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Reviewed: 03/01/03 | Updated: 03/01/03

An all around decent FPS

Released awhile after the PC version was released, the N64 managed to get a taste of Duke Nukem with Duke Nukem 64. The question is, is it good? or does it suck? maybe this review will help.

-Fairly cliche plot if you ask me, this picks up where Duke Nukem II(PC only)left off. Duke Nukem manages to escape from an alien planet and makes it back to earth. Unfortunately, Duke comes back to find Los Angeles under attack from the aliens. The job? take care of the aliens and save the earth again.


-Unfortunately, the developers didn't bother to take advantage of the N64's graphical capabilities, so the graphics are about the same as the PC version. They're not that bad, but they're far outdated by today's standards, and even then, other games like Quake or Goldeneye had superior graphic detail. Whereas games like Goldeneye had full 3-D polygonal characters, Duke uses 2D sprites similar to the way older FPS's like Doom do. It could be a lot worse though.


-The opening theme music(at the title screen only)when you start the game is a pretty sweet heavy metal tune(the band Megadeth plays the theme song), but unfortunately, thats the only music that gets played in the ENTIRE game. The PC version only had cheesy sounding MIDI music, but still, it was better than nothing. The sound is pretty decent though. Mostly sounds of aliens screaming in pain, gunshots being fired, explosions, and other typical action game sound effects. I will add to the score of this area of the game, simply because Duke says random one-liners throughout the game that are pretty funny to hear. Unfortunately, the N64 version is censored and some of the one-liners had to be removed.


-Now HERE is where the games strong point is - good old gameplay, which happens to be the most important part of what makes a good game. Lots of entertaining, adrenaline-pumping FPS action to keep you busy here for awhile. The goal of the game is to kill aliens and find various key cards, so you can find the exit in the level and beat it. There are all kinds of weapons and gadgets you get to use, such as a shotgun, double submachine guns, a missile launcher, plasma cannon, and even laser trip mines! you get to use other cool stuff like night vision goggles and even a jet pack too. Lots of ways to explore and kill enemies add to the replay value. There are 4 difficulty levels to choose from so you can change the challenge level according to your game skill. They list as the following...

Piece of Cake(Easy)
Lets Rock(Normal)
Come Get Some(Hard)
''Darn'' I'm good(Very Hard)

There are about 32 single player levels(that includes hidden levels)in the whole game. You play through all kinds of different levels like city streets, spaceships, and even a football stadium. There is multi-player in the game too, but there are no extra multi-player levels, you just use the single player missions, but oh well. It's still fun. You can play co-op and team up with a friend on single player levels, or you can play deathmatch w/up to 4 people. You can also have ''Dukebots'' or CPU controlled opponents if you have no one to play with. The only thing that could really improve the multi-player is more game types and extra multiplayer only levels.


-The replay value is definently there. You may want to go back and beat the game on a higher difficulty, or kill your friends in the deathmatch mode. There are also alot of hidden secrets and places to explore in the levels. Sometimes hidden areas managed to keep me busy for hours.


-If you can still rent N64 games, you might want to try it before you buy it, but you'll probably be able to buy it for somewhere between $10 and $20, so if you love FPS games, you might as well buy it. It's definently a worthy edition to your N64 collection, so go ahead, indulge yourself w/some Duke Nukem 64. You'll be glad you did.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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