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"Ahh Fantastic PC Port but with better guns! Duke RULES!!"

I have all the Duke Nukem games on the PC. This game is like a port of the original with the atomic edition additions I think. anyway's on with the review!

Story:10/10: All Hard Core Duke fans should know the story here. The Alien Overlord is trying to take over earth with his minions and stealing dukes babes! Duke is getting pissed off and gets back in gear to kick somemore alien ass!
go through save the babes and kick the alien overlords ass!

Gameplay:10/10:Perfect Gameplay! easy to use controls! and it has multiplayer and Deathmatch! and coop-erative! IT ALSO HAS DUKE BOTS! if you dont have a friend around to deathmatch with Duke 64 provieds up to 4 duke bots to play with! very fun! just dont set the skill too hard or they might kick your ass ;). get ahold of the plasma gun or Explosive shotgun shells or the dum dum pistol clips and kick there ass =). get to it! go save babes and kick ass!!

Sound/Music:10/10: the sound is good! very crisp nice gun sounds and taunts. of the aera that you are in. the music...welll there isnt any heh but the only music is the title screen theme..i wish they would of added music but its still good though!! because you can here enemys around you so u wont get ambushed.

Graphics:10/10: PRETTY DAMN GOOD For N64. Blood Splattering everyware :) blowing aliens to pieces is tottaly satisfying! the weapon modles are great. Textures are good . its just great all the way! no flaws here! smooth gameplay no skips what so ever i havent seen one glitch in this game at all! Very Great!

Challenge:10/10:Duke Nukem 64 Provides a big challenge for all skill levels! finding every secret,trying to stay alive, save every babe, kill all the enemies. Duke 64 is a great game and will keep you going for hours!. its pretty tough!

Replay:10/10:Great reply if you try to get fast times on all the levels. Playing multiplayer with your friends or the almighty duke bots :) is sooo fun! turn the corner BAM your dead heheh! This game is great!!!


Buy/rent:if you can still rent N64 games give this one a go! you will love it! if you can find a place to BUY used N64 games! look for this one! ever Die-hard duke fan should have this game!! its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and im all outta gum!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/12/03, Updated 03/12/03

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