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"It isn't the best shooter, but its pretty cool"

If you were impressed with Goldeneye, you might like this game. Doom fans and any other game like that will probably love it. This isn't the best game in the world, but it is very cool because of some things.

This is where the whole Review score goes down becuase the graphics is one of the worst, if not THE worst part of this game. Even Goldeneye, with humans having blocky heads have better graphics than this. In this game, the graphics of a people are like a comic book so they look very flat. Plus, the graphics are unusually blurry. Most games at the time had much better graphics. On the plus side, the buildings and background features look decent. This game isn't neccessarily bad becuase of its graphics so keep that in mind

The control of this game is very similar to the Turok series. If you liked those games, the control is not a problem(although your a bit slow). So you know you need the C buttons to move and the control stick to face whatever direction you want. The regular buttons are straight forward and Z is to shoot. The only problem here is that you must use the D-pad to change weopons, so you'll need to get ready to press all the buttons. If your new to this game, it takes time to get used to the control but the early part of the game is pretty easy so it fits just like that!

I am impressed with the music. Its pretty good and the best thing it does is fit well. The sound is just as good. Guns sound well and your character talks. If you have played the PC games, there is swearing. This game there isn't a drop of swearing because Nintendo is the uh,''nicest'' of the systems. Did I mention Duke was cool when he talks. For example, if you go to a bathroom, he says something like,''AHHHHHH, that better''. When he kills someone he laughs and says stuff like,''thats got to hurt'' Kind of funny most of the times and also cool. This is one of the coolest characters in gaming history.

There are about a nice 30 levels and lots of cool stuff in them. The levels arent particulary exciting but the weopons are. Stuff like a Rock Launcher and Plasma Cannon do so much damage, your enemy blows to peices bones and blood! The difficulty gets gradually difficult as you proceed and so do the monsters. You may even find big fat bosses, too. One of the coolest features is the Co-op mode. You and a freind can take the game by storm by blowing the crap out all your enemies. Not satisfied yet? Well, theres also a multiplayer mode where you and your freind vs. each other. There are a lot more levels than Goldeneye and you can have ALL the weopons. My favorite Multiplayer level is the Stadium(which is really like a REAL stadium). Wanna know about the weopons? Theres these 2 guns that are opposite from each other. One makes you big and big enough to make you explode(1 hit kill!) and the other one makes your enemy small and if you step on it, then hes dead! You'll also see yourself stomping him, too. Then theres this cool Plasma cannon and once charged, by holding Z, your oponnet explodes and you see the blood guts, and everything! The Rocket Launcher of this game can make a massive explosion too. You'll also be able to use a jetback. Although its not a real weopon, its prefect for flying away.
A very cool thing to do on the stadium level on Multiplayer is fly to the way top of the stadium and have a duel. If you win, your opponent flies down all the way to the ground. THats just too cool!

Not one of the hardest games around, but it takes some effort if you want to beat it. The levels get harder as beat them and the first few levels start out ver easy. The only hard part is finding your way around.

You go around shooting ugly monsters and saving girls. Very original unlike other games if you ask me! Just name a game thats not in the series that has a similar story like this.

Its fun using weird weopons so that should keep you busy. Also, theres a bit more than 30 levels to do. Get a freind to your house and play!!!

Good Points:
-Duke is very cool and what he says is cool!
-Lots of levels
-Lots of features
-Very cool items and weopons
-lots of multiplayer levels
-codes to be unlocked

Bad Points:
-Bad Graphics
-Control could be improved a little

Overall-8(Not an average)
This game is great. Its not the best shooter in the world, but its one of the coolest. Make note of that!

Rent or Buy?
I've already told you at the top of the review who this game is recomended for, so you know what to do. Theres so much in this game you'll feel good about buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/18/01, Updated 07/15/03

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