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"PC Duke vs. N64 Duke"

Duke makes his appearance on the N64, unfortunately his appearance falls very short of decent. Many things have been cut out of this version of Duke Nukem, like the swearing, the girls, the amount of gore and some of the appeal. Duke still has all of his weapons, but he doesn't have his classic ''words of wisdom''. The most important thing about the Duke series still exists, that bad attitude of the main character.

Gameplay 3
Although the original release of this game was several years ago, the gameplay seems to have gotten worse. Nothing new here, same missions, same levels, same monsters. Duke still has the ability to relieve him self at restrooms, but most of the stage complete FMVs have been cut out.

If you've ever played Duke Nukem on PC, then you'll notice something is missing. Think about it for a get it? The rescue the babe part of missions. As aliens take over the world, some of the babes can still be saved, or can they? Apparently they cut it out because Nintendo is the ''peaceful'' game company.
Too bad.

Controls 4
The controls on this game are hard to get used to. You may waste valuable seconds trying to find the right weapon, leaving an opening for the aliens to beat you into the ground. However, when you do get used to the controls, you can annihilate any ugly alien that comes your way.

Graphics 2
The graphics of an N64 version of a game are always mediocre. Duke Nukem 64 is no exception, it has very ''glitchy'' and choppy graphics, nothing really flows together. It's a sad attempt at 3D, very sad indeed.

Fun Factor 8
No matter what anyone says, Duke Nukem always makes his adventures fun as hell. What could be funner than blasting an alien punk into millions of little pieces? Well I'll tell you, NOTHING! Except doing it while you are using the jet pack. FUN is something emphisized in ever Duke game.

Know whats really cool about this game? MULTI PLAYER MODE! The multi player mode lets you face off against three of your other friends. With tons of different stages, and every weapon in the single player mode, this makes for an awesome(but gruesome) party game.

Well, Duke Nukem 64 doesn't fare well against it's PC version counter part. But, it's still a pretty fun game to play.

My Overall Score For Duke Nukem 64: 3 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/26/02, Updated 08/26/02

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