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"Come and get some... on the N64!"

Ever since I was around 8, I always loved Duke Nukem on the PC. I even got the "Caribbean" version. I was a master at it. I never needed cheats to win. But now a new Duke came out, on the N64. I Had to get it. It was awesome. All the same old Duke action but now with a controller instead of a keyboard. With the addition of a few new levels and some great multi-player, this a must have for Duke fans all over.

Graphics- Good. Same old Graphics with some upgrades to make a great view. All the game sprites (monsters, tables, weapon pick-ups, etc.) are te same. The environments have been redone in a more 3D fashion. All the monsters still look great though. And all the weapons look and shoot just as good as ever. Though there is a lack of cinemas, and the few there is aren't that good, they still give that old Duke *spark*. Overall any Duke fan will the classic look.

Sound- The way it should be. Everything sounds great. To start, the classic Duke Theme is there and sounds awesome and quite catchy. All the music in-game is all great and keeps you pumped like a Duke game should. Duke still has his classic voice. All the "Alien Scum" all have their classic roars. Duke still says all his classic phrases from "shoot 'em up" movies. Overall this games sounds awesome.

Gameplay- Classic. As for a story, it's simple. Aliens are trying to take over earth and Duke has to stop them. So it's a 1st person shooter. You have to try and find keys and such to progress in the level. Levels can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour long. Bosses are levels in themselves, so they don't take as long. You start on earth and make your to space then back to earth. You get several different weapons. These include the pistol, shotgun, twin submachine guns (my personal favorite), rocket launcher, and others. The variety of monsters also vary a lot as well. In all, no Duke fan will be disappointed here.

In conclusion, this game is good stuff. The multi-player is awesome. It's a classic Duke game every fan can't live without. So with little flaw, I give Duke Nukem 64 for the Nintendo 64 a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/13/04

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