good parts of a level are some un expecting secret places which you can miss or if you are good enough you might find the secret places and the babes are challenging to find as well because they can be in un expecting places or can be in easy places to find.

The audio is pretty bad because there is no song in the levels and the enemies only make little noises which you can barely hear. The good part of the audio is Duke’s voice because he speaks louder than the enemies and clearly.

Rent or Buy:
I recommend rent this game first because it may not suit you but if you love shooting games then I recommend you to buy this game.

Overall Duke Nukem 64 is a fun and challenging game to beat because if you have beaten Piece of Cake the easy mode then you go up until Damn im Good which includes more enemies that come back to life when you shoot them but if you kick them until they are gone they are gone and can not come back to life.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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