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"Finaly some Alien shooting fun!"

O the memories!Me and my friends were looking for a good shooting game cause we were getting tired of Turok.We went onto looking for a good shooter that we could all play together and we seen a game that caught are eye it was called Duke Nukem 64 we speechless on what we had just seen.We went to Wall mart right away and got the last copy they had in stock.We popped the cartridge in and turned it on we entered the world of Duke and almost instantly we all said "this game is not meant for kids!".

We loved blowing up each other in multi player mode and the animation of the blood and gore sometimes we saw a head fly.And the huge levels which were full of surprises and places to hide to wait for your prey!And the gun selection such as the grenade launcher,shotgun,machine gun,pipe bombs,pistols with dum dum bullets and of course the best gun in the game......... the plasma cannon not to mention the shrinker guns!See!There is so many guns to choose from.We even made are own types of matches such as the gentle mens duel were 2 dukes fight it out only with only there legs to kick and while there doing that the other 2 dukes are waiting in line to face the winner we also do it with guns and call it blood and gore match and the only gun you can use is a shot gun.See how many things you can do with this game!And when we wanted to team up we would play co-op and work as a team to beat the game adding more fun.And we could not get enough of Dukes hilarious attitude. Now to the cons...

While we loved it in multi player modes we did not enjoy the solo duke very much it was fun but it did not give you that excitement and the hype like it did in multi player.And the only real good thing about the graphics is the animated blood and the flying body parts and the great look of the guns other than that they were not that good.And the game glitched up if you tried to some things to but it was brief.And we were disappointed that there were no other characters to pick in multi player mode...Other than those few minor problems that was it.Now for the review

Story 8/10
In this Duke Nukem you were flying you plane that you stole in space and an alien blew it and Duke hits Earth and finds out the world is being attacked by loads of small and gigantic aliens.So it is up to Duke to kill the aliens and save babes from them prepare your self for loads of sick looking bosses that are trying to destroy the earth every time you kill a boss you are learning more why they came to Earth and one step closer to saving the world from evil and also to get revenge for the aliens blowing up his new space plain!

Graphics 6/10
The graphics were not that great and not that bad.The aliens looked kind of choppy and the land looked kind of glitched.The guns looked real though and looked real cool when the guns fired seeing the ammo go every were or when the plasma cannon shoots out that giant ball of killing light.Duke looked pretty real to.But the cut scenes looked horrible such as when you beat the last boss with the big eye and when he kicks out the eye it looks like someone is taking pictures of him doing it I felt bad working so hard like that and then that happening.

Fun 9/10
What is not fun about blowing your friends apart in huge levels.And having fun with all the different guns.And hearing Dukes trash talk.Or making your own kinds of games.Or bumping your friend in lava hahaha..Duke Nukem really shines in fun.

Control 8/10
The control was not perfect but it was real good.Duke moves fast and turns when you want him to.

replay value 8/10
If your a big fan of multi player shooters you will be playing this game years to come.....With all of the exciting levels and all the guns to blast your friends with there is so much fun to be having in this game.And you always wanna come back and visit Duke with his trash talking attitude and to blow away those darn aliens!

overall 8/10
Guys this is a good game and you can buy it at most used game stores for only about 15 bucks and excellent price for such a fun alien shooter.Golden eye is probably better but this one you must check out its like a shower of diamonds.Well I hope this review helped you decide if you wanna play this classic or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/24/04

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