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"Duke is back and worse than ever!!!"

This is an average Duke Nukem game just not the MATURE stuff in it. Is Duke Nukem 64 better than Zero Hour? They are both good. You play as the famous Duke Nukem you start of in LA you got to go through and kill alien scum bags. But this will be no easy mission the game is fairly hard to beat. The graphics in this game are ok the aliens seem to be only 2D which really makes them look weird. The sound and music in this game is pretty good. The developers didn’t forget Dukes on line hitters. The game is a good game but its missing quite a bit.


The game play of this game is OK the controlling of Duke can get frustrating sometimes while you try to move, shoot, and look up at the same time. The controls feel responsive and no too sticky. The Nintendo 64 controller works good with this game. The control has it problems that need to be fixed. Everything in this game is very repsonive and quick. The control of this game is fairly simple its just that sometimes the game can get confusing. Theres no combos of anything in this game which makes everything a lot better.


The average Duke music. Nothing special. Duke makes his famous remarks and then you laugh and then you’re done. The game is has some sounds such as the aliens but there isn’t that much. Theres the sound of your gun firing and the sound of Dukes boot making contact with and alien scumbag. The music in this game is good not great. Most of it sounds good and is very detailed.


The graphics are pretty good. The enemy design could have been better. They only look 1D. Duke was designed well but not as good as in Zero Hour. Graphics are probably the best thing on this game. The enemies in this game seem like they were made 2D which makes them look really weird. The graphics are good but not what they could be. The levels are neat looking and are full of enemies and secret weapons and areas to find babes. The levels are very neat in this game and are fun to play through. You can flip switches to open doors or other stuff. If you find a switch flip it and see what happens you just might find something.


This game is pretty bad it gets boring and it needs some spicing up. The designers could/should of done better. Theres just something about this game that seems to make it un fun. I just can’t last very long on this game. I have no problem playing Zero Hour but something about this game takes the fun out of it. The 2 player mode on this game is fun but again doesn’t seem to last very long.


The game isn’t very hard. Once you learn how to control Duke the game gets very simple. The game gets harder as you go through it but still its not that hard. Most of the bosses are fairly easy to kill and pose no threat to Duke or you. The game just seems easy. The only real challenge is trying to find all the babes and how to beat the level.


Rent both Duke Nukem 64 and Duke Nukem Zero Hour before you decide on buying it. One may be better in your opinion. I like Zero Hour better but hey it’s your decision. Read the review you decide.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/23/00, Updated 08/14/02

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